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they are like that the tonic plates are moving away so that would be seismically significant and doesn't sound like a friendly cooperative globalized world and the. breaking news ought to be international at least suggest the u.k.'s opposition parties pushing for all he's broadcast license to be revoked that's why it off the independent regulator in britain being supposedly immune from political pressure. a brutal stand off group sport and offer donald trump deploys federal troops to the city while the president slams the anti-racism on rest now sweeping america. what
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cities are doing is absolute insanity many of the same politicians who want to slash resources for law enforcement have also declared that their cities are saying sure is for criminal illegal aliens. the world health organization stresses it's warry over the situation in europe just weeks off the countries started reopening the border. from moscow thanks for joining us and. welcome to the program i always thought breaking news here on our takes a senior member of britain's labor party has reportedly appealed to the country's independent broadcast regulator ofcom asking for all teeth to have its license revoked the leaked letter appears to be from joe stevens the m.p. for cardiff central to talk to saskia about its contents. while this last appears
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to be the fallout of the highly anticipated and much delayed report that was released this week in the u.k. now that report assessed the possibility of the extent of russian interference in u.k. politics as a whole and it came to the sensational conclusion that it was quote the new normal and that the kremlin's lost a mind in key decisions from bracks to the scottish referendum to the general election in december 29 t. but i gave up no proof to substantiate those claims on t.v. though did get a shout out in the report alongside thoughts on trolls all channels accused of distorting information in order to breed discord in a bid to fracture western societies now seemingly on the back of the fact a leaked and i will say unverified matter has come to light allegedly from stevens
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who is the cultural secretary so high up in the labor party and the latter would send a party to call which is the u.k.'s independent regulator and essentially follows all news outlets and make sure that every single step impartiality. now in that letter stevens is requesting that license to broadcast in the u.k. be reconsidered. i'm writing to you in the light of the troubling revelations in the russia report about the role of r.t. and sputnik in spreading kremlin back this information in. the last as high court challenge to off comes fine lord just a demon said in his ruling that biased reporting of the novi chuck attack in saul's very at the hands of the russians state caused actual and potential harm that damning judgment has now been reinforced by the long delayed intelligence and security committee report that exposes the role r.t.
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plays in the much wider issue of russian influence i am writing to request it off calm urgently reviews artie's license in light of this report into request a meeting with you as soon as possible to discuss my concerns about the broadcaster . no i think the 1st reaction many people have is what about the freedom of press what about the right to have access to various sources of information but even if we do put that to the side i think the 2nd coming on not on the heels of that will be how is it that a politician and then lect it official considers that are the more you are indeed legally sound to put pressure on an independent organization and on the basis of war of commons internationally recognised as being incredibly professional and of course highly competent to refer to troubling revelations in the wake of the
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russian report but off come for all these years has seen fit to allow r.t. to broadcast in the u.k. so why is that being questioned it is beginning on force need to look a bit like policy from the labor party on wednesday we heard the labor leader. in parliament face off with the prime minister boris johnson that he echoed this very let he license to potentially be revoked you'll see said that with jeremy corbin having now left him at the helm labor was changing and his attitude towards r t was change need no longer be giving interviews so let's listen to exchange between those too. distortions in the coverage provided by russian state and international broadcasters such as russia today the high court has ruled that russia today broadcasts actually the potential harm just the prime minister agree with me that it's time to look at good but the licensing for russia today operates in the u.k.
