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and really became his drug dealer so who's to blame patients doctors manufacturers other governments you. know russia not because it involves the kremlin throws out british claims that tried to hack covert 19 vaccines secrets and also denies meddling in the u.k.'s election last year which has been described as almost certain. tracking the pandemic the us shots as the launch just single day number of corona virus cases with over 77000 infections are now increasing it around twice the rate seen in late june. 3 french police officers are indicted for manslaughter 6 months after delivery driver died while being restrained in a choke hold. and a pivotal meeting in mosques is either leaders hold their 1st face to face summit
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in 5 months hoping to thrash out a deal on a massive rescue plan on 7 year budget. and you can find plenty more stories on our website r.t. dot com we're back now with a reminder of the latest headlines. are just the. one for. the world according to cherish. today we discussed political corruption in several states across the country and a new partnership between iran and china sit tight the show starts. the war. i am british santos for our top story today we look at. a
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wave of city hall corruption cases that expose america's pay to play problem here in california los angeles city councilman jose was are has been charged with one count of conspiring to violate the racketeer influenced and corrupt organizations act for allegedly selling the city to several real estate developers including the wealthy head of a chinese company seeking to build a $77.00 story skyscraper in downtown now in exchange for approving or stalling large building projects which are reportedly received more than one and a half $1000000.00 in bribes including campaign contributions lavish dinners and even stacks of casino chips jesse many people think political corruption like this only happens in non-native member countries which we refer to as the 3rd world but this right here is an example of perfect and good old fashioned homegrown corruption yes it is brigitta and i think there's something we need as the united states people need to understand that we are no longer exceptional in the united
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states there was a time when you looked at health care and you looked at standard of living and all these other barometers out there you could bet that the united states would be in the top sorry in the world well it's not so today if you look at those same things we're back they were 20 yes we're worried at a level now where as i said we're not exceptional anymore because of that we're getting more like a 3rd world country where you just have rich and you just have poorer now there's also tells you something else it shows you that you must be vigilant locally know your candidates knows these people you are electing because obviously they're criminals to begin with if they behave in the manner you've just described now i've got a way out for all of them i think they should all quickly become very close friends . with president trump because he's known for pardoning and commuting sentences of
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convicted felons and war criminals it's not out of his range to do it so my advice to these corrupt l.a. officials back president trump to the wall stay with him he's liable to pardon you now least 4 others have now pleaded guilty or agreed to plead guilty i should say in connection with the case including another l.a. city councilman mitchell englander who has since stepped down and he's accused of obstructing the inquiry accepting a cup containing $10000.00 in cash from a real estate business person and accepting escort services and exchange for political favors if convicted weezer faces up to 20 years in federal prison and england are faces up to 5 years but do you think they're going to be prosecuted harshly or do you think they'll get more of a slap on the wrist or as he said even have their sentences commuted or pardoned who who knows what will happen you know when you deal with corruption in government
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it's all comes down in the end to politics we've seen that we've seen the political up at the top and in washington people that ought to go to jail don't go to jail people get protected by who they know that's the political system in the corruption that's been created in this country by the democrats and republicans what would you expect when you have a complete election system that's based on the concept of bribery you bryde the candidates to get them to do what you want them to do and it's totally legal it's called campaign contributions another word for it is a briard and that's how we operate in this country now so you can understand there's going to be corruption yes since the end of june current and former public officials in san francisco new jersey and atlanta have also been charged in sweeping corruption cases what they all have in common is the willingness of politicians to sell the authority of their public office. personal game these cases
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all involve shady back door deals with envelopes paper bags and cups of money delivered in restaurants parking lots political fundraisers campaign headquarters and even hotel bathrooms and this is happening in both parties republican and democratic officials have allegedly taken bribes and engaged in fraud money laundering tax evasion and more in exchange for granting contracts and jobs to those who pay to play government contracts are supposed to go to companies that do the best work for the lowest price since taxpayers foot the bill but there isn't enough oversight and there are far too many loopholes that give way to this rampant corruption jesse well version again it comes down to paying due diligence realizing who you're electing but there's also another problem you know what this sounds like that list you went through it sounds like illegal drug dealing that's what goes in the underworld of the drug the war on drugs right there
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but the thing to remember is that there's also another problem and that is salaries of government officials now people are going to be shocked when they hear me say this but we don't pay our elected officials enough money and i'll give you the example i was governor of the state of minnesota with the $16000000000.00 budget do you know how much i was earning after they took out taxes they took out every meal that i my family and i ate at the governor's residence they took out mileage on my official car to and from the capitol by the time it was done i was governor for $60000.00 a year barely a grand a week with a $16000000000.00 budget now if i was in the private sector i'd be making $5000000.00 a year without anyone even blinking an eye that it so the point is these elected officials are targets of corruption because when all is. said and done they're not
