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tv   News  RT  July 19, 2020 6:00am-6:31am EDT

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and you. might. want to talk here in the biggest stories of the week is brought to you from r.t. international russia denies that britain's accusations of meddling in last year's election or hacking it's covert vaccine research. a damning study in germany sheds light on how vulnerable children were fostered by sex abusers for decades with the authorities apparently in the know some of the victims describe to us what they'd lived through. every day was mental and physical mistreatment we were forced to do things we wouldn't normally do because we were threatened our lives have been destroyed we go on able to work and we have become aware that we are just a pile of misery. and china has to retaliate after president from put revokes hong
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kong's preferential trade status and unveil sanctions on officials institutions he believes are undermining the territories or tom. hello live from r.t. the nationals world news h.q. here in moscow my name is kevin 0 in here with the weekly roundup of some of the big stories of the last 7 days 1st in britain on thursday accused russia of interfering in last year's general election and also of hacking medical research for a coronavirus vaccine security services from the u.s. and canada also joined the cyber attack accusations russia's ambassador to britain says there's no sense to the claims such detail in next looks at what's being alleged and why it's being hurried now. 2020 the year just keeps on giving a pandemic but social awakening and now russian interference the government has
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concluded that it is almost certain that russian actors start to interfere in the $21000.00 general election through the online amplification of illicitly acquired in league government documents whilst there is no evidence of a broad spectrum russian complain against a general election and any attempt to interfere in our democratic processes is completely unacceptable and elected to parliament the u.k. foreign secretary said to his party's historic triumph at the polls in 2019 and i will of course want to congratulate absolutely everybody involved in securing the biggest conservative majority since that i did eighties. wasn't just people fed up with political deadlock infighting and endless bricks it delays no it was the russian actors theater actors film actors the kremlin russian nationals russian companies anyone who's ever been to russia it's unclear and yet at the same time it's apparently almost certain ring about the government has concluded that it is
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highly likely the likely finding likely almost certainly russia's responsible for the to. do the script down the cliff if she didn't it looks like another use of highly likely tactics but it seems like he has given up on this term based on previous years experiences in what so now the british government gives as the new slogan almost certain that it's. and these mysterious russian actors bombarded the public online with details of the neat pose brock's at u.k. u.s. trade deal the one that would have bred speaking coronated chicken and making visits to a privatized n.h.s. hospital is something i can reveal to you $461.00 pages of evidence on the forestry and the n.h.s. is of the table and will be up for sale now timing wise but it's an interesting allegation did the british government just watch and do very little as the bar is
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to hold here under fire for a severe lack of personal protective equipment for health care workers and the failure to ramp up the government is under increasing pressure to ease the nationwide lockdown measures it's close to having europe's worst death toll so what did it do wrong differently the government's not only buried under criticism over its covert mistakes but also in debt with the nation afraid to step outside again the accusation also comes ahead of a much anticipated report on russian interference in u.k. politics as a whole a report that's been in the watts 18 months on which the prime minister himself said didn't point to any nefarious forces there is. absolutely no evidence that i've ever seen of any russian in the difference in u.k. democratic process i mean i think that this is there sure is not i'm sure a 3rd saying you can politics there is no evidence for that
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a bit mixed messages but it'll still do the trick russian meddling might be an oldie but it's still a good deal but if you really wanted to shift attention away from many crises and and buy a pack line space you could go free double whammy we know that the russian intelligence agencies have been targeting in terms of cyber attacks against efforts across the those 3 countries and here in the u.k. . our attempts to find advancing through the research and development occurring of ours we do not have information about who may have hacked into pharmaceutical companies and research centers in great britain we can say one thing russia has nothing at all to do with these attempts apparently a hacking group terrifyingly called cozy back is trying to steal everything from research labs hospitals big pharma is all of the good guys who are walking towards a vaccine now some might say selfish interest would include buying up the wild supply of the coronavirus treatment drug not completing the fast preclinical trial
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of a vaccine on humans or by its nefarious self as russia has done but that's just minor details good old russian into ferentz an old friend you can own ways turn to if the going gets tough and you need a bit of a break from being bashed the un says it has no information about the alleged cyber theft of vaccine research the head of the russian government from that same bursting in research here in russia explained to us why he finds the claims a little perplexing. political we're surprised by the timing of those comments because it just happens a following day after we announced as it will probably be as a 1st country to have approval for a big scene except that it will be expected in august of this year and we believe it will be one of the most efficient of it seems in the world so we are now working with 5 other countries will start manufacturing of russian vaccine this year we will share with them to college you will basically share with them i'll know how to
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be able to produce as those folks seems in other countries and we believe that international effort is really need it only together we can address coronavirus challenge and frankly those cold war rhetoric and cold war barriers preclude in many countries from being efficient and build an international partnerships as russia is doing. for years in germany vulnerable young boys have been placed in the foster care of paedophile men the dumbing revelation is from a study by hill the sun university which also says the authorities either ignored evidence of abuse or were complicit in letting it continue our europe correspondent in the week peter all of a spoke with some of the victims who'd come forward. decades of abuse carried out by those put in a position to protect the most vulnerable in society for 30 years starting in the 1970 s.
