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tv   News  RT  June 28, 2020 2:00pm-2:31pm EDT

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well. know. which your thirst for action. the new york times is criticised from all sides mentioned in its anonymous source article club russia paid panties in afghanistan to kill american troops. the week after a delay due to covert 19 moscow finally holds its world war 2 victory parade marking the 75th anniversary of the defeat of nazi germany. also russia begins voting on constitutional reforms with region speaking people cast their ballots online cuticle rotavirus concerns.
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very good evening to you thanks for joining us here on r.t. international. the new york times is facing widespread criticism after it published an article that said that russia offered bounties on afghanistan to kill u.s. troops it also claimed donald trump had been briefed on the matter however the director of national intelligence denies that either the president all the vice president were briefed on this trump himself is labeled the piece fake news of the free news new york times must release anonymous source but they can do it this person probably does not even exist. the articles being slammed by the russian foreign ministry which called the peace deliberate decision from a ship saturday also saw the taliban denying the new york times article on takes a closer look at the piece in question they also asks who might benefit from its publication. it's time to blow off the dust that circled around any smear tactics
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guide book since the last us election but as democrats are looking to wash away the humiliation of 2016 by trying to bring down trump this time they are resorting to the same auld narrative that failed them in the 1st place russia gate american intelligence officials have concluded that the russian military intelligence unit secretly offered bounties to taliban linked militants for killing coalition forces in afghanistan the peace rests on the familiar pillars of pulitzer winning journalism anonymous sources that believed concluded and desist the claims are said to be based on interrogations of captured in militants at least in part the article says well because less than in part well would be nothing at all really the alleged culprits is the same russian intelligence unit that is accused of this ellsbury poisoning western intelligence official say the unit which has operated for more than a decade has been charged by the kremlin of with kerry knows
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a complaint to destabilize the west through subversion and the source the nation. the west in the middle east by bribing the taliban into something they are doing anyway comic book villains have more logic and motivation than russia in this article but as evil and sleazy as russia may be portrayed in this story it's still just collateral damage and not the actual target president trying to get briefed in march that russia is paying bounty money for dead american soldiers right now. and his response to that is nothing his entire presidency has been a gift to putin but it this is beyond the pale it's a betrayal of most sacred duty we bear as a nation to protect and equip our troops in recent them in the harms way. if trump refuses to hold putin accountable for funding terrorism against u.s.
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troops in afghanistan then congress must again step up i expect the trumpet ministration to take such allegations seriously and inform congress immediately as to the reliability of these news reports the stories taking jabs at trump amid reports he's about to take another step towards ending the catastrophic 2 decades long invasion russia's foreign ministry has dismissed the allegations as fake pointing out that more school has all along been trying to mediate the conflict and have the united states and the taliban in fact sign a peace deal the simple this information clearly illustrates the intellectual abilities propagandists among american intelligence who have to come up with such nonsense instead of inventing something more reliable however what else can we expect from intelligence which miserably failed in the 20 year war in afghanistan it's russia collusion 2.0 as if that has ever been worth anything more but a house impeachment but left trump unfazed by hey maybe at least robert mueller
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will have a 2nd shot around 2021. of being delayed by the global pandemic moscow finally held its military parade on wednesday marking the 75th anniversary of the victory over nazi germany red square echo to the sound of thousands of marching feet from those tasked with protecting the motherland of the no hills literally came a procession of military vehicles and equipment all whole thing was topped off with a spectacular fly by.
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hit. of course wants us to tell it was a red square she summed up the emotions of the day. to me actually the most moving part of the day it's all to the present spoken and they say in unison. and that's because i hear history in that sound there are echoes of these people 75 years ago on red square sic she was celebrated but more importantly so with the people who have fought tooth and nail to bring about my grandmother for chachi for india 1000000 lot is independent women's battalion and it was an all female unit that was part of the fust polish army and that was part of the save you fool says and actually they fought out
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a bottle in london which is in outside of russia and they actually managed to break through to jump into france says take and hold taught a strategic area of the bridge that proved to be crucial and not the battle later on i could go up to any single person on the street also what did you write it seems to join the war each would keep me 80 tell family story someone who fought and died at starting price someone who survived the blockade of leningrad so many filled with the partisans on so much who on the 24th of june 1945 walked on to that very scrap right behind me traditionally this event held on may the 9th but coronavirus prevented them from popping the ship so one thing was chosen for the jubilees was no random dates back in 145 the 1st of a victory parade was held on june 24th for many soviet soldiers actually made it back from the front lines and were to share in the celebrations with the whole country. in commemoration of victory of a germany in the great patrick wall for june 24th 945 find scheduling
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a parade of the active army the navy and moscow garrison the victory parade in moscow's red square. it was a long anticipated and unthink get civil day some people strongly believed it would come.
