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i didn't betray themselves as being tough on beijing maybe they are at least rhetorically but reality tells a very different story and it's bipartisan the commanding heights of industry and finance according to china for games and how their visions show is this china's for . wound not walk to the street. to campaign. wow not walk the streets. i can see. the. jobs she speaks
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66th street like. oklahoma in the heart of america one of the most deeply afflicted states in the opioids addiction crisis oklahoma might change the course of history. for the 1st time in the united states a doctor will be sued by the state for 2nd degree murder for over prescribing opioids hears the accused that to reconnect calls. a family doctor for over 22 years she's now suspected of being a prescription murderer. the judge has to ascertain if there is enough material to go to trial. the plaintiffs in the row have lost a child a brother a friend. from an opioid overdose. dr nichols
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was their doctor she was the one prescribing the trucks. let him serve unbox i'm an attorney in oklahoma city i practice cripple defense i've got a police officer and i've been a prosecutor and i've been a judge i've been here all my life born and raised in oklahoma. provided the hard to the oil production we're right on the edge of we're cowboys are the and so we've got a lot of people in here that are hard working people and it's a pretty peaceful city as far as that goes. box knows these roads inside out and who's on 1st name terms with the local people all his career he's descended this community but today the confines have changed before i was having people from
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more the poverty level people all walks of life i have lawyers i have doctors children that become addicted to the opiates every level in every area of life is for is for the low income high and. all of what affected by the opiate use. he represents several families from this town everyone has lost a relative deceased if a cardiac arrest following a painkiller overdose drugs prescribed by dr nichols. that's enough it really is this and. this oklahoma city lawyer has never seen a case like this and you victim wants to press charges. come in you can see you can see you. have a seat and that marshall has been raising her 2 children alone since her husband died. the painkiller overdose my math shows that's $99.00 per day that she would
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prescribe you and he passed away like my 2nd. one in 20122012. he was a fireman she works in education counselor a regular family all it took was back surgery to turn everything over in a few months her husband became addicted to the painkillers prescribed by got to nichols of course once you have that surgery it's never quite the same and then they get some other treatment anyhow and you know it's a matter issues with just on the judge just injuries it from being to having such a physical job and i think it just snowballed you know he persisted with the pain but instead of trying to wean him off though she did those after dose after dose after dose and really became his drug dealer. more drugs than the regular drug dealers of the street would prescribe but she's doing
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it in the name of medicine. according to her doctor nicholas would swiftly see patients without any physical exam a few dollars for a prescription her husband would have been prescribed $100.00 pills a day $3000.00 a month the doctor should have been the response well course and they're trained and that's what their job is is to make sure they're treating you in a healthy manner and they're doing what's best for you and not what's going to bring harm to you. in happens to just your next door neighbor to your uncle missy firefighters here comma city police officer to your school teacher to your you know it's a it's not a it's not a disease that is specific it could hit anybody. how come opioids invaded america pain has become a market and the idea of not suffering even likely if you get in drug stores that
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look like fast food anyone can shop for pain killers physical or psychological a painkiller exists for almost any reason. imagine facing the day with less chronic osteoarthritis. imagine living your life with less chronic low back pain. imagine with less pain and amongst the pain killers on prescriptions are the opioids usually prescribed for back aches or headaches 2000000 americans are addicted to these pills for a reason that most ignore their opium based. i'm jason be minute and i am the chair of psychiatry at oklahoma state university's center for health sciences our oath is essentially 1st do no harm and i think that that's one of the biggest problems is that doctors don't realize that by prescribe opioids. that they could doing more harm than good and we've seen that in a lot
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a lot of cases what were they originally prescribed for well historically the uses been for what we call cancer pain cancer does a lot of horrible things street your body and can cause a lot of pain nowadays it's used for a lot of different things these pills cooled hydrocodone. content are found to no other drugs that are legally sold on the market share the same component a powerful narcotic heroin and sometimes they are a 1000 times more concentrated. the opioid compound comes from a plant called the opium poppy and these plants are really grown mostly in asia and then they're imported by drug companies into the united states but what we do with the pills is we take the good parts of the flour that you would smoke and we concentrate them in a little pill. and
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so the pills are a much more potent than smoking ever was but in the united states we outlawed the smoking of opium in the early 1900 if you get a 3 day per script there's a 13 percent chance that you'll be taking those opioids a year later so whether it's a few prescriptions or a few pills it's a very small amount that it takes to get addicted. to the left a lethal dosage of heroin to the right it's a quick lived to opium samples. to date you know something for your pain talk to your doctor. to be able to not feel pain has become a tacit agreement between doctor and patient this is what price these drugs are ticking bombs. who's aware of that fact did dr nichols know.
