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donald trump on economic fury in asia as the u.s. provokes hong kong special trade status and hits china with new sanctions while beijing bound to get back. to earth the murder of a young female soldier in texas triggers a wave of sexual abuse claims by other personnel as if u.s. commanders are accused of not doing enough to stamp out the problem. and the police chief in germany resigns over claims that officers paid to time with the notorious neo nazi. does it for your headlines if you want more of those stories of course go to our t.v. dot com get more up to date information of course right now stay with us for more classic programming.
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live from the world headquarters of the r t america our nation's capital this is the news with rick sanchez. i'm rick sanchez and i want to welcome all of you were watching us from all over the world i'm quoting those of you who are watching on your mobile phones using the portable t.v. up it may very well be that while the rest of the world especially the united states snoozes china is moving along with its plans to create the future of money and what is the future of money what is china doing that we here in america for example are not well get this is now testing a new digital currency so here is what we know china's central bank is confirming today that it's going to be testing a mobile app for storing and exchanging the on not as
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a paper entity by the way but rather as a digital like for example. the world learned about this when this screenshot appeared on social media take a look at that right there see it you can see there from the image that this appears to be sort of a marketing tool to get citizens chinese citizens comfortable with the idea of using and trusting digital currency now it's important to mention that china is stressing that this really is quote only a test but is it and if it isn't why are they so ahead of the game at this point force forbes one of the world's leading business periodicals is warning the white house right now the trepan ministration not to continue its present course of banning and attacking cryptocurrency in fact let me show you this recent headline from forbes it says quote why trump should unveil a u.s.
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answer to bit coin to rival china's digital one should the white house he that advice so what are we going to do we're going to have to break this story down for you right here on the news with rick sanchez where we remain convinced that stories like this show that it really is time to do news again. is the list of the questions we think you'll be asking tomorrow is the united states making a mistake by not competing with china and digital currency what are global bankers doing about unpaid mortgages and other loans we'll tell you and why did an opinion editor quit and call out her employer the new york times. let's begin with the question of what china is doing and why it may be critically important to almost
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any and every person who uses money to exchange goods and services this quotation supposedly uttered by meyer rothschild in the 1700s my best to explain the story and i'm going to give you the quote he who controls the money controls the world right now the u.s. really controls the money but china is buying for that control and testing digital currency may be some say a step in that direction let's begin today with r t correspondent ben strong. well that's right rick b.p. b.o.c. on the people's bank of china is moving forward with testing out its brand new digital currency the 1st major test of this digital currency and yes it appears that it will be done through a very popular food delivery service called mates one is one of the largest apps in china with nearly half a 1000000000 users it is owned by chinese tech giant 10 cent and it has about 65
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percent share of the market this makes. perfect testing ground for trying to central bank backed by digital currency it's a project has been underway now for over 6 years chinese authorities are pushing to have the digital currency fully operational they say and then use by 2022 for the olympics that will be held in china a place where they can showcase for the rest of the world this digital currency and still a lot of questions about how this digital currency will work in comparison to actual crypto currencies we do know this that the chinese currency will be linked to a holder smart phone number and transactions will take place through it and that been pretty interesting here reg reports indicate that not only will you be able to use an app in order to buy and sell in exchange using this digital currency but that the technology will be designed in such a way that you can actually tap your phone to another phone in order to make a transaction the idea is to simulate. the process of paying with cash handing cash back and forth between 2 individuals but again all of this on digital currency and
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all of that happening through a smartphone for the news with rick sanchez. thank you so much for always so good at being able to put those stories together and explaining them to us from now are joined by chris christie's a market analyst on the co-host of boom bust here on the r t america chrystia i think you probably heard that quote that i read from forbes magazine where they're warning the united states specifically the trouble they're saying look you know stop calling out everything out and do with digital currency is a joke stop attacking it and instead you should be jumping on board they were right they're absolutely right i mean china's progress towards testing and launching its digital currency has only gained momentum during this entire pandemic crisis so now for the u.s. that means that they have even fallen further behind as they have pretty much already lost the battle over 5 g. and right now this entire thing this threatens the u.s. its financial dominance because the pressure is on for the u.s.
