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yeah. hello there i'm an electric and you're watching it in question broadcasting from our to america's national news headquarters in washington d.c. i want to welcome our viewers from across the nation and all around the world here are tonight's top stories 1st tensions escalating over international waters near alaska that is where military jets from both the u.s. and russia are flying a little too close for comfort a full report coming out. a new report shows colombia's cocaine production has reached an all time high even though there are less lands for the cultivation of coca so what does this mean for the so-called war on drugs we're going to discuss that. and last but not least in kentucky out of work residents there are standing in long lines just to talk with human about their unemployment status many of them
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waiting as long as 8 hours just to be turned away we're going to tell you all about that all right it's time to. i knew. tension is building over international waters near the coast of alaska after the united states says it intercepted another fleet of russian bombers but while the u.s. claims the flight was too close for comfort russia claims it went according to schedule argues rachel blevins is joining us now to break this all down for us so rachel what is russia said about this incident so far well the russian defense ministry is saying this was a scheduled flight and they say that a no point did they deviate from their plan to fly off the coast of siberia and alaska and they actually released footage from this incident which shows one of their $4.00 to $95.00 bombers on the mission and it then shows the u.s. $22.00 fighter jets that shadowed their aircraft during part of the patrol now take
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a look at just how close it was fighter jets to get to the bomber now here is what a russian air force commander had to say. it. was a strategic and the sort of carrying bombers performed flawlessly today 35 and my g 31 fighters provided support in the most complicated stages of the road. post exercise permanent control of the mission along the entire row now we saw a similar incident play out last week where russia said that they were on a scheduled flight yet the us decided to stop claiming that they were simply too close for comfort ok so we heard what the russians had to say what about the us how they responded right will be us is saying that they stand by their claim that they wanted to intercept those bombers because of their proximity to alaska's coast now a statement was released on twitter by the north american aerospace defense command or norad in which they posted photos of the aircraft and claimed it successfully completed to enter
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a subset of russian bomber aircraft formations and during the alaskan air defense identification zone they went on to say quote the russian military aircraft came within 32 nautical miles of alaskan shores however remained in international airspace and at no time did they enter the united states' sovereign airspace so basically they're saying it was too close but not so close that they wanted to turn to dudley action ok so we've heard about the planes now where does that leave us russia relations lately well former national security advisor john bolton recently made headlines 1st saying that russian president putin views president trump as someone he can play like a fiddle and someone he doesn't take seriously but that's actually the opposite of what we have seen you know we saw. the i.n.f. treaty last year and he's really dragged his feet on wanting to renew the new start treaty even though russia said it was willing to do so with no preconditions before it expires in february but instead trump has said he wants china to be included in
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a brand new treaty and he's really putting the last remaining nuclear treaty between the united states and russia at danger by waiting for that and then at the same time. we've also seen increased tensions in syria where moscow has called out the united states for keeping troops in a country where they are not invited and they have also called for wanting to still syria's natural resources now the trumpet administration just announced a new round of sanctions against top syrian officials so there are a lot of questions about if the u.s. is going to try to ramp up its interference in syria and if that would then put them in direct conflict with russia definitely not matching up with john bolton's statement so we will see how that plays out rachel blevins thank you so much. the united states' war on drugs was ramped up in the caribbean and eastern pacific with the u.s. military targeting cocaine trafficking on the high seas meantime a new u.n. report indicates that the amount of land being used to grow the coca plant in colombia has actually decreased so what is that all actually mean for that let's
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turn to our to correspondent on how he was live in our miami studio with more on this so john let's go out on. one will of the un office on drugs and crime as it's called released a report on wednesday showing that the amount of land and you touched on this in the intro the amount of land being used to grow the coca plant in colombia dropped by 9 percent in 2019 from 169000 hectors to 150 to 154000 so that's basically the equivalent of 380500 acres here's the thing though while the amount of land being used to plant coca has decreased in colombia according to this u.n. report the output of cocaine has it if you look further down in the report you'll see that the a total the total amount of cocaine seized in 2018 was 413383 kilos and then in 2019 it was 433036 kilos so that's almost
