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hello and welcome to redacted an ivy league camp today i talked with journalist and author dan kovalchuk about his brand new book no more war how the west violates international law by using humanitarian intervention to advance economic and strategic interests it's an incredible and important book i guarantee you'll learn something from our conversation also coming up we'll go to naomi caravan a for some important redacted stories and natalie mcgill for mind blowing old news about how a black community was destroyed in order to build a central park in new york city but 1st here's my interview with them deval fayaz thanks for taking the time to be here thank you lee great to be here you have an
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excellent new book people can probably see it over your shoulder there no more war it's a must read about how we here in the u.s. use humanitarian intervention to justify horrible acts of war and you start off by by talking a little about the trump presidency and probably almost everyone watching this can agree he's been a catastrophe in myriad ways so many ways you know you can't really count them all but in terms of for him paul policy it's very telling when the mainstream media and the establishment truly freak out when they freak i mean they do the moments they truly lose it and how terrible trump is they freak out in moments such as when trump said he'd be withdrawing our troops from syria or when he threatened to create peace with north korea can you talk about what the reaction of our media and really most members of congress tells us. yeah well another great example is
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a current one trump is saying he wants to remove 9000 troops from germany we have like 35000 troops in germany very few people probably know that i was surprised to know we had that many and so trump is saying we don't need him there let's bring him home immediately the media has jumped on him of course raising the russian menace hysteria saying oh you're giving in to putin iloveyou take 9000 troops out of germany you have congressman eliot engel a leading democrat out in new york he is trying to pass legislation to prevent trum from taking the troops out of germany so it's quite interesting another great example was of course trump's overtures to north korea to make a peace plan again he was highly criticized for that he was portrayed as some psycho type of a do for kim jong un and of course that peace process has has eviscerated
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he recently said we need to end our and less wars. that's something i think a lot of people who get behind in the media seems very just about that notion and then conversely they called trump presidential and other wonder for accolades when he started bombing syria i want to stay on that topic here for a minute john bolton's book you know his new book has been leaked out and he in it i've read the 1st few chapters it's tough to read such tripe but i'm doing the best i can but in a couple of hours and it's fascinating bungs talking about syria and about how they had used chemical weapons and the u.s. needed to respond and yet he couldn't get general mattis and donald trump to really bomb aggressively to really blow syria up he know he talked about it his
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frustration about not getting them to do that and how mad it was was supporting its efforts but of course what's never said in all of that and in all of the discussion i've seen in the mainstream media is that we're talking about a war criminal john bolton another war criminal general mattis and war criminal donald trump all talking about how best to commit more war crimes based on reports of chemical weapons of tags that we now know were cooked up to you talk about that for a moment the idea that we just had to you know again humanitarian intervention we had to bomb syria based on these on verified reports of chemical weapons. yes and we've seen this a number of times we saw it under obama we've seen it under trump on several occasions there's thing kinds of chemical attacks in syria as you note there's good evidence that some some of those least were staged. and immediately
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people including the media including liberals and human rights groups called for bombings and again it was interesting to see. that is you know for the 1st time in may the only time ever trump was called presidential was when he did bomb syria and the critique of the trump syria policy is that he is bombed too much but that he has a bomb and not meanwhile you see very little reports very recently the u.s. has destroyed wheat fields in syria which is a war crime but again that appears to be completely on where the. press is attention. so let's move on to the overall idea of humanitarian enter vention which is the most of what your book is about when i was a wee college student at university of virginia my girlfriend was dying to see an author speak someone i had never heard of and so i went with her and and i was very impressed by this young woman speaker who explained how we had this obligation to
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protect victims of genocide around the world that woman's name was samantha power and she ultimately was important in the obama administration of course it's easy to convince a naive college kid that we have to help out the rest of the world but samantha powers goals were much more pernicious than that talk about who samantha power is and what she represents. well she is a very interesting figure she wrote a book which as you said said that the u.s. and the west need to be of all work against genocide in the book is called a problem from hell and the interesting thing about the book which weighs in about a 1000 pages is that the basic assumption is that everyone else in the world commits genocide not the west not to us and that it's right and that it's our moral duty to stop these genocide one of course it ignores is that many of our military
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actions and many of our. governments in other countries that we know literally support actually create genocide and the most interesting in terrible case of this was something samantha power was herself involved and she had some of the warty of it under the obama administration as the ambassador u.s. ambassador to the u.n. she and hillary clinton and susan rice is now being considered for b.p. pushed obama to help lead the nato invasion of libya what we now know when many of us knew then was that this invasion undermined human rights actually created a genocide or been subsaharan africans living in libya and libya now as a result of the jihad is being put power by obama and samantha power at all
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now there are subsaharan africans being sold on the street as slaves and so samantha power the irony of people like samantha power is they say that we need to intervene to protect human rights when oh most invariably interventions undermine human rights. right right there the invasion of liberate libya is a perfect example we did that along with nato and you know we took one of the most developed and successful african nations and like you said turned it into a hell hole of competing warlords and slave markets but we did this to help them we thank goodness we were there to help them create slave markets and we now know you know thanks to emails from wiki leaks that we know that behind closed doors while our leaders and samantha power and hillary clinton will go forward and talk about humanitarian needs in public behind closed doors in their private e-mails
