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hello and welcome to redacted tonight v.i.p. camp today i talk with one of my favorite journalists kevin dolla who writes for shadow proof dot com and some of the best coverage of the continued persecution of julian assange but we'll also be talking about a lot of other things such as the person trying to unseat debbie wassermann schultz and to be on a den of fide federal agents that are kidnapping people in portland oregon there's a lot to get to also naomi kara vonnie will bring us the weekly offensive and natalie mcgill has a mind blowing old news about perhaps the only american to ever get paid reparations for slavery but 1st here's my interview with kevin just kevin thanks so much for joining me yeah thanks for having me so you're doing excellent journalism
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and one of the topics that i think you're one of the best on is julian assigns so i wanted to start off with talking about him obviously there's always developments in what's going on with him the continued persecution of joining us on recently they added extra indictments more indictments they added on a few weeks ago i mean they were already 17 indictments 17 or 18 by the justice department against him what the hell are they adding on and what's the point of. they're just window dressing trying to make their case look better but it really rests upon this conspiracy theory that they've never been able to prove that julian assad and recruited chelsea manning to work for wiki leaks and she was inside the pentagon systems acting as some kind of spy and truly wasn't a military whistleblower and in effect the reason why we saw this super ceding indictment where they're now criminalizing not just julian assigns but it's an
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escalation because they name weekly leaks staff in the indictment and they're suggesting that they're going to go after criminalize those people as well i believe why they did this is because back in march they had to dismiss the grand jury that was impaneled by president barack obama to destroy wiki leaks and then it lay dormant and it was awoken this beast was awoken by a jet beauregard sessions when he was the attorney general and then put to work by the trumpet ministration and they added this indictment because they were unable to get chelsea manning to testify and they were unable to get jeremy hannant another person involved in an activity that a bench really led to a few exposing the strap or files as so because they need to make their case look better as they pursue this extradition they're now escalating this indictment but there's no as you mentioned there's no new charges it's all still very serious 17
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charges of violating the espionage act in the one that makes it seem like he might be happier but they have no evidence that he was really engaged in hacking the or conspiring to hack against the pentagon computer systems where does the extradition process stand right now i mean they're still fighting through will bring him back to the united states and not back bring him to the united states. you know is it is it looking likely that they'll honestly succeed in. expediting a publisher who isn't american has never operated in america and they're going to extradite him to america to be tortured is there is there really a chance this that could happen. they would seem to have a favorable magistrate court judge in the u.k. which shows the 1st obstacle you have someone who can start increasing the wheels for ia so you can make this afternoon has been as barrettes are and so far she's
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had complete and total contempt for the human rights of joy innocence for she said you're going to stay in the glass box at the back of this courtroom and you're not going to be allowed to sit with your attorneys because you have complained that he's not able to follow along with the process this is a man who was charged with jumping bail because he saw political asylum and the u.k. ecuador sweden and the united states collectively have made a mockery out of the institution of political asylum and they have to treat him like he's some super villain and keep him in this maximum security facility where he can die before this extradition hearing is even completed because he's vulnerable as hell the teary eyed while he was in the ecuador embassy. yeah he is greatly at risk of catching coven 19 considering he's already not very healthy.
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and and speaking of that it's an easy segue to another whistleblower who also is in prison and also is fearing covert 19 reality winner she is the one who leaked the documents to the intercept and then was quickly caught and now is imprisoned as well you're been writing about her situation tell us where that stands yet have been covering her because it shows how the trumpet ministration continues what obama started with his war on whistleblowers and and just for the record there are 3 notable individuals who are punished under the espionage act or face cases from donald trump and i don't think a lot of people know who these individuals are but outside of reality when or there's terry allbery who also provided documents to the intercept about f.b.i. profiling of informants essentially and the racist aspects of it and then there's danielle and her health who provided it also allegedly just documents to jeremy
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scahill on drones and the way in which the obama administration was engaged in targeted assassinations that built this massive complex and so now you find reality when terrorists stuck in this facility that the bureau of prisons operates in fort worth texas we've seen these spikes happening in the last 2 weeks particularly in texas because you've got politicians who deny science and don't think it's a threat and since april she's been saying this would happen there would be a spike and appealed for compassionate release she's more than halfway through her sentence and now you've got nearly 20200 or more prisoners in this facility in fort worth that have the virus so exactly what she said would happen has happened and now the retaliating against her and i fear it's because of a story that i wrote last week about what was going on i. i publish some details from her family on what is going on in this facility and i also highlighted
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some local news reporting on the facility and the bureau of prisons instead of dealing with the matter and releasing people is choosing to just retaliate against reality winner and it can be very cruel to these women in all of these prisons you get placed in solitary confinement or you get completely left for dead by the bureau of prisons if you get the fires moving on recently you wrote about another federal offense federal but another court shooting down the ag gag laws that have been you know by state to state they've been trying to pass these laws that basically won't allow people to film inside a factory farming is where factory farming where the most disgusting horrific situations anyone could ever imagine i mean anyone i've ever heard who's actually seen what goes on in there walks out and at the minimum says they're never eating factory farmed meat again many of them become vegetarians or something but anyway talk about the laws. well they may even be puking right on the scene
