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it's a. every day she'll. meet your needs and the needs of your family. pet. statues and national monuments of around the world are being taken down by either angry protesters or city and government leaders looking to avoid the same angry protesters now whether you are a founding father an artist an explorer or even a saint it seems no figure has immunity to possible destruction or removal but it's not just of those representations from the past who are at risk of being demolished we now live in a society where political correctness has evolved into action and
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a new retaliatory culture whose goal is to punish or cancel a subject just because their opinion has emerged but it is an individual's freedom of speech being discouraged or friends upon with the fear of being canceled if you are just speaking your mind all of this while jeffrey epstein's alleged accomplice and his sex trafficking ring just plain maxwell as well as all of those involved in his business which there are ties that could be forgotten and sadly seem to be the only subjects and not being cancelled in fact it seems there is a little accountability for anyone's connection to the sex trafficking leader and his partner in the public eye well let me tell you something not here because on today's news of views hughes a 360 if you were going to ask a question there's some parts of culture deserved to be cancelled or forgotten and if so why are some of the most deserving not getting cancelled.
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thank you for joining us today i am scotty now hughes and the continued digging to find out the truth regarding a jeffrey epstein his business and the cover of continues to be ignored by the majority of the mainstream media for those who are dedicated to keeping this story in the spotlight not only for justice but the victims but also so we can stop the types of sex trafficking rings from growing from we must find out as much information about the structure and the clientele of all who are involved now to help shed some light into not only this week's developments regarding jasmyne maxwell as these business partner but also the inner workings of a sex trafficking ring we bring in beenz one boom bust co-host and investigative journalist lynn wall and founder of the alliance to end a human trafficking thanks for joining us. sir malcolm. thank you
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great then i want to start with you you know this week it was revealed that that is they now maxwell is married however she will not reveal north south is do you think this could be the spouse could possibly be an accomplice to the crimes which were have been charged therefore that i did should not be protected. well we don't know who the person is and so i can't really answer that question right obviously because we don't know if the person is an accomplice or not i would say this however i think it would be virtually impossible that this person is not an accomplice somehow to this remember elaine maxwell as being in my opinion is being misrepresented in most media coverage she is being referred to still as epstein's right hand woman or epstein's fixer or she's being referred to as a madam but in fact if we're going to believe those who have come out against her over the last few years back so is as proficiency of an actual predator as jeffrey epstein if not more so i think when we look at going maxwell
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lane maxwell seems to me to be the center of the jeffrey epstein story more so than jeffrey epstein is himself i think she seems to be that the thread that connects hollywood that connects the music industry that connects presidents that connects princes that connects the intelligence world that connects all these different groups together into these sex trafficking honeypots if you will it all seems to center around blane maxwell she is the son in this orbit of planets that's going on and i think to misrepresent her as simply a fixer is something that's been going on so anyone who's associated with her i think it would be difficult to argue that that person had no idea what was going on when she seems to be have been the one running most of this. and yet been we're just now hearing that she possibly it might have a spouse now some are saying this is not for legal protection they're fine but either way you know do you think the fact that she is covering for her own spouse
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shows not only that she wants to protect them legally but also with everything going on with what is with the mystery around it jeffrey epstein and self do you think physically she also might understand that she could be in danger and also want to protect them physically. yeah i have a hard time believing the physical danger part of it and that maybe that's just being you know overly cruel on my part but i don't see her as being that kind of a person look everything we know about in the last few weeks that we've learned about how she obtained this home in new hampshire that she set up a you fake organization that she had papers protecting to be a journalist that she set of a foundation in order to buy the home she had british security former british security working for her who would go out and buy your groceries everything she's done has been to set up for legal protection and to hide herself so the idea that she claims she has a husband i think it's much more likely that it's been set up for some kind of legal purpose to protect her money than it is for anything else i don't buy that she's trying to do this to protect someone. well i want to get is that she's
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claiming that there's actually been no published documentation out of their spouse which you would think there would be something there be a legal paper trail for getting married and i think it's you know did the romantic thing and a lot you know i want to bring in lynn on this conversation because as i think ben pointed out that this speaks to there's a bigger picture right now of sex trafficking and this is it normal to have a female face out there doing the recruitment in these types of rings. ben is correct on everything maxwell is the tip of the iceberg i'm tired of hearing she's the social 8 she's a madam she's a pimp a human traffic or and a sexual predator it has become increasingly common over the last decade especially that women are now at the forefront of human trafficking because what they can do study is they can angle their way in they can go to schools and malls and parks and
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give out a business card as in the maxwell that case that's what she did and say you know you're a beautiful young woman i have modeling opportunities for you i need some young women to work in my office here's my business card call me if you want she would do this and then the ones that did call or show up she would begin to gain their trust and it's a long growing process they're your best friend they are the sister you never had the they are a mother figure that you just give in and you trust and you love and from there that's why they groom and then the fun begins when they start ok do this for me do that for me and the person is by then into this too deep they don't even realize what they're doing are they want to please that person so they do it and they get caught in this vicious cycle. well and this cycle we're talking about to get through things that scary but because of all the glare with of all the media have hollywood and politicians and powerful people but lead yet not affect trafficking
