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fight every day so you meet your needs and the needs of your. news headlines stories in the u.k. chinese junk way from building the country's fine. work prompting concerns that the government is caving in to pressure from washington. security policy and the us minister made clear what extra measures he would take to ensure that we don't further behind a complex in terms of finding g. g g disruption cool. also ahead on the program the british government is accused. quitman to more than a dozen countries with questionable human rights records. been doing so
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for years. and while america is 2 main parties hog the limelight the so-called 3rd party presidential candidates are also gearing up for the november election we speak with the newly chosen nominee for the green party. democrats. the libertarian american people deserve to know what all their options are. live from our international news center and mosque oh this is r.t. my name's you know neal and you're very welcome to the program. our top story the british government has announced it's bombing a chinese tech giant quire way from building the u.k.'s next generation 5 g. network it's a major u.
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turn that could provoke a severe retaliation from china artie's picks up the story for us. the united kingdom announcing in a stunning. chinese company why wait will not be allowed to provide you cage mobile phone providers with their technology and they're going to forward from the end of december this year and that those u.k. providers must remove all who i wait 5 kits from their networks by 2027 and with a number of those within the u.k. government stating national security concerns but of course this is a company which has long since been providing the u.k. with 2 g. technology streeter technology for you technology all of which come under this latest decision to remove technology those pieces of technology can stay but it would appear pressure from the united states which has long opposed to our
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involvement in the 5 g. network is finally comes back is and security policy being led by the us the reality mr speaker is that the original decision on while away was made because over the past decade this government has failed to deliver a sustainable plan for a digital economy we still have a major job upgrading our digital infrastructure will a minister make clear what extra measures he will take to ensure that we don't fall further behind a complex in terms of 5 g. to provide care for broadband due to disruption caused by this decision now we heard all of the dardenne earlier the digital secretary referring to national security as one of the reasons as to this decision by the united kingdom but earlier this year the u.k. said that they had reviewed. why weigh in january we decided that everything was fine and that the intelligence stated that there was no threat from the chinese telecom giant to the boris johnson asking if not why wait but which company could
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provide that equipment the british public deserve to have access to the best possible technology if people oppose one brand or another then they have to tell us which is the what what's the alternative united states of the long been trying to pressure countries that have taken why waste 5 g. technology forward and trying to convince them to drop all of that technology but the chinese have responded in the wake of that u.k. decision say that there will be repercussions going forward regrettably her future in the u.k. has become politicized this is about u.s. trade policy and not security over the past 20 years while way has focused on building a better connected u.k. as a responsible business we will continue to support our customers as we have always done we will conduct a detailed review of what today announcement means for our business here and we'll work with the u.k. government to explain how we can continue to contribute to a better connected britain now all of this of course takes place in the context of
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the united kingdom which is heard something towards a no deal drugs that and the states repeatedly they want to open up to the world and to see trade with all of the economies of the world in chinese being one of the biggest of course this could have serious consequences for a united kingdom which says it's see it's abroad and it's all right. well just on this as well independent china andree long sais that while ways dominance of 5 g. technology actually means it will be almost impossible for the u.k. to sideline a firm entirely. while he has been instrumental in building the. infrastructure in many countries. including the u.k. the facts of the matter is very difficult to. take away completely importantly because of his stand. at the bottom.
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those in the states. where is the leader so i think that. also it's leeson decision the u.k. the. facility in which polish was to look at the stand is the future. and let's turn attention on the program not a to the u.s. where hundreds of people have taken to the streets of allentown pennsylvania for a rally against police brutality and it follows the release of a viral video showing a local police officer restraining a black man by kneeling on his neck protesters carrying block motor flags to call for the firing of the officer and also the funding of the local police department meanwhile police have released a longer version of the video on launched internal. the incident occurred several weeks after the death of george floyd and also the spine the nationwide campaign.
