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tv   Going Underground  RT  July 15, 2020 10:30am-11:01am EDT

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spittles malnutrition in 2020 we speak to the un food agency about its latest global predictions of coronavirus induced mass under oath more coming up in today's going undercover 1st mainstream media around the world have correctly been covering the injustices of racial capitalism in the wake of the george floyd murder in minnesota but australia where indigenous peoples are incarcerated a rate 4 times greater than the proportion of african-americans jailed in the u.s. has not been front page news and as multi-national mining companies destroy all trace of cultures that are 46000 years old is australia committing crimes against humanity joining me now from perth in australia is the director of the dumbarton aboriginal corporation robert edgington who's been campaigning for the protection of sacred sites from capitalist exploitation robert thanks so much for joining us there is actually some front page news here in a sense because we're hearing papers that people have been fighting for the release off for decades of finally showing us the role of buckingham palace in the
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overthrow of the australian government to go off with i mean before we get on to cave destruction and mining australia then only became independent in 1986 way later than the african colonies in the colonies of the british empire other ones yes reluctantly. be very well hidden we've been locked into a war of genocide here for 240 years. we've. at times whites of the world to awaken to our part as indigenous people and to act on the injustices and to continue genocide in which our people as now have faced 240 years ago the british lost their occupation onto our lands and that forced occupation was through. frontin massacres where you know our people were right to the dorn and massacred and.
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the holes. were to our arm peoples were poisoned and now people fell to their deaths through the pores in the water holes then our people faced horrendous. policies of you know more so it introduced through legislation the rights to these drugs and government of forcibly removed their children from their parents and put them into church run missions and you know today we see our young people make up as you just said the greatest pandemic of incarcerations to just 6 will why couldn't per population and then of course we've got a pandemic of of suicide and we lose young people in this country not and there are young people lost on the gaza strip and the gaza strip brings
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international news in terms of what's happening to the palestinians and yet the death of our young people how the rise of the was. over here we're talking about our friend here as a part of all of a destination and the 5 eyes network which is going to save us because we're dropping huawei as a 5 g. operator and i'm going to tell you your prime minister scott morrison claimed there was no flavoring in australia i think slightly tempered those remarks. well a strait has been good on the bedrock of lies and deceit has been built on the bedrock if you lark of the environmental cause your non the blood of our people like us and our people have suffered massacres and a locked into a continued secret war that i would say is it's not you know equal but just as profound as the. experience of the nazis and what they did to the jews and
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and to to others look a stronger use got to he history started when you got scott morrison outside the prime minister to the world that well hang on a minute we don't treat our black people like you know they do in america you know the world doesn't have anything to cry about because the knowledge of the history's been defined of the dicta and not defined by the vanquished so the aboriginal works hasn't been heard and through the united nations and the world health organization the children you know unesco and all these other international bodies have not focused probably all the funny enough on the issue of what's happening to aboriginal people in this country and the recent devastation of the jew can girl or join the cause has to be put into perspective of history of where people understand the ongoing trauma of genocide and the disrespect of our culture and our people ok
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well let's get to that instruction let's get out of that destruction rio tinto famously financing henry kissinger in the past when accused. by china of espionage rio tinto has apologized and said it was a misunderstanding when it destroyed the 46000 year old archaeology in the education gorge on may the 24th during the 2nd at a virus pandemic can you forgive rio tinto for destroying it and annihilating the put a container kora people's culture. well of course you never could forgive them and you can't forgive other companies like behaved p. woodside. they're all environmental bandits capitalized on the wealth of the minerals ally and the ground of aboriginal people's land they export those minerals to places like china it's a massive economic return to this country and astray grows very wealthy and
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privileged in the western sense of our finance and aboriginal people to whom you know reside in remote communities and that i handle knows when rules are impoverished to the groups of 3rd world conditions and look you can't. even comprehend the destruction of the jew can gorge you've there were 2 cape shelters and through archaeological findings and scientific research in one of the caves that rio tinto blustered there was a 1000 year old haircut there was i 20 year old kangaroo bun that was sharpened that the old people from the could do can do groom the people would have caused boomerangs that this is and then in the other rock shelter there was a defined archeological site that had the imprints fossilized of of
