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tv   Going Underground  RT  July 1, 2020 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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on why he backs indicted prime minister binyamin netanyahu and with britain the worst per capita coronavirus defamation in the world bar belgium and amidst a new renewed english open lockdown what is the mainstream media not been telling us about covered 19 and why was the coronavirus bestseller on reported truths banned we speak to its author x. new york times reporter inspire novelist alex berenson always more coming up in today's going underground 1st today marks a potentially historic milestone as the world wakes up to what the u.n. declares is further illegal an extension of palestinian land in the occupied west bank israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is long been threatening further annexation greenlit by the trumpet ministrations deal of the century but there have been growing calls from the international community including the u.k. that an exception would destroy any notion of peace in the middle east and even threaten israel's own security joining me from jerusalem is the director of the project account to be d.s. and political warfare at the jerusalem center for public affairs in the former general secretary of the world jewish congress and i thank you so much dan for
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coming on well britain's foreign minister james cleverly he briefed the u.n. security council telling israel it must end settlement expansion the demolishing of palestinian homes and saying that netbios an exception of the west bank is an acceptable. well with the greatest respect to the foreign minister and clearly britain and israel have been allies and friends for many years having said that what is happening today is quite a bit different that what the foreign minister is suggesting to the security council or to the united nations overall and that is that israel may apply in coordination with the united states civilian israeli law in place of military law in jewish communities where 500000 jews live east of the 1967 lines which is known as disputed territory it is not occupied palestinian territory that is just simply a legal mistake that many of our friends in europe continue to make and in fact
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what israel is doing with potential to applying israel on the jordan valley is to set up the possibility for a 2 state for 2 people solution not to eliminate that possibility we have seen the palestinian authority reject 6 straight offers for peace including 94 percent offered by mr olmert the former prime minister 92 percent offered by former missed by former prime minister mr brock and in fact everyone in the international community after those offers and said well what could the pa the palestinians possibly want they basically got 100 percent solution with land swap that they've been demanding and built and still chairman abbas has said no no and that is how we want to have this civilian lawyer talking about because he's saying it's a mistake that the permanent members is allowed un security council resolution 23342016 saying israeli settlements in palestinian land occupied since 1067 have no legal solidity be plainer than that u.n. resolution can well that u.n.
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resolution unfortunately and very regrettable regrettably it was not boycotted by the u.s. administration and in fact it was many believe in israel that that was a final act of. a swat in the face by former president barack obama but what the u.s. who cares what the usa says this is the international community this is the u.n. resolution this is the general this is the security council that's right and you're talking about civilian a civilian deal i'm talking about the the international legal department of the u.s. state department in 2020 has declared by their best at by their best jurists that israeli settlement israeli settlements and communities east of the 67 lines are perfectly legal there is a political difference between many members of the international community and the jurist in the state of israel and today the jurists in the state department on the
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same side of the state of israel so that those in the state of those in the international community and even in the security council would be well advised to state what it is legally that they disagree with in the state department's 2020 decision before asserting that israel is acting illegally in its own historic homeland but the british itself implored the international community to recognize 100 years ago so you're saying the u.s. state department which we know to factor sanctions torture and guantanamo torture in abu ghraib maybe a 1000000 killed wounded or dead from the iraq war the u.s. state department legal advice is more important than international law as written down by the u.n. security council. well the u.n. security council doesn't write international law they basically apply political decisions based on their political understanding of what of what they think that an international law says but here the best jurist in the united states have now
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turned back the former legal opinion of the carter administration which by the way the very security council that you are quoting they were quoting the former state department legal adviser was her cancel so now it would probably be a good idea to look into why did jurist in the u.s. state department under president donald trump have taken a different opinion. but i think that we should stay out of the legal leaves and the details that sure to me don't think we would both accept that the u.s. legal system doesn't define what is the law and what is not law or what is considered legal and what is not legal obviously international putting the u.n. calls the annexation a war crime i mean well yeah but at all amnesty international as you and i both know is one of the most politicized and cynically biased organizations against
