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tv   News  RT  July 13, 2020 9:00am-9:30am EDT

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fresh black lives matter protests descend into violence in new york all anger surges elsewhere after a new video shows a police officer restraining a suspect by putting pressure on his neck. also from the u.s. border records another record daily increase in covert infections also the country's biggest search since the start of the outbreak a russian critical care doctor working in new york city says the crisis is of a scale health workers there have never seen before me and my colleagues you creating those who were here during the 911 attacks and h one
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n one if the demi was surprised by the situation with the crew of the virus it was precedent it even for them. and the decades old mystery over the deaths of 9 hikers and brushes your own mountains investigators may have finally establish how the group really died. a very warm welcome to the program on this monday afternoon it's 4 pm here in the russian capital let's get started with your live news update. a chilling acco of the george floyd killing which led to the resurgent black lives matter protests and videos emerged showing another off certain restraining a man on the ground by leaning on his neck the police department says it's because the man was behaving erratically it all happened in the state of pennsylvania where an investigation is now underway there were fresh protests after the disturbing video of the arrest spread rapidly on mine. we don't matter broke.
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the law he's a magazine he's negli vogue overnight. tempers flared elsewhere over the weekend too as black lives matter protesters confronted a march in support of the new york police department they call themselves the blue lives matter movement officers who use tasers and made some progress. was who was. you was how. was.
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the city's mayor had banned large scale public events in new york for the next 3 months citing the high risk of spreading coded only to then allow black wives' matter rallies to take place come up and looks at the questions being asked around the exception. as new york city works to slow the spread of coded 19 in the hopes of soon fully reopening mayor bill de blasio has banned all large public gatherings except for black lives matter protests we understand in this moment of history people are talking about the need for historic changes this is a historic moment of change we have to respect that big crowds at any protest you would think would be a perfect recipe for spreading coded 19 however mainstream media would have you believe otherwise they say the protests are not causing the spread of the coronavirus whereas trump rallies they seem to indicate do massive protests in new york city and around the country some doctors warn a spike in coronavirus cases could follow but that didn't really happen but new
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study suggests that a recent black lives matter protesters have not led or the protests themselves have not led to a spike in new cases health officials warned against their rally but president trump said we have to move on this is all a little bit odd it's unclear why the virus would seem to have a political bias favoring some big gatherings over others mayor de blasio is efforts to sit on both sides of the fence accommodating those afraid of coded 19 by implementing harsh measures on the one hand while letting black lives matter do their thing on the other hand doesn't seem to be working out very well for him his critics argue that the black community which has been disproportionately hit by coded 19 should be discouraged not encouraged to protest they even point to the 1st amendment. let me get this right mayor de blasio affairs parades tennis much is banned for public safety may
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a statistically the group disproportionately affected by the virus is excepted and allowed to congregate and protest you advocate exposing them to increased risk hypocrite how does that make any sense at all for b.l.m. products but if they can proceed so can other bad viruses don't care about social conflicts bill seen the protests are ok what are the gatherings are prohibited it sounds like censorship to me these type of speech or assembly is ok but that's kind of isn't let's remember that new york city's mayor bill de blasio presents himself as a big supporter of black lives matter even painted the words black lives matter on the street in front trump tower that was a symbolic move that not all the locals were happy with this marriage promoting the he did a great he did this because he hates surprise when he did it out of spite but we have a mayor who doesn't care about you and me the african-american community he lets them rot on the street he's done nothing to help but i think it's a joke it's beautiful but he's trying to play both sides of everything he won't
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know which forms are not there this is like and it's the statue oh it is a joke it doesn't help because it doesn't help that. mayor bill de blasio seems to be in a pretty rough spot his attempt to sit in 2 chairs has got a lot of other people standing up in anger he will mop and archie new york. clear evidence that corona virus is still very much a threat in the united states there's been another record surge and infections with 66500 registered and a single day florida alone saw over 15000 cases on sunday making it the biggest single day increase for a single state since the start of the pandemic in fact if we're a country and its own right it would bring forth worse in the world right now so like those numbers the disney theme park in orlando is welcoming back visitors schools and. more are also being ordered to reopen next month states taking the lead in one day record infection rate was previously set in new york in april
