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tv   News  RT  July 24, 2020 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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always the issue of trying to explain in the american election cycle. the trade themselves as being tough on beijing maybe they are at least rhetorically but in reality those are very different story and it's by far the commanding heights of industry and finance poured in china for day one of the ridges to show is this china's. opposition labor party is reportedly pushing for a broadcast license to be revoked and in britain supposedly independent t.v. regulator. the u.k.'s postscript to. the woods. shadow. school with secretary in a private letter sent to this independent regulator saying. telling urgently i need to see you to see that you do want to politically into the end of
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the independent regulator. striking. the u.s. to close its consulate general in the city of chengdu in retaliation of the closure of his own consulate in houston says the state ratchets up pressure by pulling on the world to gang up on quote this new. and more protest in the city of portland the president sent in troops to stamp out nearly 2 months of racism protest local business and. she just wants the unrest to come to an. end you feel businesses like your city looks like a war zone. and we're very disappointed we're very angry. and in the city of hamburg a 2 year suspended prison sentence is given to a former concentration camp guard in what's believed to be possibly the last trial of a known. if you are
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a war criminal. here in moscow great to have you with us here on r.t. to the. elite suggests the u.k.'s opposition labor party is pushing for artie's broadcast license to be revoked despite of com the independent regulator in britain supposedly being immune from political pressure earlier on taylor and daniel hoare can still the development leaked and i will say unverified laughs has come to light allegedly from stevens who is the shadow cultural secretary so high up in the labor party now that it was a party sent to off calm which is of course the independent u.k. media regulator which essentially just follows all news outlets and makes sure that every single time that impartiality is our power now in that left
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a jury stevens requests that artie's right to broadcast in the u.k. be reconsidered. i'm writing to you in the light of the troubling revelations in the russia report about the role of aarti inspired nick in spreading kremlin backed this information. i am writing to request it off calm urgently refuse artie's license in light of this report in to request a meeting with you as soon as possible to discuss my concerns about the broadcaster was all he responded while this has not been verified of course undoubtedly for the child the main concern is the side to that a politician is actively interfering in the business of an independent organization that should be immune to such pressure it is wholly inappropriate for the leader of the labor party to make such request of the government and indeed a minister is like jay stevens to directly place political pressure on of com it
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isn't for the government to interfere in the role of an independent regulator nor is it appropriate for the labor party to seek to play on due pressure on an independent regulator we are concerned about the politicians not about of come and of course this is not just about our team we need to look at the white a picture here what else will suddenly be deemed worthy of being shot down and it is incredibly of course worrying that politics and independent media bodies are being dangerously untangled now walty was in this fall as earlier this week in the house of commons as well was that yes i mean unfortunately it's beginning to look a bit like policy from the labor party on wednesday we saw that it may be a need to us a kiss on the face off with the prime minister boris johnson and really that he echoed this letter he kind of requested ati's license to potentially be revoked and set up with jeremy quote been gone he's now at the helm of the labor party's attitude towards r.t.