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to also respond and to create their own form of central back to the currency because if china successfully launches this c.b.c. it could result in the widespread adoption of this digital r. and b. to be used in emerging markets economies and international trade so country it would actually no longer be beholden and dependent on the u.s. dollar for trade. is the chinese ringback populous or for that matter any populous anywhere in the world ready for something like this that is so revolutionary how do you get people to suddenly start using digital currency instead of their credit cards and their regular cash that they've been using for the last so many hundreds of years i mean that is kind of why i stressed emerging economies to begin with because that is actually the economies that are most comfortable with using those digital kind of digital currencies such as china and such as india countries emerging economies with large populations of. banks people people who don't have access to a bank account to actually don't own credit cards who have never own credit cards
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but every single one of them own mobile phones all of them are connected to the internet and because of that all of them have been using accounts such as things similar to pay pal cash then most things like that where you transact digitally not necessarily with a bank account this would just be another form of legal tender that china is offering so it's a central back to jail currency within a digital wallet that all the citizens are already very accustomed to using in china people already accustomed to using calley pay and hourly bucks which are very similar to pay pal and pay pal so they already familiar with how to pay digitally this is just taking a step further and making it so that instead of issuing out alley bucks which is specific to only alibaba companies this is going to be legal tender issued by the central bank which is going to be accepted everywhere countrywide seems like forbes is right that you know it's something that if nothing else we need to be keeping an eye on and maybe either investing in or competing with china in this endeavor thanks so much chrystia as usual doing a great job explaining these types of stories to us we appreciate it. but stay in
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the tech world if we could for just a moment there was a twitter how to report involving the former president a former vice president 2 of the most well known billionaires in the entire world. joe biden barack obama muska bill gates were compromised wednesday what appears to be a big scam the attack is likely the largest ever on twitter's security system and may have already cost users tens of thousands of dollars joining us now is a lot of all of lidle media to talk about this remarkable story that's really just now coming into us it sounds like they were using the names of these famous people to essentially do commercials for some guy who was trying to. bill for money from people on twitter i guess right. i like the way you call it do commercials or him well no this was one of the quick and by the way you know rick i'm not supposed to
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ever are act gleeful when somebody pulls off a scam but there's this sick part of us that whatever we hear about the bank robber or somebody who gets away with it we think well that's wrong but what he did was he happened to pick lee's people but not just anybody this is due to cream of the crop the blue chip blue check literally group of people and he didn't hit other people but he didn't hit the trump account wait a minute do you think. you think rick they're going to try to suggest that this was some kind of a a a a trump method to all the hack it leaves people prominent democrats the presumption of democratic nominee now that couldn't be but what this really does is rick it goes to the notion of security and there is nothing that wall street hates more
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forget the implication of this then for these folks to be able to say you can't if you can't control if you can't protect with his double triple ways of securing the accounts with checking your phone checking your e-mail if you can't keep their account safe whom can you protect the last time this happened was a famous hacking of twitter before people here were britney spears barack obama night fox news and c.n.n. anchor rick sanchez. wait a minute hold it i remember that in fact think i remember the comment that day that music died i mean the people were black armbands for weeks but think about this literally i mean. the last time they did a major twitter act i'm reading from times washington post wall street journal i mean everybody covered the story how in the hell i ended up in the same in the same
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story with britney spears and barack obama on fox news i don't understand what they chose you don't see the connection. you don't see the connection between you and britney spears. i guess obvious don't if you haven't but let me but but but but all seriousness aside as we used to say this is this is not just a she is not clever when twitter and facebook think the gold standard that they have to maintain a security that you can't predict. and that's exactly the reverse the real problem here is how did they do it might they do it again and what might they do next time we're talking about a serious bad there possibly yeah right bad always enjoy the conversation a little appreciate it thank you my friend. by the way this is the news with rick sanchez and you're watching our special coverage when we come back opinion editor
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for the new york times says that she's had enough. explain it to. remember the phrase honest people can disagree this concept has essentially been the bedrock of western civilization since the like it's also before agents of the american 1st amendment council culture is putting all this question we know. they welcome back i'm rick sanchez more and more information is being released about former geoffrey epstein fixer delaine maxwell remember maxwell has been
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accused by many of the women who epstein raped they say she was an accessory that she was even in the room sometimes and kind of took part as sick as that may sound that is why all of these new details about her as she awaits her new trial are getting a lot of attention and putting the latest revelation that she may have married all married r t correspondent john harvey has more on this story. a federal judge denied bail for killing maxwell who pled not guilty to the charges of sex trafficking and the abuse of minors during a hearing tuesday this is prosecutors revealed that maxwell is secretly married though she refuses to give the name of her spouse to investigators another bombshell in a case that continues to drop bombshells sorted as they may be matched well according to officials posed as a journalist using the alias jen marshall who along with
