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justice. hello there i'm a military man you're watching in western broadcasting from r t america's national news headquarters in washington d.c. we want to welcome our viewers from across the nation and all around the world and here are today's top stories 1st up an explosive report by the new york times claims russia paid bounties to kill u.s. troops in afghanistan today that article is getting criticized from all sides a full report straight ahead plus the u.s. now calling for an arms embargo renewal against iran beyond the october deadline this while iran issued an arrest warrant for president trump over the killing of their top general custom solomonic we're going to discuss then back here stateside calls for the removal of unwanted statues continue with some of them literally
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taking it into their own hands we'll show you all right it's time to use i q. an explosive report in the new york times as receiving responses from the united states all the way to russia with many calling out the publication for quoting alleged intelligence officials but failing to provide any supporting evidence the article quotes anonymous sources claiming russia paid bounties in afghanistan to kill americans for more on this developing story let's turn to our views rachel blevins she's joining me here in studio as rachel what has the official response been from all the various sides while president trump was quick to deny this report and he responded on twitter of course where we called on the new york times to reveal these anonymous sources that they claim to be citing he then went on to say quote intel just. reported to me that they did not find this info credible and
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therefore did not report it to me or vice president penn's possibly another fabricated russia hoax now a spokesperson for russian president putin also spoke out denied the report and he called the credibility of the new york times in a question noting that they have published a number of false report specifically about russia in recent years take us know what else he had to say. these allegations that russian security services paid the taliban to attack the americans or ally secondly the special services in the us remain to be accountable to the president i suggest focusing on president trump appropriate statement who has already assessed these publications. can express regret once again that the biggest respected and high class international media organizations have been publishing absolute hoaxes in recent years which of course doesn't help their good reputation and credibility. now in this
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article the times actually goes on to methods how a band which is the group that was supposed to be behind these attacks in the 1st place also denies these claims and even calls the accusations baseless so rachel what were these specific claims made by the new york times well in the article the new york times claims that the u.s. has proof that it's had since as early as january there russia paid taliban linked fighters to go in and target u.s. coalition forces and that it resulted in the death of at least one american now when we take a look at the sources that they used in this article we find that they start by claiming the report is based on conversations with anonymous american intelligence officials they say those officials made their intelligence assessment based on interrogations of captured afghan militants which means that they were under duress when they allegedly claims the claim that the attacks were carried out by taliban linked militants now they're important then goes on to claim that russia was.
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targeting u.s. forces in 2019 during peace talks between washington and the taliban to try to stir up more chaos in the region and to keep them from achieving peace but if we look back we find that russia was also actively pushing for peace and it hosted talks with delegates from both the taliban and the afghan government in moscow on may 29th scene and during those talks russian foreign minister sergei lavrov called for a total pull out of foreign forces from afghanistan and he said russia is convinced that there is no military solution and that the only way to achieve peace is by political and diplomatic means so we have yet to see any evidence here that russia was the one that was trying to really ramp up this war in afghanistan but at the same time when they're claiming that these attacks took place that just happened to be when the united states was ramping up its bombing campaigns levels that we hadn't seen in a decade and it was also when the u.s. was actively killing more civilians in the taliban in afghanistan absolutely i mean there's a lot of moving parts to this rachel so what could possibly be next well despite
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the fact that we have a report that is being denied all around that hasn't stopped senate minority leader chuck schumer for calling for strong sanctions against russia as a result of these claims that were made and we've also seen republicans from the house foreign affairs committee call for the president to actively work to stop russia's shadow war as they call it so even though we have a report that has been widely discredited it doesn't look like these claims are going to be forgotten anytime soon rachel blevins thank you for filing that report thank you. president trump has denied he was made aware of the u.s. intelligence officials claim that russia secretly offered bounties to taliban linked militia for killing american troops in afghanistan and he tweeted that the intelligence officials didn't report the information and because they didn't find it credible russia has called the report nonsense and the taliban strongly rejects the allegation in the new york times so joining us to expand on this and a lot more former u.k. and p.j. . org galloway and former wall street journal correspondent and editor at
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consortium news joe lauria gentlemen good to see you both so what's really at stake here is the trump ministration trying to negotiate a peace deal with the taliban with the goal of ultimately ending the war in afghanistan you know now in its 1900. 32 1st. well yes this is an attempt to right the negotiations don't trump is once again under attack for trying to end u.s. wars rather than begin new ones which is the same charge john bolton and his recent kiss and tell mate joe biden the democrats are on the side of the secure a crime in trying to keep these wars going 1 this is another hoax it's a rush again hoax mark 2 is as absurd as the previous one
