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thoughts. around issues in the arrest warrant for donald trump over the killing of the country's top general in january also this tuesday morning from moscow. america's inflame down to racism rallies we look at the deadly violence still underpinning many of the marches there is locals draw guns on protesting neighbors and distressing video emerges of police charging crabs. how to handle the horrors of history as controversial statues of toppled and defaced worldwide as germany to properly preserving the past a report coming up. sealing off the entire city in central england strict
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code it measures a roof or snow in less than a spike is accounted for 10 percent of the whole country weekly new infections. morning 9 am here in moscow this 30th of june my name's kevin owen here at the artsy world new center with the half hour update for you thanks for your company then so 1st that news that around this issue didn't arrest warrant for u.s. president donald trump over the drone killing of the country's powerful top general in january so iran wants interpol now to help detain trump but the international police cooperation body as it is rejected the request saying it's brief precludes it from intervening in cases of a political nature from $35.00 others are being sought over murder and terrorism charges over the death of their money who was in charge of the revolutionary guards and it could force the senior iranian judge says iran would continue to pursue
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trump's prosecution to after his presidency ends. what i think we believe that in this circumstance is the president of the united states ought to be removed from office it would be possible to pursued him like other individuals and citizens because this is not a political or ethnic issues but a crime with a main charge of murder this has nothing to do with national security international peace or promoting stability we see it for what it is it's a propaganda stunt that no one takes seriously and makes the iranians look foolish well trump out openly bragged about ordering the assassination of the reigning commander who was widely revered locally in washington said the killing was justified because selling money presented an imminent threat to american lives to run considers it though an act of state terrorism is designated the us army and the pentagon as terrorist organizations during the escalation in january tensions were
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so high that it brought the 2 countries 9 to the brink of war. salim 80 has been perpetrating acts of terror to destabilize the middle east for the last 20 years what the united states did yesterday should have been done long ago we took action less like just stop a war. we did not take action to start a war. with.
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all those who ordered this as well as the perpetrators of this crime the killing of general kasim saw the money go with the pentagon and their military are counted as terrorists. so a dramatic statement from around what's actually going to happen here on a practical level let's get the thoughts of academic and political analysts professor marandi often a guest on the show from to run university good morning yeah i think you can i would have known all along that interpol won't get involved here they don't get involved in politics as they say so what are you hoping to achieve here that. while the iranians are obviously knew that but this is a symbolic gesture of the regime in washington whether it's under trump or previous
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presidents they are constantly declaring leaders of other countries as outlaws. there whichever country opposes us policy is sanction. we see the americans trying to destroy the lebanese government and its economy now we're seeing them trying to starve the syrians as we speak we see the americans helping the saudis destroy yemen the maximum pressure campaign is may is carried out in order to make you suffer and the same is true with venezuela cuba it's a really brutal regime and the timing now it is 6 months since the killing of sort of money what's brought this to the fore right now they're the catalyst. well part of it is symbolic but also the iranians want to symbolically reverse the tables where the iranians declare officially that the leader of the united states is
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a war criminal which he is remember general so the money went to iraq at the invitation of the iraqi prime minister he sent this a couple of days later in parliament the iraqi prime minister he said that general zinni money was there to meet me you supposed me either that morning. to discuss an initiative to decrease tensions tensions between iran and saudi arabia the saudis had sent a letter to the iraqi prime minister and they were going to discuss that. so and the americans of course provided no evidence that he was going to carry out any attack he was greeted as a big now bush win there. exactly and he was met at the airport by the iraqi chief i will match the one hand this and his companions who led the fight against isis so these are the to keep people gentle soul in money i will unwind those who fought isis and defeated isis in iraq and also in syria and this if this is the very same isis that the united states and its regional allies whether it was turkey saudi
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arabia the emirates all of them and israeli regime they're all supporting isis out idea of the other extremist groups of these 2 men were he to defeating those who are carrying the black flag whether those isis well i the head there is far as you're concerned as far as iraq is concerned iraq of course voted to expel the u.s. troops soon after this repercussions for it but it's still not happened so what tangible repercussions has the u.s. suffered because of this and what should happen in your view. well i think the americans are going to see the pressure build up against it across the board in the region and it casts a catastrophic economic situation that we see in the united states and among its allies and more importantly in this region countries in this region are having a very tough time the saudis are spending money like there is no tomorrow there are their oil wealth is decreasing rapidly because of the economic situation the same
