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tv   The Big Picture  RT  July 24, 2020 10:30pm-11:01pm EDT

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all sticken close to home to starve that virus this is the ocean state which means we're very well ventilated and that's a good thing because early on in the outbreak we set uncomfortably between 2 of the hottest hot spots boston to the north and new york city to the south so we have been taking this very seriously as our governor gina rimando explains barrier early on in this crisis i took what some would say heavy handed approach i actually did use our national guard to monitor cars coming in from other states including new york to ask them to go into quarantine if they were coming from a place like new york city that was a hot spot and i did take a little flak at that time for that approach but the truth of it is. like i've said rhode island the only state in america where we've tested 20 percent of the population hospitalizations are going down business has been open for months and i
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have to do everything that i need to in order to keep commerce flowing in my state without hospitalizations going through the roof. and our station has rolled out the innovative crush kovi a smartphone app which jumpstart its contact tracing and contact tracing is the ballgame ambitious and successful as all of this has been here we are geographically the smallest state imagine a place where people come from all over the world all the time with all kinds of germs i am describing las vegas nevada which got it tough with unemployment during the shutdown what is the state of affairs in sin city now let's ask the author of cocktail waitress wisdom a life lessons learned while carrying a tray in las vegas she is the voice that's been wakin up the valley for years heidi harris from k.m.c. que radio and when i say welcome back i mean good to see you because
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heidi caught the cove it heidi i'm glad you're on the mend but when you weren't a scale of one to 10 how bad was it. oh pretty bad pretty bad good to see you i literally felt her i don't know days and days like i have been run over by 911 i gotta tell you x. and shills and no time did i feel like i was in medical distress. that they were going to have. you here with me back here things like that and it was it was a miserable little life. well i heard of this morning it's great to hear you're sounding chipper have you figured out where you picked up the virus. yeah i picked up the work. because i had done it we were my house. yeah i was given a radio station right correct i was going to the radio station not knowing and i'm
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not going to lay this on my employer's feet i'm not blaming there there were other people the building i did not know had it and it's a small building we're all sharing the same bathroom same breaker in the same this is that not where to ask you try to wash your hands i wasn't aware of it but you know if you're going to most people are going to get it sooner or later on some of those people and here's the difference. but. 'd in this respect there are a lot of companies. if. not more. and that's good. well while you were down for the count we had our talk radio brother john shaffer here to sup a scene for us and he described something that seeing is believing from some of the
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video during the shutdown you locals who usually go out of your way to avoid the strip were bicycling and skateboarding and strolling down a darkened las vegas bowl. of art it looked just eerie now that the lights are back on what's the mood there admittedly you're staying home so you're hearing more about it than seeing it but are the crowds back now you know what i think the crowds are back in some places and not so much in others i just take a quick story that i was leaving work before i got this and i was driving down the street and there was a there were some horses and there was a big roman guy on the back of the horse with some girls that look like something out of. walking. or your reason. 'd whatsoever. you know that's. so he threw stink ringback it's you.
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know. it's not the sort of rafiq thing so many kids really have you here. it's not quite an experience it's the wires. are so that's. yeah when the shutdown head the las vegas had the u.s.a.'s highest unemployment and obviously they're coming back gradually as is business overall but i want to pick up on an issue i saw you raised on social media how equitably is the workforce being invited back on the job in the hospitality industry. it's really really tough and i some people with a high seniority are getting called back some people are not getting called back yet they have a notice is that they have to legally send out 60 days before they do mass layoffs
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they call warfare and says we are going to sit out. the next. in. your name. they'd go back to. you. but i think it's. starting. to wonder. if you. are what they are. now. it's still a. period it's. just like i didn't know that they were shut down again we are speaking with author and las vegas radio host heidi harris last time i saw you i was in town for the massive mind boggling consumer electronics show and i am intrigued that they planned for c
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e s 2021 to go again in january maybe the world's biggest perennial trade show and not having seen you there then or at the cancelled national association of broadcasters convention in april i'm wondering how long can vegas a limp along without this big convention business because there's such a lean time built in to planning these events right it can't can survive not some of the hotels the ones that get you know the weekend business fine but the big hotels they can't and we've got 150000 hotel rooms in las vegas because you know 40000000 euro here. it's. the last. you know. who last. me forever teach.
