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tv   News  RT  July 7, 2020 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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we didn't. seem to. understand that so when in. the headlines an r.t. scientists and their collective letter to the world health organization accusing it of under playing the risk of transmission of coded 19 that is people flood back to restaurants and beaches after months at home meanwhile berlin's a public transport company courage is commuters there to stop using deodorants to make people wear face masks properly and election meddling european commission president is under fire over a video supporting croatia's ruling party that critics say does break a key code of conduct.
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hello there good morning it's tuesday the 7th of july watching r.t. international where it's just gone 11 o'clock am in the russian capital now with most countries in the world easing back to normality following months of locked and scientists are warning that the virus is no longer being treated seriously enough more than $200.00 researchers and doctors have sent a collective letter to the w.h.o. saying the risks of airborne transmission of being ignored we're concerned that the lack of recognition of the risk of airborne transmission of coded 19 and the lack of clear recommendations on the control measures against the airborne virus will have significant consequences that warning does come as people around the globe have been flooding back to shops bars restaurants and benches taylor has been assessing the risk of mass contagion. when mosco shut its restrictions on lockdown was lifted people wasted no time in pounding the pavement no mosques or clubs just
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some good old pretend to 20 close crowds and now a few weeks later off to several try months the brits are doing the same super saturday so will pubs cafes and restaurants fling open the doors and that the punters in. these scenes are testament to the sacred pace the point holds in british society but they also show that as time passes and people grow restless medical advice is left out the door both the world health organization and the prime minister boris johnson people to stay safe and to keep that distance from the drinking buddies but critics say it was wishful thinking from the start meanwhile across the atlantic americans were also to live their best lives again all around the nation states
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started emerging from hibernation pulling people out onto the beaches to the restaurants to the my clubs without a cat in the wilds the city of miami was the last city in the entire state of florida open i was criticized for waiting so long when we reopened people started as if the virus didn't didn't exist what followed was a side in cases and with rising fear that i see units would hit capacity within a matter of weeks much and see break on reopening those officials on health care experts warn the curve in $1000.00 is still very much annoyed what's more now scientists are warning that the virus could be born meaning that all these tiny particles that we have met when we when we know when we smile even when we grieve they stay suspended and tossed on to. next costs and i'm inhaled by them if it's not tons out to be true then even distance socializing isn't safe but you'd never
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of just looking up this 4th of july celebrations *. i. i i everyone wants this crisis to end many thought that reopening and pretending that things what tape was a good option but also catalonians also gives rabies also some the strain and all rather than something less to housetop walked out. it didn't that back in lockdown so if those super saturdays still want to be sipping points in the red british sun and oldest then maybe they should start listening to the doctors and take
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a step back given the current situation we have still a teacher 90 percent people are in fact if they don't have antibodies in the blood this mean any change into social behavior will bring the virus greater close. to the transmission level we have seen before so if they control the years or more a good deal strictly as they should be opening up earlier in time especially when many of the countries now would risk the 2nd and it is not inevitable but not following the sort of the stunting and the controlled media that are being put in place would certainly raise a 2nd rate though you may to curtail this interaction is to really keep their distance and maybe others from told me you're so just washing your hands and giving personal hygiene the only solution moving forward. with that report now the small scottish island of colonsay was lucky enough to avoid the coronavirus pandemic unlike the want to keep it that way by making sure its doors to tourists remain
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shut. risk area that we want to protect our community. is maybe hard to imagine what a small community it is there's only about 100 people that live here in. the us just government have a responsibility. and we have the opportunity to say no.
