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that would be inflation and therefore they'd have to stop printing money which means i'd have to stop yelling out back in solving the zombie banks so by claiming that they're fighting deflation gives them cover to keep this continuous rolling bailout of the zombie. live from the world headquarters of the r t america in our nation's capital this is. rick sanchez hi everybody i'm rick sanchez i want to welcome all of you who are watching us from all over the world including those of you who are watching us on your phone on the portable t.v. we're glad you're there charles dickens is known as the greatest novelist of the
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victorian era why do i mention him right here at the start of this newscast because well because he is credited with coming up with this phrase are you ready adversity makes strange bedfellows i want you to keep that quote of mine as i share with you what is happening right now between china and iran 2 countries presently being targeted economically and militarily by our government here in the united states so here we go this morning the new york times is pending a piece about a leak that describes how china and iran are signing a 25 year military and economic partnership agreement the piece titled when china met iran seems to suggest that washington is kind of freaked out by this that it has. quote the united states in
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a geo political storm so what is this deal between the us his biggest adversary in the middle east and the us is most predominant economic competitor on the entire world stage well it's described as an agreement that is going to provide iran with all the tech and economic development that china can offer in exchange for massively discounted oil all that iran can offer this is amazing isn't it so just how important is this deal is it happening because our foreign policy here in the states has literally pushed these 2 countries into each other's embrace has our adversarial relationship with each of them somehow ended up bringing them together ironically. charles dickens one of the world's greatest writers and social commentators of all
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time if he were alive today would probably say of asked that question that the answer is yes. today our focus is iran we're going to drill down on what's happening there and we've invited iran's ambassador to the united nations to join us here live on the news with rick sanchez where we believe it's time to do news again. ok these are the questions that we think you'll be asking tomorrow after watching our newscast today. what's iran up to both militarily and economically are the feds violating the us constitution in portland and will go lame maxwell's words now come back to haunt her we've got covered on all of those stories we are moments
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away though from speaking with iran's ambassador to the united nations right here exclusively but before we do so we thought it would be good to set the table regarding iran and all the news and accusations back and forth from tehran to washington here now is veteran middle east correspondent paula sawyer who's covered iran and can bring us up to date on what's going on there now possibility. well we're going to be 3 weeks there have been a series of explosions and fires across iran a congressman's number of sites seem to be a nuclear facility a missile a city of power and medical clinic now they are a number of the iranian officials who say that sabotage is a play and they squinted fingers at both the israelis and the americans particularly being attacked recently in the times city is an attack that many say has been trying to convince the israelis all over it really is are concerned that this attack could take the form of mobilizing it's been on his fellow and to this
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and they have increased the publicity the number of a strikes of a simulated nice at least targeting in reining in the military infrastructure their agents have come to the aid of syrians and. i didn't see him. providing them with increased defense systems to counter these it's really strikes that was recently he meant that now cease to end the in commissar defense systems to kuwait over to syria. and so that will see if a change change the terms of engagement are in each city in a space that's all. what should happen now is the radiance joining any number of countries that have aid to . the great beyond their. policy are reporting to us on
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the very latest that's going on right now there in iran thank you so much paul of for that report we want to follow to try and set the table for what was going on as a bridge to what we're going to do now joining us now is robin cheney he is the iranian ambassador to the united nations and he's kind enough to spend some time with us talking about what's going on with his country right now mr ambassador thank you so much sir for joining us let's start with this china i mentioned that there is a deal in the works between your country and china which seems extremely significant i mentioned that part of the reason this is happening many believe here in the states is because you are both adversaries much more so within the last 3 and a half years even than in the past. what can you tell us about this deal with china sir. you know not very much.
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i'm not on to group. located. we have. some treaty. it's not you. are not on many issues of interest the books i've. done so. to be agreement can be you know how much i'm not i'm not. so i'm. we are under. high or low medium munitions. if you know how. to use to sometimes an agreement.
