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tv   In Question  RT  July 14, 2020 2:00pm-2:31pm EDT

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hello there i'm a military man you're watching him play casting r.t.m. erika's national news headquarters in washington d.c. here's today's top stories 1st breaking news inside a manhattan federal courtroom where jeffrey epstein's alleged coconspirator that's well is being arraigned full report and legal analysis straight ahead then should police have more authority to prosecute the so-called parents of the world one major u.s. city is proposing that type of legislation we'll bring you the details on that next plus the united kingdom bows to u.s. pressure to ban walk away from its 5 g. network the british government is now ordering the immediate removal of all existing while we equipment all that and more all right it's time to boost your
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news i. right there is breaking news at this very hour delay in maxwell has entered a not guilty plea to all criminal charges related to her alleged dealings with jeffrey epstein and since her bizarre arrest at her connecticut mansion maxwell has been behind bars in brooklyn in a private cell wearing paper prison garb all her bedding the sheets all of that has been removed so joining us to explore the legal steps ahead of this maxwell attorney and legal media analyst lionel a line of media ok one of my friend 1st the state's attorney for the southern district of new york argued against maxwell's bail request in a very aggressive motion filed monday night a prominent feature of that motion was in reference to the. n.p.a.
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non-prosecution agreement what is that exactly for us non lawyers here. well i was listening right now live and the glane maxwells lawyer was about to speak she entered a plea of not guilty as you say now we're talking about her being granted a bail of bail now what what was prominent in the federal district of the u.s. attorney for the federal for the southern district of new york where they're alleging is that they're in no way was there ever provided immunity to go in maxwell based on the 2007 southern district of south florida u.s. attorney's agreement that basically immunized her as a codefendant or any other eppstein codefendant this is going to be the crux of this case for her release and it will be revisited later where they're sitting is
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specifically whatever agreement she made or they made in 2007 was between the u.s. government and jeffrey epstein and she is not a beneficiary of that he's not a party of that she was not granted any pardon if you will or immunity so that's off the bat ok so right off the bat she is up for grabs basically but lytell her attorney argues that she's not a flight risk they're putting up an offer of millions in bond mansion other properties there's cosigners they say she was never in hiding that's what her attorneys say but yet the f.b.i. found her with cash money at that connecticut mansion 3 passports her cell phone you know as they came in to go get or they found her with hiding in a corner with herself all wrapped in tinfoil i mean doesn't that spell flight risk to you. i was also listening there were some other things that she had provided in
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terms of her money that was rather rather odd which would be very interesting you know that you never hear before are that you will never hear a long time is that in addition to her being kept denied bail to ensure her appearance and to protect society but what is so unique about this is this might be the only time it's in her best interest to be protected for her own good this is this is where now what you're going to be providing is that you can have her placed in some other federal facility in some other nondescript state where she can be watched using censors and the like that you can imagine what they're also saying the crux of this is that she is basically a french citizen if for some reason she she slips out and she goes to france they have said we will not return her now in what's been going on lately does anybody have any faith in the federal system where you've got general flynn who
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tries it in this case dismissed and he can't do what rogers don't does anybody believe in does certainty at this point of anything that would ensure her appearance and this is not about money with anybody else you would say well what he would want to forfeit all the money this is the she is the crown jewel in what could be the human trafficking enterprise of enterprises so as not about losing money it's her showing up and paying the piper entering the chargers line i don't know if people are aware i mean you know up there with the upper echelon of global society i mean that the millions of dollars that they're offering to put up i mean that's a pedant that's nothing. i mean we know she's having her arraignment via video call i mean where she entered her not guilty plea they say it's because of the pandemic but this is raising concern or at least some questions about whether or not she
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even actually end the united states what do you think about that. let me rephrase it this way would it surprise you what it shock you if we found out later on she's not even in this country what is surprise you would it shock you that for her safety and the safety of this case the she might be in some undisclosed location who knows. there has never been anything like this especially in view of jeffrey epstein's dispatch via suicide or what have you but let me reiterate you there is something here that you never hear and that is to hold the person to hold the defendant for her own protection deprives the witness of the government that some of the interview in this is very odd because the government is saying well what could go wrong he committed suicide or the suggesting she's going to commit suicide or the shoe could be perhaps dispatched by