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rings involve that and that the where the point that i think that we can learn from the x. ray and see how it can be applied in a smaller rings you know what is usually the sex of the structure of a sex trafficking ring and you think that the abstain it one is actually a good prototype way that others have based off of but in their own little microcosms of the world. we're finding out that there are so many different rings going on the most disturbing one will start with. epstein penned at the top followed by what is called a bottom woman or a bottom girl and that is usually a favorite of the person at the top so that would be maxwell as an example who then recruits other young women and girls brings them in and you know they they're all working together bring over your friends bring in your sisters bring in other family members and it's kind of this whole pyramid that's one type of thing the
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most disturbing not the most because all of this is disturbing but the other disturbing thing that we're finding out familial trafficking many women are trafficking their own children because they have no money no resources they're making all this money this is all based on money and this is over 50 percent of minors are trafficked by their own family members we have brothers trafficking sisters husbands trafficking wives within trafficked the children that's a 2nd kind of thing and the 3rd thing is what we call the romeo it's a young woman has a new boyfriend and he's giving our presence and money and showing are a good time again gaining the trust of a very vulnerable person and it could be a year later and all of a sudden you know i need i need a little help with money for the rent i'm a little short for this bill do it for me one time and that starts that whole cycle and we've got gang trafficking now which is explore our trafficking gangs within
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the united states and the world hundreds of people and that's a total criminal enterprise but we have to remember human trafficking sex trafficking rivals the drug trade now and i've been told by many working in this field that it's actually surpassing becoming the number one crime in the world human trafficking it's much easier to do than drug trafficking so this is something we all have to face in each and every community and do something about starting at the bottom and that is starting by the simple. thing which is raising awareness and talking about it. well and lynn like you point out this is in every community it's not just the urban areas it's not just in new york and l.a. and washington d.c. it's out of the suburbs it is out and here in tennessee and georgia no state has not found themselves finding these sex trafficking rings within their state borders but believe belonging to that i want to back to ben and i want to think i want to ask you do you think that this abstain ring of power is completely eliminated now
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that jeffrey epstein does obviously maxwells been arrested or do you think there's actually elements are they set up enough that there's elements still intact even if the 2 top have been taken out. yeah i don't think anything's been been ended look i think there is a different story here than a typical sex trafficking ring and i think that's another reason why media gets a story so often wrong is because the epstein story or the maxwell story in actuality is a much bigger issue and that is one of the honeypot which is not the typical story so you know as letters explaining you know a lot of the sex trafficking circles and networks are set up as criminal enterprises to make a lot of money that's not what the epstein maxwell system was set up for it wasn't set up to make money it was set up to essentially entrap powerful people and control them that's what we have seen over and over through that story it's why epstein has been so connected to powerful people for so long but again remember
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that this story goes all the way back to lane maxwell's father robert maxwell who was a newspaper baron in the u.k. it was believed there been multiple books written about him that indicate that he was actually working for massaged israeli intelligence he committed suicide in a very bizarre way in 1901 and was given a state funeral in israel and the lane maxwell was the one who introduced her friend jeffrey epstein to her father and then got him involved in intelligence agencies so there is a totally different story associated with epstein than the typical sex trafficking ring when you treat him and the maxwell story as if it's the same it's not and the reason for that is because this was about in trapping people with perverse appetites and then controlling them so who are those people and where the list the names the videotapes the logs of them that's what has still not come forward. well and that's the information that scares me as each day goes on that i'm afraid we're
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never going to find out it's very important that we do lynn and ben thank you for continuing to follow this story and putting a spotlight on it unfortunately you are the minority because not many in the media even though we've got lots going on the world right now i scratch my head the fact that this is still not a top 3 story every single day probably because the reasons have been mentioned there's a lot of powerful people involved thanks so much now when we come back i want to talk about this growing idea of the cancel culture and while we talk about jeffrey have seen and his people wishing it would just cancel the truth is well it's growing for the good is it growing for the good of society and our people's 1st amendment rights being employed in strawn because they're afraid of speaking their mind just after the break. my. dear you are
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welcome back now this week the term cancel culture has come under scrutiny as situations on a both sides of the aisle found themselves in the headlines now 1st there was a call for the boycott a food products they sent to the c.e.o. made a comment that praising president trop and during a press conference now at the same time you had popular music artist nick handed. was fired from viacom after an anti-semitic tirade on his podcast in which he accused jewish people of controlling the global financial system now while there was a counter protest buyout was organized to help with the long term effects of it the c.e.o.'s of political endorsement remains to be seen and fox stepped out and decided to keep canon to allow his job as host of the t.v. show as host of the t.v. show the mass singer so what is the endgame for
