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the woman who had invited him to space. off and. to which is studio so there's only one there's only one bed in a tent she said i'm going to be away you can stay so great. how everything's chang and the woman came back. and. wanted julian to snake their. women they really approached him it seems like especially the younger ones saw him on t.v. fell into law whatever that may be the 1st in it it looks like someone who wants to be a rock n roll groupie or something approaching him and really chasing him down and finally she also succeeds in it and they share a one night stand which at some point becomes a balticon don't you know. it
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was only after learning that a song should slept with both of them at the women decided to go to the police that proved to turning point both phone wiki leaks founder julian assange on it was when this story took a very different. women went to the police. one's there to report her rape their report they wanted to encourage him to have an h.r. vetoes because they have had sex with him unprotected more concerned about. so there was no like actual rape right there was no violence there although all the newspapers afterwards they were saying rape allegations rape allegations there was no actual rape because this is ridiculous this is that this is exactly this is that was the aim of the whole exercise to start hearing the word rape in connection with . destination and. on to new links in the sound and you'll.
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know when the rape allegation allegation ring casing inside the city of new music in the rain unleashed. in many people's minds there's something suspicious about him and because he hasn't and he's run away from the norm i think it would have been better had he gone to sweden because i think he needed is a change he's clear his name but. at the same time i completely. why he did the program in sweden who is still a country where i understand the language of addition to a media climate has been set up in sweden. i think that if julian went to sweden at that point he would have been extradited he was often like mocked in the prez and people will say ah he just wants to know as he doesn't want to face the music in sweden and so on and then said he's paranoid but i think
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from today's perspective and we don't really know now what the that the us the us is really after him i think he was. the big thing that i think truly undermined the public support for julian was a swedish case obviously you would find the newspapers of high repute. television stations to doing julian in and became gratuitous. i think to be fair to say the mainstream old sound media never really liked chile and they didn't really like to him because his model publishing was a threat to their existence. and
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there was a great deal of jealousy in the mainstream towards wiki leaks important particularly . more like all. the one of ops. when they wanted access to a worse than that and. now they can't even do you know great this little note with respect. in the moment they collided with him they took the information he had but then immediately let's say the next day you had a hit piece in the new york times from he was at that time described him as a bag. he came immediately something about his character. who i think is a betrayal it's
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a betrayal of principle. what do you think of the allegations that julianna sanji is a direct quote from the new york times is that he's a narcissist with an outsized view of his own and that he has no interest in monday matters like personal hygiene. really. i can't think of another journalist or publisher who has won a major international journalism awards. and for media organizations have complained about whether his socks were dirty or had been washed here i mean really. i wonder whether any single human being has been subjected to the level of smear. in the park. it's it was exported.
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into india live and a british court released a soldier on bail on condition that he didn't leave the country. he was also required to remain at the country house owned by a close friend the british journalist phoned smith. i'm now sitting in a chair. and ingham is a sort of house that is the products of wealth that my family has generated for hundreds of years my family moved terence 75 i'm fortunate. to have that responsibility as a coffin. is an investing at the journalist and that's why our journalist and kindly offered these grace be
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a secure place to be the place from what are the publications will be made. peace he'll say yes and. i feel as safe as one can yes it's always a bit safer to be much much safer i was here and though i knew i was you know but as far as a few weeks ground is conservative is about as good as. we can make space if we turn this into office for quite a lot so you would have come in here and you'd have found people who working on computers bits of paper printouts everywhere running around with a little disks and things like this so that involved having julian it had involved having. the people that work for him and involved having everybody who wanted to interview him but this was the main office this was machines and course it's. his place. where are. a lot of word later down the road also came to happen but i
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would say that the big here. the big publications. of cable gates they were conducted. wireless jordan was in house arrest and having them all. because it was so secret you'd be herons you see people working on computers and you know i wouldn't like office because it would you know you you know you'd be looked at and they had one don't you think oh gosh what a silly question washed off will bury them tell me if i want to tell me. i sold them release the afghan war loans i sold them working on the diplomatic. and i saw them working on some stuff that came off the woods when they were here it's interesting very hard to stop organizations like we. and the whitney's isn't going to be the end of it even if we disappear which is no sign that it will. become
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a sort of guerrilla organization for freedom of speech. on the 1st the judy it was in the next year on embassy. the morning off to he went to that and the sikhs i read in the news and realized that i had just lost my bail money. is something that is the school and this selflessness gravity was making sure he said listen seems to me it was. a very sad right. this is the ecuadorian embassy when. you leave maybe 7 gets them by sees only the one of the 2 flat affect. so what you are looking.