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you know it's a think you're going to speak it with i think this would come more credibly from the leader of the opposition i'd be cool guy these former the former leader of the opposition when he took the money hearing russia today i mean this is the protest this is the protest did neither against the leaders of the form of your vision stands nor against his willingness to take money from russia today he flip flops from day to day meters because it's not the 1st time that artie's been subject to debate and discussion in the parliament probably the 1st time that it's come from quite such a high level and so direct it's off called how is already responding now while this lesser again i say has not been verified and r.t. has issued a response queering a number of points but undoubtedly for the channel the main concern is this idea that a politician is actively interfering in the business of an independent body. it
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is wholly inappropriate for the leader of the labor party to make such request of the government and indeed a minister is like jay stevens to directly place political pressure on of com it isn't for the government to interfere in the role of an independent regulator nor is it appropriate for the labor party to seek to apply and you pressure on an independent regulator we are concerned about the politicians not about of calm. and of course this is not just about r.t. we have to look at the bigger picture here what else could be deemed worthy of being shut down and it sucks new worrying that politics and independent media bodies are being really dangerously entangled here sure and the sort of trigger behind this debate in parliament on the letter to some extent was the long awaited report which came out a few days ago what was the sum of. while the so-called russia report had been in the works for 18 months there was so much hype built up around it everyone expected after all of that time that that would become some kind of
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a bombshell revelation but it really failed to deliver in that regard it was an incredibly it was a highly redacted document for starters and in fact a key section of it in which there was apparently very important information proving that russia was meddling in the british democratic process and was not included so it ended up being a lot of unsubstantiated allegations made into a lot of questions rather than answers you know the driven essence of the similar intelligence reports in the united states where ati got a mention as well we covered this publication of the report just a couple of days back let's take a quick recap of what exactly was the thanks for joining us asking to get a very brief summary of the long awaited russian report we can go straight to page 13 of the document the written evidence provided to us appear to suggest that h m g had not seen or saw evidence of successful interference in u.k. democratic processes seems to be enough so if you're short on time or don't want to
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read heavily redacted intelligence and political spiel stop watching now otherwise let's go on open source studies have pointed to the preponderance of pro breaks it all and he used tories on r.t. in sputnik and the use of bullets and trolls as evidence of russian attempts to influence the process we've sought to establish whether there is secret intelligence which supported or bill. on these studies in response to my 5 initially provided just 6 lines of text the report's authors were seemingly surprised by the limited response of the intelligence services but not because those agencies may have more important priorities such as protecting lives by tackling international domestic terrorism or serious crime apparently more resources are needed to keep track of social media and artie's editorial policies and coverage breaks it polarized millions with several broadcasters coming under fire but it's still russia that poses the risk and the security services that are
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doing their job this is about the protection of the u.k.'s democratic process and mechanism from hostile state interference which should fall to our intelligence and security agencies after all moscow has been waging influence campaigns targeting u.k. politics through digital media wealthy individuals organizations and almost any other means the report warns the threat of russian influence is a hot potato with intelligence and other agencies shirking the responsibility of taking the lead in tackling it and reassuring the public amid widespread allegations of again the impact of such influence remains elusive. the impact of any such attempts would be difficult if not impossible to was serious and we've not sought to do so state agencies haven't looked closely enough for open source information according to the report they lacked a retrospective assessment and intelligence agencies in particular need
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a more important role in future the committee was struck by the relatively small proportion of work that is carried out by the agencies in relation to russia in any case should they consider other threats to be a higher priority they can always fall back on trusted russian experts to lead the way christopher steele author of the infamous anonymous golden shower dossier and contributors that the institute for state craft and integrity initiative a project founded to tackle the russian threat receiving state funding to advise the states that russia is a threat and moscow's response was swift and predictable as was the final conclusion of the long awaited russia report showing yet again that any reproach went with the u.k. however small is still be on the horizon. so let's go live now to the list for more on this thanks for joining us sandra good to have you with us today what do you make of this letter your what you make of this letter from joe stevens threw
