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hello there i'm in illinois and you're watching in western broadcasting marquee america's national news headquarters in washington d.c. we want to welcome our viewers from across the nation and all around the world here are today's top stories 1st an explosive report by the new york times claims that russia paid to kill u.s. troops in afghanistan today that article is getting criticized from all sides a full report straight ahead plus the u.s. now calling for an arms embargo renewal against iran beyond the october deadline while iran then issues in a restaurant or president trump over the killing of their top general hossam soleimani will discuss that then more than $2000000000.00 of the vanished thousands
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of accounts rosen and now questions are being raised about how a german based in tech company do so many even auditors all right it's time to put your news i q. an explosive report in the new york times is receiving responses from the united states all the way to russia with many calling out the publication for quoting alleged intelligence officials but failing to provide any supporting evidence the article quotes an anonymous source is claiming russia paid bounties in afghanistan to kill americans for more on this still developing story let's go to our she is rachel blood and she is joining us live in studio now as rachel what has the official response been from all these various sides or president trump was quick to deny this report and here of course responded on twitter where he called on the new york times to reveal these anonymous sources that they used in. report now he then
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went on to say quote intel just reported to me that they did not find this info credible and therefore did not report it to me or vice president penn's possibly another fabricated russia hoax now a spokesperson for russian president putin also spoke out he denied the report and he called the credibility of the new york times into question noting that they have published a number of false report specifically about russia and recent years tickle us no one else he said. these elevations that russian security services paid the taliban to attack the americans are alive secondly the special services in the us remain to be accountable to the president i suggest focusing on president trump appropriate statement who has already assessed these publications. now in the article the times actually admitted that even the taliban the group that was supposed to have been carrying out these attacks has denied the allegations altogether and called them baseless so what were these specific claims made by the
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new york times well in the article of the times claimed that the united states had proof that they've had since early as january that russia was paying taliban linked fighters to target u.s. coalition forces and that they had killed at least one american now when we take a look at the sources that they used in this article we find that they start by claiming the report is based on conversations with anonymous american intelligence officials they say those officials made their intelligence assessment based on interrogations of captured afghan militants which means they were under duress when they were allegedly claim that the attacks were carried out by taliban linked militants now their report goes on to claim that russia was targeting u.s. forces in 2019 during peace talks between washington and the taliban to try to stir up more chaos in the region and to keep them from achieving peace but if we look back we find that russia was also actively pushing for peace and it hosted talks with the delegates from both the taliban and the afghan government in ma. galland
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may 29th seen now during those talks russian foreign minister sergei lavrov called for a total poll out of foreign forces from afghanistan and he said russia is convinced that there is no military solution and that the only way to achieve peace is by political and diplomatic means so we have yet to see any evidence here that russia was the one trying to keep the war in afghanistan going it actually looks like it was the opposite but we also have to remember that at the time when this report claims that the acts happen that was when the united states had ramped up its bombing campaigns in afghanistan to levels 6 that we hadn't seen in a decade and it was also when the u.s. was killing more civilians in afghanistan than the taliban and now rachel with all of these moving parts what's next in this war even though we have an article that has been widely criticized from all sides it seems like here that hasn't stopped minority leader and democratic senator chuck schumer from calling out and saying that he wants the united states to have even stronger sanctions against russia as
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a result of this and that also hasn't stopped republicans from the house foreign affairs committee from saying that they think president trump should try to ramp up against russia because of what they call his shadow war so even though we're seeing a widely discredited report it doesn't look like those claims are going to be going anywhere anytime soon all right rachel levin thank you for that update thank you. now earlier i was joined by former u.k. m.p. george galloway and former wall street journal correspondent now editor at consortium news joe lauria to talk about this new york times story i started out by asking them what's at stake here considering that the trumpet ministration is trying to negotiate a peace deal with the taliban here's what they had to say. is once again on the talk for. us wars are all the big good new ones. in his recent joe. the. are on the side of the
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security in trying to keep these wars going this is another hole it's a russia gate hopes mark 2 is as absurd as the previous one and i'm going to tell you i've got to admit i'm sure. i can remember when a big power our roads giving bondy's to the taliban or at least their fathers their older brothers but that was not russia but the united states throughout the 19 eighties and the victims of the taliban or their fathers and brothers time well russians so this is not just on drew it is the very reverse of true it's what psychologists call projection projecting onto someone else what you yourself have done joe your thoughts on this. but there's a lot at stake here from the point of view of journalism of sources what you can