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and i'm going to tell you i've got to admit i'm so old i can remember when our big power was giving bone teas to the taliban or at least our fathers their older brothers but that was not russia but the united states throughout the 19 eighties and the victims of the taliban now and their fathers and brothers time well russians so this is not just untrue it is the very reverse of true it's what psychologists call projection projecting on to someone else what you yourself have done joe your thoughts on that. pose a lot at stake here from the point of view of journalism and so says what you can call it this is one more example of u.s. intelligence laundering dissent from ation to supposedly credible sources like the new york times and other big media they no journalist lives for scoops that you
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need to play one off against the other and corporate puerto seem to have this line belief still and respect for intelligence figures despite all the highly. ben rhodes they've been led down for example the invasion of iraq being the big plus russia game you know in russia get mulish said there was no collusion shawn henry that in a crowd strike said there was no lack on the internet research agency case was. there's nothing left of the russia good story which is why maybe we're seeing this being brought now to the fore because what does this do this human eyes is russia part of the game along and it hurts trump in the election campaign and i'm not a defender of trump show but this is intelligence agencies again meddling in domestic politics and this is much more dangerous than even a short term or even a term donald trump because as george has pointed out as a reporter there is no proof of this whatsoever but that did not stop reporters along to get themselves in front of everyone is having some scoop but we've seen
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a played out so many times before and i'll add this if this was so urgent that i wanted a national security council u.s. enlarged why did you not hospital or a deputy demand and all the office meeting with donald trump attribute got to do something about this right because rebel got you used to give the briefing to bush and reagan bush h.w. bush and reagan said that this intelligence would never would have made it is briefs to bush or 8 or reagan yeah absolutely a lot of good points there joe now george why would the intelligence services and congressional leaders i mean i think i have an idea about why but why would they want to continue this a long long war that has cost the american taxpayer $975000000000.00 plus dollars it has led to the deaths of over $31000.00 civilians on the ground over $2300.00 american service members have been killed and some 20000 others have been wounded i mean how does this threaten the work of intelligence agencies you know this sort of reporting. well a lot of people have made
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a lot of money out of the trillion dollars manila the budget the levels in the security services in the military are dependent upon the breeding never ending wars it's good business unless you're one of the poor bloody in front 'd of front line usually the people. get killed or maimed or psychologically damaged in these wars so it's probably the it's probably the neo con modern us all encouraging us governments to be involved in military actions don't do patients all over the world however badly they turn out on this job was just pointing out that you would think a lesson had been learned from the 5 the 20 year war enough guns is scheduled to end with no ice single achievement to its credit just
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a lot of ways to live the lives as did the and iraq invasion and occupation which happened the same time we've now been the war for almost 20 years and to trump's credit is the only thing i can say to his credit he said that he wanted to get out of these war now on the other side and their friends in the media have tried to keep these wars going that's what rush again was about keep putting up enemies that the united states now going to come well what about that staying with that theme and where we're just shy of a trillion dollars wasted in afghanistan what is he american media specifically in this case the new york times what is their role in these ongoing wars. that because you came directly from the cia people might not believe that a 6 long detour the new york times in the new york times a major mainstream media as an establishment media that is to check and defending
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and extending the interests of the shrimp particularly their foreign agenda state not reporting on international affairs from the point of view of a neutral observer and showing the complexities of the conflict in the drama and america just being another player there pushing an agenda and part of that by the way as you're saying here is it adds trump last appeal to. i meant. the start or to go or not be on a use of all these things the real power in the united states the one wishing operating under cover of the new york times does not want to see the imperial interests and gender of the us should be meddled with by anyone including someone in the white house and this is what their problem has been with this guy not that he's a racist or that he is our will jim or grant or he's mishandled this pandemic but that he's meddling with their imperial international project and the guide data trying to curb selective after is elected and now is about to go up for reelection so that this thing was planted in my view absolutely hurting him because it will
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import of the story was he knew about it should march and he hasn't done it that's what this war is all about and gentlemen in a related matter u.s. envoy ryan hookey is calling for iran's 1 arms embargo renewal and then a couple hours later iran issued an arrest warrant for president trump along with 30 others for the killing of their top general cousin felony you know in that drone strike in january 3rd so real quickly george how damaging is this embargo tehran to qana me and do you think it's feasible this arrest warrant. well nobody who's giving arms to iran will stop doing so because of this move and in any case it seems the iran has a perfectly capable military industrial complex of its own so it will make any impact on the us through the interpol water although donald trump is exempt because
