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are bigger and know that the problem is not the means of production the problem is the money printers and they're taking him. hello there i'm the one chance you're watching in question broadcasting from our to america's national news headquarters in washington d.c. we want to welcome our viewers from across the nation and all around the world here are today's top stories 1st china passim sweeping legal changes in hong kong taking aim at anti-government protesters there a move not sitting well with u.s. officials full report straight ahead plus the baltic nation of libya is banning this very network from broadcasting in their country claiming our t.v. is controlled by an e.u. sanctioned journalist well they kind of got that totally wrong put it we're going to discuss that next with our guest then it is a showdown at today's u.n.
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security council meeting with iran defending its nuclear deal while the u.s. and israel put pressure to extend iran's weapons embargo all right it's time to boost your news i q. latvia a member of the e.u. and among the poorest 5 of that union made a dramatic move to ban our t.v. and the various languages it broadcasts under from their airwaves the n. b national electronic mass media council of latvia claims that r t was led by a person being sanctioned by the union one mr dimitri kissel of and now just moments ago any p.l.p. just realized their mistake as r.t. is headed by a woman named margarita simonyan. and she issued this statement about the mix up
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she said quote latvian intelligence believes that r.t.d. is headed by dimitri carefully of american intelligence believes that a program i hosted in 2011 on a local russian channel influenced the u.s. election for addition teligent believes the script polls were poisoned by and petro so that's good news she went on to say that with such intelligence services russia has little to worry about so here to weigh in on the european front former u.k. m.p. george galloway so george i did not originally intend for this to be a comical segment between us but as life would have it it has become a comedy it's a farce this dimitry kissel have guy whom they claimed was effectively my boss and mind you i have worked with our team for over 6 years now i had never heard of this guy before today i had to google him so i guess my question to you is george why
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did it be any p.l.p. do the same thing they'd have discovered but he runs another russian media outlet. well in the words of oscar wilde you'd have to have a heart of stone not to laugh a little a lot via flexing its muscles trying to lead the european union on a merry dance soft censorship and media repression has dropped the store and on its own feet it is quite well known not actually in media circles the r r t is run by a woman not just a woman but a young woman who's given birth several times whilst running this massive media empire one of the hottest media properties in the whole world but lot didn't appear to know that like you i had to google this individual he runs
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apparently an entirely separate russian television network nothing whatsoever to do with us and yet this was printed in aid of the banning not just the english language not just the russian language but all the other languages out of expounder show and so on i'm not sure how many of those were being watched in a lot the new it but this was clearly an attempt to get the ball rolling 'd. other more significant european and countries might follow it a lot lot for your viewers who don't know a lot via is that it is as you said one of the poorest tiniest members of the european union it's hard to believe that it came up with this entirely on its own yeah well george that the sad or perhaps scary thing here george's is that perhaps
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this wasn't a mistake at all i mean r.t. is obviously as you mentioned a very successful and well received network all around the world could there have been a chance that they attempted to play this as a folk pov but in reality they were hoping to get other states to join in on this ban on r t using the mix that as sort of a guy's. well it may be the following my thesis often expressed our countries are run by james barnes but by austin powers by mr beams they may have been counting on the. nobody would notice this rather gigantic elephant in the corner of the room but they have named the wrong guy. i think it will now be a laughingstock you know how the idea i just because of the worst the european union the european union claims to be the. norm
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free speech and free expression and democracy and all of that. just goes to show that's all lipstick when the 'd when the lipsticks rubbed off it's a rather play in our face while george romney does this speak to the broader attempts than by my countries all across the west to effectively quassia alternative media outlets who do not tell the narratives of each respective nation that they seem to compel. yes it's not just that we're doing very well it's the amongst their own people their own monstrous media is doing very poorly here in britain people under the age of 30 maybe even 35 getting on for it virtually enough for war any television news they get all of the news from other alternative platforms and a huge proportion certainly in britain adult of it's different in the united states
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don't believe the news that their own broadcasters are pumping out their long ago decided after the iraq war actually. the usual is not dependable in western countries and thus the market for r.t. and others that are coming on stream chinese and other broadcasters are getting a bigger and bigger audience and our opponents don't know which way to turn they don't know whether to slander us as a tiny unimportant mouthpiece of the prez them or to want to be about the fact that a huge number growing every day of their own people are seeking out r.t. for an alternative point of view they are stuck between these 2 stools and it's an
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unenviable place to be all right we'll leave it right there is the last word george galloway always appreciate your insight thank you. and china has approved a contentious national security law for hong kong setting the stage for a big changes on the semi autonomous territory that move comes on the 23rd anniversary of hong kong to return to mainland china from british rule and while the chinese government insists the legislation is needed to deal with foreign interference and separatists other say it's a direct attack on the. people of hong kong and the u.s. being one of those biggest critics argues alex mileage has that story as criticism pours in from half the world away what the government of china is doing in hong kong is unacceptable they are taking away the rights of the people in hong kong china is not veering from its path as the highest organ of state