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against the jewish state and its fundamental rights i wouldn't think amnesty that amnesty denies that it has he denies that and in fairness they they would prefer to say presuming they swing all different directions rather than being biased. well we can you know you and i can have a word smithing. of mud wrestling match between jerusalem and london but but it is well known here among the israeli left the political center and certainly the right of center that m.t.s. amnesty international is a political warfare organisation not exactly supporting the human rights of too many people particularly those in gaza when it. and in the west bank under palestinian authority control when it refuses to write about gross violations of human rights under the palestinian state government in the west bank as well as in gaza you mentioned gaza what do you expect will be the response from gaza or i know
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that there are alarms all in south israel from small rocket attacks and horrific pictures of aerial bombardment of what's been called the largest open air prison camp in the world in gaza just in the past few days is that netanyahu basically going to catalyze the extremists help the extremists in fact is it not this the end of the century that is playing into the hands of those who israel call extremists well i think that our friends frankly at russians today would know exactly what the risk of dealing with islamic extremists are throughout russia's presence in syria when extremists are attacking russian troops as they have been attacking others in syria and lessen the hamas doesn't need an excuse to attack israel just take a look at the hamas government covenant go on to google and see what they say about killing the jews and that's all you need to understand about what hamas is motivations are how much how much that refutes the edges of arguments but i know you mentioned syria that was that the it was that israel that was helping those
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extremists the extreme islamist factions in syria to try to overthrow president assad's government in damascus president assad told me on this program. that. the funding was coming from sources like israel or that would be very convenient for a president assad to say but i would say that what you just reported is is $360.00 degrees off in fact i just asked the good people of syria hundreds of thousands of move have been murdered by iranian backed factions as well as their own government but but israel as you know has protected its own plaque on a mall you know israel it was israel that financed how much straight just that's me i was only clear that israel financed the beginning of hama yes that is just it's completely 1st of all that's completely inaccurate militarization of hamas was not
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not only not funded by israel but israel led the fight against the islamists the group that came out of egypt and in the beginning remember it was the p.l.o. and the fact that committed itself to israel's total destruction and which today by the way funds the major terror threats and i think that it would be worth taking another look before asserting that israel finance hamas well in fairness to both ends it is a must would obviously became to deny that as well well look over here we have a new labor leader to get a stomach in no doubt you didn't like jeremy corbyn much his shadow foreign secretary these and then he has said that the settlement product bans should be enforced there should be boycotts of any products being produced in the in the settlements a case of the rise of anti semitism again the u.k. board of deputies has told the sickest ahmet to disown the comments by these and then well 1st of all i just want to clarify that it's not israel that only isro
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that this light former labor party leader jeremy corbett it was the majority of those good people in the u.k. that saw him as a virulent anti-semite someone who embraced his ball up. someone who embraced the mosque both of whom had very unpleasant and even violent intentions towards the u.k. but moving towards the current. the current issue of boycotts boycotts are an expression of the total cancellation of any jewish rights in the small jewish state israel is in a century long conflict with its palestinian neighbors led by organizations that are committed to the destruction of the very small and only state of the jewish people and therefore those who call for boycotting israel are really calling for political and economic warfare in order to destroy the jewish state by other means other than flat military or terrorist or terrorist means itself no one called for
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the boycott of turkey's illegal line extension of northern cyprus nobody called for the boycott the world wide boycott against russia for its illegal acts sation of crimea but when israel actually puts up porches. completely legal 250-0000 jews in disputed territory the whole world rises up because there has to be a moral earthquake over this issue that's i'm sorry that's flat out anti-semitism russia has he denies that i could legally in crimea when my jeremy called me on the hasn't been on this show since a few years just finally is israel prepared for a new intifada should there be an annexation and he said as it prepared for a wide arab alliance to militarily respond to what as i say is considered illegal under international law let me give you a scoop on russia today why are there no demonstrations in any of the major arab
