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this is the u.s. making amends for the tragedy in laos built to the people need a little land on. the u.k. a chinese tech joined qual way from building the country's 5 g. network prompting concerns that the government is caving in to pressure from washington. is our security policy and the us will minister make clear what extra measures you can take to ensure that we don't fall further behind a complex in terms of 5 g. . disruption cool spots decision. day celebrations in paris spiral into chaos as public sector workers take to the
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streets demanding a pay rise and are met by riot police deploying. while america's 2 main parties hog the limelight the so-called 3rd party presidential candidates are also gearing up for november's election we speak with the newly chosen nominee for the. size. of the libertarians american people deserve to know what all their options are. one minute past 4 pm in casablanca 11 pm in taipei 6 in the evening here in moscow this choose the july 14th welcome to r.t. international. the british government has announced its bombing the chinese tech giant qual way from building the u.k.'s next generation 5 g. network it's a major u.
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turn that could provoke a severe retaliation from china. picks up the story for us. the united kingdom announcing in a stunning u. turn that the chinese company why wait will not be allowed to provide you cage mobile phone providers with their technology and their whitman going forward from the end of december this year and that those u.k. providers must remove all who i wait 5 kits from their networks by 2027 and with a number of those within the u.k. government stating national security concerns but of course this is a company which has long since been providing the u.k. with 2 g. technologies treaty technology for you technology all of which don't come under this latest decision to remove technology those pieces of technology can stay but it would have peer pressure from the united states which is longer posed
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a while for its involvement in the 5 g. network has finally come to back is and security policy being led by the us the reality mr speaker is that the original decision on who our way was made because over the past decade this government has failed to deliver a sustainable plan for a digital economy we still have a major job upgrading our digital infrastructure will a minister make clear what extra measures he will take to ensure that we don't fall further behind a complex in terms of 5 jake and provide care for broadband due to disruption caused by this decision this in the delay to 5 g. reflects a a long term failure of u.k. telecom strategy 20 s. a page what the country would need to prepare for it now we heard all of the darden earlier the digital secretary referring to national security as one of the reasons as to this decision by the united kingdom but earlier this year the u.k. said that they had reviewed why way in january they decided that everything was
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fine and that the intelligence stated that there was no threat from the chinese telecom on giant laborious. johnson asking if not why wait but which company could provide the equipment the british public deserve to have access to the best possible technology if people oppose one brand or not then they have to tell us which is the what what's the alternative united states of long been trying to pressure countries that have taken why weighs 5 g. technology forward and tried to convince them to drop all of that technology but the chinese have responded in the wake of that u.k. decision say that there will be repercussions going forward regrettably her future in the u.k. has become politicized this is about u.s. trade policy and not security over the past 20 years while way has focused on building a better connected u.k. as a responsible business we will continue to support our customers as we have always done we will conduct
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a detailed review of what today announcement means for our business here and we'll work with the u.k. government to explain how we can continue to contribute to a better connected britain all of this of course takes place in the context of the united kingdom which is how it's a lean towards no deal drugs that and the states repeatedly they want to open up to the world and to see trade with all of the economies of the world in chinese being one of the biggest of course this could have serious consequences for a united kingdom which says it's see it's abroad and it's right. let's get some live reaction um happy to say that benjamin chalo professor of the par a school of business on the site of western university of finance and economics in china joins us live benjamin welcome and we remember not so long ago that britain agreed to a limited amount of qual way tech in its 5 g. infrastructure that was a story in the 1st place why do you think it's pulling the plug completely know.
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now in this and tonight us live from the u.k. 2 weeks ago to here and people in here are very concerned. that this. and moved by the u.k. i think it is not up on the security issues but they met the trade policies even d m i 5 in the u.k. and 8 security said this at a couple of times that they did not oppose. the security of this media out that has been alluding to the pressure of the united states and then it has a lot to do with the upcoming us presidential election which president is having a recent sharp decline of support due to the mishandling of the 19 and that may be somewhat forcing china to succumb to it do you even more favorable to the states she you see this is not a decision wholly made by britain but perhaps though was some political leanings from from across the atlantic from washington you think. i've been so you see it the u.k. is no longer acting like a strong state as independent as before as before this so-called 5 eyes
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coalition that include the u.k. to us australia new zealand and canada have been very vocal and high profile recently in containing china but this time you have been alluding to the reasons other than so it's a could it you should only thing that the u.k. is quite. reluctant banning a company that it's not yet one of the issues i think that people are just realising here is that british telecom's providers say that it will take a huge amount of time a decade to remove the equipment that's already in place plus there are very few comparable i'll turn it is to walk away so why is this decision coming now is so far down the line. i think now for a british company has already invested in let's. have quiet on the
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most is that you must not be a commercial decision i think right now. as i said before it is the u.s. person in the ocean that is causing the shop turn at this moment and perhaps due to the hong kong incident recently. you said that where you are in beijing there are already being a lot of opposition to this diplomatic the ramifications it's hard to know where they're going to end because there's already tension with china over hong kong isn't there and so what does this move risk happening next. i think the. do the worst scenario would be in escalation of retaliation by china bonds. as these person in china said today he's been very clear saying that the u.k.'s move today is a key signal about where the u.k.