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basically that's the equivalent of about $500.00 tons of cocaine despite the drop in land use for coke the u.s. no d.c. said that the estimated cocaine production actually saw an uptick of 1.5 percent from an estimated $1120.00 metric tons to $1137.00 so despite less land being used there was still an increase in the overall output of cocaine according to the u.n. do you see that said the trump administration has ramped. efforts in the caribbean going after narco traffickers you may remember back in march the u.s. indicted venezuelan president nicolas maduro. and several other current and former high ranking venezuelan officials including military officials are narco trafficking charges and accuse them of conspiring with the colombian rebel groups who are to quote flood the united states with cocaine the secretary of state my palm pilot tweeted today that quote the us is taking action to bring justice bring
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to justice former fork members involved in international narcotics trafficking the colombian people deserve an enduring peace accord with former members who are specked the rule of law and commit to peaceful reintegration into society after the march indictment of madeira president trump announced also in april that the us was sending u.s. navy warships to the caribbean and towards the coast of venezuela to intercept narco traffickers well speaking of these types of interceptions the u.s.s. problem navy destroyer with help from the u.s. coast guard seized a smuggling vessel in the eastern pacific earlier this month that was carrying 2000 kilos of coke that's worth more than $40000000.00 on the street according to the u.s. southern command well that's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to cocaine trafficking last june actually almost a year ago today more than 60 tons of cocaine was see from seized from a cargo ship at the port of philadelphia that's worth more than a $1000000000.00 i said it right a $1000000000.00 well
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a day later 300 $33.00 pounds of coke worth $10000000.00 was seized at the port of baltimore so figure for the amount of cocaine being found and seized there are certainly as much if not more flowing into the u.s. europe and other parts of the world so the war on drug war on drugs very much rages on and all about. there are numerous ideas being thrown out there regarding police reform in the wake of these nationwide protests following the death of george floyd in minneapolis now lawmakers like rand paul looking to end the nationwide use of no knock warrants which rose to popularity and then. ninety's during the clinton administration rand paul a republican president bill clinton a democrat but that came on the coattails of the war on drugs during the crap epidemic of the 1980 s. that led to the 1994 crime bill that doubled the u.s. prison population pulitzer prize winning journalist and author host of on contact
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chris hedges wrote an essay about justin that called gaslighted by the ruling class which you can find on share post dot com he joined me a little earlier here's our conversation on how he sees the new wave of social change. to major to mix defunding the police and policy the police are both black lives matter demands the problem with the funding we've seen the bloggers who do this in new york as you can just play numbers 0 so the new york city police department has a budget of 6. $1000000000.00 a year and de blasio is talking about moving a $100000000.00 of it to community you know community support or something. and i sense that you know the people who are carrying out these protests understand that this is far more than policing reform i think this is a class and a generational revolt now it's been exacerbated by covert and the economic misery
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that many of the protesters are suffering i think has led him to a situation where certainly in economic terms they're much closer to these communities of color that have been during this for decades no i mean change is going to come off the streets changes by organizing in amazon where ours is for strikes. fast food workers all these low wage workers and i think we are seeing a kind of uniting between workers especially front line workers and these groups so i look at this as far. or at least if you look at it from the perspective of the people in the street far more than simply calls for police reform remember black lives matter has been doing this for many years. you know for 5 years and and so they're pretty savvy i mean day there is it's going to be much harder i
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think for the release to gaslight them as you know. certainly touched on a myriad of topics and i think you really get down to the point of how this all erupted in the past couple of months so go check out his post at share post dot com chris hedges we got to leave it right there thank you so much for sharing that insight. and out in the gulf of oman iran has test fired some cruise missiles according to officials this happened during a naval exercise and those missiles reportedly shot as far as 170 miles the missile test comes after a tense naval encounter earlier this year between iranian and u.s. forces in the persian gulf. and over to india now where some major companies are calling for a boycott of chinese products this comes following monday's border clashes that resulted in the deaths of about 20 indian troops their companies all want to target chinese toys and textiles which could result in an estimated $13000000000.00 in