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some from us some nefarious force so right now i was listening she just goes where we want to i'm and if she's granted bail or anything i say yeah it will be as shocked as you can imagine because she poses there is no amount of money that the put it this way the world because let me explain a bit you know who may or may not shawl because of her testimony what what would be worth what amount of money would people mind lose right and i think to a lot of the viewers here there is no dollar amount that is that you can put a value on the words and the names that will come out of that woman's mouth next year which the court date i believe a set for july 12th a 2021 so we've got
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a long way to go she's got a long way if she can keep thing in line also we will say we'll keep our eye on this always appreciate your legal expertise with a line of the line of media thank you. thank you. and like we said breaking news at this hour jeffrey epstein alleged coconspirator and longtime associate former girlfriend elaine maxwell appearing before a new york federal judge maxwell being arraigned on several criminal charges including running a sex trafficking scheme targeting minors are to correspondent john has been monitoring those court hearings john what more do we know he's not guilty. that's right she pled not guilty to the charges in the indictment against her of charges of sex trafficking of minors during this federal hearing which by the way manila is ongoing at this point she appeared video via video link you mention this a trial date of july 12th 2021 has been set so basically the way it worked is they
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went through kind of the schedule of how this was going to work she pled not guilty they went through the schedule and then the hearing moved to discussion of bail now her lawyers who are arguing right now say she should be released on $5000000.00 bond and that she does not pose a flight risk maxwells lawyers say among other things that she remains in jail she's in danger of being infected with the code in 1000 virus that apparently is a major problem and is going through new york city's jail system right now but prosecutors federal prosecutors including u.s. attorney allison moe strenuously have a jet objected to maxwell being released on base bail saying she is an extreme flight risk they say that she's got more than $20000000.00 in the bank there was some question about 0 sum income that maxwell said she you know that she had yet was willing to put herself on her own dime up in a luxury hotel in manhattan if released on bail but that said prosecutors say she
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has millions of dollars in the bank she's got 3 passports she's got friendship is citizenship she's got british citizenship so she does pose a flight risk she's used an alias. game something like jennifer i believe it was jessica or jennifer marshall last name being marshall to pot to buy the property in new hampshire where she was ultimately arrested and the u.s. attorney basically arguing that she has strong international ties that she has the ability to live beyond the reach of tradition now this as we continue to learn more details about the lengths that maxwell reportedly went through to avoid arrest and detection by authorities including moving as many as 36 times a year in the past year wrapping her cellphone in tinfoil in a parenting a failed effort to try to avoid detection that didn't work out so well and then hiding out on the 156 acre new hampshire property where as we know f.b.i. agents and why and why p.t. detectives ultimately arrested her july 2nd apparently having to breach the door
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into the home and finding maxwell in a room there was some question about the breech of the door if that happened there was a federal prosecutor said there are you know exploring that more looking into that more but basically they're saying no she didn't want to open the door she was hiding to avoid detection therefore she poses a risk now maxwell's lawyer said in a court filing they also are saying that right now as we speak that she hadn't left the u.s. and steps to an arrest even though france doesn't actually its own citizens and she could have certainly gone there and that her legal representatives have been in regular contact with the government well prosecutors said that's not exactly so also her lawyers are trying to distance maxwell from epstein saying she had been in contact with them for a decade before his death there are certainly many questions that remain about the accuracy and the truthfulness of that that continues to be debated in court but her lawyers basically said she moves so much in a bid to protect her privacy from number one the media and also to protect her
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personal say safety but bottom line prosecutors contend that maxwell has gone away with their crimes for too long and now is the time. time to pay and for victims to finally get some justice on that no the court heard from one victim who said she was abused by stating that she was recruited by maxwell and then we the judge read comments or a statement from 2 other alleged victims and at this point manila we're hearing there are more reportedly more victims in accusers coming forward with information that may help to strengthen the prosecution's case against maxwell she is facing upwards of possibly 35 years in prison if convicted of the charges against her as we said this bail hearing is ongoing we don't know at this point if she will be released on bail but the state prosecution federal prosecutors say.
