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tv   Eat the Press  RT  July 17, 2020 9:00pm-9:31pm EDT

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no russia knocked as it involves the kremlin throws out the british claims that trying to hack coded 19 vaccines secret and also denies meddling in the u.k.'s election last year which is being described as the most. touching the pandemic the us is soft as the largest single day number of coronavirus cases without 877000 infections are now increasing it around twice the rate seen in the 8 june. 3 french police officers are in dies of a manslaughter 6 months off to a delivery driver died while being restrained in a choke hold. on the middle meeting in moscow visit leaders hold the 1st face to
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face summit in 5 months as we to thrash out a deal on a massive rescue plan and 2nd year budget. plan to most stories to be found on our website dot com we're back in an hour with the next have. everyone let's take a look at what we're serving up today on meet the press new york times opinion page editor barry weiss resigns claiming that she was called a nazi in a racist and more on twitter because of her quote unquote wrong think wait until you hear who was posting those tweets speaking of twitter twitter accounts belonging to some of the biggest names in politics and business are hacked in a crypto scam what happened and what does it mean for your account been sworn in line only here to lay it all out. president trump commutes to prison sentence of longtime ally roger stone the media. doesn't like it one bit that's what they're
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telling you but what kind of perspective have they kept from you on this stone story we will fill you when there are no illustrations however of the more than 32000 dead new yorkers the highest death toll by far of any state and how strong is c.n.n.'s jake tapper yes because he may be running into his colleague chris. confrontational cuomo at some point this after tapper rips brother andrew cuomo the governor of new york for bragging about his handling of the coronavirus and they will be talking about what we did for decades to come i'm steve malzberg might seek the press. well my hat is off to c n n shake tapper who this week went after c.n.n.
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door should i say new york's governor andrew cuomo not to be confused with chris cuomo for bragging about new york's success in fighting the coronavirus even selling a poster about it despite $32000.00 plus deaths in the state no rendering on that poster of criticism that governor cuomo ignored warnings no depiction of the study that he could have saved thousands of lives had he and mayor de blasio acted sooner no painting there on the poster of his since rescinded order that nursing homes take all infected patients in he then rip cuomo for recent remarks and they will be talking about what we did for decades to come this is revisionism that this is the highest death toll of any state more than 32000 dead the next closest is new jersey with 17000 are people going to be talking about what governor cuomo did for decades to come in the way he. he hopes all i can say is wow i just hope that jake stays
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far away from the aforementioned confrontational chris better known as the brother of the governor who has had run ins for much much less stay safe jake now jake was unfinished when it comes to shocking me on thursday white house press secretary kayleen back in and he said this about opening schools in the fall by the science should not stand in the way of this art that doesn't sound good but 10 seconds later she added this kind of science is very clear on this vaccine you know for instance you look at the pediatric study of 46 pediatric hospitals in north america and attend the risk of critical illness from couvade is far less per children are not a seasonal flu the science is on our side here i am we encourage that localities and states to just simply follow the science open our schools but it didn't stop some like c n n's maria cardona from going after mcinerney by mocking her 1st few words and
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then just leaving out the rest of her statement but jake tapper was quick to warn all folks read the entire macin any comment i'm not taking a position on the matter but be fair well renegade jake actually playing the role of journalist at c.n.n. at least for one week and of course president trump as you know commuted the sentence of longtime associate roger stone and the media out they could not stand it obviously the president progress parag have to what do you make of it though. well you know it's the 3 words that sum up the trim presidency shocking but not surprising i guess that's 4 words. and you know this is the most corrupt and crony istic act in you know in perhaps all
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of his recent history recent history really recent history that's what the media would want you to believe while they leave out recent history for instance barack obama used his power in 1827 times the most since harry truman bill clinton 457 times so far president trump has pardoned 25 and commuted the sentences of 11 people bill clinton offered clemency to 16 members of the domestic terrorist group the f a o l n they set off bombs in the u.s. killing several americans as for obama on his last day he let f.a.l. ends osco lopez rivera out of prison he pardoned general james cartwright who lied to the f.b.i. sound familiar and he commuted the sentence of chelsea manning who had leaked almost a 1000000 pages of military intelligence yes folks the bt would have you believe that none of this happened none of it ever happened they'll tell you that commuting the sentence of roger stone was the worst abuse of a president's constitutional powers ever they are fake news and they will never end
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perspective if it upsets their narrative. and joining us now is columnist commentator and former reagan administration official and the author of swamp wars jeffrey lord hello my friend. hello there steve how are you at the end of this brutal not. a little worked up if you could tell but let's get get to it and that this outrage over the pardoning or the commuting of the sentence of roger stone without putting it in any perspective at all as i just mentioned i mean that's how the media operates these days right well it does and i guess i need to say full disclosure i worked with roger stone in the 1984 reagan reelection campaign so i certainly know roger but what is left out here you know i think i'm right. steve that the bill clinton
