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tv   News  RT  July 13, 2020 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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i. at midday moscow time fresh black lives matter protests to send them to violence in new york city while elsewhere too after the new video shows a police officer restraining a suspect by pressure in his neck. florida records another record daily increase in covert infections also the country's biggest surge too since the start of the break and the russian critical care doctor speaks to us he's working in new york city and says the crisis is of a scale health workers there i've never seen before. many of my colleagues
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including those who were here during the 911 attacks and h one n one epidemic was surprised by the situation with the coronavirus it was unprecedented even for the. story this hour the polish president narrowly secures another term for a tight race but there are claims that neighboring germany has been meddling with voters' minds. and the decades old mystery of the deaths of 9 hikers in russia ural mountains investigators say they may have finally establish just how those men really died. other good afternoon from russian this morning the 13th of july kevin 0 in here with the latest from the r.t. international world news center for you this hour. a 1st a chilling echo of the george floyd killing which led to risk. seargent black lives
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matter riots new videos emerged showing another officer restraining a man on the ground by leaning on his neck the police department says it was because the man was behaving erratically it happened in the state of pennsylvania where investigation is now underway there were fresh protests after the disturbing video of the arrest spread rapidly online. we don't merit broke. the law is announcing his next move 1. tempers flared elsewhere at the weekend too as black lives mother protesters confronted a march in support of the new york police department who call themselves blue lives matter offices used tasers and made several arrests there. was.
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was. was was. was was. was. nasty scenes they well the man had banned large scale public events in new york for the next 3 months citing a high risk of spreading covert only then to allow black lives matter rallies to take place caleb open next today looking that at the questions being asked about the exemption that was made. as new york city works to slow the spread of coded 19 in the hopes of soon fully reopening mayor bill de blasio has banned all large public gatherings except for black lives matter protests we understand at this moment of history people are talking about the need for historic changes this is a historic moment of change we have to respect that big crowds at any protest you
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would think would be a perfect recipe for spreading coded 19 however mainstream media would have you believe otherwise they say the protests are not causing the spread of the coronavirus whereas trump rallies they seem to indicate do massive protests in new york city and around the country some doctors warn a spike in coronavirus cases could follow but that didn't really happen to a new study suggests that a recent black lives matter protesters have not led or the protests themselves have not led to a spike in new cases health officials warned against their rally but president trump said we have to move on this is all a little bit odd it's unclear why the virus would seem to have a political bias favoring some big gatherings over others mayor de blasio is efforts to sit on both sides of the fence accommodating those afraid of coded 19 by implementing harsh measures on the one hand while letting black lives matter do their thing on the other hand doesn't seem to be working out very well for him his
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critics argue that the black community which has been disproportionately hit by coded 19 should be discouraged not encouraged to protest they even point to the 1st amendment. let me get this right mayor de blasio affairs parades tennis matches banned for public safety may a statistically the group disproportionately affected by the virus is excepted and allowed to congregate and protest you advocate exposing them to increased risk hypocrite how does that make any sense and offer b.l.m. profits but if they can proceed so can i or that viruses don't care about social conflicts bill seen the protests are ok but other gatherings are prohibited sounds like censorship to me this type of speech or assembly is ok but that kind isn't let's remember that new york city's mayor bill de blasio presents himself as a big supporter of black lives now even painted the words black lives matter on the
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street in front trump tower that was a symbolic move that not all locals were happy with this near east promoting the shouldn't eat drink and he did this because he hates the price when he did it out of spite but we have a mayor who doesn't care about you me the african-american community he lets them rot on the street he's done nothing to help but i think it's a joke it's beautiful but he's trying to play both sides of everything it won't pass no reforms or nothing this is like this the statue oh it is a joke it doesn't help because it doesn't help that power mayor bill de blasio seems to be in a pretty rough spot his attempt to sit in 2 chairs has got a lot of other people standing up in anger it martin archie new york. next to clear evidence that corona virus is still very much a threat in the united states there's been another record surge and infections with $66500.00 registered in a single day florida alone soar over 15000 new cases sunday making it the biggest
