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tv   News  RT  July 26, 2020 9:00am-9:31am EDT

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the u.s. sees its biggest black lives matter rallies and weeks we heard from a reporter who got caught up in the police crackdown in seattle to get closer and closer to me saying hey i'm being peaceful i'm backing down yusuf police officer from seattle show me back to work so i started filming him and then he pepper sprayed me directly. and in the stories that shaped the week u.k. is opposition labor party pushes for his broadcast license to be revoked after reports on alleged russian influence we got reactions from londoners. be honest i don't believe. because it's just more subtle more destruction what's really going
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on i just think we can't do so why should they need to see it. also this hour several countries see a spike in coronavirus cases just weeks after reopening their doors to tourists. and that israel is gripped by public outrage over the prime minister's handling of the pandemic amid corruption allegations. this is the weekly here on our team welcome to our round up of the day's news along with headlines that shape the week. a wave of street unrest gripped major american cities on saturday people rallied in cities including seattle portland and chicago .
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the biggest confrontation took place in seattle where an unidentified device exploded next to a police precinct tearing a hole in the side of the building police made 45 arrests and 21 officers were
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injured during the clashes one fired pepper spray onto a reporter covering the situation. that's right great. night a i'm. going to start showing. the train i just got should explain about. we spoke to joey wiser the independent journalist who you just saw being pepper sprayed as well as to max can show by of a seattle resident about the unrest. we get to a point where the police vents on the protesters they get closer and closer to me and i'm saying. peaceful backing up you can see a police officer from seattle show me backward crowd of people and then i obviously drop myself around and try to get. i start filming him pepper sprayed me
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directly and i know at that point i cannot breathe and i cannot see or hear a helicopter flying over me. in the middle of the protests. just. the police. earlier this week more than a dozen u.s. mayors most of them democrats voice alarm over the federal crackdown president trump refused to back down saying more troops would be sent to u.s. city. i think in their own way they want us to go and they'll be a time when they're going to want us to go in full blast but right now we're sending extra people to help not happening in chicago we don't need federal troops when i spoke with the director of the department of homeland security last week i told him to go home and to take his federal troops with him we are not going to
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hesitate to take the president to court and stop any unconstitutional actions meanwhile the chaos has hit retailers in portland several stores have been vandalized and looted over the past 2 months one of the targets was a jewelry store that's been operating for 30 years in the city and mail looters broke into the premises and stole numerous items the owner know told us clients are afraid to go downtown. no not all the ones many businesses in downtown portland are hurt it's not the portland we know it's not the city that we've been doing business in for over 30 years it's just boarded up streets. you know lot of graffiti just destruction everywhere and we're very disappointed with the studio officials i don't consider what they're doing it's tutorship when you feel businesses like that when your city looks like a war zone doubts of failed leadership and we're very disappointed we're very angry
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and at this time we just don't know what the future of downtown portland will look like when you allow lawlessness when you allow looting and when you don't hold people accountable this stuff is going to continue and if their leadership failed the businesses the residents of downtown portland big time and ask why this is happening there is no accountability being held right now against looters. u.k. government claims it has recognized the threat posed by russia for a long time and considers moscow a security priority it also says it has a 30 year strategy for dealing with the kremlin this was long and response to a report on alleged russian meddling and british politics released on tuesday and accuses the u.k. of failing to take the threat seriously. who is protecting the british public from interference in our democratic process well in a nutshell we found no one is the u.k. government tributes are off the ball because of its focus on counterterrorism we
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found the defense of the u.k. democratic process is a hot potato in the government badly underestimated the response required to the russian threat and is still playing catch up the outrage isn't that there was interference the outrage is that no one does want to know if there was his own worst example you can do of the russian interfere. that's the question which we want. the british prime minister is reportedly planning to boost funding for the security services and introduce a new espionage act in response to the russian report documents publication was delayed by the government for a year and a half before it was finally released this week artie's in the hawkins has been taking a look at what's inside. to get a very brief summary of the long awaited russia report we can go straight to page 13 of the document the written evidence provided to us appear to suggest that h m g had not seen or saw evidence of successful interference in u.k.