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we lost john hardy there but maxwell still in court via video call that arraignment still continuing we will continue to follow up as more details emerge and moving on here from the halls of justice to your dinner table race issues and policing in america have become very hot topics but now another hot topic this one showcasing karen's in viral videos so what exactly is the care and you might be asking while a bill in san francisco is aiming to put a stop to them for more on that let's go to our fair from that she's joining us from the newsroom so faron tell us what exactly is a karen so many let's just say if your real name is karen you're caught in the crosshairs but in short there's actually a slang at dictionary dot com definition reading quote appearing as a pejorative slang term for a noxious angry entitled and often racist middle aged white woman who uses their privilege to get her way or police or policing other people's behaviors and karin's
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that's been going viral both men and women care and especially in the aftermath of race and police brutality protests like this one of amy cooper who was asked by a black man to just leave her dog in central park new york in an area where no pets were allowed watch here. please don't please don't come close and if you could please please call the cops please call the cops i'm going to tell them there's an african-american man threatened by what police told emotively like. so new york city police they said that by the time they responded to cooper's call both cooper and that man were gone but the video sparked outcry which led to cooper actually losing her job and actually being charged with filing a false police report now that's where this newly proposed care act comes in drafted by 2 california lawmakers who want to make it official that if an individual contacts law enforcement solely to discriminate on the basis of a person's race ethnicity religion gender sexual orientation or gender identity it is no longer a misdemeanor or a felony charge rather it's now
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a hate crime co-author rob saying quote if you're afraid of a black family barbecuing in the community park a man dancing and doing as normal exercise routine on the bike lane or someone who asks you to comply with dog leash laws in a park and your immediate response is to call the police the real problem is with your own personal prejudice. i don't want to system is supposed to be all people i mean. it is. because the fact that black. men are with. has been subject to a lot of them. here in the u.s. and they're really easy to now as though they want to sort of like. all. now the bill would not only charge the caller with a hate crime but it would also allow the caller to be sued for up to $10000.00 in damages now the next step manila the carrot x. will be heard at a public safety committee in 3 weeks and if the san francisco mayor does sign that
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bill into law it goes into effect 30 days after the signing reporting in the newsroom there and fronsac. now to the latest coded 1000 numbers worldwide cases now topping more than 13000000 with about 573000 reported deaths the top 3 countries with the most confirmed cases the u.s. still leading the way followed then by brazil and india and back here in this country cases are topping 3000000 with about 135000 reported deaths. and as coated 1000 cases in hospital of hospitalizations continue to rise california shutting down once again for governor gavin newsom ordered the closure of indoor businesses across the state including bars restaurants movie theaters zoos museums and even wineries over the past week the state has averaged about 8000 new cases and almost 100 new deaths daily. and after months of pressure from the u.s. the u.k. is now banning walk away from its 5 g.
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network we're going to discuss that and then over the sports h.q. regina hamm takes us to the cave where it was a tough game for the 1st place and. and make sure you keep up with all the latest news and anything you might have missed by downloading our brand new free app portable t.v. you can watch there 24 seventh's i'll be right back. ah no team no crowd. no shots no. action just belts because. you know while it's true no 1st. point should your thirst for action.
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they are. no matter. you know me 'd i'm famous for my views. yours truly scottie hughes. i'm holland cook i invite you to climb with me of the mainstream media and from that higher fan to which to glimpse the big picture question more. and about face the u.k. now banning chinese telecom giant huawei from its 5 g. infrastructure rollout operators bt and vodafone have until 2027 to remove all of wall ways equipment from their critical infrastructure and 5 g.