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call it this is one more example of u.s. intelligence laundering this information to a supposedly credible sources like the new york times and other big media they no journalists live for scoops they can easily play one off against the other and corporate puerto seem to have the belief still and respect for intelligence triggers despite all the. bad roads they've been led down for example the invasion of iraq being the big push russia gave you know in russia get miller said there was no collusion and sean and i read that a crowd strike said there was no hack and the internet research agency case was dropped is nothing left of the russia gate story which is why maybe we're seeing this being brought now to the fore because what does this do this human eyes is russia part of the game all along and it hurts trump in the long election campaign and i'm not a defender of trump show but this is intelligence agencies again meddling in domestic politics and this is much more dangerous. and even a short term or even
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a charm donald trump because as george's point out as you reported there is no proof of this whatsoever but that did not stop reporters along to get themselves in front of everyone is having some but we've seen a played out so many times before and i'll add this if this was so urgent that i wanted a national security council u.s. enlarged why didn't you know hospital her deputy demanded all the office meeting with donald trump attribute got to do something about this right because rebel got you used to give the briefing to bush and reagan bush h.w. bush and reagan said that this told us would never would have made it is briefs to bush or 8 or reagan absolutely a lot of good points there joe now george why would the intelligence services and congressional leaders i mean i think i have an idea about why but why would they want to continue this a long long war that has cost the american taxpayer $975000000000.00 plus dollars it has led to the deaths of over $31000.00 civilians on the ground over 2300
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american service members have been killed and some 20000 others have been wounded i mean how does this threaten the work i've been teligent agency is you know this sort of reporting. well a lot of people have made a lot of money out of the trillion dollars manila the budget the levels in the security services in the military are dependent upon the breeding never ending wars it's good business unless you are one of the poor bloody infantry a front line usually the people that get killed or maimed or psychologically damaged in these wars so it's partly that it's partly the new york on mug of encouraging us governments to be involved in military actions of dr bridge and all over the world however badly they do arm out yeah and as. john was just
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pointing out that you would think a lesson had been learned from the the 20 year war in afghanistan is scheduled to end with not a single achievement to its credit just a lot of ways to live the lives as did the iraq invasion and occupation which happened on the same time we've now been at war for almost 20 years and to a trumps credit is the only thing i can say to his credit he said that he wanted to get out of these wars and the other side and their friends in the media have tried to keep these wars going but what russia. keep putting up enemies but the united states and want to compare what about that stand with that they may when we were just shy of a trillion dollars wasted in afghanistan what is the american media specifically in this case the new york times what is their role in these ongoing wars.
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that because it came directly from the cia people might not believe it but 60 long detour the new york times in the new york times mainstream media as an establishment media that is to take and defending and extending the interest on the little shrimp particularly their foreign agenda state reporting on international stares from the point of view of a neutral observer and showing a complex or because of the conflict in the drama and america just being another player there pushing an agenda and part of that by the way as george was saying years it adds trump lots of pull troops. out of germany. the start or to go or not be on a use of all these things real power in the united states the one wishing operating under cover of the new york times does not want to see the imperial interests and gender of the u.s. should be meddled with by anyone including someone in the white house this is what their problem has been with this guy should. not that he's
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a racist or that he's he's arbel chima grants or he's mishandled this pandemic but that he's meddling with their imperial international project and the guy data trying to cure was elected after it's elected and now he's about to go up for reelection. in was planted in my view absolutely hurting him because the real import of the story was he knew about a march and he hasn't done anything that's what this war is all about and gentlemen in a related matter u.s. envoy ryan hookey is calling for iran's 1 arms embargo renewal and then a couple hours later iran issued an arrest warrant for president trump along with 30 others for the killing of their top general counsel in money you know in that drone strike in january 3rd so real quickly george how damaging is this embargo tehran's economy and do you think it's feasible this arrest warrant. well nobody would who's giving arms to iran will stop doing so because of this move
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and in any case it seems that iran has a perfectly capable military industrial complex of its own so it will make any impact on the us through the interpol water although donald trump is exempt as the head of state and probably won't travel much once he leaves office doesn't seem to go anywhere except the golf course in florida other people on the list may 1 day be vulnerable to an interpol arrest because this was a very considerable crime that was committed against general sort of money and there are many jurisdictions in the world who feel about weight and so it could be significant some years down the line all right joe i'll give you the last word on all this. well just on that interpol of the gusher a headline that they've already rejected that i mean the international criminal court interpol international law enforcement agencies or judicial bodies. to carve
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out a place surely americans and other westerners in other words they won't stand before them there are so many people in the us particularly bush and the nation of iraq for example this was the crime of aggression the worst crime there and work said they had them show up in the i.c.c. and i don't suggest that iran is going to work even though they should try because there was a crime committed once the money was killed all right we'll leave it right there george galloway joe lauria thank you both for your time today. and it is being called the enron of germany a company which manages online credit and debit card purchases raises millions of accounts and loses $2000000000.00 we're going to discuss that next with our friend rick sanchez and remember to keep up with the latest news and anything you might have missed make sure you download our brand new free app portable t.v. you can catch it there 24 seventh's catch me back here in just to.