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single day increase for a single state since the start of the pandemic if you look at it another way in fact to florida were a country in its own right it would rank 4th worst in the world right now there's quite a lot said the disney theme park in orlando. as welcoming back visited schools in florida are also being reopened next month the states taking the lead in one day record infection rates. in the background it was previously set in new york in april now russian emergency doctor who's working there told us about the president and scale of the crisis that he and his health colleagues the health workers are facing at the moment. i mean i know that many of my colleagues including those who were here during the 911 attacks and doing the h one n one epidemic were surprised by the situation with the coronavirus it was unprecedented even for them honestly in february i thought that it would be an asian thing that would never reach us or that if it did reach us there would be
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sporadic outbreaks but that it wouldn't really be our problem as well towards the end of february started to understand that something bad was happening there wasn't any testing but more and more cases were appearing clearly in a city like new york situation wasn't going to end well in terms of mass transmission as we didn't have preventive measures in place in new york we had about a 1000 intensive care beds per 8000000 people and when in march the number of seriously ill patients began increasing rapidly we realized we wouldn't have enough beds there were also only enough ventilators in the hospital to meet our needs for 2 weeks and if we hadn't received help even before we reached the peak we wouldn't have been able to cope with the situation we started the pandemic with a shortage of tests at that point about 70 percent of tests in new york were coming back positive only people who almost certainly had the virus were being tested by sharon i mean your fill of course 50 or more that you take this but not so much
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strain on the healthcare system and a large number of registered covert 1000 cases and deaths all the statistics making it look worse than it is or has the country really been hit particularly hard. as they do have. i'm going to slow down the sport and i've been discussing this with friends and colleagues and no one can really understand it our health care system is not capable of dealing with big shocks the virus itself according to all indications has a case fatality rate of about one percent so it shouldn't be a big deal one person out of $100.00 will die and a few more out of $100.00 will be badly ill so how can such a rich medically advanced country like the united states be brought to its knees by such a disease we still don't quite understand what to do next we are stuck in an endless quarantine and we are afraid to lift it and rightly so because we're aware that our health care system which is able to cure some unimaginable illnesses is not capable
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of dealing with this epidemic. poland's incumbent leaders narrowly secured another term after the 2nd round of a tightly run presidential race. so with almost all the votes now counted consider under a do those who won 51.2 percent of ballots inching gears to head of his liberal opponent the mayor of warsaw it's been a really keenly watch campaign from a lot of quarters especially from across poland borders our europe correspondent peter all of a next explaining that may bring germany has been accused of being perhaps a little too influential in what's going on there. whenever there's talk of election interference it never usually takes long for the conversation to tend towards russian sources however in poland they moved away from that standard stereotype with the foreign ministry in warsaw claiming that german media is trying
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to influence polling in poland the polish president and they do that has accused the german of polish language newspaper the fact of publishing false claims about him when it comes to presidential pardons the case concerned only a restraining order of the punishments were long served the application was supported by polish courts thocht is owned by german publishing giant axel springer the polish president and his team say that german media giant is trying to choose who holds poland's top job next year to germany was to choose poland's president it's something icons agreed to it many years achievements we do not want this kind of foreign intervention in the electoral process well and does not interfere in the electoral process in germany. another publication developed has come under fire from the polish president he's not happy with how the newspapers reporters have
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betrayed him. recently you could read the devote newspapers walsall correspondent reporting that mr trask oh so you would be a better president for germany because he was against poland taking reparations from the germans. any suggestion of being involved in attempts to influence elections in poland or anywhere else was swiftly shut down by anglo-american spokes person. of course the german government has no influence on the presidential election of our polish neighbors nor does it have any influence on the work of reporters here in germany as well as german reporters working abroad they do their job under press freedom with things incredibly tight income they done but they do they may well be look. for someone to blame ahead of time these are all of our artsy. more than 60 years of mystery surrounding the deaths of 9 hikers in russia's ural mountains may finally have been solved the so-called death of pass incident back in 159 led at the time to theories ranging from
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everything from blaming u.f.o.'s to maybe the military don't know hawkins next today then has more on how the men's deaths might finally have been explained. mind bodies or if it came juries over 70 theories and 60 years on no certain answers or closure until now the chilling mystery of what happened in the data of past has fascinated the world for decades inspiring books films and speculation what happened in february 959 in the place local tribes call the mountain of the dead.