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has changed on their own could be giving and he's so let's look at that exchange between those 2 distortions in the coverage provided by russian state and international costas such as russia to die. the high court has ruled that russia today broadcasts actually potential harm just the prime minister agree with me that it's time to look at good but the licensing for russia today operates in the u.k. . it's a very good this is because i think this would come more credibly from the leader of the opposition have equally doubt. the former leader of the opposition when he took money hearing in russia today i mean we should be protecting this is the protests did neither against the frame of your vision stands nor against his willingness to take money from russia today he flip flops from day to day this has become the trigger if you like for the debate in parliament for this letter if you like was the long awaited russian report just sort of boy what exactly was published while the so-called russian report had been in the works for 18 months
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there was so much hype around it people thought that after all of this time that would be some sort of bombshell revelation but it really failed. in that regard a bit like the middle report if you will came to the sensational conclusion that it was quote the new normal and that the kremlin was masterminding key decisions from breck's it to the scottish referendum to the general election and 29000 but it gave up sunni no evidence to substantiate those claims it was a highly redacted document and that was a key section that was said to contain crucial information that proved russia had been meddling in britain's democratic process is now that section was missing it wasn't included so really the whole report was a lot of unsubstantiated allegations that left people with a lot more questions than answers and this latest development with the latter will undoubtedly in its own right raise a number of concerns not just of course about the future of the freedom of press in
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need k. but far more crucially about un jew influence. to comment on this story we've received no reply yet. ok let's bring in a guest that in the story now with independent journalist martin summers good to have you on martin says close to home so it's good to have an independent journalist to pass comment on it 1st of all get your reaction to the the story and the letter supposedly letter from joe stevenson of com what do you think of it. well as it's a it's a leak so it may be deliberate or you know somebody is leaks it i think of the previous contributor that made clear that this is part of a general policy of demonizing russia really and of course it's totally improper for the labor party to be trying to influence off coming this way but i think
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they're probably likely to get you know they'll be echoed on the right wing of politics so we're going to see i'm afraid quite a lot of. necessary attempts to prevent your operating in the way that you do and i think what they really don't like is an alternative narrative to the war on which they would like to push and they're not interested in debating with anybody and great believer if you break the rules and everybody knows the rules you should be punished in accordance with them and if i thought it was breaking the rules like any broadcaster in the u.k. so up to was come to the deal with that matter the fact that r.t. still broadcasting there doesn't that tell us quite clearly that of calm hasn't found any kind of transgression of the rules big enough to stop them doing that. yes well i mean obviously there have been interactions between off common azzi and the have with other organizations and obsolete intends to operate within those
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guidelines i think that's not good enough because we've created in the u.s. and and in britain you've got the intelligence services essentially tanking for their own power the that this kind of story that the russians are coming they're trying to influence elections is essentially a canard i mean we know that some of the the. the the stuff about the hacking of the d.n.c. computers in the u.s. we've all the information we have about that is very clear that was a leak not a hack it was nothing to do with the russian intelligence services and what it showed was that date democratic national committee were rigging the the elections that is a story and of course the story became russian hacking and that of course is a classic look over there there's a school on the same thing happened here with lots of contentious matters including the scriptural case and so on but you've got to be allowed to have
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a different point of view otherwise freedom means nothing and if everybody ablaze the rules and everybody knows artie's the state funded organization just as a.b.c. is in australia the australian broadcasting corporation or they demand to be say we're not going to listen to them fox news is out rights trump propaganda should we ban it i don't think so does this create a problem for of comet self because i mean its reputation is based almost entirely on the notion that it is independent that it is impartial and the decision now that would follow immediately after what's perceived openly to be government pressure would would harm its reputation. well you'd like to think so it's not a whole has a great big profile and i'm not really sure how they're going to respond to this but one would hope that they will do what they're supposed to do and don't take an
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independent view on it for r.t. has done anything that requires to be corrected than let let let let it be stated and let's see what it is the this kind of innuendo is mainly a political gain the new the new more right wing leadership of the labor party wants to establish a kind of narrative in the public mind that the old leftism is finished and now they're going to take a more extreme view on international affairs more war like possibly in places like yemen where the british military are engaged in a mass murder really that are we allowed to say that we're going to find out in the future whether we are up with. martin appreciate you coming out international martin some as my guest independent journalist thank you thank you. china has ordered the u.s. to close its consulate in the city of chengdu it's a tit for tat measure as earlier washington ordered beijing to shut up shop in houston beijing says it's not looking for
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a fight. the current situation in bilateral relations which the u.s. is entirely to blame for is not really what china desires to see once again we urge the us immediately to retract its wrong decisions and kriegel necessary conditions for bringing relations between the 2 countries back to track from. the top administration order china to shut its houston consulate on tuesday when i defended the move claiming beijing was stealing intellectual property as you can call the closure of its consulate a political provocation while its foreign ministry said the country's embassy in america had received death threats because of anti china sentiment it says was whipped up by donald trump as tensions escalate between the 2 geo political foes the u.s. secretary of state has called on other nations to form an alliance against china. but we have to admit hartrick we estimate are due to should guide us in the years
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and decades to come we want to have a free 21st century and not the chinese century of dreams all paradigm of blinding gauger with china simply won't get it done the united nations nato. and she 7 countries the g 20 are combined economic diplomatic and military power is surely enough to meet this challenge if we directed clearly and with great courage to free world must triumph over this new tyranny. we heard from china expert she says that the u.s. is acting in fear. many people in the united states are extremely upset with the very authoritarian way that the trumpet ministration is dealing with the protesters and basically china. not following the norms and violating human rights a lot of people it probably cried. oh you sound like you're being
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a hypocrite here us for all us the folks basically are worried that china would include the us economically and then therefore politically be and militarily over time and that's their biggest fear i don't think it's because it into human rights. to remain high in the us city of portland over the deployment of armed federal forces i was sent in earlier this week by president trump to quell racism protests the white house claims that the matter of portland has lost control of the city however more than a dozen u.s. mayors most of them democrats voiced concern over the federal crime down more details his auntie america correspondent alex the heart of each. a protester beaten with a metal pole tear gas and rubber bullets shot into a crowd after nearly 2 months of mostly peaceful protests tensions have reached new heights now for president donald trump's administration ordered federal police.
