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nothing nothing to combat or punish russians russia or russia for these alleged bribes naturally the us mainstream corporate news media ate all this up including our good buddy rachel maddow who much like alex jones talking about gay illuminati progs went into full fear monger mode what on earth are we supposed to do with news is this dire with with news that has these worst case scenario and locations about the president so dire it's so so dire i mean with all the dire we are facing today this is clearly to rachel maddow the most dire. except that like most of the past 4 years of russia gate trump stories this one heavily relies on once again intelligence community sources and evidence we haven't seen or are not allowed to see in fact in the aftermath of the new york times report both the pentagon and the national security agency have distanced themselves from the story with cheap
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pentagon spokesperson jonathan hofmann saying quote to date the department of defense has no corroborating evidence to balad at the recent allegations found in these open source reports and time magazine reported that the n.s.a. the national security agency expressed less confidence than the cia or so come because there was no convincing evidence of that in intercepted taliban and russian communications so today my friends let's dig into the latest hysteria of cold war 2.0 pure mongering as we start watching the whole us if you want to know what's going on in a city the streets. there so you'd like to see the prices you always stay on see drone strikes graves suggests least systemic dissent says the late show which i would say brings up the field as.
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well go i want to watch the logs i am i robot or an enemy. all right and joining us today to discuss this battle of scandals involving afghanistan russia trump and bounties is former cia officer and senior investigator for the senate foreign relations committee former the one and only john kiriakou john thank you for joining us my pleasure thanks for having me so john 1st off i just want to ask what is your take on the validity of this latest story coming out of the intelligence community about the russian g.r.u. putting up money for killing u.s. soldiers and the like and donald trump's apparent inaction on these accusations what's your opinion in looking at all this i don't think there's much believe it or . to this at all for several reasons and you've already pointed out the important ones 1st of all we have to look at the source of the information it appears that the source of the information is a prisoner who is being interrogated either by a cia officer or by a socom officer so we have someone who's under duress likely
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telling his interrogator what he thinks the interrogator wants to hear and that's why we don't have corroborating evidence we know the ideas that the cia has and interrogations we know the practices in which the cia engages in interrogations and so we know that we can't take a lot of that seriously now coupled that with the fact that dio d. has no independent verification and n.s.a. even more importantly has no independent verification and i think that means there's nothing to it. you might just be right there john and we're seeing a lot of media organizations kind of try to walk back their initial claims even as late as today john looking at this from a geo political standpoint what the benefit before the russian government to conduct an operation like this and would it even make sense for them politically. see that's the $64000.00 question right there there is no benefit to the russians
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to ally with the taliban to kill americans we should also remind ourselves that you will do you know how many americans have been killed in afghanistan so far this year the number is 4 so it's not like there is this working assassination program taking place between the g.r.u. and the taliban now the russians have denied it the taliban have denied it it makes no geo political or geo strategic sense it doesn't get the russians anything anything that they can't get otherwise and the risk of blowback is very very high so why would president putin risk a hot war with the united states killing soldiers when it does no good to the russian government to the russian economy or to russian diplomacy it just doesn't make any sense really does love us and look i will i will stay i will stay at that regardless of the fact that there's you know
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a green and black emblem in the bottom of this of this news broadcast right now that's has you know this has our teeth i would state that no matter what channel i was working for and because it doesn't i'm going to political stunts i want also i want to switch gears a little bit because we didn't really cover this when it came out and i mean you're the perfect person to have on to talk about this recently former national security advisor now and chickenhawk john bolton was making headlines for his insiders book on the trump of ministration now there was a whole lot a hell of a little made over what is or is not classified information when this book came out john you've written numerous books about your time in the agency had to go through this declassification process what are the biggest hurdles and problems we have when we try to vet classified information that is the later appear in someone's books yeah the biggest hurdle is polluted ization now there's not supposed to be any politics involved in the clearance of the book in fact there are a lot of politics involved. in the clearance of a book what you do is anytime you write anything that has anything even vaguely to