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the head of state and probably won't travel much once he leaves office doesn't seem to go anywhere except the golf course in florida other people on the list may 1 day be vulnerable to an interpol arrest because this was a very considerable crime that was committed against general solem money and there are many jurors. actions in the world who feel about weight. it could be significant some years down the line all right joe i'll give you the last word on all this. well just on that interpol of the gusher headline that they've already rejected that i mean the international criminal court interpol international law enforcement agencies or judicial bodies. to carve out a place surely americans and other westerners in other words they won't stand before them there are so many people in the us particularly bush and the regime of iraq for example this was the crime of aggression the worst war crime the merc said
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they had been dropped in the i.c.c. and i don't suggest again but iran is going to work even though they should try because there was a crime committed once the money was killed it's all right we'll leave it right there george galloway joe lauria thank you both for your time today. thank you. all right now to the latest coven 1000 numbers worldwide cases now over 10100000 and some 500 in 2000 reported deaths the top 3 countries with the most cases the u.s. still leading the way followed by brazil with more than a 1000000 now and russia and right here in the u.s. about 2500000 cases with about 125000 reported deaths. and the european commission delayed a decision on their travel ban refusing to comment on the list of countries whose citizens will be allowing be allowed to enter the e.u. in the coming days but you know the u.s. seems likely not to be on that list will bring you more on that as details are unveiled and then back here in the states and calls for the removal of unwanted
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statues continue with some taking it into their own hands literally a lab report straight ahead and then later at the sports h.q. regina hamm brings us some early action over from k.b. and remember to keep up with all the latest news and anything you might have missed make sure you download our brain you 3 out of the t.v. watchers there 247 will be right back. listen stumbling online algorithms dictate what you get to want to go to portable dot tv slash download to get killer television it's completely separate i'm talking award winning comedy awesome sports coverage inside so frank still tastes like raspberries on a spring day take so hot they'll burn your face off down in the videos more added
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by the hour did i mention it's free it's it's free go go get it portable t.v. . oh you know. take a bite. i like it when the hosts ask a question for the guests and then actually listens to the guests answer and moan reacts to that answer hey folks dennis miller here i've got a new show. you know it doesn't really matter where you've been but batterers is where you're going right we'll see you church generations look back at the establishment media as the
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lead in the water pipes that drove the romans mad do you find yourself watching t.v. to turn your brain off to relax i want you to watch t.v. to turn your brain on i'm rick sanchez. it's time. to do news again. well there was a picture taken almost a month ago president trump and some members of his cabinet standing in front of st john's church across the street from the white house less than
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a week after the death of george floyd but it was the moment before that photo op that has been called into question reports of pepper balls and rubber bullets fired on peaceful protesters party's fair project is joining us now with more on the witnesses from that june 1st clash testifying before congress fair. middle so the big question today was whether or not the government had the right to do that because as it's known the government in front of that area is government property at st john's church and lafayette park they did have the right to move those protesters because again it's government property however the question today is whether it was lawful for the government to do that and that question monella is still up for debate now this happened about a month ago and my photographer and i were actually there were moments before those canisters and rubber bullets were fired at the hearing you had to witness things you shot in mcdonald's one of the peaceful protesters and a 1000000 brace a us correspondent for 7 news australia where they gave their testimony in front of
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the committee and particular brace detailing when she and her photographer were attacked by d.c. park police during those initial moments when they started charging at protesters to push them back well here's her testimony of what d.c. park police did that day line of police suddenly and without warning began charging forward at his sprinting pace knocking protest is to the ground a pot police officer who was passing us stalked turned towards team and ram team in the chest and stomach with the edge of his right shield causing team to keel over and drop down the officer then to his step back paused then punched she's hand dreadfully into the front of. camera grabbing the lens as these half inch team and i were both repeatedly shouting the would media a 2nd officer a pizza into the giving us the opportunity to move as i was running away a 3rd officer pushed through the group going out of his way to strike me with a truncheon. a lot of times moments there. but you also had the george washington
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law professor jonathan turley asking that question of whether or not this was lawful now in order for d.c. park police police to actually make an advance towards those protesters it is written in law that you have to give them those protesters 3 warnings here's what jonathan turley had to say when he investigated the situation it does appear that 3 warnings were given but that is based on the government's account and once again that is an issue for you to look at it also does appear that protesters could remove themselves because they were in encircled however if you look at these films there was a very rapid approach of the line to the primitive line which is beyond the fence line that line was brought back to the fence line later that rapid pushing forward is something that is a legitimate question for this committee to ask. and they are going to continue to ask it turley went on to say that whether or not tear gas and pepper spray were
