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tv   Redacted Tonight  RT  July 13, 2020 10:00pm-10:31pm EDT

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we go to work. straight home. as black lives a matter of protests rage in new york new video of a police officer pitting a suspect down by the neck intensifies anger across america. want to hold it 19 records the strike again in the state of florida with a record of daily increase. and polls that conservative president narrowly secures another term but if the election is marred by claims germany exerted to undo influence on voter. no you oppose or secret arms of tests investigators say they've established why 9 hikers mysteriously died in russia's ural mountains more than 60 years ago. we get more on those headlines at
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our website or t. dot com and stay with us for more inspirational programming this is our t. internet. welcome welcome redacted tonight this is the show where americans in america covering american news are called foreign agents so i heard this latest scandal about russia paying taliban fighters to kill american soldiers and something didn't quite sit right with me it felt like when yabloko under cooked fish on a transatlantic flight you're not exactly sure what's going on but you're pretty sure it's going to end with someone picking bomb it out of their hair this is quite a scandal i mean this is quite a scandal i know and the reigning queen of mccarthyism was ready to jump on it i mean if this times report is correct this means that u.s. intelligence has concluded that lot of mir putin. is offering for the
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scalps of american soldiers in afghanistan why. if true it would mean the taliban were trying to kill american soldiers. oh wait that's back spread their hobby for the past 20 years why would russia need to pay them to do something they always just do it's like paying barry bonds in the early 2000 to inject steroids into his scrotum and you probably couldn't even find a moment when he wasn't injecting into his scrotum in which to offer him the money . here's the money but i want to give i want to kill the new york times and rachel mad cow the benefit of the doubt so i did a little research and it is true the taliban were indeed paid by another country to wage war against americans it did during a meeting they were paid by america that's right the us has been funding the
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taliban for years here from the nation in 2009 halvor us funds the taliban in fact there was even a lawsuit when 400 americans sued the us military contractors for funding taliban attacks against american troops we fund them were we sometimes are now i know and we fight them it's a it's a beautiful symbiotic circle of war it's barely even a secret where you are now on rachel how dare russia do to us what we've been doing to us that's our thing. but it gets even better is there any proof russia paid the taliban fighters well anonymous sources in the intelligence community said there was 0 the intelligence community well they're trustworthy where would they have any reason to lie to you and may the american people are yes it's their job to lies to the american people as the wise mike pompei
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o one said i was the cia director we lied we cheated we sequenced all we had with the entire entire training course. so we know for certain that u.s. intelligence agencies lied to you and me we saw it with w m d we saw in russia gate we saw it with russians hacking the vermont power grid back in 27 days remember that a vermont utility company called russian hacking mill where on one of its computers this after officials confirm that a code used with the russian hacking operation was detected my dead dead dead dead that's horrifying if true. if true too little warrant but alas 3 days later the washington post and miss russian government hackers do not appear to have targeted the vermont utility but but don't worry if you still want to push that fake news story you can still find the original washington post article online
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saying russian operation hacked vermont utility how how nice of the washington power is to keep their garbage propaganda up there for us to use whenever we want whenever we see fit. we see all this dumpster fire bolt just put out by the intelligence community and we all just eat it ah god god so when i 1st heard about this story about the russian balinese paid to the taliban i thought i wonder if our intelligence community is trying to stop peace from breaking out you see every time you hear a thinly sourced outlandish story like this you can bet there was the threat of peace or troop withdrawal on the horizon so i looked back to see what peaceful maneuver they were trying to stop with this scandal and sure enough the timeline fits like a glove june 26th 2020 the new york times 1st reports the russian bounty story
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but just one month earlier pentagon commanders begin drawing up options for an early have to understand troop withdrawal following trumps request and equally important just 10 days prior to the russian bounty story president trumps confirmed in public for the 1st time his administration's plans to cut the u.s. military troop presence in germany from its current level of roughly 350028 reduced force of 25000 so the intelligence community in the deep state thought dear god we can't just have peace breaking out around the world we have to do something to stop this let's loot that ridiculous story about the russian bounty we got from waterboarding some poor afghan villager. releasing this last will those stories serve 2 main purposes and reminded everyone what a threat russia is so we better put more troops in germany and it served to keep
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every last u.s. soldier in afghanistan because screw those russian funded taliban and in case you needed reminding i'm no trump lover across my career i've said more positive words about the the skull like family of intestinal tapeworms then i am sad about donald trump the skull x. have been shown to read more than he does i'm not implying trump is some kind of hippie peacenik i mean the thought of him with a with no bra is a vial low some idea. no no no no i'm not saying any of that the military under 12 has dropped bombs and a faster rate than any president however in certain areas of the world trump has threatened to create peace sure he's doing a very own ego he's doing it because he is based one side or is he is nonfunctional etc etc whatever the reason he has sometimes put forward plans or policies that go