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you what i had to get were big. speakers on the panel for what not we're going to hear so many of those well. there's no reason. for you to. be. here to. read. what others are where. i could mention those words but there is an. order but. every day. our combat governor here is getting props aplenty for her leadership during the crisis here in rhode island how is nevada's governor rated there how's he doing. he's arba he's absolutely horrible to the people who are good workers so that's all the over drivers all the entertainers the show people have virtually not been able to get what they call the p u a the pandemic got inflated assistance people are on twitter trashing the governor
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constantly they can't get through nobody gets their phone calls answer. you get the point that. it's not. in the biggest issue or it's we don't know what his plans are for. the boards there we don't know where they're going to reopen he doesn't get anybody at target we humans. well. and we can. $30000.00 cases that's one per cent but the least that's in the 43 to 60 percent like me. it's for certain there are many. many hundreds of thousands of people who are or one percent of the population this is getting it are fewer people dying. yes they are every life matters but circular tire stands for that people feel that.
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i love talking politics with you and i missed a chance to do so when they canceled the national association of broadcasters convention in april so i must ask donald trump did not carry nevada in 2016 i got about a minute left so wax heidi yes how's he looking for how to talk to you there in your state. well we don't have the best leadership in the nevada g.o.p. that's a big problem but i think we have a democrat governor a lot of people of one's competence in your i think that they possibly heard i think if americans are look at it you know we can. sort of you know i'm not a kuwait through your times like 3 times like this agree i think people and they're going to they're going to cut here and start looking through the economy they're asked. really i think the only thing. that they like you know what it's like to work with the likes of. what a sense together who can bring the economy back after i think. overriding issue out
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of the. yeah very understandable heidi harris k m z q radio in las vegas it is great to see you and to know that you're on the mend a coronavirus survivor. most years when cattle wait for a new year's eve to kiss off the old year have you have enough yet our enthused panel is ready for the 2020 halftime report when we come back this is the big picture on our team america. always the issue of trying to playing out in the american election cycle. and by betray themselves as being tough on beijing maybe they are at least rhetorically but in reality those are very different story and it's bipartisan the committee
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crites an industry in finance for to china for day in their visions to show is this china's. problem drugs has come from unscrupulous dealers but from pharmacies to in every state in the united states we've seen very sharp increase in the number of people seeking treatment for addiction to prescription opioids invited to america under the banner of medicine persisted with the pain but instead of trying to. go separate dose after dose after dose and really became his drug dealer who's to blame patients doctors manufacturers all the government.
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pats. geysers might as well survival guide. when customers go by. didn't help reduce a flower. that's undercutting not what's good for markets it's not good for the global economy. how will you remember the year 2020 and i ask at the risk of you throwing something
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at your t.v. or stomping all over the tablet or smartphone you're watching or listening to this on it's been a rough year and nobody except perhaps the dog or the guy who sells plexiglas is enjoying all this stay at home time what next you are wondering let's ask a panel whose political views are shall we say asymmetrical. left you see jonathan harris you see him on just press play and on the right you see steve malzberg host of meet the press and no guest has appeared on the big picture since i took it over 3 years ago more than steve malzberg gentlemen welcome to the halftime report. good to be here as we as we are now into the 2nd half of the year let's take a snapshot of the usa millions infected some models have a couple of 100000 deaths as early as the end of this month the president dismissed
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all this early on the impeach president i should say we have the worst unemployment since the great depression social unrest rest of american people who just can't wait to get out of the house and are jumping the gun we had no 4th of july parade we had no summer olympics the fall semester is on the line jonathan then steve in that order in november how much of this should be the fault of candidate trump. i would lay it completely at the feet of the president ultimately that's where the buck stops it's his responsibility to make sure that all of these situations are taken care of according to a c.n.n. poll 35 percent of americans are blaming trump for what's happened here i mean your 10135000 people dead 3 and a half 1000000 cases we're about 4 months into this we're seeing record high spike still that is nothing but poor leadership and hopefully and november with he's got
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a 38 percent approval rating so it looks like voters will be blaming him in november you have these polls are all going in the same direction and stevie a member of the gipper is old proposition are you better off 4 than you were 4 years ago how much of this not do you think they should but do you think they will ascribe to the incumbent. i don't think a virus is going to be the main thing in play when push comes to shove in november i think as your previous guest alluded to it might be the economy but i also think it's going to be law and order i think the fact that the president got the endorsement of the national association of police organizations a group that endorsed by obama biden twice and sat out o. 16 i think speaks volumes and i think people going to get sick and tired of no law and order and people getting beaten up in the streets and crime get now to control and if you don't have your safety and you're
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a mom and you don't have your safety for your children you can't walk the streets you can't do anything that supersedes just about everything and i think that that said by the way the polls you know that the polls are look what they were you know 16 people who are afraid to say they support him because they say it to the wrong person on the street they'll get beaten up and then nobody will care so i think they're afraid to tell pollsters that they're for trump i don't think that's what you saw holes and 2016 i think if you paid attention to the polls and 2016 they were actually pretty accurate national polls predicted that hillary clinton would win and nationally she won 3000000 more votes state by state polls were fairly accurate if you actually paid attention to the polls the 2016 polls are pretty accurate. jonathan you know i know that i would mention it at all. no but state of steve whenever this comes up i think the polls got it right because she did win the popular vote but they were asking the wrong question and i think they're going to be wiser this time about the electoral map steve how much you think the v.p.