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trying to digest what they're just right witness no i think they're like this is a success story in some ways because you've seen several states where the courts have shot this down and they've recognized it for what these groups have advocated and you have people like the animal legal defense fund that have led the charge in challenging these laws and they say that it will chill whistleblowing a middle path to freedom of speech freedom of expression and also they're not hiding that they want to be able to have undercover activists go in and do these investigations and then release details of corruption or animal cruelty exception about how our industrial farm system works in the united states and the judges have bought these and most states and i think to the theme of hacks which we have going in the segment you have basically these states government mostly republicans which
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i think these laws come from ally which is that they were counsel that drafts these really extreme corporate laws that are usually rather crude by their design and there's no reason for this law and the judges are finding that there's no reason to have this law because you have trespassing laws on the books in states so to pass this law to stop people from trespassing on farms allegedly it doesn't pass the smell test because you know immediately that there's something else behind why they're passing this law. yeah well it is good to see the earliest a bunch of them have been shot down because you know we should see we should see all of this we should see how our food is made if we if we so choose we should see what's going on in our government i mean we need a lot more transparency and all of these things are aimed at going in the reverse speak you have transparency i saw you tweeted about these masked on identified
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militarized federal agents that have been kidnapping on armed protesters in portland oregon now since the initial kind of uproar over that we now know that they were under the d.a. jaspar but homeland security the head of d.h.s.s. tried to act like this is perfectly normal and you know he literally said like on mark to cop cars are common but this seems like we're speeding up kind of down that path towards fascism and i am i overstating that. no i don't think so i'm terribly concerned because the latest news reporting i'm hearing from chicago is that there could be around 150 agents deployed in the city of chicago this week and through the weekend and that chicago might be the next site for what happened in portland and you've got multiple cases of people just being snatched they're not told why they're snatched beyond the fact that the videos look terrifying because you see
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these people in cities come out grab people throw them in a van and the van drives off and you don't know what just happened 5 there's this reality that nobody's told why they're being picked up you sit down when you're in custody and they tried to trap you into incriminating yourself they you decide that you don't want to provide any information you asked for a lawyer and then they realize you can't mess around with you so then you get let go into 3 hours but it's all over the guise of protecting federal property which is . total ruse a total scam on their part and as it turns out what they're really doing is they're driving the streets looking for anyone black they're profiling people you know sure they're like can we find somebody who we think funded by george soros and tossed and she fed into the fans and then they continue and again like i think hacks and this whole theme of like conspiracies like i feel like so much of our government
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right now these days functions upon these conspiracy fs that they wove in these fantasies that they've conjured in their minds about who these people are on the streets and using whistle blowing and it's very trip troubling that they're going to expand this to other cities beyond portland and try to enforce the laws and this is an agency of the department of homeland security that shouldn't even exist as a no reason for its existence we have the n.s.a. we have the f.b.i. we have the cia doing foreign stuff we have no reason for the department of homeland security and they. and i can they can do basically anything under the guise of national security and it's a national security and you can't even ask what they're doing it's totally ridiculous well of one minute left but i wanted to get to jen perlman real quick she's running against debbie wasserman schultz down in florida arguably one of the most hated and entrenched democrats in the entire democratic party dede of us has
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as she's known has succeeded in kind of scamming her way to victory each and every time she faces a challenger against him going over they basically just said she won and then destroyed all of the ballots so there could be no recount anyway does gen pearlman have a shot here and what makes her unique as a politician in one minute here. you know she's got a lot of good indorsements from press's and the folks who were behind backing sanders bernie sanders his campaign. i think she's very strong i was impressed that she's someone who's willing to speak about dismantling the military industrial complex and she were credit even though debbie wassermann schultz and her ilk ate her she's very strong on the issue of venezuela saying that she's not going to be beholden to white rich venezuelans in her district and she cares about the lower class middle class working class people who are from latin america who actually
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support maturer or see things a different way in the country says she's really a stand up against special corporate interests that debbie wasserman schultz has cozied up to so much throughout her 16 years of being involved in representing people in florida yeah corporations and debbie wassermann schultz are definitely bedfellows kevin thanks so much everybody can follow your work and shadow proof dot com really appreciate it and you're going to go to a quick break but i want to let you know that the full redacted tonight episodes are all available on the free streaming app portable t.v. it's a portable dot tv flash download all the segments of our shows are still available at youtube dot com slash redacted tonight but for the full episodes go to portable t.v. also join our free e-mail list you can find out about our videos just text the word redacted to 33777 i'll be right back
