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bill to the people in that little. hello there i'm a military man you're watching in question broadcasting from our to america's national news headquarters in washington d.c. and here are today's top stories breaking news as we come on air go lane maxwell the longtime associate of accused sex trafficker jeffrey epstein now pleading not guilty of murder trial now set to take place will get the latest from our very own john harvey plus extracting a wealth out of the water russia now conducting a massive project they say will assert the country's dominance in the arctic region and last but not least the u.s. has just carried out its pursed federal execution in 17 years we'll dive into the
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political implications of this decision with our very own scottie hughes all right it's time to suit your i q. let's begin this hour with breaking news out of new york city where the infamous madam for disgraced financier jeffrey epstein going maxwell has entered a not guilty plea maxwell is being arraigned on several criminal charges including running a sex trafficking scheme targeting minors are to correspondent john heidi is monitoring today's court hearing john what do we know so far. yeah and it's ongoing at this point in fact the federal judge in this detention hearing the bail hearing is set to make a decision any moment but that said as you mentioned glenn maxwell pled not guilty to the charges of sex trafficking of minors the federal charges against her during
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this hearing in which she appeared via a live video link a trial date of july 12th 2021 was said basically the way this when she pled not guilty to the charges they then went into the scheduling portion of this and then the hearing moved to discussion of bail now maxwells lawyer mark owen said she does not pose a flight risk contrary to strain u.s. comments from federal prosecutors that maxwell has the financial means and the ability to not only be a flight risk but to also live off the grid and beyond the reach of extradition due to her international ties u.s. attorney allison most said maxwell is a quote extreme flight risk with both british and french citizenship and as much as $20000000.00 in the bank though maxwell has reported 0 income which was an issue brought up by the judge and certainly part of the questioning during this hearing that said maxwell offered incredibly enough to released on bail get this remain in
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a luxury manhattan hotel on her own dime during the pretty tough pretrial detention now during this hearing we heard from one alleged victim who said that she met maxwell when she was 16 and that maxwell is a sexual predator and should absolutely it remain behind bars the judge also read the statement of 2 other alleged victims of maxwell and jeffrey epstein's f.b.i. agents as we know arrested maxwell july 2nd at a mansion on a 156 acre property in new hampshire where she was reportedly hiding out something also disputed by her attorney who argued that if she did not refuse to open that she did not refuse to open the door to her own when f.b.i. agents. breach the property front gate this was also an issue of dispute during the hearing that is important because if she did refuse to open the door or was hiding or trying to run it indicates an intention to evade arrest again her attorney says that was not the case but prosecutors say she's been doing this for many years that
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she's moved multiple times to avoid detection in the last year alone a reason her lawyer blamed on protecting her privacy and personal safety basically her attorney mark owen tried to paint a picture of maxwell as being the victim hounded by the government and the media something prosecutors absolutely argued against saying that is just an insult that's not the case and quite simply maxwell has got away with her crimes for too long and now is the time for her to pay and for the victims to finally get some justice on that note manilla there are reportedly more victims of accusers coming forward with information that may strengthen the prosecution's case against maxwell she is charged with sex trafficking of minors accused of recruiting and grooming several young women some as young as even 14 years and years of age told alternately work for and be sexually abused by abstaining she's also been accused of being involved with the sexual abuse of the minors directly and she's facing possibly as much as 35 years and prison if convicted on the charges in the back to
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you all right john how he was. over to russia where the country has started construction on get this the world's largest nuclear icebreaker this 1st of its kind shipping vessel is currently being built and russia's far east and is anticipated to help the country gain an essential but hold in the arctic region r.t.s. shop of all of us has more. the task of the leader class nuclear icebreakers is to provide year round as called of transport vessels in harsh conditions of the north sea route russia intends to build at least 3 nuclear icebreakers of this class the flagship that has just been launched will be named russia it's expected to cost $1800000000.00 and will become operational in 2027 the ice breaker will we would a commercial speed of about $1314.00 knots and cope with an average ice thickness about 67 feet thanks to the u.i. breakers of this class merchant ships can use not only the classic north sea routes