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off calm asking for artie's license to be revoked does it come as a surprise to you. no it doesn't because actually what r.t. is doing it is not about know which are good o. r r d is providing a very objective coverage of many issues that the western media is refusing to cover objective the of one of them this china of course syria iran the men as well are many other stories so it is exactly against the tremendous propaganda that is being unleashed in the west against the old he's gone there is and so many intellectuals i was just in the united states many intellectuals in big cities in the u.k. and in the united states are actually turning to r r t they are looking for of the launch of a source of information for objective source of information and this is very
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dangerous sport of the establishment. in the west which is just the looking for those all consensus and for our acceptance of its propaganda towards china towards social towards syria and many other hotspots in a world so yes the r.t. and sputnik are getting gaining more and more popularity among the well influential people and among the intellectuals in the western wall of course there is this. resentment of. the from the more best of the starvation but they clearly from the u.k. and the united states so what we see now is actually very disappointing again the some sort of the new labor approach which would not be of of imaginable that so few months ago or to one year ago. so it though
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considering that there is this new attitude towards the media towards the world from the new labor. new labor will do it's not surprising but it is very unfortunate and. i'm going back to 2 off comments an independent body shouldn't be influenced by political pressure some people would say everybody has the right to complain to off come of they have some sort of concerns if they have questions about any broadcast or any program others would say is it really the place of m.p.'s to be asking for broadcaster to be banned what's your take on that definitely not install the place for him to burn anything google especially considering that the b.b.c. image is a british funded british government funded. news outlet one of the biggest in the walled actually. also gary is carrying. ideas that come from the british government so it would be
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a logical response of that ocean of ration would be to do. sort of the b.b.c. earth to broadcast or the russian for the ration which i don't think gershon for the nation or government but for shows or considering doing so it is again totally one sided don't only unfair. don't back to that the russian reporter mentioned earlier in the program there was a lot of references to allegations of hacking of meddling of interference clandestine activity how does that relate to r.t. you know broadcaster which follows has to follow legally off camas rules which sometimes has been found guilty of breaches as have other media broadcasters as well should there be a line drawn between the 2 though. well look. oh every broadcasting corporation and the war is having its own policy and the
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6 shillings 3000000 or objective with this giving it is giving quarries 2 of the different sides which again cannot be said about the abode of us the media and i o. really believe that this is a much more it's not about russian of broadcasting company r.t. or of us we think actually interfering in a policy it is more of giving quarries stupid people in the u.k. of and in the united states which are not heard of own which are not carried by or mainstream media broadcasting or of printed in the in the 1st if you open the yahoo page or for yahoo c o u k what you see is very consistent where it one sided propaganda that is being or those being consolidated all of the of the on the front page of the and
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so company like r t the broadcasting company locality is actually informing the people even in the u.k. that so often of course in the united states 2 of all a ball the events of analyze from different parts from different angles at different sites which is obviously now on acceptable in the west so it is clearly a censorship it is clearly clearly an of the holding of propaganda which is being spread by mainstream media both sides of the atlantic. little analyst under of its secretary view on thanks for joining us here at r.t. international there is so much. still to come this hour street battles of erupted in the united states city of portland where federal troops have been deployed to quell race riots story and more after the break.
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tower read outbreed turn on the t.v. on the about the world of what's happening around me i see shows on the screens but in last every day because the fake news narratives that they say they believe who may be cooling his clock will do enough business with tom f. the plumber brick by brick globalism a caveman how to play the off this endless war but i found a network that will question science great news that space civil strife climate change stop it will be cool to see him fly lists all the mainstream wants to do was
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keep us quiet you watch the right you can't keep a silenced critical point says cold perspective question inside direct we don't take sides we walk the walk our t.v. america of means real talk. you cannot be lonely with yeah you're right. i'm holland cook i invite you to climb with me of the mainstream media and
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from that higher figure to each to glimpse the big picture question more. welcome back to the program an intense standoff is developing in the u.s. city of portland resident donald trump's decision to send in federal troops to crack down on anti racism protests appears to have aggravated the situation. i think they're all. right i want. to give you their long term you're gonna get me.
