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so that's why we're going to drill down on this story for you today right here on the news with shows where you know as we always like to say we do believe. bugger all you strive to do news are down. there on the military and you're watching in question broadcasting from our to america's national news headquarters in washington d.c. we want to welcome our viewers from across the nation and all around the world here tonight top stories 1st coated 19 cases continue to jump across the nation with dramatic rises in texas and florida they're seeing massive increases in prompting both states now to reinstate some restrictions we'll get the latest in a live report and then almost $17000.00 lives a matter demonstrators were apparently being tracked by a tech company without their knowledge full report next that
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a black man is wrongfully arrested all because facial recognition technology got it wrong we're going to discuss it's time to move i. 19 numbers worldwide cases now topping 10100000 and 502000 reported deaths the top 3 countries with the most confirmed cases the u. west still leading the way followed by brazil with more than a 1000000 cases there and russia and right here in the u.s. some 2500000 cases with about 125000 reported deaths now since reopening texas and florida are 2 of the states seeing massive increases in code cases with florida getting hit hard with record coated cases since reopening in june and miami dade county has become the epicenter of the pandemic in the sunshine state so much so the beaches there are being closed for the 4th of. holiday i think john honey is
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live in miami with the latest on the skyrocketing cases in florida and texas john just how bad is it there. well manila you know look at a look at the numbers right now and it's really dizzying because they're constantly changing and seemingly by the hour and certainly every day as every day is bringing or for the most part record numbers here in the state of florida the florida department of health to bring you up to speed is confirming now as i'm looking at the numbers here 540-5409 new cases just today and that's just literally coming in i just updated this about 10 minutes ago so these numbers are very new so 5400 new cases of coven 1000 today in the state bringing the state's total 214-6003 141 and look that number may be even higher at this point so we're waiting for these numbers to continue refreshing but of those new cases 1508 were here in miami dade
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county where there are now more than 35000 confirmed 1000 cases now florida set a daily record with kovan cases on friday with more than 9500 that day alone and as i reported friday the demographic with the most infections according to the state remains the 24 to 35 year old age group of florida governor rhonda santas broke down the numbers let's take a listen are median age of new case began in the sixty's in march for most of the pandemic in april and may was in the low fifty's so half the cases run to 50 half the cases were over 50 now this week russell last 10 days probably it's been between like $33.36 for the median age half the cases are in their early thirty's or below and and then of the ones that are over that there's a huge bulk of them in their late thirty's and in their forty's. so it's been
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a real significant shift in terms of who's testing who's testing positive and who's testing positive at the higher rates. and all that said to said this is coming under fire for according to his critics not doing enough sooner state wide to really slow the spread of the virus by an acting among other things more measures to do that and also allowing beaches to reopen you probably remember this back in april well now face would be escalating cases miami fort lauderdale and possibly even palm beach counties will be closing beaches miami dade county broward county palm beach county will be closing beaches from friday july 3rd through the 7th meanwhile in texas governor greg abbott has warned that the virus has taken a quote swift and dangerous turn there issuing an executive order centrally rolling back some of the states reopening texas was also one of the states he recalled that started reopening early despite ongoing warnings that the virus was still in the 1st wave will now the daily average of coven $1000.00 cases in the state has jumped
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from 2000 to more than 5000 cases daily and the spike has resulted in more restrictions on businesses particular bar particularly bars and restaurants but now bars being shut down again statewide restaurants were also ordered to go back to a 50 percent limited capacity that's down from 75 percent and with all that happening the texas bar alliance is reportedly now planning to sue the state of texas over the new closures back here in miami the city has required all residents and basically anyone going out in public to wear facial coverings i haven't heard of you know city or county why ticketing going on but supposedly supposedly police are. will be warning people 1st warning 1st time get a warning 2nd when you get a ticket and then 3rd you have to appear in court but i have not heard of any widespread ticketing going on and likewise you must wear a mask in any of the malls or businesses at this point manilla a lot of people. or that hearing to the regulations and hearing to you know to to
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the rules at this point as far as facial coverings but over the weekend i'll tell you there were a lot of boats on biscayne bay a lot of parties going on and the sand bars off the coast were certainly packed with a lot of with a lot of people along with the restaurants manila back to john hardy thank you so much. 8 controversial study is raising privacy concerns and american analytics company tracked nearly $17000.00 demonstrators in a few major u.s. cities without their knowledge and while the study has fallen under some scrutiny the data suggests that the vast majority of black lives matter protesters were not only white but were also protesting with their own within their own cities contradicting claims made by white house officials are to use trinity chavez reports but 1st we want to warn you that some of the video you're about to see might be disturbing today racial injustice and police brutality protests continue