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a wrongful death lawsuit was filed today against a midwest city dr breggin nichols is already accused are prescribing a massive amount of opioids to 5 patients who later died when i heard that there was 4 other deaths then i think oh good evening the midwest city doggie doctor you know i'm homeless tonight 3000000 jobs davis i'm just reading and listening to the doctor raising as many times as you just got and he. was very happy she got a rest question on t.v. oh very happy that that went on there for him said this this is from 3 doctors i mean did she harm i didn't know any term that i met a man why america should surrender men and manage to. a met.
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you. mean these are innate he has spent her entire life in this house this is where their daughter chelsea was born 21 years ago here also that she passed away at a painkiller overdose in 2013 their story is one of an analgesic burdened family hiding in the secret and shame of addiction. she's headed for back surgeries dr nichols was liza's doctor for 7 years she was the 1st to fall into the opioids trap when i 1st started seeing her i thought she was going to be ok and she was giving me pain medicine to help my back but as the years go by course your body gets used to that medicine so that it doesn't work you know you used to take one pain you know and now you're having to stay 2 or 3 pain pills because the pain is so bad. so it just increase and it's just
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a vicious cycle because you know you got to have the medicine but you know you don't want to have to take that much medicine but you can't i could work and do my job if i didn't have this. baby lisa had her own addiction what she didn't know is that her daughter was doing the same thing for 3 years chelsea had diabetes which causes muscular pains it was her time to consult with dr nichols. and i asked her about the quantity of medicine she was giving her and her response to me was chelsea was an adult that she could talk to me about chelsea's medical but she could talk to me about chelsea's diabetes but she wouldn't talk to me about. the medication that she was doing i did trust her maybe money feeder to do it. maybe just that the love of money maybe that's worth because i know that when she chose to be
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a doctor i would bet on it as she chose to want to help people. while the pandemic no certainly no borders just blind to nationalities. as a matter of which we don't look like she. needs to be. judged as coming crisis what is interesting to us we can do better we should. everyone is contributing it's your own way but we also know. this crisis will not
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go on forever the challenges create the response has been massive so many good people are helping us. it makes us feel very proud that we're in it together. syria has been engulfed in civil war almost 10 years it's cost hundreds of thousands of lives and displaced millions mole no $1.00 foresaw the peaceful protests of 20 of them is collating into a complex conflict between various geopolitical interests rebel groups are just. as me. on the book on this. but if you tell us if you say you hate because of the.
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message look cool and. let you know deep comedic. and ordinary and i sat down i. noticed that i was the mother and then was shot in what i do and i'm going to hate. it. and we met dr nichols almost a year ago think she has a very good heart she wants to help people maybe a little awkward but she's got a really sweet heart my name's tommy adler i'm in a criminal defense attorney here in oklahoma city we represent dr ragan nichols or
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i really like her very much. doctors lose patients all the time. to accuse a doctor of. acting in reckless disregard for her patients when we believe that she was genuinely attempting to care for them. is a big step for the government that's a. that exposes doctors to a lot of risk troubled people these patients were abusing the things that they had access to. it wasn't the amounts that dr nichols prescribed these people that killed them it was the announcer they decided to take. her line of defense is set to shift away the shadow of responsibilities dr nichols was an irreproachable professional who was duped by drug addicts and she never had any awareness that her patients were facing any danger whatsoever nowadays in oklahoma city addiction can be seen at every corner.
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i think america got here because we are the most medicated country in the world klein we are a country of fast food quick fixes now now i now feel bad here's a pill her here's a pill tell disfunction here's a pill all of those things are right there at the doctor's head pain is good pain or mines is that we're alive. he went to the center as a patient since then he's become the head of the facility in order to save others like himself everyone here has to learn to live without pain killers this private ranches 30 places a year it receives 40 requests a day at 21 years old kyle is in rehab for the 1st time. sub rather.