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but navigate in higher latitude it's worth mentioning that the north sea route lines along the coast of russia its length is fine sounds and 300 miles it's a new global transport corridor and it's the shortest path from europe to asia but it's bound around 9 months a year in some places ices up to 15 feet meanwhile the new ice break is dimensions seem to be truly incredible the length of the salt will be more than 670 feet its height equal the 13 story building it will boast a $120.00 megawatt power plant in the icebreaker is to build a channel for condor ships with a set and with its own which cannot be less than 255 feet if making this needs according to engineers would be minimal the lead breakers will work with the vessels that will transport oil and liquefied natural gas eastward now russian oil injuries mainly delivered to the ports of western europe and then transported to
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other places by other carriers with the launch of the eastern direction it will be possible to deliver cargo by russian domestic vessels directly to consumers located in the asian region plus rosner after russia's enormous state oil company which has high hopes for drilling oil in the arctic also will benefit from the new leader icebreakers by the way according to the vessels develop is there will be no weapons installed it said the country has enough warships. so it's not necessary to lead to ice break is why she's the only country in the world that operates a large fleet of nuclear icebreakers such vessels are significantly bigger and more powerful than that conventional power to counter ponce the nuclear engines allow the vessels to operate a tunnel mostly for long periods with the need for frequent refueling. and this global pandemic is impacting local economies that we know and can see in
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our own cities and towns but coronavirus is impacting the amount of money we don't see and that is through remittances and remittances are monies earned by migrants and then sent back to their home countries that is projected now to fall by one 5th this year because of the pandemic according to pew research so joining us to explain what this all means boom bust co-host investigative journalist. so ben what do these numbers look like globally and what did they look like as it pertains to the u.s. . yes certainly it's a very big deal when you take a look at kind of the global landscape and how global economies are being affected by coke that so for instance just to give you kind of the larger picture here in terms of world remittances about $714000000000.00 in 2019 was earned by workers in one country and sent back to their home country this year that number is already down by about 20 percent about $572000000000.00 so 20 percent is
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a massive drop in the amount of money going back to these countries to put that into perspective go back to the so-called great recession in 20082009 up until right now we have seen the largest drop in recent times but that was a much smaller drop about 9 percent so when you drop about 9 percent in remittances as a result of the global great recession and then a because of code that you drop 20 percent more than twice that. it's a pretty significant drop yeah that is a huge number and we know we have a lot of migrant workers especially out west where you and i grew up in california tex and for that that's going to be hit and that the economy is there greatly but why does this all matter ben. well it certainly matters to the countries that get these are minton's is because remember the when workers come to the united states and by the way the united states far outpace every other country in the world in terms of remittances meaning workers come into the united states who work here and then send money back to their home country but that money doesn't go to governments
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in those countries it goes back to families in those countries that's why workers come here that's why in california and texas new mexico and colorado you have workers who go in they work seasonal jobs certainly migrant workers who work in fields they come here for a season they work they send money back home to their families and in some cases go back and live there for a time and then come back up seasonally to work and it happens quite often if the united states has about 152000000000 dollars that flows back to other countries mostly in latin america and south america and so it's very important when you consider the fact the families of those workers are the ones who depend on them for their livelihood that's why those workers come here in the 1st place so the effect isn't so much on the national governments in those countries but on the populations who are dependent on those workers who come here to make money for them and that what countries will be hit the hardest with less money coming into those families that you spoke of in other words what countries receive the most remittances yes so there's a whole series of countries in somewhere in the world who are believe it or not
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saudi arabia is the 2nd largest country in terms of remittances in the world which was actually kind of surprising to me when i started looking at this united states is kind of an obvious one but for saudi arabia to be now 2 is kind of interesting but the usa united kingdom canada they all have people who come from other countries but the country that stood out the most to me that's fairly interesting is haiti of all places that haitian migrant workers who come here and work and sin remittances back or even people who are permanently here but since remittances back to. country get this in terms of the haiti's g.d.p. remittances make up 33 percent of the gross domestic product for the entire nation of haiti. that heavily on remittances so when you have a significant drop in remittances you have a significant cut by one 3rd of what the country is facing in terms of its g.d.p. that could be devastating and that country has already been hit multiple times with hard times before the pandemic and then lastly how is pew research correlating the dollar amounts to the actual lockdowns themselves well essentially it comes down to