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to sweep the nation but now the new concerns over many of the demonstrators privacy this new data suggest that a tech company has been tracking nearly $17000.00 of those demonstrators without their knowledge just days after the death of george floyd. thousands took to the streets around the country marching chanting and grieving the death of the unarmed black man killed in police custody. but while many assumed anonymity in the crowd little did they know a tech company called mobile wallah was using the location data from their cell phones to predict their race age gender and even where they live so many black laws would be lost at the hands of police at the hands of people who have no right to be doing this to be true in this way according to a published report the data shows mobile wall used the location data from mobile phones of people who participated in the demonstrations in atlanta los angeles many at. lists and new york to produce
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a demographic report of the demonstrators i'm angry but i'm on the side most cops think they were picked to go to jail the data broker company headquartered in new york city collected the data from 16900 into mobile phones from may 29th to may 31st the breakdown includes 866 devices in atlanta 4500 in los angeles 2300 in minneapolis and more than $8000.00 in new york city without any of the users aware of it so called day data was collected during non curfew hours and the night data during the curfew hours specifically set to each city the results out of the thousands of protesters who attended the demonstrations of the ones who were trapped most were caucasian i wanted to be a part of something bigger and just to show that i support the black community and all the black people in this not even in just this town in this country and i want to fight for justice the data also shows that most protesters in each city each day
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came from within an approximate 100 mile radius with atlanta having the highest percentage of protest attendees from outside the city the report also found there was more male demonstrators and also g.'s but los angeles had a much higher percentage of female participants during the day versus other cities and according to the data out of the nearly 17000 demonstrators who took part in these protests 8 out of 10 of them were white and here in new york city only about 10 percent of the black lives matter protesters were from out of town contradicting president trump's claims that it was quote outside agitators who were the ones looting and violence reporting the work tradition of us are to. be use of facial recognition technology has long been a point of contention for the a.c.l.u. who is now filing a formal complaint against detroit p.d. after they arrested the wrong man wanted for robbery and shy. uplifting after using
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their facial recognition software the man robert williams an african-american had his face wrongfully matched to the store surveillance footage and is the 1st known case of mistaken identity for this type of technology though williams as case is being dropped without prejudice his story speaks to the failure rate of this software so joining us to weigh in investigative journalist and co-host of boom bust ben swan. we knew this was going to happen you and i we have discussed this for years on r t and now it has happened so summarize for us what happened to mr williams and what detroit p.d. plans on doing going forward. yes it's very interesting because just you're absolutely right you and i have talked about this for a long time and the false positives that come up through facial recognition technology but specifically in this case here's what happened so you had a store a retail store that was robbed and 5 watches were stolen from about $4000.00 worth
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of watches so police when they did not have any witnesses they didn't have anything to go on in terms of like physical evidence but they did have surveillance video in the store grainy surveillance video and they took a look at that and then they ran that surveillance video through facial recognition software that is used to the michigan state crime lab and essentially they got back positive match which was this man mr williams they went they arrested him he was held for 30 hours he was alternately charged with this crime and then those charges were finally dismissed but what's significant about this according to the a.c.l.u. is that this is the 1st time that we can say there is been someone who has been arrested soley on facial recognition technology being used to find the suspect because in many cases you would have other things that would lead you to this person eyewitnesses other things that might indicate that the vehicle that they were in you know a license plate something else that would connect them in this case middle of there was nothing else and completely you know detroit p.d.
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blew it now and then i mean mr williams was arrested in his driveway in front of head of wife and from all children his kids cannot unfair that band and given the spotlight on police brutality right now i mean this really could have taken a turn for the worse thankfully it didn't but given the 100 times failure rate on black faces at this technology have could the prolonged or continued use of this technology really increase the risk to african-americans. well absolutely it could look as you and i have talked about essentially the way these cameras work is that you're going to get false positives on one of 2 groups is not necessarily black people it's either dark skinned or dark pigmentation for people or light the cameras have to be essentially calibrated for one of those 2 groups so if you are specifically targeting black people then you would calibrate it for black people but if you say well we don't want to we don't want to target black people so you
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calibrate the cameras so you don't get those false positives with that community then light skinned people and that could be people who are hispanic or light skinned african-americans or white people any one of those groups asian americans as well it would then calibrate incorrectly there so essentially the technology doesn't work and in riyadh chief james craig who is the chief of the detroit police says that if you win by just facial recognition matches that that the company they use has a 96 percent failure rate 96 percent failure rate why are you even using the term not in the 1st place i don't know i really can't think of any i'm laughing but i mean this is a tragic story that really i think i can't think of any other product out there if it had a 90 thick percent failure rate i mean who would buy that product like if you bought a new black you know right and it said well you know it doesn't pick up 96 percent of the stuff on your floor but by this vacuum anyway well or you or you could also apply it to hospitals for instance if you with into