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hold the feed we go through. every the world experience. and you'll get it on the your world. according to just. look at the world coming from iraq. and seeing the horrors that arise with money and evil. corporate criminals who trashed countless lives there just. one more dollar to their millions. they threaten they bribe they'll do anything to keep their crimes in the door when the people they've heard are demanding justice their stories need to be told on
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america's lawyer. oh yeah. a list should. take a bite. we go to work some straight home. camp the corporate parasites in power today might think they're just troll will
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continue forever whether they're right or wrong we have to keep fighting question. i. mean infamous picture taken almost a month ago president trump and some of his members of cabinet standing in front of st john's church across the street from the white house less than a week after the death of george floyd but it was the moment before the photo op that has been called into question reports of pepper balls and rubber bullets fired on peaceful protesters are to project is joining us now with more on the witnesses of that june 1st clash there testifying before congress there and what's going on in. the middle of so the big question today at this hearing wasn't whether or not that the government had the right to clear the area in front of st john's church because that is government property rather the big question was was it lawful for
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the government to do that and that question is actually still up for debate now this happened about 3 weeks ago in my photographer and i were there moments before those canisters and rubber bullets were fired after the hearing to the air excuse me at the hearing 2 witnesses accuse john mcdonald one of the peaceful protesters and a 1000000 brace a u.s. correspondent for 7 news australia well they gave their testimony to the committee in particular brace detailing when she and her tiger her were attacked during those initial moments when police started charging at protesters to push them back well here's her testimony of what the u.s. park police did that day. as i began reporting live the line of police suddenly and without warning began charging forward at a sprinting pace knocking protest is to the ground a pot police officer who was passing us sculpt turned towards team and ram team in the chest and stomach with the edge of his right shield causing team to keel over and drop down the officer then took a step back
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a whole bunch she's hand directly into the front of team's camera grabbing the lens as these half inch team and i would urge repeatedly show. asking the wood media a 2nd officer to into the giving us the opportunity to move as i was running away a 3rd officer pushed through the group going out of his way to strike me with a truncheon. a lot of times moment that day manila but you also had george washington university law professor jonathan turley he testified again whether what the u.s. park police did was lawful now in order for the park police to advance among those on those protesters they actually had to by law they have to give 3 warnings now jonathan turley called through this investigation and here's what he had to say about it. it does appear that 3 warnings were given but that is based on the government's account and once again it is an issue for you to look at it also does appear that protesters could remove themselves because they were encircled however
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if you look at these films there was a very rapid approach of the line to the primitive line which is beyond the sense line that line was brought back to the center line leader then rapid pushing forward is something that is a legitimate question for this committee to ask. and the committee will continue to ask it turley went on to say that whether or not tear gas and pepper spray were used that's not important since the government does have the right again to clear the park but whether it was lawful again that's what this congressional committee is investigating now again these protests are in the wake of the death of george floyd they were happening more than a month ago now and monday morning those who are officers involved appeared in front of a judge the 3 officers kang lane and charged with aiding and abetting in 2nd degree murder and officer sean charged with 2nd degree murder now officers and lane who both posted bond and were released argue that they had been on the job for just 2 days and their lawyers argue that the 2 rookies were taking orders from the 19 year
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veteran. they are still behind bars bail was set higher for dismissing biased. concerns at the moment of word george floyd was killed now manila the defendant's lawyers filed a motion actually to have the judge. have all court appearances from the time the trial starts to it and to have the audio and video recorded while the judge actually struck down that motion from the defendant's lawyers and he did night again their lawyers request now you do also have an update to what we saw last week when i was live at the emancipation memorial last week where protesters were calling for that statue to be struck down actually protesters that they were going to be there last thursday evening to take down the statue that you're going to be seeing here abraham lincoln standing above a black slave them saying that that statue represents that the black man will always be below the white man now you had once police got word that they were going to be there thursday night they were quick to go in and put up fences and those
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stayed up all week and you also now have a u.s. congresswoman for d.c. congresswoman holmes norton she has brought forth legislation to move the emancipation memorial from lincoln park here in d.c. to a museum you also have the mayor of boston who has the exact same replica that emancipation morial in boston he is now considering taking not taking that monument down and also putting it in a museum as well reporting outside the capitol there and fronsac. and german fin tech company wire card is under fire today and some $2100000000.00 u.s. dollars seem to have vanished from the company's books for those here in the u.s. wire card is similar to the popular vento app which users can transfer funds back and forth or comparable to twitter founder jack dorsey square used to process vendor sales now wire cards users in the u.k. found their accounts frozen unable to access their money and now the financial conduct authority is jumping in so here to fill us in on all the details host of