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is heading to after the brics it china is going to with the new house save its investment in the u.k. now but you know it's just it just took a few months for the u.s. business into its top so for china to use to go for pad to political gains in the short term as it is needed for some u.s. politicians needing to be elected i think we're meant to have very stable foreign policy strategy and was tried to be. as open as possible to trade with on the nations so far though you may disagree with this that china's language hasn't been as perhaps extreme as it might have been its reaction it say's it's disappointed it's a political decision will it take any significant action since there is a lot of chinese investment lined up for britain. what china is doing now is laying the new lane decisions and china is going
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to as it is mention in china e.u. . submits a few weeks ago china is going to have a very large the or at to formalize a deal with europe perhaps with the u.k. to this year so i think it's going to be until it is the right time expression with less pressure from the u. s. and to try to get there with the u.k. definitely china will not lead the u.k. i think there is room for collaboration of the regiment thanks for your time benjamin cho a professor of the party school of business on south western university of finance and economics in china life on the program. france is celebrating its national day also known as a steel day it's usually marked with street parties a military parade and fireworks but things have been scaled back this year due to the pun demick although those restrictions how. health care workers from turning
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out in paris are to charlotte dubin ski was there for us. this protest isn't just by the health workers here in france it's also an amalgamation of the shillings you ones on t.v. . protesters as well as it seems some of the antique and black book movements that we regularly see in the protests there have been some tensions between the protesters and the police that would seem to you gas range directly from cans to trying to stir the crowds i don't like is that. i don't agree about you remember she's being me between the unions and the government was do you really think it was a good thing she money they'll eat you don't think i must if it's not the minimum you raise now they want you to month it seems this agreement yes she's a. senior and she got injured in 20 years yes doctors will receive around
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250 years but i say this is really speaking to you said you know they waited 10 years running crease and this. it is not enough. 10 years with so no one cruise no salaries that there is no evaluation for night shifts and we can work honestly it is a pity so just to start again this is the story from the tallish to calm down people's anger verb forgetting about private health care workers who are equally suffering on your behalf bottom of us i'm not against the increase in the salaries but i'm concerned about a government that makes this announcements it sounds like a demagoguery like lou we give you more money and now everything is settled to sick nothingness it's only the beginning. well i just want to give you a flavor all of the crowd around me if we can just get up and see around you'll get a sense of just how many people have come out to the streets and it's not just here in paris the protests taking place there are protests and demonstrations that have
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been organized across the country this is of course bastille day which means it's a national holiday here in france that pay back national holiday as a result of the current 19 pandemic normally a huge parade down the shore is easy which is the oldest and normally the largest in europe this year it was just a few 1000 military on display and they was that was the guests of honor this year health workers itself workers were given this standing ovation. thank you. thank you. thank you so some updated news in regards to the pandemic we had today president mark on giving his very 1st bastille day address i haven't done so in previous years one of his advisers apparently child journalists in the 1st year he wouldn't be giving it
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because this message was just too complex for them to understand that certainly not to die for. it might go on addressing the nation and one of the things he has said is that from the 1st wearing a face mask will become a blink a tree in one instant spaces it. seems trying to gain brownie points after many years people describing him as being aloof and that was because in the moment we know in the opinion polls cannot be doing so well and we also know that he said many factions from members of his own party on the move not just of the parties but some of even created their own parties over the last few months and this is of course the fact that france is facing what some of describes the worst economic crisis since the end of world war 2 the government has pledged billions into the economy to try and prop it up but even in the last week or so we've heard about housing some thousands of new job cuts that are coming and the reality is that with