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to take a restraining measure its added fuel to nationwide anger over a police tactics seem too forceful. a lot incident happened in portland oregon and woman could be heard apparently threatening a officers family during street on rast and officers are saying that kind of extreme hostility is becoming ever more common on the beat. at least $150.00 police officers in minneapolis have now reportedly filed disability claims for injuries suffered during recent riots according to a lawyer representing them many are unable to work after being diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder a police spokesperson has questioned the numbers but i can knowledge that a growing number of officers are art of action the city was the epicenter of
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nationwide unrest that erupted after the death of george floyd in may. i. you may remember that last month minneapolis city council agreed to dismantle the local police department to replace it with a new community safety body the move has been partly blamed for a surge in violent crime including a spike in gun violence the city mayor is among those concerned by the plan. let's go live now on the program to run news or is attorney representing
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150 of the minneapolis police officers who filed those work related disability claims you're very welcome to the program could you tell us 1st briefly about the situation your clients have been facing and why it's become so difficult for them to do their jobs. thank you gravitas it's become extremely difficult for police officers on the day to day. work in a form and their job responsibilities. bottom line is that the environment following the george floyd incident has resulted in the public essentially turning against the against against our police officers they are being threatened during the course of the riot in which the 3rd precinct which is one of the precincts and say officers were stationed was essentially burned to
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the ground these same officers were required to barricade themselves inside the inside their precinct while it was burning while in there miles out cocktails shots fired people throwing concrete throwing sticks and other paraphernalia at these officers injuring these officers so all of this combined has added to a very stressful and difficult time for the police officers and on lead to them some of them having p.t.s.d. how dangerous is it wrong for them to work with a condition. well you know these men and women who have had symptoms consistent with p.t.s.d. for years if not decades have been able to manage but they're more vulnerable than others and they recognize that when they are triggered when there's increased
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anxiety or other symptoms associated with this condition that they are not able to be 100 percent on the field which obviously jeopardizes their fellow colleagues jeopardize the public and their own safety yet we've heard even in this program police officers talk anonymously abut fearing to make arrests because a box not going into some areas at all because they fear what could happen there that is simply just not the risk it's the public school to suffer in the long run from all this isn't. i think that's a completely true statement when you have a reduction in the number of avs are going to actually work and be on the streets as you speak when these officers are afraid that if they take any type of action they will be viewed in a negative standpoint where they might be suspended if not filed with criminal charges they literally have been instructed in many respects to stand down in not
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performing certain types of activities for fear of adding an aggravating or agitating the crowds so they are literally hanging vented from performing the normal pleas functions that one would expect from our police department ron thanks for taking some time out of your day to speak to the program really appreciate it wrong news our attorney for there was 150 minneapolis police officers we've been speaking to very much like you. now there is not a day to be wasted for america's 2020 presidential contenders to win over the hearts and minds of voters and while donald trump is up against it with his handling of the covert clinton crisis democratic rival joe biden is mobilizing his family to live explains. you'll remember joe biden's wife don't you should marry. her.
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while jill's back this time not as a husband's sister but as code will fall off a children's book about joe's life which almost 70 years fills a full 27 pages well i gave it a read obviously the reviews in joey that's what they all cool to have ready sounds like a new round good guy a wizardly ability to catch a ball just was not my standing up to bullies president of his freshman class to rebut his only weakness and he himself admits it is talking was sometimes really difficult but you know what i think we can all agree he grew out of that let's not even bring it up. from the beginning it's clear that joe was really close with his parents and his siblings he often said quote the absolute most important thing is your family but didn't he also 1st for the defense of marriage act back in the ninety's you know the one that said that
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a marriage is only between a man and a woman and that really became the reason that many same sex married couples never got the same rights of the same privileges as petras actual couples where is the opposite actually oh you know what never mind because it's since been brought up by john ellis and joe gave a really convincing defense in 1906 you voted for the defense of marriage act. and a lovely person. then there are a couple of pages about his colleges had they are quote he spent one summer as the only white lifeguard at a pool and in black neighborhood the reward thing to point out is an aunt well apparently it was then that joe learned fost had about the struggles of black america you know i wonder if it was so in those years that he had she decided he wasn't big on the whole integration of races and schools saying that based on controlled they could cause real problems unless we do something about this my
