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justice. hello there i'm in the one chair you're watching in question broadcasting from r t america's national news headquarters in washington d.c. the parents today's top stories 1st up geoffrey epstein's a long time associate and confidant of delay maxwell finally now in custody coming up we'll tell you along with the charges she's now facing and what comes next for the socialite plus president trump's north american trade deal now in effect in a full report we'll tell you what's in it and whether all 3 leaders will meet in washington for this milestone and last but not least it is world knew and you upload a exciting many guy watchers in the master of the u.s. government admitting it has captured footage. all right at the time to boost your
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view i mean. lane maxwell the woman accused of essentially running jeffrey epstein international sex trafficking operation is finally now in federal custody the f.b.i. arrested her this morning in new hampshire with the latest developments in this case and the arrest and what's going to happen next let's go to our teens john heidi in miami john what do we know about maxwell's arrest so far. well f.b.i. agents and n.y.p.d. detectives arrested maxwell had around $830.00 this morning in bradford new hampshire which if you look on a map but it's about 25 miles west of concord about an hour and a half northwest of boston so it's really an area if you want to be if you want to lay low and essentially hide this is a good place to do it now the 58 year old is she. charge and i have actually
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a copy of the 18 page indictment but she's charged with conspiracy to entice minors to travel to engage in illegal sex acts and intent to transport minors to engage in criminal sexual activity so basically the sex trafficking of minors child sex trafficking now the 6 count indictment was filed in manhattan federal court and alleges that maxwell helped jeffrey epstein basically groom girls as young as 14 years of age going back as far as 1994 reading in part quote in some instances maxwell was present for and participated in the sexual abuse of minors victims now the indictment refers to 3 victims in particular doesn't name the victims but it lists 3 victims maxwell is also charged with perjury acting u.s. attorney for the southern district of new york audrey strauss announced the indictment and charges against maxwell earlier today listen to this. case against glenn maxwell is the prequel to the earlier case that we brought against jeffrey
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epstein maxwell was among epstein's closest associates and helped him exploit girls who were as young as 14 years old. now she went on to outline how maxwell and this is basically of this is how it reads in the indictment as well how maxwell manipulated the young girls into essentially sexual servitude by taking them shopping taking them to the movies acting as their friend and confidant and then ultimately grooming them to give epstein sexual massage massages in which maxwell was sometimes present for and even participated in at abstains properties and homes in new york city his upper east side townhouse zora ranch as it's called in santa fe new mexico and paris also his estate in palm beach here in palm beach florida and also. as private island which
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we visited just shortly before his death last august now maxwell has in the past a night the accusations against have seen but acting u.s. attorney said maxwell lied because the truth was quote almost unspeakable monella curious do we know any more about why maxwell within new hampshire in the 1st place any details about her arrest there. you know we really don't there is some reports coming out that she may have bought property there possibly even with cash last december and that she basically was new in new england essentially laying low hiding out over the past year since abstains arrest now there have been reports about various sightings of maxwell in other places including los angeles apparently that report was the bond at a mansion in a seaside town in massachusetts manchester by the sea and then most recently in paris where she was reportedly hiding out to avoid extradition but the f.b.i. said today they had tracked maxwell to new hampshire where she had quote unquote
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slithered away to a gorgeous property there according to william sweeney of the f.b.i. who said maxwell was arrested without incident they've been watching her they tracked her and then they moved in when they were ready now she is scheduled to be arraigned before a magistrate judge in new hampshire what will happen now is prosecutors will likely ask she be held without bail deeming her a flight risk and then extraditing her back to new york city it's entirely possible she could be held at the same facility the m.c.c. in manhattan where jeffrey abstaining was found dead now one footnote the investigation abstain maxwell was previously headed by the former u.s. attorney for the son southern district of new york jeffrey berman you may remember he was the one who filed the indictment against amnesty and well that is right up until u.s. attorney general bill barr fired him last week under orders from president trip there was no mention of berman's work today in that press conference regardless of that aside maxwell is facing anywhere from 30 to 40 years possibly even life in
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prison for her role in epstein's alleged crimes and now the question mandela is whether or not she will talk about anyone else who may have been involved whether or not anybody else may be incriminated in these crimes when i look back to you. for a legal examination on the maxwell case we'll turn to attorney and. media analyst lionel of little media ok i don't my friend we have talked about this for ages it's finally here this 18 page indictment lists 6 counts at least against going maxwell ranging from conspiracy to procure minors for sex down to perjury you and i have been following this case for a very long time can you please touch on a few of these charges and perhaps what sort of time comes with them if she is found guilty on any or all of them. ok 1st of all what took so long there were 2
