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gotten to because there's no there's no replacement for the history that they're destroying it's a boy and that may be intentional or not but it certainly creates conditions for creating a new past without being anchored or can restrain the past. this is true that identities are usually created in opposition to someone so you should with say the explore other west greatest identity opposition to for example the east or as a contrast what do you not see with a lot of these people is they their identity the view the other or especially their own culture don't finish and so as you correctly pointed out they want to free themselves from their own past which is by definition a revolutionary moment rare moment now this is very problematic because. history it legitimizes that a medical institutions of the present and it also lays the foundation for a common shared identity and this is exactly their purpose it is to denounce their
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own history because they did that the country was founded on this crimes this great crimes. then they have to address this in order to improve the present. that's one of denouncing the past now this might seem reasonable because it will also civilization you know very dirty ostend one should deal with this and indeed that's all they want to see themselves are so gorgeous. so once you recognize the wrongdoings of the past for us it will be special and slavery and genocide of the native americans it seems that reasonable to address this however what you now see with these people especially other in their own history the problem is. there is actually tearing down statues there non-single on history it like this this is a new and because any country to really as you mentioned relies on the history if we don't have it you reject. legitimacy of your institutions that seems odd to me what they want to do because they say. also i mean risk is carried on everything
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and also there is sharing this calm ability for the whole nation which you also argue this crop of other well the problem when you do this is now you don't have any of any situations and more legitimized by the past and furthermore the u.s. can then denigrate into mere geographical location where it's just happen to be populated by random people so you can't really have a nation with this history which is why revolutionary movements. nor you know who are a terrorist us troops and the loss of their own history is a very dangerous practice you know underneath it and one of the interesting things as i said as i said in my introduction me history in many ways at least how most people understand it how they receive that is is usually something that we revere a person and. a moment in time and sometimes it's a warning about what can go wrong in our history and how we can learn from it but if we didn't take out the reverence and the warning at the same time you're left
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with a boy and how can you forgive you don't have a clear understanding of the past even if the process is very painful and let's face it most similar is asians will now say every civilization has painful moments that it was in gestation very few what would become so i mean if you take reverence and a warning bell then when he history bore. i i have no i like another definition of history i didn't want to run i. formulated in your program. history. is today's politics transparent into the past you know. it's very sad what we're now witnessing in especially united states interest 2nd american revolution some commentators are writing this race and describing what's going on. a lot of
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people are limited in slimmer it they know how big you know at least in their are right it quotes way to the white but they considered themselves and that they are still in a kind of slavery it day didn't already come. appen today 150 years or 200 years ago and that's right they don't consider the history of this country in a way as many whites are considering for do the figures and that don't rich they are cheering down defacing this are not their heroes this are the people who you know a president who didn't consider them as a human being and didn't write for them this good have no place in the history of
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it how do you read where de lit is not that's a prayer for me but don't we get into a situation where then you did it by getting grady they had that drawing down how can you how can we think about slavery and oppression and if we don't historical record of the correct meaning of that because if people want to take down the confederates that in their own communities that's their business ok that is perfectly fine but jim mandate the end of history or that history should not be remembered is a very dangerous thing and i want to talk about what the bolsheviks did to russian history and let eventually came into it in russia when wanted to feel that. and i think in this instance the russian does provide some lessons in terms of revolution or in wish and if initially if you tear up the future you tear up the past because you don't want to corrupt to the presence you want to create
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a new present which looks contaminated by. uh so if in russia obviously the bolsheviks they saw everything in society yes i mean being corrupted by capitalism so the initial bolsheviks they really did what they could to tary thing up so everything from the family the church nationhood. as a everything was a reflection of this exploitation of capitalism so they pulled it all up and. mainly because it was seen as being exploitation and also authoritarian however once this in came to recognize so at once just no legitimacy based on the past they became even more aligned on brutality to create a new society and a new this actually community that's wasn't defined by history anymore and again this focus on next taking out those who it exploited them again but the horrible things are simply going to call oxen this. they said the find themselves by revolution and this continues perish and i think that. this is again something that
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russia is preoccupied with today because when the soviet union fell apart again to some extent this was another revolutionary moment moment and had to deal with how do we address 7 decades of our history and again in the west we keep saying you're just have to give up like in condon condemnation just to denounce and i think this is of course very very dangerous because then you don't have a shared identity you don't have any legitimacy for your institutions so this is something i think you think for the russians how do you deal with a problematic and personally i don't think they should denounce this soviet era they should have a new institution look at the horse the crimes were committed and take those out as still recognize the good and i think that's what they've been trying to do so for example you know they russia now condemns you know for example the crimes of stalin it was committed in cutting at the same time the goal is to salvage what they can from history what was done right so again you can look to our state you know the world war 2 history when to save europe from the ashes from you know scientific
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achievements there's a lot. the soviet era you know. provide an identity and legitimacy and i think that's very important and we haven't really appreciated that in the west the challenge and i think that's what the americans now are also have to recognize that yes i was just doesn't have a place but if you don't else i'm all together including a good idea that we lose something very important i mean you can you condemn the entire project underneath go ahead jump in yeah i think that this. comparison is not correct because you know what is the program that in today's america when i 1st came to america. in 90 and 90. i found that this is the the most non integrated society in the world because blacks were outside of society every
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ethnic and racial group was living in its own emilio and without having though formally de hat you know there are rights in workplaces but they never socializing day they're isolated and when a melting pot shift to work. america turns out to be that isolated island ended little underneath there. are just just all the other bitter vicious very important gains and until now blacks can see they're dead they are out of society and this is exactly the case that's why tearing down this white slave owners they are trying to reassess and to give their own interpretation of the history and the good they considered that they are not in total part. this country guests
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are trained to up and nod their history at what does it mean to have an outer history their representation in statutes on descriptors represent a sham inquiry columbus in history literature bullshit in different places but 1st time i came to berkeley in 99 days i was amazed run but one of the professors from russia he said listen it's very strange things happening this. black around editors are telling to that composition of professors is a to present white 20 percent black but composition of still don't age to present blacks. and 20 percent white would need to vote at just this you know structure ok so we need more social engineering that's what
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you're saying but it's very dangerous we have a break before we go to the break underneath. that. i'd like to point out underneath your candor ramp of liberal each other my friend i'd like to end the 1st part of the program with a reminder to you that a black man was elected president of the united states twice and it was white people they voted for him to assume office so i don't i think we have to now go to the extremes right here or i'm going to jump in here we're going to go to a short break and after that short break we'll continue our discussion on state. the world is driven by shaped by our own personal those words.