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which was. julian simoom. 5 minutes. out. today i saw as they found wiki leaks he's refusing to leave the ecuadorian embassy in london is expected to make the best of the softening. we knew each other before he came to see. basically the possibility of tech team arrives from that friendship i was useless for so most. people. can lead.
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people said yes. this is him 30. percent sophie during the embassy itself a small piece of flight. 300. 81st when they were comparing to one. of the room just 3. buildings surrounded by high buildings which just not allowed for this song. to come into them julian compared ceased state of the embassy. to be leaving the spaceship because he was subjected only to field lights. and he never does. sunlight he didn't have dental care proper medical care there
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were huge challenges. first years he was constantly on the surveillance there open civilians and when you were in the embassy you could cost countries here and the people outside with the speaking on walkie talkie that was nearly no corner in the embassy where you went out to watch. buildings we also hogs. all that's on. base was the most sort of a place. for many of us. julian assange continued to run we can experience his staying at the ecuadorian embassy while within its walls many new publications and revelations came to light the highest profile exposing is probably the period in 2016 the year in which a new president was to be elected in the us in.
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l. look forward to talking to you all. that technology should work for people. i robot must obey the orders given by human beings except where such conflict with the 1st law show your identification or should be very careful about artificial intelligence at the point is to create trust. conflict on theories with artificial intelligence we're going to be. the obama must protect its own existence let's go next.
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god. you can be bold with the yeah you like. my eyes. believe the journey in the sun. came from the fact that he put into the body to maine. one of the d.n.c. leaks basically. e-mails from democrats.
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and how the democratic national. committee. trying. to present. that was something that i think the american public is really important about wiki leaks is that the russian government has engaged in espionage against america and then they have that information. wiki leaks for the purpose of putting it on the internet. of a $2.00 and. some very you know means which.
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is to convince us that this information was from russia well you know i don't. know whether it was from russia. leaks julian hasn't told me it was an. old. when they revealed those the dirtiest facts about hillary. and the hole he received behind it and so want everyone he was saying yah but it's not so bad but when she lost the election everybody said like oh my god this was the reason why it happened because they needed some explanation . the reception of those cables west pretty nasty i think it did there was even this outrage. and these hate make him stop making stuff make
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a songe stop he came out of the embassy silence he guy came. when the years went by his situation became more difficult and difficult the pressure because bigger and bigger and then the government changed in ecuador i think the situation became really great. load. there was an election in ecuador. marriner lenin became president. he was a great supporter of america still the. government decided to shift. quickly on foreign policy. and decided to have to defer relations and connect states to again was an obstacle for dot for months he started. collecting could release actually go to sites not just the records local
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as he could see of this. battle structure but a political belief it was healed but it must be. but. she was too short so she was helpless will be able to persuade us no it is not for them or a now government was to tell us that they had to get rid of him and. turned his life into hell. turning away lawyers searching businesses. installing cameras in every room and private meetings had to be holding the torah not supplying toilet paper. and supplying toilet paper just. for getting some of this paper. for getting to bring forgetting to bring. if they forgot to bring food.
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is produced as a producer has really made it a. go i have to ask this because according to the security firm employees who are hired by the government julian was an extremely difficult guest himself particularly argued with the embassy staff a lot be neglected personal hygiene often left bathroom and small kitchen in the mass. this is in the 18 months of the miranda you're talking about that's right. now why is it that none of that for the preceeding 16. did he change personalities all of a sudden they are. feces on the wall.