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the number of days that a country spins in lockdown so essentially what they're looking at are the number of days in the united states it's been 67 days where overall there's been a lockdown in saudi arabia i mentioned them a minute ago it's been a little longer than that it's been 70 some days and so what they're looking at are the number of days when the country is essentially in lockdown therefore people are not able to go and work in a normal fashion and that's what they're computing at now obviously that is not going to take into account people who are working for cash on the side making money on the side and sending that back but a lot of this is also being calculated through services like western union that people use to sit in those remittances back and so they're able to take calculated also based upon how much that business has dropped during this time as well and that's true these there are a lot of workers who are actually on the books despite what a lot of people argue and say it's all under the table that. good update there with
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that side of the economy thank you so much. now to the latest coded 1000 numbers worldwide cases to help topping more than 13000000 with 573000 reported deaths the top 3 countries with the most cases the u.s. of course still leading the way then followed by brazil and india here in this country cases topping 3000000 with 135000 reported deaths. and as tobit 19 cases and hospitalizations continue to rise california again shutting down governor gavin newsome ordered the closure of indoor businesses across the state including bars restaurants movie theaters zoos museums even wineries over the past week the state has averaged about 8000 new cases and almost 100 new deaths daily. and the brazilian president who's been in quarantine for nearly a week after testing positive for cocaine 1000 has now been seen venturing outside
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of his official residence this here is jay or both sonora and front of the building speaking on a cell phone and at one point surrounded by ostrich is a little we're both merrill plans to take another coded test very soon he is currently taking hydroxy couric when anti-malaria drug touted as a treatment for the virus. and there is widespread criticism today after the supreme court gave the green light on resuming federal executions we will discuss the politics surrounding that decision and then over at the sports h.q. regina hamm brings us to florida for groups at play as the m.l.s. of back tournaments and make sure you keep up with all the latest news and anything you might have missed by downloading our brand new free app portable t.v. you can catch there 24 seventh's i will be right back.
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we go to work. straight home. i like it when the hosts ask a question for the guests and then actually listens to the guests answer and then reacts to pat answers a folks dentist will are here i've got a new show. oh you know.
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go by. larry king question listen learning you dollars said i never learned anything when i was talking it's important to a list of. questions. first so much going on in the world don't you think when's the last time you add a real bird's eye view of things should the news feed more than just hours of bickering give me 30 minutes i'll take you off the gloves. i'm chris hedges the corporate coup d'etat has destroyed our democratic institutions the commercial media is burlesque part of the reality show presidents expose the trivia lives seen on contact question more.
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i. get real quick breaking news for you update on the girl lane maxwell case going maxwell has been denied bail so she will continue to stay behind bars as she awaits her trial pending trial for july 12th 2021 and moving on here daniel levy lewis's execution tuesday morning at a federal prison in indiana marked the restart of federal executions in the u.s. after a 17 year moratorium despite numerous calls from his victims' families for a stay so could this be a hot topic at the ballot box this november to get us up to speed on the politics involved moving forward let's check in with scottie nell hughes the host of news views he was right here on our team america so scottie in this unsigned opinion
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early this morning the dissenting justices on the supreme court but moaned that this was quote accelerated decision making what was their justification for this claim and this crime i mean it happened in 1996 and went through the court system why would they say that. when that thing you know as you stated a crime originally happened in 1906 but like with so many cases it does take time and this case has been tried over and over again with several months in between each one of those trials why the supreme court justice the dissenters said that it sped up and that it was not given justified time it was because towards the end because on monday a lower court had actually ordered a temporary blockage based off of the 8th amendment which said you cannot have cruel punishment it prohibits that amongst united states citizens but late last night. the supreme court the majority ruled it said it had not established the likely to have to do succeed that this is going to go anywhere else except for the