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polley in china the national people's congress has to constitutional pala and the duty to enact national security legislation for the hong kong as a all. past year protests have plagued hong kong the demonstrations initially started after hong kong's government introduced a bill that would have allowed the extradition of criminal suspects in fugitives to meanly in china within a week the government gave in to the protesters appeals and the bill was squashed but the demonstrations continued with new demands put on the table. after a year of unruliness massive protests and episodes of violence china has had enough during disparate groups advocating hong kong independence and self-determination incite a protest as there often radicalized young people to desecrate and burn the national flag that belies directional emblem and storm the central government's office in
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hong kong no central government could turn a blind eye to such threats to suffer and to national security as well as results of their ship of state policy while protests against. no ended support of the new law continue in hong kong. some would say foreign powers such as the united states are continuing to meddle the us federal government has begun to eliminate hong kong special status under u.s. law into stopping defense exports to the region as well as restricting technology access meanwhile citing foreign interference china has announced that it will impose visa restrictions on americans who have behaved egregiously on hong kong related issues. china is now a scared kid on the u.s. attempt of blocking the legislation of the security law for hong kong by imposing sanctions will never succeed in response to the wrong behaviors of the u.s. side china will take necessary countermeasures in order to defend its own national
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interest while many of the specifics of the new law are still unknown provisions a clue that it will supersede existing hong kong legislation and that china's top parliamentary committee will hold interpretation powers china's insisting that the move will not undermine hong kong's high level of autonomy while increasing national security a priority most nations share. all those countries which have pointed the finger is a china have their own national seekers he legislation in place we could think of no valid reason why china loom should be inhibited from acting national security legislation to protect every corner of his territory or office nationals. this coming on the eve of the 23rd anniversary of hong kong to return to china from british rule for 2 look smile which. and iran's foreign minister addressed the united nations security council today to respond to a report which claims the country failed to uphold its end of the nuclear deal now
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this comes as both the u.s. and israel are calling for the current arms embargo to be extended indefinitely artie's rachel blevins has been following the story she's joining us with more details now so rachel what was said at today's hearing well this hearing was in response to a recent report from the un secretary-general which claimed they now have proof that iran has violated the 2015 nuclear deal now if you remember back in september 29th there was an attack on saudi arabia state oil facilities at that time both the united states and saudi arabia immediately came out and placed the blame on iran. spoke out and said that it had no involvement whatsoever now in this recent report it claims that they have found evidence that the cruise missiles that were used were of iranian origin now is really interesting to watch is hearing play out because a number of representatives who spoke pointed out the fact that they are acting expecting or iran to follow all of the provisions of this nuclear deal however it
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is become increasingly hard because at the same time the u.s. has withdrawn from the deal and it is also increasing sanctions against iran as it goes along so that how has iran responded well iran and mediately deny the report calling it false and inaccurate and the testimony from iran's foreign minister was a really big part of his hearing and he took to twitter ahead of that hearing where he said specifically quote the u.s. isn't merely violating. the j c a p o a n bowling others to do so too and has also the dishonor of being the 1st in un history to punish a law abiding countries for not violating a security council resolution then during the hearing he said the following the united states along with its accomplices in the war crimes in yemen have gone food to india now infamous campaign of intimidation against international institutions most recently they call esta secretary had called the law on set of being
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a geisha unfolds documents to produce to be on professional report so he is arguing that the focus continues to be on what iran has done or what it may do to violate this deal however he's saying the un did nothing against washington when it withdrew from the deal and violated it and it also did nothing to the u.s. for its participation in the war in yemen which has created the largest humanitarian crisis in the world and so what's the deal now on the arms embargo while the current u.n. arms embargo against iran which is supposed to keep the country from buying things like fighter jets tanks warships and other weapons is set to expire in october now secretary of state mike pompei a was also present at this hearing and he called on the u.n. to do everything possible to continue that arms embargo take a listen to what he had to say ron weasley to purchase russian fighter jets to strike up a 3000 kilometer radius putting cities like riyadh. rome in warsaw iterative
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process. run will be free to upgrade expand its fleet of submarines to further threaten international shipping and freedom of navigation the strait of hormuz persian gulf a new review. now we also saw a meeting carried out today in jerusalem between the u.s. envoy to iran and israeli officials and during that meeting the prime minister for israel spoke out and he encouraged the u.s. to turn to what he called snap back sanctions which essentially means that the u.s. would increase sanctions on iran not based on what they're doing right now but based on what they think that iran may do in the future and it's been interesting to watch here because in the past the u.s. has used against iran as a way to take those sanctions and those measures away so they could get around to agree to certain deals or even to an extended arms embargo but now the trump administration doesn't appear to be doing anything like that or to be backing off and you time soon. that's a strange punishment to be learning about richard levins thank you so much for that