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a group of 6 people that were sitting in a circle around a campfire pit and yucca logical finds was that they did find that there was these minute flanks of wood fired up and i can root dot and identified that where those people consume that trudeau's i didn't people was for 16 their hours and years old now when you look at 46 hells in years and you tried to equate that to something similar in terms of the sacredness in the western world you'd be challenge you know the i don't thing that you could probably you can't this sort of human lusts to history into the environment into indigenous people. will be that it'll morning company had found a line of gold or you ronnie i'm under the pyramids of giza is a man temple was blown up in south america it could be created it is it this is on
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the side and the occupy can of the buddhist statues in the afghanistan area when they are blown apart by us i mean the cia link. taliban blowing up the buddhas in afghanistan the the view caning isis the. destruction of parts of palmira that is how important these structures were and rio tinto apology you don't believe is good enough. you know rio tinto had the knowledge of the sacredness of these cars in 2014 through the documentary that it not only endorsed it pandit and it had the old men in the documentary showing the rio tinto executives how sacred those sites were and to go anywhere nida those sacred areas they say them is understanding australia western
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australia as minister for indigenous australians ben wyatt now approving of b.h.p. demolitions i should say there are serious fraud office and d.o.j. investigations in rio tinto in guinea a swiss corruption investigation to glencore and nevertheless presumably ben wyatt is approving of new b.h.p. definitions and mining because it provides jobs these massive mining conglomerates that you may say destroy the environment and destroy culture they provide jobs well look. providing jobs is important but why couldn't you put a buffer zone of a 200 kilometer process let's say or distance around those sacred sites and you know rio tinto be had she been excavated arnel or whatever they're taken from the land and leave that buffer so that the 2nd sites are protected why would you why
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would you want to blow up a an anxious site is there such really even the privilege of affluence of money and power are you going to destroy the world and everything that's ancient within it when you look at the start so not just important regional people in our culture important world history you know the court going to the logical. summits and you know when they get into the other facts out of these they did not ask look at mission attack the other acts out of the codes or the tradition. reaction when into those sites no no going to log on and blast him they took out a 2nd. and then they got him in the seat in tyner on property owned by rio tinto in the coup and that's a form of you know writers of the last tuck 2 writers that got mean and they've taken out the facts that didn't belong to them and they didn't consult the the big
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people in gaza taken out those artifacts so look matter which way you look at this this is a willful act of of of of carnage of blowing up an aboriginal sacred site and the loop needs to stand united in terms of what that means for rio tinto do not say it's willful they say there was a misunderstanding and certainly don't admit any wrongdoing in any way you have a court system i know that the 37000 land claims of 984 yet to resolve it may take a 100 years we do have a court system of aboriginal people to seek justice. all the court system is as weak as the heritage act that is written for you to see that court hearing the fact is that section 19 of the act reaction to what you call the legal right to bluster sought but section 19 or so gives only the right of the of the
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morning companies to actually go ahead saw enough with the minister and then blow that site that sought but it doesn't give is the traditional owners the right to appeal the decision of the blast so if you think that's a fair and accurate account of a company given the right to go ahead well they're not doing it as that's where the mistake really laws what i'm saying is that reality don't you that that was a sacred site and i ruefully lost that saw it forever into a rubble and gumbleton has as a result of that clue for a number of stipulations from reality to go to make at least what i've done which is wrong robert i'll stop you there more from robert edgington after this break plus with a new report showing world hunger looks to rise further because of coronavirus despite a quarter of the world's population already unable to access food we ask the un's marco sanchez continuo if capitalism is really the best model for helping us
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achieve increasingly elusive 0 hunger by 2030 autumn or coming up about to have going underground. remember that phrase to honest people can disagree this concept as essentially been the bedrock of western civilization since the end like it's also before engines of the american 1st amendment cancel culture is putting all this in question we now rule. yes i think it's a lot i saw. people also want to be a 1st for if you're born into a poor family if you're born into a minority family if you're born into a family that only has
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a single parent that really constrains your life chances people i lambasted for years old here born into generational poverty. need to. fight every day to rule your needs and their needs if you're family. welcome back i'm still with robert edgington we started by talking about mass incarceration is it the australian education system to blame that people don't know that your incarceration rates of people of color are so much worse than the united states of america well i think it is the education system is. political influence it's just the media has done nothing in this country but be detrimental to the
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human rights of every single people and you're right within the education system histories i'm told is often earlier from the lens never from the lens of the. aboriginal people and aboriginal culture and our rights in terms of al traditional media linkage with this land of what this land means to us in terms of our religious connection it's never been part of the the education system and you know why destroy us don't have you know much understanding at all in regards to to our history and to our. culture so how would you expect them to have respect for it if they're denied the truth of our position in this country is a legal and the right to cussed out and i think the only way this country will be better off in terms of the politics you're relating to the if the militia captain who didn't come here to you to begin with just finally there's one australian