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and. they wanted to have proof and reasons. to take away his asylum which is really an international humanitarian scandal if. you're going to see this is. the signal that science is. deemed. this was the 1st time. i could really see the toll it took. like i was shocked.
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cut back to 2000. or 3. sweet. into 3. months of torture etc these are. several. tours where. you ought. to. thank. god. the united states immediately filed an extradition request with the u.k. but it could not be considered until julian assange himself in the months in prison
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for breaching the terms of his home detention and 2012. just keeping to the embassy the wiki leaks founder was sent to belmarsh prison just outside london. prison or. high security maximum security prison where your murderers and terrorists. belmarsh prison is said to be a worse place even than guantanamo. he is. denard the right fraternizing with all the person knows. he told me that when he sees people go past his sell he wishes he wished he could 300. a saunders leaked media also where
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he appears to have a lot a lot a lot of weight. when i saw that i really started crying because when you know someone very well and see him in this position. i'm not allowed to hand him anything the only way of communicating with the outside world is to him to receive . we we're not sure if he wanted to communicate with journalists but here's a letter we have just received from belmarsh prison and it's from jill and i songes it says here on the back. that letter reveals despair and frustration as the trial draws closer the wiki leaks founder says he has no internet or telephone nexus which seriously hinders his ability to prepare his own
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defense 100 he has nothing much to do except walk thousands of laps per day around the cell. it's very distressing to see someone you have worked with and who is an old friend. in such peril. and. think that they may not come out of it is very upsetting. the charges that the u.s. government have raised against julian to extradite him have shifted at 1st they called him back and said that he had assisted manning in securing the information that manning wanted. bradley manning was
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a hand man who was in the armed forces and clearly was shocked by what was going on around him and. bradley manning now chelsea manning. was the original whistleblower who gave wiki leaks them most important information on the afghan war logs the film from the helicopter or isis is going to spin in. the diplomatic papers all came from bradley manning. the way the u.s. ministry of justice sees it julian assange is didn't just receive information from an informant which would not constitute a crime journalist do have the right to acquire information from sources even if it is classified the american government claims that assad conspired with private manning who helped him access classified information intending to harm the united states. the u.s. hopes to prove that just sound is a spy not amounts. to charges
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they are absolutely to come. to terms the other journalism or media publications. during a sound being a publisher is put in prison for being a publisher for no other reason than being a publisher. there are no rules to the game. if for each turn a list in the united states should feel awkward to a scene and running down their spawn. at the charges that have been leveled against this publisher. because they could be next. dear julian. you are one of the most bravest person i know and this
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sentence that you'll get repeated often courage is contagious it was really true. that's the reason for great movements of draws you'll have so i would think of people who support you and understand there is. a wider issue at stake here he's not alone he is not alone. there are a large number of people. value the contribution that's made. public interest. i've remembered you today and went into one another's famous when you were relatively free and i remember that you were just you know carrying his legal back. and having him very humble life. would look forward to
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a day away he's free and not being honest or. not being chased around the world by the americans. i hope that we can get you out of there. if you will be sitting next to us somewhere nice something water by deceit. would be like just just a bad memory. her . revel to thank you for.
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the thing is that when you have been at my printers in charge the act of printing all that paper money to hang around eyes themselves really fills their head with dreams of it's fiat's of primacy that's the ultimate form of supremacy is i print therefore i am and if you can pull the levers of political power with their fear of money if you can acquire assets with their feet that money that gives you that god complex that we have so much of around the world and countries and big corporations and now it's all going to come crashing down.
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you can't be both with the yeah you. in the headlines this monday the 27th of july it's 100 days now until americans choose their next president with a country already plagued by more than 70 racism. we assess the impact of. a government recommended news website british school children writes a damning article on russia and tells the teenage audience that. is the most dangerous man in the world. and. slapped with fresh travel restrictions this morning by several nations including britain and france after a surge in coronavirus cases.


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