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children are going to grow up in a jungle the jungle being a racial jungle with tensions bills are high that is going to explode at some point but when he does that mocks up he did offer to roll defend a black pos mate when he was refused service in a joint hit they off he thinks this is what really counts not using your power as a us senate such trial and segregation possibly the biggest racial injustice in modern history anyway moving on hold up here's a a cute picture of him with a little guy commuting to washington while some things never change. as a politician joe wanted to quote make people's lives better you know i think that's what the real motivation was behind his backing of the iraq invasion saddam is
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dangerous the world would be a better place without him and of course the welfare of nippy ans was at the food front of his mind when he said a ok to bombing a homeland give the people of libya for a 1st chance in 4 decades to actually put together their own government have a little bit of freedom to but hung on not chop dismissiveness whoa how strange oh but this is my favorite my favorite part of the. and tie a book and it's this treasure trove of uncle joe's most famous catchphrases so called by to say you can be inspired and go around saying things like your kids are just as just as challenge week use ha ha ones not here well how about we choose truth over facts also not include it ok well that definitely can not go to show you know what. i'm not sure why you do not know
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well maybe that keeping it for the sequel which fingers crossed will face off in the new york times bestseller list of fiction with a book written by men nanya trump telling a story of a young tommy who only have a drug reaching out and tearing down walls. and t.v. upcoming u.s. presidential election will effectively be a 2 horse race with only 2 men standing a chance of winning but there are also plenty of so-called 3rd party candidates and independents in the running in the green party has just chosen its nominee. it is how a hawkins from new york he's a former truck driver on grass roots campaigner who previously run for office every level of government in new york from city councilor to governor during the most recent race for that role he secured a 5 percent tally of the vote one of the highest for an independent progressive
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party candidate in the state's history know he hopes to convince voters nationwide to propel him towards the oval office pledging to redirect federal funds to boost education as well as extending health care provision to all americans he's also known for his antiwar nuclear efforts look green party has been putting up candidates in u.s. presidential election since 1996 things stand hawkins' will appear on ballots in half of the country states but the party is working on secure. anymore it's a complicated process with each state requiring different signature thresholds to get on the ballot but perhaps the biggest challenge is getting national air time because the dominant 2 party system won't allow a 3rd party candidates on to the televised debates how we all can say there's a growing appetite for electoral of turning. the polls show that about 2 thirds of the american people would like to see another major party an alternative to the 2 major parties that we have now and
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a lot of those people have come to the green party 3rd parties in this country going back to the 18th thirties set the agenda it was a liberty party to put the question of slavery on about it was a populist ari's the question of monopolies on the public agenda it was the socialist party that put social insurance programs like social security now in the white house we're definitely going to move the debate in a policy agenda in this country the green party represents a very different policies we're not you know just democrats who are disgruntled there so we do want a universal medical system medicare for all we do want serious climate action you know donald trump caused climate change a hoax with the democrats act as if it's a hoax if you look at their programs we have a serious program to deal with climate change we stand against the u.s. going into countries and sell them who their leaders should be were for peace initiatives military spending and getting serious about this new nuclear arms race
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jill stein who was the green party's presidential nominee in 2016 proved to be a polarizing figure many in the media q stein of splitting the liberal vote and harming hillary clinton's campaign. tonight the dangers of a 3rd party candidate democratic year and frustration is growing some seen here is that the votes belong to hillary clinton and that that my votes were stolen from someone else and i think that's an insult to american voters what do you say to those voters who are would worry that by voting for you their progress is their liberals or democrats that by voting for you they would actually help elect donald trump as politics of fear actually delivered everything that we were afraid of so the 2 parties form what sounds like a government commission it's called the commission on presidential debates in fact it's a private corporation they jointly trolls take and it's designed to keep their betters off the stage and you know our appeal to the news organizations the civic
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organizations is don't let the artes set the agenda do your job open up the debate least of the candidates who have enough balance to put sensually when the electoral college and the presidency which in this election would be. the size of democrats or republicans would be in the libertarians american people deserve to know what all their options are. is celebrating its national day also known as bust eagle day it's usually marked with street parties a military parade and fireworks but things have been scaled back this year due to the demick although those restrictions haven't stopped andree health care workers from turning us in paris. or not not from our correspondent charlotte dubin ski in the capital charlotte you've spent many days the beach but even for you i am much and it's a particularly strange upness fear the nation's biggest holiday but a lot of angry protesters in the mix too how is the day unfolding.