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we really miss a lot of the tourists that we have on call and say on my island been coming 3 years and years and years like no no my whole life and i miss them enormously in order to still have the island and. we need to reach the residents of the island and if that means going down today or another month and. still to come for you coronavirus concerns have also seen the families of the victims of the grand felt tired tragedy locked out of the public inquiry now underway in london will get their views on this in a couple of minutes time a bit later in the program. but public transport companies adopting an unusual approach in a bid to get passengers to cover their faces properly during the pandemic posters
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have now been put up claiming that pay. people are banned from wearing deodorant on the subway in the hope it will encourage better use of face mask peter oliver has been sniffing around. masks and face coverings the rostov accessory of 2020 not exactly a decision driven by fire of course but as lock downs of being lifted many people ching their masks not so fast says the government here in berlin who are telling people. to keep covered up were the minimum distance cannot be guaranteed in public life masks are an important and from today's perspective still indispensable means to keep the infection numbers low and to protect our fellow human beings and ourselves so whether on the bus in the subway or in retail the obligation to wear masks should remain the chancellor herself is being seen elton about in a mask when she can't socially distance from others one of the issues to rise from
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this requirement to wear a mask is the number of people who were not wearing them correctly the 2 main culprits seem to be the chin muska which basically defeats the point of having a must go on in the 1st place and. the free nose which scene is a mask to be effective has to cover both mouth and nose also renders this pretty useless that's prompted bourbons public transport provider to get creative when it comes to convincing passengers to cover up correctly and it's voters that leave their noses exposed that they're targeting through one of the great commuter book bears i'm talking of course about the smell of a passenger's bill in public transport our form when it comes to their advertising during fashion week they've joked around the city's head in
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a sticker. that they're happy for passengers to be wearing any clothes at all and that the german capital's public transport would pick you up even when your own mother wouldn't. do berliners think people in the german capital a wearing masks and doing it correctly i get to just go always does it i am a tourist here from dusseldorf and here in berlin there are not so many mosques compared to dissuade or where we had more rules something that. i think in berlin definitely is sufficient it depends on the country and the culture but here in berlin it works pretty good it depends on the location on public transport it works well but sometimes people do not wear it properly. 90 percent of the correct way. germans have to learn. it. because we get fined or be go to put them on properly since honesty i don't think that most of the people are wearing it right
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but sometimes you see them doing this that makes no sense but most are doing it right. just as far as i can see most are wearing masks some of them are not doing it right you can see the nose sticking out but on public transport most are wearing it. without a vaccine corona is going to be with us for a while yet and as long as it is masks on its face coverings whether we like it are not going to be part of our daily lives picture all over r.t. . and you scandal is brewing over election meddling or they for a change it isn't russia that is being blamed the president of the european commission is under fire over recent things in croatia amid claims that she breached the code of conduct a commission officials. as more. when you hear the phrase meddling in an election i bet your 1st thought is a war rushed. to now because that if course is the kind of accusation
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that makes the headlines whether or not the facts are there to support it but when the european commission president is it who is of red lining in this state election oh you've not heard about that one well i see let me bring you up to speed 1st so we're delay and has found herself in a bit of a sticky wicket after she was accused of not just poking her nose in the corporation elections but also indorsing the ruling party she had a head of arts critic say the boy appearing in this video. has broken a huge to boot here she is one of the most recognizable female politicians in the world essentially telling croatians to vote for the croatian democratic union party and that's led to her being reported to the european men for breach of the code of
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conduct for commissioners under such a code code of conduct for the members of the european commission e.u. commission is must abstain from making public statements or interventions on behalf of any political party of which they are members on this they are for expressed. to the president of the e.u. commission the rationale for such a prohibition is to prevent conflict of interest between the e.u. commission is to enforce. these of the member states and then national political allegiances now a spokesperson for the e.u. commission has tried to blame this on a mistake the president recorded a short soundbite for use in a video involving a number of european peoples party politicians it was meant as a contribution in her personal capacity regrettably this. made clear in the final version of the video but that's not appeasing everyone some say that she should be
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sanctioned. you should know that this violated the e.u. commission code of conduct. and should for that now when voted to lend became the commission president she laid down her own rules values for europeans to live by and that included this our democratic systems and institutions have come increasingly under attack in recent years from those who wish to divide and destabilize our union we need to do more to protect ourselves from external interference seems she missed the part out about internal influence over hat that's ok and it seems that just point the case is this is not the 1st time the volm delayed has been accused of putting or in where it snot to 3 years ago when she was just germany's defense minister it was poland that was on the receiving end