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berlin authorities placed children in the care of a convicted paedophile named age i spoke to 2 of his victims to protect their right to anonymity they'll be named only. and marco. our daily lives are dominated by instructions we were shielded from the outside world like a sect most of the time we faced violence if we wanted to go out or meet someone else we were intimidated and told these people were bad should have nothing to do with them if we wanted to go anyway we were forbidden every day it was mental and physical mistreatment and we're only realizing this now we were forced to do things we wouldn't normally do because we were threatened that was our life the worse the treatment the more you felt this person was important to you every day with this man was a fight for survival and a fight to preserve yourself what makes this more troubling is that the lives of these men as well as essentially being. as part of an experiment.
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rated psychologist helmet and even after his death in 2010 was regarded as they found. he was in effect little more than a matchmaker putting neglected children into the care of predators. we learned about this experiment called in 2017 my thought was this can't be true i was not a mere product of chance i was deliberately selected by the branch of the s.p.d. party the ruling party at the time that hired a mercenary to destroy our lives in an experiment when we heard about it we felt. and particularly bothers us is that the names of those responsible are missing but there must be a for. other investigation in my opinion this is one of the greatest crimes of the post-war era the fact that it was really an experiment is shameful and very humiliating it was tolerated for decades no one ever came along and asked how we
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were doing life with our foster father was going nobody ever came over to check. those responsible are still sitting in offices or enjoying their pensions they're trying to hide behind a statute of limitations to torpedo another investigation is shameful that the perpetrator the organization is hiding behind legal quibbles to avoid shedding light on it this criminal organization should not be behind the investigation the care system in germany has changed dramatically since scandalous time when it comes to who can act as a foster parent authors of a study into the kempler experiment of told r.t. that there is no way his crimes were carried out without the welfare office being directly involved in germany of course to care is the responsibility of the youth welfare offices still children and adolescents who leave and forced to homes always
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understate observation the things that occur in foster homes we examined could not have happened without the knowledge of officials in the u.k. welfare authorities there has never been this state investigation into the actions of kempler and his experiment in senators told us they are pushing for a nationwide examination to look at the real scale of the abuse since we have nationwide connections further research canada bill in the dead only to berlin the center for education youth and family has said that she wants to submit an application to the conference of ministers to deal with sexual violence and foster homes the victims of abuse say the knowledge of the girl in government it makes them accomplices in the crimes and in moscow of pushing for me to go action today after having. failed by the authorities then. the berlin senate is 100 percent involved the bird in senate initiated it and then tolerated it it's already been admitted verbal eep but not legally from the very beginning the only thing that
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mattered to them was how to keep the problem small criminal charges were put forward we file charges in the senate kept in touch with those since then there's been no contact with the senate it's impossible to build up such an organization on this scale without state help. we expect justice our lives have been destroyed we are unable to work and we have become aware that we are just a pile of misery we were put in this situation by the government deliberately it was not an accident as we thought until now it is a matter of course that the senate will make amends the senate has offered as $10000.00 euros in return for us taking no further action against it the names of those responsible and the consequences for these people are still missing as long as it stays like that things are not over this is a particularly harrowing story of exploitation and failure to protect the state who is expressly directed to protect. the border this in the way
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growing claims from current and former american service personnel of systemic sexual violence in the military scrutiny has been ramping up since the murder of a young soldier vanessa gere the 20 year old vanished in late april her body was found 2 weeks ago that apparently complained to her family that she'd been sexually harassed while stationed at fort hood in texas a fellow soldier who is suspected of killing vanessa with a hammer committed suicide as law enforcement tried to arrest him prosecutors also charged another woman believed to be an accomplice for nesses heartbroken sister wants to know why commanders didn't do more. do you think the joke. at 1st military chiefs dismissed the sexual harassment allegations as unsubstantiated
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then there's nationwide outrage grew the u.s. army secretary ordered a review of the command climate and culture at the base 10 days ago the texas representative in congress also confirmed that the allegations of sexual abuse would be scrutinized finesses killing has led other service women to come forward as well with similar stories of sexual assault they've been taking to social media to call it what they describe as ingrained harassment in the u.s. military one former soldier trista who was also stationed in texas talked to us through what she says and. i got invited to a party off base and was told that it was a birthday party for one of the other girls that was going to start class with us at that same time we had not yet started class i made myself and the other guys wanted to see what i needed and so i passed it around and when i got it back it didn't seem as though anyone had drink anything but i just kind of thought that was different but didn't really think much of it and kind of felt as though i could
