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hey next up what a story he's been through a lot heroin addiction at age 12 can you imagine prison onto a hollywood career in over 300 films use it as testimony to help others every day of his life we're joined by next with the great danny trejo on dennis miller plus one. day folks welcome to dennis miller plus one who are joined today you know one of those one of those visage is that you immediately clock who it is easy actor entrepreneur danny trejo danny said a long hollywood career i think i read over 300 films. yes that is hard and he's known for his roles in films like heat which is a classic con air also appeared t.v. shows like breaking bad brooklyn $99.00 with andy and sons of anarchy and he has
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a new film on documentary actually inmate number one the rise of danny trejo which comes out on digital on july 7th we'll get the platforms for you danny welcome nice to have your brother god bless you very few thank you so much. and that i'm tell you years ago i read a short story by a science fiction writer named harlan ellison he talked about the scariest moment of his life he was in a balcony in new york and he didn't have any place to stay stories watching the film time after time he was broke there was a guy in the front row who was bitching at a guy behind them and the guy behind him just went whoosh up the owl grabbed the guy threw him over the thing and it was over like that the suddenness of the violence blew his mind when i was reading notes on you and you were talking about in the in prison that you don't have time for mad that you go just to rage that gave you the same sort of shell that there's no mitigator in there
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right you don't want to get caught fighting right well that's the whole thing is that you prison and the last thing you want to do is get in a fight simply because you get caught and the punishment for getting a fight is the same punishment 1st step in somebody and you need to get away with the stabbing but you can't get away with a fight. i got danny when i think about you going in as a young man and and now you're i don't know what 45 to so years sober. what it what did you why what clicked in your head that allowed you to serve people after coming from that hard to school you know dentist in 1988 single or my oh everybody think single of my own means 5th of may but but if you're a real mexican like right from your heart siegel in my own means you better get
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bail money because you're going to jail it just it's just automatic sync with my oh . spell backwards is the key to us so you know you're drunk and you're going to do something stupid singular money oh $968.00 insall a dead. we it was alleged that we incited a riot me rape by check or henry and it was also alleged that i saw it sergeant givens in the head with a rock 10 givens and then. rape but chicken. shocked a free person enrique at the coach show we went to the hole and basically those are 3 gas chamber offenses that's automatic you know either life or good and so consequently i kind of made a deal that of god let me die with dignity instead yell and scream and visit my parents i would say his name every day and i would do whatever i can for my fellow
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man i thought it was just going to be a couple of years in they'd kill me but god for me and he gave me the rest of my life to live up to that promise and i've i've i've said his name every day i've helped somebody every day or a lot of people there every day and he's he's looked his bargain and. i'm living up to mine in fact i asked him a couple of days ago hey god how my doing and he said you're almost out of hell danny keep it up you know. so that's what i don't i don't i don't i don't condemn anybody that doesn't want to help that doesn't want to give they don't know i owe my life. well that's israel a testimony as i can hear and that's condensed one minute you hear when a man is right at the brink of his life and isn't it ironic that he to be in solitaire to be alone in the hallway to say and the find the most important
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presence in your life and that moment invented us that that boggles the mind problem there. and it was and it was real it was a like a joke because when i came out of the hole i went may where i came out of the hole in august. is was completely do i have to start helping people in prison and that that opens you up to wonder ability because all of a sudden you're like a you're like a johnny b. good guy you know you're. triple check story so i thank god i had enough respect i was lightweight multiway champion of the pan fighting but i was involved in everything the legal and so i had to switch that you know i judged and a 12 'd step program and i started doing good i started helping my fellow women i started seeing good morning and it's funny but the one dody says good morning especially the been gentry nobody says how you do. you know how everybody's
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doing you can get killed because he didn't get a letter you know whether it's so but you know you don't want to. help speed a bad ass at least i saw in the squared circle and they said well danny wants to help me left the scrape i'll let him do it i'll give him a little extra fake it's because i know he's a bad did you then get sober inside the ending yeah yeah yeah that's why so did august 23rd 968 and. i left the whole i mean august 29th and. i was just like i said trying to help trying to do whatever i could and everybody. you know what they did they saw the chains you know i had the bag i had the heroin baby i gave it away or you know i can't do it i can't do this and i still got money but i didn't i didn't deal with. and help people to have to end that kind of stuff but you know i didn't. cut out the drinking in the using then
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but i didn't cut out some of the you know selling cigarettes by and so you know as the back and refreeze up and up got a good step by step brother there's a lot of coffee and smokes at 12 step put it that you can get out a lot of you just can't bring the whole curtain rod like that your own of booze in somebody's although it says a stop smoking here. we're talking to danny trejo i want to talk about the specifics of the documentary inmate number one the rise of danny trejo which is coming out on streaming pretty soon i'm saying you know when you get on the film sets and there's all that photo drama i mean i've only been around 10 films but i've watched people weiner got you know where's the where's the sag not a bar on the craft service table is that are you kidding this is absolutely crazy do you realize sort of a bad life can get