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against the military industrial complex and the establishment warhawks and each time this is happened he is quickly from or to usually with hilarious propaganda so as you know let's just look at the calendar for $28.00 team president trump ordered the pentagon to prepare for withdrawing u.s. troops from syria well that clearly could not be allowed because it goes against the us imperial plan which dick cheney and henry kissinger drew up a crayon 2 back in 1909 so what happened only 3 days later april 7th $28.00 reports began emerging of alleged chemical attacks in the city of duma what are the odds that within days of trump telling the pentagon to withdraw bashar al assad decides to use the one weapon that will guarantee american forces continue attacking him. a minute saad may not be a chess player but i also don't think he ate that many paint chips as a kid and sure enough over the past 2 years we've now seen for whistle blowers are
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merged to challenge the cover up of the chemical weapons probe they say there was no chemical weapons attack but a status of a propaganda piece any day and twice on sunday the full story succeeded in keeping america an entrenched in syria finally let's move to north korea trump threatened to create peace with kim jong un simply saying he would attempt such a thing sent weapons contractor stocks just crashing to the ground you know one of the many reasons that peace had to be stopped. so february 27th 29th came donald trump and kim jong un they meet in vietnam the summit fails and reports begin emerging that might pompei ill and john bolton succeeded in napalming any progress toward peace march 15th pompei own bomb denies derailing north korean nuclear talks but just destroying the peace talks wasn't enough the american people needed
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a good solid propaganda to reassert the idea that kim jong un was a dastardly bloodthirsty dictator who will choose with a mouth open end and leaves toenail clippings on the breakfast table that you find later in your life what the dood. march 30th the new york times reports north korea executed and purge their top nuclear negotiator but 2 months later we learned june 4th the fate of north korea negotiator executed after the failed summit grows murkier with new reports that he's still alive within the next day or 2 it became quite clear the diplomat was very much in the land of the living but the propaganda put forward by the new york times and many other outlets had already done its job people had already read it and took it into their little brains and to this day the times is not removed the initial article saying he was executed
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exactly how wrong this propaganda have to be to warrant an online don't leash in a dead versus alive prisoner pretty binary designation look i'm not saying convert the hero or a great guy or even a man who wants peace i'm not even saying he's a man he very well may be a giant blood sucking leech in a human skin suit a poorly tailor human skin suit all i'm saying is the timing doesn't add up either these landmark stories that destroy every chance of peace or troop withdrawal or false in fact we've already proven that 2 out of 3 of them are very false or pieces exceedingly ridiculously laughably bad timing which do you think is. company from washington d.c. the belly the bases redacted i.
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welcome i'm leave camp now let's check the news from behind geoffrey abstains long time confidant and partner in their pet of feeling trafficking ring go lame maxwell has been taken into custody by the f.b.i. this is causing a bit of a turf war between different law enforcement agencies as to who gets to suicide her the f b i one to the n.y.p.d. a one to the clintons one to even the beefeaters with the funny hats one to on behalf of prince andrew only time will tell who gets to help her kill herself but they all know it must happen before she testifies about everything she knows let's move on to dominion and duke energy who if you read their press releases are working on an os down the line that will carry radical frak to get ass across
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thousands of miles occasionally causing. cancer and a certain percentage of the mad cool you know population by destroying their vision is suing a water supply. it sounds pretty trivial or doesn't the pipeline would run underneath parts of virginia west virginia and north carolina but just this week horrible news has hit the community of of poor defenseless billionaire investors who get rich by swiss cheese in america with a form of fuel that is killing everything we know and then some and those investors are really great people so this is like a super sad story. why i'm sure they're nice and they probably have great hors d'oeuvres at their i body paint sex parties that are free and open to all kinds of
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folks women who are really rich men and who are really rich. that's pretty much it. anyway the horrible those is the developers of the atlantic coast pipeline are giving up saying on sunday that the pending lawsuits and the rising costs are making it impossible to perceive this is disgusting poor developers like to binion and duke energy that that barely have billions of dollars to their names are forced to compete with upwards of dozens of devoted protesters who have somehow become brainwashed into believing that killing humanity's ability to live on this planet. is a bad thing. where they're getting their crazy ideas anyway in this case they seem to be they seem to have won by by slowing down the building of the pipeline they have held off the project long enough that it was no longer