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democratic processes seems to be enough so if you're short on time or don't want to read heavily redacted intelligence and political spiel stop watching now otherwise let's go on open source studies have pointed to the preponderance of pro breaks it all and he used tories on r.t. in sputnik and the use of bots and trolls as evidence of russian attempts to influence the process we've sought to establish whether there is secret intelligence which supported or built on these studies in response to my 5 initially provided just 6 lines of text the report's authors were seemingly surprised by the limited response of the intelligence services but not because those agencies may have more important priorities such as protecting lives by tackling international domestic terrorism or serious crime apparently more resources are needed to keep track of social media and artie's editorial policies
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and coverage breaks it polarized millions with several broadcasters coming under fire but it's still russia that poses the risk and the security services that are doing their job this is about the protection of the u.k.'s democratic process and mechanism from hostile state interference which should fall to our intelligence and security agencies after all moscow has been waging influence campaigns targeting u.k. politics through digital media wealthy individuals organizations and almost any other means the report warns the threats of russian influence is a hot potato with intelligence and other agencies shirking the responsibility of taking the lead in tackling it and reassuring the public amid widespread allegations of again the impact of such influence remains elusive. impacts of any such attempts would be difficult if not impossible to was serious and we've not sought to do so state agencies haven't looked closely enough for open source
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information according to the report they lacked a retrospective assessment and intelligence agencies in particular need a more important role in future the committee was struck by the relatively small proportion of work that is carried out by the agencies in relation to russia in any case should they consider other threats to be a higher priority they can always fall back on trusted russian experts to lead the way christopher steele author of the infamous anonymous golden shower dossier and contributors that the institute for state craft and integrity initiative a project founded to tackle the russian threat receiving state funding to advise the states that russia is a threat and moscow's response was swift and predictable as was the final conclusion of the long awaited russia report showing yet again that any reproach went with the u.k. however small is still be on the horizon we got reaction on the streets of london
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to the claims. we're nation i don't believe. the position more shots are more destruction will really go in the world. and the photo was shot of russia was. just by i mean i just think the fact that you so why should they need to feel. it's kind of thing to do with them lately and that they would take this and that way to make a list at the beginning where the. you know of the quote she's really the politics of other people who choice to influence government. in chief as part of the fallout of the report the u.k. is opposition labor party is also pushing for artie's broadcast license to be revoked and a letter to the country's t.v. regulator off the watchdog is supposed to be independent and immune from political pressure i am writing to request it off calm urgently refuse artie's license in light of this report into request
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a meeting with you as soon as possible to discuss my concerns about the broadcaster the office of communications was created in 2003 by an act of parliament that regulates britain's t.v. and radio broadcasts and promotes fair competition off calm blocks harmful or offensive content if they're compelled complaints as well and it has not left r.t. out in the past. our investigation from the arts he failed to preserve june partiality in 7 news and current affairs programs between the 17th of march and 26 very pool 28 taken together these breaches represented serious and repeated failures of compliance with the rules artie's latest response to the allegations from the u.k.'s says there was no misinformation or falsehoods and any of our reporting that off com has assessed r t u k hosts afshin rattansi says this is a case of political interference. we now have the woods of sick in a storm is shadow department of culture media and sport secretary in
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a private letter sent to this independent regulator saying almost telling the urgently i need to see you to see that you want to politically interfere with an independent regulator devastated the fact that sick. seems obsessed by wanting to destroy a free press in britain which the british labor party in in the spotlight because that would have implications for a free press in this country for article 19 of the united nations charter human rights charter it would have implications for human rights act and presumably just as when he was banned for a defend media freedom summit here he would get help from amnesty international index on censorship obviously because yes dahmer has crossed a line he's attempting perhaps to interfere with an independent.
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independent media regulator politically. so had israel is in the grip of protests of people there expressing their discontent over the handling of the pandemic at all i made her up an allegation against the prime minister he tells on that after the short break. you can't be both with yeah you like.