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a trifle sort of own stuff us maybe make you laugh when you see the drama right. i've been on movie sets it's funny like we go to a movie in the desert right and so ok i take some 100 in the and i complain about the heat late a minute when you know i don't mean during the desert you know it's going to be here i get my son to work i had a blanket give me takes laden on it just because you can't get your face damn because makers will get mad and ship it up when i get to 10 you know simply because it's like. we're we're so blessed to be in this big. and that just this is god's favorite kids hear this and your base is going to be on every t.v. set in the world so not do something with it so what do i have to do with it is it's a platform to help kids stay off the drugs to help them get education to help homeless
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people. to do whatever i can for my film and that's why i'm here and that's what my mom said my macit been a movie star and shit you're you're here for the platform and that and that's it that's what i'm doing right now this is why this is why i'm talking to you you're famous you know you're talking to me we're doing this so people will say hey minutes let's try to stay off the drugs you know let's let's it was fun to. identify hopper. to this but ice to be this search you know i used to be a sponsor and he used to. monica and conny brought brought him to me at a meeting at a ca meeting and and they said we want you to meet dennis riggs he could help you shot did a certain i mean a dentist heard my pits and afterwards he looked at me and says man i mean like if
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you can stay clean anybody can stay clean up. and i. yeah i guess i think but he stayed could we we see that he was a clipper slam you know i mean we would go to clippers game nobody in the stands this was like clippers 1st cabe l.a. you know 8 people in this panel dennis this is embarrassing to judge of them and and so well it's so we got we got clean he got clean and it was just awesome to be around somebody that stays clean but when he said that i realized wait a minute maybe my story can help some kid that's on the same path go along the only way. and. we've had a we there's like a lot a lot of success thank god you know right now work and me and mario christie oh or working with the lifers because we got a bill passed that lets juveniles kids that were sentences juveniles that got life
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in prison can now come up for parole because you're a different man at 17 you're different man as for him so we've got we've got guys that went into prison 4550 years old and they went in when they were 17 minute cousin gilbert he went in when he was 17 he got out when he was 55 years old a completely different way right now he is actually the electrician for the. the new ram stadium. you know. that's great so you don't you don't need any and so it's so ironic to me the way the life turns out sometimes if when you look at you and in your roles much at the end that what a bad to come off as and to think what a nice feeling must be for you and your mom i mean got you madge and her heart uli and when you turn out to be the angel on the horizon for somebody faithful you know it's like the back saying you know it's truly thrilling the thought that it's the
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human condition all balled up in one chapter i want to talk to more about the specifics of it you can talk all you want but the see this documentary folks i think you've got to take a deeper dive on this inmate number one the rise of danny trejo my son tells me makes a hell of a taco so this we got to talk to lots of. other groups then he tried to help. me see that let me see the. that's dixie. it's going to take and baby. you know what danny we're going to now got her after a dental benefits by putting her on t.v. she could not apply for health care program. gets right after the break that is miller plus one. to. join me
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every focused on the alex simon chill and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then. so who is a susan times he's a suit she's going to be memphis on the. number. their mother he just came up with a ticket did you hear that a. kentucky is a very international community it. can be used to attract news you need to. know this is a good idea to keep the sorry says he sees it. as a push some of the with mr hooper from brazil so there you can see
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a comparison in thought to go he's everything because he was the lead with the for some 32 with the bush era in the above the. flood behave and what effect it will take but i decided not to take his place. when i can tell you that. hey folks welcome back to dennis miller plus one and we're joined by danny trejo dixie over there we met i think that's another coach in a background maybe looks like coach central over there baby yeah. it's like a man who are injured at the cherry house i read the story you know it's why it's so odd that he the way that your career happens because that's one of my favorite old movies i'm a big john john boyd bad that i had the movie out of that would be a runaway train and that's that's where you tap in and it's so inadvertent right
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tell us that great story about your 1st year all set of a movie called runaway train i run into a guy named eddie bunker bunker was famous in prison because he used to write ritz and ritz have to be grammatically correct in the language of the quarter or they can kick him out you link him a misspelling they can get him up and so he would read your transcript you charge $100.00 to read your strengths and then and then it would be on. dollars for each written came up with every transcript had to rip because police makes mistakes d.a.'s make mistakes and and so. people would pay so he got $1.00 thing and oh and. i ran into him and i did he what do you do when he says i wrote i wrote the screenplay adapted the screenplay i didn't know that man but who i want to do is a 50 bucks they were given as an extra and. and from there.
