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tv   In Question  RT  July 13, 2020 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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hello there i'm an electric and you are watching in question probably comes to the party america's national news headquarters in washington d.c. here tonight's top stories 1st in a tit for tat move china slaps retaliatory sanctions on 3 u.s. lawmakers and one u.s. envoy details next in a full court then over to serbia where they continue to see protest as the government is threatening another virus lockdown meanwhile talks between serviette kosovo appear to be back on track despite the kosovo president's war crimes. plus the red planet is about to get a visit from earth invaders we'll tell you which countries are hoping to seize the moment before time runs out all right it's time to put st louis i.
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try and i has just announced sanctions against the united states which target some of beijing's most vocal critics this comes one week after the u.s. sanctions several chinese officials over reports that they are targeting some ethnic minorities artie's racial blevins is joining us now to break down the latest developments here so rachel what explanation did beijing give for the sanctions well a spokesperson for china's foreign ministry spoke out and she said that these sanctions are specifically in retaliation of ascensions that were imposed by the u.s. last week and which they accuse several chinese officials of human rights abuses against ethnic and religious minorities now china has denied these accusations repeatedly and it also accused the united states of trying to meddle in its internal affairs take a listen to vicious harassment. terror threats by the united states seriously
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damaged the legitimate rights and interests of chinese citizens in the us and also interrupted and destroyed the normal people to people exchanges which has turned into outright political persecution now beijing also accused the us of trying to increase tensions because the state department sent out a warning over the weekend to any u.s. citizen living in or traveling through china and which is said that they should be on notice that they could be wrongfully detained for political reasons ok so then who exactly did china target with these sanctions and how are those people responding well these sanctions go after u.s. officials and lawmakers who have been known of some of beijing's harshest critics and who have called for president trump to pursue really strict policies against china now these names include sam brownback trump's ambassador at large for international religious freedom republican senators marco rubio and ted cruz and republican representative chris smith now in response to the news they of course took to twitter were rubio wrote the communist party of china has banned me from
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entering the country i guess they don't like me and cruz wrote balmer i was going to take my family to beijing for summer vacation right after visiting tehran so it doesn't appear that they're too upset about this news sure and how do you think this will impact the overall relations between the u.s. and china especially on the trade front given you know the back and forth tip for tap for trade has been going on for like 2 years exactly and this seems to be just the latest conflict between the 2 countries and given all of the current tensions it is even lead president trying to say that he's not sure if there will be a phase 2 of the trade deal now he was asked about this by reporters in which he responded and said the u.s. relationship with china has been severely damaged by the coronavirus pandemic you allege that china could have stopped the plague as he called it but failed to do so and he claimed that pursuing phase 2 of a trade deal isn't on the table right now because he is dealing with other issues now we've seen trying to go back and forth in recent months on saying. whether or
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not he wants to even continue with phase one so now remains to be seen how the latest tensions will play a role in all of the tensions that we see going on here he was hoping to have the trade deal done before the 2020 alexion but here we are reach a woman's thank you so much thank you. now over to the latest code 900 numbers worldwide cases now almost at 13000000 with about 570000 reported deaths the top 3 countries with the most confirmed cases the u.s. of course still leading the way followed then by brazil and now india and here in the u.s. cases topping over 3000000 with about 135000 reported deaths now taking a closer look at this country this chart you're looking at showing the number of new kobe cases and deaths reported each day across the u.s. since the beginning of the outbreak and while the number of deaths are on the decline the number of new cases are on an upward trend as states are continuing to reopen on july 10th the highest number of new daily cases reached nearly 70000 then
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over in the sunshine state florida shattering the single day infection record with more than 15000 new cases john hardy is reporting from miami. florida is coated numbers continue to surge the state set a record with 15299 new cases july 11th higher than any other state governor rhonda sansa says testing for the virus has ramped up statewide so we've tested 2400000 people that is one for every 9 people in the state of florida so i'd be interesting to see what other things have been tested at this level you know in our country in modern times but this is something that as a whole the country's done a lot of tests obviously florida you know we're doing a lot to go in the last however however many we are with the demand is really behind the demand for kovan 1000 tests has been so high there's been numerous reports of people waiting for hours in line stretching at least a mile long and testers. in some cases taking several weeks in miami dade county
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where the number of cases is now close to 68000 the highest in florida one in 3 people who reportedly took a coded 1900 test last week tested positive representative ted deutch of florida tweeted this sunday gov to santa spent yesterday raving about all the testing in florida today our state reported over 15000 new cases cases hospitalizations and deaths are all up by over 50 percent in a week stop talking about what we did in march and start telling us your plan for right now to census has argued that local municipalities and not the state should decide for themselves if stricter levels of protection are needed adding to the debate and consternation about florida's kovan surge disney world reopened some of its parks in orlando over the weekend raising concerns of the place where dreams come true who quickly descended to a nightmare and stand as guest don their mickey mouse ears and face masks and
