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president revoked calling his preferential trade status on field sanctions over and china is new security law all prompting beijing to retaliate in. the horrific murder of a young female soldier in texas sees other personnel come forward commanders are accused of feeling to dawn on this culture one alleged victim claims she and others are being. it's happening a lot. in just the amount of control that the military has to keep it kind of quiet is what is surprising. like lives matter campaigners demand that some of london's
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oldest pay reparations for having links to the colonial era slave 3. moscow to the world this is your r.t. international my names you know me you're very welcome to the program. china is threatening to retaliate against the u.s. president trump signed mr trump also approved the hong kong autonomy passed by congress earlier this month which imposes sanctions on officials involved in china's new security law beijing. a piece of scrap paper. made from. the us act moshe's least lander's hong kong's national security legislation and grossly interferes in hong kong theories in china's internal affairs the chinese government strongly opposes this and strongly condemns the u.s.
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sides of towns to obstruct the implementation of hong kong's national security law will never succeed in order to save guard its own interests china will make the necessary sponsor and impose sanctions on u.s. personnel and. well earlier my colleague took a closer look at the u.s. china dispute with our senior correspondent murat. he is concerned worried and angry at china but in this particular. in this particular episode yes it is it is what trump threatened to do should beijing introduce these new security laws in hong kong and what they are is basically a restriction on little criticism of the chinese government in hong kong for example it out lose any calls for independence a session from china for hong kong as well as outlawing publishing by by life in prison even mingling with the wrong crowds or being on the payroll of foreign
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entities who want to see chinese authority in hong kong diminish and in this case trump trump has said that since the freedom in hong kong has been extinguished there's no reason to give it special privileges on congo now be treated the same as male in journey no special privileges or special economic treatment and no export of sensitive technologies there's a whole host of sanctions that are going to be introduced against hong kong and chinese officials deemed responsible for introducing this new security bill there's a whole list of grievances that trump has towards china towards hong kong and it just keeps growing steadily but quickly there is for example though the whole mess in the south china sea all the territorial claims that china has made there that the united states has condemned that is turning into a military conflict pulled sides saber rattling there you know the said being
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nuclear with nuclear power nuclear armed jets to patrol the ships aircraft carriers there's also the issue of china refusing to join any arms control treaties that the united states wants them to be a part of this the huge trade surplus something that trump is hated from the get to sue and of course i would say the move painful for an interim site the crew in a virus pandemic big no mistake we hold china fully responsible for concealing the virus and unleashing it upon the world could have stopped it they should have stopped it. it would have been very easy to do it the source would have put try them on to sell something to europe to america there's all sorts of restrictions and all sorts of tariffs all gone was a little liberal window that belonged to china through which the chinese government to chinese companies could sell things to the west all buy things like sensitive technologies relatively simply with minimal tariffs now that's god there are more
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than a 1000 western companies that. have offices in hong kong he's willing to through even his room under the bus to make china hurt what about weiwei that he's been back on that lately. you know for all the talk of free markets and globalism they really seem to dislike competition because what you are way does is it makes 5 gtech for example amongst other things and it makes it cheap so how do you make people stop buying something that's cheap effective make them turn expensive western analogues they do this by saying that chinese take is somehow tainted from the end of this year telecoms critics must not buy any 5 to equipment from huawei and once the telecoms critical is passed it will be illegal for them to do so the united states is going to do a lot of effort lot of effort in coercing and convincing its allies to dump who our
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way which is a reputational glue for china you know this is this is it's brad this is a chinese brown and an economic blow and you know just just to add insult to injury trump has come out and said that what is happening who are way being kicked out of the united states out of europe is his achievement we convinced many countries many countries and i did this myself for the most work not to use while way. because we think it's an unsafe. the risk it's a big security risk one thing you can say about the chinese is that the rash the reckless they always weeded out of these like carrots 3 sticks so we can expect a response you have chinese press coming out and saying that action needs to be taken we need to assure them that we can't be bullied this easily so we can expect the response from china and now it's going to be
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a response on 2 fronts 1st what's happening in hong kong and what is happening to our way which is being the said she removed from western markets by the united states. to another story we're focusing on today the u.s. military is facing damning allegations of systemic sexual violence in its ranks there is greater scrutiny since the recent tragic killing of soldier of venice. the 20 year old vanished in late april her body was found 2 weeks ago he and her partly complained to her family that she had been sexually harassed while serving at fort hood in texas a fellow soldier suspected of killing vanessa with a hammer committed suicide as law enforcement tried to arrest him prosecutors also charged another woman believed to be his accomplice and this is heartbroken sister wants to know why commanders did not do more.