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of influence on a tour she said it was important to support the healthy democratic resistance over the young generation in that country now poland's former foreign minister was a less than pleased calling the colemans evidence of german politicians interfering in the internal affairs of his country now this is not the only scandal to hit her since her election vonda lay in has been under pressure over accusations that she may have destroyed evidence on her smartphones that was relating to lucrative contracts awarded during her time as the german defense minister so with these latest accusations of meddling now swirling around it seems that 2020 is not vul delay in seeing. the all see paris and it's. believed the saga won't have much of an impact within the. it's a pretty pretty big mistake on their i don't thing there being any consequence who
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is doing to the little consequence is the cause of the carter won the elections i'll be in your position very much so i don't know who's going to limit for that i mean you know this is. not going to say that she was acting as a member of this e.u. which is about the of the hate and it's. about the incentives. i don't think she should have done that and people me. in the kids you see this meddling is not that important. none of the opening in. london at least to those of the your greenlander t.d. is that this edition of the commission so the modeling is clearly there other. i don't trump is feeling the heat of the moment he's been pressured to reveal whether he was briefed about reports russia allegedly paid bank to the taliban to
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killed u.s. troops in afghanistan but it does saying being grilled about briefings is becoming a tried and tested tactic in u.s. politics we'll have a look at this in more detail just. out of the central bankers warren buffett are affect their way of playing financial russian roulette right so they have the gun in there is one bullet of risk they spend the chamber they point at america's head and they pull the trigger hoping that they won't blow off the americas and that they get to keep all the free money this day and they do that every single day and then eventually like in 2008 they blow off american. and it will happen again and they'll say well you know we
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were acting in the greater good. when else should seem wrong. just. yet to ship out just days after. and in detroit. the trail. when some find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. and back to r.t. now after 3 years of delays a public inquiry into the tragedy a grand fell tower in london is finally under way the inferno the block of flats claim $70000.00 lives and was initially caused by
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a faulty fridge however the blaze quickly spread upward engulfing the entire building and initial investigations to discover the outside cladding which had recently been renovated was extremely flammable fire services at the same rule say criticise 2 for not ordering residents to evacuate or 3 years after the tragedy a public inquiry will mark question key figures involved however all members of the public been barred from the hearing amid code concerns and the decision has angered many of the survivors and the families of the victims who insist on being part of the process. the community need to be safe however they need to be put at the heart that they really didn't survive this issue and need to be put at the heart of this inquiry and it has been possible for the inquiry they've got a number of months to actually organize something which allows what they call limited access limited access meaning actually different believed families and
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survivors would have been able to attend that inquiry been appropriately socially distance grieved and survivors have been the whole community we've got 3 years now of a limbo you know and we need to have a level of truth and accountability because it's having a massive impact on people's mental health. now lawmakers and democrats in particular are demanding that donald trump answers questions on alleged russian banks on u.s. soldiers in afghanistan which were said to have been paid to the taliban officials claim the matter was outlined in a written briefing to the us president in late february trump denies any knowledge of that however it isn't the 1st time an american leader has been embroiled in arguments about briefings although this time the sides have switched. what the president has done with his complicit silence he's absolutely aiding our enemy
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president trying to get briefed in march and his response to that is nothing what his fundamental focus is is not the security of our forces but whether he looks like he wasn't paying attention just months before the presidential election trump is taking heat from all sides over unverified reports that russia offered bounties for the killing of american troops in afghanistan but that's more or less old news already the focus is no longer whether or not that is in fact true but whether or not trump knew about it and did nothing and the hubbub surrounding that question is tugging at the memories of anyone who has a political attention span longer than an election cycle the president today got 4 pinocchio's on his story and been gazi least seen another page turn in this chapter of cover up and now if you station by this administration this thing has more holes than in swiss cheese the previous accountability review board said that the secretary will personally get involved she did not know that's all from obama's