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a hospital in your doctor said we're going to perform a surgery on you and there's a 96 percent failure rate if i use that machine with. the machine i don't want this i don't i don't want to do this now we already know i mean for example at amazon they're saying there are halting fails and distribution of their facial recognition software i mean i can only imagine that other big tech companies are going to follow suit especially in light of this but now a couple of high profile lawmakers senator. ed markey and congresswoman iona presley both from massachusetts are are pushing for a federal ban on governmental use of the staff and nothing about you know private or or local but governmental you're right boston the city of boston has already killed the use of this do you foresee to be death of this sort of technology and surveillance altogether i think we could see it remember i.b.m. was another company that recently the c.e.o. came out and said that they were going to completely into their facial recognition
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program because he didn't like the way it was being used it said to me that right now this is all coming up because we do have this push in the in the black lives matter movement and so a lot of companies are doing this for p.r. purposes and what frustrates me about that is that clearly jeff bezos and amazon did not do this when it was clear the technology didn't work but when the public wasn't paying attention to it because he had employees who were standing up and say that there were journalists like you with me say amazon's technology does not work it should not be use but when public sentiment on other issues comes up now amazon just doesn't want to look bad so they'll say well maybe we will do this but it's not out of the core conviction that their technology did not work it's not out of the core conviction that a lot of these politicians have the who say we should ban this it comes out of a right now the momentum and public opinion isn't with them so they're not for it instead of saying i was in for this from the beginning because it was wrong from
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the beginning it was faulty or you know who cares about imperence all of the data then empirical data whatever leave it. my friend thank you so much for weighing in on all of this. you got it thanks. right and there is a call for change nationwide every name buildings change flags from the statues were discussed all of that with our friend larry king and then later in sports regina hamm has the latest on camera. n.f.l. squad and remember to keep up with all. the latest news and anything you might have missed make sure you download our brand new free app called portable t.v. it's right there one back in 2. i like it when the hosts ask a question for the guests and then actually listens to the guests answer and then
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react to that answer a folks dennis miller here i've got a new show. on the larry king question listening learning you know i've always said i never learned anything when i was talking it's important to listen. questioning more. i've seen the horrors that arise when money and evil. corporate criminals who trains countless lives to add just one more dollar to their billions. they threaten they bribe they'll do anything to keep their crimes in the door but the people they've heard are demanding justice their stories need to be told on america's
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mississippi has voted to remove the confederate symbol from their state flag as the movement has ushered in the reexamination of cultural fixtures across the u.s. now part of that also including the renaming of the woodrow wilson building and school at his alma mater princeton university now america's 28th president a democrat had served as the university's president prior to his political rise but now students are demanding the name change after transcripts of his calls for the resegregation of civil service federal jobs and it doesn't stop there out in orange county california calls for john wayne airport to be renamed after old t.v. interviews of the duke's therapist where he alluded to white supremacy ideology so joining us to discuss these very hot topics host politicking our friend larry king larry over in mississippi the state has just passed the motion to remove that
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confederate symbol from their flag i mean what they'll replace it with i'm not sure but this is probably a pretty popular move right now isn't it. you have the last state to have anything to do with racism in their flag and it's good to see it the woodrow wilson being renamed the princeton ahman favor that woodrow wilson well a lot of virtues as a president was a bowed segregationist i mean terrible wars always terrible john wayne if you go who's a member of the john birch society if you go back and look at his playboy interview when he wasn't sure if negroes were already there join a higher class of race i mean these things should be renamed as for very strong opinion on that as a southern general in that i think they were traitors. they marched against their country started the civil war left the country will move themselves i thought i
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don't think they deserve an of statues washington lincoln at all be a little lincoln of course obviously but washington jefferson while they had some minuses had a lot more pluses so i think we have to do it on an individual basis but with the woodrow wilson thing i agree with really area here what we're going to lunch well i mean i won't with the so-called council culture more more broadly right and it's from the left leaning groups they're obviously angry about woodrow wilson who was a democrat we should remind people that you know he called for the resegregation of federal workers and civil workers but i mean a couple of the things that he has done like you said i mean some people should be a case by case basis he. he let's say he moved to give women the right to vote let's start there he pushed congress on that during his 2nd term he kept the u.s. out of world war one for the bulk of it during his 1st term and then when the u.s.