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the pandemic still continuing with the fear that they could still be a 2nd wave haven from something my own touched upon today in this economic crash that france and other parts of the world are expected to be going into could be far deeper and longer the many and the result is the next 2 years of micron's presidency he still wants to push through many of his controversial reforms including pension reform and the reality is if you look at the people come out to the streets today they're going to continue to come out over the next 2 years to go in and the french government know what they think it. let's bring it to the u.s. where hundreds of people have taken to the streets of tel in pennsylvania for a rally against police brutality that follows the release of a viral video showing a local police officer restraining a black man by kneeling on his neck protesters carrying black lives mother flags call for the firing of the officer the funding of the local police department
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meanwhile police have released a longer version of the video on launched internal probe the incentive. heard several weeks after the death of george boyd and also that sparked a nationwide campaign to. nikos a restraining measure it's a nationwide anger and for police tactics enos. i. vy rolled video which we were on able to show because of its extreme nature a woman in portland oregon can be heard threatening an officer's family during street risk and officers say you kind of extreme hostility is becoming ever more common. at least 150 police officers in minneapolis reportedly filed disability claims for injuries suffered during recent riots a police spokesperson has questioned the numbers but acknowledged that a growing number of officers are out of auction the city was the epicenter of
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nationwide on risks that erupted after the death of george floyd in may. last month minneapolis city council agreed to dismantle the local police department and replace it with a new community safety body the move has been partly blamed for a surge in violent crime including a spike in gun violence in the city mirrors among those concerned by the plans to run on attorney representing the minneapolis police officers who filed work related disability claims told me earlier about the dangers they have been facing. the
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environment following the george floyd incident has resulted in the public essentially turning against our city's officers they are being threatened during the course of the riot in which the 3rd precinct was essentially burned to the ground these same officers were required to barricade themselves inside while it was burning while being there. shots fired people throwing concrete drawing sticks and other paraphernalia at these officers injuring these officers so all of this in mind has added to a very stressful and difficult time for the police officers have been the apples. and there is not a day to be wasted for america's 2020 presidential contenders to win over the hearts and minds of voters and while donald trump is up against it with his
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handling of the kobe one thing crisis democratic rival joe biden is mobilizing his family tailor explain. you'll remember joe biden's wife during you very sure you were. very. well jill's back this time not as a husband's sister but as comal thought of a children's book about joe's life which often was 78 years fills a full 27 pages well i gave it a read obviously the reviews in joey that's what they all cool to have ready sounds like a little round good guy a wizardly ability to catch a ball just words not mine standing up to bullies president of his freshman cost really his only weakness and he himself admits it is talking was sometimes really difficult but you know what i think we can all agree he grew out of that let's not
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even bring it up. from the beginning it's clear that joe was really close with his parents and his siblings he often said quote the absolute most important thing is your family but didn't he also fought for the defense of marriage act back in the ninety's you know the one that said that a marriage is only between a man and a woman and that really became the reason that many same sex married couples never got the same rights all the same privileges as petra sexual couples where is that but actually you know what never mind because it's since been brought up by john ellis and joe gave a really convincing defense in 1906 you voted for the defense of marriage act. and the lovely person am then there are a couple of pages about his colleges where they are quote he spent one summer as the only white lifeguard at a pool and in all black neighborhood the reward thing to point out is and i don't
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well but probably it was then that joe learned foster about the struggles of black america you know i'm. wonder if it was so in those years that he had he decided he wasn't big on the whole integration of races in schools saying that based on controlled they could cause real problems unless we do something about this my children are going to grow up in a jungle the jungle being a racial jungle with tensions bills are high that is going to explode at some point but when he does that mocks up he did offer to roll defend a black pos mate when he was refused service in a joint hit they off you think this this is what really counts not using your power as a u.s. senate such trial and segregation possibly the biggest racial injustice in modern history anyway moving on hold up his as a cute picture of him with the little guy commuting to washington while some things never change.