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time in office when 4 americans were killed in libya in 2012 better known as the benghazi attack in the wake of that the republicans began a crusade 1st against obama's administration even gaining access to his daily briefings not long before midterm elections mind you and then later used the tragedy to take shots at hillary clinton who was secretary of state at the time of the attack when while she was running for president we're not trying to belittle the severity of these 2 separate issues and there's been a quiet bipartisan push both times for the truth but only to a certain extent see the trend like the endless investigations began and the countless committees be forn because politics this is really a political exercise in a cynical attempt to far up the g.o.p. base before the midterm elections this november this committee is nothing more than a political hit. on hillary clinton a full investigation. both of that in the house the senate we also want to look
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into this issue of whether the president was briefed on this how can you run an administration where something this important is not brought to your level something is very wrong here but this must have an answer and the republicans are just as guilty of doing the exact same thing long live party loyalty there's so much about this. incident call benghazi that we don't know the you'd prefer you sort of the white house to prioritize anything related to the investigation the white house did more to obscure what happened the more we were loads to believe that i have seen and have heard shows no corroboration reported on on verified and inconclusive intelligence i can't imagine briefing the president noted states about this allegation given the nature of the intelligence bipartisanship isn't reserved for capitol hill the mainstream media play the same
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cards with trump that their rivals did with obama. trumps reelection is on the line so it's likely this story will be played out to the very end just like any other piece of negative press his opponents can get their hands on something that should have been disregarded and would have been disregarded had it not been of course passed along to adam shift or to the new york times in order to hurt a political purpose as is just another attempt to revitalize the already dead and bleeding corpse of the trump russia collusion hoax narrative we have to start wondering now why we seem to have these rogue elements or this other or other kind of power government that has no shape no face no name it see. to be calling the shots within certain factions of the us cia for political purposes for political
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underpinnings because this is the same branch this piece of intelligence regarding at analyst day and the taliban he's a legit russian downey's year was shown to be uncorroborated and unsubstantiated. the u.s. secretary of state might pompei o has praised britain for enforcing sanctions against 25 russian citizens and keys to human rights violations as the so-called mike in its ski amendment came into force in the u.k. on monday 2 years after being adopted out of more pain as the story so we have a new statement from the u.s. state department praising the united kingdom for imposing sanctions on governments that are accused of violating human rights the sanctions regime are executing of a new era for u.k. sanctions policy and cooperation between our 2 democracies the u.k. global human rights sanctions regime will give the u.k. a powerful new economic tool to promote accountability for human rights abuses on
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a global scale a new for u.k. sanctions policy and cooperation between london and washington mr pompei o calls it however the world is quite aware that within the united states the human rights situation is not exactly rosy. and it's not just violence in the streets amid an ongoing crisis us human rights organizations have actually reached out to the united nations. together with the families of george ford briana taylor philanthropist hill and michael brown were demanding the un investigate police killings of black people and violent attacks on protesters in the united states actually who they helped him execute to help me.
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help earth black people in america now you might call this a single case but it comes amid years of knowledge of u.s. government spying and the detention of people without charges that get mobbed as well as the case of julian a songe extradited to the united states julian assange could face up to life in prison that case has been dubbed a huge attack on freedom of the press the words of u.k. leaders global britain will be a force for good in the world come across as highly disingenuous it's as if the fact that the founder of wiki leaks is sitting in belmarsh prison has simply left their minds hypocrisy is a you know something that p.m.s. states is very good at so you know we're seeing a lot of human rights abuses right now it's a long list you know we still have people in guantanamo today we're seeing peaceful
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protests. and almost weekly basis we're killing people with drones and. in and goes back to obama when he approved even killing americans with drones the idea that we would be standing as pillars of righteousness on human rights is really absurd despite blatant hypocrisy the leaders of the united states and the united kingdom have not given up one of their longstanding habits trashing the rest of the world with human rights rhetoric while ignoring their own shortcomings kaleb martin r.c. new york and that brings you up to date for this hour good to have you company don't forget they were always plenty of stories at our website you can find that out.
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you cannot be both with the yeah you like. someone who is a sinner resumed. search is going to be named the pumpkin you may. know. him and those you just can stuff it up with a ticket did you hear that oh. i'm talking about is a very international community. meeting yesterday the trick is to play.
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with just a good guys who can play as the slow slow slow need to ease. those who push them to the woods to mr hooper from brazil so their nuclear cooperation is on top the goal is everything to produce the loser with the front of t.v. with the above 30. 5 ahead level the fact that all day i decided not to take a flight. with my gig and tell you that. join me every thursday on the alex simon show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then.


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