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do with intelligence or with the cia or diplomacy or defense you have to send it to your home agency in my case it was the cia for clearance by something called the publications review board now this has been a law since 1978 in the case of u.s. versus march chatty where a former cia analyst wrote a book. it was serialized in esquire magazine and he did not send it in for clearance he gave the names of several cia operatives he exposed sources and methods and the cia took him to court and won he appealed it to the 4th circuit court of appeals and won again but even there the government want to get but even though the government won on appeal the important thing is that the court said that the cia had 60 days to clear the book or to explain why the book couldn't be
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cleared that's become policy so what they do is they almost never make the 60 days they'll send you a letter saying oh if this is so full of classified information we can't possibly do it in 60 days we need another 6 months we need another 12 months and then you have to hire an attorney and say no that's not the law the law is 60 days well if you're controversial they'll threaten to take you to court like they did with john bolton if you're not controversial or if your book is pro cia they'll get it done within the 60 days what john bolton did and i want to preface this by saying i am no fan of john bolton's i think he's a dangerous as you said type chickenhawk and that's being nice about it but john boehner actually did what he was supposed to do he worked very closely with a publication's review officer at the national security council over the course of 6 months they went literally sentence by sentence according to the new york times
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and he got it cleared but when it was apparent that it was going to be cleared it was going to be published someone at a political level at the n.s.c. and the rumor is that it was actually the president himself said no no no even though this more junior officer said that it was cleared that it contained classified information it actually does contain classified information and. ordered to stop then the next thing you know everybody goes to court i read this book i can tell you after 15 years experience at the cia and 2 more at the senate foreign relations committee there wasn't one classified word in this book. you mean the president little i. mean the problem is that there was so much criticism of the president that's why he didn't want the book out because his skin is that game and he just did not want to see articles in the post and the times and elsewhere criticizing him. and john * we know that there is
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a long history of investigations by the f.b.i. as well as in some cases the cia and regards to protest movements and those who are involved in them yes we also know that it's illegal for the cia to operate domestically but with all of the recent black lives matter protests taking place across the country and calls for significant societal cultural change how does the cia react to a volatile political climate at home. well the cia legally isn't supposed to react at all it's the f.b.i. that that acts and reacts and infiltrates peaceful groups groups like black lives matter peace groups any kind of group that takes to the streets any kind of group that is opposed to for example police excess the f.b.i. will actively try to infiltrate again it's supposed to be illegal for the cia to be involved in anything like this with that said we've all seen these reports in the
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new york times and elsewhere that drones were used to surveil these peaceful marchers we don't know where those drones came from were they agency drones were they military drones i think they probably were military drones on loan to either the f.b.i. or to local police departments either way that that's really walking a very fine line on the border of illegality it definitely is and i remember even my father when he was governor told me that there was you know there was always an agent and undercover agent about of the minnesota state government not as a lot to the official but someone who had a universally held position there are sold like you know that idea of a kind of well they never operate at home. there's a lot of gray area there despite what the law says john i want to thank you so much for coming on and it's always a pleasure to have you on the minds of many of our audience thank you so much sir i'm always very very happy to do it thanks so much for inviting me thank you. all
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right as we go to break remember that you can also start watching the hawks on demand through the brand new portable t.v. half which is now available on all platforms so please definitely go and check it out you can watch us any time and for whatever device you want to coming up my co-host mr krause breaks down the latest numbers on student debt and how your zip code where you live actually plays a brutal role in the building of bad debt and then john locke space-x. stay tune watching the.
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we go to work. straight home. 54 jets and more than 1300 military personnel are headed to air force base in alaska where is that to say come on i'll show you what's the reason for any type of enhanced u.s. military presence in this area rush up. what is it suddenly about the south china sea that makes it so that it 11000000000 barrels of oil. take a look at this map who really owns what kind of says no it belongs to us india says
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no we claim that that belongs to us both of these countries have nuclear weapons capabilities there is reason for concern so that's why we're going to drill down on this story for you today right here on the news with rick sanchez where you know as we always like to say we do believe by golly it's time to do news again. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics school business i'm show business i'll see you then. so we were. going to be. there you may.