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journalist truth teller julian assange is according to the un being tortured quite near the studio in london why did he get an aboriginal passport and why do you think scott morrison is doing what appears to be very little for his freedom the freedom of an australian citizen well i think with julian assange it was obviously the founder of wiki leaks and he determined to. about the world to the public the atrocities of the american. military and the american governments and look when you look at political imprisonment you know you look at it you find on telling the truth you go to war so i understand that most of the aboriginal incarceration in this country is a political fault of incarceration you know a lot about ritual people who are in prison are in prison there too during menial crimes if at all a lot of aboriginal people don't even have the interpretation of why they're in
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prison so look julia look and such as you know support amongst the aboriginal people there's no question about at the same time aboriginal people have to survive just to keep alive in this country on a day to die and isis we've got 9 and 10 year old young children taking their lives because they are marginalized and rejected from a world that doesn't include them and a world that's broken and go wrong well we invited terrier 10 toe b.h.p. the other mining companies and the australian ambassador along on the program robert and to to thank you thank you. the newly published state of food security nutrition in the world report has found that in a world of a few 1000 billionaires a quarter of the entire human population struggles to access food now with the current pandemic causing severe job losses that number such a rise by 130000000 at the end of this year alone joining me now to discuss the new
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report from rome is deputy director of the agricultural economics division of the food and agriculture organization of the u.n. marcus sanchez cunto thank you so much marko for coming on we know from the it's due to policy studies how just us billionaires have gained more than a half a trillion dollars since coded hit and 2000 not 1000000000 as a richer than 4600000 people how many people are food insecure or are going to be starving tonight it depends on where well i'm going to take right i mean the report that you supported different types of indicators that show the gravity of the problems right. the confining of the reported year is that nearly 6 canada 90000000 people are hungry that's almost one percent of the world's population right and a means there's been an increasing when you don't think 1000000 people not accounted for call it as yet. which is also an increase of 60000000 people in 5 years 690000000 that's less than the 821000000 undernourished from the last report
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of course of course as with things are getting better no not really a whisper a new report and these are a large a large analysis and that we have you all did it say this serious of the prevalence of undernourishment backwards because we got information that is new on food consumption distribution coming from service from the countries which which we could or we couldn't get for more than 10 years so we were able to we were able to revive the undernourishment numbers than words but it's not just these years the whole series inside syria is going backwards right now what it shows daw is that and it continues to be on the rice regardless of the. number of course a number means a lot but it's almost 700000000 we have done several of these and didn't report it even from last year when he is we have responded the number of indicators that typical number we use in the prevalence of undernourishment which is the hunger number right but i think you are also interesting that in the in another indicator that we have which is social and i mean the capering pretty sustainable development
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goals which is the prevalence of mordor rate and severe levels of food insecurity that is people who are no longer not only hand can greet you right but they may be eating but they're not at the right these are people who don't have regular access to safe nutritious and sufficient food so you factor betty in the moderate levels of security is 2000000000 people in the world work with insecurity we have a report here saying thousands of children are going hungry to the point of malnutrition and being admitted to hospital just in the 1st 6 months of this here in england that is given coronavirus how do you get a figure 132000000 going on gri because of cove it has a right not and these numbers aren't given you are 42001000 the 2000000000 people of food insecure in the world 42001000 if you don't take into account the coronavirus jets in these numbers right we have done
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a projection of the hunger numbers what would it mean if you're not the current trends continue into the future and we have concluded that by 2030 you know this number it will surpass 840000000 people that's not accounting for call it now we have all song we have also tried to understand what are the parts of the carpet on these numbers and that's the tricky part and why because you know the numbers for quick keep on moving you know any any any forecasts of economy work in the world is moving you know by the month the forecasts are you will because things are getting worse and worse no matter that aspect we have tried to play around with the most recent economy growth is a. of the 4 of the international monetary fund the i.m.f. and whatever is now you take for economic growth and you factoring in the numbers of anger you find out that you move in a ratio of 42020 from 80 to 130000000 more people going hungry as a result of conflict and this is particularly the case of those countries who are
