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tv   News  RT  July 16, 2020 2:00am-2:31am EDT

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the 16th of july in the headlines this morning saved from the streets only to be placed with paedophiles a damning study in germany says vulnerable children were being fostered by sex abusers and the 30s probably knew some of the victims of told r t they don't think they'll ever recover. every day it was mental and physical mistreatment we were forced to do things we wouldn't normally do because we were threatened our lives have been destroyed we are unable to work and we have become aware that we are just a pile of misery. protester attacks police in new york during a march against gun crime several officers are injured including the police chief who knelt in solidarity with other protesters just last month. and the new york
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times opinion editor resigns claiming she was bullied because her views didn't fall into line with the rest of the paper and says twitter is the paper's also murdered . good morning live from marty's world news h.q. here in moscow it's kevin are with you for the latest this morning 1st often in germany as we're heading there vulnerable young boys have been placed in the foster care of paedophile man damning report by a university also says the authorities either ignored evidence of abuse or were complicit in letting it happen cases as recent as 2003 and details stem back to the 960 s. peter all of it has been speaking with some of the victims who've come forward. decades of the. bufs carried out by put in
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a position to protect the most vulnerable in society for 30 years starting in the 1970 s. berlin or thor place children in the care of a convicted paedophile named for its age i spoke to 2 of his victims to protect their right to anonymity they'll be named only as spain and marco. our daily lives were dominated by instructions we were shielded from the outside world like a sect most of the time we faced violence if we wanted to go out or meet someone else we were intimidated and told these people were bad that we should have nothing to do with them we wanted to go anyway we were forbidden every day it was mental and physical mistreatment and we were only realizing this now we were forced to do things we wouldn't normally do because we were threatened that was our life the worse the treatment the more you felt this person was important to you every day
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with this man was a fight for survival in a fight to preserve your so what makes this all the more troubling is that the lives of these men as well as others were essentially being. as part of an experiment supply they generated psychologist helmet and even after his death in 2008 cantaloupe was regarded as a founder of more than 6 ology he was in effect a little more than a match maker putting neglected children into the care of predators. we learned about this experiment when dots and then called in 2017 my thought was this can't be true i was not i'm a product of chance i was deliberately selected by the branch of the s.p.d. party the ruling party at the time that hired a mercenary to destroy our lives in an experiment when we heard about it we felt it will dyment what particularly bothers us is that the names of those responsible are missing but there must be
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a further investigation in my opinion this is one of the greatest crimes of the post-war era the fact that it was really an experiment is shameful and very humiliating it was tolerated for decades no one ever came along and asked how we were doing how life with our foster father was going nobody ever came over to check . those responsible are still sits. in offices or enjoying their pensions they're trying to hide behind a statute of limitations to torpedo another investigation is shameful that the perpetrator the organization is hiding behind legal quibbles to avoid shedding light on it this criminal organization should not be behind the investigation the care system in germany has changed dramatically since scandalous time when it comes to who can act as a foster parent to authors of a study into the can flourish experiments of told r.t. that there is no way his crimes were carried out without the welfare office being
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directly involved. in germany forced to carry is the responsibility of future welfare offices so children and adolescents who leave in force to families always grow up i'm just 8 observation the thing that occurred in the 1st the homes we examined could not have happened without the knowledge of officials in the us welfare authorities there has never been the state's investigation into the actions of kempler and his experiment instead it is told us they are pushing for a nationwide examination to look at the real scale of the abuse since we have nationwide connections further research going to be limited only to berlin the center for education youth and family has said that she wants to submit an application to the conference of ministers to deal with sexual violence in foster homes it also makes sense to work with the independent commissioner for child sexual abuse and also scientific experts who are already in contact with them the
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victims of abuse say the knowledge of the berlin government makes them accomplices in the crimes and in moscow of pushing for legal action today after having been failed by the authorities there the berlin senate is 100 percent involved the berlin senate initiated it and then tolerated it it has already been admitted worley but not. legally from the very beginning the only thing that mattered to them was how to keep the problem small then criminal charges were put forward we file charges in the senate kept in touch with us since then there's been no contact with the senate it is impossible to build up such an organization on this scale without state help. we expect justice our lives have been destroyed we are unable to work and we have become aware that we are just a pile of misery we were put in this situation by the government deliberately it was not an accident as we thought until now it is
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a matter of course that the senate will make amends the senate has offered as $10000.00 euros in return for us taking no further action against it the names of those responsible and the consequences for these people are still missing as long as it stays like that things are not over this is a particularly harrowing story of exploitation and failure to protect the state who was expressly directed to protect. new york police officers injured a vicious attack by a protester on wednesday while they were supervising a mostly peaceful march against gun crime they were assaulted when marchers met counter protesters on brooklyn bridge the officers were making an arrest and identified man has been seen running towards the officers and then beating them with a cane the n.y.p.d. says 3 of its officers sustained injuries including a police chief who only last month showed his solidarity with protesters by taking
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the knee. beautiful moment of chief terrance monaghan of the new york city police department in solidarity with protesters. a retired philadelphia police captain ray lewis says he's worried that officers are now seen by rather as the people's enemy by the protesters. there are obviously much more concern nowadays with being attacked due to the actions of other officers because there is such a thing called the halo effect and that is now every officer is being asserted on as brutal and an enemy of the minority population the fact is these officers words fact totally unnecessarily what disappointed me with this is none of the other protesters even push this guy away welcome to the ground focused weapon you want to win over. empathy for your movement.
