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tv   The News with Rick Sanchez  RT  June 26, 2020 3:00pm-3:31pm EDT

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live from the world headquarters of the r.t. america in our nation's capital this is. rick sanchez and hello again everybody i'm rick sanchez and i want to welcome all of you who are watching from all over the world whether you're watching us on the television through your regular provider or whether you're watching us on your mobile phone using the portable t.v. but once again many here in the united states are feasting their eyes right now on this iconic statue in our nation's capital see that right there that's the statue of abraham lincoln arguably the greatest u.s. president who ever lived it depicts him freeing the slaves but some believe that it demeans the slave because he's on his knee and because african-americans really had
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no say in its formation some of threaten to tear it down today in fact while the president has vowed to send in the national guard if he has to to try and stop people from taking it down where they're live and we're going to bring you developments as they happen but we're going to begin this newscast with one word one word it's a word that a year ago would have met very little but now seems to mean everything to almost every single person living on the planet earth and fact to many it means the difference between living and dying and that word is vaccine. so let me get to it here is the news on the vaccine front there are 4 major laboratories racing right now to try and get a covert 1000 vaccine out right away they are johnson and johnson. they're u.s. based by the way sanofi which is a french firm lab. it's also american and astra zeneca which is
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a british laboratory there is news on 2 of them so let me bring you up to date on that going to start with madonna dern a is announcing that it is about to begin its 1st large clinical trial how large it's going to inject 30000 adult trial participants volunteers they're already planning to manufacture as well 100000000 doses to be ready by september there's no guarantees it's going to work still they're doing that but if it works they then will begin producing 500000000 doses for next year and then they say 1000000000 every year after that now let me take you to some more encouraging news about a different a pharmaceutical giant this is astra zeneca astra zeneca is announcing a $1200000000.00 deal with the u.s. government they're going to produce with that $400000000.00 doses of their vaccine
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even though it's also still unproven it does make you wonder why they're so confident well i can tell you this astra zeneca has been doing human trials since april 23rd already they've been doing the trials beginning back in april 510 volunteers between the ages of 18 and 55 have already been injected or tested at oxford and south of them in the u.k. company officials are saying if this vaccine is successful they will have the 1st batch of 100000000 doses available in september now i know what you're probably thinking right about now how long before we all can get the vaccine more to the point how long before i can get the vaccine right. that is what we're going to drill down on with an expert on vaccines right here on the news of rick sanchez where we believe it's time to do news again.
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here we go the list of the questions we think you'll be asking tomorrow as you watch this newscast today when will the kobe 1000 vaccine be ready and what do i need to know about it a massive explosion rocks iran what is the real explanation and what and when will the statue of abraham lincoln be targeted again tonight we'll let you know all right so we're going to get our a blog today with what you need to know about a potential. vaccine it is what leaders all over the world point to when their citizens ask them if and when things are finally going to get back to normal but it's not as easy as it seems and here's the bad news some scientists are even saying that there may never really be a foolproof vaccine for more on this we are joined by dr francis richmond dr richmond as a director of regulatory science at the university of southern california and she's
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good enough to join us to help us make some sense of all of this i guess we start with that last bit of discouraging news there are some folks out there who say we will never really have a foolproof vaccine is that true and what does that mean dr. i guess it depends on what you mean by foolproof almost nothing useful in your car may not be true but i asked if we get to the vaccine. most people respond well to less than unity and. that is probably as much as we can hope for and we'd be doing that for many many years with many other vaccines not every vaccine is 100 percent but if it's 90 percent of it's 95 percent of it's 99 percent that's good enough ok to induce what we call
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mentality dr i've heard that there's always a possibility that these types of. these types of conditions can somehow mutate this virus can mutate is that true and if that's the case what we end up always having to play catch up with other viruses in the future like the covert 19 . yeah we do already every year we'd look at all the different slew mutations and decide which ones are going to be most likely to infect just so every year the flu vaccine changes a little bit i think we are accustomed now to doing that with many other viruses so i think that's what we're going to get used to doing with this one too let me ask you a question about these trials that i'm seeing they're already spending or they've already committed to putting out something like 34500000000 doses of this in september even though the actual vaccine may not be ready to go in other words