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getting paid enough believe it or not we need to raise the wages that will help to keep the corruption out of the system and i truly believe that they public maybe tom corrupt because they seize the opportunity to make money to do insider trading to do what have you and the way to solve that is to give them a decent salary could you imagine bridgette $60.00 grand a year to be governor of a state. well some people make that any year doing other jobs as well well i'm a have a lot of minnesota no one can get paid in state government more than the governor america know and that's logical he's the c.e.o. so you can see that we very much now they do make up for it in benefits to state workers but we're talk to your elected officials now and i think that they need to get paid believe it or not more for the job that they do if they're really working that it when it comes to fraud the government doesn't seem to be trying very hard
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to prevent a misconduct pro publica reveals that the federal government has given nearly $20000000.00 in contracts to a company run by jason cardiff who was previously investigated in sanctioned by the federal trade commission for engaging in shady business practices the federal funds came from veterans affairs as part of a 5000000000 dollars deal to prepare protective masks to curb the spread of covert 19 now the government says cardiff had information about the f.t.c. and his 14000000 dollars that his company v.p.n. medical got from the v.a. and that the company had only been incorporated 4 days before winning the contract even though cardiff has a record of fraud his company is not on the list of banned federal contractors again loopholes make it incredibly easy for these shady contractors to get rich while the frogging the public just see it's as if the systems are set for that kind of behavior can happen yes it is i mean if you go back to the base. and of iraq
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halliburton here's a company that dick cheney the vice president used to head it they got the no bid contract for the invasion of iraq they made millions and millions of dollars of it cheney himself and his stock options made about 34000000 bucks taking us to war she that's quite profitable isn't it go to war and increase your salary by 34000000 but anyway that's been going on no bid contracts are ridiculous i was a mayor and i was a governor there should never be a no bid contract all contracts should be out in the open open bidding and you go to the person that can provide the job at the least expense simple. let's shift to foreign affairs in china and iran have drafted a sweeping economic and security partnership in defiance of the trump administration the proposed deal would give china more influence in the middle east in exchange for lucrative projects in the region china would receive discounted
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iranian oil for the next 25 years now if this deal goes through china will be in direct competition with the us in the middle east what do you think about the term commiseration pushing iran into the arms of china what does this mean for washington well you know you can't expect that not to happen i mean we've had an undeclared war against iran we've had sanctions against them where do you think they're going to turn it reminds me of vietnam during the vietnam war hoti minh actually was our ally in world war 2 he used to smuggle our pilots out of indochina when they got shot down by the japanese host sent 3 letters to the united states presidents just asking them not to interfere that they were fighting for their freedom the same way we fought the british for ours we didn't listen we stick stuck with colonialism and that's got here you know you've got the fact we're in the middle east. embedded in there why do we need to be there for we're now the largest
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oil producer what do we need to be in the middle east militarily for nobody has ever made that clear to me why we're spending trillions of dollars fighting wars in the middle east that are accomplishing nothing let china have it shoot it might bankrupt them too like it's bankrupting us. now in sports news this terrence for you know washington d.c. based n.f.l. team has changed its name in response to be anti-racism movement that has swept the nation since the police killing of george floyd but one of the tamed the team's new name being that remains to be determined jeff it's about time i know you're happy about the things and i mean i'm ecstatic about it i you know here's what i'm most proud of we had our school the world on this i was on this story talking about it the minute roger goodell came out with his precious thing supporting black lives matter i said roger goodell prove it prove that red lives matter to the 1st thing
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you could do is get rid of that washington mcmahon well guess what happened i took it to the minneapolis star tribune newspaper attempted to do an op ed piece 3 to 4 weeks ago immediately they turned me down and you know why i think it was because i work for our t.v. our mainstream media knows we have our t.v. do a better job reporting the news and they don't like us to get involved or they try to do everything they can hear the minneapolis paper could have scooped the nation on this but they chose not to because what they would have had to work with someone from our team can you imagine that and that's the way it works out there mainstream media censors mainstream media won't do their jobs unless they're forced to do it but i'm getting back to the name it's phenomenal and do i have any suggestions yeah i've liked. see the team name the washington crooks. named after everybody in
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congress. about a 3rd likely to happen but i hear you. well it's time for a break when we return jesse sets down with friend of the show gen brainy to talk about how the house of representatives has deployed a controversial system for voting during the coronavirus pandemic we'll be right back. the world. join me every thursday on the alec simon show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm showbusiness i'll see you then.