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a russian emergency doctor working there told us about the unprecedented scale of the crisis which health workers have been facing. an argument i know that many of my colleagues including those who were here during the 911 attacks and doing the h one n one epidemic were surprised by the situation with the cooler the virus it was unprecedented even for them honestly in february i thought that it would be an asian thing that would never reach us or that if it did reach us there would be sporadic outbreaks but that it wouldn't really be our problem as well towards the end of february started to understand that something bad was happening there wasn't any testing but more and more cases were appearing clearly in a city like new york situation wasn't going to end well in terms of mass transmission as we didn't have preventive measures in place in new york we had about a 1000 intensive care beds per 8000000 people and when in march the number of seriously
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ill patients began increasing rapidly we realized we wouldn't have enough beds there were also only enough ventilators in the hospital to meet our needs for 2 weeks and if we hadn't received help even before we reached the peak we wouldn't have been able to cope with the situation we started the pandemic with a shortage of tests at that point about 70 percent of tests in new york were coming back positive only people who almost certainly had the virus were being tested by the show and i got me to fill of course 50 or more that you take this written up so much strain on the healthcare system and a large number of registered coded 1000 cases and deaths all the statistics making it look worse than it is or as the country really been hit particularly hard. as i do i. am a sport and i've been discussing this with friends and colleagues and no one can really understand it our healthcare system is not capable. well of dealing with big shocks the virus itself according to all indications has a case fatality rate of about one percent so it shouldn't be
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a big deal one person out of $100.00 will die and a few more out of $100.00 will be badly ill so how can such a rich medically advanced country like the united states be brought to its knees by such a disease we still don't quite understand what to do next we are stuck in an endless quarantine and we are afraid to lift it and rightly so because we're aware that our health care system which is able to cure some and emerging of all illnesses is not capable of dealing with this epidemic. almost a 100 american troops at 3 bases on the japanese island of okinawa have tested positive for the corona virus over the past few days it's that the predictor is low infection rates soaring by 60 percent and further inflamed longstanding local resentment at the large u.s. military contingent bases are now under lockdown iowa leaders are demanding answers from the pentagon about what it plans to do next. as the citizens of the all can
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have a perfect your work together to prevent infection it is extremely regrettable that a large number of u.s. military personnel were in fact in a short period of time. the figures were disclosed only after repeated requests from the authorities there are approximately 30000 american personnel american military personnel stationed in the arc of our progress contact tracing and prefecture has so far kept the number of known civilian infractions at $150.00 the governor is now demanding the pentagon increases preventative measures and to stop newly arrived personnel from being quarantined off base. the us military did inform the arkham our authorities of the exact numbers but insisted they should not be publicly released the us defense secretary said in march that the pentagon would stop publishing precise details of covert infections within the military to avoid revealing weaknesses to america's adversaries. to go live now to our criminal and activist cimi our dear you're very welcome to the program how do you feel about the
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pentagon keeping quiet about the virus outbreak on u.s. bases where you are. very angry because we see you can get us unity was unity means only. man because no excuse in. these let us know that the only meat used its secret because of. security it's the number the station shouldn't be released so we see it used. to these. these. a few numbers of people who are infected but. you know it used to be 60 round 61 need.
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and it is crass the. station counter and. so the group moment is they don't show the thought and to be sure so we citizens are barely or always our u.s. military secret. recent 3. hour libor in that. form extinguisher. contains a total p. force and look to see her stance on. the leaked leaked from the base but did they use me they didn't that it has now i think some citizens and children at home saw in korea that they that.
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but we don't know what's going on so always meekly kept secret. about 1002 as you were saying the pentagon says it's not releasing the numbers of infected because of security concerns but how does that track with you given that this is on japanese not american soil. and if. it's that we feel that i could. not and is a colony and japanese government and us government. greedy but. we've been speaking with our resident she may argue thank you for your time and your comments. thank you very much.
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here with our team you still have the decades long mystery over the deaths of 9 hikers and russia's your all mountains has finally been solved but truth ers are buying the explanation i'll tell you more about that among our stories after the break. join me every thursday on the all excitement show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm showbusiness i'll see you then.