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update i think you. are right in the age of cold at night t.v. is america on its way to becoming a cashless society we're going to discuss that with our friends at spahn and then over at sports regina hamm brings us a runaway win in the case and remember to keep up with all the latest news and a good thing you might have missed make sure you download our brand new free app portable t.v. to watch there 247 we will be back in 2. bank . tower read out rita turn on its t.v. on the about the world and what's happened in the around me i see shows on the screens but in last every day because the fake news near it sits at
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a state 0 to maybe cooling his clock build enough business for tom f. the barbara fabric globalism a caveman have plenty off this endless war but i found a network that will question science great news that space civil strife climate change savile would be a cool simplied lists all the mainstream wants to do was keep us quiet you watch the right you can't keep a stylist critical point says cold perspective question inside direct we don't take sides we walk the walk our t.v. i'm a work of means real talk. you
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cannot be lonely with yeah you're right. i'm holland cook i invite you to climb with me above the main stream media empire and from that higher fan to glimpse the big picture question more. in the midst of the serjeant's of corona virus cases around the nation more and more people are looking to move to a cashless society that means that fewer people worldwide are actually handling
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cash and more are either using credit cards or debit cards online shopping or looking to use digital currencies so joining us to discuss all of that boom bust co-host and investigative journalist fence one all right ben ab so tell us why are so many people looking to get away from using cash and what does that decline actually look like. yes so the initial thought manila is that money is filthy and if you are handling cash it carries all kinds of germs on it because it passes from person to person it's rarely if ever cleaned at all and so this is a way of contracting corona virus or contracting germs that's kind of the initial thought about it but the reality is i'm not sure that really lines up with what's really going on what's really happening is this that since we've seen these lockdowns across the country and really around the world in so many places we're really looking that is the is the simple fact fewer and fewer people can go into a grocery store can go into a bar rich shop can go into
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a nail salon and pay for things with cash if you're going to buy goods to get into your home most of that shopping has shifted over to online so right now for instance a.t.m. usage is down 32 percent since the start of these lockdowns well it's not really surprising because who's going to go to an a.t.m. right now and then also according to these about 63 percent of people are using less cash but again that's not surprising because you're not going out very much and most of the products you're buying you're buying through e-commerce well i mean that makes some sense but but in all honesty honesty how likely is that that people are actually contract ing code. it from cash money and i mean in reality isn't isn't it just the case that everyone's moving to all things on line i think i think so i think you're right the chances that you're actually conducting co bid for money is very very slim what is happening is a lot of people are finding that they have to make purchases online and that's creating kind of a series of issues and problems including the fact that you have you know so many
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people relying on just one or 2 big e-commerce giants you know i'm thinking of companies like amazon right that are simply are sucking up all the oxygen in the room long term that's very bad for the u.s. economy when mom and pop shops go out of business small businesses can't survive and one or 2 massive e-commerce giants kind of take over the whole space yeah and then collection i mean i know amazon basically has everything but there are some like nice items like you really got to go to a mom and pop shop to go get right then so all of this cashless society it can be convenient for us consumers and it's certainly good for the banks and good for the credit card companies because they charge processing fees but it's not good for those small business owners like i just talked about those merchants right. that's that's absolutely correct look the the there's a huge misnomer here this idea that if we move to a cashless society that it's good for everyone it's more convenient it's not good as you said if you own a small business because you're having to pay transaction fees of anywhere from 2
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to 2.5 percent on those transactions that are called swipe fees every time someone swipes their card whatever that transaction is these mastercard these giant payment processors are taking 2 to 2.5 percent of whatever was purchased so that's a negative for those folks and there's also negatives for instance for people who are employees so say that you work at a at a hotel which right now is not getting much business anyways but if you do when you're a valet you're going to rely heavily on cash tips or people who are in a cashless society aren't carrying cash around with them so it's much harder for them to actually give tips to people who are reliant on that and lastly of course you have people who just don't necessarily have access to these banking systems yeah so they're at a loss as well right on that note i mean going cashless outside of let's say bitcoin not only does that remove any true privacy we have for our personal transactions but it also disenfranchises a lot of poor people homeless people who don't have access to banking or electronic