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if something necessary for science but let me ask you the question this way remember most of our audience is in the united states and here's what i think they would want to know do you feel like you are doing this deal with china because you can't do a deal with the united states because the u.s. in essence has pushed you away. you know we are not we are not going to have to. beg for what i'm getting from the united states i said you know and china are 2 national friends the girl's eyes are on the strategy because i am. and that is what was happening underground is not to us because as i said you don't have been enjoying good suggestion for how many years but mr bassett we cannot minimize the horrible relations between the united states and iran it's as bad as i think it's ever been. how much of this do you think is your fault what could you
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have done differently with the trump administration to makes the situation the relationship more amenable. you know just to chat about what has been happening the last thursday don and and i'm going to continue. the 5 plus one i did on something which is called the tontine j.c.t. already and it was signed by he and i'm going to others until i read off. and talking to ask him what are the subjects that he pursued. to get to the was the donkey of the united. in a truth out of it even so it is not the daughter who left the negotiating table it's funny how the it's a left wing bullshit and payroll and in cold actions on you don't need you to do it
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you know to tell us we're going to see us change that we're going in order downtown fashion but not to change. food and soon our are a lot of target of the u.s. sanctions against the young and much if indeed mr biden becomes president of the united states and he was a vice president while obama was president when that nuclear deal was made well you seek out the white house's guidance and rheostat. wishing that new bill. you have a strategy that actually has the last year because the. i cannot ignore mcconnachie. international obligations they can join the other members of the agency if you are indeed on t.v. and. normal. functions are bothering him he should. be full president thomas i need to. let me ask you some tough questions about the accusations that have been hurled against your country let's start with the tanker
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attacks in the persian gulf with which the united states and others including the brits say they have evidence that you have done this what would be your response to that sir. we have not seen any shred of evidence to be provided to you donna or to anybody else iraqis a chance each have been. you know rejected by you know on and as i said he didn't have any and he had. the whole international bank i mean i'm going to caucus but they try not to watch and punish prior to even after the assassination of general salim mahdi the united states says that he personally including your country as well was fomenting terrorism in the region and were in fact responsible for many attacks that had taken place in places like iraq how do you how do you respond to that charge sir is your country indeed fomenting
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a terrorism in the region. not all of these are all accusations against the daunting general but not a number of countries in the region and beyond. in fact the nominees in the name. shall you fight against terrorism i'm honestly not me. you know i'm going to fight against their hands around making nice and i'm. going to. you know the nation going . to die and others will celebrate the mark because they knew i'll leave us i think. it's part of the big. prize through to the stars of and then saw me how did you know he's not a geisha the fact that the prime minister of iraq isn't on now he has had a number of good meetings it honor of a job and got off on you know i don't enjoy fishing on historical ties in the
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strategy in. the united states was trying to serve the school you know age and i think even getting on and off very some reports that seem to indicate that saul mahdi may have been trying to bring about a secret deal a truce if you will with saudi arabia which is no friend at least diplomatically to your country can you confirm or officially deny that. what i can tell you is that he had already gotten a good you know she has been i mean years. are. on the time you know i think $40.00 honestly and last year the only no united nations general assembly president rouhani introduced an idea before the. body and he initiated this whole. series and which includes
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an architecture for the rejects for the region i wanted to get together to discuss the show he sure is of interest including the indices of economy culture and i mean many are not and on security and so in fact the donna is the is the country who is interested to read i'm sure that our neighbors think you would be good are you going to. china. does not want to see. in the southeast you know i mean i notice you didn't say anything about israel i have to ask you then while we're down to 30 seconds do you see any possibility that any time in the future your country will have a friendly relationship or to be able to consider israel an ally. you know we teach and not it's not a shocking actions to be done on t.v. it is that even occupying. an insurance agency is. a
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source of instability not of which being the convention who want to monitor new people around so he stood in for a country. and responded for all these ongoing in our in our region. and not on the whole action but you. are going to do you not. much touch she is the ambassador to the united nations representing iran he is also the head negotiator for iran during the nuclear talks with the united states and we thank him very much though for taking time to join us here and take us through this we hope to be able to have another conversation again soon mr ambassador thank you again. thank you very much. this is the news will break sanchez you're watching our special coverage and what we come back even more information new information we should say about the lame maxwell of how her own words may be coming back to haunt
