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hello there i'm going to watch and you're watching in question broadcasting from our to america's national news headquarters in washington d.c. here tonight's top stories 1st the number of 1000 cases here in the u.s. continue to surge with florida now smashing records with more than $15000.00 you reported cases in just one day a full report on that straight ahead plus more than 20 people have been injured after an explosion and fire on a military ship down in san diego today crews continue to battle that really going to take you there then serbia continues to see protests as the government is threatening another virus to lock down meanwhile the talks between serbia and kosovo appear to be back on track despite the kosovo president's war crimes
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employee all right it's time to move to the new sky. 1000 numbers worldwide cases now almost at 13000000 with about 570000 reported deaths the top 3 countries with the most cases the u.s. still leading the way followed by brazil and now india right here in the u.s. cases topping 3000000 with about 135000 reported deaths now taking a closer look at this country but chart you're looking at here shows the number of new code cases and deaths reported each day here in the u.s. since the beginning of the outbreak and while the number of deaths are on the decline the new number of cases are on an upward trend as states continue to reopen on july 10th the highest number of new delhi cases reached nearly 70000 and over to the sunshine state florida shattering the single day infection record. with more
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than 15000 new confirmed cases artist john hardy reports from miami. florida's covert numbers continue to surge the state set a record with 15299 new cases july 11th higher than any other state governor rhonda santas says testing for the virus has ramped up statewide so we've tested 2400000 people that is one for every 9 people in the state of florida so i'd be interesting to see what other things have been tested at this level you know in our country and in modern times but this is something that as a whole the country's done a lot of test obviously florida you know we're doing a lot to go in the last however however many we want to demand has really been high demand for kovan 1000 tests has been so high there been numerous reports of people waiting for hours in line stretching at least a mile long and test results in some cases taking several weeks in miami dade county where the number of cases is now close to 68000 the highest in florida one
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in 3 people who reportedly took a coded 1900 test last week tested positive representative ted deutch of florida tweeted this sunday gov to santa spent yesterday raving about all the testing in florida today our state reported over 15000 new cases cases hospitalizations and deaths are all up by over 50 percent in a week stop talking about what we did in march and start telling us your plan for right now to santas has argued that local municipalities and not the state should decide for themselves if stricter levels of protection are needed adding to the debate and consternation about florida's kovan surge disney world reopened some of its parks in orlando over the weekend raising concerns of the place where dreams come true who quickly descended to a nightmare and stand as guest don their mickey mouse ears and face masks and speaking of face masks president trump finally done his over the weekend the 1st time he's done. so since the pandemic began during
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a visit to walter reed medical center despite the trump administration insisting that the show will go on there are now serious concerns being raised among g.o.p. officials about whether the republican national convention will go on to a scheduled in august in jacksonville or whether or not it will shift to an entirely virtual event instead for our t.v. john honey. and the mayor of new york has banned large scale public events for 3 months citing the high risk of spreading kobe it only then to allow black lives matter rallies to take place here's artie's kara moppin with that conflicting message as new york city works to slow the spread of coded 19 in the hopes of soon fully reopening mayor bill de blasio has banned all large public gatherings except for black lives matter protests we understand at this moment of history people are talking about the need for historic changes this is
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a historic moment of change we have to respect that big crowds at any protest you would think would be a perfect recipe for spreading coded 19 hour wherever mainstream media would have you believe otherwise they say the protests are not causing the spread of the coronavirus whereas trump rallies they seem to indicate do massive protests in new york city and around the country some doctors warn a spike in coronavirus cases could follow but that didn't really happen but new study suggests that recent black lives matter protesters have not led or the protests themselves have not led to a spike in new cases health officials warned against their rally but president trump said we have to move on this is all a little bit odd it's unclear why the virus would seem to have a political bias favoring some big gatherings over others mayor de blasio is efforts to sit on both sides of the fence accommodating those afraid of code 19 by implementing. harsh measures on the one hand while letting black lives matter do
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their thing on the other hand doesn't seem to be working out very well for him his critics argue that the black community which has been disproportionately hit by code 19 should be discouraged not encouraged to protest they even point to the 1st amendment. let me get this right now the blasio affairs parades tennis much is banned for public safety may a statistically the group disproportionately affected by the virus is excepted and allowed to congregate and protest you advocate exposing them to increased risk hypocrite how does that make any sense i'm all for b.l.m. products but if they can proceed so can other bands viruses don't care about social conflicts bill seen the protests are ok what other gatherings are prohibited it sounds like censorship to me these type of speech are assemblies ok but that's kind of isn't let's remember that new york city's mayor bill de blasio presents himself as a big supporter of black lives matter even painted the words black lives matter on
