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tv   Watching the Hawks  RT  July 21, 2020 3:30pm-4:01pm EDT

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didn't civil war almost 10 years it cost hundreds of thousands of lives and displaced millions more no $1.00 foresaw the peaceful protests of 20 is collating into a complex conflict between various geopolitical interests rebel groups just. how they are on the dock on this. but if you tell us if you say in the hague because i. look cool and. you know deep complex. and ordinary i sat down i shouted. the mother and then the shade but i'm with the hate.
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the world is driven by shaped. thinks. we dare to ask. greetings and sell you take all right well. well well welcome back hawk watchers
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from the hiatus i hope everybody is safe and sound happy and healthy out there in news t.v. land there is. there is however one group out there who we know are definitely not healthy and they're certainly not happy and that my friends is all of our historically racist statues and memorials here in the united states of america yes activists and protesters across the nation over the last few weeks have been tearing down these idiotic idols and relics to our slave owning colonizing history much to the dismay and outrage of well i guess what those who care more about stones symbols of hate than people's flesh blood and lives never one to miss an opportunity to sound off in an election year u.s. president donald trump chimed in or rather tweeted in declaring i have authorized the federal government to arrest anyone who vandalize or destroys any monument statue or other such federal property in the united states with up to 10 years in
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prison who but it wasn't just the president clutching your pearls the activists gadflies and culture police from the right and even some on the left were also losing their collective minds on t.v. and social media over the toppling of these slave owning idols it's apparently the removal of the ulysses s. grant statue was just a line too far for some people ignoring the fact that grant despite helping the when the civil war didn't fact own slaves and presided over a particularly horrific chapter of physical and cultural genocide against native americans a leftist hero he is not. and while the toppling of statues and the removal of racist flags do make for great corporate news and social media spectacles they represent just a fraction or dare i say an easy distraction from the real work that still needs to
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be done to destroy the institutional racism and economic injustices that gripped the united states of america real work like the kind that black labs matter activists and deep on the police proponents are doing right now just outside city hall in new york city the occupy city hall protesters have taken over the city hall park with the new york times noting that what started on a patch of lawn in a few square feet has now taken over most of the park and drawn extensive attention across social media they have one goal and one goal only to deep on the new york city police department to the tune of $1000000000.00 and it's there in the heart of the real fight for justice and equality that we start watching the hawks. in a city streets. that are so you'd like to see that this is joyce
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state. rice great city displays systemic dissent says so but she's. so you'll. welcome everyone watching the i robot is right on the top and joining us today to discuss new york city's occupy city hall movement is jamie tiber good director of development for new york city's new york communities for change thank you so much for joining us jamie pleasure to have you on. thanks for having me on today. occupy city hall is demanding a $1000000000.00 taken off the new york city police department budget that is actually not as big of an ask as one imagines given that the n.y.p.d. budget sits around $11000000000.00 jamie is there a deadline for this the funding that you're calling for and where should this money
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be reallocated if it isn't being taken out of the police payroll or police budgets . yes of the budget vote is actually happening right now in fact yesterday we got news that the mayor and the speaker of the council cory johnson have made a backroom deal with simply reshuffled $1000000000.00 divested from the n.y.p.d. and actually just how to do it under the department of education knowing that there are schools that costs and that the funding would still be as a discussion of the n.y.p.d. now the death mine is wednesday july 1st. and jamie what if amanda blog you and other city officials response to your presence in city hall and the protest a man's. yeah so the response to city hall has been i mean i would say almost on response that. you know i think the age where i think have a meeting with some of the people on site and that meeting request was
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rejected and the people on site simply said you know i demand you know how we want you to reallocate the budget we know the you know that we want to do it. or rather we know that you need to defund the n.y.p.d. and so they refused to meet with them. and people have also been self organizing and different actions outside of individual city council members as well as the speaker and the mayor and i mean we haven't seen them we haven't heard from them i mean they will tweet a little bit here and there nominally supporting it but you know if we get them in person and say you know well you. actually vote no on a budget doesn't reflect our demands. there's no you know there's you know since this push for true justice and equality began with the murder george whatever and we've been fighting for for much longer than that but since really took you know really took momentum in the last few months we've seen brutal footage come out of
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new york city especially in recent weeks and their treatment of black lives matter protesters and other active are simply out marching what has been the police reaction to you know your occupy group so far all of a handled you guys. i mean. it's a defense 2 different questions right how have they been in general versus how are they with the people out in camp meant i mean when the protests 1st began and they were incredibly aggressive. all of the protests were peaceful or they would at least be good and peaceful until a cop presence showed and would escalate and. there would be undercover cops actually trying to escalate among people 'd. and in fact any. an incarcerated person over at metropolitan detention center and sums up park jamelle florida was had 1st great success during the protests which then sparse