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well low income another for deficit countries because they rely a lot of what imports and you know what is going on in the world with disruptions. well i have to our city heads the i.m.f. its sister organization the world bank said that china pulled more people out of poverty in recent years that any other or any other entity in history 800000000 people out of poverty does china skew all the statistics are things actually worse if you look to the say in europe basis or in africa basis because of the skewing of china china is a large country no matter what happens with the numbers in china they move the world numbers and you only question why did numbers now 690000000 and one of the reasons is that we also managed to get more access to the numbers from china particularly in numbers will power food distribution it is happening in china you see china has been diminished of quality and you set but we're not seeing the same the same trend in the numbers of hunger for china so we push
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a lot to china and also to well more countries to give us the data or how food is being stupid in the world and that is why we see that we factor up the new number for china and 12 for a countries this is why the numbers are now 690000000 people hungry and not as much as before because it takes us on poverty is kind of the same we don't know exactly what is the impact of quality on on poverty in the world and in china but most likely it is going to be a big impact now if we have costs from covert costs from wars armed by the $1000000000.00 companies climate change the actual hunger in your report also costs money to the economy because of preventative health care i understand what we have though in this report we have looked more carefully and diets and we have fun ballad that 3000000000 people in the world don't have access
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to the cheap is how think date the chip is healthy diet right it means that the otherwise healthy diet. cost fight times more than a basic diet but only satisfice of the energy requirements from basic staples so we have been trying to look at this cost in this report what he interesting is that many people would say yeah but you know we can shift a healthy diet but they're expensive so what do we go since many people will not have access to those dates all over the world and you said 97 percent of health costs a link to unhealthy diets exactly that's what i was trying to say but i know what we have done what we have done is we have taken to calling consumption by this of the world how we eat and we have just continued despite this to 2030 right where we have concluded is that if you had to continue eating like a producer like we had thought right you would you would have a cause that is related to health direct cost for health you know you have
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mortality you have known communicable diseases that you have to take care of right or these costs would just sit $1300000000.00 per year by 2030 now you know if you if you choose to health that day is where we are where we are estimating now is that you will reduce those costs by 97 percent moreover it's not only about health because the foot system as you may know is cruelly responsible for an important percentage of the greenhouse gas emissions right so we have done also an exercise whereby you take into account current consumption but there's the way we produce you it's just $20.00 to 2030 right and then you determine what are the diet related schorsch a cost of greenhouse. gas emissions and this is to make it to be 1.7 trillion or by 2030 well just let me just finally and i should say that according to oxford university one study of nearly half of all british adults are food in secure given that you say half the world's food comes from one of 1000000000 small
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scale farmers is part of the reason we're not going to hit the 2030 targets on because of the. big trade blocks like the european union like the w t o preventing the small scale farmers producing food you are touching upon a very important very important bottleneck let me call it that way which is a bottleneck because in the report with say when i get what i did recently that are you know taken because of healthy food app and there are many reasons and one of the reasons is trade policy you're touching upon that under protectionism we have determined that the political economy we call it you know protection our retreat policy is our increase in the cost of the trisha's so now if you if you look at let's say northern america and europe which which we do in the report you're not is that out of the tree 1000000000 people that don't have access to a healthy diet 1x8w1x8w people living in this a the u.s. canada and the u.k.
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and you would wonder how is that possible right because her sick diets in this country is you know are are let's say relatively cheaper than imported countries but then you need to take into account that there is high inequalities within these countries and also an exercise that we have done is when you compared the price of nutritious foods in this country the u.k. u.s. and high income countries versus the price of energy dense foods with minimal nutritional value do not is that is 6 times more meaning that for many people it's just impossible to offer a healthy diet even in the developed world marcus i just got here thank you. well that's it for the show will be back on saturday had a further hearings in the fraud trial of israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu had 51 percent dissatisfaction i mean his handling of coronavirus near global condemnation of his plan to further annex the illegally occupied west bank until then wash your hands of joy be on the ground on twitter facebook you tube found out on instagram.
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we go to work so you straight home. oh my youngins in miami. the food on the side of. the main thing was of a time that. was it was a bit beyond that were innocent as yvonne was more about.
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president revokes home calling his preferential trade status on feel sanctions over children is new security lol prompting beijing to retaliate in. the horrific murder of a young female soldier in texas all their personnel come forward commanders are accused of failing to. prime culture one alleged victim claims she and others are being something that. is happening a lot. in just the amount of control that the military has to keep it kind of quiet is what is surprising. lives modern campaigners demanding.


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