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is true across the persian gulf iraq iran is the country that is it has been hit by the virus but it's hit far last economically because of the sanctions in so iran wasn't exporting much oil unlike turkey iran doesn't have a tourist industry or a huge airline industry all of this was because of the sanctions so a lot of the hurt that these countries are feeling and very suddenly iran experienced already in the past so the united states and its position in this region is not the. it's somewhat pretty precarious is this cannot continue these expenditures by the regime in washington can't continue so this is symbolic this. issue this warrant that the iranians have sent out by it is also reflective of the fact that the iranians are not going to forgive trump or the regime itself remember a lot of what's happened in this region was not just done by trump ice is was
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created by our arm we can have a long conversation about that if you really go over at least half an hour to an hour we get the gist we'll see what the reaction is maybe more reaction coming out from america and from specifically today but for now thank you so much professor marandi from her own university for putting the iranian side as you see it thank you. now mostly peaceful march in detroit america turned violent after a police vehicle pushed a crowd of protesters who surrounded the car and then smashed the window the police chief's launched an investigation about it all but says the officers will remain on duty for now 1st off uncovering this report to show you some graphic video of the incident as officers forcibly tried to get away in their s.u.v. . oh thank you. thank you. thank you. 4 for the
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still deep seated anger towards offices in some cases preventing them from doing their job this next video shows new york police having a glass bottle sort of them or responding to a call is shots being fired the city's largest police union says the mayor and city council speaker should be held responsible for surrendering the city as they see it then missouri these pictures from this armed couple emerging in front of their mansion locked and loaded pointing their weapons at b.l.m. protesters who entered a private street there they were marching towards the home of a saloon. hundreds want her to quit after she publicly read out the names and addresses of people calling for police reform. we spoke to antiwar activist sara flounders from the international action center she says the current violence in the u.s. is no surprise as it's rooted in the history of the nation. well the violence has gone on from the founding of the very beginning. the united states i mean this is
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a country built on slavery and the genocide of the indigenous people so all violence is killing me rooted how long this upsurge will go on. i think everyone who is taking part in it can only hope that it continues and goes on and on and goes deeper and see how widespread it is and the see what this confrontation is this growing taishan is extremely serious. alongside the ongoing protests is also the campaign to take down statues linked to america's slave trade past 20 year old student appeared in federal court monday then on vandalism charges one of 4 accused of trying to tear down a statue of 18th century president andrew johnson over his role in forcing the digitals tribes off their land donald trump's no promise to issue a special order to protect monuments a statue to another american president theodore roosevelt also saw
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a protest on sunday except this time it was a gathering to protect it after you york's national history museum decided to get rid of the controversial monument at its entrance bronze of roosevelt is flagged by a native american an african man and has long been criticized for glorifying colonialism big questions though are being asked nationwide on how best to remember history the good and the bad peter all of a next this morning looks at how germany may just have the answer. when it comes to assessing and dealing with difficult periods of history germany has more experience than most but we haven't seen the type of scenes here that have played out in the united states britain belgium. i. i. was. i i.
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but germany isn't without its own controversial statues otto von bismarck has been told with red paint in hamburg while is an ongoing campaign to block the renovation of another monument to the eye and chancellor in the port city bismarck wasn't just crucial in german unification he was also a driving force in colonialism and by today's standards and i want to see might here in berlin selland off district anime as hassam and 1920 s. depiction of a needling black woman was decapitated last week castleman remains controversial in germany he was a committed nazi and despite that fact his works continue to be displayed across
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the german capital this particular monument had been slated for removal by city authorities who'd already deemed it earlier this year on suitable for display in the city fell in and if it had diverse society cannot exist with this kind of bigotry and prejudice you cannot live together if you do not treat each other equally people shouldn't be discriminated against based on the color of their skin say what happens to stand cheese in germany that no longer justify. exhibition well here in berlin they've got just the place for them the spandau citadel although the 16th century fortress has its own troubled past it was used as a chemical weapons storage by the nazis but the proposal was to bring news that you to a museum to show it was an example of racism these mistakes are not repeated this racial stereotype should not be demonstrated on the streets but in a museum where we could demonstrate it to people within context as we move through
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the exhibition we see hundreds of years of prussian military strongman into monuments of naziism the 3rd reich didn't really do sculpture but this castle it was one of few described by hitler as irreplaceable the nazis preferred buildings as their monuments to time and there's plenty of those still visible in modern belin. one of the most i can change in this collection of discarded start juice is this gigantic granite head of blood to me a lennon it's all that remains of a 19 metre high monument that was built in 1970 to mark the 100th anniversary of his birth. in the united states and also in great britain the red discussions of the moment about what to do with dismantle memorials but here we have already found a possible solutions for memorials that are so to speak toxic if you put them in