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did enter obviously help the allies when it wilson moved to to as we said give women the right to vote he moved for the 8 hour work day he pushed against child labor he spoke up against prohibition which is kind of interesting as a side note but i mean should those contributions be canceled because he floated out one bad idea you know they're not cancel. them all however. what is now in delhi good terms of race relations in america woodrow wilson certainly does and said to have a building at princeton named after him he could go down to you list of all the great things about him as president fine but that one. no pun intended black mark will forever stand against him and is therefore as hard if you're a minority student of princeton to accept going into the woodrow wilson building
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it's just it's an effort to me but look i get i understand the disagreements on the stand the arguments but i come down on the side of a good and down on the side of the 2020 we've come a long way we still have a ways to go so yeah that's my thought woodrow wilson by the way just occurred to me he was also the 1st us president to appoint a jewish american to the supreme court i can't remember the justices name but he was already practiced that's it there you go you got a letter he was the 1st one to move to appoint a jewish american and then on the on the similar note with john wayne what the airport in orange county i mean we have airports i say we because i'm an l.a. native but we have airports like like bob hope in burbank you know there are good local alternatives for those flying in and out of l.a. the duke was a long time resident of orange county he has a museum there he obviously was the most famous name in western films all of that
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was done there in southern california he said some really ugly things in the late sixty's and seventy's. does that really warrant the rwa warning or him by naming a major airport after him also after all those things he said i like john wayne i like his will be but i didn't like a lot of the way he thought in his statements about american indians who well we had a we had expand so we had to push you out was. absurd to be so a coup that's what makes a politics that's what makes horse racing we could have a difference of opinion and woodrow wilson also brought us into the league of nations which sadly the senate rejected yes i thought wilson was a great president but as a human being left much to be desired in my opinion all i mean we could contrast him to the man that's in the oval office now but that's for another day larry as always for a share your insight thought all over thank you so much larry king thank you.
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and other headlines elsewhere around the world a car explode and mortar shells are fired at civilians in a market in afghanistan's helmand province killing 23 among the dead children and a lot more people injured survivors of that attack immediately rushed to the saying in hospital as of now the taliban and the afghan army are blaming one another the army also said 2 taliban fighters were killed in a car bomb. and over in russia they say intercepted a u.s. spy planes flying toward their borders footage released by the russian defense ministry shows what they say are scenes of an interception over a neutral waters of 3 u.s. planes that were flying over the black sea the ministry said it deployed and su 30 fighter plane on friday that approached the u.s. planes quote at a safe distance after which the u.s. planes reportedly changed course away from russia's border. all right let's switch
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gears to regina hamm of the sports h.q. regina there is an n.f.l. team that was looking to add a new quarterback to their roster and they got one it was a very surprising move and it's going to be light scam and action for the new england patriots after the loss of tom brady to the tampa bay buccaneers but now they have a shot for a new leader in the pocket with the signing of quarterback cam newton the former n.f.l. m.v.p. agreed to a one year deal with the patriots as a replacement for brady newton was released by the carolina panthers in march after an injury riddled $2900.00 season where he underwent surgery 31 year old can make up to $75000000.00 in incentives but the rest of the deal is reportedly with league minimum snoot and hasn't been 100 percent healthy for a regular season snaps is 28 but many do think cam could be a fit under the system of head coach bill belichick the quarterback heyday came when he won the n.f.l. m.v.p. award 2015 when he threw a career high $35.00 touchdown passes while leading the panthers to a 15 and won a record and a trip to the super bowl but the news. new signing coincides with the news that the
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patriots have been fined $1100000.00 by the n.f.l. as well as a waltz of a 3rd pound draft pick in the 2021 draft the new england patriots also not be allowed to have television crews film games during the season this all comes as a result of their sideline filming during a december 8th game between the cincinnati bengals and the cleveland browns manila that news seems to be overshadowed there is what we call in sports the barry and that was definitely burying the lead under the cam newton news you know and well so what are weird punishment you can't film it's a very strange punishment but you know it's a patriots well you know they probably had it coming probably all right we thank you so much for that regina and you don't go anywhere we will be back at 7 pm with a lot more news for you boeing already relaunching test flights of their embattled 737 max jets and unilever looks to rebranded its skin whitening products given controversies over what their product means for those who are not white or to talk
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about that all right that's it for now make sure you download the portable t.v. app i'm going to a chance to back up 7. but
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a quick history lesson in economics you know people talk about socialism what is socialism is this idea that labor has value and that people want to take part and the means of production. starting in the 1980 s. that became obsolete because all wealth was tied to money printing today in 2020 so that would be 40 years later and this phenomenon 1st so-called activists and labor rights activists and workers are getting out that the problem is not about the means of production the problem is the money printers and they're taking.
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a lot from rhode island where i live lots of us are still working at home as we try to starve the virus zoom is the new conference room and one convention after another has been cancelled in january you saw our report from the massive mind boggling consumer electronics show unfabulous a las vegas might be the biggest perennial trade show in the world and each year some $150000.00 of us from all over the world can make even the sprawling las vegas convention center seem crowded germs travel there from everywhere and some years i've come home with a cold even after collecting all the little logo to hand sanitizer bottles the exhibitors hand out so we were surprised to learn that c e s 2021 will happen in january the consumer tech now.


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