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pardon his own brother or community a sentence he'd been in jail roger roger yes roger clinton mark roger what you and marc rich yes and marc rich exactly he did this with all kinds of people not notably susan mcdougal who went to prison because she refused to give up the goods on the clintons and whitewater and he pardoned her none of this seems to get mentioned here by my friends over there at c.n.n. and they're not alone i mean a just totally ignore facts that don't make their case for him and you know that this is the problem with the media the liberal media today they do this all of the time yeah all the time you're absolutely right i don't want you to get this now jeffrey from m.s.m. b.c.s. and n.b.c. the host of meet the press chuck todd. listen to what he said about the daytime shows on m s n
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b c for what it's worth there is no editorial point of view here on any of these newscasts on m s n b c in the daytime the label doesn't fit donald trump knows that on joe biden that he's a wild leftist that he's one tool of the radical left so instead you get what we saw yesterday which is this kind of hodgepodge this mash up of incoherent attack. it's an joe biden and not really a frame that he can use going into november honestly it seems like the only american troops that donald trump cares about are are the confederate troops. my goodness all right senator thank you so much for joining me this morning i really appreciate it what it's worth there is no editorial point of view here on any of these newscasts on m s n b c in the daytime no way to her you know point of view but any of the programs on m s n b c wow. i have to tell you steve when i heard that from check out i literally burst out laughing. you know and they're so sensitive over
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there i'll give you one little anecdote he put out a thing sean hannity had done a b. or c. which now escapes me he he put out a he chuck todd put out a statement saying you know that he should be he hannity should be punished and why isn't fox taking him off the air because of his bias and all this kind of thing and i wrote a little piece that recall that chuck todd himself. has is married to a democratic activist who has happily had her clients appear on up meet the press hosted by chuck todd with nary a mention of the connection well he got so incensed he went out and slammed me on a popular radio show in new york. and said you know the house just a lie this rule all of this kind of think well i have to say i mean you know me i
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did my research 1st and i there's a clip of i watched the entire show of meet the press i put myself through it and not one but 2 of her clients on the show and jack never said a word. so you know his his ability to sort of that are out there and not factual is pretty good yeah wow that's a that's a great that's a great story you know i wanted to get in with you and without playing any any of the sound bites the media you know there was this is outrage over the you know the c.e.o. of korea at a press conference with the president praised the president and then there was this boycott and then there was a buy caught and then the president puts a bit bunch of go you cans on his desk and pose for a picture and you know held up a can of go and chris cuomo and others they went apple acted like wow what during a pandemic this is what he's doing yet took 10 seconds to take the picture well i
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have a column about this at the american spectator today and of course i went back and took a look and who was celebrating go idea at the white house it was somebody named up barack obama who had the very same self same seat of at the white house and said all kinds of nice things about him and that's not all mrs obama recall had a program that she was working on getting food to kids in schools and all this sort of saying and she had a program called my plate with a spanish translation and who did she work with she proudly put out a statement from her office praising god and praising this very same gentleman for all wonderful things he did so he was no stranger to the obama white house lady love them they do exactly some version of this i think donald trump and i look not a peep. of course not i will check that out of the american spectator jeffrey
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always good to talk you said thank you so much you bet steve. i hope this picture appetite i want you to stay right where you are twitter was hacked and in a big way and it's what described as a it it's been called a crypto scam what is that ben swan and lionel will be here to explain don't go away. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to us of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then. is anyone safe in the area wrongly conservatives or beef up for them shadow better
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those with the easy ones now the mob is turning on its own long face demands conformity does not bring dissent is freedom of speech or me or the way. we. are folks it's no secret that sometimes with high tech comes high security risks and on wednesday high profile twitter users and their accounts were hacked into crypto scam artist and tell us your suite is here and she has more twitter put verified accounts on lockdown after a massive bit quite hat compromises billionaires like bill gates politicians like joe biden and celebrities like kanye west and now twitter says these hackers targeted their very own employees high profile accounts were hijacked in
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a core needed cyber attack wednesday the fake tweets asking followers to send them a certain amount in big vowing to send back twice as much claiming they were giving back to the community in some way while these tweets were deleted the hackers reportedly racked up some $120000.00 from the scam as this was happening twitter froze all verified accounts even artie's verified account was muted wednesday and social media platform did not allow accounts with the blue checkmark to post for about 2 hours until the scam was handled according to twitter this was drop. but it was an important step to reduce risk while saying most functionality has been restored the platform said they would update users if they decided to take any further actions according to twitter's investigation they detected acorn aided social engineering attack by people who successfully targeted some of their employees with access to internal systems and tools but according to motherboard