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remember the just him forever avoid fear that a. is a very international community i. mean it used to leave it to. me just to keep it as the stuff. you do. for the position at the work you still look at the new cool script. is everything refuse to believe you will. do with. the. effect of the day but i decided not to take the place. with my gave you the. next guy's or financial survival guide stacy let's learn a salad fill out let's say i'm not so i get any earthly. stuff to fight while
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street spot thank you for. the story 6 that's right. slavery. america's ballooning student loan debt should be calls for a long arm at over $1.00 trillion dollars the student debt bubble is bound to burst but before it does the amounts of debt have left millennialist out of the. housing market and unable to even afford a car they're dependent on their parents to keep them afloat with calls for student debt relief and loan forgiveness rising america has a front row seat to an emerging financial crisis but like in all things when america catches
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a cold black america gets pneumonia new research shows that student debt correlates strongly with the racial makeup of neighborhoods the black or the community in your zip code the higher the student loan burton the student loan borrow protection center document the ways student debt is exacerbated by racial inequality furthermore the findings also show how student loan debt reinforces financial segregation that is already baked into the american pot of credit markets in the discriminatory policies according to the s.b. piece the neighborhoods where most residents are white struggle less with student debt for example in philadelphia in majority white that goes like paramount francisville and spring garden the student debt the median household income is 32 percent in the zip code where 86 percent of residents aren't white in neighborhoods like poor town and strawberry mansions that debt to median household income rates leads to a whopping 104 percent. code matters it always has it
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determines the best k. to 12 education the best housing options the young people most likely to graduate from college or even have the opportunity to attend in the 1st place because if coke can determine the type of career options afforded to you as well as salary competitiveness these are universal truths in america and by the looks of it your zip code also controls who will survive or even be able to pay their student loans in fact borrowers living in neighborhoods where 90 percent or more of the residents are nonwhite are 5 times more likely to fall behind in their student loan payments . the united states reinstitution of jim crow has made a comeback credit and wealth inequality are his nickname. fire. i never thought about that of the comparisons of jim crow and like and the degradation that plays on the community in those things but that's a brilliant brilliant you know comparison you know what are black students getting
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saddled with you know in terms of actual numbers and things like that how is this hurting them a few things so 1st and foremost black students typically borrow more to attend college than white students do a lot of that is because single parent households because their parents typically are of a lower means and don't have generational wealth but also because they are they're going to college is in many cases that are outside of the range so you have students that are borrowing up to 30 percent more than their white counterparts would be borrowing just to go to college and we're watching that you know with the interest rate over time build up an open up where when they graduate you know they get that sticker shock of now you have to pay these student loans back and unlike many of their white counterparts they aren't getting help from their parents many of them didn't qualify for parent plus loans so their parents are helping them financially to you know recover from some of that debt in addition to that is their 1st start of job they're often not in the same positions as their white counterparts even if they graduate with the same degree so they're getting less
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financial help from parents or the community surrounding them they're also starting off in careers with a lot less money than their white counterparts so there is that kind of a double edged sword and the zip code part i found extremely interesting because that's the piece of research we haven't seen before we always knew anecdotally but also there is research that supports that black students have by and large for the past 34 years had more student loan debt than their white counterparts but with the rise in student loan debt now that bubble is just a whole lot bigger it's interesting when you look at the thing because you know we're always taught the fairy tale that you know everybody has a chance in america or you know you move the united states and it. single person has that opportunity if you're born here to move you all of that but it's just not true if you move to if you're if you're living you grew up in the wrong neighborhood there's no there's no upward mobility in most in a lot of neighborhoods across this country absolutely and i would put that because i think wrong neighborhoods convert derogatory terms if you grow up in a community of color whether it is a latino community an african-american community a mixed people of color community you are at
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a far greater risk for housing foreclosures for divestment in your community in terms of schools that aren't funded adequately there are so many things that are not that are not funded at the levels they should be in those communities versus in white communities where we're seeing things progress a little bit faster are many cases a lot faster and and a lot of people don't own homes there so you're having all of these issues that are things that are part and parcel of the jim crow era that we're still seeing play out today and it's you know falling apart for a lot of young people who were taught that education was their means of getting to that next level and now they're seeing themselves burdened with this massive amount of debt it's also going to servitude isn't it because once you get the top your back you can't do it all of it so there's no amount of job or hard work you're going to do to wait for some of the size of these debts that we're seeing these kids know absolutely and then the problem is on average in america the majority of students who graduate college they're lucky if they get a 50 k. job so when you're walking out of this in your saddle with over 100000 $200000.00