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capitals today why are there no demonstrations across the west bank in all of the 7 major palestinian city because the palestinian people funny enough are much more frustrated with mahmoud abbas whom they see as a corrupt. prosy they see their future with israel either through economic cooperation political cooperation medical cooperation social cooperation and so to the arab world let's just remember for our russia today audience that every single country in the arab world showed up on june 25th 2019 at the peace to prosperity economic workshop the only ones who weren't there with the palestinian authority and therefore the palestinian authority has isolated itself from the rest of the arab world so far from being an intifada i think we're seeing a very distressed palestinian leadership that sees itself isolated in its own areas by its own public and isolated in the larger middle east israel is wants to reach
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out and help its palestinian neighbor were more than happy to have good neighborly relations against 8 independent sovereign palestinian entity but not at the risk of destroying or strategically assaulting the jewish state we don't need a nother failed state in the middle east we already have too many of them because of the iranian regime's race for nuclear weapons and weapons of mass destruction mr netanyahu has said this 24 years ago to the united states joint session of congress and everything that the prime minister said then in 1960 has unfortunately come true in 2020 wealth iran says it has no desire to have nuclear weapons indeed it says israel has them we invite mr of us on to r.t. undergoing on the ground and. thank you very much then take a. thank you very much god bless all of you in the u.k. and good health everyone after the break as britain becomes the worst g. 20 country for corona virus deaths per capita how honest of the mainstream media
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being in their reporting of covert 19 and i've even scientists be misleading us all the more coming up in part 2 of going underground. secret prisons are not usually what comes to mind when thinking about europe however even the most prosperous can be deceived we've been. there were to view houses were. preserved was located on the only. access to the story investigators held the uncovered the darkest dealings of the secret services but i mean. the great ignore in. full. justice.
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the primary purpose of history is to understand the past as a guide to understanding the present and future. because a lot of history is. so how should we find the right balance is that you saw the light and. welcome back britain belgium now has the worst coronavirus per capita death rate in the world but as the u.k. announces its 1st localized lucked out in the city of leicester and the global death toll passes off a 1000000 the next new york times reporter alex berenson believes that so-called facts figures and opinions fed to us throughout this pandemic have misled us the author of the briefly banned covert bestseller and reported truth joins me now via skype from new york city. alex thanks so much for coming on jeff bezos is amazon initially tried to the fact than your coronavirus messala i don't know whether we have even one mosque to thank for it coming out just tell me about the book scherzo
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is that we provide probably do have you want to thank you so the book is really a book way it's only you know it's only about 7000 words i want to make that clear anybody who thinks they're buying a book or following book will be disappointed i don't want that but all part one is and this is part one of what will be a series which is called unreported truths about coven 1000 and lockdowns or one is about is really about fatality rates it's an introduction and it's about how we count deaths for kobe would what the death rate really is what the death rate might be if we don't do anything you know i would serve a worst case scenario and maybe most importantly who is really dying from the coronavirus because you know the media they do acknowledge that older people are more likely to get this and get sick from it and die from it they make it sound like oh that there is you know there's a slight difference in risk and everybody can get sick and die from this and the truth is if you look at the statistics it is incredible how much more dangerous the
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coronavirus is how older people than to young people all by my best estimates more people over the age of 100 have died worldwide than under 30 ok and so so and the median age of death in most countries is over 80 so this really is people there's an old line in medicine that pneumonia is the old man's friend a friend to the aged and the reason people said that was well it's a relatively quick and painless way to die compared to you know compared to you know dying from cancer over years or all climbers or whatever this really is a friend to the aged in terms of who it effects can you forgive the so-called mainstream media chamber because the reason that might be the case is because they were so successful at stopping young people from. hanging out together and spreading the virus so no i mean there's a there's a that's a different question the question of how this spreads and whether or not locked down work and actually that is what i'm going to be working on in the 2nd booklet
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on reporters part 2 which will be about larkin's but the evidence is overwhelming actually that young people and especially children are not the main spreaders of this when people went when epidemiologists have track spread they find that children don't spread this virus now can young people people in their twenty's and thirty's spread it to each other yes they can but if you think about where this virus has spread and this is true in the u.k. this is true of all over europe this is true all over the us it's spread and it's super data is very dangerous in congregate care sense meaning nursing homes essentially meaning long term care facilities when you get more groups of unwell older people together and you introduce this virus it's very dangerous to them but the sad fact is as professor neil ferguson who's a you know an english professor who i've you know who i don't like very much and i think he's done a lot to spread panic here but but as neil ferguson said 3 months ago correctly one