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the group never made contact again the rescuers arrive the scene before their eyes would hold many for years to come the hike is tents abandoned and damaged torn open from the inside bodies scattered along the slope leading to a wooded area one and a half kilometers away some fairly close others with skull fractures and major trauma one with tongue and part of the lips missing it took months to find all the victims below layers of snow it was clear from the outset this would be no ordinary investigation the original probe failed to find a conclusive answer as to what happened aside from a compelling natural force as the cause and over the years speculation mounted. ringback scientists had been in the area of this
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film nearby sparking panic. and these wounds could well have been sustained while they were defending themselves from the. unlikely as tribes leave area in winter. but you who live tend to all be flying objects. in 2019 the investigative committee of russia reopen the case investigators return to the scene meticulously reexamining all evidence now they finally have an answer as the young hikers sleep when avalanche begins on the mountain slope realizing the danger the group quickly leave the tent heading down the slope to find shelter near the rocks below this decision was fatal according to investigators once the group
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thought the dame's had passed they decided to return to the tent but by then visibility was down to around 60 meters it already walked 50 meters away unable to find a tent they descended further to the forest trying to stay warm with temperatures falling to minus 40 and weather worsening they had no chance one by one they succumbed to the freezing cold as they tried to return up the mountain to find shelter. 3 died of hypothermia the probe analysis and assimilation was carried out in the seventy's and eighty's not in 1959 now we have these studies analysis of each injury the overall conclusion is this all bodily injuries of the debt love group correspond to getting caught in an avalanche hypothermia claimed the lives of 6 with 3 being killed by severe trauma what caused their deaths investigators have now ruled out foul play saying
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a later 2nd avalanche is the only explanation for such terrible injuries the general rules apply as follows at the place of application of force because bone the formation to. definition takes place here but if we take a ball and create a load around it covering it like that and pushing it from above then the damage will not be at the point of application of force but from the reverse and here they are on the reverse side for all of them for all 3. officially the death of policy incident has gone from cold case to case closed with investigators providing better explanation of the reexamining all evidence they hope they're all it says of the final chapter in an enigma which has fascinated so many for decades but like any mystery will it be enough to convince the skeptics who have other theories. you know either which way grimm is that well as dan says it may be case closed for the investigators at the moment but one group of sleuths insist the truth is still out
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there we got more much want to check it out online it. may be don't call me a movie on the d.v.d. . it's monday the russian contemporary performance artist known for his politically provocative piece is now refusing to want to go court ordered psychiatric treatment in front of him or about that a paris correspondent gets onto it in some depth in the back just about 90 seconds away.
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join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to us of the world of politics or business i'm sure business i'll see you there. again a provocative russian performance artist who's taken refuge in france has hit a court order demanding undergo psychiatric treatment public and skiis been placed
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on the additional supervision after being indicted for aggravated violence reporting on at them from paris to charlotte to burns q next at a public school once again back and the spotlight this time for point blank refusing a compulsory psychiatric treatment order mandated by a judge that came after he was indicted for aggravated for assault for an incident over new year's eve now have lengthy has to croyde this compulsory psychiatric treatment judgment as being something that is a kin to what you would receive in a totalitarian regime. why the then risk to getting judge declares that by default i'm already mentally ill this is like victims of to tell you terry in regimes where everything there did not conform to the ideology of the regime was a recognized as the general it sick and required sterilization correction isolation expulsion or liquidation just as when slaves who try to escape from slavery were
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labelled as psychiatric addicts their chose what chopped off as punishment well public was given political asylum here in france back in 2017 after many brushes with the law in russia for his provocative stunts that were labeled many times by the west as being misunderstood or great things because he was standing up against something that he disagreed with and now many are finding that he's in their own backyard he's just a little bit too hot to handle let's have a look back at some of the stunts that pub lenski has pulled.
