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tv   The Big Picture  RT  June 19, 2020 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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hello from rhode island where i live and have been writing out the pandemic unless you are really old you have been living through the story of a lifetime and if you are really old you are most at risk for the coronavirus here in my state some 3 quarters of the fatalities have been elderly folks in nursing homes and one state health official here has described this virus has exquisitely transmissible and we've heard dr felt she call it extremely efficient and they call covert 19 a novel virus because literally we've not experienced anything like it so at the
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outset public policy was better safe than sorry knowing what we now know was the shutdown to extreme our 1st guest thinks so and if you listen to talk radio in the dallas fort worth area his will be a familiar voice if you're in east texas you will recognize paul glazer from fox 51 and because paul jones radio stations he has been a ground 0 for this economic crash because when people stay home businesses close and they stop advertising so paul take me back to early march when the shutdown 1st hit everybody was told to stay home how suddenly and how severely was local commerce in texas whacked and how close did your business come to the edge of a cliff. well took it from the top immediately when when we got the word essentially that april was going to be cancelled. it had an immediate impact and
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a lot of advertisers say well if i'm going to be closed i can't spend money i can't advertise that which i can't deliver so we took over a raft of cancellations that all came in essentially on the same day and it had a you know very very profound impact immediately. we were fortunate however in that what was a essential business a high percentage of our client base at this particular group of radio stations were quote unquote essential and so they got to stay open and they decided to get back on the air so we took a big dip off which we balanced of april was a money losing months for us but then things started to stabilize and. a was better june is better still not so much for my competitors because a lot of their client base is advertisers that are not essential clubs and bars you
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know concerts public events things of that nature and the the advertising market here. in tyler texas where i am in the dallas fort worth well it was down as much as 60 percent we were pushed to the edge of extinction some of my competitors are living right there on that edge i'll bet they are and i was struck listening to your station during the shutdown by how many advertisers actually stayed with you and it just seems logical because people don't start mentally shopping on the day they're going to go out and buy that f $150.00 was that a silver lining for ya. it was in the fact that you used the air conditioner in your home particularly needs to work. of and that you almost never use now it needs being used every day it asked of work if the refrigerator was going to die this
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would be the time it was going to do with an awful lot of what our particular client base. turned out they were not only essential they were massively essential and as a consequence of that you know we 'd are our business our business and up yeah you have a real feel for the retail street so back to the future how would you gauge the local retail economy there now as states are gradually reopening and phases. well i would say depends on the category the restaurant still haven't recovered as a matter of fact some of them it's the worst possible paradox they were doing pretty well on kerio as it turned out they quickly a lot of our restaurant clients very quickly figured out how to be profitable to carry out and it was working so well and 'd 'd a lot of coverage every night with lower personnel costs and the profit picture looked pretty good now that we're opening back up that carry out business has
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dropped dramatically but the dining business has not come back in the same proportion so it's fruit of the restaurant business. the most recent weeks or more so than the early weeks. we are speaking with texas radio and t.v. broadcaster paul glides or his blog is you tell me texas dot com where paul faulted what he calls your words paul the new york based media for a hyperventilated coverage of a problem that was uniquely acute to a small part of the country projecting a situation in cradock to new york across an entire continent and onto every city county village and burg in america paul here in rhode island we live between a couple of hot spots boston and new york so we were pretty hunkered down there in texas did this seem like a regional plague elsewhere and did the precautions you saw governor cuomo in new
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york and others in this part of the country seem overdone. yes to my mind they were we because of the use of the thing about but we out here in the in the heartland in what is derisively called fly over country what we understand that people don't know at least don't understand is we don't live as densely as you do we don't have side of 1000000 riders that way on the new york city basis so i'm civil to walk down the street and dallas texas or tyler texas and not physically bump into somebody not true in new york on a busy day at midtown manhattan there is no way to walk out park avenue or 5th or 'd any of the avenues that not physically come in contact with people at all of this mans mass transit that the left has been wanting to shove the entire country onto turned out to be a rolling petri dish for disease so we did not have the same level of