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cordons largest city just a few days ago porton spirted wheeler was not speared by the u.s. government forces wheeler was tear gassed by the agents as he stood near a fence guarding a federal courthouse. jeered at times by protesters the mayor showed solidarity with the crowd shouting black lives matter. that's opposed the deployment of federal agents of his city from the start and the state has how does barack let me be very clear with oregonians when i spoke with the director of the depart. and of the homeland security and last week i told him to go home and to take his federal troops with him. this is a democracy not a dictatorship however critics of the portland mirror is to blame for local police using tear gas and other methods to disperse crowds prior to the arrival of the ferd's some local business leaders also believe the mirror should have brought the night we protest under control weeks ago. meanwhile the ongoing protests have
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affected portland shop owners with stores in the area vandalized and looted one of the targets was a jewelry store that's been operating in the area for 30 years inmate protesters broke into the premises and stole numerous items the owner know how to sob so is cancer afraid to go downtown because of the ongoing protests and she spoke to r.t. about the situation in portland. are not the only ones many businesses in downtown portland are hurt it's not the portland we know it's not the city that we've been doing business in for over 30 years it's just boarded up streets. you know lot of graffiti just destruction everywhere and we're very disappointed with the city officials i don't consider what they're doing it's tutorship when you feel businesses like that when your city looks like a war zone doubts of failed leadership and we're very disappointed we're very angry and at this time we just don't know what the future of downtown portland will look
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like when you allow lawlessness when you allow the movie and we don't hold people accountable this stuff is going to continue and their leadership field the businesses the residents of downtown portland big time and just right this is happening there is no accountability being held right now against looters. you're watching on t.v. the actual still to come this hour 2 new year suspended prison sentences given to a former concentration camp guard he's been found guilty of accessory to mass murder that story and others after the short break.
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you can't be both with the yeah you want.
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the blacklist to germany next to a youth court in hamburg 100 a sentence to a 93 year old age 17 he was an concentration camp guard he's been convicted of 15000 counts of accessory to murder our europe correspondent peter all of that has the story. this 2 year suspended sentence that was handed down to 93 year old bruno d. could well be the last verdict handed down to a perpetrator of crimes during the holocaust he was found guilty of being an accessory to 5232 counts of murder while he was an s.s. guard the tough concentration camp.