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we were looking at the pile of wet cloths and thinking that the long expected victory had come and we the war is that how people to free the motherland bring back peace is my contribution so. going to go round and greeting the troops i could see rain trickling from their
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camps but this periods were too high to even notice it was a gloomy sunday red squares cobblestones were wet the bunches of flowers that we got after the parade were away but years on my heart doesn't believe in those memories the 24th of june 1945 has become a part of my life it was the most cheerful and sunny day. as time marches on from these will changing events it seems that history is not always being remembered in the same way for example in the white house pay tribute to the u.s. and u.k. for delivering victory in the 2nd world war but completely ignored the efforts of the soviet union and it's not the only example of airbrushing the past auntie's daniel hawkins reports from victory park in moscow promised then 145 american great britain had victory over the nazis the us president came under fire for ignoring
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the part played by other allied nations in defeating fascism not least the soviet union which suffered over 25000000 casualties but recent events go beyond just want tweet. on the 23rd of august $939.00 the soviet union and nazi germany signed a treaty of nonaggression known as the molotov ribbentrop pact and its secret protocols dividing europe and the territories of independent states between the 2 totalitarian regimes and grouping them into spheres of interest which paved the way for the outbreak of the 2nd world war history is a set of lies agreed upon according to the podium but when for liberators are officially relabeled this occupants victims as aggressors just with a few strokes of a pen then both truth and agreement become allusive rewriting history revisionism altering the past to fit with present political paradigms multiple states at the center of those tragic events have been mired in controversy but when
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it comes to russia controversy turned to something and forgivable all but equating the soviet union's role in world war 2 with that of nazi germany dear president putin heater and stalin colluded to start world war 2 that is a fact part of was a victim of this horrible conflict from the munich pact and partition of czechoslovakia to western business interests in nazi germany many countries at the center of the wars outbreak have skeletons in the closet the key aim is to learn lessons what can be done today to maintain bulleted peace the russian president has his own thoughts the historical revisionism where witnessing in the west particularly with regard to the subject of the 2nd world war and its outcome is dangerous because it grossly cynically distorts the understanding of the principles of peaceful development laid down in 1945 by the conferences in yalta and san francisco. the main historic achievement
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a few and other decisions of the time was the agreement to establish a mechanism that would allow the major powers to stay within a diplomatic framework when resolving their differences the response to russia's position such as passing its own historical laws is telling rather than a debate accusations of deliberate false if occasion and deceit to divide and conquer in pursuit of nefarious motives historians and politicians may argue for years about blame and responsibility but as the memory of conflict fades so does the fear of such tragedy repeating itself they say history is the sum of all things that could have been avoided a vast early warning system and the response to the president's peace may have missed the main point the way we understand history shapes the way we understand the present and shapes how we're going to act in the future if we have a distorted or corrupt titian of history then we're not going to be able to 1st of
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all know that a different future is possible but we see history being deployed for nationalistic propaganda distinct from mythological for militaristic purposes all over the world and i mean russia is certainly guilty of that too to some extent i'm not saying that russia is outside of that but on the issues of world war 2 russia is much closer to the truth and to a vision of the world based upon collaboration between the united states russia britain the french resistance forces china back to allow us to begin to reinvention more of them which we can begin to work together again. week of voting is underway in russia on amendments to the country's constitution offer you the full story after the break.