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speaking of face masks president trump finally done his over the weekend the 1st time he's done so since the pandemic began during a visit to walter reed medical center despite the trump administration insisting that the show will go on and there are now serious concerns being raised among g.o.p. officials about whether the republican national convention will go on a scheduled in august in jacksonville or whether or not it will shift to an entirely virtual event instead for our t.v. john hardy. and an outbreak of corona virus cases on u.s. military bases in japan now alarming locals and prompting a virtual lockout officials and ok now us that almost $100.00 u.s. service members have tested positive for the virus so as a result the governor of okinawa is now demanding a top u.s. military commander take stricter prevention measures. and officials and told to oklahoma are resuming excavation of mass graves after the pandemic put a halt. on their search back in march it's been nearly a century after
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a race riot left as many as 300 black people dead the city plans to dig for graves across the board different locations today. now from coded to territorial integrity at this moment serbia is facing a number of unprecedented challenges the european countries government was reelected just weeks ago and with the pressure on internally and externally it's already being put to the test parties alex has the story of the sporadic fire which was. posted to the origin of peaceful. demonstrators came out in the thousands over the weekend to voice their discontent about the serbian government's new cold 19 measures a 2nd wave of coronavirus infections has hit serbia and many of its citizens feel that the government has missed handled the crisis to date serbia has had over the team 1000 registered cases of covert with more than 400 deaths the past couple of
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days have seen relatively peaceful protests after another night of violence on friday when police fired tear gas at hundreds of people who attempted to storm the country's parliament in the capital belgrade meanwhile is the people of serbia continue their struggle with cold but at home politicians are facing other challenges abroad more than 20 years after serb forces fought albanian separatists and constable the e.u. is hoping to continue its efforts to broker a deal between the 2 balkan entities in brussels later this week such an agreement is crucial for the future of the people of kosovo and serbia. it's crucial for you to be in perspective on full this cutie and stability i'll get reach. all of that is oh so cool she'll let it be anybody amongst the many hurdles standing in the way of progress between the governments of serbia and kosovo since puzzles president bush has been charged for
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crimes committed during and after the cost of a war which took place from 1908 to $999.00 today he visited prosecutors at the hague but. you're going back what they put me on hold. up pretty in the from the both of them. that's a lot. i thought. her low however the crimes he's accused of hello they are a different story i hate these court has charged customs president and a number of his allies of a range of crimes against humanity and war crimes including nearly 100 murders in force disappearance of persons persecution and torture. the victims include serbs roma and kosovo albanians who did not support because of a liberation army better known as the k.l.a. a group led by factory that was on the u.s.
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terror list until the 1998 president bill clinton's administration removed the terrorist designation from the organization in preparation for a ruthless nato campaign against what are now serbia and montenegro over 2 decades later serbia continues to fuel the aftermath of that war serbia along with nearly half of the united nations member states do not recognize cost of all as a sovereign entity allowing tensions between serbia and kosovo to be exploited to this day in the power struggle between east and west as well as the us and e.u. . had come into the mix and the serbian government is now in a delicate position balancing the wants of foreign powers and the needs of its people at home for r.t. i'm alex model of it. and mars is about to be invaded by several human missions that's right july is the month of mars as space agencies from 3 different countries
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are launching missions to the red planet within days of one another now if they miss their launch window they could have to wait until 2020 to the try again artie's trinity chavez explains. why the race to mars is heating up as several countries are watching perhaps of the red planet in the coming weeks and the united arab emirates is set to make history as the 1st arab nation to launch a spacecraft to mars. today the race to mars continues the u.s. china and the united arab emirates all plan to launch spacecraft to the red planet this month the 3 countries apparently taking advantage of the favorable alignment when the earth and mars are closest which is about 34000000 miles apart but if they miss their 2 week launch windows they'll have to wait until september 2022. for another chance planet earth only gets the opportunity to launch to mars every 26 months because that's when earth and mars are aligned such that you can cut down on
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travel time and take the minimum amount of fuel and energy to get there while china plans to send its inaugural mars probe small remote controlled rover between july 20th in july 25th the u.a.e. is set to launch its 1st spacecraft called hope to circle mars on july 15th and if successful it will be the 1st arab country to visit the red planet joining an elite club of nations that have studied the martian atmosphere this mission to mars is really the news for the whole world got a blue and. much to see the. new event that we kind of fool with. this while the u.s. plans to launch its mars project july 30th the probe dubbed perseverance is a mission that was named by a 13 year old student in virginia after he entered naming contest for nasa is next mars mission. perseverance is not only just an important part of the mission but
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part of humans and i decided that that was the best name for the mission perseverance is nasa is most ambitious mars project yet totaling in around 3 $1000000000.00 the rover will spend one whole martian year on the red planet which is equivalent to about $687.00 earth days now all 3 agencies plan to send rovers to the planet to collect rock and soil samples and also look for life both past and present and potentially pave the way to one day set foot on the road surface reporting in new york trinity each of those are to. be a washington redskins finally throw in the towel at least on its logo and team moniker vowing to corporate pressure to change its racist name for coverage on that . straight ahead and remember keep up with all the latest news and anything you might have missed make sure you download our brand new free app portable t.v. you can catch there 24 seventh's i will be right back.