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welcome back within the past hour a former russian journalist has been formally charged with treason yvonne's a for all of it is accused of passing military secrets to czech republic intelligence which he denies now he's being held at a pretrial detention center in moscow where our correspondent maria motion is
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currently maria take us through the charges facing. high indeed behind me is live for to read jail where you dance of throwing a 30 year old former defense reportings currently held in pretrial detention and has you just said he has just now been officially charged with treason if guilty he may face up to 20 years in prison he wants a form of himself denies all the accusations clearly such cases all of them including this one. connected with treason are always classified meaning yvonne's trial has been held in secret behind closed doors and all we know we know from he's a lawyer and he is already complaining that the charges a murky and earlier we heard from mr pablo of soprano's lawyer that these case is a unique and a difficult one because he believes there is no clear evidence let's take
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a listen. to our new characters do we want to phone him as he runs a phone of its case is unique because both the defense and the cool have not received evidence that anything wrong we can only guess as to why the investigators did it i wouldn't like to guess show us the evidence that prove the suspicions being cuban from us. according to yvonne soprano's lawyer f.s.b. russia's intelligence service accuses iran of passing secret information. arms deliveries 3 africa and military activity in the middle east to czech republic the information that was lately shared with the us intelligence as well interesting is that the czech republic the czech side denied repeatedly to comment on this issue despite numerous attempts by russian international journalist what we heard
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a comment from the u.s. embassy here in moscow published on social media accusing russia of oppressing freedom of press here in this country until just 2 months ago you vonne was covering russia's defense and space industries for a leading newspaper is a vet a mystery and commerce and for more than a decade he could be called a prominent a famous journalist here in russia although he's quite young just 30 years old and of course he's arrest sparked a. wave of protests here in moskos he's call exe there he's who we used to work we . just represent steve's all of the mass media protests against he's asked and some of them gathered here today nearly 4 to write to show their support for iran and their protest against these case we hear from russia's new sages notice too that 14 of them have been detained today and we hear from the police
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that it is connected to the fact that some restrictions are still in most are still in force here and mostly due to damage these are the latest from here. your party's maria from national bringing us the latest thank you. more than 60 years of mystery surrounding the deaths of 9 hikers and russia's euro mountains may finally have been solved the so-called out left past incident in 1959 led to theories ranging from blaming u.f.o.'s to the military and the hawkins has more on how the group's deaths might now finally be explained. mind bodies or if it came juries over 70 theories and 60 years on no certain answers or closure until now the chilling mystery of what happened in the data of past has fascinated the world for decades inspiring books films and speculation what happened in february
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959 in the place local tribes call the mountain of the dead. the group never made contact again rescuers arrive the scene before their eyes would hold many for years to come the hike is tents abandoned and damaged torn open from the inside bodies scattered along the slope leading to a wooded area one and a half kilometers away some fairly close others with skull fractures and major
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trauma one with tongue and part of the lips missing it took months to find all the victims below layers of snow it was clear from the outset this would be no ordinary investigation the original probe failed to find a conclusive answer as to what happened aside from a compelling natural force as the cause and over the years speculation mounted. scientists had been in the area of missile pods fell nearby sparking panic. and these wounds could well have been sustained while they were defending themselves from the. unlikely as tribes leave area in winter. to to. live tend to all be flying objects.