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you'll be a reflection of reality. in a world transformed. what will make you feel safe. isolation community. are you going the right way or are you being so. what is true what is faith. in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the debt. or inmate in the shallowness. 54 jets and more than 1300 military personnel are headed to heal some air
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force base in alaska where is that to say come on i'll show you what's the reason for any type of enhanced u.s. military presence in this area russia. what is it suddenly about the south china sea that makes it so that it 11000000000 barrels of oil. take a look at this map who really owns what kind of says no it belongs to us india says no we claim that that belongs to us both of these countries have nuclear weapons capabilities there is reason for concern so that's why we're going to drill down on this story for you today right here on the news with direction. where you know as we always like to say we do believe by golly it's time to do news again. the world all day traders and that stock trading is free and
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got all that free money from the government because lot of people speculate. i'm just me but. what you're welcome to come along for the real. world according to. its mark pleasure to welcome back general brian host of the congressional dish podcast she joins me now to discuss proxy voting during the coronavirus gem thanks again for the job you do keeping track of the congress for us now jem for those who don't know what is proxy voting and how does it work and there's this mean the house of representatives is working entirely from home during the pandemic well thank you for having me back and so proxy voting is the
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new emergency procedure quickly created and passed by the house democrats that allows a member of congress to work from home by telling a member who is physically present and how they intend to vote each member who is physically present can vote for up to 10 missing members and this is something that's been used in the mid-east before but this is the 1st time in u.s. history being used to pass bills on the house floor now every member of the house has the ability they have the choice to vote by proxy but those who are most members of the house are still showing up to vote and so like in the beginning when this was for are still out in late may 72 democrats and 0 republicans used it to vote in the house which is less than 20 percent of the house and by mid. to live less than 10 percent where you think it but the thing is that this is allowed until august 8th and nancy pelosi can extend it if she wants and so this story is still being written now what about the senate if they adopted the new rules during the pandemic so aside from adding some social distancing and mask requirements like the
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basic common sense stuff no members of the senate are still physically showing up to vote this is the 1st our proxy voting in remote hearings have been allowed in congress is this constitutional so the remote hearings are almost certainly constitutional but when it comes to proxy voting on bills on the house floor the simple answer is that we don't really know the democrats are arguing that it is and there are respected constitutional scholars lawyers that think that legal challenges will be thrown out by the courts because of previous cases where the courts have refused to intervene in the inner operate of congress but the courts of never ruled on whether the constitutional requirement for a majority of the house to be present to vote means physically present it and so until that's tested in court we really don't know if proxy voting on bills is constitutional and the democrats are setting up that asked now under proxy voting the ethics committee can conduct secret remote hearings but all of the remote
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hearings by every other committee are public why is it the ethics committee can do it nonpublic honestly i cannot fathom what the reason could possibly be why the committee that investigates crimes by members of congress would be the only one allowed to connect to conduct hearings and so i figured out to schedule an interview with one of nancy pelosi as inner circle to explain that one i'm sorry. well it seems pretty strange to me why the ethics that's looking at veil and all of that's going to be secret while everything else is out for the air to see looks a little shady to me but anyway what is unanimous consent and is it being used or. so you nanami's consent is a constitutionally questionable way of voting which was the center of the emergency rule that was on the books and till mid may and was supposed to be used during the coven 1000 crisis if the existing rules were used and unanimous consent is
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something invented during the speech and officially pandemic of 1918 and it allows members of congress to pass bills without actually voting and so basically the way it works is that a member asks for a bill to be passed and if no other members of to act it's passed and this is used all the time in the house and the senate often for bills considered uncontroversial like renaming post offices but they can use it for controversial law as 2 and i've seen them do it but what's key to know here is that after 911 the republicans in the house created the emergency rule which said that if it were impossible for members to get to the house to vote within 96 hours during an emergency the house would be allowed to use unanimous consent to pass bills even if someone objects it and so that means it would be possible using the old emergency rule for just 2 members to pass a bill which is constitutionally questionable because the constitution clearly says the majority of members are required to do business so to pass bills and so
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basically if the democrats replace the existing constitutionally questionable emergency rule with a new bill constitutionally questionable surgeon cyril wow no. more that more than half the members of congress made it back to d.c. to vote on the care exactly is it safe for them to travel to vote in person. well i mean obviously the safest thing for them to do is insert themselves into bubbles and never leave their homes again that's what we all should be doing apparently but being the essential workers in an international pandemic that they are it is possible for members of the house to travel safely to d.c. although it's not convenient but the fact is that 433 out of the 435 voting members of the house all except the 2 representing hawaii are connected to washington d.c. via the u.s. and canada a system of road they have the option to drive to d.c. see you know we're all safely taking many road trips lately and they can stay in
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hotels with keyless entry is on the way there then when they get to d.c. they can stay in d.c. during the emergency which they can afford by using the minimum wage of 170 $4000.00 a year that we pay them to rent small apartments and many of them do that and anyway and then while living in d.c. during the pandemic they can use the same procedures that they've used already during this crisis to vote what they've done is they've basically taken longer to conduct the votes and they've been voting in shifts now the consequences of this is that it death really slows down the work of the house but if they were to step in d.c. to work and cancel their 2 months of paid vacation that they have coming up because they're planning to go home for almost all of august and october well if they canceled the vacations they could easily make up the extra time and get everything done safely and constitution in constitutionally the problem is that they don't want to travel back and forth between d.c. and their districts and so they've decided to find a way to stay home and start finding a way to stay in d.c.