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he said he still boxing and he saw me when the light when the welterweight title up and sank when i did not know on a box you know one of 40 years old he said we need somebody to train one of the actors how to box as well i still train how much does it pay and he said $320.00 a day i said how did you want to be no young could keep one. or the other one if you were you know i thought he was pissed at somebody and i wanted a. guy up your response or i'm sorry and and i want to get to beat him up every day and and. and so i sed he said 1000000 be careful this actor my son i said that eddie for 320 bucks give him a stick are you crazy i didn't either for. we started training after eric roberts got a box for the movie runaway train and they had another guy. to
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fight eric in this movie but the director under a cudgel of a ski very soft spoken russian shaunie. and the other guy was was this was kind of this pretty 0 you know and so a narrative pretty is a sister so they were like they were like 30 guys fighting in japan. doesn't look right defeat exactly right and. not so sure of the under a can't say in contrast contrast like i was there it was purty i was mean look at yourself so i got i got hired to fight eric in this movie that gave me a ton hartley that gave me. that gave me everything i was all of a sudden. an actor i went from being a youth to mr trail and asking me if i wanted coffee you know yes and
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doing my hair i got to wear makeup and nobody left you know i mean i did good work make up and up show me an area of a sudden. i had a trailer there you know that you were there were a lot of the ruddy legged enduro trailer it's a good i dress i thought the 1st day i dressed in my car and eddie saw me and what do you do it as a good dress or look i'm a i'm a i'm an actor and then you got a trader so woes go after that i got a picture of me going. my maid. eddie eddie thought he was having trouble get as money inside i collected your your net points and hollywood that's what he really knew you could get scripts but it's. that what i got paid i mean so much money i thought they made a mistake guinness you and me so i was running to the bank to cash it before they
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realized and it is times we go and i said many homes so why is it. no more paid for i had a meal penalty you know. and they gave me money for that you know and so a lot of the liberal i didn't know but old t.o.t.n. and and and golden time i know about all that and we were working like 1617 hours every day so every day just doubled i couldn't believe i got more i got paid more money than i ever made in a robbery ever made in a drug deal ever than i ever made and i won't i want to be a better folks can you imagine this documentary i am so all over this i got i got to ask right now a bit before i forget inmate number one the rise of debt if you're a hoe just this 20 minutes i talk to the cat i don't think it this is one of the all time great sales what is it coming out dad what will work or if i want separate
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why 7 it will be out and i'm so proud of what they did and i really believe that we're going to use this as a as a deterrent in schools and of course we'll show it in the bin and juvenile hall you know because it's not so much where you start it's where you are in and it is more about redemption then than glorifying anything you 1st used heroin when you were 12 years old had a number of my uncle gilbert to me on the grass when i was 8 and don't condemn him for that please i wish it was like you know when i speak in schools and i say my uncle. term yawn to weed at 8 and the kids aren't pages ok and the more i say that to a doctor whom oh my god but everybody knows if somebody is smoking marijuana in your family they're trying to turn everybody on whether the 891011 years old so that's what you've got to watch out for don't be surprised because that's what's
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going on i you know i can go down so you 8910 year old kids right now that if they're not smoking weed they're sniffing glue so it's like wait a minute we've we don't need we have a big war on drugs no it's a big war on drug addicts you know we need help you know not not and steel bar therapy doesn't work but in kids in june all doesn't work sending kids the life in prison does a word you know it's like there's got to be something else. i think i think there were they say there's a 10 percent of the people in prison along in prison the rest of the people could be sure of it somewhere else and i think addiction that's a disease i do not think that is a crime and whatever you do as an addict it's because you're an addict not because you're bad at you know i did robberies because i needed money because i was i was
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sick and and everything i did i did as a. means a ways and means to get more drugs i would never steal from my mom or my dad man not if i wasn't you not if i didn't you have a sickness. you know and so is your effort to get out of prison wish with your heart so hardened where you were you incapable like receiving good feelings from people or it you already got a 1st step up from being an star and asking god to come into your life and where you are stopped and one more reason that i wanted i would the day i got out i got out on a saturday sunday i will stand out from my mom's trying to think all k. now how do i be dudley do right here and when you know everybody was scared of me and my mom's neighborhood they were petrified of me like a robber out the minister in the lead and i think it ok or i do and i seem just