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in 2019 investigative committee of russia reopen the case investigators return to the scene meticulously reexamining all evidence now or they finally have an answer as the young hikers sleep when avalanche begins on the mountain slope realizing the danger the group quickly leave the tent heading down the slope to find shelter near the rocks below this decision was fatal according to investigators once the group thought the danger had passed they decided to return to the tent but by then visibility was down to around 60 meters they'd already walked 50 meters away unable to find a tent they descended further to the forest trying to stay warm with temperatures falling to minus 40 and weather worsening they had no chance one by one they succumbed to the freezing cold as they tried to return up the mountain to find
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shelter. 3 died of hypothermia the probe analysis and the simulation was carried out in the seventy's and eighty's not in 1959 now we have these studies analysis of each injury the overall conclusion is this all bodily injuries of the don't love group correspond to getting caught in an avalanche hypothermia claimed the lives of 6 with 3 being killed by severe trauma what caused their deaths investigators have now ruled out foul play saying a later 2nd avalanche is the only explanation for such terrible injuries general rules apply as follows at the place of application of force because bone the formation to. definition takes place here but if we take a ball and creates a load around it covering it like that and pushing it from above then the damage will not be at the point of obligation of force but from the reverse and here they
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are on the reverse side for all of them for all 3. officially the death of paulus incident has gone from cold case to case closed with investigators providing better explanation of the reexamining all evidence a hope there also saw the final chapter in an enigma which has fascinated so many for decades but like any mystery will it be enough to convince the skeptics who have other theories. well dan says it may be case closed for the investigators but one group of hardened amateur sleuths insists the truth is still out there and one that online at r.t. dot com. that's a news break down for this hour and that's all for me as well today but we're not you know neil will be taking over in about 30 minutes time thanks for tuning in wherever you maybe.
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you live in the age of just the we the people don't trust the government and the government doesn't trust the people i mean come to this deficit of legitimacy and more importantly is there a way out is dialogue also. i am. you cannot be both with the yeah i knew what
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was. all my social class. people world poverty they 1st. if you're born into a poor family if you're born into a minority family if you're born into a family that only has a single parent that really constrains your life chances people. 15 years old if you're born into generational poverty. by every day soon you you eat your needs and the needs of your family.
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time after time say we're going on the ground as a united nations report reveals the global hunger has been rising steadily for the past 5 years amidst a nature nation soaring wealth gap pandemic and the 2 weapons continue to be used in conflict despite calls from the secretary general for a global ceasefire coming up in the show has covered 19 continues to dominate the news we remember a time when it wasn't a coronavirus vaccine that the u.s. government was paying big pharma for but l.s.d. we investigate the usa so-called poison or in chief the gottlieb around the cia's top secret mind control program m.k. ultra which arguably sowed the seeds of today's clandestine operations or around the world and they're all overseas students in the usa about to be deported because of coronavirus through no fault of their own we reveal a loophole that could save students from the violence of the united states immigration and customs enforcement agency accused of multiple abuses at the u.n. the claims made violate international law all the civil coming up in today's going
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underground but 1st the pharmaceutical giants today race to be the 1st to patron de coronavirus vaccine. subsidized by the taxpayers of superpowers back in the so-called cold war the united states was paying big drug companies for a very different reason to manufacture l.s.d. for the cia mind control project known as m.k. ultra a new book boys are in chief by former new york times foreign correspondent stephen kinzer sheds light on m.k. ultra and the man behind it sidney gottlieb he joins me now from cape cod in massachusetts stephen welcome to going underground before we even get to this amazing book your reaction to this 40000000000 dollar pentagon money appearing to go into the next coronavirus relief package apparently your country needs to have 35 bees of a junior class attack submarine whatever that is and some kind of directed energy weaponry to target china there seems to be no aspect of public policy including how care in the united states that doesn't become somehow the property of our arms in
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this is true that are being built for so called a response to a coronavirus we suddenly find all these military programs the horrors that my book talks about you know they were justified. this concept that everybody seemed to share in the united states that the world the freedom loving people everywhere made an imminent threat that was so dangerous how horrific in its scope that we must temporarily one of the eyes of our priorities is out of our ethical and moral principle but we'll certainly get back to those very similar is right over there crisis never seem to end although communism is over as of now it's all here is and there's china on the search for enemies of the united. west just tell me you sidney gottlieb is given the directors of the cia maybe your current secretary of state pompei let alone the gene aspel they're running the cia may not have even heard of
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sidney gottlieb before this book came out any got me was there. running one of the most important secret project in the history of the united states is identity was totally unknown or to the outside world even inside the i.a.e.a. there are only. one doing actually this guy had a license to kill issued by the us government i concluded after doing all the research that went into this book that he not only was the poisoner in chief as i have but he really was the most powerful under a lot of american of the 20. now you make a lot of allegations against him i'm going to say although we can't defame the dead . he said in a cold case he couldn't remember things going to remember any of the kinds of things you talk about in the book but.


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