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a minimum wage doesn't guarantee you a job. but if you get a job and be paid that wage precisely that that means you're less likely to get the job and so i would predict probably over a 1000000 people would lose their jobs if the minimum wage were double just 50 now they want to phase it in so maybe 800000. would be differentially in communities are a lot of black mississippi lower wage states. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy. let it be an
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arms race. very dramatic looking only. i don't see a. very critical time to sit down and. welcome back the voting process to reform the russian constitution began thursday polls are open nationwide until july 1st and the vote being originally planned to take place on april 22nd it was daylight though by coronavirus to alleviate concerns about crowds polling stations are now open for a whole week instead of a single day there are around $200.00 proposed amendments to the constitution and one of those changes would allow him to run for president for another 2 terms critics of about the. or nothing approach to this vote people have to say yes or no
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to the entire package and are just pick and choose which amendments they want put in themselves supported the changes in a speech in the state dinner in early march. it was january when president putin stunned russia by proposing changes to the country's foundational law the constitution within hours the entire government had resigned the current constitution dates back to $993.00 to western backed president boris yeltsin built from the debut of the communist soviet era yeltsin's constitution created what would be criticized as a hyper presidential system the president called all the shots and it was forged in bloodshed as a hostile communist control parliament trying to impeach yeltsin he resorted to the military to keep in power. 187 people were killed but all to. one of the most important proposals today is to end that hyper presidential system
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while keeping the fundamentals of the constitution intact so what powers does the president currently have only he alone can nominate the prime minister and other cabinet members parliament just gives a formal green light to the candidates the proposal would flip that giving parliament the final say on who serves in government and the president would not be able to reject the m.p.'s choices powers would be redistributed between various branches of government intended to lock in more checks and balances into russia's government system another big change would limit the president's tenure to only 2 terms in total as opposed to no more than 2 terms in a row as it is now that means future leaders won't be able to serve for as long as putin has. but it's not a member which has got western media excited putin's perceived trick to stay in power forever the existing rules say putin must stand aside in 4 years time after his 2nd consecutive term albeit his 4th mandate in total m.p.'s are pushing a proposal to 0 out his term count
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a reset button for an updated constitution i propose to add to the new constitution that the current president like any other citizen would have the right to be elected to the post of head of the state that would mean putin could run again in 2024 and in 2030 if he wants to rewind back to january and why putin said he wanted to change the constitution he says it's to develop a welfare state. the reason for these amendments is to ensure the further development of russia as a state governed by the rule of law is to increase the efficiency of institutions in our country with that in mind the room more than $140.00 amendments one guarantees that the minimum wage will not be lower than the cost of living another secures an annual adjustment to improve the real value of pensions and allowances that would also be tougher requirements for civil servants such as banning key officials from having foreign citizenship or foreign bank accounts the would also be a ban on giving away any russian territory and priority to domestic law over international
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there are some controversial proposals to marriage would be classified solely as a union between a man and a woman and god gets mentioned or the constitution will still say russia is officially a secular state it's an all or nothing vote russians won't be able to pick and choose which of the amendments they want to say it's simply a yes or no to the whole package and the changes will only be enacted if the russian people give it an unequivocal mandate. if people do not vote for the amendments they will not be added to the constitution. online voting being held for the 1st time in russia 2 regions are holding their vote electronically another measure to help quell. covert fear is the platform being used promising data encryption and guarantees privacy registration for online voting close last week now while some of the proposed reforms are proving very controversial analyst of argued that overall change is needed for russian society but i think it's very
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important to note that the present constitution came out of violence came out of the time of deep uncertainty a time a very small chance events after the collapse of the soviet system here we are 2027 years later and this document is a centralized power dramatically putin feels it needs to be changed opinion polls suggest a majority russians feel it should be changed as well while the western media is focusing on the putin term limits thing which by the way doesn't mean he has to go mention one day anyway putin says he will respect that vote for me technically by the way he didn't have to have this national vote at all i mean it was passed by every russian region all 85 federal something passed in the state parliament the duma passed it the national parliament he didn't have to have this vote he's chosen to do it because he obviously wants a public democratic legitimacy and fairness i think if that had been that many ballot papers it would been a hell of a lot more confusing than a single ballot paper saying yes or no. after months of lockdown people around the