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why didn't she get the roger stone ninja treatment why wasn't she why didn't they this this is a woman this look what did roger stone 8 30 in the morning the tap on her door and say oh by the way hello yeah if you come with us please go in that's the next why do we keep calling her a show should like this she's procure it she is a rapist according to this they make it sound as somehow she's the mack daddy she's the madam she can't be a madam because they're not prostitutes from the moment this thing was uttered and followed by the media they've always looked at her involvement managua as being kind of like just bringing to girls in grooming that she is an absolute accomplice in this now the thing is i know he has or had under his control. tapes some drives videos confessions evidence against some of the biggest people who walk the face of this earth where is that information
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she is critical to this where she. is is she making a deal you bet she's making a deal but the question is where's she going to go next because she is the linchpin and if anything i don't want to presage the doom but if and me thing happens to her if she does not get you most it excruciating attention to to to prevention of suicide treatment i don't know what my on on that note where where are they going to keep are we heard and john how do you report there that there's a possibility she could be kept at n.c.s.a. the same place that abstain was and then later die do you have any idea having worked in new york live in new york they could they could put her in a beautiful south. facility slyer back and forth they can watch or
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she can be equipped with thermal receptor any body temperature drop i mean paper cup you how the level of care that can be provided is unbelievable but here's the thing to ziska is just zip beginning of this now let me ask you this we have all the multiple charges and i think we're getting questions are going to overlap you've got libel cases going on between alan dershowitz and boyce you've got her you've got protective orders here's my question does alan dershowitz still represent jeffrey epstein's estate does the attorney client privilege survive his death who has the it doesn't it to me and then if i represent doesn't that depend alan dershowitz if he represents the a state or does he represent the person. jeffrey epstein but i'm glad you brought him up because the other note about this is is virginia due for a the most ardent vocal accuser or victim of geoffrey markstein why did
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a judge recently ask her order her rather to to destroy evidence used in one of her lawsuits and as as this pertains to glane. you asked me a question like if i ask you what is life about a complicated story there were a number of cases in 2050 there was a a a a levels or a suit between you free and delaine maxwell that was pursuant to one protective order then later on that was a libel suit between alan dershowitz and you frey alan dershowitz once access to either the information that was made available which was under the original protective order or to have it destroyed now i know there's no such thing as destroying evidence it doesn't exist it's like unthink that thought unring that bell it's almost a titular move that's going to be because remember you've got 2 of the biggest
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heavyweights in the civil court that's coming up this is a be a 20 ring circus but what we have right now is to look at simply this look at the way they are treating her and look at what she's going to be saying and look at it what are they going to squeeze her because she's important certainly should she's not in it if it's self will they go that extra mile remember bill barr finally did something he still by the way as you have written is all things that jeffrey have sync about it so it's i so maybe there is progress towards justice well i don't really briefly you talked about possibly a plea deal can she broke her broker herself a better deal if she thinks like a bird so who should be sweating right now. let me put it this way who shouldn't be what about prince andrew here's one for you let me ask you a question is does prince andrew have any kind of immunity no there's even the sovereign immunity you know to see should he be worried oh yeah big time and they
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even offered him today the acting. u.s. attorney said by the way had to come on we want to talk to you he has no immunity he's got to keep his mouth shut especially after that stupid interview where he said i don't sweat anything. isn't this man wedding day and not only that so is hollywood captains of industry leaders of the free world. that flight long be vis is virtually everybody in the inter-team of business in fairness this man was the toast of the town in new york he had more parties get more friends more pictures of him going to watch the amnesia jeffrey who actually go out will do is. just began well he's going to leave us in the north we will say indeed lionel of light on me always appreciate your expertise thank you thank you nasa is out and the u.s. m.c.a. is in president trump signature trade deal with mexico and canada now in full of
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fact and even though mexico's president is set to meet with trump next week at the white house it's not yet clear of canada's prime minister will join since each respective country is still battling the coronavirus so our team rachel levin is joining me in the studio to break down all these details so rachel what can you tell us about this new deal or the term ministration as branding the u.s. some say as the greatest modern trade deal in u.s. history and trade representative robert light hisor even said that it is guaranteed to create tens of thousands of jobs for americans take us know what else he said earlier it will raise wages and add significantly to our economic growth it contained strong in forcible labor obligations it opens up new markets for our farmers and ranchers it sets the gold standard in protecting our intellectual property and contains the most complete discipline ever on digital trade.