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yes that's right normally bastille day celebration here in france with street parties and people getting out enjoying the day off because it is a national day off and waiting. i look forward to the parade and then see the fireworks in the evening instead the fireworks we're seeing a protest on the streets this year and not speak us 19 pandemic is pad down the celebrations and instead health workers the shill asia c for surface as well as other protesters have come out to the streets to let the government know that they not content that the health workers in particular are not tough be they say the agreement has been made between the unions and the government over the increase of us salaries they say they wanted a minimum of $300.00 euros a night and they've and it had a lot let the not just want to give you a sense of the crowds that we've got here just behind us the pasties people just
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waiting to take part in this protest that's continuing a fish i think it's kind of over now but as you can tell people are letting off sound grenades and they had to make sure that we get a sense of what they are angry about on the reality is the people here on your on the street we've been speaking to some of the health workers yes the problems that they still see. 10 years with so no increase in our salaries there is no revaluation for night shifts and we can work on the street is a putin says used to start again this is the story from the town to calm down people's anger very forgetting about private health care workers who are equally suffering. i am not against the increase in salaries but i am concerned about the government makes this announcements it sounds like a demagoguery like luke would give you more money and now everything is settled
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nothing is settled it's only the beginning. well health workers were the guests of or not at the top pay down prayed for bastille day to day present another as leading tribute to. the $1600.00 health workers had been specially invited to be part of that crowd to watch that military parade and they received a standing ovation. packed. the protest today hasn't gone off without a hitch there were tensions and clashes between the protesters and the police we saw the protesters throwing what looked like empty beer can be a cans and bottles to ward c.r.'s offices and then they responded of course with
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tear gas at one point it felt like the whole of plaster labastida here was a full of tear gas and actually if we just look behind me you might get a sense of how strong the police presence still is pretty much every street of plastic is cut off with as you can see those police vans there waiting as they just monitor what's happening with this crowd now present mark on today also gave his very 1st bastille day address he's been president for over 3 years and he's never given one that some people suggest that he gave that today to try and sort of cut away that aloof image that he's had over the last few years and dressing people today he said that they would be and the beleaguered tree need to wear masks in enclosed spaces from the 1st in front and he also cautioned against people sort of not socially distancing except try and warning of course that there
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could be a 2nd wave but said that france would be ready for that 2nd wave of calls for health workers were tested to their limits during the $1000.00 pandemic and the 1st lockdown that ensued and that's one of the reasons that. it's a date yes they may have had to raise yes they may say that that raise isn't enough but there are also other issues that they have been complaining about for many many months and that includes not enough money in the health system itself and not enough staff and that is something that they still wanting to be discussed i think the health minister talked about some $15000.00 additional people being hired to put some say that's just not enough and this france of course is facing what some say will be its worst recession since the end of the world war 2 while the government is pledging to sort of plug the gap with packages of bailouts the reality is many people just don't know quite how deep how long this recession will
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go on for on the likelihood days with mack or not pressing ahead with some of his most controversial policies over the next 2 years of his presidency including the pension reform we could see another 2 years of back when it comes to the streets here in france bring this up to date on the balance this bastille day from paris r.t. charlotte to biscuit sharma thank you. ok that is all for naught but it is true more choice days for businesses at the moment all 'd across the globe and for the workers in the jobs they bring next our show boom bust delves into art plus more on london's the solution to while away from its 5 g. network about all start in moments they close. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy
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confrontation let it be an arms race is on all sides very dramatic to follow can only. exist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk. the minute the news in my head i'm not. on the side of. the pentagon's of a time about what it was it was a mean time that was in a sentence of on lot more than. one with more than the side that. seen the cartoon you can buy them before going to combine them but. you know by now i'm by the i'm not 1.
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54 jets and more than 1300 military personnel are headed to air force base in alaska where is that to say come on i'll show you what's the reason for any type of enhanced u.s. military presence in this area rush up. what is it suddenly about the south china sea that makes it so that it 11000000000 barrels of oil. take a look at this map who really owns what kind of says no it belongs to us india says no we claim that that belongs to us both of these countries have nuclear weapons capabilities there is reason for concern. so that's why we're going to drill down on the story for you today right here on the news or direction where you know as we
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always like to say we do believe by golly it's time to do news again. you can't be both with yeah you like.


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