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another wave of protests. and we are also completely unaware of the people that they did not usually you know when there's a big protest people are at least aware of their friends or loved ones that have ended up being arrested and they know you know which. it's so easy that they're being held as they are at least supposed to or they're at least able to have some sort of contact with them right now we have the protesters and we don't know where they are being held when they're going to get out what sort of conditions there and and this is in the middle of a pandemic. is the word could there by the way because where would these people roll up their production their 1st amendment right to protest in the police response to this is but deplorable to say the least. and jamie judging by everything that's going on on the ground do you think you'll stay past the june 30th deadline if the city chooses not to be fun and why p.d. what would your next steps look like. no that's really for people to decide and i
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think we will know better what are the spawn should be after tomorrow we're hearing that a new budget will be proposed 11 am tomorrow i don't really know what it's going to reflect or whether they're listening to any of the people that are. you know protesting them you know there were individual actions last night there were some today there will be more tonight. i don't know whether the actual split the calling camp land will remain. but the work will you know course continue i mean before any of the calls to the on the police were mainstream you know we already had a campaign to free them all of which is the campaigns not only free em criminalized survivor being held in europe jails and prisons but anyone because we don't believe the prisons that exist there's also a campaign to cancel rents because we do not believe opera private property should
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exist there is no them campaign to fight cry that i find some being built in new york so all of that work is connected all of that work will continue rather the actual is going kampman will remain it's up to the people really. generally how difficult has it has this you know occupy style protest been to organize and keep going in new york and what would your advice be to others who may want to follow in your free speech footsteps and say in other cities across the country and their efforts to try to beep on the police you know do these encampments with these occupy style protest work and how difficult are they to kind of get everyone together and get everyone on the same page. i mean i think what's important to remember inside the thing can't win is just one of the men to talk with that are happening parallel and simultaneously i think one good thing about an encampment and i you think the term encampment instead of occupation because. there was
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a teachin at city hall where folks talked about the colonization and the fact that you know every inch of the united states is occupied territory and why the term occupy is a bit of a problem and so to respect those missions of people on site i'm using encampment i think the plus side of an encampment is that we are physically there outside of city hall and so they simply cannot ignore us they cannot say that no one cared they cannot say that people didn't demand them of something. i think it was easier for new york. of. as quickly as it did because we do have a history of encampments in new york of course most notably occupy wall street but even after that and before that there were smaller encampments you know outside of governor cuomo those office or wells fargo bank during the walk protests. and so there were already i think a network of people who you know how those set of infrastructure who were aware of
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you know land laws like street laws sound laws so that we would be abiding by you know at least some sort of like wallace so that there is no unnecessary reason for the police to escalate. and you know different people nearby offering their bathrooms offering their you know lobbies i think a lot of this was possible because we had already such a good infrastructure so joe support during the protests i mean people even have porta potties that they were able to their own interest. so i think i would be for other places that might want to take this on or model themselves after this is you know really think about whether it's strategic use of your time. and what sort of escalation are you trying to do is you know a location like city hall you've been very loyal to you. you know do you have a good. number of people who can get the word out and mobilize are there enough
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networks that are organized to be able to sustain it and at the answers to those questions i know i would i think you know advise against it and focus on other types of a very an occupation or it is very sound and sage advice and thank you so much for all the good work you're doing out there once again jamie tiber thank you so much. all right as we're going to break remember that you can also start watching the hawks on the man for the brand new portable t.v. which is available now on all platforms you have no excuse but to get it coming up a major cross bridge down the st louis mayor's dangerous response to the defun police movement in her city a man hard to america rachel brother blevins brings us the latest on the controversy and questions surrounding russian bounties in afghanistan you boys don't want to miss this state trooper watching the whole.
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elderly with forward to talking to you all that technology should work for people. must obey the orders given to human beings except where such orders that conflict with the 1st law show your identification we should be very careful about our personal intelligence at the point only because he is a great trust in the shia. areas saying with artificial intelligence resummon the demon. the robot must protect its own existence and existence.
