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to join us in the depths. or a major in the shallows. breaking news this hour on our t.v. international the british foreign secretary accuses russia of meddling in the last year's general election in the u.k. but only about the government is almost certain there was in fact interference. saved from the streets only to be replaced with the head of files a damning study and germany says children are being fostered by sex abusers and that the authorities are probably even knew about what was happening and some of
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the victims have told our team they don't think they'll ever recover from their experiences. every day was mental and physical mistreatment we were forced to do things we wouldn't normally do because we were threatened with being destroyed we are unable to work and we have become aware that we are just a pile of misery. plus an unidentified person attacks police in new york city during a march against gun crime several officers were injured including a police chief in solidarity with other protesters blocked lives matter protests just last month. and taking a stand a statue of a black lives matter activists is briefly erected in the english. a bristol very
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bronze jointed tory a slave trader was toppled weeks ago during a protest but locals have mixed feelings. about logs i don't think personally i think you should study the stuff she was all right she did he might individually like the piece if she did begin to think about it let me just push touch of the old you know getting. a very warm welcome to the program this thursday afternoon from all of us here at r t h q in moscow let's get started with your live news update within the past hour the british foreign secretary has accused russia of meddling in the country's general election last year but in a written statement to m.p.'s dominic grab a minute the government wasn't 100 percent sure the government has concluded that it is almost certain that russian actors sought to interfere in the $21000.00
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general election through the online implication of illicitly acquired in league government documents whilst there is no evidence of a broad spectrum russian campaign against the general election and any attempt to interfere in our democratic process is completely unacceptable. as were the documents refer to their obs says they were illicitly obtain and posted on the reddit discussion website then because they didn't get one attention the supposed that russian actors allegedly began to disseminate them those on redacted paper as were then referenced by the opposition labor party during the election campaign where there was concern that the state run national health service might be used as a pawn and they host brock's at u.s. trade talks then labor leader jeremy corbin said they undermined the british prime minister's assurances that the n.h.s. was safe. alive analysis let's bring in russian analyst and author martin mccully now the foreign secretary is almost certain but admits
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there's no evidence of a broader russian campaign against the election how rock solid does that sound to you. that is very very fragile because almost certain in law really proves nothing. you have a supposition you think that the russians were meddling but you can prove it and the foreign secretary said there's no hard evidence that the russians likely did interfere in or attempt to interfere in the 292019 general election room addition and also the 2016 election in america where the democrats maintain time and again that in the russian middled in the election contest concrete evidence you know and which are pretty sure they did that you would have to reassure. the. guy trying to do to prove something there was no hard evidence in the end you had to concede that really there's no hard evidence because it in
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reality it's extremely difficult to prove that one country isn't as meddling with another country's general election because all you can say used where they hacked into some of our secret papers in secret secret hazards and then they use that material to put the material on the internet and so on but how do you prove who in fact hacked it we actually tried to get into that information and then disseminated extremely difficult to do that and. really grabbed point of view it points the finger and russia because the president anger russian relations now it's like not going to good. robb's also backed germany which a few days ago blamed russia for hacking their parliament in 2015 why do you think these claims are seemingly in sync i think that there is a general campaign. western europe and in america to demonstrate that the russians
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in fact interfere everywhere. and they are not to be trusted therefore if you look at american russian relations you know the new low road for younger russian relations one of the better with the relation to germany and russia are normally pretty good but has been cases where the richard cheney was murdered in bernard park and then called kinetic weapons and trying to flee in the in the buddhist. what is in the moment so recently into the speeches and so on because a lot of the material with buddhist i didn't think you can and one would like to know exactly what what exactly whether or not what he means when speaking if it was in fact secret negotiations confidential relations with foreign powers that would be important but we don't know if you know the best about exactly what the russians
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likely gained or where ledge to gain from accessing the. russia analyst and author martin mccauley i think you for joining us on the program today thank you. for years and germany vulnerable young boys had been placed in the foster care of pedophile met damning study by hydel time university also says the authorities either ignored evidence of abuse or were complicit in letting it continue cases are as recent at 2003 and stems back to the 1970 s. that offer has been speaking with some of the victims who came forward. decades of abuse carried out by put in a position to protect the most vulnerable in society for 30 years starting in the 1970 s. berlin or thor place children in the care of a convicted paedophile named for its age i spoke to 2 of his victims to