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on the matter of paul and speaking there was among those tear gassed by federal officers as he stood among the protesters the white house claims he's lost control of the city over more than a dozen u.s. mayors most of them democrats and voiced alarm over the federal crackdown they've heard the trumpet ministration to pull troops out of american cities meanwhile calls to defund the police continue to grow louder among some groups. and the mayor of chicago meanwhile has to inform the police of any unconstitutional actions committed by federal forces trump announced that hundreds of troops were deployed to the city which he previously compared to a war zone i think in their own way they want us to go and they'll be a time when they're going to want us to go in for blast but right now we're sending extra people to help i've been very clear. not happening in chicago we don't need federal troops and i'm calling on all chicagoans that if you see something that
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doesn't look right police don't hesitate to report it and if we see any steps out of line particularly with v.h.s. or border patrol we're not going to hesitate to take the president to court and stop any unconstitutional actions i should call the has experienced a spike in violence over the past few days a recent drive by shooting at a funeral left 15 people injured and shooting incidents in the city of doubled in 2020 compared with the same period last year some locals say the president's decision to send in federal troops will not solve the crisis i think at the time and resources to be better spent in addressing the pandemic that affects all of us across the world so i just think it's just
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a deflection and it's unfortunate it's my lens begets more violence it's just a chain that will just repeat. continue it's not going to stop it is very dangerous to us and federal agents i mean there's if you know what happens if i just stay inside for the couple weeks there and then come back outside when they leave like the rules are very intelligent. this is not intelligent the most useful here would be the bureau of alcohol. tobacco. to deal with. the automatic weapons that are in the hands of criminals. you know working to get those kind of weapons out of the hands of people who. you know do mass shootings. the world health organization sounding the alarm over the coronavirus situation and europe. has this report. the summer sun has encouraged a return to normal in europe when it comes to covert 19 but ask coronavirus
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restrictions that be lifted or loosened the world health organization is warning about a potential spike in the virus with eastern europe and the polk and is deemed to be particularly at risk. we still have some worrying trends in southern europe and the balkans so we're not out of the woods just yet in the european environment it requires sustained vigilance just 2 months ago montenegro was declaring itself corona free not anymore it seems 2000 cases of the virus have seen social distancing and lock down measures reintroduced but. you may be forgiven for thinking that western europe could force off the worst the pandemic count too often but there's also big spikes there as well in spain for example the number of new infections has tripled recently in the peaceful means of the growth of the
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swimmers have been relaxed is where outbreaks happen is not only family reunions or other types of gatherings where we've had a good number of new outbreaks but also in places where there's been evening entertainment they have also generated some new outbreaks some countries are already reimposing measures in austria masks will be mandatory again from friday in response to a rise in the number of covert cases while in belgium which was ravaged by the 1st wave of the virus more pressure is being placed upon the health care system local mayors will be given powers to impose lock downs and curfews in the areas hardest hit we think that this is not really the time to have phase 5 of easing to restrictions there will be reinforcements taken to counter this part of the coronavirus instead. germany has been very successful at keeping case. it is low but this time of year is the peak time for holidays and
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unfortunately mingling with strangers when traveling is a very good way to spread this virus then that's the differences of the proportions taken from country to country here in berlin it's strictly for boat to ride public transport without a mask while in norway it's optional but there is nothing stopping me popping off the all slow for a few days taking in the sights of the taiga city by tram and bringing cove it back to germany europe like everywhere else is desperate to get back to normality not least of all for economic reasons but steps taken to quickly can end up being steps taken backwards that come with tragic consequences coronavirus today is no less infectious and no less deadly than it was a few months back it would have political but mostly economy in europe is more concerned with the economy and the health of its citizens and people the relaxation
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of the self isolation regime happened too early we do not know much about this virus but its spreads extremely quickly now there have been repeated outbreaks of the virus in many places in spain in terms of the rate of infection it countries approaching the figure of a 1000 people a day due to summer vacations that there are not enough doctors and nurses we need to act quickly in order to find the source of infections and try to immediately isolate and quarantine the people who are nearby in europe borders have been practically open to some places or be visited by tourists i don't think that the control over of visitors is very strict if europe does not act together then frankly it will be difficult at the beginning of the epidemic the government made the wrong decisions by the end of february a quarantine should have been already declared but this is in the past today it is . global problem i see that infections are not only occurring in spain the balkans
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will be a big source of increased corona virus infections in europe. relaxes and now it's heading your way in just a few by which time the team and i are back at 3 a moscow time and 30 minutes with the latest. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to us of the world of politics. i'm showbusiness i'll see that. syria has been engulfed in civil war most 10 years it's cost hundreds of thousands of lives and displaced a 1000000 small no one foresaw the peaceful protests of 20 is collating into
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a complex conflict between various geopolitical interests rebel groups not just. me. on this. but if you tell us if you say you hate because i'm. best at the cool. you know deep down to like. an ordinary i sat down i. never assassins them other than the shame what i did i miss the hate. it.
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fellow and welcome to redacted tonight vi p.r. camp today i talked with one of my favorite journalists kevin dole. who writes for shadow proof dot com and some of the best coverage of the continued persecution of julian assange on but will also be talking about a lot of other things such as the person trying to unseat debbie wassermann schultz and to the ana den of fide federal agents that are kidnapping people in portland oregon there's a lot to get to also naomi karagandy will bring us the weekly offensive and that lima gale has a mind blowing old news about perhaps.


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