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do the right thing justice is for everybody the solution to violent protest is to confront the reason you have violent protests confront the economic disparities can confront the job lack of job opportunity confront the lack of education for black people these are so huge that go into these protests. prominent opinion editor of the new york times has dramatically walked out and sent a stinging resignation letter accusing the paper of pandering to twitter voices rather than finding the truth buddy weiss also claims she was bullied by colleagues because her views didn't match the paper's prevailing stance she says quality journalism at the times has suffered to indulge the few. twitter is not on the mast head of the new york times but twitter has become its ultimate editor as the ethics
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and mores of that platform have become those of the paper the paper itself has increasingly become a kind of performance piece stories are chosen and told in a way to satisfy the narrowest of audiences rather than to allow a curious public to read about the world and then draw their own conclusions weiss addressed a letter to the new york times publisher arthur gregg salzberg and he's declined to comment so far a spokesperson for the company says the paper is committed to fostering an environment of honest searching and empathetic dialogue between colleagues last week voice was also one of the writers who signed that open letter against council culture published in the literary and current affairs magazine harper's she'll also previously came under fire for her comments in the wake of a controversial article in the times last month written by a republican senator who called for a military response to the anti racism or unrest she tweeted that there was a civil war than between the mostly young woakes and the mostly 40 plus liberals
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resignation letter also accuse the times of failing to resist tribalism. the paper's failure to anticipate the outcome of the $26000.00 election meant that it didn't have a firm grasp of the country covers lessons about the importance of understanding other americans the necessity of resisting tribalism and this in charity of the free exchange of ideas to a democratic society have not been learnt instead a new consensus has emerged in the press the truth isn't a process of collective discovery but an orthodoxy already known to an inmate and few whose job is to inform everyone else legal meaning media around list lionel and american journalist journalist share their thoughts about how they see the state of journalism at the new york times in a moment. she's from the opinion part of the page up this did this is this robust exchange of ideas of intellectual exchange would be the marketplace of of new ideas this is the opinion section and she said you want to have an opinion in the opinion section this is huge because you're showing dissention of people who are
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complaining about the cancel culture with then what used to be the preeminent news source in the in the world keep in mind that the new york times a while back actually changed both headlines and coverage based upon what people saw on employees at new organ and news conferences among the employees or you could change the course of the writing or newspaper based upon popular opinion of the employees you know how the new york times and now the new york times stories on twitter. it's untrue. they don't even use their own newspaper to when it's going to do we didn't do this it's fantastic so the paper is completely lost its way it's completely on the times leadership is very weak dean back had 2 minds encouraging them one in one hand
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discouraging on the other and the all the time to timid and afraid to do anything to control the times is essentially destroyed itself she took issue with the the feminist movement and various other movements as well which infuriated these other forces which are increasingly fanatical and intolerant and essentially life for her became intolerable in the new york times i tend to assume that that she was subject to some really harsh treatment the point is the whole structure is falling apart. meantime russian media is facing a resurgent need to chat with a number of current and former journalists accused of sexual harassment another abuse is covering that live. this morning. it started with a tweet it grew into a conversation about sexual assault and harassment on
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a level and never seen before me too has raised up many people and brought many people down we now have a verdict in the harvey weinstein rape trial one of hollywood's best known as kevin spacey the latest high profile star caught up in allegations actor anthony rapp accusing spacy of making a sexual advance at a party 30 years ago singer r. kelly has officially been charged of 10 counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse involving young girls and it's also just one tweet which has now brought the movement to russia's shores there is one vile story about the social circuit around 5 years ago those guys had a joke about the twitter chick she got drunk at a house party and was gang raped there. are some 2014 will every time he was passing the news room approached almost every guy including me trying to hug me touchdowns touch me below the waist whisper in my ear will your sporty i was read