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protect their right to anonymity they'll be named only as spain and marco. our daily lives were dominated by instructions we were shielded from the outside world like a sect most of the time we faced violence if we wanted to go out or meet someone else we were intimidated and told these people were bad should have nothing to do with them if we wanted to go anyway we were forbidden every day it was mental and physical mistreatment and we're only realizing this now we were forced to do things we wouldn't normally do because we were threatened that was our life the worse the treatment the more you felt this person was important to you every day with this man was a fight for survival and the fight to preserve yourself what makes this more troubling is that the lives of these men as well as others were essentially being toyed with as part of an experiment some. rated psychologist tell me even after his death in 2010 was regarded as they found. he was in
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effect a little more than a match maker putting neglected children into the care of predators. we learned about this experiment called in 2017 my thought was this can't be true i was not a mere product of chance i was deliberately selected by the berlin branch of the s.p.d. party the ruling party at the time that hired a mercenary to destroy our lives in an experiment when we heard about it we felt. and what particularly bothers us is that the names of those responsible are missing but there must be a further investigation in my opinion this is one of the greatest crimes of the post-war era the fact that it was really an experiment is shameful and very humiliating it was tolerated for decades no one ever came along and asked how we were doing how life with our foster father was going nobody ever came over to check . those responsible are still sitting in offices or enjoying their pensions they're
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trying to hide behind a statute of limitations to torpedo another investigation is shameful that the perpetrator the organization is hiding behind legal quibbles to avoid shedding light on it this criminal organization should not be behind the investigation the care system in germany has changed dramatically since scandalous time when it comes to who can act as a foster parent authors of a study into the can flourish experiment of told r.t. that there is no way his crimes were carried out without the welfare office being directly involved in germany of course to care is the responsibility of the youth welfare offices still children and adolescents who leave and forced to homes always grow up on just 8 observation the things that occur in foster homes we examined could not have happened without the knowledge of officials in the u.k.
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welfare authorities there has never been the state's investigation into the actions of kempler and his experiment in senator's told us they are pushing for a nationwide examination to look at the real scale of the abuse since we have nationwide connections further research going to be limited only to berlin the center for education youth and family has said that she wants to submit an application to the conference of ministers to deal with sexual violence and foster homes the victims of abuse say the knowledge of the girl in government it makes them complicit in the crimes and marco of pushing for legal action today after having been failed by the authorities. the berlin senate is 100 percent involved the bird in senate initiated it and then tolerated it it's already been admitted verbal eat but not legally from the very beginning the only thing that mattered to them was how to keep the problem small thing criminal charges were put forward. we
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file charges in the senate kept in touch with us since then there's been no contact with the senate it's impossible to build up such an organization on this scale without state help. we expect justice our lives have been destroyed we are on able to work and we have become aware that we are just a pile of misery we were put in this situation by the government deliberately it was not an accident as we thought until now it is a matter of course that the senate will make amends the senate has offered as $10000.00 euros in return for us taking no further action against it the names of those responsible and the consequences for these people are still missing as long as it stays like that things are not over this is a particularly her ruling story of exploitation and failure to protect the states was expressly directed to protect. new york police officers and during a vicious attack by
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a protester on wednesday while they were supervising a mostly peaceful march against gun crime they were assaulted when marchers met counter protesters on the brooklyn bridge and officers were making arrests when an unidentified man is seen running towards them and then beating them with a cane and why p.d.f. says 3 of its officers sustain injuries including a police chief who only last month showed his solidarity with other protesters by taking any. beautiful moment of calm there as chief terrance monaghan of the new york city police department in solidarity with protesters. retired philadelphia police captain ray lewis says he is worried that officers are not seen as the people's enemy. there are obviously much more concern nowadays with being attacked due to the actions of other officers because there is such a thing called the halo effect and that is now every officer is being asserted on
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as brutal and an enemy of the minority population the fact is these officers were it's fact totally unnecessarily what disappointed me with this is none of the other protestors even pushed this guy away to come to the ground his weapon you want to win over her. empathy for your movement do the right thing justice is for everybody the solution to violent protests is to confront the reason you have violent protests could front the economic disparities can confront the job lack of job opportunity confront the lack of education for black people these are the so used that go into these protests. and their statue has briefly appeared on the plinth in the english port city of