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the street in front of trump tower that was a symbolic move that not all locals were happy with this marriage promoting the shit in a trade and he did this because he hates surprise when he did it out of spite but we have a mayor who doesn't care about you and me the african-american community he lets them rot on the street he's done nothing to help and i think it's a joke it's beautiful but he's trying to play both sides of everything he won't know which forms are nothing this is like and it's the statue moment it's a joke it doesn't help the course it doesn't help because mayor bill de blasio seems to be in a pretty rough spot his attempt to sit in 2 chairs has got a lot of other people standing up in anger he will mock them archie new york. an outbreak of coronavirus cases on u.s. military bases in japan is alarming locals there prompted a virtual lockdown officially ok now was that almost $100.00 u.s. service members have tested positive for the virus as
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a result the governor of okinawa is now demanding a top u.s. military commander take stricter prevention measures. and back here stateside officials and tolson oklahoma are resuming excavation of mass graves after the pandemic put a halt on their search back in march it's been nearly a century. he after a race riot left as many as 300 black people dead the city plans to dig for graves at 4 different locations later today. and back here stateside smoke is still billowing around parts of san diego after an explosion happened aboard a naval ship on sunday $21.00 people suffered minor injuries and everyone on the ship has been accounted for artie's natasha sweep has more from this ongoing investigation. flames in plumes of smoke surrounding the u.s.s. bonhomme or shard in san diego sunday and today the smoke continues to cloud parts of san diego south bay 21 people suffered minor injuries authorities say 17 sailors
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and 4 civilians were hospitalized with non-life threatening injuries if said at least one person was treated for smoke inhalation according to rear admiral philip so bad things could have been a lot worse as a 1000000 gallons of fuel reportedly on board the u.s.s. bonhomme as report a 100 percent accountability of their personnel all personnel were evacuated off the ship earlier today and there is no ordinance on board which was our initial concern to make sure of safety in and around the ship while the exact cause of the fire remains under investigation so but believes the fire ignited somewhere in the lower cargo where marina quote mint and vehicles are stored he says the fire was not fueled by oil hazardous materials or electrical causes he believes the fire could have erupted by a change in air pressure according to the national weather service is smoke will continue to linger in parts of san diego however an onshore breeze will help to shift its highest concentration and forecasters say the smoke should clear in the
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next few days as temperatures rise reporting in from los angeles natasha suites r t. all right from coal bed to territorial integrity at this moment serbia is facing a number of unprecedented challenges the european countries government was reelected just a few weeks ago and with the pressure on internally and externally it's already being put to the test r.t. as alex while a bit with the story. of sporadic violence was. posted to lower chinese people often. demonstrators came out in the thousands over the weekend to voice their discontent about the serbian government's new cold 19 measures a 2nd wave of corona virus infections has hit serbia and many of its citizens feel that the government hasn't missed handled the crisis. to date serbia has had over 800000 registered cases of covert with more than 400 deaths the past couple of days have seen relatively peaceful protests after another night of violence on friday
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when police fired tear gas at hundreds of people who attempted to storm the country's parliament in the capital belgrade meanwhile as the people of serbia continue their struggle of the cold but at home politicians are facing other challenges abroad more than 20 years after served forces fought albanian separatists and cos of all the e.u. is hoping to continue its efforts to broker a deal between the 2 balkan entities in brussels later this week such an agreement is crucial that the future of the people of course will consider ria it's crucial for it to be in perspective. cutey key and stability region. all of that is oh so close look at the end here amongst the many hurdles standing in the way of progress between the governments of serbia and kosovo it's possible the president. has been charged for crimes committed during and after the cost of
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a war which took place from 1908 to $999.00 today he visited prosecutors at the hague but. you're going back with a body i'm holding. up pretty in the from the north. that's a lot. i saw it in her little however the crimes he's accused of hello they are a different story the hague based court has charged possibles president and a number of his allies of a range of crimes against humanity and war crimes including nearly $100.00 murders in forced disappearance of persons persecution and torture. the victims include serbs and kosovo albanians who did not support the cause of a liberation army better known as the k.l.a. a group led by thought that was on the u.s. terror list until 998 president bill clinton's administration removed the terrorist
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designation from the organization in preparation for a ruthless nato campaign against what are now serbia and montenegro over 2 decades later serbia continues to feel the aftermath of that war serbia along with nearly half of the united nations member states do not recognize cost of all as a sovereign entity allowed we tensions between serbia and kosovo to be exploited to this day in the power struggle between east and west as well as the u.s. and e.u. . tied to the mix and the serbian government is now in a delicate position balancing the wants of foreign powers and the needs of its people at home for r.t. i'm alex model of it. and big corporations continue to buy out newspapers despite newspapers being caught in a death spiral like can this signal a new media lamp landscape we're going to discuss that next and then over the sports h.q. we're going to have takes us down to florida for a very deep play of m.l.s.