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1st military chiefs this missed the sexual harassment allegations as unsubstantiated but last week as nationwide outrage grew the u.s. army secretary ordered a review of the climate and culture at the base the texas representative in congress confirmed the legations of sexual abuse would also be scrutinized. over this is killing. other service women to come forward with similar hard owing stories of sexual assault being taken to social media to call out what they describe as ingrained harassment in the u.s. military former soldier trista who is also stationed in texas talked to us through what she sees happened to her. i got invited to a party off base and was told that it was a birthday party for one of the other girls that was going to start class with us at the same time we had not yet started class i made myself
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a journey and the other guys wanted to see what i needed and so i passed it around and when i got it back it didn't seem as though anyone had drink anything but i just kind of thought that was different but didn't really think much of it and kind of felt as though i could feel myself kind of blacking out and then the next morning when i got up to use the restroom and take a shower i realized how much pain i was actually in and i was still bleeding and i just you know i kind of was wondering well what happened and i tried really hard to remember and i couldn't the case actually has not developed i went back to legal help and they told me after about 4 months investigating that there was no evidence and that the case would be dropped the pentacle issued a report in april the mounting number of claims of sexual assault in the u.s. military trust again say plenty of cases are actually being glossed over and that independent investigators for this are crucial. i saw
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a lot of females that i actually worked with that experience harassment. and assault and even rape so i just thought it was crazy that this is actually the culture of it and no one is talking to each other about it so it is happening and it's happening a lot. and just the amount of control that the military has to keep it kind of quiet is what is surprising there needs to be an alternative to reporting there needs to be a civilian organization that's not affiliated with with the military whatsoever i believe that there's they do claim that there's resources off base that you can go to but they're still affiliated with the military they're still able to kind of so we've been under the rug to them believe just a completely separate organization where women can go i believe that there shouldn't be any type of punishment for coming forward and speaking out. i just
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believe that it needs to bring more awareness to the civilian part of you know the community. let's bring you to the middle east our government really swept through jerusalem and choose the night police used crowd control measures on protesters who defied orders to follow social distancing regulations demonstrators were calling on the israeli prime minister to resign as he faces trial on corruption charges here's a quick look at how the scenes on food.
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well thousands of protesters tried to break into the prime minister's residence in belfast street in jerusalem they were carrying torches and they say trash cans of life and also 2 objects that police and journalists it was an event that was made to coincide with the storming of the best still in france and it took the police several hours to bring the situation under control now the protesters consider themselves part of what is called the black flag protest movement and they goal is to see the overthrow of the prime minister benjamin netanyahu there against his continued government many of those who were out in the streets of people who have been suffering the effects of public 19 many have lost their jobs many are out of work but they say it's not only the pandemic itself that the prime minister has not got a grip on the same speed they want to see him gone from power they offer it up with his corruption this is what some of them had to say yes because there's a good chance that the people will realize that there is a leader dragging us to
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a dangerous place this is why i'm here and i hope that in the coming demonstrations all others will join the protests because all groups must unite every day not just once a week to protest and in the end she will go home. for 3 years i was in the street a good partnership. educated we had a great minister. i did my practice or jackson thank you. at one point the peaceful having to physically move people from the gate of the prime minister's residence in the race to some 50 people for disturbing the public order and also throwing objects at the police and journalists the protesters issued a statement in which they said that the prime minister should responsibly and they called for him to do so by signing they also say that the current coalition is doing nothing to improve the lives of ordinary israelis least of all during the
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time of covered 19. the block to lowe's motor movement has turned its sights on london's biggest to all of this banks they are being urged to pay reparations for historical ties to the slave trade the banks representative say are not proud of their colonial past but want to change what's going on are 2. story. since the death of george floyd back in may the black lines marked a movement has swept across the western world not just rallying against police brutality or institutional racism but challenging symbols of racism to. here in britain the campaign has expanded from toppling statues of slave traders to exposing old banks accused of profiteering from the slave trade in fact some even