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capitalism in the united states and in the united states the leading capitalists in this country are now global capitalist. leaders the best middle class without jobs without a future it's a disaster here covered over with endless but the reality is a disaster and if mr trump were here you would see other people in merging trying to make a political career by clicking they're. welcome back to the program huge crowds flooded the streets of jerusalem on saturday night demanding the israeli prime minister's resignation and human netanyahu has been indicted on graft charges and up to 5000 people gathered outside of his residence.
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it was. so let's take a look at what's causing the anger protesters feel the government didn't get to grips with the coronavirus and they are particularly angry with a return of some lockdown measures due to an infection spike elsei the prime minister and his cabinet fail to manage the economic fallout of the pandemic on top of all of that there is simmering anger over corruption charges against netanyahu the prime minister's trial resumes next year with witness testimonies he's accused of fraud a breach of trust and accepting bribes that yahoo though is more focused on the
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protesters. to get them to not drag the state into anarchy violence vandalism and the spreading of disease through terrible sanitary practices like you're an aging in the street do not be dragged into attacking police officers they're doing their job. at least 12 people were arrested in jerusalem on saturday clashes were reported between rival groups with some people speaking out in support of the prime minister political analyst michel barrack and former advisor to the president's office jason carroll and share their thoughts on the tensions. but there was functioning and everything did seem under control until everything was back we celebrated too soon here and that's when you know for all the good work that he did in the 1st wave really wasn't there this 2nd time around a large group of protesters are protesting that the prime minister is corrupt he's in the midst of a fraud and he should resign protesters that really are problematic for those that are out of work those that are from industries which are not picking up the tourism
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industry the entertainment industry there are people that are just out of work and economically are suffering so he needs to answer those people he's going to have to come out with one of our real economic plan that is going to put israel back to a strong economy as we move through different stages both politically because we had a new government sworn in and in terms of the pandemic itself with new numbers emerge there's been a sort of imbalance between those 2 things and there's a genuine feeling on the street that we could be doing things differently and we could be doing things better now we have a working government there's a stronger position on a stronger position will voice its checks and balances on the on the prime minister and on his government's policies and that's expressed on the streets as well it's pretty much part and parcel of the democratic debate around how to handle both the economic sides of the pandemic and the medical side as well. the world health organization is sounding the alarm over coronavirus and sections in europe calling
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them worrying spain belgium and france have seen recent spikes in cases several european countries have now moved to making p.p. mandatory and all public spaces with more on the fears of a european 2nd wave here's our t.s.p. are all over. the summer sun has encouraged a return to normal in europe when it comes to covert 19 but ask coronavirus restrictions of being lifted or lucent the world health organization is warning about a potential spike in the virus with eastern europe and the bulk and is deemed to be particularly at risk. we still have some worrying trends in southern europe in the balkans so we're not out of the woods just yet in the european environment it requires sustained vigilance just 2 months ago montenegro was declaring itself corona free not anymore it seems 2000 cases of the virus have seen social
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distancing and lock down measures reintroduced but. you may be forgiven for thinking that western europe could force off the worst the pandemic can to offer but there's also been spikes there as well in spain for example the number of new infections has tripled recently. you know when measures have been relaxed is where outbreaks happen is not only family reunions or other types of gatherings where we've had a good number of new outbreaks but also in places where there's been evening entertainment they have also generated some new outbreaks some countries are already reimposing measures in belgium which was ravaged by the 1st wave of the virus pressure is being placed upon the health care system local mayors will be given powers to impose lock downs and curfews in the areas hardest hit we think that this is not really the time to have to face 5 restrictions they will be reinforcements taken to counter this part of the coronavirus instead.