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losses for china. and back here stateside you are looking at aerial footage of firefighters battling large wildfires across the state of arizona the state's currently really hot and dry weather along with high winds are causing the fires to spread quickly on rugged terrain so far about a half dozen rural communities remain under evacuation notice as thankfully at this point there are no reports of any casualties or structure damage. and dr recipients can finally have some peace of mind after the supreme court decided to block president trump's attempt to end dhaka in a 5 to 4 ruling the justices. decision now means about $650000.00 young immigrants will be able to maintain legal status in the u.s. president trump's administration argued that dhaka is illegal and that the courts had no role to play in reviewing the decision to end the program. and kentucky residents wait long hours in very very long lines just to talk to
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a person about their unemployment status and many of them also got turned away we're going to discuss that with investigative journalist ben swan later and over in sports regina hamm shares the down to the wire title race at the a.m.a. supercross round 16 make sure you keep up with all the latest news and anything you might have missed by downloading our brand new free app portable t.v. you can watch there 247 will be back into. you. oh yeah.
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an ocean of stories even the news worth knowing can overwhelm you. you can even your way i know you want it all so let me bring you the bad. it's easy just. play. made flesh students birth new question. number it's as stars and endless as the sea and bring you all inside just death and. if drive all that remains in question. i'm a journalist it's all i know being a truth teller people say i make them uncomfortable good news is like
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a jackhammer with drill down and they find the truth newt gingrich because it's time to do news again and question more. i like it when the hosts ask a question for the guests and then actually listens to the guests answer and then react to that answer a folks dennis miller here i've got a new show. hundreds of people in the state of kentucky lined up for the chance to speak to a human about unemployment it all happened wednesday outside of the capitol and in frankfort kentucky with some people waiting as long as 8 hours just for
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a chance to speak to someone so joining us now to discuss that is the west coast an investigative journalist and swan so then why does suddenly did so many people all these people show up outside of the capitol you know it's kind of interesting manila because here's how it played out this long line of people as you said happened on wednesday because on tuesday there were protests across kentucky over the fact that people who need unemployment help have no place to get it and they can't talk to anyone they have to get on the phone and they have automated phone calls and so they demanded and protested saying there has to be a way that we're allowed to speak to a human so the state of kentucky set up this and as you said on wednesday people started lining up at 5 30 in the morning here's the crazy thing they had to cut off at 9 am if you were in line by 9 am you didn't get to be seen people waited 8 hours in line there were people who drove 4 to 5 hours just to get there to find out you didn't make the 9 am cut off and so the state is now talking about setting up another day like this but they're not telling people when it will be or where it
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will be. that's interesting that he's roche ok that's ok that this is i don't even know what did follow up with that one like not tell your constituents ok that doesn't make a lot of sense but all right we'll see what happens there ben so what exactly is happening in kentucky and how many claims have they processed out there given that so many people were in line you know that's a really good question so a according to the city to kentucky they've been processing most claims here's what they're saying they're saying that in march the claims that were filed. process 94 percent of them the claims that were filed in april they processed 94 percent of them and the claims that were filed in may they say again they processed about 94 percent of them but they say about 10000 claims are still outstanding right now the fact is are there are 10000 only that are outstanding perhaps but the reality is is that for many people part of the problem is they're not getting answers as to how long this will go on what they need to do in order to file and the frustration is