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suit level of spread we did it was not as tense here is it was in the northeast and since the northeast it's new york is the center of the media the story got told from a new york centric perspective and it sounded as if all of us are going to suffer what new york which suffered which didn't of course turned out to be the case. nobody got that clobbered worse than las vegas which recently reopened poetically when the dancing waters in front of bolaji oh started up for the 1st time since march the song was elvis singing viva las vegas but not before a bunch of conventions and events were canceled and you and i would have seen each other in april at the big national association of broadcasters convention it's over 100000 of us who come from all around the world if that convention were held would you have felt safe attending. probably not i mean we're probably prudent not to go
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to las vegas in april when we didn't know anything it didn't know as much about this disease as we do now and that truly is absolutely. international for. him probably would not safe to go today. i might i might go today and i'm going to get the chance that pending about the democrats do we you know we cover both of the political conventions democrats and republicans i think the democrats are saying they're going to be virtual but they have it set for sure and if they gather in milwaukee i'm going to be there the following week we know the donald trump is going to be in jacksonville florida and i'm going to be there and nobody. nominally 40 or 50000 people there with you know i'm going to go . if the trump rally was in dallas would you attend absolutely
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i would go. well i havea want to reflect on something you mentioned a minute ago this is what paul harvey used to call shoptalk deregulation run amuck 2 years ago we were talking about the f a a 737 max crashes just blocked out the sun and it appeared that the f.a.a. was letting boeing self certify around that time the f c c which regulates broadcasting eliminated what was called the main studio rule which required people who do what you do local broadcasters to actually maintain a broadcast facility in the market they are licensed to serve now a couple of years later most am f.m. broadcast hours are robotic the music stations are deejays from the mothership if not just on shuffle most talk radio stations might have a morning show and then you plug into rush and sean and all arrest of m d
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u an outlier a local broadcaster feel as though the way you have bounced back from the economic crash helped because you weren't the big corporate wall street debt hemorrhaging competitors that you have there. $100.00 per set but believe that our our local crews are. here to act that the ownership of the management of this company is local the fact that we do maintain a local staff were not robotic absolute. this deming being that disaster for us that it really was for our. corporate. fort competitors but. there was. just this week 260 workers at the orlando international airport tested positive for corona virus 260.
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of 500 tested 16 friends all tested positive after a night out in a recently reopened florida bar your state texas is now number 6 among coronavirus hot spots and your gov says no need to be alarmed at the record high hospitalizations just this past week d.h. share his confidence and do you think if he had to slam the brakes back on compliance would just not be there i've got about 30 seconds. when i think we're going to find a way to live with corona virus and know we can't do is shut down again we're going to find a way to live. and i don't think you're going to eliminate it i think you're going to slow it down. but people that are 'd going to get sick are going to get sick that we're going to have to find a way to push through having this virus we can't afford another shutdown that mortality that's going to flow from the from the profound impact of the economic
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shutdown i believe will wound up over time eclipsing the reality from cove it. and for that very reason let's keep washing our hands and keep wearing the mask called lies or take tyler texas and you tell me texas dot com thanks again for your time. thank you all and. while we have all been watching so much television at home during the shutdown a new t.v. star has emerged during the day and i was there for attorneys do a little short period of time it was much more for an inspection there was no problem during the day and i go down going down 2 or 3 times or all for inspection and you go there some day you may need it but you go there and i went down i looked at it it was during the day it was not a problem but sometimes the secret service even tells the president i can't do this
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sarah cooper is hilarious donald trump lipsync act is clicking like crazy and recently she said i have so much material i need a 3 hour special and if a.b.c. and c.b.s. and n.b.c. don't take the hint and sign or they may have relinquished ownership of the term television when we come back mainstream media redefined this is the big picture on our t.v. america. we
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go to work. straight home. so become a battleground in the us in vermont people have demanding the shutdown of a local plant some might is right now my focus because it's a very dangerous oh no care power plant the owner is attempting to run the reactive beyond its operational limits this case just sort of puts a magnifying glass on where's the power in this country where is it going is it moving more towards corporate interests or is it more in the idea of a traditional participatory democracy is power lies with the people this case