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i'm good well cool man are you feeling. us take. this. all right ron. or did your mom. in here and we'll good will get everything started. right after you guys . well. now. has been to college and is the father of a little boy. but 4 years ago he became addicted to opioids and then heroin. writes opiates heroin and oxycontin anything else now ok and this is the 1st treatment on right is all right are you feeling very emotional i adjure. the motion of everybody she's waiting
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for her boy to come back. it's going to take cal bout 30 days for you to really begin to see a change. this is life and death man there's only 3 ways out of this which is get sober which is what i pray for you on the 2nd one is is prison if you're lucky. 3rd one is needed barry. i don't know how else to say it but a memory and i can't do that said norm or as. our own so much that i would rather not see. them who are or at this moment i don't know i. really would be on the. call to good care or. kyle has 90 days to learn to live without
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opioids. and how it feels a war like love my body is a us a lot of. my thought process it's slow. i just got a lot of anger in a lot of saturn notions of me as just a kid my lotions in one place. you know it's. her i just love the little bit. one of our friends and it's all of us friends and. after that we in my friends kind of stuck together and were doing these pills and it was just
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blocking out so much pain or so stressed out. fighting back tears every day i think that's how i wanted things and it was just blocking out that pain. and it made me feel good it made me forget it. actually helped me out with a lot of things depend on it. i was. that was my girl you know that was my love and then. just this last year like too many too many bad things of loss for family and that wasn't enough that wasn't enough to that room or change. mentally in my head by not gotten close to suicide. these pills are. a. legal. just like tobacco addiction the dangers of opioids have been hidden it is taken 20
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years for the government to take action for financial these. in my office while the lawsuit against purdue pharma. allergan so long and janssen pharmaceuticals. in putting this lawsuit together. we believe these companies are culpable for the tragic heartbreaking number of oklahomans who have become addicted or who have died as a result of the opioid epidemic in our state. he's the
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oklahoma attorney general and the 1st one in his country to go to battle. my counter is publicly accusing pharmaceutical companies of having caused this epidemic. he wanted to prove that he and his team have been investigating for more than a year. yes my name is regina whitton an attorney here in oak on the city . in my mind this model burrage my lawyer. general hunter hired my law firm burrage to represent the state of oklahoma and. try to recoup all of the costs that the state has incurred because of the opioid epidemic we need this person and say. yes.
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i think we're going to be able to prove that 80 percent of all the crime in the state of oklahoma is directly caused by this opioid epidemic and our prisons are overfilled because of that loss of productivity of taxpaying citizens costs the state money but i'm anxious to get this 1st this 1st battle started. what they did to this country. is from. their estimates bring the cost of the epidemic to $7000000000.00 in oklahoma. this is storm cool hearing will take place in a few days. today reggie which will explain his motivations to a group of students that this struggle is a personal one. partner
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a gene has been involved in the opioid addiction the opioid crosses ever since the death his son brian and i had a nice that also related to drugs and so when the attorney general talked about representing the state. in this case. i think he knew that we both had family members that because of the epidemic. we're going to talk to incoming freshmen athletes at the university of oklahoma i'm going to tell on. a story about my son brandon and that's the power of addiction and how dangerous it is and maybe. save somebody's life.
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i think i got a chance to shake almost everybody saying when you came in i was trying to figure out what sport you are it's hard to guess every sport from your you know your size but thank you guys for coming. so let me introduce you to my co speaker tonight this is brandon. and rand is not here today and i'll tell you why later this is me when i was at o. u. and i had this young son and also when i had more hair. brown was a cute little kid brand his plan was to go to college and play football which he did. he ended up playing on a national championship football team never got in any kind of trouble and the drug that brought him down was an opioid and it did not come from the streets it came from a pharmacy i just told him stop using those pills and i found out
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it's not that easy i found out it's like telling a diabetic to use more willpower and stop needing insulin you can't do that that's crazy. i never told him about addiction i never warned him. and so now i i have survivor guilt now but i'm living with it so i started a foundation called fighting addiction through education because i think education is the key to this problem when i tell this story at schools it gets so quiet you could hear a pin drop and they're not really interested in me they're interested in brandon they i show pictures of him he was one of them he's just ordinary kid and if an ordinary kid like brandon can end up getting hurt they could sit here and that is
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the truth these pills that big pharma sells. there are essentially heroin pills most people don't know that but these opioids are essentially the same this here one that's the key telling patients that they're not addictive that's the killer with little ways thank you guys for being a good audience and i'm hoping some of the information i've shared with you today might help you in a good way. richie son never managed to quit. there is someone responsible for his misery. pharmaceutical.
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you can't be both with yeah you know what. i 1st heard about you know. from the helicopter folks in iraq. i think that there are people i mean with military who have never forgiven. this guy traitor and treat it as
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a book and will take it up. he was really starting to happen. in the pentagon journalese things you don't. see a lot of crimes. not on. the idea of developing an anonymous digital trombones and applying it to the media since. that was a friend's. control and you're right it would be for a short while. i mean one of the world's most. unusual. during a thunderstorm or founder of song given sunday morning. there was a great deal of jealousy in the brains for the song you're going to know why won't it be more like all that q.c. and all. the silly. smile. good
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times. we have giuliani aside in solitary confinement in the prison for terrorist oh wait you don't have a live person. i don't see him dying. and i. know what he's facing. theory in portland at present donald trump's deployment of troops to the city to stamp out anti-racism protests the presence also slammed the unrest in cities across the us. what cities are doing is absolute insanity many of the same politicians who want to slash resources for lord forest.


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