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financially viable one can only hope they don't use this victory as an example that could be replicated in other pipeline battles and he's we can only hope they stop being stupid awesome people make me look bad. but it actually gets even worse. a judge has ordered the shutdown of the dakota access pipeline as well we can only pray that more pipelines don't get stopped and thereby forcing the rest of us to have to keep on living further eg 3 years when we could be doing what we really love which is dies much sooner from atmospheric suffocation or sea level rise or the always popular city rearranging giant fire tornadoes those are so much more. there are many fun ways that one could be
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dying so you activate this moving on to our last story although this scheme has been put on hold israel says it is still planning to annex 30 percent of the west bank of palestine so you may not be familiar with the term annex it's a technical term used by politicians and imperial countries when they don't want people to know they're saying the word steal here try this on for size israel plans to steal 30 percent of the west bank see how much less fun that sounds it almost sounds rude like when someone takes the last melon ball at a party when you were standing in line clearly anticipating a cool refreshing melon honey do more like me don't cantaloupe more like can't. still can't live so can't live on that one but when you really look at the history it's not like israel is stealing part of the west bank they are just taking
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back the land they rightfully stole years ago they have graciously allowed palestinians to live on some of that land with kindly israeli military scouts roaming the streets in order to check for criminal activity like standing in one's own yard without a license or for they greatly. being palestinian it sounds like israel is a good to the palestinians in some parts of palestine israel allows them to have electricity for a whopping 4 hours a day and i mean their overflowing with the stuff they could run a blender a computer a vibrator and a 2nd vibrator for our or with that much electricity if they were allowed to import those devices by israel which they are not but 50 percent of the population of palestine is under 18 meaning they're mostly children children don't need as much electricity and they drink less water than adults do which is also good because
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israel doesn't let them have much of that either i mean we would months of getting water fat now would we palestine is often called an open air prison so there you have an open air doesn't that sound nice i know a lot of people in prison who would give anything for an open air prison i don't actually know a lot of people in prison but if i did i would be making a killing on the black market ikea special rang off. regular short break but this is the last full episode of redacted tonight that will be on our you tube channel you can still watch all the segments on youtube but for the full episodes go get them at the free streaming app portable t.v. it has the full uncensored episodes and extra content grab it portable dot tv slash download abra about a lot more. people don't trust the government and the government doesn't
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trust. come to this decision the legitimacy and more importantly is there a way this time. we are segregated only by social class. people also in the 1st place if you're born into a 4 family if you're born into a minority family if you're born into a family that only has a single parent that really constrains your life chances people die now wish to 15 years old if you're born into generational poverty. it's a. fight every day you meet your needs and the needs of your family.
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welcome back i'm still a camper in the past few months we've seen more strong and widespread criticism of us policing than in prior years combined and it doesn't help that there is a new massive leak revealing internal police information to dig into this one we go to our truth now when we go. what do you showed us that leaks of any kind or ever change the way we view and. to sions we're programmed to trust and at the very least are conversation starters like this week for example which started the conversation with my friends about why i'm no longer trusted to drink big gulps a long road trips but in the wake of nationwide protests there's now a new set of leaks getting attention the nearly $270.00 gigabyte data dump of thousands of us police documents called the blue leaks which includes information
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about police surveillance of black lives matter protest finally something that both shift the power away from unethical policing and from maxipad commercials that insist on using gatorade cool blue to demonstrate maximum absorbency the activist group distributed denial of secrets tweeted about the database in late june which made it home on the group's website and according to them includes an years of data from over 200 police departments fusion centers and other law enforcement training and support resources but the leaks themselves were the digital handiwork of everyone's favorite nightmare inducing mass hackers anonymous whose previous greatest hits included hacking child pornographers twice the premises and the website of the westboro baptist church whose congregation made careers out of being the most colorful people at a funeral shouting about how we've all sinned against god according to wired some
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of the initial discoveries among the documents showed for instance that the f.b.i. blotter at the social accounts of protesters and sent alerts to local law enforcement about anti police messages while other documents detail the f.b.i. tracking fit going donations the protest groups and internal memos warning that white supremacist groups have posed as and teeth to incite violence. the reliably amorphous scapegoat used to justify retaliation against protesters that convinces me we're only a few months away from seeing a boner pill ad that says just like statues around the country won't stay or rock could be 2 and taissa but least of documents reveal the new jersey office of homeland security and preparedness took that anti and teeth a sentiment a step farther by raising red flags on what they deemed and tea for extremist