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a lot more. we go to work so straight home. syria has been engulfed in civil war almost 10 years it's cost hundreds of thousands of lives and displaced millions more no one foresaw the peaceful protests of 20 of them this collating into a complex conflict between various armies geopolitical interests rebel groups and jihadists. day on the on the book on this is the
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1st part of the fellas you say you hate because i. was a genius i was your. best at the shaw look cool. you know deep going to lick. those about the money. and or the nasdaq that i. never statham as the mother and then as she did what i did i miss to hate a shot then you. get it i. welcome back i'm still late camp now we go to course but today only care of money for the weekly offensive. thankfully
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for some this pandemic has been an early christmas while brick and mortar businesses were shutting their doors the biggest corporate consulting firm when into sales mode and received millions in no bid government contracts this is what pro publica reports as a bonanza mckinsey is making more than $100000000.00 vising on the government's bumbling coronavirus response so you want to advise on a virus so mckinsey are you doctors or medical researchers you know well are you c.p.r. certified no not even that could you be soothsayers ok you're through failures but have no tarot cards. were. $100000000.00 is just on what contracts are public now states such as california new jersey and major cities such as it lancet chicago and los angeles and
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government agencies some of the health of mckinsey voodoo this includes a v.a. which relaxed mask requirements for health care workers and fema who ordered $10000000.00 in testing kits it's now warning states not to you. yikes i hate when you order something online and it doesn't fit there or it's contaminated medical equipment never buying the vintage animas again that's for sure. so what the hell does a consultant do if there aren't doctors warlocks or which is a top official in florida's miami dade county wrote basically they're compiling data for us and putting it in pretty for men in sort of the meta going to reopening which confuse the already confused floridians with way too many flags as much as there are those profiteering from the plague there are those cashing in on the
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movement for racial justice there's been a boom in the diversity consulting business the leading anti-racist guru is the author of white for gillett e. robin d'angelo a corporate consultant who leads anti-bias workshops her book is the number one bestseller on amazon right now when she ironically is a white lady profiting off of racism now americans simply didn't want to learn about race from a black person that's uncomfortable they wanted to speak with racism manager the book has become the bible of white guilt and it says loony as it is dangerous pseudoscience the original sin of america and every white american is racism according to d'angelo in the cure to solving racism is to have every white person look inward and then bark on a lifelong project of confronting their racial bias sees a noble endeavor and after all it isn't at home activity the c.d.c.
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recommends several hours of soul crushing white guilt today as much as i love the idea of monetizing white guilt or writing a check for white privilege this anti-racism training manual leads one to buy into a whole new system of white supremacy where white people are the only ones with agency and black americans are no more than victims plus new research suggests that anti-bias training can backfire because training whether consciously or subconsciously activates stereotypes and wait for jodi is in the end a book. about how to make certain educated white readers feel better about themselves white readers or white guilt seminar attendees will know they've done something meaningful by examining how much of a as white people suck and then decide they don't need to do anything really tangible to help anyone's volunteer that's raises the profit of white guilt d'angelo says in her book wanting to jump over the hard personal work and get
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a solution is a foundation of white fragility solutions are racist and action is racist how convenient for corporate america and companies like amazon that they don't need to think about discriminatory hiring practices or a living wage for black employees racism can be solved and getting all the white people in the room and having them sell flagellate so much that they like it the anti racism consulting industry also serves a more sinister role in keeping real corporate civil rights violations hidden holding an anti-racism training however ineffective can be illegal shield against the civil rights lawsuit they have to mire mckinsey d'angelo and all the other grifters taking advantage of these current crises the rise of hiring consultants to deal with these things says more about the government in companies who hire them they just want to answers on what to do are they the right answers who know and
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frankly who cares if you do i think you might have an answer bias and finally let's take a minute to learn about perhaps the only american to actually get paid reparations for slavery correspondent natalie mcgill has the mind blowing old news. there to bring up the subject of reparations for slavery around white people and you failed to feel like your kreg from the movie friday. when his friend smokey says well you might not always but if you made an argument against reparations that you had nothing to do of slavery or that it's impossible to achieve then you may have heard the story of henrietta would a former slave who in $1870.00 sued for reparations and won until now i would have said that is about as likely to happen as washington d.c. is football team changing its racist name but with the team name change on the
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horizon it looks like these pigs will fly born into slavery in kentucky between 18181820 would with eventual we sold during her teenage years to a frenchman named william so rode who lived with his wife jane in new orleans but william returned to france without jade who vento was with her to cincinnati ohio where she legally registered her as a free woman and 1848 but just those rich kids fight over their parents' inheritance james' daughter josephine consider what her rightful property and josephine enlisted the help of a deputy sheriff in covington kentucky zabulon ward to kidnap her and return her to the south even once employer a boarding house keeper named for becca boyd was in on the kidnapping offering to make sure wood was on a carriage ride that would stop at a location where they were waiting to capture her so to kind of quote the late d.c.