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half to 2 thirds of all the people who die from this would likely have died in weeks or months anyway and you can you can just very clearly see that in the statistics of who has died in a sense britain has a demographically older population never got any that's why you did expect 60000 excess deaths as opposed to the way of course you're on the scene you're older and also if you're on welfare overall if you're extremely overweight if you have diabetes unfortunately you know the u.s. and the u.k. have a lot of you know they europe has a lot of older people the u.s. and the u.k. especially have a lot of people in that sort of on the well demographic. one are interesting thing actually and one thing that i think when all this is said and done that we're going to look at is japan because japan has an extremely elderly population and it really hasn't been touched by this at all with. the japanese have a very very low rate of obesity and they're relatively healthy generally so so that's what's there's a lot we know about the virus and there's a lot we know about how it spreads and who it in fact and who is likely to get very
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sick from it because a lot of mysteries about it still but one thing i'll say is that people you know people on what i sometimes call team apocalypse the people who are you know who have wanted us to be locked down for the last 3 months and seem to want to be locked down forever those people say well there's so much we don't know so we should take the you know most stringent possible course of action and they say that as if taking that course of action has no effect on the other side and others that yeah that's all locked down forever because the only thing we should care about is this virus and who it affects and the fact is that lock downs are incredibly society damaging whether that society's the us or the u.k. or anybody else and we need to account for that too so when there's a lot we don't know that doesn't mean we should go further it means we should go as far as what we know and what we could reasonably expect to be a worst case scenario not not we invite neil ferguson on the imperial college man who ironically had to resign his restaurant. epidemiological model
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a full breaking the block a lockdown we don't epidemiologist though alex and what in the 1st booklet is how you identify allegedly folds information being reported in the new yorker magazine and that alone new york governor had to como's a press conference is i mean over here use reported as a possible contender for president in november because he was so great at talking about ventilators tell me a little bit about that about this echo chamber and how it is. distributed false information about coronavirus sure so then again there's been false and misleading or not here with the new yorker did and that is not in the book but it's something that i pointed out a couple of days ago and it got attention on twitter near me. it's reported some numbers about florida hospitalizations and i think they did that i think was an honest error on their part and they did correct it although they didn't they didn't correct it in you know in as complete
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a way as would have been nice cuomo cuomo in early april was using projections that were just completely inaccurate late march early april and here's the thing there was a period of about 10 days especially in new york city when things looked very bad and it looked you know it looked bleak here and i understand why people were nervous and i understand why the public health 7 was nervous i was nervous ok and i understand why the media panicked but it very very clear very very rapidly became clear that those projections were inaccurate they were inaccurate on a daily basis by huge factor ok that the hospitals just not that they didn't fill up that they didn't get overwhelmed even in new york city the way that the way that was projected the problem that the media has is not what they were saying back at the end of march although it wasn't great is that they were it's that in the 2 now almost 3 months since then they have not acknowledged the reality that this just
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isn't as bad as it as it seemed to be and that therefore our response maybe should be different and instead of that they've looked at every negative statistic they can find and they've done really bad things such as talk about the risk to children which is basically nonexistent they've talked about this callous aki syndrome which by the way. you know you haven't heard much about that in the last month and the reason you haven't heard much about it is because it's pretty clear that this is very manageable for most children who get it that it's rare and manageable they talked about people in their twenty's and thirty's having strokes that's pretty clearly not really a major risk here again in a virus that affects a huge number of people there maybe rare cases of you know of negatives of you know very negative stuff happening to young people but. it's very rare the media it's it's not it it's not about exactly about presenting false information it's about presenting a picture overall that is deeply misleading and refusing to acknowledge that you