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it may be a flop for all of we know yet they're making that commitment why is that and how confident are you that we will have a vaccine by sometime in the beginning of next year. i know it's a risk isn't that we've not done before this contrarian activity where we're doing the manufacturing even though we don't know if the drug works. there's a lot of experience with the drugs and the early signs from the clinical trials are that they do and do some form of antibody formation. it will take a while to figure out whether those antibodies are really strong or whether they're just hanging in there but not doing much of anything so. if we want a vaccine by next year we are going to have to manufacture and take the risk that some of them may not that we may be throwing some of that myth scene away because
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it's not as clear as it could be so best case scenario worst case scenario for us having a vaccine or spell it out for us dr. it depends on what you mean by have i mean if have means we have it but it isn't approved by regulatory agencies that's a different date than when it is approved by regulatory agencies is a different between when you get it. i actually say think i'm i'm impressed recently with some of the work that's being done to assure that as soon as that maxine a reasonable vaccine is available folks are working through multinational consortium . so that it works pretty well and i think that one step back scene is identified and we know which of our maybe 2 or 3 that we like. we're going to see those put out pretty fast early that here. it depends on the clinical trials
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doesn't it but i think that there will be early next year there will be some challenges and of course very much of things that can go wrong run. dr you're fantastic thanks so much for you sound like somebody who's very transparent tells it like it is and that's the kind of guest we like around here thank you for taking us through this wisdom that you were able to share with us we really appreciate it . and now to our ongoing coronavirus coverage we are ending a week that has seen many more new kobe had 19 cases in the united states than just about any other wiggs since the pandemic began more than 39000 new infections around the country more than a dozen states are reporting a daily record so that texas is one of those states the governor there is now positing the reopening believe it or not new york on the other hand which was once the epicenter of the nation's outbreak has gone in the opposite direction it's now showing one of the lowest coronavirus spread rates in the entire nation putting it all together for us today is our tease treated each other. as the number of new
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crew of virus infections continue to drastically increase throughout the country new york continues to see a steady decline in keyes's however while the state continues to slowly reopen others have to wait today a shift in the corona virus pandemic new york once the epicenter of the corona virus outbreak in the u.s. now has the lowest cold in $1000.00 spread rate in the country new york governor andrew cuomo joining forces with the governors of new jersey and connecticut mandating anyone traveling from states that meet certain high infection rate thresholds must quarantine for 14 days infection rate formula would be 10 per 10000187 day rolling average or 10 percent of the total population positive on a 7 day rolling average the travel advisory including alabama arkansas arizona florida the carolinas washington utah and texas where the state hit
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a new record reporting nearly $40000.00 new infections cases are going up hospitalizations are going up and rob is the scene. filling in the ice use here locally and as hospitals near capacity many at more than 85 percent occupancy governor greg abbott has issued an executive order to halt all elective surgeries across 4 counties and while he stopped short of a statewide shutdown he is hitting pause on reopening plans ordering all bars to shutter in the state once again while restaurants have to scale back and limit in or dining the fact that we did it so quickly and with so little fought and so little planning is that now we very likely will have to close again the governor said in a statement at this time it is clear that the rise in cases is largely driven by certain types of activities including texans congregating in bars the actions in this executive order are essential to our mission to swiftly contain this fire us and protect public health according to data from johns hopkins university texas reported more than 6400 cases thursday bringing the total 239000 972
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surpassing the previous high of 36291 now overall new york still has the highest number of cases and deaths in the whole country but specials here continue to report a decline in both hospitalizations and new cases of cocaine 19 reporting in the org trinity job as our team this is the news of the jazz as we go to break i want to direct your attention to something look at this statue it's one of the most iconic statues in the country but as we pull out there's suddenly a fence around it and people who may be gathering there at some point today will tell you what's going on when we come back.