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problem drugs has come from unscrupulous dealers. in every state in the united states we see me very sharp increase in the number of people seeking treatment for addiction to prescription opioids it's invaded america under the banner of medicine persisted with the pain but instead of trying to wean him off though she just goes after dose after dose after those and really became his drug dealer so who's to blame patients doctors manufacturers it's. called to defund the police are melting with protestors across the u.s. making moves to show not only how brutal police interactions often are with blacks
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but also how much city budgets over spend on police departments in the wake of george floyd's death at the hands of minneapolis police just last month protestors are calling for changes in police behavior and advocating for something many find a bit more radical defunding the police or cutting the budgets and reallocating from police function to social services health and economic development some cities are answering the call new york mayor bill de blasio pledged to shift in y.p. budget to you in social services los angeles mayor eric garcetti about a call 150000000 from the l.a.p.d. to fund health care jobs and peace and years. philadelphia canceled a planned at $19000000.00 increase for the police department and shifted $14000000.00 of the police budget elsewhere including affordable housing but not every city is welcome the shift in police funds st louis missouri is on the defense in a big way st louis mayor little cousens went full on race stoking the flames of hate
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and putting a target on the backs of protestors in a facebook live appearance seen by thousands crewdson was asked about a meeting she'd had with protesters at city hall after grabbing papers and reading through a litany of activists requests she became agitated at how they wanted police budgets spent crewdson went on to announce the names and home addresses of those seeking to be from the police the video has since come down and kristen has apologized after the a.c.l.u. civil rights groups activists and elected officials far and wide condemned her if it's so wrong to ask that $15000000.00 go to non-profits with a history of violence reduction like your violence is it wrong to ask that $60000000.00 go to health and human services apparently mayor cruz and beliefs and castigated protesters who met her with ernest to reach middle ground in the resources communities meet the most instead of hearing them out in meeting them where they were she decided to declare war against. i mean is this the age of the
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idiot politician because i. do something like i remember when politicians used to be afraid to offend the popular member when they used to be like well i don't want to say this word because that might be offense or i don't want to do this stupid thing because i don't want to now it seems like oh no you're absolutely correct parties have gotten way too powerful and elected officials aren't necessarily as afraid of the public as they probably used to be when it came to them getting removed at the ballot box so we're seeing them go all out and do things that we probably wouldn't seen just a few years ago gerrymandering ladies and gentlemen that's how you get politicians not afraid of losing elections you know i've been the why is the from the police scene is so radical why is this being seen as like some major and saying crazy thing by by a small section of the public and elected officials because of the narrative the american public and some elected officials have developed around policing the idea
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is this law and order capitalism type society where people are ok with blowing police budgets because they assume that this is for the safety of the community what we know is that over the past 1520 years violent crime has gone down dramatically and there is no correlation with the extra cost of police budgets to the reduction of violent crime what we have seen is the areas that have strong health and human services areas that have hospitals clinics strong mental health support areas that have afterschool programs that young people can get involved in areas with strong economic development typically don't have high rates of violence we know that so it's not be the influx of police budgets or paying them or putting more into the budgets and be mindful it's not for the police themselves when the secondary argument is you're taking money from police officers who are putting their lives on the line with the bloated police budgets and the increase in those police budgets police officers themselves have not seen increases in their salaries so this isn't going to pay the police officer little bait and switch or it's like oh you're going to hurt them down. actually you know they're going to be where they
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were you know another thing to add on to that too that i think would help curb violence across the board and justify and get rid of the bloated police budgets that we're seeing is why don't we end the war on drugs at this point why don't we decriminalize and the war on drugs because look most gang right gang violence points to chicago where there's always been people being killed over again but if you have the war on drugs then there's no more violence because the ones up the fight over anything you know you get rid of that section of the shadow economy and you're absolutely correct what people fail to realize is that a lot of the bloated budgets we're seeing now are part and parcel of the world drugs that were so much money millions billions in some cases thrown at cities to combat the war on drugs specifically for low level and in many cases nonviolent crimes and you're talking about people who had small small possession of of weed and we see that these bloated budgets continue and it's frustrating because even though we're now we're in this era of criminal justice reform there's still a mindset that we should fund these budgets at astronomical rates and it's
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something that a lot of people get an easy about when you talk about reallocating that funding to anything it runs a lot of like how they talk about the defense department you know it's oh no you can't take any money away from this and that hurts that we only see the world through the you know you were saying earlier today that most crimes are never actually reported to police and crimes are very rarely solved actually this is the interesting part so we talk about violent crime going down violent crime has gone down by 51 percent since 1993 but so public perception has never really matched the data beyond that most crimes most even violent crimes are not actually ever reported to the police only 43 percent are of those crimes less than 46 percent of all crimes reported to the police are ever cleared so the police are actually capturing anyone and they are actually really solving or getting to the bottom of the majority of things that they are actually called for so the idea that there is some law and order. behind the policing departments is a fallacy once you pay. go back the onion and look at the data that is so true and