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feel myself kind of blacking out and then the next morning when i got up to use the restroom and take a shower i realized how much pain i was actually in i was still bleeding and i just you know i kind of was wondering well what happened and i tried really hard to remember and i couldn't the case actually has not developed i went back to legal help and they told me after about 4 months investigating that there was no evidence and that the case would be dropped the pentagon issued a report in april the mounting number of claims of sexual assault in the u.s. military trista though says plenty of cases a glossed over a lot it's crucial that independent investigators now get involved. i saw a lot of females that i actually worked with that experienced harassment and assault and even rape so i just thought it was crazy that this is actually the culture of it and no one is talking to each other about it so if it is happening
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and it's happening a lot the amount of control that the military has to keep it kind of quiet is is what is surprising there needs to be an alternative to reporting there needs to be a civilian organization that's not affiliated with with the military whatsoever i believe that there's they do claim that there's resources i face that you can go to but they're still affiliated with the military they're still able to kind of so we've been under the rug to them and i believe that there shouldn't be any type of punishment for coming forward and speaking out. ignore the news of the last week the pressures affecting police in many police schools of offices of apparently fall disability claims now after weeks of protest and flagging public support in the wake of george floyd's killing is one of the story still ahead with the weekly were turned straight off to this.
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join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics or business i'm show business i'll see you there.
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china's relations with washington went from bad to worse this last week with beijing now threatening to retaliate against washington after president signed off on canceling hong kong preferential trade status trouble also approved the hong kong autonomy act which was passed by congress earlier this month which imposes sanctions on officials involved in china's new security law law and that drew rebuke from beijing to the u.s. side to towns to obstruct the implementation of security law will never succeed in order to save guard its own interests china will make the necessary sponsor and impose sanctions on relevant u.s.
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personnel and titties. there is a growing list of troubles between the 2 from distrust over the technology from way to territorial disputes ongoing in the south china sea then of course came covert senior correspondent outlines the major disputes the driving the u.s. and china right now further and further apart. it is what trump threatened to do should beijing introduce these new security laws in hong kong and what they are is basically a restriction on with the criticism of the chinese government in hong kong for example it outlaws any calls for independence a session from china for hong kong as well as outlawing publishing by by life in prison even mingling with the wrong crowd to being on the payroll of foreign entities who want to see chinese authority in hong kong diminish and in this case trump trump has said that since the freedom in hong kong has been extinguished
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there's no reason to give it special privileges on congo now be treated the same as male in journey no special privileges or special economic treatment and no export of sensitive technologies there's a whole host of sanctions that are going to be introduced against hong kong and chinese officials deemed responsible for introducing this new security bill there's a whole list of grievances that trump has towards china towards hong kong and it just keeps growing steadily but quickly there is for example the whole mess in the south china sea all the territorial claims that china has made there that the united states has condemned that is turning into a military conflict there's also the issue of china refusing to join any arms control treaties that the united states wants them to be a part of this the huge trade surplus something the trumpeters hated from the get
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to sue and of course i would say the most painful for an interim site the current virus pandemic big no mistake we hold china fully responsible for concealing the virus and unleashing it upon the world could have stopped it they should have stopped it. would have been very easy to do at the source when it happened to try them want to sell something to to europe to america this. all sorts of restrictions and all sorts of tariffs all gone was a little liberal window that belonged to china through which the chinese government or the chinese companies could sell things to the west all buy things like sensitive technologies relatively simply with minimal tariffs now that's god there are more than a 1000 western companies that are based have offices in hong kong he's willing to through even his room under the bus to make china hurt for all the talk of free markets and globalism they really seem to dislike competition because what you are
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way does is it makes 5 gtech for example amongst other things and it makes it cheap so how do you make people stop buying something that's cheap effective and make them turn expensive western analogues do this by saying that chinese take is somehow tainted from the end of this year telecoms operators must not buy any 5 to equipment from huawei and once the telecoms critical is passed it will be illegal for them to do so the united states is going to do a lot of effort lot of effort in coercing and convincing its allies to dom who are way which is a reputational glue for china you know this is this is it's brown this is a chinese brown and an economic blow and you know just just to add insult to injury trump has come out and said that what is happening who are being kicked out of the united states out of europe is he's achievement we convinced many countries many