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argue that london's entire financial district was built on the back of slavery and colonial oppression pos directors of high street banking giants including lloyds and even barclays and even the bank of england fortunes from the trades. the city of london as we know now would not have been without the slave trade london firms played a crucial role in financing trade with politician calling that includes funding the transatlantic passage of african captives in appalling conditions to be sold just. and it's not just companies under the microscope that comes as 10 to 20 percent of britain's wealthiest people could be identified as having significant historical links to slavery the black last month away from the mirror up to those institutions forcing them to confront the past ties to imperialism while many have apologized. apologies are not enough apologies are stage one of an effort that says we have knowledge of the home we have caused and we are prepared to enter phase 2 which is
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a discussion and negotiations about how to repair that home and the suffering that continues to be the legacy of slavery in the caribbean today the amount the british government power to pay off slave owners who were deemed to have property was so large only repaid in full in 2015 in fact it's the modern equivalent of $17000000000.00 pounds i mean this wasn't a tax is contributed to the abolition of slavery but is that something to be trumpeted is this really something to be regarded with a collective pride and surely it's now the time for countries aren't descendants of slaves to see the same kind of compensation with banks coughing up the money they have to pay back the money is because the more news not going in the right and so does this is some excuse we was do we was there but they have to give back this money it will be fair for them to contribute back to what they took from her and tell us what happened in the past. could really just might be
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a good idea for her is it. people it benefits are still continue to benefit off those mistakes that i was quite. but that a lot of the shot it came apart bob just how do you see it as an o.b.d. it has the power set off on a bit of a day is that a long shot that they must go deep. bristol has woken up to a new monument it depicts a block of lawyers mother activists. during the vietnam war u.s. forces also are in laos it was a secret war. and for years the american people. no. matter how much it is officially. per capita. human history millions of
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unexploded bombs still in danger lives in this small agricultural country the empty plinth it depicts a british woman called jan read making a block power salute for the creation of the statue read posed for the artist in his london studio she says she feels enthusiastic at the peace. came but obviously at the last not a protest stood on my husband to take a picture of me. on social media. kind of went viral i think it's a great day to restore i think it's a great day we got out of. the mayor of bristol has issued a statement saying the city council did not approve the new stone sure he added that a history commission has been established to decide what will happen to the plant it remains unclear how long the statue of jan reed will remain in place but some think it should stay but i just love that people. have got behind me it's
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a strong way and to say i'm faced with this label in this kind of state this is all for the. yet another good symbol to show. what it looked like so much is really going on that it should still be in the conscience it continues that feeling and presto that we were still chased to it means the statue to feel good to be cheated the feeling suppressed you have to keep my spirit will stay there forever. there's also been plenty of negative reaction as you might expect to the new statue some people have taken to twitter to express their outrage saying it has to come down because it feels to reflect the diversity of britain's population especially the black power salute others call the art installation a breach of planning law show of disrespect for the city's the city's authorities braise a party co-founder catherine blakelock told me a dangerous precedent is being said it's democrats i think the fact that they
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didn't apply for planning commission and they put. it to put it up in the middle of the night shows you see what this movement is about this movement isn't about the people because still the people up if they really wanted to they could apply to have planning permission to put this out they didn't. and i would suspect that the council will not to move it and they won't to remove it because they have to if full of more rule and bar limits it sets a president that a few people can decide that democracy does not matter anymore. i was in new york gradually re-emerges from locked on the city is experiencing a dramatic increase in gun violence this past weekend alone according to its police department 50 people were shot 4 of them fatally the alarming trend is also being
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witnessed in other cities across the country caleb maupin reports. almost every day lately new footage emerges showing violence and shootings in american cities. do you. think. ringback there was a significant cycle or straighten waiting for us to come under the bridge. on us when she's got a shot. at the next morning i'm going to put a lot. in tell me a date of his. favorite. fill in. the floor in that setting saudi have for you know that what i like the whole
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neighborhood know down. the data speaks for itself by one crime is spiking in chicago milwaukee los angeles and new york city recently here in new york a one year old infant was struck by a stray bullet during a family barbecue they've just brought me down and then when the doctors came out told me to do this. but i. was also. now the rise in crime comes amid a debate all across us society about the role of the police now police unions are blaming the spike in crime on unemployment the lockdown as well as the fallout of george floyd's killing and the recent police brutality protests this was a perfect storm we had a series of events that many of us probably never experienced in our time other voices are saying that it's economic hard times and lack of opportunities and