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choice for joe biden makes usually it's not a big deal bush sr with dan quayle go down the line how big a deal is it this time with aging joe biden oh it's a huge deal there's a you know there's a good chance joe biden won't be able to finish out his term. and people have to realize that and i think also. whether it's a african-american or not african-american i think whoever it is you're going to need that person to motivate the african-american base to come out and vote because without that vote you know in that enthusiasm it's going to be tough for joe biden to win so i think a lot goes into this pick probably it's the most important v.p. pick. maybe ever but certainly in recent history there's a there's a chance. i'm sorry there are they say other good he won't finish out his term what is there like a 4 or 5 age your difference between biden and trump there's a chance he will forever yes have you watched him have you watched him john i know you've watched him how to put this and well together joe biden can walk down
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a ramp so i mean yes i watch them. that's that's you know he does his thing i ever heard but it's typical doesn't mean it is in better shape than the president out of frankly because the there are demo reels of trim slurs he has on it's been struggling to throw water and struggling to walk down a ramp i mean it is and i have. no doubt about it but it was for a loop or ted side by side any day you know military you know what let's do a show on it let's do a show on it please have me on your show. steve i've been trying to get action safety as the number one issue as opposed to the virus steve malzberg would you today attend to trump rally. i won't drive up to a gas station if the attendant is not wearing a mask that shows me ok and i got turned away from a gas station because i said signal i had my mask on in the car that's me and i signal to the guy said and he's like and he went go leave so i left so no i'm not
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going anywhere where there's crowds for anybody's rally or anything that i don't have to leave the house for if only that you will meet jonathan jonathan assuming that you are not so inclined to that particular event let me sort of ask the question a different way what if we had baseball and our world series champion washington. a nationals path to the stadium would you feel comfortable going to the game well you know i'd actually probably be more inclined to go to a trump earlier than a sporting event or really go to the one but in terms of crowds no i mean i would definitely try to heed the advice and stay away from crowds and it's a shame that our president doesn't feel the same way and thinks it's appropriate to hold. protests are ok well did the protests spike cases or oh no that is it ok they don't shout that you can't catch you there they're they've studied the protests and they found cases did not spike because people were wearing masks it's very cerebral and they were outdoor day were not at about one hour ago
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a miracle are you are you are you are you saying those that's not true because it's actually true of the spikes did not occur obviously we had a spike all over the country saying we had a spike all over the country about 3 weeks after the protest and they tried to blame it on bars opening up in localities so i don't buy they and their studies i buy but i saw with my own eyes and the media ignoring the danger of the guys i said don't work it's not that jungle it was the i wouldn't know new york says yeah. they jumped on with the bars and these pool parties in the ozarks and those kids in michigan the governor of oklahoma is positive after having attended the rally in tulsa so i think that you're going to see a lot of gov striving to put the toothpaste back in the tube but still there are silver linings that emerge from a moment like this and while she choose the term the new normal our governor is
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pointed something out here in rhode island anywhere in america pick a state any state if you say division of motor vehicles it sounds like you're setting up a joe you can picture a half a day wasted waiting in line etc ad as many states did we moved a lot of things online here in rhode island and for the functions you could only transact in person you would make an. and go there and guess what after the shutdown is over this is the way it's going to be so instead of us waiting for them they will be waiting for us when you have to go fix your license plates or whatever what other good do you guys see coming out of this jonathan then steve well ultimately you've got again trump of the 38 percent approval rating 4 months out from the election so one of the best things that can come out of this is him getting out of our white house i think that will be one of the best moments for the country i think it's so interesting that you have him tweeting law and order all
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this chaos is happening on his watch it's almost as if he's allowed himself to disconnect himself from what is going on in the country so i think one of the album you would and roger stone write it's like roger like law and order but you can commute sentences for people work and get that fascinating but i think one of the best things going forward will be him getting out of our white house and having the nation heal and come back together under someone who is actually a responsible person who cares to actually govern for the whole country someone said and i don't remember where it was but this is an original thought but they were saying that essentially trump is the one of the 1st presidents that doesn't govern for the whole country he governs for his base which is at this point some of the country so yes that will be one of the equation going forward yeah it worked steve what do we have to do you know i don't like caught but. yet well 1st of all departing roger stone it's his constitutional right to pardon to commute sentences and if you were if that we had an honest media in this country this would be put into context bill clinton pardon the f a l