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not just in kentucky to be fair for a lot of people across the country is that they're filing other employment claims or they're asking for help during this time remember so many people are out of work we're talking about about 40000000 people out of work because of coronavirus shutdowns who are not able to talk to someone that they're getting process or they go into a pipeline and they don't hear anything for weeks at a time yeah absolutely like you said that it's not just kentucky it's all over this country i have friends in california who are makeup artists and you know as you know many of them are 1099 workers they're their contract workers they file for claims and they're getting completely turned down in the state of california when they pay taxes the you know they pay taxes for this this is their money they should be able to get some sort of help but that's not happening i guess in the state of california at least kentucky is making some sort of an effort i guess but then the fed chairman powell we've been talking about him all week he just told congress
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that it should extend those increased unemployment payments i mean well past july i would think what does that mean for the workers. yeah well it's a tough question because here's the thing is that as you know congress when they pass these unemployment benefits and extent of them to everyone they increase them by $600.00 per check which means that for a lot of people who are out of work or who have lost their job as a result of these coronavirus lockdowns are actually making more on unemployment than they were in their job previously that's a good thing for workers in the short term but it's a bad thing when it comes to saying to people it's time to cut off that unemployment for you to go back to work because i actually have to take a pay cut if i'm a worker in order to go back to work and so what drone policy is extended past july 31st that's when the cut off right now is july 31st he said extend well beyond that so the question becomes if congress does that number one can you afford to do that number 2 how many people get that additional money but at the same time to your
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point a minute ago how many people are still being left out because they don't fall into the traditional system of what is designated as unemployment and when you have to $99.00 workers and independent contractors who are completely left out why are you giving extra to one group and nothing to another group it's a mess absolutely i mean they really have not thought through this process very well because there are so many contract workers out there that are not traditionally employed and they they pay taxes you know this is so unfair to so many people band and most of all people are wondering when are these lockdowns gonna end i think people actually want to get back to work and that's one of the biggest problems here too right is that a lot of people do want to get back to work or seen lockdowns be lifted slowly but even as they're lifted slowly in a lot of cases restaurants that are coming back are only at half capacity hotels are only allowed to be at half capacity and then on top of that you have all this talk about whether or not there is going to be a resurgence of will that create even more lockdowns remember nobody nobody who is
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in the workforce created the lockdown and nobody in the workforce demanded it was imposed upon them and so it is up to government to do something to provide relief for those people still a lot to hash out ben swan i always appreciate your reporting thank you. but you know. now to the latest coded 900 numbers worldwide cases now topping 8400000 with about 450000 reported deaths the top 3 countries with the most cases the u.s. leading the way followed by brazil and then russia taking a closer look at this country's numbers now at 2100000 cases with about 118000 reported deaths. and the world health organization says there was a glimmer of hope as a medical trial in the u.k. showed an inexpensive steroids drug called dexamethasone was able to reduce the number of coded 1000 deaths however w.h.o. officials caution that the drug must only be used under close medical supervision
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and only for the severely sick patients now the steroids say is not a treatment for the virus itself. and over in peru where health care workers are protesting for more personal protective equipment as the country emerges as the world's worst qubit 1000 hot spot because of the lack of more than a 1000 doctors and nurses are now infected and more than 60 of them have died the medical and nursing unions are asking the government for bonuses as they continue to put their lives at risk. and back here stateside a small city in washington state is dusting off an old program in order to keep their local economy afloat city officials in 10 you know are once again and printing what in money yes you heard that right recently resurrected their wooden money program to help its $800.00 residents get through the economic fallout because of the pandemic each president meets the low income threshold is given 301 dollars each month to spend within the town the last time the city used whatever
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money was during the great depression. let's head over to regina ham at the sports h.q. regina you've got a wild title race at the latest supercross of not is one of those you know wooden money so pretty fun there is. just one race left in the supercross season and with the title on the line cooper webb did the only thing he knows how to do when around 16 for 15 action so really i feel sorry for you who find yourself at the back of the pack husk of our in a factory saying back asa born osborn take the whole spot add the early a lead red bull k.t.s. racing cooper get in position for a push getting around justin brayton after the train on the 2nd bed he'll make moves again on the 2nd train portion this time all were nearly falls off his bike while 10 x. lies in the 3rd position that 123 would be your winners as webb cruised his way to his 3rd wednesday night win in a row. second to 3rd respectively on the web also 24 points behind standing head of