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the dares thinks. we dare to ask. when i was told small seemed wrong all right old quotes just don't call. me lol but you get to shape out disdained to come out ahead and in gains from it because the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart when you choose to look for common ground.
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welcome to crossed up we're all things are considered i'm peter lavelle to remind you we're talking about culture sun. ok let me go back to the glen in oslo you know in seems to me that this is another attempt. by a very so privileged group of people in south it's not the impression of the working class it really is coming from academia and it's this this ideology that has been so hot for decades now i remember when i was at university in the early 1990 s. and now it seeped into the political system here and this is an attempt to prove bill to create
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a new man or excuse me new person well the record about is pretty poor i would say look at the french revolution the bolster but revolution a little bit pol pot did in cambodia i mean the record is quite or disastrous destructive but it seems to me because these people want to destroy history they don't want to learn from history go ahead. well again that's so there must at the finish no revolution again economists want to create communist man liberated from his own. that's a kind of what you're seeing now as well you see this time to create this new western man liberated from its own you know flow cost with of course racism being a key part of it however underneath argued i would disagree in terms of the roach because usually i would argue that this kind of revolutionary a brooch. could seem reasonable when when their side the country reform itself and i agree i think identified this problem this geisha to
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a large extent which still exists however if you look at the numbers it looks like america has i think there was a race is capable of reforming itself if you look at all the to from marriage between races steering inclusion. and its use and the old this is all i would say seems to be pointing in the right direction so i think there is room for improvement now in terms of the approach again or again recognizing a lot of the same issues are you when you came to the us in the ninety's i didn't get to keep problem or the disagreement is how you see society improving and you have to do different past you have to call it the or you equity they call it essentially saying like blacks whites asians should all be treated the same and over time differences will start to change himself of course it will always have some cultural difference as the problem with a quickie is you demand equal outcome right away and for movies with as example are you know 80 percent white or fessor you have to take into account if your recent
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demographic changes as well and once you do this it would be your specialist saying well we need less rights for some more blacks and then you begin the social engineering where everyone is judged based on the color of their skin based on their gender and then i guess you will have the opposite outcome because once you have you know a luckless matter especially you will get on to the bright white majlis matter as well and then you can have this rightwing identity politics which you are now on the left so i think is a dangerous route to go down so again and also it's difficult because you have these racial groups we should just mention blacks and asians they're very different in do us for example blacks will get higher scores to get well will be easier for them to get into universities asians actually perform better than whites and they actually get punished for being ations so you really need. and this is again for them shows off where i was judged based on their skin under gender sexual
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orientation etc saying we need to quote iran has the same opportunity the outcome might not be the same i supposed to do the social engineering route try to have everything. the outcome being exactly the same were some race have to be pulled out of yourself because. it is a dangerous path they're living underneath that need to think this is all based on victimology ok equity you know it in terms of what glenn was just saying there you know eat the more you're a victim of the of the system of history the more that you're elevated well and that's not a way to create a. society that is functional i mean it may make you feel good it may make you you know virtuous signally and all that but it in any function their function alinea that it is it simply. it creates trying to lose a share and and people that feel that they're not part of the process so i think that you know this ideology that's coming out of the universities it's basically
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cultural marxism and really it really jumps aside the real issue that's going on in its class because there are millions and millions of poor people of color and white people at the same time and this ideology is dividing them when actually a whole lot more in common then then then then the elites really want them to know what life is not very very convenient for the all of arts that run the economy and the politicians that are in there. i think that because of political correctness in american society there was never ever especially during this last several big 8 open discussion about race relations and the problem is that everybody is afraid of telling a spade a spade you know because not but it is telling blacks that and they had
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enormous success during today's specially 50 years when i was in new york in the 5th on under 25th when it was 50th anniversary of john underwrite a political rights desegregation and all this kind of things but even at that time a lot of leaders of black community. people like l. sharpton and many are left they were considering that nothing happened no progress still there if big difference in economy still is a big difference in different areas ratios mundo this kind of think but nobody was telling that black left map there is a radical racist organization because they don't consider that right or life matter and just what what is the danger in current situation