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n terrorists 16 of them against the advice of the justice department and the congress voted overwhelmingly after the fact to condemn it barack obama pardoned the bomb maker of the f.a.l. and terrorist states manning stayed away our secrets and a general who did write to the f.b.i. so don't make it sound like national drug party roger stone is anything anything stage context of history and facts yes if only there were a t.v. show to critique the news media i would add to my question what do we have to look forward to in the new normal. well i think you're going to see a lot of changes with the way college is done business meetings again as your guests in las vegas alluded to you're not going to see as many conventions you're going to see a lot of shows maybe coming from home but t.v. networks doing things differently everything is going to be done slightly differently on a on a scale some will do everything radically different i think you know just over from
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slightly to radically different it depends on the industry it depends on what we're talking about but this will and i don't know that it's good i mean i don't know that any good comes out of these deaths and you know even if you don't like your political candidate to say that that's the good that comes out of of the pandemic and by the way it's state by state the president had no power over opening states are not opening states and it was the fact he said it with a march said you know i don't wear a mask yet they don't go out and you get schmitz in there touch your face you don't want to wear a mask and he admitted that he lied because they were afraid they'd have a shortage of bass so how many people die because found out she lied about wearing masks that is what i want to hold all of that already over whether or not john and i wrap it up i got 30 seconds just so you know tom did say that a total of 40 overstates and whether or not they could reopen and then he had to walk that back when someone reminded him of what his actual job was but on the upside i do think it will be nice to i think we've learned that a lot of us can work from home it's a lot
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a lot of families to stay together spend more time together so if there is a silver lining to the poor leadership that we've had from a man who thinks that we should be injecting disinfectant go to los angeles or new delhi india look up and you see blue skies so some good will come of this because we've given muddler nature. jonathan harris steve malzberg thank you for stepping into the big picture here and thank you for enduring that shouting match if you see us somewhere else and it's easier for you do you know that r t america has the live stream at youtube dot com slash r t america. and or cord cutters we are direct t.v. channel 321 we are on pluto t.v. channel 279 we are on the dish dish channel 280 and if you haven't yet you simply must download our super cool portable t.v. app it's free on the app store and it is a scream holland cook here in rhode island the great ocean state hell be back
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same time next week meantime stay safe and question more. syria has been engulfed in civil war through almost 10 years it's cost hundreds of thousands of lives and displaced millions more no one foresaw the peaceful protests of 20 of them is collating into a complex conflict between various ami's geopolitical interests rebel groups and just. as me. how they are in the book on this.
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but if you tell us if you say you hate because i'm. best at the cool. how do you know deep comedic. posts about them on the a day i was. an ordinary i sat down i. noticed athens the mother. then in the shade what i mean i'm a step a gun a shot then you. get it. always the issue of china playing out in the american election cycle and biden betray themselves as being tough on beijing maybe they are at least rhetorically but
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reality tells a very different story and it's bipartisan the commanding heights of industry and finance important china for day one of the ridges to show is this china is for. janet jackson the last of the baby boomers worst like the lady in the 1990 s. on the birth of companies that went public for the 1st time and they would have these pops and then there was this enormous crash where their millennialism jhansi are speculating on the death of companies and companies that are dying and declare their dead companies and their supply ploughing their way to speculate on on the death of a company. you
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cannot be both with the yeah you want. ukase opposition the labor party is pushing for archie's broadcast license to be revoked demanding the ban in a letter to britain's independent t.v. regulator. an encounter with a u.s. fighter jet and several are injured on board and you ronnie a passenger plane as the pilot makes a dangerous maneuver to avoid a collision. and china orders the united states to shut its consulate in the city of chengdu in response to the closure of their own in texas was the us secretary of state accusing beijing of trying to establish quote a new tyranny.


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