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used as an important question since the government does have the right again to clear the park but whether it's lawful that's what the congressional committee is investigating now again these protests in the wake of the death of george floyd that happened more than a month ago now monella and monday morning those 4 officers involved appeared in front of a judge the 3 officers kanga lang and taco charged with aiding and abetting in 2nd degree murder an officer charged with 2nd degree murder and officers kang and lane who've both posted bond they were released argue that they had been on the job for just days monella and their lawyers argue that the 2 rookies were taking orders from the 19 year veteran of on. still behind bars bail was set higher for dismissing by standard concerns during the george floyd situation in manila the defendant's lawyers they filed a motion to the judge to have the entire case you know as far as from the beginning to the end to have it. recorded on audio and video but the judge recently turned
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down that motion an order that the defendant's lawyers requested now you also had an update now to the protesters last week wanting to take down the monuments around d.c. in particular that emancipation memorial of abraham lincoln standing over a black slave now last week fences were actually brought up because protesters had vowed to bring the statue down last thursday evening but once police got wind of it they were there right in lincoln park putting francis up protesters added up not meeting thursday they ended up meeting back again friday at 6 pm vowing to take it down but still those fences remain up throughout the weekend you also had u.s. congresswoman for d.c. congresswoman holmes norton she has brought forth legislation monella in order to move that emancipation a morial to a museum you also have the mayor of boston who in his city has the exact same replica of that emancipation loreal he is deciding whether he will take out the statue down in the city of boston for now reporting outside the capital fair and
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fronsac party. and seattle's so-called chop occupied zone broke into chaos after crew members arrived with heavy operating equipment to take down as the crew members were kicked down the trying to carry out demonstrators resisted forcing the construction crew to stop working many demonstrators even laid on top of some of the makeshift structures as a sign that they will refuse to leave and in related news over in kentucky one person was shot dead during a protest there for the officer related killing of briana taylor louisville metro police said officers received reports of shots being fired at the jefferson square park sunday night during demonstrations. a car explodes and mortar shells are fired at a civilian market in afghanistan's helmand province killing $23.00 people goes among the dead are many children and many more injured survivors of that attack with the rush to the stand in hospital as of now the taleban and the afghan army
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are both blaming one another for the attack the army also said 2 taliban fighters were killed in that car bomb. and over to india where that country has just announced banning chinese apps including tic talk this move comes after a deadly clash on its border that resulted in the deaths of some 20 indian soldiers india says it is taking the step to ensure the safety and sovereignty of the country's cyberspace. right switching gears to regina hamm at the sports h.q. would you know we played a little bit longer i guess for and will be to get back into action but for now we have to be oh action which is still pretty fun because it was that fun action in the mid game search for the giants as they hosted these 6 play samsung lions but the beginning of the game was anything other than ideal for the home team top of the 1st line very field or at least rb i think all right field that'll bring home park came in off of 3rd line start scoring one nothing but out of the 3rd to be a little bit different latte bats though come alive 1st baseman lead the hole with
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a 2 run double to left center it will drop in the morning track but that's enough time for giant to score a goal and giants a $21.00 lead bottom up for the giants and if you like him do you extend his team's lead at this r.b.i. single only to center field scoring on chan hall off the 2nd he comes under the tag 3 to one of the 6 lions' left fielder it's a beauty of a 2 run homer the left center field stands that'll score part came in off the 1st lions trail $4.00 to $3.00 but bottom of the 6 giants. with this sacrifice fly to left field and 3rd base runner hill scored. giants with a $5.00 to $3.00 lead later the inning over the same story right fielder of sonny assault with a 2 run home run all 7 the way to the right field stands it is just gone better known dixon machado the giants 73 lead that'll last through the rest of the game and the home team earns a much needed win and manila next hour we have some exciting news about an n.f.l.
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has found a new holdem i can tell you where but he's found a new home after being cut from his team so it's pretty exciting stuff and a pretty surprising landing spot and i think locally people are ready for some baseball here the nats are getting ready to go to practice they are they are the season should be starting around july 24th 25th so it's a little under a month now and they said that they want all the players to come healthy there are very rigid testing structures that will be in place for these players and each will be around announcing the roster some point during this week so we'll find out who we playing and we're just we're just ready they are already we will see you originally and thank you for that and at 3 pm we're coming back with more news it is being called the enron of germany the wire card company which manages online credit and debit card purchases freezes millions of accounts and apparently lost more than $2000000000.00 our own rick sanchez will join us to discuss all that and more coming up in about 30 minutes so that's it for right now keep up with
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everything and question at all times by downloading our brand you brianna portable t.v. there 247 a manila channel see about. join me every supposed to be a little excitement sure and i'll be speaking to get us to the world of politics or business i'm sure business i'll see you there. secret prisons are not usually what comes to mind when thinking about europe however even the most prosperous can be deceived we've been busy roads along the way to view the houses were. preserved was located on the only people had access to the story investigators covered the darkest dealings of the secret services but i mean. the great ignore in.
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