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there's as you point out in your book there's almost no discussion of humanitarian needs of the of these countries when we're going to bomb or invade them. well yeah in fact the e-mails show that i do detail in the book that hillary clinton team the team in particular knew that by the time nato started bombing libya any true human rights concerns they. had vanished by that point you know they claim amongst other things that they were in libya to save their own cars and from being attacked by the gadhafi forces if you look at the e-mails between sidney blumenthal the clinton clinton's closest advisors on this and hillary clinton he makes it clear. this is not it was safe and under the control of the opposition by the time nato starts bombing but he says specifically we need to keep
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going we need to keep on going we need to create regime change and why because we need to be able to take over libya for the west for oil for infrastructure investment and for his gold and that's exactly what happened. and then the other countries within nato had had their own reasons because you know he got a major donation from gadhafi for his campaign and he didn't want that to come out and believe it was in a league with able to get out of billions of dollars they live in by bringing down gadhafi really is a despicable motivation behind this so-called humanitarian intervention recently the trump administrator who has been working very hard to destroy the power of the international criminal court the i.c.c. but they're not the 1st of his very soon to say the i face a cannot investigate or prosecute american why is it so important for the u.s. to undermine an international body that prosecutes war crimes. yeah well because
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it's pretty incontrovertibly that it's the us that commits the most war crimes around the world largely because it's the us that is engaged in multiple wars around the world like no other country and from the very beginning. the u.s. . has great antipathy towards even the idea of the international criminal court bill clinton. as president helped to negotiate the rome statute of the international criminal court made sure that its provisions particularly to go after countries for wars of aggression. he made sure that those provisions were weak that the i.c.c. was weak and then he backed out of the i.c.c. all again the u.s. is not even a party to the u.s. also does not sign on to as you talk about the book the convention of the elimination of all forms of discrimination against women nearly every country has
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signed on to it but not the u.s. is that same reasoning behind the eyes if they are why is it the u.s. won't sign on to the. well the u.s. in this case has a very specific reason because that convention requires equal pay for equal work of course as we know the u.s. does not have legal protection for equal pay for equal work we know in practice women make a fraction of what men do for the same work and so the u.s. didn't want to sign on to a convention that would require it to fix that problem yeah you're discuss in your book how every war the u.s. fights is a war of choice can you speak about that and why that matters so much. yeah i mean so 1st of all because we have a nation that runs from the pacific to the atlantic and because we're so strong militarily we urgently face no serious outside military threats now and
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certainly of any sustained kind and so every war we go get involved in which tend to be halfway around the world are ones of choice meaning we can do without a self defense we're not fighting to protect the homeland it's not like a pearl harbor type attack that we're fighting and by the way is a mention under the u.n. charter it's only in matters of self-defense that a country can act unilaterally. to use military force and yet the u.s. time and again use military force because it has some other interests it wants to advance again it is some. long far away part of the world and against countries that have their really can't even defend themselves from our invasion right. in this the last minute i just wanted to kind of sum it up here we do we
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don't sign on to the sea dog and to protect women we don't sign on to the i think say we're dropping roughly a bomb every 12 minutes around the world we spend more than on military then something like the next 10 countries combined we have 900000 military bases around the world so the question is is the united states of america a rogue state in your opinion. i would absolutely agree it is people like noam chomsky has been saying that for years that the u.s. is the rogue state in the world that really needs to be reined in and i totally agree with that dan kovalchuk the book is no more war i can't thank you enough keep doing great work. thank you really really appreciate it let's go a short break but real quick i want to let you know that soon the full redacted anite episode will be available on the free streaming app portable t.v. it's at portable dot tv slash download all the segments of our shows will still be
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available at youtube dot com slash redacted tonight but for the full episodes go to portable t.v. brag a lot more. the young we want transparency they want to know where this is headed and they're doing the man the one night stand that they're going to get rid of which they don't want rapidly and they're putting themselves together they're courting very slowly this pandemic is making them be even more careful they will continue to be careful and they will. at least a decade i don't know if generation or seller partnerships. thousands of american men and women choose to serve in the country's military and the decision. every song came to a complete. stroke you know told
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a shot to kill me and i see how it destroyed my life and he screamed at me me me come in and he grabbed my arm and he raped me to his berth thinking if you take into account that women don't report because of the extreme retaliation and it's probably somewhere near about half a 1000000 women have now been sexually assaulted in the u.s. military is a very very traumatizing tapping but i've never seen trauma like i've seen from women who are veterans who have suffered military sexual trauma reporting really is more likely to get the victim punished the offender and almost 10 year career which i was very invested in and i gave a sex offender who was not even going to justice or. but on the registry is simply an issue of power and violence male sexual predators but a large part of targets whoever is there to prey upon whether that's men or women.