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a culture which tries to hurt people or businesses for their personal opinion and what effect does this have on free speech but help us answer these questions and more we bring in steve gruber host of the steve gruber show and urban of our it syndicated columnist thank you gentlemen for joining me. thank you great steven we start with you do you think this concept of a cancel culture is good for creating an environment where people can freely express their opinion without fear of backlash. i don't think there's anything good about of it all scotty to be honest with you would say it creates a fear of those in jobs like yours and mine what we say today are we careful do we couch what we say differently do we hold back to we not give our full opinion that's that's the suppression of free speech that concerns me we're in a country where robust conversation and the free exchange of ideas is foundational to america it's extremely important we can share ideas and what they do in the cancel culture is not just go after somebody they go after they're living they go
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after the way they make money so they go after themselves their families they try to destroy people and if you're not as pure as the driven snow then you're going to be wiped out i mean let's be honest they're going after it blink it they're going after white jesus they're going after anybody they can think of to try to destroy i mean it's a bit galling to say the least because unless you're perfect you don't have a speck on you your entire life is pretty i can tell you it's got him going to admit right now i'm not perfect all right and so on that tell you that i've made mistakes like you know why i'm a human being it's shocking i realize but the fact of the matter is none of us are perfect and the canceled culture will always need a target when they get bored with what they're targeting now they'll start targeting themselves and democrats be where you created the ku klux klan jim crow laws segregation joe biden included supporting segregation and not sending black students to white schools so the cancel culture is out there they'll always need a target and just because they're not attacking you today doesn't mean they won't
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be coming after you come tomorrow. well and i think they and ruben you know steve just brought out some of the darkest points of american history the k.k.k. the creation the jim crow laws and the segregation that happened so in don't you think there's something good about basically asking for accountability and these groups are saying you don't we just want you to be accountable for your actions. right it's absolutely true thank you for having me i believe in accountability i decide. in the last 10 days i'm pro cancel culture i like the council culture you know why because i've long been thought of as a center right conservative because i don't believe in victims or victimhood and i think people should take responsibility for their actions and their words and so if nick cannon says what he said about jews on a podcast and c.b.s. viacom fires him i say great i have been fired 8 times scottie 8 times in 30 years of media work and you know why and you know why because you mean they are going to
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have satellite and john journalists were been you know you know why do so out of the bay we're not going to hear it we're not so i got it i appreciate it none of the 3 of us are civil servant ok we were told a lot of the civil service where you you have to have an act of congress to fire us we have these great jobs we get paid to make money in the strangest of ways talking into cameras and on radio and writing columns write and unlike policemen and firemen and others who have protection and teachers try to fire a teacher how hard is that right we have these jobs income comes with certain responsibility and while all of our rights in our exercise of rights come with responsibilities chief among them the responsibility to take responsibility for your actions if you're the c.e.o. and you decide to get on an airplane fly to the white house stand in the rose garden and praise a president that has continuous continually in the last 5 years demonizing demagogue latino's the same latinos who buy your products of beans well you know it's all going to hit the fan and it did. well he's a great country and i like to care about accountability for it i agree but did it
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not be with kind of a double standard though i kind of like one side can actually get their act together and hold somebody accountable while the other is kind of you hear crickets from that nor the issue right now that one side can hold the other side of how about yeah other than and saying republicans aren't good at all in the feet to the fire groover. well certainly part of it about right now ruben is my hero he is an un civil servant and i kind of like that because he speaks as right a scot to you do it as well i understand that but we're not that far here's what's frightening all kidding aside we're not that far away from actual book burnings i mean these folks will tear down abe lincoln and why jesus like i said they'll tear down anybody they're going to tear it down woodrow wilson at the princeton school of administration they're going to tear down l.b.j. that can tear down anybody that they think might have crossed a line any time ever now let me say this as far as confederate statues go i never understood why we had confederate statues of people that took up arms against the
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united states cost 650000 lives i don't know why we had those statues are democrats all over this country anyway so we took those democratic statues down i'm ok with that like robert e. lee at stonewall jackson and all the rest of the democrats that were in the confederacy i understand that we should take those down but in fairness we have a culture here we have a culture that has been defaced and defamed i mean don't kid yourself these folks like to grab on to the washington monument and knock it down they like to take the jefferson memorial and the lincoln memorial and burn them to the ground and that's what's not right we collectively we're an american society that we are the totality of what we have come to for 250 years and that's ok where we perfect no however the greatest governing documents ever written were written by the founders of this country no matter how flawed they were but the real goal here scotty and ruben i believe. it is to discredit washington discredit jefferson and discredit madison
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they don't try to take his name off a school at michigan state university therefore they can discredit the documents they wrote because the real goal here to me from what i see is pretty obvious and that is to turn america into some socialist utopia listen to what a o. c. says or what biden says or what bernie says they'd like to plow it all under because they have a better idea but let me tell you this collectively those people couldn't carry thomas jefferson's briefcase and that my friends is of fact. and steve you're right here were your reference thing in the past that they're trying to i do agree i think they're trying to make america be this horrible country so then therefore people are ashamed of it but in the present situation and ruben you and you can address this you said you were fired from 7 jobs out here in the media and meet today though a lot are saying has a lot of going to keep the last one has been accused of basically becoming this is a vehicle of activism in this environment are they helping steer and kind of insight and this cancel culture mob or movement depending on how you see it.