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the source says it talked to hackers who said they paid a twitter employee to change the e-mail addresses of these highly followed accounts then using internal tools to take over now official word from twitter if this is actually the case but as twitter c.e.o. jack dorsey says it was a tough day at twitter others are even tweeting about leaving the platform altogether some even saying to join the platform parlor well the scam even caught the attention of the f.b.i. and now twitter may face some serious questions about its internal security precautions some even wondering if this scam could prompt government investigations reporting for at the present conscious wait r.t. . all right great report natasha and joining us now to discuss all of this is. ben swann investigative journalist and of course a line all legal and media analysts he of lionel media gentlemen welcome to meet the press all right ben for you know from what i say as a layman who is not all that technically you know educated what i gather from from
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natasha is that this could have been an inside job. or maybe not and they targeted employees to get into the accounts how to explain in layman's terms what you believe happened here with this hack well that's right that's what's really kind of i guess the big question here is what did happen because twitter has not been forthcoming about exactly what happened they have not said that it was employees who did this nor have they said how employees were compromised whether or not that simply that employees were clicking on links in emails that were malicious that gave hackers acts. yes there computers i mean there's no clarity right now into how this is happened so we don't know that but we do know is that they were able to get a hold of these accounts as the show said essentially as a so people understand what the scam was they these hackers essentially posted like for instance as president obama saying if you will send us a $1000.00 and get coin in the next hour i will match that donation to help fight cove it well 1st of all even though yes it's the wrong thing to do it's kind of
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also ridiculous scam in that how many people actually even have access to go turn around and sit in the $1000.00 in big coin in the next hour it's almost like paying a ransom so these hackers claim they got $100000.00 that's very unlikely because typically the way these things work is that hackers will put money into their own account to make it look more successful and they drive more people to do it so they probably got almost nothing out of this you know i know we've talked about this a 1000000 times that nothing online nothing on social media is safe you should consider it safe and this just proves it again and i'm wondering what this says to the average person and i'm wondering what this means for the political campaign if these guys could do this probably more sophisticated guys could do more sophisticated damage. well 1st of all i want to meet somebody who actually thinks that president obama is actually he'd challenging people to send him money on his own because i mean this is so stupid you know years ago there was an ad in the days
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of mail that said today's the last day to send your dollar to p.o. box and people send in dollars because it why did you do this need to we don't know but do you understand the vaunted blued shack and let me also take easily see why aren't you going to be blaming somehow president trump because he wasn't targeted only the democrats were targeted only the progressives and the liberals now i'm going to try in front of my dear and esteemed colleague ben not to laugh hysterically because this of course is de blue check and ben will verify that in this world right now security is it this is jack saying this is going to be the platform that you're going to be investing into a mortgage and and your life this is going to be an extension of you and they fall for this scam again for the bulloo shacked i'm trying to contain myself but if you. expect get explained
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yeah please yeah we're just going to say this is actually something that's very interesting so even kanye west 3 has also said he's running for president his account was was compromised president drums account was not but here's why and this is pretty interesting remember in 2017 there was a twitter employee who briefly deactivated the president's account summit because that employee didn't like the president as a result twitter put an extra layer of security on the pota sickout because of that and that is why it is suspected that president trots account was not affected by this because they actually made it more secure which by the way also indicates that twitter employees may have had a role in this because whatever measure that twitter employee took to compromise the president's account at one time that was taken away from regular employees was used here to hack into these other. yeah lytle you're not containing yourself now i got to tell you about the butler who has a do i know the trump i don't more security answer now that's ok so joe biden
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actually used this hack in a tweet to 2 raised it to fundraise it's pretty pretty crazy and there it there it isn't i j he said i would never ask you for basically money but please how about sending some money to me for my campaign i mean pretty cheesy indeed but again i want to ask you i know a good idea does this raise fears does it raise your concern that coming up you know as we head into the election season we're getting closer and closer there will be more such episodes but more nefarious not so obvious where send me a big coin in all the big celebrity you know what i mean something underneath the on the under the cover so to speak no i i disagree i think is going to be even more blatant more obvious but but steve the idea that joe biden who last time scream from his basement who ordered the veal cutlet this man is some. guy
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commerce bitcoin i mean i find that laughable but let me go back to what this and ben will verify this i think this is again the brave new world this is jack dorsey this is jack you know who has kind of looked the other way when it comes to conservatives and non progressives who have been shadow band then they're like well look what's happening maybe you paid a little more attention to his own platform but again and i'm going to say this for the 50th time the balloon checks the billow checks which i will never have and apparently don't want but this is this is the kremlin cram if that happens to them can happen anybody. then how can this or can this kind of hack be prevented in the future. well i think to some extent it can be but it can be if they couldn't get into the president's account because there is an additional layer of security there but i think the bigger issue is the part where to us that this