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place where it did and it's why they allowed the rejected occasion the reinstatement of capital punishment. on a federal level something that we've not discussed amongst politics or even here in the united states really since john kerry was running for office and scottie that final decision from scotus came down in the wee hours with lewis's execution happening about 2 hours after that from what i understand he was strapped to that gurney for about 4 hours awaiting this decision that is that sounds cruel to me however the execution was originally halted because of concerns regarding the coronavirus and how federal executions were actually carried out where do we stand now concerning federal executions in the future. and that's a signal you're right not only leading up to it waiting for this go to susan was he struck down that table but also the lethal injection was administered at 4 am he was not declared dead until 8 am that's 4 hours and whatever was going on with his body during that time that being said the families of the victims actually were
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very upset because because of coronavirus they were not allowed to be in the room to witness as well as attorneys for both sides it was obviously not open witnesses because of the krona virus case now the family of the victims actually for a long time and said they did not believe that louis deserved the death penalty on this they were advocates for a life time in jail with no parole but in this case this is going to have the effect on the other 4 who are waiting for execution but i think you should at this same inattention larry that possibly the victims and their families will not be able to the families will not be able to witness the execution of those 4 either because of the coronavirus the social distancing rules that are in place and you know attorney general bill barr stated this morning quote justice was done today in implementing the sentence for lee's horrific offenses but reinstating the federal death penalty could now create even more challenges for the judicial system the justice system what are what are some of those challenges and has the president
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mentioned anything about cap. punishment on the reforms the prison reform bill that he's been working on. there's always been a blurred line middle between the state and the federal execution of policies a lot of states actually opt out so they will not have any punishment and that's when a lot of these cases were then tried federally so when the federal ban was put on place some of these states there was no they consider that to be a win for those who are against capital punishment there is obviously blurred lines in this because you have to be able to try a one of these crimes in a federal courtroom that's not the same watch and there's a state court room where you might also be tried as a death penalty so obviously it's going to be some blurring and some working out of line things that they have not done for the last 20 years it's a whole new generation of attorneys out there who might not be more than likely not actually qualified to be able to try these courts in a federal court system so i hadn't thought about it that way scotty but speaking of
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attorney generals we cannot let you go without a quick update on today's primary election down in alabama where former attorney general jeff sessions is trying to reclaim his old senate seat but he's going up against a pretty popular football coach president trump has gotten involved but not on the side of his former appointee this is making it a lot more juicy of a primary campaign down in alabama what's the latest there. well that's the thing though this is not just about a primary now abandoned because the president himself has gotten involved and he steve's jeff sessions is the reason why the russian investigation was allowed to go on for as long as he did you obviously have an axe to grind with jeff sessions to use done that with the strong endorsement of tommy tuberville now tommy the coach the former auburn coach very popular in the state has a great ground game going looking possibly to be the front runner in this case however just session this is old the seat and he held it for he was reelected 4 times in the position so this is really actually
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a referendum on the president's power in a red state like alabama if jeff sessions is able to win it goes will show the president might not be a particular or definite the door cement might not be as coveted as has been in the past elections it'll be interesting we'll see how it turns out scottie now he was our friend thank you so much. thank you manila. and regina hands over at the sports h.q. we're going to we are still waiting for other major sports leagues to get back in action but one is already in the middle of their tournament how great is that we have live sports back in the united states manila we've been waiting for months a group half of the m.l.s. is back torment in florida has a solidly pack roster featuring l.a. s.t. houston dynamo l.a. galaxy in the portland timbers so was no surprise that the game between the galaxy and the timbers was anything but boring game gets off to a rough start for the chamber's 11th minute a penalty given to defend 0 dark daria's of pottage and it's going to be a yellow card for the handball which means the galaxy will have a chance to score with that penalty and you get it well it's going to end