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by roseland at my house party in 2018 and he apologized 2 years after everyone was aware of the scale of the problem most of all i was shocked by friends who knew about it all and still kept finding out about him these accusations have grabbed attention because they involve names of people known to the russian public so gay prostitute off is a high profile john list an editor of the website and b.k. need an outlet founded and funded by businessman oligarch me haha to call ski facing scrutiny alongside him is his colleague entrées zola tough who denies any wrongdoing both have since resigned else why in the media wild allegations have wild around a face known to people since the ninety's a journalist up golf who most recently was presenter of the t.v. channel rain he. apologized saying times have changed and so have concepts of personal space these latest revelations have also read pulled into one of russian's
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largest banks bank and triggered an investigation into the conduct of 2 employees we take this charges very seriously and are interested in carrying out an objective assessment of what happened immediately after the publication the internal security services bourbon initiated internal inquiry both employees are suspended from their duties for the duration of the investigation it's not the 1st time that stories like this have risen up from the darkness here and russia a few years ago and not the hashtag i'm not afraid to speak so thousands of women share their experiences of sexual violence but they failed to resonate on a national level will this be different but only time in the conclusions of the investigations will tell by the way almost 3 years on from that for us to me to tweet it's clear that this is a movement that continues to spark conversations across all boundaries of space and
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culture. international the stories kind of off the break 3rd remember when bristol go brust off with his bronze of a slave trade will his world briefly going up in its place but not everyone in the inner city he was ready for a b. more he would just yet we'll tell you more bring the rest of this morning's news after this break. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race in this spirit dramatic development that only going to exist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk.
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one else seemed wrong. why don't we all just don't all. get to shape out just days after. and it again equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. 18 and a half minutes past 9 o'clock moscow time next to new steps to briefly appeared on the plane in the port city of bristol where a few weeks ago you may recall the long standing monument to a slave trade if there was an ceremoniously thrown into the harbor.
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i i. was all for ed wood coaster this day. is tarnished legacy and that's the problem the start she was later retrieved by the authorities and taken away here's what went up in its place than a wednesday it's a statue of campaign a general eat recreating the moment she stood on the plains last month and raised her fist in a black power salute it to drew more than a few onlookers to here's what some of them thought about it. i think you say absolutely fantastic it's good for the people of bristol it's good for lives marked i think personally i think you should study this stuff she was a wreck she did legally. and i think it was a democracy you should be able to vote for what statute i reckon he knows you disagree with the way the college he's like she was taking down change in his acts of vandalism against you individually like the piece what we've seen in bristol to
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see that the 1st that she was taken down that started all of these things overall people are happy the statue was gone there should have been a debate about it just to put out there but in just one pushed out should you want to know. well it's been taken down and put in museum with city leaders still pondering what to put there the city's mayor says there needs to be a democratic process for the people of bristol to decide the future of said meantime plenty of reaction online not all of it positive some saying it had to come down because it failed to reflect the diversity of bristol's population others are sticklers for the rules calling it a breach of planning egotistical and a show of disrespect to the city breck's it party co-founder no less from blakelock spoke to us about that she thinks it sets a dangerous precedent. it's anti democrats and i think the fact that they didn't apply for planning commission and they. to put it up in the middle of the night
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shows you actually what this movement is about this movement isn't about the people bristol the people are if they really wanted to they could apply to have planning permission to put this out they didn't. trust it didn't that a few people can decide and that democracy does not matter anymore. russian scientists are picking up the pace now in testing a potential vaccine for co with 90. with hopes for a world 1st maybe they think it could be ready for autumn reports on how the 1st medical volunteers have paved the way from us testing. we've been livin in corbett shadow for months now the world health organization calls it public enemy number one and it's not loosen its grip more than 13000000 people are currently in fact worldwide back thing remains world's best hope to return to reprint that make life
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and the race to find its treatment to protect all of us has been accelerating moskos session of university has been conducted in russia's 1st human trials about a month ago 38 volunteer is men and women aged between 18 and 60 stepped in to help they were given injections before spending weeks in complete isolation under the close supervision of doctors and scientists and today the 1st volunteers have been discharged after 3 were in isolation at a health resort for 2 weeks that was the preparation period then we were brought here for 20 days i work in public catering so i'm always around people when this started i realised how many people were falling sick so i decided to help there was nothing special just a vaccination it isn't scary it's like a fever reducing injection another group of the volunteer is expected to be discharged on monday but after that all those who participated in the trial will