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look it's undeniable right that we are not the only life form in the universe that's already been proven the question is what's the nasa doing about it we have part of the answer for you right here with r t correspondent attached to sweet. scientists have discovered a new way to seek out signs of advanced alien civilizations through a nasa grant scientists are conducting a study to find extra terrestrial intelligence outside our solar system but it's not as plain and simple as it sounds when scientists have tried to find early in life on exoplanets through gases such as oxygen or methane the search is obvious as both point to some type of existence but here on earth signs of life may not be as natural with pollutants artificial lights and even tall buildings these fingerprints are called techno signatures and now the nasa funded study is looking
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to see if there are comparable techno signatures visible outside of earth one of the study authors saying these techno signatures of advance ilian technologies could be similar or perhaps more sophisticated than what we possess the team will reportedly focus on solar panels and air pollution as techno signatures in this study solar panels are created with an ability to absorb particular wavelengths of lights and reflecting others scientists believe something like this could be detected by way of a telescope when studying exoplanets when it comes to air pollution the team will be looking for artificial gases that don't naturally occur in nature scientists use the example of aerosols which they recently discovered were destroying the ozone layer scientists behind the study are hoping to find out more about extraterrestrial life not only here now but also in the past reporting for the news with rick sanchez and suites are. a massive explosion shook iran's capital
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last night and here you can see the explosion we've got some of the video watch us watch this it's over the horizon look at the size of that thing right away of course there were reports suggesting that israel had hit a nuclear site in iran that the u.s. was drumming up a war before the election that the iranians were experimenting with nuclear weapons and. something went off and the the speculation was rampant in the end iran came out late last night early this morning ending the speculation explaining that it was not of that that it was none of those things to find out what really happened we take you now live to tehran and professor mohammad marandi from the university of tehran it's so great to be able to see you professor so tell us what happened that explosion looks huge and dangerous. thank you. well just there was simply 3 gas storage tanks that were right beside each
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other one exploded and it caused the 2 to explode as well and they weren't extraordinarily large the reason why the explosion was seemed so big was because it was in the dead of night idea i was actually awake at that time and i didn't hear an explosion nor did one of my friends who live somewhat closer to where the explosions took place so yes it's interesting that whatever happens in iran immediately there's all sorts of conspiracy theories out there produced by these so-called iran x. per cent he's persian language t.v. channels b.b.c. persian b o a persian deutsch of l a persian all these others that are waging. psychological warfare against iran but then you know after a few hours i didn't actually know that there were these conspiracy theories i wasn't following the news today and then late this afternoon i discovered what had
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been going on it was actually something quite simple yeah well i was you know there's always going to be speculation with something like this something as explosive as this let me ask you then since you mentioned that would it surprise you or does it surprise you that people would be wondering if there's going to be a wag the dog scenario with an election here in the united states just months away or that israel what in fact do as it's always promised and hit iran again to wipe out whatever nuclear attempts it's making as netanyahu has promised to do why would that surprise you. it would surprise me because if there's rarely a regime were to strike iran iran would strike back much harder on israel as. it's very small compared to iran so their vulnerability would be much greater iran has a very powerful missile defense capability as the americans discovered
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a few months ago after they murder a general so they money so i don't expect the israelis to carry out an attack because they simply don't have that sort of capability to hit iran hard and they would be buried by noble to iran's response the americans can potentially strike iran but again the iranians would hit back hard and i think that since the united states is so deeply divided i don't see how benefit someone it's an attack because under ordinary circumstances when the united states attacks countries unfortunately when they carry out acts of aggression many people rally behind the president but i think that does not have that capability if he makes and the move against iran i think his critics and opponents will immediately call him out and it will hurt him more than anyone else so i think the situation in the united states is rather unique compared to previous occasions sounds like you have your eye on american
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politics you should be double to you thank you professor mohammad marandi i appreciate you sharing your insight with us on the story. via let's get out of the sports world now lots of stuff going on there's one word in the sports world all over the globe that people get all excited about and usually get drunk with yes liverpool yes especially over there in england i mean foot jolly as we call it jolly jolly old england although it will jolly old englishman over there are we are rejoicing now because the liverpool spirit of yes very spirited as we're going to see but let's check out the players celebrating 1st this is the liverpool players after it was announced so chelsea defeated manchester city $2.00 to $1.00 which gave liverpool the title solidified because they are so far ahead in the standings in the. in the premier league table over there so they clinched their 1st title though in 30 years since 1990 the 1st domestic title so it's
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a pretty big deal so 19th overall but 30 years is a long time to wait so the fans were outside the stadium as it was nuts look at this social distancing definitely an issue here we'll see how that affects. yeah they did not care at all but to put it that way but yes so they're celebrating over in england and field is a stadium over there and liverpool just you know they need 15 points now there's 7 matches left in the in the year in the season 15 points the break 100 point lead record which manchester city recorded 20172018 so they have 86 points right now going it he says to the last 7 rangers they're just if there's ever been a time to use the word find that i call oh yeah that's it nobody beats european soccer fans don't believe and that's both good and bad sometimes it. can be a big news out of the n.b.a. today so you know they're prepping for that the big n.b.a. disney bubble will tournaments playoffs next month in july and now the 1st test came out of the 302 players that will be heading there and 16 of them are positive