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now is there any evidence of leaders using the proxy system to corrupt the voting process not that i have seen but i'm more concerned about the precedent being set here than these individuals in this particular case on this having bad intentions. ok what can go wrong with proxy voting and are there safeguards in place to make sure votes are cast correctly so the democrats think they put in adequate safeguards to make sure that the missing members vote it's cast correctly but they mostly hinge upon the missing member paying attention and reporting shenanigans themselves i'm concerned that the rules did not address what would happen if the votes vote was cast wrong on purpose or if the missing member were impersonated somehow in the proper he got the wrong instructions they just kind of left that up to we'll deal with it if it happens now the consequences of proxy voting in general could be that if a law is passed using these proxy voting procedures and someone can i know it's
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ridiculous and so i can reasonably claim to be harmed in some way by that law a person could challenge the law in court and then claim that the procedure used to pass it was unconstitutional now the democrats are betting that those lawsuits would say that the process is constitutional or that the courts would just refer if used to take the case but if they were wrong the courts essentially in but if sorry but if they're wrong that could throw at every proxy vote cast and the law that they created in a question and that means that we wouldn't really know what's legal and so depending on what they passed while using this and there were no limits it could be legislative chaos. knowing our congress well are going to vote for legislative chaos prevailing i don't know but i think it stands a good chance that the way jen braun the host of the congressional this podcast thank you so much again for coming here and talking to us about congress you do such a great job and you make sure that i don't have to keep track of them thank you very
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well thanks for having me. the war. let's turn to the viewers we asked people online why city hall corruption cases are popping up across the u.s. and what can be done to fix it. user said in bell says i believe corruption at various levels has always been there but as the budgets have shrunk the pie is gotten smaller which has led to disgruntled individuals not getting their piece of the pie maybe people need to get involved more jesse these are absolutely correct when he says people need to get involved war the only way you stop corruption is to shine a light on it and the only way you do that is like i tell everybody at the end of the show be vigilant and be vidual vigilant with the local people you elect they can be corrupt to another user says transparency can fix it all the contractors
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names the scope of work and vetting process these should be accessible to anyone online. absolutely and it should be there right now there should be open bids there should never be a. bid contracts put out because the minute you have a no bid contract that's where the shenanigans start i know it from being mayor and from being governor i've never allowed a no bid contract. thanks for watching send us your comments online for a chance to be featured in next week's episode will be covering more stories ignored by the corporate media and always remember when the government lies the truth becomes a traitor stay veggie led people it pays off with the virus to stay vigilant. pervert the war on.
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you can't be both with yet you what. is anyone safe in the area of wrong conservatives are the thought forms to monetise then shout open those with the easy ones now the mob is turning on its own wrong thing demands conformity and does not drink dissent is freedom of speech now only in the uk. during the vietnam war us forces also bombs neighboring laos it was a secret war. and for years the american people did not know. how to laugh how much it is officially the mouth carry back country per capita. human history millions of unexploded bombs still in danger lives in this small agricultural country tonight and we have been going to continue to happen. even today kids in los full victims
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of bombs dropped decades ago is the us making amends for the tragedy in laos what helped to the people need in that little land of mines. hello from rhode island where i live as we are sticking close to home to starve that virus and no matter where you are you are navigating the perfect storm the virus is resurging in places that jump the gun on reopening the economy collapsed so many people are out of work a bad cop in minneapolis opened an old wound about racial injustice and see.


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