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now the u.s. m.c.a. is seen as an updated version of nafta with new protections for intellectual property and trade and also requires mexico to enforce stronger labor laws and oversight for its workers and it rolls back a system of arbitration that allowed companies to sue governments for unfair treatment ok so are there any concerns that about implementation of this deal well even the president has publicly praised canada and mexico for agreeing to this deal there have also been reports that trump is considering very imposing tariffs and canada if they don't pull back on their aluminum production now in response to this canadian prime minister justin trudeau said quote the united states needs canadian aluminum they do not produce enough therefore if they put tariffs on canadian aluminum they are simply increasing the cost of inputs necessary inputs to their manufacturing base which will hurt the american economy now at the same time u.s. lawmakers are already starting to voice concerns saying that mexico is not doing
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enough to follow through on the labor commitments that it agreed to in this deal so it looks like we could restrain some conflicts there between these countries in the near future so what about the upcoming meeting between the mexican president and donald trump here at the white house i mean that's going to be a little weird not having justin trudeau a write and it was kind of a sudden announcement all of a sudden next week mexico's president is coming here to the u.s. and it's received a lot of backlash from many who are pointing out the both countries are still going through a surge of coronavirus cases right now and that so much so that a letter was sent to president trump by the congressional hispanic caucus and which they said quote while this meeting may appear to be trade related and tied to the new united states mexico canada agreement it is nothing more than an attempt to distract from the coronavirus crisis and your failure to lead an adequate response to the pandemic now trudeau was reportedly invited to this meeting but we haven't heard any confirmation given the ongoing pandemic that all of these countries are still dealing with so we do have
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a new trade. but not quite all of the fanfare surrounding it that was expected yeah the pandemic has certainly changed the way we practice diplomacy so we will see how that pans out rich woman thank you for that update thank you. and today is world u.f.o. day and you can bet space enthusiasts will be looking up to the skies for a possible life beyond our galaxy we're going to talk about that next with a special guest then later in sports we're going to ham shares and ominous sign ahead of the m.l.s. is back turn it over at florida and make sure you keep up with all the latest news and anything you might have missed by downloading our brand new free app portable t.v. you can catch us there 247 will be right back. dear you were thank you for finally. understand you're tired of networks.
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based and july 2nd is a big day it is world u.f.o. day and since the pentagon just a few months ago confirming the validity of the navy's u.f.o. footage captured a few years prior reports of you oppose have shot up 112 percent according to the national u.f.o. reporting center and while skeptics still remain there is one astronaut who says quote there are no 2 ways about it when asked about their existence so we will talk with another astronaut about this aerial phenomenon both were feared and reviled by many across the planet will turn to former u.s. commander and nasa astronaut and founder of one orbit dr leroy chiao we were always good to have you especially on this day you have both sightings seem to have more than doubled in the last year especially since the pentagon confirmed that maybe footage what do you suppose so many people are so fascinated by the idea of aliens
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. one of the huge human nature to wonder. there is other intelligent life out there and of course it's a new. study from the start or. some credit aerial vehicles now as we talked about a few months ago i firmly believe these are some kind of secret military programs. and you know that's what it's always turned out to be in the past like this happened but people are actually we're you know like elsewhere in the universe now we were you have told me before that you yourself have never witnessed any u.f.o. sightings up in space but another astronaut seems to believe in alien existence and that is great britain's 1st person in space helen sharman she was just 27 years old back in 1009. one when she was launched to the mir space station on a soviet saw hughes rocket from the baikonur cosmodrome she has been quoted by the
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press as saying quote aliens exist there are no 2 ways about it what do you make of her comments are her sentiments are those comments or are they and usual among astronauts. i think probably she meant she meant to me are what she said meant what i also believe that these other intelligent life out there in the universe back i personally believe that we cannot possibly be the height of arrogance that we're the only intelligent universe so that doesn't mean you've been i think there's intelligent life all over the universe so far we will never find each other i don't believe we've been visited so in the sense of aliens coming to earth i don't believe that but i create there's definitely have to be other intelligent life out there in fact i think there's a lot of that out there it's just that the universe never only roy you are just breaking the hearts of alien lovers across the country right now that is sad to hear. what are your thoughts on those those fast repeating radio bursts that
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astronomers discovered in recent years could those be signs of alien life somewhere out there or do you think they're attributable to something else. yes these are very interesting that we do have these repeated fast radio bursts we don't know what they are could it be some alien intelligence transmitting some kind of signal well it's hostile more likely it's some kind of natural phenomenon some kind of rotating you know pole stars black hole interactions regular intervals you know a mathematics tends to come with the periodic solutions for certain systems dynamics systems hard to say of course that we cannot know definitively most likely natural phenomenon in my in my opinion but you know there's always the possibility right that gives hope i think to a lot of u.f.o. enthusiasts that maybe that is their way of contacting us earthlings here and lastly we were i can i get your comment on the new dark craft that nasa will be