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a beach at h.l. with that shot for the opening goal but his right foot and chip try to save steve clarke sees it again with a rebound shot clock is just on his a game and denies them believe that is where we're going to have to take it and it is just a beautiful shot to look at the 2nd half off and pick up timbers to have a larry gets it right that david beckham sebastian want to go get the angle pass to jeremy and opens up square with a close range shot. it will last a it was a perfect angle to take that shot from the long go in the timbers though they're going to go in aggressive often they get 65th minute he will boss a take the shot is deflected and blago gets the ball from the right side of the box and gets that chip in timbers with a beautiful 2000000 and galaxy find a groove the minute fast break from gordon wild right side of the box a path to cheap shot and he's going to make that right footed shot over the shoulder of clark right here let's take a shot is just a beautiful it's a 1st goal for the m.l.s. 32 year old and that is where the luck ran out galaxy defaulted on. hold
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an impressive lead over the standings over 2nd place he will heroes' that cushion though didn't guarantee the diner's a win at all during the road game in the go chick skydome started scoring top of 2nd n.c. shortstop new york solo homer to right center field 7 the season one nothing lead on the 2nd runners on 1st and 3rd this guard your heroes right fielder junkie ground a 543 double play the part don't want actually is going to make it hold the game is all tied to one run a piece here is the add to their lead bomb the 3rd. with a solo home run left field 13 season for him and the home team makes it a $21.00 lead in the 4th though it's going to be a lot of the same runner on 1st q in catcher don't won't with a r.b.i. double the warning track in center field former minnesota twins part rounds 3rd and makes it home just ahead of the throw it is very very close heroes' lead 3 to one
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and later in the inning 3rd baseman john groundball single of the center fielder bring park don't want home from 3rd and give him a 41 lead and they just keep on truckin bottom of the 5th more of those they are the home team right fielder the young girl with a solo homer to right field and that'll be the last often to this one night home run of the year for the 21 year old and gives you a lead that they would keep the final wording they win $51.00 and they move them 5 games. the diner. and you know it check this kid out just gone fast and fearless eat 6 year old gavin sayers and you're not going to want to forget that name the pint sized athlete is making quite a name for himself in the sport a motor cross he began writing at just the age of 2 and competed in his 1st race at only 3 years old assisted by his dad keith gavin trains in his hometown of butte montana is already making waves and his winning streak in his home state dad says he has a lot of passions never force and he's always been interested by what he sees on t.v. as a parent of course there's
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a little nerve and gavin is on the bike but as long as he's happy he's always going to want to support his passion manila so we got to maybe get connor on a bike maybe motor pros in his future i don't i don't know about motocross there's not a whole lot of room where we live just outside of downtown d.c. so i don't think we can be doing that in our backyard maybe 8 boarding you could build a ski rink in the back park all you need is a little one and then you know they get all they can go out but i can't bear i mean 60 years to you know little 3 year old his 1st race how impressive is that he is adorable good on him i hope we see him in the future of motocross i am going to get a members name we've got to remember the players all right regina thank you so much for that good news way to end the show all right keep up with everything in question at all times make sure you download our brand new free app that have called portable t.v. you can watch there 24 seventh's you can follow me on twitter at little chance that is my name i will see you soon thank you for watching.
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that's rather fun as a survival guide to those that you can convert you to. sleep. keep in mind ls it's me into places. where. we go to work so we stay home.
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greetings and sal you taishan. captain america has died no my friends i'm not talking about the marvel universe character who is far as we know is still sitting on a bench handing out shields and bits of wisdom as an old man by a lake no i'm talking about master sergeant andrew marcus sano a 34 year old active duty 82nd airborne ranger and green beret who got the nickname of captain america for among many things surviving 6 tours of duty in afghanistan tragically tragically marcus sato committed suicide
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a monday the 6th of july reportedly while standing in front of his wife. just 48 hours of the united states celebrated its independence our heart goes out to his family another soldier's life lost to the longest running war in u.s. history it war with no end in sight because my friends just before the tragic suicide of master sergeant mark assad on the united states house armed service committee led by congressional democrats were patting themselves on the back after passing an amendment to this year's annual n.d.a. the natural national defense authorization act which would prohibit the expenditure of monies to reduce the number of u.s. troops deployed in afghanistan below 8000 without a series of conditions 1st being met yes reduced and just what are these so-called conditions well according to the men according to the amendment the department of war sorry the department of defense must be able to certify that leaving
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