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a man described as her husband purportedly a retired british soldier and author named scott marshall but the $1000000.00 new hampshire state or federal agents arrested maxwell july 2nd assistant u.s. attorney allison moe told federal judge alison nathan during tuesday's hearing quote in addition to failing to describe in any way the absence of proposed cosigners of a bond the defendant also makes no mention whatsoever about the financial circumstances or assets of her spouse whose identity she declined to provide to pretrial services maxwell has been linked to tech company c.e.o. scott born. person who according to various reports left his wife several years ago from maxwell who'd been staying with him at his manchester by the sea state as recently as last year it's perhaps one of several dozen places maxwell has stayed in the past year according to prosecutors national's lawyer mark owen said it was an effort not to evade federal officials but instead to protect her privacy from
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the media and for her personal safety but judge nathan wasn't buying it denying maxwell's request for a $5000000.00 bail agreeing with prosecutors that she poses an extreme flight risk associated press reporter larry new meister described maxwell seemingly engaged and then dejected appearance at the video hearing you could see. maxwell shrinking is the hearing went on in the beginning she seemed in gaze she was looking at the screen in front of her and was writing things down and seemed genuinely interested but i think if she saw the writing on the wall and started to realize that the judge was going to keep her in custody until trial you could see or hang your head she looked the jacketed disappointed and at one point even seemed to wipe a tear from underneath one eye maxwell's trial is scheduled for july 12th 2021 it's expected to take about 3 weeks the question now will she survive her pretrial
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detention in federal lockup or meet the same fate as her former boyfriend and alleged partner in crime jeffrey abstain from the news with rick sanchez john heidi that is one whale of a question that john harvey just popped up there for a start that now this there is a bit of a controversy once again affecting the new york times that it centers on an employee who quit recently and did so in a very public way by airing all over so-called dirty laundry on her own website barry weiss his resignation including assert. that she felt bullied by her coworkers simply for disagreeing with weiss wrote she was made to feel too right when though she doesn't view herself that way joining us now to discuss this is nationally syndicated award winning journalist ruben navarrette yes sir ruben joins us now to talk about the story does your in the media world right now what's going
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on with this why has this story apparently hit so many buttons ruben rick sanchez good to be with you again barry weiss wrote the resignation letter that you and i have always wanted to write we have to do in our past left various news organizations and there's a journalist out there in america who hasn't wanted to write a letter like this and lay out in broad language and blunt language what is wrong with this place and this place in this case is the new york times here's what the story's about and here's what's important that york times needs to change it knows it needs to change because in 2016 it completely missed the story of donald trump's election and so we tried to bring in barry weiss to bring in different opinions as the opinion that are her job is to bring in points of view you might not normally hear or see in the new york times and she did that and for that she was bullied she was picked on she was run out of the paper here's why people forgot to ask the folks at the grassroots level hey do you want to change turns out they don't want
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to change so the people on high decide there need to be a change but the people at the bottom like things the way they are they're the ones who made her life miserable. my only problem with her assertions many of which involve the new york times being too liberal is that i could go out of the middle of the street somewhere and throw a rock and probably find somebody who would say the new york times is too conservative because when you buy a problem gate the hong kong situation make up stories about russia and are pro-war in almost every single measure are you really too liberal as she asserts. here's what she asserts not liberal or conservative but rather that there's a set narrative awoke narrative on every issue there is your knowledge to stray from that most people think for instance there's 2 sides to the gay marriage debate to the same sex marriage debate not the new york times there's only one side and issue by issue this is the case so what she said is instead of fostering curiosity
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and letting our readers figure it out we have a set narrative we're trying to tell our readers what to think and tell them there's only one way to think so in that regard man did she put her finger on what ails american news right rick i think c.n.n. at the york times this is it you know you're absolutely right i mean if her point of contention in all of this is that they're unable to see how most americans are perplexed by many of these issues and they're not comfortable with the position that you hold then she is absolutely right because oftentimes the miami herald as well as the new york times as well as every newspaper in the country whether it's the one you grew up on or i grew up in tend to hold positions rather than just tell the stories and i think if that's the right she's making i think you're on to something or what. that is she's on to something as well every single issue out there gun control abortion capital punishment there used to be 2 sides we used to
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hash that out on the op ed page you have column right column left we don't have that anymore and she paid the price for that you're fired up about this i like that ruben navarette really fired up ruben navarette joining us here and i thought about the world of journalism we thank you my friend for doing that with us we appreciate it thank you. you know of that i 3 major american banks are stockpiling money over fears the coronavirus recession could get even worse j.p. morgan chase wells fargo citi group have set aside almost $30000000000.00 so they can cover loan payments that americans are in creasing lee able to make think about that people are not able to make loan payments on their credit card debt on their business loans on mortgages forbearance that are being delayed where they've gotten deals from their banks where they won't have to pay for 6 months in some places all year joining us now to talk about this jason hartman. jason is the founder and c.e.o. of platinum property investment network he's also