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demonstrates that struggle in very real ways a struggle. no no crowd. no shots. actually. going to be struck no this. point ch your thirst for action. for several decades now the term mainstream media has been weaponized 1st by scrappy frege voices railing against legacy networks and newspapers and in
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recent years by the fox news channel and rush limbaugh which i find ironic because if you have big ratings aren't you the mainstream media but the obsolescence of this term has never been more apparent than during the recent sad george floyd episode think about this. there are an estimated 260000000 smartphones in the usa and with that many of us walking around with a device that can broadcast live video instantly worldwide and with nearly a quarter 1000000000 of us on facebook and nearly 50000000 active twitter users in the usa are not we now the mainstream media let's ask michael harrison the publisher of talkers magazine that the a trade publication for talk radio and podcasters and he is the host of the michael harrison rap heard on a walk f.m. in washington d.c. and on other stations across the usa michael is also joining us from home thanks
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for your time pal good to have you back. great to be with you and i love talking about the mainstream media. on alternative media but about what we're doing right now this remote broadcasting this rough cut zoom look that you see on all the cable news channels even when we get a vaccine or some other confidence that we can go back to the station is this look going to stick with us this authentic tick. real not slick not fancy t.v. perfectly lit studio with a see through plexiglas desk in the consultant design background is this the new normal in t.v. news. that's a fascinating question and it's a fascinating concept tal and i do believe that authenticity has
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a lot more value today in the minds of producers and the media particularly in nudes than it did before but there's a way though of dealing with authenticity that can make it very slick i suspect will start having a studios that look like they were coming from frazier's apartment in his seattle day it'll be very very well designed it will be very beautiful and it'll be homey i think the day of the casino like you know lights flashing and things flying around the submarine and the things that mark today's television news will come to a bit of an end and i think there's a little bit of. relaxation in the radio world not to be so hung up on soundproof studios and that whole isolated feel that radio comes from
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a perfect place that doesn't have dogs barking or sirens going by or or doors opening. you're right when you and i were young radio guys we'd lug around a whole bag full of gear and now all you need is the smartphone president trump has been using twitter to complain about twitter fact checking him and threatening a government regulation not so fast f.c.c. commissioner jessica rosen wartell quickly read tweeted replying that social media can be frustrating but an executive order that would turn the f.c.c. into the president's speech police is not the answer it's time for those in washington to speak up for the 1st amendment and she says history won't be kind to silence michel threatening the protections that the social media have as platforms rather than as publishers lights up the dashboard warning light for me about 1st
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amendment you to. definitely and i fear that most people don't fully understand the the legal technicalities of this new era in terms of what is the difference between a platform and a publisher and it has to do with responsibility and liability if you're a platform such as google is theoretically supposed to be or facebook claims to be or twitter was for a while until it became murky in recent days you are not responsible for what's on your platform you're a platform and you're not responsible for that which you convey to the public in terms of liability the people that use it are responsible for what they say on that public utility if you will when you start to edit when you start to. cure rate based upon any type of
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a determination that subjective whether it's political or whether it's obscenity then you start to move away from that protection of being a platform and you become a publisher of the term it doesn't feel right but you're a publisher even if you have a website or anything that goes over the the internet and that takes on a whole different technical reality and that's the issue that we're dealing with right now with the president complaining about twitter. stepping in and. footnoting what he says is saying you can get better information elsewhere and zuckerberg is going through that right now in terms of the complaints that he's receiving from government and others that there's poisonous propaganda on facebook and fake news and faulty advertising to maintain though the freedom of speech that a platform provides that we all were so excited about when the internet came around
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and said it's going to democratize media and preserve the 1st amendment that very concept comes into question so trump. is trump is operating in very very dangerous area and it dangerous area and i'm going to sure he fully understands the implications of the 1st amendment he seems to see things through the eyes of friendly to me good not friendly to me bad. no kidding and you have this platform publish a thing you can't be a little pregnant i want to recommend some reading if you haven't yet my favorite book i've read so far this year is called more from the less the surprising story of how we learned to prosper using fewer resources and what happens next and whether you play for the political red team or the political blue team you're going to like what andrew mcafee reports about how we have increased human prosperity while treading lightly on our planet and the resources he describes are not all