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our culture is awash in laws dominated by streams of never ending electronic hallucinations that merge back fiction until they are indistinguishable we have become the most deluded society on politics as a species of endless and needless to little computer politicians have morphed into celebrity are 2 ruling parties are in reality one part of the corporate world and those who attempt to puncture this. breathless universal to make news just signed to push through the cruelty and exploitation of the neo liberal borders are pushed so far to the margins of society including by a public broadcasting system that has sold its soul for corporate money that we
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might as well be mice squeaking against an avalanche but squeak we must. take a live music anywhere you go plus an elegant think curated online and video library with a built in search engine it will sit right in your pocket it's free interactive digital our subjects are stars will talk to the thousands of episodes to explore videos uploaded every hour so what are you waiting for blast off the boards. carried out turn on the t.v. on the back the world of what's happening around me i see shows on the screens in last every day because of fake news narratives is that a state. to maybe go is someone building up places with tom after blair brick by
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brick globalism they came out how play me off that in this war but i found a network that question. i. washington d.c. is n.f.l. franchise made headlines on july 3rd when it announced it would open a thorough review on the team's name the announcement is long overdue after many years of native american groups petitioning team owner dan snyder to do away with the offensive name now there is an official decision on the future of the washington redskins artie's regina hamm has the story. it's been 87 years in the making but the washington redskins are retiring their name and logo ending a 10 day old review by the organization in
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a statement released by the team they said quote we are announcing the retiring the redskins name and logo upon completion of this review team owner dan snyder and coach ron rivera are working closely to develop a new name and design approach that will enhance the standing of our proud tradition rich franchise and inspire our sponsors fans and community for the next 100 years the team nickname and logo has long been denounced by native american groups as an ethnic slur but some defenders of the name point out that the logo was designed by a native american in 1901 there was no surprise to the decision for change especially after reports surfaced that snyder already was in talks with the n.f.l. about finding a new name for the squad snyder and the franchise were under more pressure to change a nickname after protest against social injustice began following the death of george floyd famously snider resisted changing the name for years telling usa today in 2013 he would never make that move however pressure from top sponsors and investors pushed the decision including fed ex threatening to end its naming rights
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sponsorship of the team stadium losing the financial backing would cost the team over $620000000000.00 now the name will be removed from the stadium training facility at virginia media guides and even the official club address $21300.00 redskins park dry. native american groups like the national congress of american indians celebrated the decision by the organization putting out a statement saying today is a day for all native people to celebrate we thank the generations of tribal nations leaders and activists who worked for decades to make this day possible we commend the washington n.f.l. team for eliminating a brand that disrespected demeaned in syria type all native people and we call in all other sports teams in corporate variance retire all caricature of native people that they use as mascots we are not mascots we are native people citizens of more than 500 tribal nations who have stood strong for millennia and overcome countless challenges to reach this pivotal moment in time when we can help transform america into the just equitable and compassionate country our children deserve. now manila the team is hoping that they will be able to pick
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a new name and logo all before the start of the season when they face off against their fellow n.f.c. rival philadelphia eagles on september 13th that is certainly a lot of controversy there regina hamm thank you for filing that report. all right so joining us to discuss further on this washington redskins controversy bowing to corporate sponsors as they say rick sanchez host of news with rick sanchez so rick it appears dan snyder didn't have a change of heart because he has some sort of a conscience but rather it was because they had him in the pocketbook. yeah in fact let me take it to the derivation of this and start to look at the derivation of what god did and schneider here we should probably look at their vision of the word so i'm going to take you back are you ready let's go back in time they say 1769 it was a made of american chief who met up with an english lieutenant at the time 1st time
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that word was ever uttered the word redskin he speaks to the lieutenant and says talk to us if any redskin do you harm this is again the chief talking to lieutenant the english lieutenant he says. if so i will defend you saw the 1st of the word apparently with someone who was a native american using the term whether he got it from the other side who knows 863 and this is the one that really creates i or in many people in the native american community this is minnesota 863 a bounty was set for mt any dead redskin bring us a dead redskin word redskin and we will pay you $200.00 was the official the official price put on the head of any of these redskins as they were called back then 1933 the boston braves a football team decides to change its name to the boston red skins that team the boston red skins part of me yeah the boston redskins that moved to washington 3
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years later i think i was about 936 and officially becomes the washington redskins and here is now the one that really addresses your point when the are you ready 2013 dan snyder utters the following words we will never change our name never never never he goes on to say quote put that in caps well. guess what he's changing the name of the change in the tune because rick money talks but where do you suppose this leaves all the other pro sports teams that have you know native american symbols groups like the atlanta braves or what about college teams like your home state florida state seminoles. yeah i know there's a real question about how far this is going to go but there's also