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news with rick sanchez rick sanchez all right rick what is going on over there in the u k. well know this is germany that we're talking about germany is a disaster right now germany is a financial disaster let me take you through some of these companies and i'm you've done these stories i know you have. a bank disaster. we did the story last week disaster volkswagen. literally at the barest went all over the world with what they tried to pull off and now wire card another german company that's in the midst of a huge scandal and this one goes something like this. where's $2000000000.00 where is it it's disappeared can you imagine a company not being able to account for $2000000000.00 off its financial statement like one day they just saying sorry we just we just don't know where it is so
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essentially they've declared themselves now insolvent they owe their creditors $4000000000.00 nobody seems to know this coming people all over the world have been investing in this company i think its stock was up now i know its stock was up about $140.00 now it's around between $1.00 and $3.00 people have lost their backsides as a result of what's going on many people are really angry there's a lawsuit that's coming but this really comes down to do things right corporate governance what was going on with the corporation it's like if manila you want to have a company and somebody comes in saying hey how's that mcmillen rick company doing and we're saying oh we're awesome our revenues are off the charts we're doing great and then somebody says can i think a look at your financial statement and when they go in there they find that we've got buffett we're broke that's essentially what's going on with this with this company they owe their creditors 4000000000 their stock is down 98 percent but here's the other part of it because governance is what you're supposed to do right when you run a company then there's industry regulation right so the german government is
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supposed to have a regulatory system that watches out for people to make sure that people like this by the way the c.e.o. has already been put in jail the c.e.o. wired. card they're supposed to look out for people like this will what will they do with apparently nothing because this is being called as you said the enron of europe. they were busted not by government officials regulators but by the financial times a newspaper that was being called even in german circles news for doing this story turns out they had it right all along and if somebody would have listened to him they probably would have saved some people millions of dollars well remember the reason i brought up the u.k. was because a lot of the users are and business owners that use wire card our kate so they're literally up in the air especially with on the heels of kovac right they're reopening their businesses and now this happens to them rick so a lot of people are obviously very upset there this is you know trans continental i
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think it goes all over the place but what they're saying is that this is going to cause a lot of distrust in fin tat i mean do you think we'll see a ripple effects here like with our van mo. well you know it does make you wonder right because what do these companies do they're the go between so when you were go online and unfortunately in this case a lot of it was adult sites and gambling well they didn't just do that they did other stuff but you know when i go online and we order i don't know something from wal-mart or something right and when we fill it out we put in our credit card and then they take the credit card this company is responsible for being the go between between the brand or the product that you're buying the bank that you're using that's associated with your get a card and then of course it's making sure that you get it from the back it's like an online that's hard oh beg. exactly that's what their debts what they're saying they were doing so how do you know where the money is you know it's that's probably
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one of the problems that we're facing today not just with this company that's why your point is such a good one. it's opaque so when they look at their own i say well how do you make your money they go trust me we've got so much money because we've got to deal with this but i got this bank of that back and it's all of that's grow and we've got about 1000000000 here and 1000000000 there they don't have the certainly have to show it and that's the problem here that it may be too difficult to find out what they actually have or i don't and again let's make sure it doesn't happen again and again rick it's another case proof in the putting that technology has way too many steps ahead of the law so we'll see how this unfolds rick sanchez thank you so much for bringing that to our attention. sure. all right coming up at 5 pm more news for you almost $17000.00 black lives matter demonstrators were apparently being trapped by a tech company without their knowledge plus an incorrect facial recognition match led to the wrongful arrest because the technology can't really tell black people
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apart we're going to discuss all that more coming up at 5 but that's it for right now make sure you download our brand new free at portable t.v. catch me back here at 5 in the military. we go to work. straight home. secrets prisons and usually what comes to mind when thinking about your. even the most prosperous can be deceived within this 0 zone there were too few houses were allowed to leave prison was located and the only people had access to the story for
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investigators she covered the darkest dealings of the secret services but i mean. the great of nor. for. crying for justice. what is the meaning in worth of history why are there are those so determined to destroy cultural artifacts and rewrite history and sell their understanding of history a true and dispassionate understanding of history is really about 2 things reverence and a warning the culture side we are witnessing rejects the idea it's. i've
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just turned. 20. 1. come along for. the world according to cheshire. today we discuss why the troops are leaving afghanistan. extremism in america and the challenges of only no small business in the age of the co-wrote of virus. the war. machine i am busy to santos for our top story today the u.s. has delivered a portion of its feb peace deal with the taliban by cutting troops to 8600 from 12000 previously the trumpet ministration says it could withdraw all forces from the country by next may if the taliban meets all requirements of the deal including
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