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what really also kind of bothers me this too as i understand as well police are also put under that pressure show me results politicians always run on tough on crime if you don't show me the results then we're going to cut your budget going to cut so that's where you get a lot of these things where you see him evidence being planted you're seeing you know cases being solved you're seeing that thing happen because of what happens world they put all this pressure on members solve cases because the politicians promise law and crime lying to the public when crime is already falling exactly it's an easy thing that a lot of people love to vote and say they're reducing crime but it's something that was happening years ago years ago. u.s. president donald trump is once again on the defense chops claiming he was not made aware of a report that russian g.r.u. units paid taliban militants to kill u.s. troops in afghanistan this comes on the heels of a report stating that trump knew about the bounty operation it's turning into a game of he said she said pretty quickly as trump continued to deny knowledge yet
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intelligence officials told the new york times and the associated press that the president was briefed here to unpack this is r.t. america correspondent rachel weapons. welcome rachel thank you so much for having me. so. what is the official word been from all sides raised so we heard president come out and say that he denies this report denies of course that he was briefed and his claim that he made on twitter was really interesting because he went on to say that he talked to intelligence officials and they claim that they decided not to brief him on it because they saw the claims and they didn't think that they were credible and then of course he went on to go after the new york times claiming that they just wanted to publish this because they don't like him you know and that's kind of diver that you take and it's interesting because then we see the response from russia and a spokesperson for president putin spoke out of and he said that he also denies these claims he denies that russia was involved in any of this and then he also went after the new york times by saying that they have published
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a number of false reports specifically about russia in recent years now it's interesting because when we look at this article that was published by the times we see that they actually admit that the taliban also denies these claims even though the taliban was the group that was supposed to be carrying out these attacks and paid to carry out because attacks in the 1st place you know we have the taliban coming out and calling these accusations false and baseless interesting and interesting smells very familiar territory one of the most claims are made by intelligence officials what were the specific claims made by the new york times you know waterbury say that they were told by these once again intelligence officials raised that they have this article is published in which they claim that the united states had proof as early as january there russia was actively paying taliban linked militants to target u.s. coalition sources and they say that at least one american died as a result i want to take a look at these claims and how they source them specifically because also interesting part here so they go on to say that they claim their report is based on
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conversations with anonymous american intelligence officials they say those officials have made their intelligence assessment based on interrogations of captured afghan militants. which means if they were under duress when they allegedly claim the attacks were carried out by its alabam linked militants now they claim that russia's motive for doing this would have been that the us was actively having peace talks with the taliban and that they wanted to keep the war in afghanistan going but when we look at what russia was actually doing during that time in 21000 we see that russia was on the forefront of pushing for peace in afghanistan they actually had delegates from both the taliban and the afghan government come to moscow to have meetings to talk about ways to pursue peace in the country and russian officials were speaking out and saying look this isn't going to happen through military force this is something that is going to take diplomatic talks so we're not seeing any evidence here that russia was the one wanting the afghanistan war to continue going on but at the same time when we look back at 2019 we see that the united states was ramping up bombing campaigns in
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afghanistan at levels that we hadn't seen in over a decade and at the same time they were also killing more civilians in the country than the taliban was right and that's that's a lot to unpack that's fascinating once you talk about the level of duress that was probably being undertaken at the time that kind of killed the rest of the story for me at that point you say whatever we all knew that and then the thing for me too is it's always a thing whenever you see like the washington post or a lot of these mutants saying oh we confirm this it usually means they went to the same anonymous officials to say hey is what you told the new york times accurate yeah it is you know will have to wait and see and see what actually comes out what evidence is actually produced at the end of the day to back up the claims rachel always a pleasure of course thank you so much thank you already everybody that is our show for you today remember in this world we're not told the word love the tell you all i love you i robot just keep on watching all those hawks out there and have a great day and.
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i 1st heard about you know. from the helicopter from a tree in iraq. i think i don't actually believe in a minute i'm going to its military who have never forgiven or. forgotten the phrase or the truth of the book and will be giving you some he was really starting to happen. in the pen and journalese that he's too dark to see a lot of crimes to have no one on. the idea of developing an anonymous digital phones and applying it to the media consultant since that was
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a friends. i didn't control and just retain with me for a short while. in the room one of the world's most powerful news a womanizer during a thunderstorm for founder to the song given sunday morning. there was a great deal of jealousy the moments for the song the fit why won't it be more like oh they have to seem all. instantly. smile. on her now. we truly are a size in solitary confinement prison for terrorists await you know how it's a live person. i don't see him dying. i don't. know what he's going.
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you can be lonely with yeah you like. this is boom bust the one business show you can't afford to miss i'm french born in washington coming up it's going to and i need an agreement has been reached that will.


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