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bristol where a few weeks ago it long standing monument to a slave trader was thrown into the harbor the statue of edward colton was torn down during a major anti-racism rally last month it was later retrieved by the authorities and taken away but here's what went up in its place on wednesday at the statue of local campaigner generated recreating the moment she stood on the plant after that rally and raised her fist in the air a juror more than a few onlookers to here's what some of them thought about it. i think you said absolutely fantastic is good for the people of bristol is good for but lives i don't think personally i think you should study this stuff she was a wrecked a.d.d. . on ice. as a democracy so let's start choosing the right teacher and those who disagree with the way that college the statue was taken down jackson's exact abundances
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speech individually like the piece what we've seen in bristol to see that the 1st that she was taken down that started all of these things overruled people happy this that she was going there she didn't defeat about this just to put out there let me just let me push touch if you were able to you know get on. that new statue has since been taken down and put in a museum the city's mayor says there needs to be a democratic process for the people of bristol to decide the future of the plinth party co-founder catherine blakelock says people taking it upon themselves to install a statue sets a dangerous precedent. it's to democrats to life think those thoughts that they didn't apply for planning commission and they. put it up in the middle of the night show you she will this movement is about this movement isn't about the people crystal the people up if they really wanted to they could apply to have planning permission to put this up they didn't. tried to do and that
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a few people can decide that democracy does not matter anymore. coming up on our team a transatlantic data sharing deal gets the thumbs down from europe's top court after a province in complaint was raised over far reaching u.s. surveillance that story and much more after the short break.
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banks geysers financial survival. housing bubble. oh you mean there's a downside to artificial mortgage through don't get carried away that's cause report. welcome back these top court has rejected a data sharing agreement that allows big tech firms to transfer european users' information to the united states as offer privacy complaint was raised are far
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reaching u.s. surveillance it doesn't entirely mean an end to transatlantic data sharing though charlotte explains. well this deal between the e.u. and us over the transfer of the has been thrown out now by the use top court it's been a longstanding issue that was originally a case that was brought against facebook and this is because one privacy advocate was unhappy that u.s. law means that companies in the u.s. can hand over data to the n.s.a. to the f.b.i. even it's used by thousands of tech companies based in the u.s. already so match rams he has one its case is the e.u. will not change its fundamental rights to please the n.s.a. the only way to overcome this clash is for the us to introduce solid privacy rights for all people this judgement is not the cause of a limit to data transfers but the consequence of u.s.
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surveillance laws and today this ruling by the european court of justice has been welcomed by did show rights advocates we have repeatedly highlighted legal and policy developments that called into question the validity of the arrangement including enhanced u.s. surveillance the childers regard for human rights globally best of all it was about a day to agreement called safe harbor following revelations made by whistleblower and former n.s.a. employee edward snowden over the scope of surveillance in the u.s. one austrian citizen bloc schrans now he took this case to court and he won as a result the original agreement called safe harbor was thrown out but then the e.u. and us came up with a new agreement brooke placement of the commission has proposed to shield is basically say for once again it didn't change anything it's the same again we take
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it all basically so is it a win is this the end of the case will sadly not because there are already mechanisms in place other mechanisms that have been you. between the us for the transfer of this sort of data so it seems like a win today from actually other digital rights campaigners but it seems that there is still a long fight ahead. privacy act of visible new things it's unlikely any that some large data sharing agreement can ever be implemented and that this decision is a big deal. this is a massive rebuke for the u.s. surveillance activities on a scale that we've never seen before this is a far bigger ruling potentially than save all that went before it because this is the 2nd time it's been struck down and i don't think there's any way back yet to put another arrangement in place that would be similar in fact they've tried that before bruce the shield was very much just putting lipstick on
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a pig somebody once it's commonplace for almost all large communication in brazil information service providers in the u.s. the likes of facebook amazon google and others where they frequently hide information over to the n.s.a. or the cia the f.b.i. . and that's exactly what this ruling is seeking to prevent but when we're actually sharing information messaging applications all wrong facebook where we just communicating with friends and family here in europe is there really any need for that data to leave the european shores go join america no there isn't. and i go back to our breaking news this hour that the british foreign secretary is accusing russia of meddling in the country's general election last year on the in his written statement to m.p.'s democrat and that the government wasn't 100 percent sure about that our correspondent taylor joins us in the studio now with all of the