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the season finale on sunday to the 250 east then to we go and it's monster energy harrison am with the early lead but. is just creeping up behind him as they enter the 1st round of the train portion making a power grab around the 2nd bed and will hold the whole spot for a significant period of time though eventually he'll lose it chase sexton in a pretty aggressive way sex and will end up hanging on to his lead and taking 1st place maybe it is 4th the win of the season 21 year old going to the east west showdown with a 6 point lead over in the gallery of. soccer fans across the world are seeing the return of their top plate clubs to action and now the european football association made their announcement on the champions league you have to confirm that this year's edition of the champions league will be played in a little bit of a different format it will be an 8 team tournament based in lisbon portugal that
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will take place between august 12th in the 23rd 2 games of the round of 16 will be played in early august before quarterfinal start on the 12th the finals match will be played on august 21st 23rd and then if you get the study of the loose after the 12 day gauntlet to be determined though are the states your. calls health measures and other decisions that impact players and coaches one thing's certain though there will be absolutely no fans allowed into games a sticking point for all of this the effect of finishing domestic season may have a bit of an issue in competing in the champions league. 2 league in action extra baseball is needed to find a winner in the dramatic gave it to me in the low take giants and the q. and heroes in a game that was off to a wild start the k b o from the get go bomb the 2nd runners on their want out dance really is wild pitch skips away from jungle as you along came a song with a one nothing to lead but let's take a look at replays young tries to get in front of it but just
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a tough pop on him to bring home run number one of the game later at bat. with a sacrifice like down the right field line he'll young you up with a 2 nothing score and the heroes are in the lead top of the 6 though giants right fielder sawn off with a r.b.i. single down the left field line is 28 of the season actually it was young good with the giants 1st floor of the game top of the 9th giants 2nd baseman home with a high fly ball to left center for an r.b.i. double. to machado and we're all tied up at 2 runs apiece that means we get some extra base ball so top of the tent here is a pinch hitter song with a double goes all the way over the head of the giants right fielder runner on 1st part being waved around 3rd comes in just under the tag if it's even $32.00 lead and the wind with the wind here said 4th placed in the overall standings and 4 games back and believing. and manila were still not making headway in updater
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audience who might be sitting on bated breath and by now we would know something we know nothing we are we just know nothing and i korean baseball we have korean baseball we might have american baseball. point it seems that they're still saying he said she said and then they kind of come to an agreement and then they're like no no no and it's a giant mass but we will have the analyze it and be a back in a little over a month so there's hope there and i think everyone's getting antsy and bored of watching netflix so netflix is going to tell that some point. sorry all right thank you for that update regina and that does it for right now make sure you keep up with everything and question at all times by downloading our brand new free app you can watch their 20.7 it's called portable t.v. right there right behind me because check it out follow me on twitter at manila chan that is my name remember to question more now on your sim.
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a graduation present parents often give doses plastic surgery for an extra few feet in the eyelids to make their eyes look bigger. most every korean teenager dreams of looking just like a needles. let's say the guy down the block for more you. is counterfeiting mining and he's. be the creator of extension on a lot of new boat people out of new car before 5 new cars you bought another new boat he brought a lot of jewelry he's live in a large would you say. well on the tree is this or that lee heading into that guy's house because he's able to counterfeit money and spend the money would you say that i mean that's not hard to comprehend.
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this is boom bust the one business show you can't afford to miss i'm fair minded stay open in washington coming up u.s. unemployment claims are down for the 11th straight week but some are having trouble finding the good news in that nearly 46000000 unemployed and a new trade war may be brewing not with china but your hand we'll tell you what a possible digital tax could mean tech giant show today to let go and diet write it . for us on employment numbers are in and the latest figures from the labor department reported 1500000 more americans filed for unemployment last week this is up from the expected 1300000 well that's also mark the 11th straight weekly to.


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