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worth of student loan debt. how do you ever pay that back and that's not including the interest rates that accrue over time so whatever you borrowed by the time you're actually able to even chip away at it you're paying back almost double of what you borrowed to begin with how do we fix it or what would be good the best way just to be doing the fixes one thing that we need to do our strategy around student loan forgiveness but also one that does not allow for colleges to elevate their prices the way that they have because what we've seen is that the cost of a degree from 2000 even to $25.00 team is more than double what it was during that time frame and education is the exact same and i think that we have a problem with that because the wages have not increased so regardless of what job you get coming out your saddle with that that you will never be able to pay back and student loans are the only thing that you can not get bankruptcy out of us capitalism at its finest. space exploration
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remains one of the greatest speech of human ingenuity in modern science even in the backdrop of a pandemic america's full speed ahead with space 6 this week america launched its 11th belkin non rocket eclipse they were the art g.p.s. navigational tools this launch puts space x. on pace for 22 missions in this calendar year alone here to tell us more is our t. americas john hardy. and away goes the space x. falcon 9 rocket blasting off this week from cape canaveral florida and carrying with it the new g.p.s. 3 series satellite system up into orbit the launch was the 1st by space x. for the u.s. space force which was established back in december the g.p.s. 3 satellite is the 3rd in a new line of upgraded g.p.s. navigation satellite technology it's set to enter service in plain east slot 4 of
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the u.s. is g.p.s. constellation in space a position currently occupied according to space x. by a g.p.s. satellite launched way back in may 2000 well the new g p s 3 provides more accurate navigation signals and a longer design lifetime of 15 years while also being compatible with japan's cause i seen it satellite system and europe's galileo network speaking of europe european commissioner terry proton told reuters that the e.u. is budgeting billions of euros for space missions including new technology to launch rockets and an agreement with the commercial satellite launch company aryan space saying quote space is one of europe's strong points and we're giving ourselves the means to speed up space x. has redefined the standards for launchers so aryan 6 is a necessary step but not the old to mit aim we must start thinking now about aryan 7 space x. launched its 9th batch of 60 satellites in june as part of its starling broadband
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network and of course who could forget the may 30th launch of nasa astronauts bob behnken and doug hurley aboard the space x. dragon spacecraft it was a historic mission heralding a new age of space exploration and collaboration between the public and private sectors and a new era of global space competition for r.t. john hoodie. look at cleanliness is next to godliness and this robot out of mit must be knocking on heaven's door. or rather cleaning heavens door designed in collaboration with eva robotics at the greater boston food bank mit's computer science an artificial intelligence laboratory cooked up this fascinating robotic system that can not only destroy airborne viruses like covert 19 but it also it also disinfects to. the robot uses the u.b.c.
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light fixture to destroy potential viruses and bacteria yes that's it there you can see it move it looks like it has for you know light sabers coming out the top of it the robot operates autonomously and uses space mapping technology to move in navigate around large areas this makes it my friends the perfect virus killing machine for after hours sweeps of large warehouses supermarkets and restaurants essentially making it well the arnold schwarzenegger of. claiming robots thing is pretty cool because it is you have the look on your face. thinking you know that it's even without kobe like this is a really cool machine it is it is and they they were saying to the food banks especially because where people need food right away and where you know your back can be make such a difference right there if you can clean that out you know you just never have enough people were enough time to do everything and i think that that definitely helps in a place that is such
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a high traffic area and like oh yeah yeah and you know looking at the entirety of the bay show i think it just again plays the element of luck we can solve our way out of most problems we can solve our way out of the student debt problem if we actually put our minds to it and realize like as you pointed out that racism is going on even there we can solve our way to pick you know to actually get into space and we can solve the virus issue if we actually put our minds to it and work together to do it absolutely so we've got to remain whole. demeanor and not get distracted by roger get garbage all right that's our show remember everyone in this world we are not told that we are loved up so i tell you all i love you i am tight rope and and i'm in the secret keep on watching all those hawks out there and of a great day in the.
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as i also remember. it was her. interest in finding interest in. this goes a long way to cerberus teaming your. brain on a not desires in a hospital. in transporting places like jane's overinflation and in america on the surface they do meet their calling she loved this person for 44 years. strong in minutes sure you guys she you and was you cannot measure. it it was easy. she did drugs to be. really a man when you are going to. let it. get out though i think it almost that
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thing is my look at others are getting near i'm and i am a well meaning they say and i love when you're nice i am. and the only reason months i will be so might mean i know that when you know i'm going to. be like this model. you cannot be both with me yet you like. time after time corporations repeat the same mantra sustainability and. it's accelerated the transition to sustainable transport sustainability explainable
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a man at a more equitable and sustainable well. they claim that production is completely harmless does need to. be got into the models and got it into something companies want us to feel good about buying their products while the damage is being done far away and this is again all of this must be undone even as i married mothers whose business i moved to muse me didn't even and i'm studying them in the best of add on to say good luck to those who didn't. seem wrong why don't we all just all. get to shape out just to become educated and indeed equals betrayal.
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when so many find themselves worlds apart. just to look for common ground. i. can day of violent protests over the government's decision to reimpose the curfew this weekend. also to study shows death toll from a coronavirus in europe has exceeded that expected in a bad flu year. we talked to the. special code envoy about the situation. we have to live with this virus and get on with our lives to spark a prank but it's really dangerous close in.
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age from women's rights groups one of the men has been previously.


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