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still be monitored by scientists and doctors doctors here are confident that the 1st phase has been a success neither to vaccine in nor the protein produced after danger action provoked the disease producer had a temperature of 30 degree celsius which chills out a headache but all that was gone on the 3rd day there was a little pain i had no side effects no high temperature i got a headache in the evening i told the doctors and they started to check me every hour in the morning my body to. 37.5 degrees but that said there were no other problems with phase one now complete next comes the big test hundreds and then thousands of people given doses to test the drug's effectiveness if everything goes well researchers hope the vaccine could officially be registered by the end of this summer. this is not only about immunity itself but about do you ration after the drug is approved there will be broader tests not 30 volunteers that hundreds of
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people so that we can assess how long the immunity lasts this will be the next piece of clinical trials we hope for success because we believe it will save many lives and help us to defeat the virus our knowledge of immunity is still evolving one recent study suggests that antibodies start fading away after a matter wigs and even a person unprotected but russian scientists say it's important to say on top of the facts. we hear sensational news every week somebody says or writes something and it causes a stir these announcements often contradict each other for the past 6 weeks we've seen conflicting data on the number of treatment drops and we see the same when it comes to the duration of immunity the world health organization says around $21.00 potential vaccines are currently on to go in human trials more than $130.00 are
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there is are at an even earlier stage they're still being tested on animals this is it in moscow section of that it could be the 1st to get that much needed treatment out into the world to keep all that 19 at bay and get all our lives back to normal regulation on an r.t. from moscow. moscow police to detain more than $100.00 people and an authorised rally against the recently adopted constitutional amendments of thought they were under 1000 people at the protest which was largely peaceful of those didn't intervene though intil a group around $200.00 protesters split off and tried to march along central moscow streets disrupting traffic there the protesters were gathering signatures in favor of revoking the constitutional amendments which were approved by a nationwide poll but by nearly 78 percent of voters among various social and economic guarantees the changes a low vladimir putin to. to run for another 2 presidential term those. residents in the ruined ancient iraqi city of mosul have
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a new battle on their hands after emerging from the shadow of what was the former stronghold of the self-proclaimed islamic state now they're dealing with a pandemic and it means some are again risking their lives. my job is to help people stay positive give them the best available treatment and make sure that they get through this as well as possible. have been and we want to make sure an 11 day a lockdown doesn't turn into something much more anger.
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that people have grown used to the daily risk of death there is a sense of fatigue we need to give people a sense of hope during the lockdown. still such a lot of horror to deal with there isn't what's the way things look and so far this morning from moscow i'm covered now and forgive watching our program. and have a great.
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we go to work see you straight home. during the vietnam war u.s. forces also bombs neighboring laos it was a secret war and for years the american people did not know. latham my skin is officially the mouth can rebound country per capita. human history millions of unexploded bombs still in danger lives in this small agricultural country jordyn wieber went on a can of it's happening. even today kids in laos full victim to bombs dropped decades ago is the us making amends for the tragedy in laos what help do the people
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need in that little land on. is your media a reflection of reality. in a world transformed. what will make you feel safe. isolation community. are you going the right way or are you being led somewhere. direct. what is true what is faith. in a world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the death. or remain in the shallows.
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greetings and salyut. you know it seems that everyone these days rather than just rolling up the sleeves and doing a little the hard work or trying to fix the problems we face would rather just let technology do the dirty work for us it seems to be one of the sad truth of the 21st century you know rather than sweeping up your own mess average do it for you tired of parallel parking your car hello auto park too tired to pick up the remote just to have alexa change the channel for you rather than do real detective work just let bay show recognition technology tell you who and who in which suspect to arrest yes that was the case recently in detroit michigan when police arrested 42 year old black man robert julian williams and.


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