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welcome back i'm still leave camp i'm sure you're getting sick i'm a so let's go to correspondent naomi giovanni for some more redacted stories thankfully networks cancelled the t.v. reality show cop the longest running program in the u.s. along with its off through live p.t. after only 3 weeks of demonstrations against police violence for the show cops it made sense the show was declining in popularity anyways but line p.d. had millions of viewers these come up again to shows had to come in for a long time activists were trying to shut these shows down for decades not only was it problematic misery porn in their pursuit of criminals these shows were committing crimes who knew making justice a circus would distort it they threaten people who wouldn't sign release forms and encourage cops to make more arrests that lead to more brutal encounters law enforcement leaders who worked with those programs say the presence of t.v.
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crews resulted in more traffic stops to keep the action moving you can't just say after a low crime shift all right back up boys hope someone shows up with a few grams of weed in their car tomorrow and i hope those viewers are happy with 3 hours of the open road and 5 minutes of a traffic stop for a going 30 in a 25. these counts actually hope something will happen when to do a search hopefully we can find. while these cancellations unfold live p.d. is dealing with a scandal involving destroying the footage of a fatal traffic stop that started because an austin man named javier ambler didn't dim his headlights williamson county texas police had a chase that ended in death that was filmed by live p.d. the video of the tragic death of javier ambler was captured by body cam worn on the
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officers involved as well as the producers of life cd who are writing with certain officers involved it is a very very serious concern to any of us who are in law enforcement that their decision to engage in that chase was driven more by a need to provide entertainment and then it was to commute keep williamson county residents say come on we knew it was a bad idea all all song exploiting vulnerable people on the worst day of their lives for entertainment was a perverse sport so of course it was canceled and if you think i'm exaggerating by calling it a sport the williamson county sheriff robert showed he made baseball cards and t. shirts with pictures of local deputies filmed on the show some of which are currently being sold online and now i'm demanding more transparency those officers are not putting their weight on those cards after all transparency
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is what lie p.d. says it all for us since it airs almost live with a delay to edit out extremely unflattering episodes to police murdering somebody the producer dan abrams was shocked and beyond disappointed about this to the loyal live p.d. the nation please know why we did everything we could to fight for. for you and for our continuing effort transparency in policing this is shocking to many who believe these shows are of the truth these company ganda lovers are asking in a society without live cop shows who will harass people at their homes hoping they do something illegal with full production crews who will normalize aggressive police violence who will make cops feel like simple heroes and i ask you citizens who when a cop is running after the suspect who will then run after him with the blue money
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we're not only surrounded by an unnecessary amount of police in america we're also inundated with media friendly to police and some media even working for the police telling only their story and cop again is more widespread than you think cops consult on movies and series helping mold the characters to their self conception and then they take cubes from those characters in their own police work so t.v. cameras make cops behave worse and body cameras don't make any difference at all however a fame song a home by a bystander can change policing forever i think the cancellations happen the little fast i mean think about homeowners reality show consumers to satisfy their craving for conflict and grittiness with a sense of justice we're really going to go shipping wars. where they argue about how to deliver a boat. this scary in these guys they missed the boat
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i'm the one to take the blame you mean tie it down ours well if you don't want it rolling around in the back of your truck i would i am about 2 seconds away from using homeboys mustache to tie it down but you know what. i can get into this and finally as many people are waking up to the reality of our racist country perhaps it's time to talk about where central park came from in new york city i lived. there for 12 years not in central park only only a couple years were on the benches of central park but i lived in new york for 12 years and central park as everyone knows is a pivotal and important area of new york city and it's got so mind blowing old history is now when we go. gentrification it's the reason why you might not see anyone who looks like me in
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the neighborhood of a major american city or why your city's culture has been reduced to a running club at your local shake shack and why a former new york governor candidate who looks like he moved whites as santa claus at a very progressive mall repeatedly said rent. and if you're a native new yorker from burroughs like brooklyn and queens you've seen your neighborhoods term whiter than the poop from a dog belonging to a woman now internet famous for refusing to leave while she's sick the cops on a black man for calling her out but the part that woman stood in central park is actually the site of one of new york city's earliest examples of gentrification a chunk of modern day central park was 1st home to a black community formed in the 18th twenties called seneca village block residents bought plots of land that formed the community so. really years before new york state officially abolished slavery in july 18th 27 and agreed to become