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hunger that is driving this recent spike in violent crime maybe this has to. and the fact that people aren't paying their rent and are scared to pay their rats and so they go out and they need to feed their child and they don't have money so you know maybe have to they're put in a position where they feel like they either need to shoplift some grad or go hungry that night with violent crime on the rise of dorothy's are scrambling to try and find a solution meanwhile an end to the recent killings and violence on the streets doesn't seem to be anywhere near in sight martin artsy new york. the german chancellor angela merkel has urged europe to reconsider its defense policy arguing that washington is no longer a wholly reliable partner the warning comes just weeks after the trumpet ministration indicated that it plans to withdraw almost 10000 troops from bases in
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germany by 6 the other direction city yourself to germany's freeney cation 30 years after the end of the cold war the world is position in the south in a new way what we took for granted for example that the united states would defend the european union is no longer south of the dent it is changing we must find the right answer to this issue. the chancellor's remarks appear to be in keeping with public opinion in germany a survey published on choose they phone 42 percent of the population think the united states will lose its position as the dominant global power in the next few decades a majority also said they believe china will supplant the u.s. as the leading superpower for austrian foreign minister a current knesset to lose about the difficulties the e.u. faces in navigating its relationship with washington. it's nothing new but on the other hand we do have the the might to pull approaches inside the european union
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how to handle it we also should bear in mind that not all e.u. members the members of nato such as the case was also for instance also we don't plan to sever the round table it's very difficult to say a common that really implemented in the way that it was and visit the fact that the u. germany is not having the e.u. share it's definitely a different situation than when that medium sized country like austria asked the e.u. chair by the door germany taking that here unilateral stance now if you've heard of someone being hounded out of their job or a position because of the views they hold then you've heard of council culture turning the spotlight on precarious times for free speech next it's cross-talk.
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when else seems wrong. but all wrong just don't hold. any world yet to shape out this day. and in detroit because the trail. runs on many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. is your media a reflection of reality. in a world transformed. what will make you feel safer. by salacious community. are you going the right way or are you being.
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direct. what is true what is faith. in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the depths. or remain in the shallow.
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oh and welcome the cross top where all things are considered i'm pewter a little sri member the phrase to honest people can disagree this concept as essentially been the bedrock of western civilization since the enlightenment it's also the origins of the american 1st amendment cancel culture is putting all this in question are we now ruled by the heckler's veto. it just goes this day and more i'm joined by my guest brad blankenship in. prog he is a freelance journalist as well as a journalist for c g t and and in bloomington we have mike a kernis he is a r t calmness and a comic book writer all right gentlemen crossed up rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want and i was it was good and it's going to bradford. you know it was a bit over the last few weeks watching this whole cancel culture phenomenon and i
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find it is completely ludicrous anti intellectual and a historical. anti-rational ok i'm a trained historian and i history is full of tragedies that we're supposed to learn from ok not wipe it away so how does this cancel culture phenomena really enhanced to the public square or is the whole point not to go ahead. well i think that the whole little thrust of it generally is is progress in the sense that it's actually giving some democratization to the platforms now it's not like silencing people's free speech of course people still have it's right but it's really seizing the platforms with that work for so long in my opinion and i think it's the truth that they were fully occupied in the filter was wealth and privilege and the united states especially. now it seems that people are trying to democratize these through the filter of the internet now celebrities you know i can go in and tweet any
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celebrity i want and say something mean to mask them. over something that they said in the past something that's problematic i think it really depends on the industry how much people are being held accountable and i like to center the general idea of council culture as it were as a kind of cultural accountability but i think it depends on the industry so for example at hollywood we have people like for example roseanne barr who is still rich after being canceled still has a quite significant following have khalid being who said some racist things she has a ton of programs if you go on her website you can see a lot of events of course mel gibson he is still going strong in hollywood he's working on a movie now probably has one next year as well he still let me mom did want to watch mel gibson you don't watch him ok roseanne barr don't pay attention to her i mean i don't understand this year i mean it should be the the public square that should decide this.


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