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sending to crash land on an asteroid moon very soon they say it's going to be the size of a pyramid and gaze at why are we looking to to crash land something on an asteroid or it's the right of the moon to steer a moon that's orbiting this asteroid is pretty strong progress probably wrote us as one of the pyramids. at the spacecraft whose experiment actually is very interesting it is to show or demonstrate that they are able she wants to kinetic vehicle that is said to be very fast 6.6 kilometers a 2nd and smash it into what might be an incoming asteroid as brett threatens the earth and so what we're doing is going to impact this mood and see if we can change just orbit very slightly observer what telescopes and measure to see how effective might be of doing this spacecraft is due to watch sometime next year about a year from now and the actual impact will happen about 11000000 kilometers away so
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pretty far away but you know you seem to see. a lawyer i think we've seen a movie about this that will take up that pans out as always good to see you thank you so much for this input on what day. of one orbit thank you so much. over to hong kong where the ongoing protests have resulted in one police officer getting stabbed the 1st one to warn you the video you're about to see might be very disturbing the officer was in the middle of skirmishes with a large group of protesters where a man in the crowd there in the middle of your screen wearing a burgundy shirt wrestling with the officer and then apparently stabs him while he's on the ground hong kong police arrested that protester identified as a man on a london bound flight. all right we're going to hams at the sports h.q. major league soccer is getting ready to come back but not everything is so great in
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paradise it's not florida has issues but major league soccer though is one way from resuming its even florida in the bubble at the sports complex in orlando yet things there are off to a rocky start before players even have hit the pitch and the last of the 6 players from f.c. dallas have tested positive for cocaine $1000.00 since arriving in orlando a few hours later reports in the athletic have a total up to $109.00 of those being players and a coach all of all those positive cases they tested negative before they left dallas on sunday members of the club including players coaches and staff are 14 to their rooms until results are received from further testing positive cases are sounding some alarms as all 26 m.l.s. teams are expected to arrive for the tournament starts on july 8th growing concerns around the ability for the league to prevent kovan 1000 from penetrating the bubble in m.l.s. as a test before the n.b.a. joins them later in the month f.c. dallas is scheduled to open group play on july 9th against the hoover white caps.
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the french open is one of the iconic grand slams on any tennis fans calendar but do the coronavirus the annual spring event was pushed back to september now organizers have given hope to those who want to attend in person roland garos will have 60 percent of its usual spectator capacity for the 1st round of plans of temper $27.00 french federation. president. chile said that the main courts for people mass can sit together other course will see one out of 2 seats empty to observe social distancing organizers into speech 20000 spectators during the early stage of the tournament while about $10000.00 will be there for the finals the f.f.t. prepared health and safety protocol to ensure fancy those concerns for organizers exist though after some players in the recent audio tour tested positive for covert 19 could in world number one novak djokovic masks will be recommended but not required when fans line up outsiders that stands but are you know recommended when they are moving around as needed is the only grand slam that will feature fans
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behind all of the players on the court as the u.s. open in august will be held behind closed doors but the a.t.p. and tours have been on ice since march and the great manila to be able to see everybody back in action it will be great despite the concerns in florida to see m.l.s. and the n.b.a. coming back we missed it the m.l.s. was only 2 games of the season when they were told you know it's going take a great while happy to see them back but not at the risk of people getting severely sick especially since a lot of younger people are becoming more severely ill and that is the concern with teams in florida is your say you can prevent in the bible but how much can you actually can't really control everything regina hamm thank you so much all right stick around we will be back at 5 o'clock with a lot more news coated 19 cases continued to rise in america weeks after reopening with several sunbelt states emerging as new virus hotspots and prisons nationwide are trying to contain the virus as a number of inmates have died as a result of contracting corona virus but that is it for right now make sure you
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isolation community. are you going the right way or are you. what is true what is faith. in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the death. or inmate in the shallow. greetings and sell you take shims all right while millions and millions of people living in the united states will wake up on july the 1st with no idea how to pay their rent or earn an income in the wake of both the us congress and the trumpet
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ministrations abject failure to protect and support us during the cold 19 pandemic that my friends will not be the biggest news story of the week or the day no it will not no no no that slot is reserved for yet another helping of russia gate or in this case what the. gate oh actually no you can't use bounty gate because that was the new orleans saints a few years back when they put bounties on play ok so by the gates you can't use that as the way some kind of gate will eventually find its way to the end of this round of scandal involving the brand name in chief u.s. president donald trump and of course who the russians as we discussed earlier this week the new york times reported recently that american intelligence officials have concluded that a russian military intelligence unit secretly offered bounties to taliban linked militants for killing callers and forces in afghanistan including targeting them.


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