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in debt one day which such a you know such a pleasure on stretching their feet who like to just they have heat and they're sure what this could create their reaction on behalf of white people and they can create their own organisation white life in math and a lot of them are not happy to see how black the left matter organisation is drank too humid. and destroy or do you carry dick which was created by white american tradition america dish it depressed problem and didn't pose divide in american society and that is the ideology and the message of it let me go to glenn right now i mean what that one of the most important outcomes of the civil rights movement was the voter participation so go let's go look at all of the cities that are almost all the cities that have been bernie over the last few weeks
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run by democrats very often by african-american mayors. who least sheaves i mean they they got the rightfully got the vote the promise of the constitution of the quality in produce patient political life and then you have all of these cities that are so badly run and now they want to turn around and it's all because of racism which is absolutely nonsense it's bad governance and i would say bad governments it was allowed to happen because that's politically correct and comfortable and again i will not repeat i will not move away from the issue of last week when you look at the issue of how the country is basically poor right now poverty doesn't it doesn't address attract itself just to one race it's all races and when we don't look at this these inequalities it's people like black lives let me in the democratic party and the media and amazon and all the rest of it they
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love to play the race card because it lacks of late really is happening in the. vote there is that argument it's more attractive because it doesn't touch on the economics because. well again that's a mystery for what one can argue that in the race issue can be reformed within the current political system they cannot make the question isn't it more difficult to see at the mechanisms for redistributing wealth they're kind of gone and the wealth continues to concentrate more and more obvious that there is an issue are. class in the united states with the middle class weakening very quickly i guess our policymakers it instead of dealing really are forming the system from within which is very difficult because they rely on the dollars and it's very difficult to get anything done i guess instead of dealing tackling these hard issues easier to this is like saying or you know look at this policeman here he did this or let's separate bathrooms for the trannies or you know whatever they're actually want to go it is identity politics i guess it's cheap it doesn't cost anything so there has
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been there is it is that argument that you you call it something else it doesn't mean there's not race it raise issues in united states how many of them are clear and you know you have races our limbs in every country us morocco you know germany china they're everywhere so my my my point is simply that i don't think i think it can be reform the race it's as you say i'm just saying economics are the ones. getting worse and worse and that but i think it's also natural expression of the polarization of society has gone through you began the show by talking about that would say then this other ring and i think what you see not just in the u.s. and other western countries as well is that the other ring sublists become the political opposition has gone from being political opposition to specially the enemy oh so this in britain as well with cameron calling you know the leader of the opposition party threats to national security and now this is common language in the us as well i think this polarization once you see your own political opposition
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your own people as opponents you go down this very destructive us and that's what you see in the us now as a low with the for example blood clots matter taking down the statues of founders of the country which then makes makes that you know especially the more it conservative american seeing likewise matter as their enemy and when they cause i was for example want to keep the statues they see them as holding systemic racism and you know perpetual exploitation of them so they're all star perceive how the rest of enemy and i guess a racist them all. easy explanation and it's the easiest one to play ok because it it's so imbedded into the gulf underneath it seems to me they were going reverting it think now we're seeing actually a very perverse calls for a new segregation dividing people and this is going backwards in time all right and again with the fundamental issue here is what is legitimate. and what's going on right now is making that very very blurry go ahead and many if i think
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that the most important thing which i would like to emphasize at this segment is that practically the same or this kind of radical movements. it's the created pearman and sense of guilt for whites before the blacks 1st and 2nd day are openly organizing to the moment of the year no paying reparation of days league games slavery sambro treaty and i don't know how many dollars which means dish each going to deeper unfortunately it does is the most dangerous thing ok gentlemen i have to jump in here we've run out of time i want to thank our guests in moscow and in also and i want to thank you for your store watching us here archy see you next i'm remember.
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54 jets and more than 1300 military personnel are headed to air force base in alaska where is that to say come on i'll show you what's the reason for any type of enhanced u.s. military presence in this area rush up. what is it suddenly about the south china sea that makes it so coveted 11000000000 barrels of oil. take a look at this map who really owns what kind of says no it belongs to us india says no we claim that that belongs to us both of these countries have nuclear weapons capabilities there is reason for concern so that's why we're going to drill down on the story for you today right here on the news with rick sanchez where you know as we always like to say we do believe. by golly it's time to do news again.
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mr monday afternoon and here are 2 international in the headlines the new york times gets criticism from all sides over the north. claiming russia paid bounties in afghanistan to kill american troops. to the number of victims of female genital mutilation while using a steeply in germany thousands of girls still full to be at risk one victim vividly recalls which she in june as a child. my mom asked me not to cry. is so serious so for me i remember that too maybe one was holding my hand. and they want.


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