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a community of mostly working class and middle class families who want to stay the hell away from the busier and more racist parts of manhattan the same way native new yorkers know to stay the hell away from pictures of time square mascots who look like what you get when you ask gary busey to draw his favorite cartoon characters from memory yet as seneca village thrived lower manhattan was getting as crowded as that florida bar where an idiot woman and her 15 friends all got the coronavirus by the mid a 100 fifties city officials who had the means to travel dreams of a centralized public park modeled after fancier ones they've seen during travels to europe despite the fact the united states thought of whole ass war less than a century earlier to not be like europe but the over 700 acres of future parkland the new york government had their eyes on had seneca village in its crosshairs the
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store atlee when white people saw something they wanted that minorities already had the usually murdered and pillaged to get it unless it's our skin color they definitely don't want that but when traditional pillaging looks bad that's where government sanctioned pillaging comes in in the form of land seizure through eminent domain and it's much easier to garner public support for kicking people out of their homes if you vilify them that's why the national park service noted that as the development of central park grew closer newspapers and politicians began to describe the villages as shanty towns they called the residents denizens squatters vagabonds and scoundrels. as much as i hate coded language oh 19th century insults like vagabond and scoundrel so much more romantic than just calling them
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pieces of. or doing what the new york times did in just straight up calling it the n. word village some might watch this thing. if it's eminent domain then at least they got money for their labor. and if you truly believe that seneca village residents were actually compensated fairly for what the land was already worth then you're probably someone who thinks that the creator of living single actually got credit for creating a show about 6 single friends living in new york city before the creator of friends ripped it off a year later today the modern equivalent is private venture capitalists who get tax breaks to develop an economically depressed areas which drives up the cost of living and displaces residents whose generational wealth was held in their home resulting in culturally sanitized space is filled with cops who give gentrifiers a sense of security while making the lives of displaced residents
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a living hell we certainly can't bring seneca village back but if manhattan's black ancestors exacted revenge i'm willing to bet it was the diarrhea that new york cops tried to spin as poisoning at a manhattan shake shack. to be fair being that full of injustice can be hard to digest. this is natalie mcgill redacted tonight and that's the show can you believe it's over so soon but watch out for a brand new episode of redacted tomorrow night and to get full episodes of redacted anytime you want to grab the free app portable t.v. also check out my new book bullet points and punch lines got an intro for jimmy door forward from chris hedges it's at least cam book dot com good night and good 5 .
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you cannot be both with the yeah you want. unilateral police station of occupy territory use eagle under international law this is exotic with israel intends to do when it comes to the west bank on this edition of the program we just goes flying israel is doing this international reaction in the state of the policy. so rumors assume. search is going to be named chris mihm the new more.
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number. of those who just can stuff it up with if they get in here that oh. and how to cut is a very international community. media used to the trick we're going to. move this to the kids who keep it as the slow slow slow use of the need to eat. those who pushed them at the world food used to look at the brazil through their nuclear cooperation in antarctica is everything produced polluted with the forms of t.v. with the of the media. the have and with the fact that all day but i decided not to take this life. with my gave you that.
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right. hello there i'm an election and you're watching in question broadcasting from our to america's national news headquarters in washington d.c. here tonight's top stories 1st a black man in louisiana making a passionate case for removing the name of a confederate general robert eve leave from a high school is out right disrespected by a school board member caught on line shopping during his plea we're going to show that to you bend over to san francisco where police departments there are changing the way it releases mug shots to the public we'll tell you what's behind that sudden move. in the senate kills an amendment to the n.d.a. that would have ended the u.s. war in afghanistan we're going to discuss that with our panel.


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