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recently this exposé on facebook and they were showing how employees of facebook had the ability to really control content that was on their i think we're seeing a similar thing happening with twitter but what i would say also that there's a lot of talk right now where this is trying to be spun into or can we trust trust election results because if someone can get into twitter they can certainly get into the ballot box and so they're trying to create like this in this feeling of the election results won't be real which by the way also happened in 26 saying there was all this talk about how you can't trust them until they thought clinton was going to win and then you heard the media say you can absolutely trust and so clinton lost and then they said right if we trust that so i think what you see is a similar type of twitter and election results have nothing to do with each other and i hear you listen guys great conversation thank you both ben's one line no appreciate it. indeed thanks to. our folks last week we told you about the efforts by the media to get fox news host talk
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a kernel since they don't like what he says or the fact that 4000000 people tune into his show to hear it and this past week tucker's top writer resigned in disgrace after it was revealed that he had been using a pseudonym to post racist and sexist comments for years now but the montage from the media in response to this is that tucker is responsible carlson does have a long history of making racially insensitive comments. making. culturally insensitive comments and remember racially and culturally insensitive comments of that sets a key remember that but this isn't just about tucker carlson it's about shutting up conservatives or non-conforming speech on tuesday barry wife's resigned her position as opinion a.j. opinion page editor should say of the new york times why in her resignation letter weiss writes her wrong think made her the subject of constant bullying by her
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colleagues she's been called nazi and a racist been accused of writing about the jews again she was deemed a liar a bigot and called as much by new york times employees on twitter that's right she was called names on twitter by new york times employees and she writes they were terms for all of this other lawful discrimination a hostile work environment and constructive discharge but i'm no legal expert but i know this is wrong folks would this be tolerated if the hate and the victory all aimed at whites were aimed at a liberal or a liberal of color you really want racially and culturally insensitive comments that people on the view and at the new york times couldn't care less about watch it we're going to africa has been on if they'd been the republican party is say no to read the history of this on the national park. a national or national party in south africa it's the same party as the republican party united state right the party representing tens of millions of americans is like the party in in south
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africa racially and culturally insensitive to say the least now how does this one grab you the daily show host trevor noah piece in america on black body and a lot of people say well what good does the studio but what good doesn't it do that's the question people don't know it's the other way around what good does it do to elude target and what does it go how does it help you to talk about how does it help you to not to talk on to that question. because the only reason you didn't talk to before was because you are holding society's contract there is no contract if the law and people in power don't uphold their end of it right go loot go loot racially and culturally insensitive i think so and did you hear the generalization that c.n.n. contributor because reseller's made about white doctors and black patients while telling a story about his wife giving birth in our health care delivery system and the pain that blights will go through it is not with the same urgency of white folk in this country racially and culturally insensitive yes and these comments are fine and
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dandy if they come from the left if you're conservative or even a moderate like barry weiss calls herself speaking your mind well then the left is going to come for you they are coming for you. well that's our show for today folks and i want you to stay hungry and stay curious and you could watch full shows right now on the portable t.v. app if you don't have it downloaded from your app store i'm steve malzberg and i will see you next time right here on the press. well the pandemic no certainly no borders and just to nationalities.
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as america. we don't like seeing world peace to be. judged. 2 commentary places. we can do better we should be. everyone is contributing way but we also know that this crisis will not go on forever the challenges create the response has been so many good people are helping us. it makes us feel very proud that we're in it together. the world all day traders now that stock trading is free
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got all that free money from the government as a lot of people speculate. that. this politically impossible in the united states. eating listen to anything that has the industry. that makes a lot of money. i'm going to say over and over again we know what it. means not much. for one and eating less is very very bad for business it doesn't make anybody rich people eat less. greetings and sell you take. yes put another candle out on the cake as the united
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states of america celebrates another birthday this year is coming and going of the 4th of july but. there is not much room for celebration because well my friends things are looking pretty grim here in the red white and blue land of enchantment and tater tots yes on the eve of its 244th birthday a majority of folks living inside the united states say that things are definitely not looking up in fact according to the hard working stat junkies that pew research their statistics and findings in polling has found that about 7 in 10 americans 71 percent say they feel angry about the state of the country these days while roughly 2 thirds 66 percent say they feel fearful angry and fearful and who can blame us we've got covert 19 exposing our for profit health care and
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our for profit elected officials as nothing more than.


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