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germany has been very successful at keeping cases low but this time of year is the peak time for holidays and unfortunately mingling with strangers when travel. is a very good way to spread this virus then that's the differences in the precautions taken from country to country here in berlin it's strictly for bolton to write public transport without a mosque while in no way it's optional but there is nothing stopping me popping off the all slow for a few days taking in the sights of the taiga city by tram and bringing cove it back to germany europe like everywhere else is desperate to get back to normality not least of all for economic reasons but steps taken to quickly can end up being steps taken backwards that comb with tragic consequences coronavirus today is no less
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infectious and no less deadly than it was a few months back it would have political but mostly only in europe is more concerned with the economy in the health of its citizens and people the relaxation of the self isolation regime happened too early we do not know much about this virus but it spreads extremely quickly now there have been repeated outbreaks of the virus in many places in spain in terms of the rate of infection the country's approaching the figure of a 1000 people a day due to summer vacations that there are not enough doctors and nurses we need to act quickly in order to find the source of infections and try to immediately isolate and quarantine the people who are nearby in europe borders have been practically opened some places are being visited by tourists i don't think that the control over visitors is very strict if europe does not act together then frankly it will be difficult at the beginning of the epidemic the government made the wrong
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decisions by the end of february a quarantine should have been already declared but this is in the past today it is a global problem i see that infections are not only occurring in spain the balkans will be a big source of increased coronaviruses. affections in europe. some people are more prone to cope in 1000 than others and need to take additional precautions but rather than getting down about that one couple and rio de janeiro saw an opportunity to have a bit of fun all while also indulging a lifelong fascination with space pick it. you can't make. it. to make. it. to 50 percent i'm $66.00 part of the cave at risk group finding korn teen at home i got really anxious feeling that i had to go out and do things but could not
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sing the infection rate was really high hey that. was what you report on t.v. i saw an interview with a doctor he went for more than 40 days without seeing his family because he was in the cosy task force getting created dinosaur costume to visit his family he was very touching so i thought about doing something similar to go out. they were russian city of st petersburg has staged its annual navy day parade over 40 warships naval aviation and more than $4000.00 personnel took part in the event and more parades are taking place at naval bases around the country there are the highlights from st petersburg.
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it's our breakdown i'm just some of the biggest headlines from the past week for more on those stories and the latest news had to our website our to dot com. l look forward to talking to you all that technology should work for people. must obey the orders given by human beings except we're such orders that conflict
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with the 1st law show your mind i'm just a patient who should be very careful about official intelligence at the point obesity is a transfer of the shia. areas chozen with artificial intelligence will summon the demon. the robot must protect its own existence as. if. the world is driven by a dreamer shaped by one person or those. no dares thinks. we dare to ask.
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julian a social travels to sweden to deliver a speech while there he met 2 women aged 31 and 26 the wiki leaks founder was soon involved in an intimate relationship with both of them. the woman who had it and fired it to him. also offered her to which is studio so there's only one there's only one bed in attention said i'm going to be away you can stay so. however things chang and the woman came back. and. wanted julian to stay
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there any. women the really approached him it seems like especially the younger ones saw him on t.v. fell into law whatever that means to be the 1st in it it looks like someone who wants to be a rock n roll group feels nothing approaching a man really chasing him down and finally she also succeeds in it and they share a one eyed stare which at some point becomes a ball to call. it was only after learning that a song should slept with both of them at the women decided to go to the police that proved a turning point both phone wiki leaks founder julian assange it was when this story . so go for reap different. women went to the police.
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once that's a reporter rape their report they wanted to encourage him to have an h.r. vetoes because they've had sex with him unprotected and were concerned about. so there was no like actual rape right there was no violence there although all the newspapers afterwards they were saying rape allegations rape allegations there was no actual rape because this is this this is it but this is exactly this is that was the aim of the whole exercise to start hearing the would rape in connection with jodi and. the best occasion and. onto the links in the round and you'll. know when the rain allegation allegation ring easing is really a more news in the renomination. in many people's minds there's something suspicious about him and because he hasn't and he's run away from the war
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i think it would have been better had he gone to sweden because i think he needed is a change he's clear his name but. at the same time i completely understand why he did the program in sweden with the only country where i understand the language of addition to a media climate has been set open in sweden. is quite hostile i think that if julian went to sweden at that point he would have been extradited that he was often like mocked in the press and people will say ah he just wants to know as he doesn't want to face the music in sweden and so on and then said he's paranoid but i think from today's perspective when we really know now what the that the us the us is really after him i think he was. the big.


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