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not a bad percentage that's only 5.3 percent however that's just the players we don't know about the staff and the coaches and all the workers that are going to be there we don't know what they are they didn't release the results of those tests yet so we're only seeing the players so far now they are supposed to report to disney world july 7th so we're just we're getting there and then the season or not the season but the playoffs should begin july 30th and we don't have hockey yet but we do have some great highlights from arguably the greatest hockey score ever well in the yeah and up and comer it runs in his blood we were talking about alexander ovechkin son now and now all over he is arguably the greatest hockey player will be when his career is all finished but look at his son now getting some back handed shots in there he's not even 2 years old yet by the way yeah he's getting them all in there look at all the pucks he doesn't stop till they get some into the back of the net go up to it and shove them in there as you. no that's film and i'm right here to look at him it has to be so in the veins there it's well you know just like his daddy has no teeth. not yet hopefully it will grow and then he's going to get
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out when he's. i mean could you please take off your tie i can't know this isn't right i know i do but i'm wearing the suit you told you called me this morning and told me to wear that i was worried you said we were going to have the same outfit on and then you show up with a tie i got to tell you normally we don't but i do have a sports promo we got to shoot after this so that's why this is why ok for that for our portable t.v. up you know there's no you're allowed to do that yes ovechkin kid is really cute he's adorable i can't wait to see what he does with 2 years old he's not even 2 by the way we covered we covered basketball but how about baseball is that have they come up with any kind of writing you know yeah yeah baseball is starting up you know spring training or spring training as the summer it's should begin july 1st so i was doing sweet 16 game season 60 games instead of 17262166 but yes and by the way the n.h.l. speaking of hockey they have narrowed it down now to the hub cities you know they're going to choose to have cities chicago edmonton las vegas los angeles or toronto will be one of 2 of the 5 cities that i don't know if you want is to so so
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it's a by the way just to be clear and also you have to know anything to any of these team sports starting up here in the u.s. no but not that's not the case in liverpool yeah no they don't care about it. while i like the tie thanks steve thanks very. few with an image that might have some interesting action around it today see that right there that is the statue of abraham lincoln it's more than just a statue of abraham lincoln though and this is partly why the controversy is centered around this it's a statue of abraham lincoln with the emancipation of slaves one of the slaves you see right there beneath him kneeling and that's part of the controversy many people are arguing including the representative to the u.s. congress from district of columbia that this statue should be taken down from this particular place and maybe put into. z.m. instead that is why many protesters are now saying that they would like to go there and perhaps even take the statue down by force if they have to their reasons are
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multifold one that one african-american is kneeling before the president and that he shouldn't be and the other is that when this statue was put up no african-americans were asked for anything having to do with the formation so let me tell you a little about the history of this particular statute that statue right there has been part of that lincoln park that's been there since 1871 the statue itself was put there in 1876 commemorating the 100 years of independence for the united states it happened right after abraham lincoln was assassinated in the nation felt it needed to do something frederick douglas himself the most important african-american statesman in the country's history was there and gave this speech as it was unveiled but since then it has been filled with controversy tonight there's a possibility that some folks will show up there and say that they're going to try and bring the statue down that is why that fence has been erected that you see right there around it the president of the united states donald trump has said that
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he will call out the national guard if he has to and they may be deployed tonight if the protesters show 'd up he says he will call them out to make sure that they don't let the protesters do that so we're going to be on it we're going to let you know what happens we're going to have producers and correspondents following this story for you shall anything happen we will certainly bring it to you right away erin is the statue of abraham lincoln the emancipation of a president meanwhile we're going to continue to follow all the day's news for you including some of the goings on as we've been developing for you throughout the middle east and you can join us again here in just an hour and we as we bring you the very latest on the news with rick sanchez by the way just as a reminder that you can watch us on your telephone now on portable t.v. app affordable. t.v. app you can download the app so you can track all the latest on all the stories including the latest numbers on covert 191 other note we are now on roku and
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amazon's fired t.v. stickers well we'll see you again here when it's time as we like to show a. to do news again. as the culture war 'd rages on if they did the billionaire response is only getting wealthy or their wealth is iraq the 20 percent or $584000000000.00 since the start of the endemic law how will these facts shape to compete coverage and is exterminate underclass in the north. i know no crowd. no
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shots no. actual news about speak. with dr no the 1st one. which your thirst for action.
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reading and sal you take. law and order yes law and order already is and most definitely will be one of the big rallying cries you will be subjected to over and over and over and over and over again as we get deeper into the 2020 us election cycle so let's just for a moment examine how law and order works here in these united states of america imagine we are aliens looking down at earth from mars or say to ridiculize and trying to understand just how punishment and justice here in the us is based in these last few news cycles what would we see well we'd learn that if a thorough.


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