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as a politician joe wanted to quote make people's lives better you know i think that's what the real motivation was behind his backing of the iraq invasion saddam is dangerous the world would be a better place without him and of course the welfare of nippy and was at the forefront of his mind when he said a ok to bombing not homeland can give the people of libya for a 1st chance in 4 decades to actually put together their own government have a little bit of freedom the opportunity but hung on not chop dismissiveness whoa how strange oh but this is my favorite my favorite part of the entire book and it's this treasure trove of uncle joe's most famous catchphrases so called fighting as i say you can be inspired to go around saying things like your kids are just as birdy
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just as challenge week use. for ones not here well how about we true true story. fracs also not included at ok well but definitely you cannot go through and i don't know what's. going on i'm not sure why you didn't do that you know well maybe that keeping it for the sequel which fingers crossed will face off in the new york times bestseller list of fiction with a book written by men nanya trump telling a story of a young tommy who only have a drug reaching out and tearing down walls and indeed the upcoming u.s. presidential election will effectively be a 2 horse race with only 2 men standing a chance of winning but there are also plenty of so-called 3rd party candidates and independents in the running the green party is chosen its nominee it's how he hawkins from new york he's a former truck driver and grass roots campaigner who's previously run for office at
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every level of government in new york from city councilor to governor during the most recent race for governor he secured 5 percent of the vote that's one of the highest for an independent progressive party candidate in the state's history now he hopes to convince voters nationwide to propel him towards the white house pledging to redirect federal funds to boost education as well as extending health care provision to all americans he's also known for his anti warranty nuclear efforts. the green party has been putting up candidates in the us presidential election since 1906 hours things stand holkins will appear on ballots in the huff of the country states but the party is working on securing more it's a complicated process with each state's requiring different signature thresholds to get on the ballot but perhaps the biggest challenge is getting national air time because the dominant 2 party system won't allow a 3rd party candidates on to the televised debates speaking to r.t.
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we got a moment how we all can said there's a growing up a time for a turn in. the polls show that about. 2 thirds of the american people would like to see another major party an alternative to the 2 major parties that we have now and a lot of those people have come to the green party 3rd parties in this country going back to the 18th thirty's as set the agenda it was a liberty party to put the question of slavery on about it was the populists ari's that question of monopolies on the public agenda it was the socialist party that put social insurance programs like social security the most popular programming out into the public debate so we may now win the white house we're definitely going to move the debate in a policy agenda in this country the green party represents very different policies where not you know just democrats who are disgruntled or something we do want a universal medical system medicare for all we do want serious climate action you
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know donald trump caused climate change a hoax but the democrats act as if it it's a hoax if you look at their programs we have a serious program to deal with climate change we stand against the u.s. going into countries and tell them who their leader should be we're for peace initiatives to cuts in military spending and getting serious about this new nuclear arms race. well one of his predecessors joel stein who was the green party's presidential nominee in 2016 proved to be a polarizing figure many in the media accuse stein of splitting the liberal vote and harming hillary clinton's campaign. tonight the dangers of a 3rd party candidate democratic year in frustration is growing some seen here is that the votes belong to hillary clinton and that that my votes were stolen from someone else and i think that's an insult to american voters what do you say to those voters who are would worry that by voting for you their progress is their liberals or democrats that by voting for you they would actually help elect donald trump as politics of fear actually delivered everything that we were afraid of so
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the 2 parties form what sounds like a government commission has called the commission on presidential debates in fact it's a private corporation they jointly control taken and it's designed to keep their editors off the stage and you know our appeal to the news organizations the civic organizations is don't let the artes set the agenda do your job open up the debate least of the candidates who have enough balance to put sensually when the electoral college and the presidency which in this election would be for artists the size of democrats or republicans who would be the greatest in the libertarians american people deserve to know what all their options are and it is to washington we cross to the next where they're watching the hawk screw or casting their eye over big big spending in the pentagon they close this is hard to be introduced.
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join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm showbusiness i'll see you then. the 1st weighs in on the tick-tock users is pretty high because they have a huge mass right so it's about vamps right and so work together and they can create incredible structures because there are totally coordinated and so that's ants in this case are have the ability to i think change election outcomes.
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you can be both with the yeah you want. we go to work so we stay home. greetings and sal you taishan us captain america has died no
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my friends i'm not talking about the marvel universe character who is far as we know is still sitting on a bench handing out shields and bits of wisdom is an old man by a lake no i'm talking about master sergeant andrew marcus sano a 34 year old active duty 82nd airborne ranger and green bray who got the nickname of captain america for among many things surviving 6 tours of duty in afghanistan tragically tragically marcus sato committed suicide a monday the 6th of july reportedly while standing in front of his wife just 48 hours of the united states celebrated its independence our heart goes out to his family another soldier's life lost the longest running war in u.s. history it war with no end in sight because my friends just before the.


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