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my pap and tony a host of america's lawyer with white collar criminals policy guy high profits and sneer at the pain of those they ripped off and ruined so that's where i come in questioning for. all right if you are watching this show it's probably because you want to hear something different than what's echoed through through the mainstream media and how you got here is because through the years independently owned media outlets have shrunk and progressively since 1983 now back in the eighty's some 50 ish companies controlled much of american media things from magazines to book publishers music
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newspapers t.v. networks and what have you but today there are only about 5 major corporations that own everything from your local t.v. news cast to the movies you watch the likes of time warner disney news corp viacom and bertelsmann of germany it's a short list now so how does that impact you the consumer for that we will go to t.v. legend and host of politicking our friend larry king so larry back in the eighty's there were around 50 or more companies that own t.v. outlets publications where they all go why they abandon us well they go into what is called modern living i don't think it's good at all when a fuel control many it's not healthy when american one group can control 2000 american radio stations put
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a lot of people out of work and you don't get many voices in many opinions i don't think there's anything good about it the problem is i don't know what you could do about it someone years ago said that may wind up but only 200 corporations in all of america is this by world continues i don't see i don't see anything see anything healthy about it all but you know there were lots of grocery stores and then they came along. and wiped out the small grocery is a little different a little more important and i don't know the answer can stop within the free enterprise system well larry on sunday chase them which is a hedge fund they won the bid to buy mcclatchy newspapers after mcclatchy filed for bankruptcy obviously newspapers have been in a death spiral for a long time pending a court approval chait them could soon own 30 daily paper so that's all local i mean stuff like the miami herald sacramento bee kansas city star that's some deep
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pockets and corporations owning a large percentage of media companies i mean how does that show that scare us i mean they should. do and should do a column for the miami herald when they were owned by knight ridder member that time people express you know going certain that knight ridder owned 6 newspapers and now this group bones' by god how many newspapers that they own but again i don't know the answer in a free enterprise system can i stop you from buying a newspaper in a city i don't think i can come in as lawmakers kind of have to examine this but now larry if we go back down the timeline the late ninety's obviously ushered in the internet folks were able to log in from home they were you know seeing and hearing things that they were not able to see or read or hear from these corporate
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controlled media entities the internet was supposed to be the great equalizer amongst us but now the world wide web is shrunken to round 100 big companies that own basically all of these big websites what does all this media consolidation or these can cloud conglomerates does that mean for joe schmoe. it's very troubling when the big get bigger it is very troubling and we're we're down to 150 corporations controlling the world it's not it's not good and we're up against it but you know in modernization leads to many things including problems where you know it will for the jet plane there were less playing there before they invented the airplane there were no airplane crashes since they invented the airplane people have died in airplane crashes which you can't stop building airplanes well so i don't know how to stop this armada stop this onslaught of
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information in few sources so dangerous and there's obviously been a lot of criticism lately over the impartiality of the press or lack thereof these days how important is media impartiality to our democracy. very important r.t.a. is a good example of impartiality you watch this network and you have no idea what the management thinks about a political issue that's not true in other cases but again impartiality is just becoming impossible you are just the cable networks at night they're all just blabber opinions so you get yeah that's not healthy and larry do you think we have crossed the rubicon ken can we go back to a place where folks trust the press again or is this done and over with you know something you know you can never go back. that once you make that you can
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never go back write that down that is better than break larry i mean so what what would you advise the viewers now that are watching you and i how do they know we're telling the truth how do they know you know c.n.n. or fox or m s n b c if they're telling the truth. they don't well you can obviously if you watch those 3 networks at night you know it's not the truth it's truth from their standpoint so you'll always get truth that r t we could use more of the same. again it is what it is we've been talking about progress progress brings problems as many of these things are said to me when you're going to get huge few controlling many i'm with you mary and i will say there are 19 1st yeah. yeah those voices are sadly quickly dissipating i guess people you know sell out to the big corporations money