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world have been enjoying their 1st taste of freedom in recent weeks following the easing of many coronavirus restrictions for those so thinking the fight against the forest might have been won well the world health organization is warning it has only just begun. already the plumbum if you still accelerating it took more than 3 months for the 1st $1000000.00 cases to be reported. the last 1000000 cases were reported in just 8 days. among those who've already felt the 2nd wave his china a recent outbreak was traced to a local wholesale food market which supplies more than 80 percent of agricultural products to the capital beijing government acted quickly shutting it down and firing up its testing program it was planned to test an entire area in just 3 days of spawn 60000 people we asked locals how the process went. i thought it would be fast to take such
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a test but in fact i spent 3 hours queuing up for the test but when i saw the doctors my heart sank because their protective googles were all fogged and their sweat was running down their faces. over in germany new cases of the virus have continued to pop up in various regions leading local authorities to impose countermeasures which have differed from city to city after outbreaks of meat processing plants the german food and agriculture minister has called for price increases to help create a safer working environment into all of the reports. dealing with coronavirus here in germany has moved away from sweeping national measures with restrictions being lifted or imposed based on the regional fact is. here in berlin authorities have lifted restrictions that had limited get togethers to a maximum of 5 people from 2 different households earlier the same move it being made in the states of brandenburg. it's
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a very different picture in north rhine-westphalia an outbreak scented around a meat packing plant in the city of looters law the scene over $1500.00 people test positive and a strict lockdown until the end of the month has been imposed on the area. undoes we will order a lockdown for the whole district of killer slow the purpose is to calm the situation to expand testing to establish whether or not the virus has spread beyond the employees of tony and we will get a better picture of the situation there intensive testing and can then see more clearly within 7 days what the situation is we want to bring about this lockdown which will stay in place until june 30th and bring us more cleared of all those long queues have formed as tests of being made available to everyone in the affected regions the military being drafted in to help with the large scale testing operation health professionals suggest that a large number of symptomless code would carry is
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a behind this spike the largest localized outbreak in germany. it is already the idea of these tests because we know that there are symptoms people who don't have a high fever who carry the virus and then unfortunately spread it today we've counted around 402600 people waiting and we will also be setting up a hotline in the next few days to help with the registration. locals queuing to test sounds at all happy with the slaughterhouse at the center of this spike all the state authorities they say should have done more. akin to 45 but i want to be careful and take the test i don't have symptoms and what should i say i'm a bit angry with the slaughterhouse that they didn't react sooner and now our region is headed into another log down we have to go through it. and find definitely the politicians in their thirty's should have reacted to you know and then completely convinced that the 1st kind of those infected were faked and then
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not taking any responsibility. away from north rhine-westphalia there's also a localized lockdown in the city of my whip workers and is being seen bringing water and supplies to some of the 800 also families who are being taught. to quarantine. around 700 people remain in an apartment complex and get again a forced quarantine which turned violent last weekend. and remember i said restrictions were being lifted in berlin well not for old berlin as in the friedrich china area of the german capital almost 40 households of being put on lockdown those living nearby a concerned about the risk posed a not too happy with those who faulted social distancing the policy in the some a son. i have a feeling the fear can you explain why because i belong to the risk group and i have medical conditions. we are doing this for weeks and months we don't do visits
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anymore mostly we sit on the balcony apart from grocery shopping or a walk pharmacy or the doctor that's it. if push it we don't understand why some have clauses in the box and in the compounds we don't understand this. off the back of those regional covert 19 spikes authorities here in berlin have said that they will be enforcing fines against those law wearing face coverings on public transport or in shops as we try to get back to his normal a life as possible while still remembering that corona virus is infectious today as it was a few months ago picture all over all see the it. now brings you out of today thanks thing without say a bank's inhofe now. khaled
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. we go to work some straight home. train reaction process in the reactor 3 a tremendous heat which scientists have learned out of control. it was really
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patriotic to harness the i. was so excited about nuclear engineering because i thought it would solve the world's energy crisis it's exciting science to realize you've got the power of the sun inside that reactor and they are so all inspiring when everything works. to refer when making energy the problem is that everything does work japan's nuclear nightmare continues a 2nd hydrogen explosion at the fukushima daiichi nuclear complex destroyed their reactors exterior all 3 daiichi reactors have nuclear fuel rods that have been exposed to some degree so they're teetering on the edge of a meltdown i mean you need to sit. there. and nobody.


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