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made that mistake obviously we tell viewers to seek advice from their own medical practitioners as regards any of these symptoms but in fantasy to those in power then lockdowns were clearly explained to us as a way to flatten curves not to save lives even if the media man said they saved lives so that you can get a you giving power break them no i mean listen i look i'm a former journalist for the times right so my focus is on what the media could have done better and should have done better and i do think this has been a media led panic led really by the best where it supposedly the best news organisations in the world places like the times and the washington post that have really bang the drum here you know look could people in power have made different decisions yes but it is very hard to stand up to a wave of panic like the one that we saw in march and the problem is that lockdowns have their own logic which is that if you if you end them and things get worse
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it's sort of like well why did we do that because things got worse again and so all we did was delay the inevitable if you end them and things don't get worse then it's sort of like well was there any point to that at all and so once you lost 10 pounds you have to sort of you have this really and you've seen it in the us especially this really long set of phases and how we're going to walk this back and so somehow we're we're actually still using science but it's working for us you have to come up with these really elaborate rationales for lifting the lockdown slowly and whether or not it whereas we're as you know in europe actually where i think the political pressures are a little bit different places like switzerland denmark austria the. they've removed their larkin's pretty quickly and completely in a matter of weeks and i haven't seen any terrible negative effects the us is its own. you know it's its own universe because because the political dynamics are so
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complicated here but even though the death toll is 100000 plus obviously not as bad as britain capita but obviously among the worst in the in the world there are so many footnotes and in your book i just ask you you do seem to be saying again and again that it's mosque ing much bigger numbers of dead from things like big farmer opioids and other sources of mortality well not not not exactly that if there's 2 ways to look at it at death rate there's there's there's sort of the gross number of deaths and then there's there's a really important measure that we don't usually talk about in society but is really important called a life years lost and life here is lost is just a way to say that you know what 20 if if if 20 people die who you know who are 9 years old and have also timers that's a tragedy but if 20 people die who were you know on a school bus who are 10 year olds that that is not the same thing and i don't know
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why we're not allowed to say that but we don't seem to be allowed to say that and it's true and so i'm not saying that you know i'm not saying that every death isn't a tragedy but what i'm saying is that it is reasonable to say that the fact that this affects so many people who are so aged is means that when we look at lockdown and we look at the people who are dying as a result of our downs if they're younger if they're dying for overdose or suicide or homicide or a heart attack or a 50 year old are from a heart attack because he didn't go to the emergency room because he was scared of coded those deaths are meaningful and the fact that those people are younger than the people who died of kovi is meaningful to me and i'm going to make that case and . maybe other people disagree but i think it's something we have to talk about. thank you and that's it for the show will be back on saturday 244 years since the american revolution when the then slave nation of boris johnson's birth declared
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independence from british imperialism inspired by the ideals of the french revolution until then wash your hands or join the underground by following up on you tube twitter facebook instagram and time. seemed wrong but. just don't call. me. yet to stamp out just being active. and engaged equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart. just to look for common ground.
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thousands of american men and women choose to serve in the country's military and the decision little shattered lives every song came to a complete. the day that i was right. here you know hold a shot kill me and i see how it destroyed my life any screamed at me and he made me come in and he grabbed my arm and he write me this berthing area if you take into account that women don't report because of the extreme retaliation and it's probably somewhere near about half a 1000000 women have now been sexually assaulted in the us military is a very very traumatizing tat happen but i've never seen trauma like i've seen from women who are veterans who have suffered military sexual trauma reporting rape is more likely to get the victim punished than the offender and almost 10 year career which i was very invested in and i gave a sex offender who was not even put to justice or put on the registry this is simply an hour in violence male sexual predators for the large part of target
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whoever is there to prey upon whether that's a man or woman. on the 1st of july in the headline is then deciding rush's next chapter it's the final day of voting on changes to the constitution coming up we look at what's big we bring you reaction throughout the day. i think that it's needed because the current constitution is out of date i think it is nonsense according to all legal logical and ethical norms and with all of that man and. wife not story that there's intense scrutiny for germany future meat processing industry for a major break among stuff for the biggest the big working living conditions for the . migrants.


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