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ecologically tangible mcafee writes we believe things because the people around us believe them or members of our political tribe do or members of the opposite side believe the opposite most of us are more likely to be leave things if we hear them enough times since we have a glitch in our mental hardware to mistake familiarity for truth michael now that everybody has the smartphone and social media tools that seem to have become the mainstream media can we the people we the on edited people trust each other to know what's going on. can we trust each other trust is the foundation of all through them you cannot have a democratic society you cannot have an honest marketplace of ideas if people don't trust each other and don't trust their institutions. that is
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a given foundation and right now we're going through a crisis of trust and it even goes back to what we talked about earlier about authenticity in terms of the veneer of of the news so yeah this is a this is a very very tricky sticky situation and i believe right now we're going through a transition one in which we're feeling the intellectual pain of new technology you know technology you know we think of weapons of mass destruction you know h. bombs all of these things the new technology of communications is equally dangerous all new technology has a downside it's always a double edge sword we're dealing right now with the very dangerous downside of this new technology and we're going to have to do is educate our children because this is going to be a long process of coming into some type of a clearing with daylight we have to educate our children and ourselves and how to
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think critically when consuming directly you know right from the firehose this nonstop flow of information with all kinds of credibility and points of view attached to it. that's a profound point kellyanne conway wrote her epitaph when she coined the phrase alternative facts and every week some ruthless corporate cost cutting levels the reporting staff at someone's proud newspaper we've seen massive layoffs in corporate radio so increasingly we are going to have to depend on social media for local news i am reading that. there's an uptick in use of police scanner apps. but for a big story like the pandemic for instance to the point you just made isn't the consumer better off if you eliminate ng the middleman and bookmark the c.d.c. website otherwise reporting on the story of this vital could be opinion i's
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right. oh right now the media does a daily dance of affirmation with its target audiences so you definitely have to expect a great degree of bias as whatever channel you tune into is telling you what they think you want to hear and intentional kinds of political implications to what really should be nonpolitical discussion seeking truth not victory that being said we can't even trust the c.d.c. and i don't mean that any specific thing that i'm attacking them i'm just talking in general terms institutionally we don't even trust the doctors we don't even trust the institutions there has been so much information about them either truly investigative journalism or a biased fake news that makes you wonder michael harrison talkers magazine talkers
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dot com and the michael harrison rap on walk f.m. in washington thanks as always for your time michael and thank you all and you for watching the big picture on next week's show vivaah lawson virus sin city has reopened are the precautions a buzz kill and what are the odds of another coronavirus breakout set your d.v.r. and if it's easier for you then where you see us now you can also find r t america live when you click the live stream on youtube dot com slash r t america if you have directv we're channel 321 if you have pluto t.v. we are 279 and if you have. the dish dish we're 280 and if you haven't yet gotta gotta gotta download the portable t.v. app it's free and it is a scream i'm holland cook at home in rhode island but i'll be back here same time
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next week in the mean time wash your hands and question more. this is all about bailing out the banks on wall street and why because they are the biggest contributors and owners of the fed the fed is bailing itself out all these stocks the fed has all these loans the fed owns all these bonds when it prints money and keep zombie companies alive it's to keep itself alive it printing money for itself and by the way who's a huge shareholder in all this nightmare jay powell jay powell is bailing him self
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out why can't people who are underwater on their mortgages or just been laid off in america simply print money to bail themselves out like jay powell is printing money to bail themselves out that's not right is it. a good. going to the broken system so that. instead of. compassion. we think she minds be soldier she's off the
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boots she's wearing. to church so the soul looks to move the opposing opinion with . the shoes to. summarize and to use force. i'm jesse ventura. what you're welcome to my world come along for the ride. the world according to cherish. today we discuss u.s. sanctions on the international criminal court and a landmark supreme court ruling for l.g.b. t.v. rights.


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