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networks as the sweeping decision echoes the sentiment from the us against china so is boris johnson kowtow ing to donald trump for that let's turn to former u.k. m.p. george galloway as the george how about that the trumpet ministration i'm sure is celebrating this decision so did bojo fold under pressure from trump. well look this is an act of national self harm or very considerable degree not just because this will set us back several years i think in the development of the network because it is the starting shot in an economic war with china the biggest country biggest population in the whole world on very soon the biggest economy in the whole world on this on top of having just walked out on 27 european form our partner countries which were are our biggest trading partners and
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on top of have example relations and i mean 0 relations with russia so it seems like we have a government that is ready to make enemies everywhere around the world and to do saw the behest of the most controversial u.s. president that there has ever been and who might who knows be out of office before the ink on today's announcement is even dry so you've got to wonder about the sanity of the british government today i'm sorry yeah george so if one way is out who is en espanol e in a in a post press that world. for the u.k. like the us you guys are running out of allies to do business with. quite show and the europeans will not follow the british and the americans into an economic war with china they have more self for regard for their own national
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interests than that it will be on costs and join the bull against the world suit. go wrong no you see who will fill the gap while american companies will. of course the point the proximate reason for all of this is the totally baseless allegations of security risks involved in using. technology it will not do scintilla of evidence has been a juiced in that regard and of course western technology is equally accessible by our all in the intelligence services but. we're supposed to be nor mind but the british don't have the technology to do this you know so the americans well and that's the point it's not about security it's old fashioned
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protectionism but in this case the protection of us rather than british and it's funny you should say that george because even here in the us americans don't like buying american technology so i don't know what you guys are going to do with our technology george just last month while way had announced plans of building a new research facility in cambridge valued at about $1250000000.00 u.s. dollars not sure that project will continue given the circumstances today so this ban will then have a ripple effect for decades to come for the u.k.'s technology sector especially for young people seeking to study those fields in your university won't that. yes china is threatening khandaan a retaliation and i'm sure that they mean it because it's not just this damn thing it's one thing after another to use the words of prime minister hobbled macmiller
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the hong kong of. the why we have. both now brought to a critical point british rule with china which imo in the toilet the news that britain is sending its only aircraft carrier to the amount of time border . recalling the 19th century days of law. diplomacy and all of that actually puts us in actually quite a dangerous place of these of the journeys are very mother us they can punish us a lot easier than they can punish the united states of america so well done boris johnson well done john bull and of national self immolation i will leave it right there george galloway thank you for joining us today.
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and today the u.s. supreme court declined to hear a challenge to the federal death penalty greenlighting those types of executions to continue here in this country the decision allowed today's execution of daniel lewis' leave the 1st federal execution in 17 years right now there are 62 inmates on federal death row. and in hong kong more than $600000.00 people cast their ballots in an unofficial primary vote these votes could be considered illegal under china's new security law still the residents turned out in mass this unofficial primary comes in the wake of a long period of protests from people fearing that too much control is being handed to the mainland. we're going to hand over the sports h.q. regino 1st place teams in the cave don't always have an easy time on the road games you would expect them to but not to be the n.c. diners though they do all that impressive lead in the k b o standings over 2nd place q will be heroes but that nice cushion did not guarantee
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the dynamos a win at all during the road game against their rivals di no start scoring in the top of the 2nd and the shortstop knows when you look with a solo homer to right center field it's 7th of the di knows with a one nothing lead bomb a 2nd runners on 1st and 3rd heroes regular. ground into a 543 double play what part don't want makes it a home game all tied up at one of these heroes and the lead bomb of the 3rd shortstop can be a song with a solo home run to left field 13th of the season for him home team takes a 21 lead bottom of the 4th though you're going to see a little bit of a different story run around 1st catcher park don't want r.b.i. double the warning track in center field former minnesota twins parked around it around 3rd and does make it home just ahead of the throw it is a close one hero's lead $31.00 later in the inning 3rd base and young with a groundball single to center field to bring home park don't want and give him a 41 lead and the heroes just keep adding those runs in the bottom of the bay the
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right fielder leaves you with a solo homer to right field and that will be the last fence of one in this one night home run of the year for the 21 year old and gives a lead that they would keep for the final 4 innings and with the 51 when they move within 5 games of the diagnosis. in the countdown mode here for the n.b.a. the n.h.l. and for l.b. but we do have one league in the us that is already in action and we will talk about that coming up soon coming up all right thank you for that regina stick around we'll be back at 3 o'clock with a lot more news will dig a little deeper into the golan maxwell court proceedings plus russia currently constructing the world's biggest nuclear icebreaker those stories and more coming. brief that's it for now make sure you keep up with everything and question at all time find out what in our branding free our formal t.v. to catch their 24 seventh's follow me on twitter at manila chan i will see you back here at home.
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a perspective from a former deputy secretary of labor on this is. what the politicking on larry king president trump recently said he's launched the fast as economic comeback in history let's examine that and the current state of the company with chris low the former deputy secretary of labor in the obama administration he also served as a former white house cabinet secretary for president obama he is in arlington virginia thanks for joining us always good to see it chris good to see you ok do you buy that as president trump launched the fast this economic comeback in history well larry it's important to put this in context during the 2 worst months of this and emeka we should qualify worse than when it right now.


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