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countries and i did this myself for the most part not to use while way. because we think it's an unsafe security risk it's a big security risk one thing you can say about the chinese is never rash the never recklessly always waited out of these like characteristics of. we can expect a response you have chinese press coming out and saying that you know action needs to be taken we need to assure them that we can't be bullied this easily so we can expect the response from china and now it's going to be a response on 2 fronts 1st what's happening in hong kong and what is happening to our way which is being essentially removed from western markets by the united states. at least 250 police officers in the us city of minneapolis have reportedly filed disability claims for injuries suffered during the recent riots a police spokesperson is question the numbers but has acknowledged that
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a growing number of officers are out of action the city was a flashpoint for the nationwide unrest that erupted after the death of george floyd in may. there last month minneapolis city council approved a plan to dismantle the local police department and replace it with a new community safety body all the while the city is experiencing a surge in violent crime including a spike in gun violence an attorney representing the minneapolis police officers know who filed work related disability claims told us about the dangers they've been facing in doing their job. the environment following the george
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for the incident has resulted in the public essentially turning against our police officers they are being threatened they literally have been instructed in many respects to stand down in not performing certain types of activities for fear of aggravating or agitated in the crowds so they are literally hand in prevented from performing the normal pleas functions that one would expect from our police department to me appears to be a direct are zation between the if finding of the police and the increase in violence when you do not have adequate resource in the officers are not able to do their job and the unfortunately criminal elements in my opinion recognize limitations that is why officers and they simply take advantage of. the upcoming us presidential election will effectively be
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a 2 horse race with only 2 men standing a chance of winning but of course there are also plenty of so-called 3rd party candidates and independents in the running so the green party has chosen its nominee that is named how we hawkins he's from new york he's a former lorry driver a grassroots campaign which previously run for office and beverage level of government in new york from city council to government now hawkins wants to redirect federal funds to boost education and to extend health care provision to all americans he's also known for zante war and he need clear efforts the green party has been putting up candidates in u.s. presidential elections since 1906 as things stand hawkins' will appear on ballots at the moment and only half the country states the party says it's working on securing more it's a complicated process with each state requiring different signature threshold to get on the ballot but perhaps the biggest challenge is getting national t.v. time because the dominant 2 party system would allow 3rd party candidates on to
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those all important televised debates or kids told r.t. this week though that there is a growing appetite for electoral alternatives. the polls show that about 2 thirds of the american people would like to see another major party an alternative to the 2 major parties that we have now and a lot of those people have come to the green party 3rd parties in this country going back to the 18th thirty's as set the agenda it was a liberty party to put the question of slavery on about it was the populist ari's that question of monopolies on the public agenda it was the socialist party that put social insurance programs like social security the most popular program we have into the public debate so we may now win the white house we're definitely going to move the debate the green party represents very different policies where not you know just democrats who are just regular stuff that we do more on a universal medical system medicare for all we do want serious climate action we
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stand against the u.s. going into countries and tell them who their leader should be we're for peace initiatives dig cuts in military spending and getting serious about this new nuclear arms race you know how hawkins that one in the club back to last time the green party's presidential nominee you may recall back in 2016 proved to be a polarizing figure many in the media accused jill stein of splitting the liberal vote and therefore harming hillary clinton's campaign. tonight the dangers of a 3rd party candidate democratic year and frustration is growing some seen here is that the votes belong to hillary clinton and that that my votes were stolen from someone else and i think that's an insult to american voters what do you say to those voters who are would worry that by voting for you their progress is their liberals or democrats that by voting for you they would actually help elect donald trump as politics of fear actually delivered everything that we were afraid of so the 2 parties form what sounds like
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a government commission it's called commission on presidential debates in fact it's a private corporation they jointly control taken and it's designed to keep their betters offstage and you know our appeal to this news organizations or the civic organizations is don't let the 2 parties set the agenda do your job open up the debate american people deserve to know what all their options are it's been a pleasure bringing the stories over the last week the so much more out you don't call a social media but that's the way the news took a turn as reported by us to you this is out international for me in the team on t.v. today thank you so much for taking the time to choose and reporting from moscow kevin 0 in wishing you a great rest of the weekend. this politically impossible in the united states to advise eating listened to anything
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that has an industry. that makes a lot of money. as a i'm going to say over and over again we know what a healthy diet it means not being too much. for one day and eating less is very very bad for business it doesn't make anybody rich if people eat less. i 1st heard about we do know. from the helicopter folks in iraq. i think that there are people going to going to this military who have never forgiven. this guy a freighter a tree a book. you believe you saw he was really starting to have.


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