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details a pretty sensational claim out of nowhere break this down for us well i think we can all agree that 20 twentieth's been a pretty unprecedented here but apparently there's one thing that stays the same and that is of course russian interference everywhere in a letter to parliament the u.k. foreign secretary dominic robb has concluded that perhaps the 2009 clean general election which his party one was not a simple and easy democratic process. the government has concluded that it is almost certain that russian actors sought to interfere in the 21000 general election through the online and political illicitly acquired in league government documents whilst there is no evidence of a broad spectrum russian complain against the general election any attempt to interfere in our democratic processes is completely unacceptable. now this is of course the general election this will boris johnson quite literally and
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historically storm to victory largely because of his completely unequivocal stance as we heard that rob suggesting that the russian interference was done through online promoting a government document that related to u.s. u.k. trade potentially u.k. trade deal bret's it not some might remember these documents were leaked and posted online and they caused outrage when labor leader jeremy cool but he was later humiliated me defeated at the polls went out and he waved to me said this is clear evidence that the government is going to try and privatized the national health service the n.h.s. and probably quite mature just sell it off to the americans now the suggestion from the government seems to be that unless these unnamed mysterious russian actors hadn't constantly posted and talked about them online these documents wouldn't have piqued the public's interest which some might find pretty unconvincing given how
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much pride the brits actually do have in the n.h.s. something that's really only been underlined during the coronavirus pandemic we've seen this weekly club for carers we've seen signs posted all over the city clap for our heroes now this will comes in the run up to a publication of a government report on a legit russian interference in the u.k. politics as a whole and specifically with regards to the 2016 bracks that referendum which we know has polarized british society on a level not seen before and now this is been in the works for 18 months but it's due any day now so whether rob's kind of an appetizer for the main meal which is going to have to wait and see but there's still a lot of unanswered questions here aren't there absolutely there are a lot of question marks around this announcement. to me for some it might be a bit of deja vu. 'd almost as quite reminiscent of 2 reason mays highly likely with regards to the scruple poisonings in 2018 which 3 years on still
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remains a bit of a mystery. it's highly likely that russia was responsible we do hold russia kofu culpable culpable for the attempted murder of quarrel is with putin's kremlin and we think you're likely to do it was his decision then there's a bit of mixed messaging since boris johnson himself twice in the immediate aftermath of the election actually said that there was no sinister outside forces with regard to the election. there is. absolutely no evidence that i've ever seen of any russian in the disappearance in u.k. democratic processes then there's this vague russian act is what that precisely means is anyone's guess does that mean the kremlin itself is it just russian nationals is it people walking out of russia is it russian companies so there's
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a sense that raul pair is choosing his words very carefully precisely because he doesn't have the precise information to be more specific so with so many signs which they have to sit tight wait to see what happens. just taken us through all of these claims of russian meddling in the u.k. election but that's not where we're going to leave it today because within minutes of all of that there's been more claims emerging a russian link to meddling in the past hour this time over the coded vaccine take us through that yes this does come out a time when all the accusations of being flung in russia's direction u.s. u.k. and canadian officials have warned that a russian hacking group called a.p. t 29 or cozy back which is a bit a nice bit of a nice name is cyprus attacking companies which are involved in the corona virus. apparently hospitals research labs and pharmaceutical companies have all been talk about it not
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a type quite strange given that as we. russia is itself at the forefront of course of developing a foxing so lots of accusations that tell him thank you for taking us through all of that man next hour we're going to have more live reaction and more from you as well you know we'll be taking over for me on that and to bring you more on all of our breaking news and the other headlines stories for the day thanks for tuning in . yeah you like.
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welcome to the examine show from stricken and scotland where we asked the question why have some countries conquered covert 19 while so many others are still languishing in the grip of this deadly virus for answers we turn to professor michael baker visor to the new zealand government which has just about the best
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record in the world why has this island nation of 5000000 people had a mere 22 deaths from the virus while the island nations of the united kingdom of had 45150 times as many even allowing for population size and we asked the author of the pandemic century dot com lot of colleagues which countries have succeeded and humbling the virus and which have failed the answers may surprise you the 1st to glasgow interest me know via twitter surely emails and your messages thank you alex well have been some really interesting responses trunk show last week on the trump presidential campaign featuring trump's senior legal advisor for his 2020 campaign gena ellis and key to publican strategist ed martin tim alex posed the question just how much trouble is trump and jeff comments coming november i'm going to love watching all trump detractors reactions to his landslide victory i must to quote as much of it as i can sit back and watch again each time
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and he turns laugh.


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