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yes they are helping that mob they're not helping the country the anti trump liberal media which i write about critically often and just that again this week always makes matters worse and they're making this issue worse because they're not providing a in on its nuanced discussion about why you know as our guest says why it's ok to tear down confederate statues because that's not about race that's about sedition that's about traitors that's about people who took up arms against the u.s. government we shouldn't build statues to be like that exactly that's a little different then i would agree defacing a lincoln statue or one of my favorite examples is in massachusetts the black lives matter movement defaced protesters defaced a monument to black civil war soldiers a famous regiment black lives matter except the lives of black. civil rights holders as i know goes so there's
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a lot of crazy going on here but you've got to really look at this in a very nuanced way if conservative speak up against nike as they did a couple of years ago conservative republicans and they launch a boycott there's a boycott of nike boycotts are not just for the left they're also for the right and they boycott nike because nike is snuggling up to colin kaepernick an endorsement deal what's what's happening here is calling catherine it being surprise this right to free speech being suppressed the left says yes i see it differently i see the conservatives are having their right to free speech they're expressing their opinion voting with their dollars that's also a form of speech and this is our problem scottie we don't know how to play the game by one set of rules it is a poor inconsistent and hypocritical. well that's the thing we're going to be concerned about the hypocritical or the other have mounted so. well that when they said earlier republicans are not as good as organizing exactly they're not as good as organizing as the democrats are but you know what you have to also show though that there is some of this happening on our side you know politico started report
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that don't trump went through administration and they're actually asking about the loyalty of their employees to it's funny if they start this now at 4 years into it you think this would have been on the application to join the top administration but he's gone across his appointees across all of the agencies including h.h.s. and it tend to root out those and to fish and think dedicated dollars are proven real quick is this sort of the same thing but the republicans doing it. yes the republicans do it the democrats do it we have stories about barack obama leafing through the e-mails of reporters his administration to see if they could find out a leak within their administration and that's what i was struck by scottie the more i study politics and write about it for these last 30 years the 2 parties are really the same and liberals or conservatives i can't tell the difference we have situational ethics we employ them in situations like this but if we're honest we're a lot more alike than we are different. well both of you gentlemen you're going to get in my luggage to get into this conversation well we'll have you back on with to
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continue that because time's up for the show and i want to thank you john for joining us on this you know from my point thank you and i'd say my biggest worry in all of this is that people are going to become silent with their beliefs but that doesn't mean that they still don't have them i also think before any group starts angrily calling out another culture they should take a hard look at their own and they need to see their own lives and see exactly how many groups as they have silenced and cancelled within their own house you don't get to attribute a negative term to a movement when you have built and thrived off the same at the same time that people we know who are associated jeffrey abstain have seen only small amounts of public backlash and only one other thing how to countable this needs to change because shedding light on every aspect of the darkness involved is going to be the best way we are going to cancel future ones. and that's it for now follow me on
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is anyone safe in the air a wrong way conservatives are defiant form the monetized and shout about those with the easy ones now the mob is turning on its own long think demands conformity and does not prove dissent is freedom of speech now only for the uk. during the vietnam war us forces also bomb to neighboring laos it was a secret war. and for years the american people did not know. how much it is especially a mouse heavily bombed country per capita in all human history millions of unexploded bombs still in danger lives in this small agricultural country jordyn wieber went on to another topic that even today kids in laos full victims of bombs dry. decades ago is the u.s.
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making amends for the tragedy in laos to the people need in that little. greetings and sal you taste shims all right while millions and millions of people living in the united states will wake up a lot of the 1st with no idea how to pay their rent or earn an income in the wake of both the u.s. congress and the trumpet ministrations abject failure to protect and support us during the covert 19 pandemic that my friends will not be the biggest news story of the week or the day no it will not no no no that slot is reserved for yet another helping of russia gate or in this case what bountygate oh actually no
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you can't use about a gate because that was the new orleans saints a few years back when they put it.


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