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talks right what they only say it is what it is that is that's right it is what it is and what he talks larry king always appreciate your time thank you. thanks willow. and washington d.c.'s city council has voted to allow the city's imprisoned population a vote this november in the general elections current laws only allow felons to vote after being released from prison but in this new election cycle those prisoners will be able to check their president of choice from behind bars. now over to the country of poland where the incumbent has just won reelection conservative president andres received about 51 percent of the votes with about 99 percent of the precincts reporting and his rival faltering received just 48 percent of those votes really close those who oppose due to fear the worst after reports
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that you don't run a campaign based on homophobia and truth and medic over time. and the riffraff between the u.s. and venezuela continues to a reuters report the u.s. is pressing shippers insurers certification organizations and flag states that register those those vessels to not work with venezuela it's all part of the trumpet ministrations targeting of the maritime industry to tighten its sanctions on nicolas maduro u.s. sanctions have already driven in as well as well exports to their lowest level in 80 years. and we're going to hands over at the sports h.q. regina we have soccer back here in the states and it was a pretty nice thing to watch it's great we have live reports as no fans but major league soccer is back in a really great way in the united states at the m.l.s. is back tournament florida group the play started with plenty of drama between sporting t.c. and minnesota united's let's get into it 42nd minute before any goals is can
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actually happen in a boy gratian way run from sporting when you're kerry shell and a right footed chip from the bottom of the box breaks open scoring the lead one nil lose goalkeeper tyler miller though it's kind of a tough. bit of a daze as a shot goes right past him has no idea what he sees we do executive action though gets a bit frisky sporting goalkeeper tenderly asked tried to box the jets aggressive dragon yamin a sort of forced schoenfeld and he's actually going to be shown a red card 40000000 is not happy about that one but it is well deserved that means we're going to get a stoppage time looking for goal scoring chance and to get it is going to end up being a missed shot on a penalty but sheldon occidentals only goal minnesota equalizers at one goal of he's never going to score and goalkeeper 96 minute looms defender roman mitts unary with a dribble outside the box looking for a human edwards he gets cross and kevin molino gets it in with the left footed shot to give minnesota the 21 a lead they'll hold on and face real salt lake on friday. so in
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142 days as the national hockey league pushed pause on the 21920 season due to the coronavirus pandemic but now teams are heading back to the ice as training camps opening up for phase 3 of the return to play players from $24.00 of the league's $31.00 teams suited back up for the practice ahead of resumption of the season rosters will include up to 30 players an unlimited number of goalies but no more than 31 players will travel to the hub cities on july 26th those cities are both in canada toronto for the eastern conference and edmonton for the western players will be tested every other day and are advised to limit contact with the outside world during these training camps in h.l. was the 1st of the major north american pro sports teams have returned to play out of the game with the plan having been announced 2 months ago so really how does it all break down here and how it goes after teams report to the cities the teams have 2 days exhibition games before the stanley cup qualifiers on august 1st 1st round
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of the playoffs began on august 11th in the league is hoping to wrap everything up and crowned a champion by october 4th at the latest it'll be great to see you know our local washing capitals back on the ice manila it's going to great see a lot of teams that we've kind of put on. pause march feels like such a long time ago oh i know it'll be great to see them but i hope everybody follows the rules and wears their p.p. and keeps them safe safety 1st you can you just goober eats everything you'll be fine right and obviously where your mouth guard teeth are nice exactly you want to have those big you regina and we'll be back at 7 o'clock with a lot more news the red planet is about to get a visit from earth invaders details in a full report and the real reason the washington n.f.l. team is ditching its name rick sanchez is going to join us for that discussion we've got all that or more coming up so make sure you tune in at 7 that does it for me right now make sure you download our brand new free app cortical t.v. and watch there were 7 military and follow me on twitter feed.
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you live in the age of just believe the people don't trust the government and the government doesn't trust the people i mean come to this deficit the legitimacy and more importantly is there a way out is dialogue. you cannot be both with the yeah you want.
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the world is driven by a dream shaped by from person to those. who dares thinks. we dare to ask. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then.
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hello from rhode island where i live as we await the all clear to get back to the r. t. america broadcast center in washington and so many of us are working remotely these days the telecommuting in video conferencing have become 2nd nature how will technology reshape the new normal dave grave line joins us in just a few minutes but 1st we're hearing so much about supply chain disruption lately and this is not just a pickle for manufacturers it's hitting home at the kitchen table in a recent virtual senate committee meeting kansas republican pat roberts said people are finally realizing that food doesn't come from a store.


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