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mayor marion barry the set her up a fire at the ohio courthouse for would earn her freedom destroyed her freedom papers and her captors seized her only copy even early lawsuit an innkeeper filed on her behalf was tossed which gave zabulon board the freedom to sell her to slave owner gerard brandon in mississippi a man who was determined to keep wood and hundreds of other slaves in bondage well after the sun. the war after more than a dozen years of re captivity would now a mother earn her freedom again in 866 and eventually return to the north and with the help of a lawyer whose family hired wood as a domestic worker she sued a secular ward in $870.00 for $20000.00 in reparations and a case that historian w. caleb mcdaniel noted would drag on for 8 years due to
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a number of obstacles those obstacles that daniel told the sony a magazine or that the words lawyer stalled claiming that her failed ante bellum suit for freedom proved his innocence they also said that war is a legit crimes had occurred too far in the past a recurring argument against reparations and similar award i recall another kentucky man who looks and sounds like he just bombed an audition for the colonel in a k.f.c. ad making that exact same argument about reparations 150 years later yet despite the odds and an all white male jury henrietta wood furniture and 878 say we the jury in the above entitled cause do fine for the plaintiff and assess her damages in the premises at $2500.00 of course knowing that she asked for $20000.00 and only received $2500.00 is like asking for
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a drum kit and just getting the sticks. or asking for a frazier reunion t.v. special where the only character who shows up is the dog. reparations won't erase the atrocities of slavery and it won't fix the resulting systemic racism that black and brown people and dirt today and some cities are trying to address that in mid july the asheville dwarf carolina city council voted unanimously to back slavery reparations in the form of community investment any nuanced approach to writing these wrongs won't just be about distributing money it will be about changing the laws that create a system of inequality because there's no amount of times you can bend mill your black brown out of white guilt that will change that. but don't stop enrolling your black friends though we need protests posted were money and beer money and
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a new dress because this one has stains on its name this is natalie mcgill for redacted tonight and that's the show watch out for a brand new episode redacted tonight tomorrow night also get full episodes of redacted anytime you want to grab the free app portable t.v. also you can check out my free stand up comedy special at least camp american dot com 85000 people can't be wrong go check it out anyway good night good friday. janet jackson the last of the baby boomers or snagged elating in the 1990s on the birth of companies that went public for the 1st time and they would have these pops and then there was this enormous crash where their millennialism jhansi are speculating on the death of companies in companies that are dying and declared
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their dead companies and their supplying plowing their way in to speculate on the on the death of a company. i 1st heard about you know. from the helicopter folks in iraq. or i think that there are people going to going to its military who have never forgiven. the traitor the truth of the book and it'll make you believe. he was really starting to happen. in the pen journalese that he's too dark to see a lot of crimes to outnumber the audience. the idea of developing an anonymous digital truck bombs and applying it to media a consensus makes that was affronts. to control in truth
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it would be crucial. in the room when the world's most. useful for your history understand or celebrate founders of the song give it some green. and there was a great deal of jealousy the money for the song the free why won't the people mark off the accusation all. instantly. she's my. records. we have to leave science in solitary to. listen for terrorists a way to keep their heads alive for so. i don't see a time. when the stakes are.
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always the issue of trying to playing out in the american election cycle. and biting betray themselves as being tough on beijing maybe they are at least rhetorically but reality tells a very different story and it's bipartisan committee kinds of industry and finance for the china project and the ridges to show it is this china. god is dead and pedophiles just a few of the words are graffitied across the walls of the highly damaged 108 year old cathedral basilica of the immaculate conception located in denver colorado now and chicago nuns who run the daughters of a st paul bookstore hid in the out stayers while the bookstore or the damage by raw
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