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her will be back. you can't be both with the yeah you like. i'm chris hedges the corporate coup d'etat has destroyed our democratic institutions the commercial media has been less part of the reality show presidents expose the trivia lives see on contact question more. seen the horrors that arise the money in evil. corporate criminals who trashed
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calculus lives to add just one more dollar to their millions. they threaten they bribe they'll do anything to keep their crimes in the door but the people they've heard are demanding justice their stories need to be told on america's lawyer. dear thank you for finally changing the channel understand you're tired of networks that are new with. 'd them today and that. they are not no matter what. you know me 'd i'm famous for my views. and the name. yours truly scotty 'd now. i'm holland cook i invite you to climb with me of the mainstream media and
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from that higher fantasia to glimpse the big picture question more. protests and clashes with federal agents continued last night in portland oregon but the conversation has shifted toward what the federal government's role should be in this type of situation the questions are numerous should the white house state and local efforts to deal with this issue should they be there uninvited and should they be there in unmarked cars and without any identification on their uniforms explaining who they work for what their jurisdiction these are the questions that are being asked as the violence 6 continues for more on the very latest here we go to our tease. people power was on display once
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again again portland oregon. the ongoing rallies like many around the u.s. have attracted thousands of protesters since the death of george floyd at the hands of minneapolis police this past me however 6 the demonstrations against police brutality and systematic racism in the u.s. have also seen their share of violence in portland and some say the situation has been exasperated by the arrival of federal agents the trumpet ministration dispatched the officers who showed up in unmarked cars dressed in military style gear with forms of identification to b.c. the federal agents have use stun grenades and tear gas against the protesters there are also reports of citizens being taken by the officers without warrant along with demands from the city of portland and the state of oregon for the agents to be removed immediately demonstrators and the federal officers crowding in front of a federal courthouse importance justice center late monday night explosions were heard and could be seen rising at the site making the protests look more like
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a war zone the situation does not seem to be deterring president trump he's threatening to expand the use of federal agents to. other cities well i'm going to do something that i can tell you because we're not going to get new york and chicago and philadelphia detroit and baltimore and all of these oh and there is a mess we're not going to let this happen or our country all run by liberal democrats the mayor of chicago has responded to the president's address i have great concerns about that particularly given the track record in the city of portland we don't need federal agents without any insignia taking people off the streets in a holding down i think unlawful. on the streets and in the halls of government but us appears to be deeply divided and with local and state governments going head to head with the oval office some see a constitutional crisis is on the horizon for news with rick sanchez i'm alex my
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lil bitch good stuff thanks so much there is a new wrinkle in the case of the lane maxwell the testimony she gave 4 years ago is suddenly coming back to haunt her this as she fears for her life and says that she is convinced that abstain was murdered for more of us here is our tease john harvey . she said it herself during a 2016 deposition healin maxwell said a very small part of her job working for jeffrey epstein was quote from time to time to find adult professional massage therapist for jeffrey but it went beyond that according to federal prosecutors the 18 page federal indictment against maxwell alleges she recruited victims as young as 14 to give abstaining sexual massages and later to be sexually abused trafficked by both he and maxwell machel is also charged with perjury counts $5.00 and $6.00 of the indictment alleging that
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maxwell during the deposition knowingly made false material declarations including that she wasn't quote aware that he abstain was having sexual act. with anyone when i was with them other than myself along with maxwell saying she had never given anyone a massage including abstain or any of the victims including those who were minors at the time well the numerous victims who have come forward say she's a liar including virginia roberts who frey filed a defamation lawsuit against maxwell and what she calls good for a liar during that same 2016 deposition 40 pages of which an appeals court unsealed last august and speaking of liars the daily mail reports that maxwell paid 25000 bucks to fake news purveyor jacob wall to quote smear epstein victims and to get prosecutor jeffrey berman fired in an attempt to stall a sex trafficking investigation against her while on a shady lobbyist colleague jack berman have been accused of hiring paid actors to