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services right that's right i mean you have to remember that worldwide there's a very large portion of people who remain unbanked in this world yeah in the united states obviously less but worldwide there's a lot of people who are not banks that was part of the promise of crypto currency as you said because that all crypto currencies really try to provide a system by which the unbanked can be bank they become their own bank and don't have to use the services and crypto currency is being accepted by merchants by the way reduces significantly those processing fees so i think more competition for payment processors more competition for banks in this space i.e. through crypto currencies would be a huge help to consumers small businesses and everyone across the board and we know how you feel about bitcoin and there crept out. well we were right there our friend ben swan thank you so much for that insight. let's head over to argentina if you've got the money and you're
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a fan of che guevara then you're in for a treat the birthplace of the left us revolutionary is now up for sale in a chair was born in this apartment you're looking at there june 14th 1028 the court owner of businessman who lives in brazil bought the apartment back in 2002 but he says he's got to sell it now because of the pandemic. for it regina hands over the sports h.q. regina it was a while blow out of the game for the 2nd place team over at k.v. what happened it was actually pretty fun we're loving the caveat here because the human heroes really look to chip away at the lead that the n.c. diners have in the korean baseball organization and that hinged on the result of the game against the tucson bears top of the 1st bears left fielder kim jay one beat out this to ground 0 for an r.b.i. single that scores former l.a. angels infield of all day miguel fernandez early one not then leave the 2nd q. and catcher leave with a 2 run double left center gap that overhauled former minnesota twins didn't feel
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very young and young. heroes are up to one pretty good one there for the home team bomb that hit the man on south chang with a grounder off of you want you tried to make the cut at 1st but throws the ball away so you don't advance is just 2nd part comes all around and 1st to score on the play heroes up 3 to one. lead this time of the sacrifice fly ball deep center field bring it home park you take off a 3rd and he will now with an impressive 5 to one that lead bottom of the 7th bases loaded heroes don't want with a 3 run double down the left field line that'll bring home these young home cam young song and he young chang this is absolutely crazy. one leaves later in the 3rd baseman john beyond with an r.b.i. double down left a line as well that will bring home the young heroes dealt with an 11 to one lead to the 9th dusan last ditch attempt
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a solo homer to center field from. bears will fall $11.00 to $2.00 in a runaway game of the heroes at only 2 games back from the dynamos after antes $28.00 locked in extra and. raising fans can dig out their fan gear and watch from the comfort of their homes as the 2020 formula one season gets underway in austria this weekend current reigning champion receives driver luiz hamilton will be starting his quest for the 7th title $35.00 to be the favorite going into the start of season at austria's red bull ring challenging track given its high altitude high temperatures and difficult layout it's the 1st of 2 races at the track in austria with the grand prix held there the following weekend the weeks leading up to the austrian grand prix saw sebastian details depart from ferrari but also more time for this guy right here red bulls max for stopping to hit the ground running 22 year old one austrian grand prix and $21018.00. in the 1st or is he the not only to please the hatchet job and put them on solid footing to start the season all races on the f one calendar will be held without fans in attendance as the organization
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hopes to complete its planned 15 to 18 free schedule and manila tomorrow is july can you believe it but that means the start of l.b.'s 2.0 spring training here in the united states but our local team the washing nationals they actually haven't got to prove to train their stadium yet oh they have it what i mean is it spring or summer it's like summer camp i think is the is a growing term and they will start the season july 23rd so we're getting baseball back but you know several players like 1st baseman for the nats ryan zimmerman has opted i know of the season where you know what they all still get to be the boys of summer is that they they are all right thank you for that regina and we will be back at 3 o'clock with a lot more news so with the primary elections taking place today we'll take a closer look at what those local elections can mean for a. november our very own scardino hughes is going to join us for that the session but that's it right now make sure you keep up with everything in question at all times by downloading our brand new free app called portable t.v. you can watch it 24 seventh's follow me on twitter at manila channel the impact
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here in about 30 minutes. the world is driven by shaped by one person. thinks. we dare to ask. about a quick history lesson in economics you know people talk about socialism what is socialism business idea that labor as value and that people want to take part in
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the means of production and guess what starting in the 1980 s. that became obsolete because all wealth was tied to money printing today in 2020 so that would be 40 years later than this phenomenon 1st so-called activist and labor rights activists and workers are bigger and now that the problem is not about the means of production the problem is the money printers and they're taking action. the primary purpose of history is to understand the past as a guide to understanding the present and future history should not be. because. a lot of history is to. find the right now is statue something the u.s. . spiking coronavirus numbers claims of russian
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bounties against u.s. troops and a race's 3 tweet from the president 2 men with very different perspectives join me for reaction 1st former republican congressman bob barr and then retired army general russel honore a on this edition ticket. to the politicking i'm larry king spygate in coronavirus numbers a bombshell claim about russian bounties against american troops and a shocking presidential retreat including a white power chant plus ongoing protests about race and policing will lead of the discussion with former congressman bob barr of georgia one time libertarian presidential candidate he's also the president and c.e.o. of the law enforcement education foundation and he joins me from.


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