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due to his age 93 years old as i said it was always unlikely that a judge was going to hand down a custodial sentence the 2 year suspended sentence though was greeted with mixed opinion by those representing the victims i understand how they reached the suspended verdict but i can't accept this it's all because a suspended sentence for a mass murder even when the defendant was a teenager juvenile is basically sending the wrong signal this is the verdict is balance this verdict is also a signal to foreign countries namely that these crimes will be punished haven't 70 to 75 years after a mass murder judge on my a good bring said that bruno de viewed himself as just a mob server in the killings that were going on and she also contradicted claims
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made by the defense team the 93 year old would have tried to escape from the camp himself if an opportunity had arisen the judge said he knew what was going on there and how people were being killed earlier this week we heard from bruno de himself who said how he felt about the actions that took place all those years ago. i would like to apologize to those who went through this hell of madness and their relatives something like this can never be repeated there are other investigations into the crimes of the holocaust ongoing but due to the well the amount of years that have elapsed since the crimes were committed and the age of those who were accused of perpetrating those crimes as well as the age of those who survived it seems that this trial may be the last one in the german court that will be seen through to completion. the iconic higher saffir in istanbul has reopened for muslim prayers with its 1st friday worship after
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a top to court revoked his status as a museum it is size of his 1st muslim prayer in almost 90 years of worshippers of file filled the nearby square for the inauguration to his president bridge of type one is also in attendance here's a quick look back at the history of the unesco world heritage site. during prayers the christian frescoes and i cons of the former cathedral will be covered with curtains and other times only our works will be uncovered with the holy site open to tourists.
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some world leaders have criticized turning the site into a mosque again inside turkey the decision met with a mixed reaction on turkish pollster found that almost half of respondents saw it as an attempt to shift focus away from the country's economic woes is what people in istanbul had to say. hyas a few years a fundamental right of muslims it's been converted into a mosque as a result of this victory no muslims can pretty freely but when hyacinth feel was a museum there was a restriction that prevented worship. but it's totally the wrong decision even if it's not an insult can offend people after all the founder of our country gifted highest fear to humanity as a museum and i think it would be better if it retained the status of historical artifact benjy we need to respect every religion in fact mohamed had always advised
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peace saying it christian neighbor is in my camp there aren't supposed to be a into things conflict this is important because that. remains a museum and it is important that it becomes a mosque but it doesn't matter to me this is. because you know i'm still plans for better as the center of. the we're now acute the right range the more i don't know what you support as. part of . the perhaps preparing election of syria in therapy so this is a domestic for you because i've been in the seizure of. reality not of france or greece the us in the same time of france or. civilization there are rewards that is against this decision it
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harms relationships. and the relations between europe and the european union and the other. countries. they need to. hear when you read it today thanks thing without a stick around if you can michael exactly the go will bring you all the latest on our top stories in half an hour. the beasts. i 1st heard about you know. from the helicopter folks in iraq. i think at dinner people are going to be going to this military who have never forgiven. the traitor the truth of the book and will
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be giving you saw he was really starting to happen. in the pentagon journalese died as you've heard. seen a lot of crimes to have not been on. the idea of developing an anonymous digital tongues and applying it to the media since it makes sense that was a friend's. going to get control and just write it in with me for a short while. in a room with one of the world's most powerful news a woman very serious anderson anderson cooper founder of the song good songwriting . and there was a great deal of jealousy in the brains for the song the fit why won't it be more like oh they have hugh seems all. instantly. smiling.
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good. for. them julian assange was in solitary confinement in the prison for terrorists await you know how it's a live person. i don't see him dying. and i. know what he's saying. seemed wrong. but old rules just don't. mean you get to shape out just to become educated and in detroit equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground.
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the world is driven by shaped by. the day or thinks. we dare to ask. problem drugs don't always come from unscrupulous dealers but from pharmacies to in every state in the united states we see me very sharp increase in the number of people seeking treatment for addiction to prescription opioids and invented america under the banner of medicine persisted with the pain but instead of trying to wean him off though she just goes after dose after dose after dose and really became his
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drug dealer so who's to blame patients doctors manufacturers all the governments. hello and welcome across town for all things are considered on putin about how is the issue of china playing out in the american election cycle and by the trade themselves as being tough on beijing made. they are at least rhetorically but
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reality tells a very different story and it's bipartisan the commanding heights of industry and finance have courted china for decades and have the riches to show for it is this china's fault. to discuss this and more i'm joined by my guest sarah issue in knoxville she is a visiting scholar at fudan university and in beijing we crossed the jungle he is a professor at the university of international business and economics or across up rules in effect that means you can jump in he time you want and i always appreciate ok let's go to sara and knoxville. what role is china playing in the american election because i said in my introduction both biden and trump want they like to if they're shown these apps ok that ad versus ad very anti china obviously but i
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don't see it really making much of an impact on the electorate because there are so many other is.


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