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level disgusting and wild accusations against various politicians including nancy pelosi and elizabeth warren wall whose fathers the criminal defense attorney david wall a frequent fox news guest has also been accused of financial frog the daily mail reports that a former model was hired by the 2 men to be used for the smear plot on behalf of maxwell r t could not independently verify the daily mail's reporting but miami herald reporter julie kay brown whose own reporting helped lead to the criminal indictment and arrest of epstein last year tweeted this about the daily mail exclusive if this is true it shows that hillary maxwell is using jeffrey epstein's playbook to corrupt the u.s. criminal justice system almost the same way abstaining did i hope someone is investigating because questions need to be asked. one question being asked could the daily mail story about maxwell be more fake news peddled by jacob all for publicity the sleazy and twisted world of glee maxwell and jeffrey epstein taking
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even more twists and turns for the news with rick sanchez john honey. joining us now is lionel of lionel media boy there's so much to one pack here the big news item in the last 4 hours has been the fact that she says she thinks she's going to be murdered or for years it she's convinced that epstein himself was murdered a man identifying himself or identifying as her husband has suddenly come out of nowhere a federal judge 2 yesterday was apparently attacked in her home and it turns out that she was the judge that was dealing with the bank that was tied to jeffrey epstein my god lionel where do you start where do we start with this. let's talk about the surreal world of this 1st if you would have told me that the federal government actually charged a notorious sex trafficker with perjury on a defamation deposition i would have said none anonyma you don't do that
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if there was if if we won after perjury i'm sorry to say this or lying there would be a 247 separate court for perjury the idea that she's going to be 35 years tops in this nobody even understands that number 2 this is a woman who had that imagine the husband to be she's alive she's trying the out of prison out of jail to post bail and she's a lie about whether she's right won't tell the jail officials who he is she might be able to use some type of a spousal immunity claim it be later on that the thing that nobody can figure out also is where is she now i don't want to be conspiracy minded god for bad but if you told me she's nowhere near she's not even in this country i wouldn't be surprised when she is the top number one
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linchpin in something that could bring down not something that is bigger than you are i could even imagine charging you with perjury that's the least of our issues so did none of this case makes any sense at all and don't forget bill barr one time said in an interview on i think of i've seen committed suicide he's the only one so everywhere this case doesn't make any sense so by the way just based on what you just asked i just a quick google search this is a. well placed sources are saying she was arrested in new hampshire she was taken into custody in brooklyn at the n.b.c. . paul but the metropolitan department of corrections and then she was taken into custody by the few federal bureau of prisons and i guess is somewhere in new york those that that the that's your. brooklyn they said she was in brooklyn but
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rick was the story where she said she was in new hampshire right and they came to her her man to 8 o'clock so. she was smart he had tied reading a book she doesn't get to rogers told soraya means you call me none of this made any sense have you ever heard of the f.b.i. ever storming a compound a.t.m. and the idea put it this way let me tell you something if you're afraid for your life the last place you're going to be is in the middle of the woods where you could be hit by a drone attack or god knows what are you should say are you good with windows are you saying that your it sounds like you're skeptical about her arrest and you seem to be implying that she's kind of calling the shots here and not being treated the way others have been treated in the past. remember in the old days when al capone sometimes would get arrested just to make it look good with those stories i'm saying rick something isn't rotten in denmark you notably. i would be surprised if
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this is nothing but i'm sure rod is they say to get to the bigger fish. you know in hialeah they say charade. as well they should. thank you so much interesting conversation because a story 'd that just keeps on giving meanwhile we're going to be following several other stories throughout the day to bring you the latest there's also a big development in the sports world will have it for you as well i'm rick sanchez c when it's time for like. i've. problem drugs don't always come from unscrupulous dealers but from pharmacies to in every state in the united states we've seen a very sharp increase in the number of people seeking treatment for addiction to prescription opioids and invented america under the banner of medicine persisted
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with the pain but this of trying to wean him off though she just goes after dose after dose after dose and really became his drug dealer so who's to blame patients doctors manufacturers all the governments. seem wrong. but all. just don't all. get to shape out just become educated and in gains from it equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart. just to look for common ground. up. syria has been engulfed in civil war through almost 10 years it's cost hundreds of
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thousands of lives and displaced millions more no one foresaw the peaceful protests of 20 years is collating into a complex conflict between various geopolitical interests rebel groups just. how they are. but if you tell us if you say you know hey. look cool. deep going to look. at that ice you know it. was the mother. and i'm going to hades.


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