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a museum that doesn't mean it's over we put them here so that people can continue to pay attention to them but in a different context germany is often cited as the example to follow when it comes to assessing periods of history troubling to modern sensibilities even if there are 2 named after nazi field marshall erwin rubble that the german military calls home to this day they glossed over as they don't fit the particular narrative because history has a tendency not to be as neat as we might like it when it's really examined peter all of r.t. berlin. much of the united kingdom starting to emerge from the log but not the english city of leicester bad news for them today people that have been dropped hold on longer are troubling spike in infections. told m.p.'s just how serious the problem still is. having taken clinical advice on the actions necessary
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and discuss them with the local team in less and less to show we've made some difficult but important decisions the more people follow the rules the faster we'll get control of this virus and get us to back to normal we'll keep all of these local measures on the review and we will not keep them in place any longer than is necessary we'll review whether we can release any measures in 2 weeks' time but it's a big rewind for leicester right now non-essential shops and schools will be closed and travels being discouraged extra cash is being sent to the city to support people in self isolation it means people living in leicester will have to watch behind closed doors now as the rest of the country slowly opens up and social distancing is relaxed a bit we talk to people in leicester about how the long might affect them. the girl who respects open the straight the hole in the street and is able to also we love all hope we're really excited to get christmas back in but we don't want to get
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close miss it it's not going to be safe to do so i try to maximize the outside area following government guidelines because we want people to because we want people to feel safe or know that we care about a wouldn't dream of as they were in a cult the people. in them feel safe and. if any of all regulars go ill because we're being careless so we want to people say well what if i were good but so i started i am just what the government is trying to do is to get me a mixed message i'm not convinced anything just doing. a lot down the light. perhaps so said initially national law to shoot i'm not quite sure how local lockdowns will work it's going to be dreadful for businesses. so we're trying to save lives someone isn't this is unprecedented certainly never happened in my last job but mostly floods so i'm sorry. this is. in
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a crazy time zone we'll see it through the press we can continue to broadcast here of course is choose to morning this is out international 19 past 9 coming up trying to keep the wheels turning in the u.s. presidential election during a pandemic the democrats now pushing for postal voting in the latest primary polls and that's rubbing up to republicans who claim it's open to voting fraud just one of the stories we cross for you. international memorial awards has extended its deadline for submissions. all media professionals are eligible whether you are a freelance journalist work for alternative media part of the global news platform you can submit your published works in either video format go to award dot com and it a no. quick history lesson in economics you know
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people talk about socialism what is this aside here that labor has value and that people want to take part in the means of production. starting in the 1980 s. that became obsolete because all wealth was tied to money printing today 2020 so that would be 40 years later this phenomenon 1st so called activists and labor rights activists and workers are beggaring out that the problem is not about the means of production the problem is the money printers and they're taking. again good morning the u.s. democratic primary elections are to a key stage 3 states are about to hold the votes with 2 of them fully geared up for
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postal voting to try to reduce footfall in polling stations through the pandemic mail in ballots have the right of the republicans worried though they think it's ultimately cost them presidential votes come november get them open next this morning looking at the political division over what should simply be a safer way to vote. the pandemic turned democratic primary of the united states into a mess many new yorkers say that voting was a nightmare today some people never got their absentee ballots and others waited in line for hours long lines missing ballots and locked doors as election officials struggled to keep up with turnout new york and 4 other states faced a challenging day of voting on tuesday long lines delays and confusion across new york city voters were given incomplete and incorrect ballots confusion in voting stations and fears that the elderly may not risk going out in order to vote has caused the democrats to push mail in ballots as an alternative this becomes
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a health issue open mail is that more democratic tickets people more options that removes obstacles and barriers to voting which is what we want to do voting by here at home but there appear to be some pretty big problems with this magical solution malin voting on the other hand will lead to the most corrupt election in usa history bad things happen with malians just look at the special election in paterson new jersey 19 of ballots a fraud donald trump never hesitates to take a swing at the democrats but if you look into the facts he may be on to something and last week 4 democrats in new jersey were arrested for illegal possession of mail in ballots video has already surface to campaign materials being dumped into the garbage in texas and the postal workers union is not shy about where it will stand when it comes in november. donald trump's policies have made it abundantly
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clear that he is a serious threat to a decent postal job oh unions and so the rights of the people to a public postal service joe biden has committed to support the postal service and its dedicated postal workers our union will continue to help build the movement to defend the public postal service and win a more just society meanwhile trump supporters are concerns that the mail in ballots may be used to rig the vote against them come november alicia groups are already floating ideas about what to do if they don't like the election results if there's evidence that the vote was rigged manipulated i consider that grounds for open rebellion we'll take our arms in our council and reclaim this country and our rights if you try to do this at the ballot box and it doesn't work you go to the bullets thank you united states loves to go around the world criticizing countries claiming that their electoral system and voting process is illegitimate however many look at the