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russia it's sometimes difficult to be an artist yes especially for one makes a political declaration out of his art that's the case of for that poverty and for who we already know and who's just been arrested for setting the door of the former k.g.b. building on fire. well since his arrival in france he has clashed with the law many times most recently after he disseminated videos of a sexual nature of a close ally of president macron who was at one time in the race to be the mayor of paris but benjamin cleaver stood down when those videos came to light at the time politicians in france demanded that perhaps lenski be sent back to russia. get
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this guy out he's a political refugee he behaves like the 1st thing to do would be to put him on a plane straight to russia and he will see with mr putin if you can do this kind of . if you did you feel casting certain videos without the consent of the author or subject to criminal sanctions in our country resulting in a substantial fine and 2 years imprisonment and these offenses must obviously be prosecuted it is a matter of respect for democratic rules now this is not the 1st time that pawlenty ski has had mandated psychiatric help put upon him he did spend some time in a facility in russia after one of his stunts now he has until july 15th when's day here in france to prove that he has undertaken this help as mandated by the judge if he doesn't he could find himself behind bars once again. new in china as in the new sanctions on a number of u.s.
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officials and entities in a tit for tat move against washington you may recall last week the u.s. imposed sanctions against senior chinese officials over alleged human rights abuses against the we get was minority claims the chinese government flatly denies the country's relations have been on a downward spiral for years no worse and more recently by the coronavirus pandemic with president trump regularly hits ago that china's handling of the break the 2 of also butted heads over china's new national security law affecting hong kong as well as the. strictures on american journalist and security in chinese tibet region in announcing the latest sanctions the chinese foreign ministry condemned the behavior of u.s. officials and politicians or for damaging relations will look at whether it's going to head those told. me is a senior lecturer a bath university thanks very much for being with the surge nice to see you so yeah carefully should we say is china chosen its targets here. i think
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this election or the targus are quite poorly thought out in the 1st place and better than. he cries china. sold these selection of ambassador feet quite well into. measures against us. sanctions of the chimes of esau regarding the. minority now however there are other figures there are also need carefully selected based on our. believes. for example senator marco rubio who was believed by the chinese or for your support in hong kong succession is movement. congressman chris smith was believe our time is over 40 of the. china has this call no risk of our own also all senator ted
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cruz who was actually. in the committee on the present going to china which is of our. organization. in china so i come to have these this was a vision that the chinese over all. these lists of sanctions as a kind of catch up with in june of the working force when we're at least we've watched over the months relations get worse and worse since donald trump's been there this spot seems to intensify of course in the middle of all this between china and america america and china the whole world going through cove it. when is it going to go it do you think you did you think people are going to give a bit here the whole world got to give a little bit people have got to try to look after each other a bit better i mean is this going to intensify this pressure is this going to get worse is going to get better any time soon. i am not sure
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this is going to get to any time soon although i personally wish things were. and if i'm sure going through international corporation now look at what a job like you gave send your fake just put just briefly what joe biden gets in. oh he looks like if joe biden will be conned the next president we would have a hole that the us would change someone is force each of us on how to mitigate the procedure was not the on the long as i am more sure to walk. the dog by his we could turn around and tie and china sentiment within the universe thinks and we're told by the use of able to restrain to go and what will force us to leave us this is and that is the question that we need to ask. troubling times are they but sir thanks for your input their doctor though one senior lecturer at both universities politics languages and international studies department have
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a good day thanks very much. and thank you for watching 2 it's now coming up to 28 minutes past midday jackie lucas here not just of our for now us time that's it for me kevin though in reporting from moscow thanks for watching and have a great day. we go to work so straight home for.
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we are segregated in america by social class laws passed people also in poverty by 1st place if you're born into a poor family ocular born into a minority family if you're born into a family that only has a single parent that really constrains your life chances people die on average 15 years younger than if you're born into generational poverty. it's a it's a fight every day to meet your needs and the needs of your family. shots seemed wrong all right old roles just don't hold. any new world belief yet to shape our disdain and become agitated and in games from an equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart when she's to look
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for common ground. ah no team no crowd. no shots. actually just belts because. well it's true i know 1st. point show your thirst for actual. people. to be. able. to do aerial reconnaissance. we do have perhaps not american.


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