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subgroups such as legal observers of protests like the members of national lawyers guild is known for its members wearing bright neon green hats either the police tear gas you for being a part of the guild or they tear gas you because they thought you were will smith. but just as quickly as distributed denial of secrets advertise this goldmine of data on twitter was twitter hell bent on stifling the flow of information because now if you do try to share twitter will return with an error and an explanation that says the link has been flagged as potentially harmful i mean sure let's pretend that the website that leaves up on edited videos of black and brown people getting murdered waits nearly 4 years before finally flagging false id from our dip in chief and post man the laurian spoilers suddenly cares about potentially harmful tweets distributed denial of secrets is now in search of
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a new data hosed as german law enforcement sees the server that hosts the blue leaks once i'm back up and running there's nothing stopping you or anyone else from finding data and passing it on with the blue leeks hash tag because of the corporate media has its way the only blue things you hear about is the viral video of the white cop who cried in a mcdonald's drive thru because she thought her mic muffin was poisoned. reporting from the side of the road. are redacted. and finally it's time to get into some of the stories we've missed i'm joined by redacted correspondent anders really. don't has a goal what you got for us good will right now in new york city 500000 residents are facing the threat of a vacation after governor cuomo has moratorium on of action actions has expired and it's time to get back to back to ruthlessly evicting people from their homes right yes which some people are trying to do i was worried that i was worried during the pandemic will that will we ever get back to normal where we can just abuse people
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have kick them out on the street like we used to right i mean this will be even the new new or normal there's going to be all kinds of victims being ramped up by when things truly the economy gets back in full swing and a lot of people still don't have income especially in places like new york city marshals or those in the city are not allowed to give eviction notices they're not allowed to execute them right now. so they rely on the evictions but they forbid the notices right so they're on on paper you're still allowed to evict people but they're out there not being enforced so the orders aren't going through which is leaving some landlords in sort of a weird position one in particular gennaro brooks church who is a quote unquote eco builder in brooklyn has decided to move in to a building in crown heights neighborhood in brooklyn a place where he's been basically ordering people to rass tenants they've destroyed locks on people's doors bang pots and pans and things in the middle of the night is
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a whole new growing business enterprise. professional harasser yeah because legally he can't quite a victim people you can't get the thirty's to a victim so you have to do little subtle not so subtle things at all try to get out of it donald trump a professional troll yeah. i mean it's going to be hard to affect him live in a few months if it comes to that this is the next big fight. in the country i think you know you've got policing already and then the big one is going to be over the convictions and yeah these are connected when i got well globally the pandemic has caused a lot of fashion brands an outlet stores to cancel their orders from supply chains around the world especially in latin america and asia and they have left a lot of these manufacturers with the bill $3200000000.00 in orders was stiffed and cancelled in bangladesh and the real people who get these are the people that are usually paid about $0.03
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a garment breitling yeah that's really who is suffering because of this because of the manufacturers they're getting stiff but they're really taking out only employees are using this as an opportunity union bust and the government in places like cambodia are in a 2 and a solution of this would be a social safety net for these these employees who depend on you know that very very small amount of money yeah we do they need a social safety net they wanted to be treated better but also luckily soon america will have gutted the unions so effectively that all those manufacturers can come back to america because workers will again be working for pennies an hour yeah a penny is going to make a comeback i think thanks so much anderson thank you. and here are your headlines from the future 2 weeks from now you'll read the new york times editorial board holds annual discussion on whether to take down an article
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titled saddam hussein has weapons of mass destruction and in august you'll learn. anonymous source that cia longs for a credit for coming up with such good propaganda. and finally this coming tuesday. as pipeline project halted big oil repost conveys how sorry they are after every spill fears for job security rough times rough times in that field that's our show but if you're watching this on you tube please take note this is the last full episode that will be on you tube but you can watch the full episodes on the free app portable t.v. get a portable dock t.v. size download also grab a copy or a digital copy of my political comedy book lee camp book dot com until next time goodnight and keep fighting.
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during the vietnam war u.s. forces neighboring laos there was a secret war. and for years the american people did not know. how much it is especially the must carry back country per capita. human history millions of unexploded bombs still in danger lives in this small agricultural country. we have been going to continue tapping even today kids in los full victim to bombs drops decades ago is the us making amends for the tragedy in laos. to the people need in that little land of mine.
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you kiddo the lady with the new look. with a boom bust the one business show you can't afford to miss. in washington coming up global markets respond to positive frona virus vaccine news the f.d.a. grants fast track status to pfizer and by.


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