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lazy dragging our trash can this was 1969 and she was dragged because in 69 you didn't have the big kind of roll away trash cans you had you put everything in a tub and drug it out and then the guy would dump it and i seen are dragging it out and i want to help or i that's what i do i want to help her and she says let me draw was did it don't rob me death as a jetta grab your ass pulled it out and then i seen she had another one and i went got it the lady never took her eyes off me because she knew i was going to break her garage and steal so and i didn't i grabbed the trash can i put it and she didn't say thank you to use them if you couldn't you didn't know what happened and that's when i started doing i started picking out my mom's neighbor's trash on sundays because the trash man came on mondays you know the old people not you know it's all i did the 1st present i ever got was
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a suede fake suede. leather jacket and it was like a blazer double breasted beautiful they were very popular in the 1969 fix way to school and. and i that's that was what i did so it wasn't that i was hard and i was kind of trying to figure out how to be nice how to be good thank you so got me involved in a program called grip which was recovery independence and freedom and it was all these little kids that were kind of well off that had gotten sent here by the court instead of going to juvenile hall. so the minute i walked in there up and i started talking about going to prison all of them had court dates so they want to hear you know they want to hear what was going on so god put me right in the right spot i got some friends from that time that were in that program. that is to
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clean your room if. you still can what. i know it's a documentary what's coming out here on july 7th that me there inmate number one the rise of danny child but i still got this reads like great fiction i know it's your life but i'm telling you this could be such a movie i mean all the all the anti-hero should have played are the arrows you played playing yourself would certainly be the most textured character you'd ever be offered and i understand now and my son tells me tell me but this trail is tacos i hear that the food is nice she ought to go national with aside from the delicious we're i didn't fit everything good again is that it happened to me as happened as a direct result of helping someone else i did a favor for somebody i gotta do what budget i didn't know budget movie called bad
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acts and i had a chance to do another film there's a money but my agent gloria kind of said danny this is like this is like this could be really good and so we do this favor for this guy great marse was a direct route. and we did this movie bad s. listen to your agent it turned into a trilogy and i written into a guy a producer named ash show and he saw that i eat good food only process who i eat all fresh everything and and he didn't want to open a restaurant and i said trills tacos just joking because my mom always joked about having a restaurant but my dad was like the mexican archie bunker i got a kitchen right there where ever you want and. so we kill that but i said trails naco and to read later bad ass bad asses
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better some of the by you. ashed came to me with a business plan and again me being the brilliant businessman that i am i meet a gave it to gloria my agent and she read it and said. yes a no brainer for you so we opened up trails tacos on the brain. that did great when we opened a cruise cantina in hollywood. and. we just opened we have 7 restaurants we would go down to. you like the book guys rule so we go one in the airport 2 streams tacos terminal one. or listen man from inmate one to terminal one what a al of a long trip this is been you seem like such a than a cat man i can't tell you what
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a thrill it is for for me to meet you i mean really from where you came to the fact that you're opening up people to pay it forward to the next group of people to set off this chain reaction and that's like it is it's like a heartfelt fish n word explodes. god's blessed you mad and he's blessed for the world given us give us a cat like i'm. honored to meet you down thank you it's good to talk to you danny thanks coming on today this earlier. rashid will never really die this hoax has a life of its own also the foreign policy one mobilizes around old t.v. show.
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time after time corporations repeat the same mantra sustainability it's very important it's accelerate the transition to sustainable transport sustainability spain over man at a more equitable and sustainable well. they claim their production is completely hamas followed this nuclear. off leash kakadu dumbass number articles and got it done does not the prison companies want us to feel good about buying their products while the damage is being done far away this is 2nd eldest that's the point any minute i need money. the sun moves and news new me doing to me when i'm stymied seem to be based on that understood little so when.
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you care to be bold with me yet your what. thanks greetings and sal you take alright well well well welcome back hawk watchers from the hiatus i hope everybody is safe and sound happy and healthy out there in news t.v. land there is there is however one group out there we know are definitely not healthy and there are certainly not happy and that my friends is all of our historically racist statues and memorials here in the united states of america.


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