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democratic primary in the voting so far in 2020 and say it's a bit of a disaster and many are quite worried about what might happen in november at the heart of the debate is really is that the democrats. need east year ah and you open up the ad and more people will and nationally that's better than the democrats. the republicans on the other hand believe that there's so much other fraud going on that a small number of people should vote on and that actually is in the interest of the public so you want your vote counts i was calling curse you know today i think that most of the like on sol trujillo's way that you know what american citizen are probably a country it's ugly. the best way to. olly's
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a funny at 1st. president of the break we're balkan republic of kosovo says he will quit if a war crimes indictment against him in the hague is confirmed by prosecutors in the coming months asking little or no good intention or great will for justice can justify the fabrication of a media bomb to incriminate the head of the state of cause of all at the exact moment when dialogue with serbia could enter a new phase thanks to the direct engagement of the white house. i assure you again i will not face justice from this office if the accusation is confirmed i will immediately resign as your president and think the accusations of course this whole area a complicated picture of kosovo broke away from serbia 12 years ago and she's been in office for the past 4 he's charged with war crimes and crimes against humanity
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during the armed conflict between serbia and albanian separatists back in the late 1990 s. no touchy denies all the accusations at the time though he led the kosovo liberation army which was allegedly involved in a range of criminal activities. thank . political ticker markovitch joins us now hi morning to you your thoughts then on the cost of them president what he had to say on monday said he's not resigning as of now he's charged with $100.00 murders what you make of that should he go or
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should he wait until the final decisions made. well i think this is just a place an order i mean he has to go at one moment or another and there are some to some much information so much disclose information about patchy embroiled in and in criminal activities that at one moment or not if he doesn't go to church you know this just shows once more the whole international tribunal court in the hague it is a farce we've got information coming from the council of europe a report which was. done by dick morris from switzerland who mentions organ trafficking crime and talks about hashcash on practically every page and says he is one of the biggest possible criminal activity in khost and disclose information leaked information from nato from germany's intelligence sources from the b.m.d. fringe groups intelligence sources all point hash and patsy as one of the biggest bosses of crime and we're talking about crime we're talking about murder we're talking about abduction we're talking about persecution about torture all this
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leads to work crimes and crimes against humanity this is known for anybody who's been following kosovo for the past 20 years and don't forget that the u.s. special envoy in 1998 before the uprising in kosovo robert young or bill clinton the special man over there said that caylee was a terrorist organization so this is known it has to go through the only problem is that hessian is name is ally and he has a lot of information about people from nato who've been helping him in kosovo over these past 20 years so if he falls there's a big chance he brings a lot of people down from nato so we'll see how far this can really go to repeat again thought she denies all the allegations is it likely that he'll stand trial and what's going to happen you think next. this can go 2 ways either the west decisive through passion of the bus and sacrifices as they don't in the past with sound i'm saying it was cut out for you to some extent with different personalities that they've been working with and i was certain they don't need them so they get rid of them so they'll throw good to try out there these are serious accusations
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and as i said there's a lot of information going around post a lot of witnesses who testified would testify against against actually so there were the bus she may bring down people from a don't so he may he he made he may disappear like that in or out of this is this is possible or else he'll walk as many people who've got close relations with some western leaders who can be counted for supporting you than you think well of course i mean if you we know the mean girl not to share who was the person sense by the united nations to manage possible right after the work towards a says that hashem passion is his friend we've got to meetings and pictures of him with all of the prominent people from our presidents prime ministers from western countries who supported went back to the banana republic of kosovo and this is this is well known so it's and he knows that now we've got information today even from french intelligence saying that they financed hashcash in the care of a so this is very embarrassing for the west so you know he goes to this court and what's as has been the peace for many criminals in the in the wars in the previous
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yugoslavia been fighting against serbia they go to the tribunal and they walk by. like to go to you know they won't stay long in prison and this is just a farce and that's part of the often tell years to develop the lay of the allegations came out here 2011 nonetheless while this has been going on behind the scenes she was due to visit the white house for talks with the serbian counterpart has been canceled now but what are relations like between him and the united states what reaction can we expect following these latest developments that. kosovo has been created by the united states this is an invention to say there's no such thing in the history of the world as a kosovo nation of course a country has a language has been a creation invention of the united states so damaged you could start to destroy you the story so the relations are very close all the order everything which is going on in kosovo is directed from washington and the night before who was killed a member as well who was former.


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