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a very prolific investor in his own right. i guess the takeaway here jason is that banks are looking like they're getting stingy with their money and about to become even more stingy down the line that their my reading this properly. well yes rick you know during the great recession everybody blamed the banks for being too liberal in their lending guidelines and giving out a bunch of liars loans and ninja loans meaning you know no income no job doesn't matter you know and so now the banks or are being more conservative there's no question about it even if they have stockpiled between the 3 big banks that you mentioned. about $28000000000.00 we are seeing mortgage applications for both purchases and refinances go through the roof i mean consumers homeowners and home
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buyers cannot resist these low rates it's causing an artificial boom in the housing market and there's a lot of repositioning as we talked about when i was on with you prior people moving to the suburbs but one of my fears is that it will see what we have seen happen or had seen happen after the great recession we're even during. you know this kind of vicious circle because in effect where the banks over correct and i'm on one side of the. pendulum you know it's wings back and forth right there are too liberal and then they become overly conservative and then that really hurts the housing market hurts the economy overall so that's one of the things we need to be mindful of is that let's hope they don't over correct it is good that they're being careful for sure but over correction it is just as bad let me take you in
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a different and interesting direction that conflicts somewhat with what you just postulated and with what a lot of people are saying and fairing and that is that so many people out there are going to hold so much money and they're taking all the stimulus money but many cases they don't have jobs and they're not going to be able to pay down their mortgages oh my god the sky is falling and that means that eventually we're going to have one hell of a bad economy right ok let's go in a different direction suppose that all these people are actually not idiots because the government is putting money in their pockets they're able to use it in a wise way and help boost our economy down the road what. if this pie in the sky or is there a possibility that this could happen as well. you know it's a it's a very interesting point you raise rick because you know the basis of wealth for the individual the family or the society is capital formation and what
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a lot of people are doing right now although we don't have any you know very detailed statistics on this yet but a lot of people are using their unemployment money their bonus unemployment they may not really be unemployed you know a lot of people are good workers and you kind of can't tell their own business it's very hard to really know and what they're doing is they're not paying their housing payment they're not paying rent they're not paying their mortgage they're in a forbearance program and they're stockpiling cash so interestingly it's a strange these are strange times where in some some people are actually going to come out of this pretty darn well even if you think they have a hardship because it might show up that they're on a forbearance program or they're living in an apartment and not paying rent or getting a reduced renter getting some sort of loan work out on a mortgage either side renter or or homeowner but there are there are there are
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using that to save money because they're living in their house for free or at a reduced price so you're saying that by them stockpiling this cash what we could actually have is the opposite of what many are predicting that we could have either a big or small boom economy somewhere in the near future. you know i don't know it's hard to tell i'd say that 1st the pandemic goes we're probably in the 3rd inning ok so. it's still early we're we're in the 3rd inning and we've got a ways to go the economy is definitely in trouble there's no question about that but there are definitely some bright signs talked about before there's a shortage of supply and housing automobiles a lot of consumer products so that's the supply demand shock that we talked about
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on a prior show great stuff as usual jason hartman joining us to talk about some of the things that may be happening. on the ground perspective which is where he lives by the way which is not theory or thesis but actually what's going on pragmatically thanks again jason appreciate it. sometimes the more you think you know the less you know and the more you watch or even in my case host this newscast the more we learn they get a little bit. during
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the vietnam war u.s. forces also bomb to neighboring laos it was a secret war. and for years the american people did not know. how much it is especially the. country per capita. consumed in history millions of unexploded bombs still in danger lives in this small agricultural country tonight and we have. even today kids in laos full victims of bombs dropped decades ago is the us making amends for the tragedy in laos won't help to the people need
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in that little end on. the hey folks next up on dennis miller plus one we'll talk to joe testa to our we have a shared experience on monday night football so we'll pick his brain about that lowe's got a new show on a.b.c. i think it's thursdays at 8 o'clock it's called holy moly huge gigantic shoe and golf miniature golf. blown up steph curry is on it rob riggle and joe's the straight man so funny the energy between him and regular we'll talk to him about holy moley on dennis miller plus one right after this. play folks welcome to dennis miller plus one today's guest is a great sportscaster i really enjoyed his work joe testa torre joe is known for his
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talented insight on a.b.c.'s p.n. and his play by play commentary pushchair that are the color. on monday night football he also hosts the a.b.c. show holy moley alongside rob riggle and stuff curry it's in its 2nd season on n.b.c. joey what shake and how you do it thanks for having me on man it's it's nice to get to know you this where i think i said hello to you had a comic greger fight about half a year ago and this is a very nice invitation to receive for you bet. i'm good man yeah we saw each other inside then you mean it was it was so funny i really like braiding walked in and it might just well good for the matrix or something everybody in the entire screen it was just like. and then he started there going to mart the owner it was the raiders and i thought there is the coolest haircut in the worst haircut on the planet.


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