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a question here i think about what this really represents i mean look. i think if you were to ask most native americans what they would say is. keep the name redskin and give us back our dignity give us back our pride somehow give us back many of the things that this country took from our people because that would be more important you know they've recently done some polling on this more often than not they have found the majority of native americans say they don't care they really just don't care it's not that big a deal for them of course that's not to minimize those who do and you and i both know that common sense will tell you because we're both married that whenever someone disagrees or feels bad about something you know what's it take to do why not just go ahead and say look i get it i'm sorry let's go a different direction right which i think is what people are saying here but if you actually look at the polling the most recent polling the 1st ones and 2016 that
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seem to show that almost 90 percent said we just don't really don't care or more recent polling apparently by the washington post found that the majority still think it's not that big a deal i think for them there are other things that actually affect their lives that are more important than the name of a football team oh absolutely when i started out in television news i was in a small market as most of us start rick and i was near a certain native tribe in arizona and they would often tell me the more pressing things are disease heart disease liver disease their education at the reservation that needed to be handled not this controversy about you know the redskins name but here when you know big companies like nike threaten or not threaten actually pull your mercs off the shelves what are you going to do. it's a it's a it's a capitalistic decision and in the and i can't help but think in these situations
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look as a hispanic i can't stand hispanic heritage month what the hell is that all of a sudden oh you're going to care for a month or black history month these supposed throwaways or give away to certain groups whether they're asian or hispanic they're gay or whatever they are they seem almost empty to be the more important thing would be create to to actually create a dialogue to find out what it is that the 2 groups either have in common or that they don't have in common that they need to work oh but instead we get platitudes like we'll change the name or hispanic heritage month or gratian week. etc etc dan snyder should donate a large amount of london's just reminds me of that i think rick dan snyder should donate a large sum of money to some native american groups and maybe pay for some of their schooling and fix some of the problems within the community as
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a thank you for having made him a the a billionaire at this point we don't know we got a check. then schneider did this because he is a capitalist and for no other reason and you nailed it with the 1st comment you threw to me when you tossed to me and that's that's fact it is what it is well we'll leave it right there my friend rick sanchez always appreciate your 2 cents. other news making headlines across the nation black lives matter protests took over key cities across the weekend now in portland protests continued in downtown last night following confrontations with the police just a day before leaving one protester in the hospital after being shot in the head then over in st paul the national mother's march took place when a 1000 people marched there to the state capitol demanding and to police violence then over in queens new york. procacci solidarity walk ended with an intense face
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off what you're seeing here those demonstrators were marching to support police officers who they say are being unfairly targeted as they entered juniper valley park they were then met by 20 protesters calling to defund police departments. now over to the country of poland where the incumbent has just won the election the conservative president. received about 51 percent of the votes with about 99 percent of the districts reporting his rival. received 48 percent of the votes those who oppose do dato fear the worst that after reports that dude are ran a campaign based on homophobia and anti semitic over time. and the us is increasing its pressure on venezuela poured into a reuters report the us is pressing shippers insurers certification organisations and flag states that register vessels not to work with the south american country it's all part of a trumpet ministrations targeting of the maritime industry to tighten the sanctions
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on nicolas maduro and have already driven but as well as oil exports to their lowest levels. are a bad set for now i'm military and. the government. and more importantly is there a way oh. oh. the
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persuasion of the tick-tock users is pretty high because they have a huge mass right so it's about. right to work together and they can create incredible structures because they're told we coordinated and so that. in this case have the ability to i think change election outcomes.
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welcome welcome to redacted tonight this is the show where americans in america covering american news are called foreign agents so i heard this latest scandal about russia paying taliban fighters to kill american soldiers and when something didn't quite fit right with me it felt like when yabloko undercoat fish on a transatlantic flight you're not exactly sure what's going on but you're pretty sure it's going to end with someone picking bomb it out of their hair this is quite a scandal i mean this is quite a scandal i know and the reigning queen of mccarthyism was ready to jump on it i mean if this times report is correct this means that u.s. intelligence has concluded that lot of mir putin is offering for the scalps of american soldiers in afghanistan. but you know true it would mean the taliban were trying to kill a mayor.


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