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tv   Watching the Hawks  RT  July 30, 2020 1:30pm-2:00pm EDT

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industry comes to life in los angeles every night. dozens of women sells abilities on the streets many of them under-age. police reveal a taste of the daily challenge though if you're going to exploit a child here in los angeles there we're going to. see office is going undercover as 6 workers enter customers to fight 6 trade. greetings and sell you taishan as my friends since the very 1st protesters took to the streets of minneapolis over the murder of george ward to the recent protests in
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portland were groups of mothers fathers and military veterans are joining hands and readying their leaf blowers to push back against the tear gas and nightsticks the us establishment class and their mindless pundit followers have tried with all of their might and public relation teams to paint these protesters as dangerous terroristic groups of crazed amped up leftists who who could at any moment burn down your favorite courthouse or church after kidnapping your blonde blue eyed children and forcing them to read howard zinn while listening to k.r.s. one and watching old fidel castro speeches at any moment that's going to happen we saw this last tuesday during u.s. attorney general william bar's testimony to the u.s. house judiciary committee when u.s. representative matt gates worriedly asked the bar about the possible spread of n.t. if these protests in portland were not contained. is a. your view then that chief and other violent people engaged in these acts would
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simply stop would simply accept that as their sole victory or is it your expert opinion having dealt with a number of law enforcement criminal cases and your legal career that that they wouldn't stop that they would go to the next town to the next community and potentially inspire more violence there's no doubt in my mind that it would spread . it would spread to one town up to another and another community oh my goodness they're coming for us all except like always truth gets in the way truth in the form of actual statistics you see it appears that the threat of extreme leftist groups and individuals including anti statistically pales in comparison to the violence committed by right wing extremists here in the united states of america according to recent findings by the center and international studies that were reviewed by the guardian of the nearly $900.00 politically motivated attacks and plots in the united states since 1994 only one paid talent he has occurred from an
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attack by anti fascists and that paid talent he was the perpetrator himself he died in the attack while trying to carry it out meanwhile during that same stretch of time american white supremacists and other right wing extremist groups have carried out attacks that left at least $329.00 victims dead. so my friends who is the real threat to peace on our streets here in the u.s. of a let's find out as we start watching the hawks. she was let's go on a city you street you want to. be so let's see the prices you always stay i'll see you always right phrase same day slaves systemic deception is the late show which is i would say when the field.
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welcome ramona watching the hawks as you know. and i was just so amazed my goodness we need to watch out for and t. for we need to watch out for these leftist extremists except they don't actually or haven't actually hurt anybody since realistically 994 absolutely we known this for a while the president was trying to ratchet up here and he created this outside group that was coming to destroy america as we know it and according to the research like you just showed it was all a lie yeah that's what the hoax it was i mean look when and 1st kind of came about i mean chris hedges actually had a wonderful conversation just kind of saying hey showing up to protest where an all black in a ski mask is not a good look in optics no matter how just your cause may be it still be good to average person sit at home you look threatening. but none of the violence that we've seen happen in since the murder george white and the protests that we've seen happen over and over has been as
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a result of these folks here most of it is outside agitators in fact on tuesday while attorney general barr was telling those scary stories about anti gun capitol hill the minneapolis star tribune reported that the now infamous figure the one we also hold me umbrella dressed in black taken in near you know kicking in windows at autozone. in minneapolis just before the looting and all that took place minneapolis says police say umbrella man was a white supremacist trying to incite george floyd rioting according to their according to the work the police is doing up there they've narrowed down who they think this person is. scary thing about that is apparently if it is this person that they say it is he even went to my high school he graduated from my high school back in 2006 which doesn't surprise me because there are those pockets up there there are those pockets of right wing extremists white supremacists all over the place you know absolutely and i think that the more we dig into stories like this the more we'll see that. these groups that are really causing the crazy uprisings
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who are you know lighting fire to things where flipping over police cars and all of that are protesters so that people who we see donald trump and his acolytes out here basically throwing all types of shade on me he's trying to the in that he's calling chaos what he really needs to william is white supremacy and we know that he's not trying to do that he doesn't even want to acknowledge that white supremacy is exist no because the i guess to him is is i don't i mean it's one of those things right get it but again it's the words like you're just trying to tiptoe because he wants to keep his voters he's putting he's putting the needs of whatever voting block he wants to appeal to before the actual peace and security of the country is what will come to see him absolutely and then the fear that comes along with that is that he's willing to label peaceful protesters as terrorists as anti-american as anarchists meanwhile you have this group of subversion actors who are homegrown terrorists some white supremacist here who are causing all types of chaos and mayhem and yet aside from the report that we're doing right now to be
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honest i'm not even hearing about this on any bit of mainstream media and very few people are actually picking up on the story at all and that's because look far right extremists apparently a lot of this research is killed at least 38 people in just 2019 and that's according to the anti-defamation league far right extremist was possible for 76 percent of all extremist related murders according to the defamation league i mean that is really where we have a problem with people in this country and it's and it's shocking that we're not really looking into it i mean even the f.b.i. was more warned about there's a bill trading law enforcement way back 10 years ago more than 10 years ago you had no one did anything absolutely none christopher ray actually you know he talked about it at one point and then we're seeing this administration still act like none of this is ever happened and it doesn't exist and that data doesn't matter it is post trauma i hope that regardless of what happens to excessive thing we kind of get into this thing of like one strum gone from school and all this problem disappears it doesn't disappear but i just hope it. you know if you remove this
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person from all you know if you voted out of office that somebody actually takes this seriously go away. the wonderful world of sports gets a new challenge almost daily with kobe 1000 cases continuing to spread across the u.s. sports teams are faced with major decisions major league baseball team the mammy marlins recently announced they were temporarily polishing their season following the latest round of code 900 tests the team's most recent test results showed a growing number of positive players bringing the total to 15 players among the 33 who travel for their opening series here's tell us more about how the in milby is tackling and what this means for the league's players is r t america sports producer regina hamm what religion or wearing a grim reaper outfit you have very bad news all the time you do bring bad news all the time i know it's hard because i'm like i know she's not going to listen to being positive but i still hold out for that one moment where. regina we know that
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several other leagues have opted to have a bubble for players and personnel to minimize the risk of their covert 19 exposure or potential exposure but it will be have that option and they chose differently do you think in hindsight 20 twentieth's that's a problem for them how do you think they're absolutely we're seeing it right now as a fact of today 800 players have now tested positive on that marlins travel squad you are venturing very close to 60 percent of your squad having the current a virus and in a row they have the idea they will go to arizona will put everybody in the bubble at the n.b.a. the national is soccer league m.l.s. is doing you know leagues that have actually been successful with this and baseball and we don't want to do that we'll just condense the schedule have it be geographically determined divisional determine ok fine well now we're seeing the result of that that these marlins players who reportedly went out bar hopping in atlanta during an exhibition game are the reason this is happening and the commissioner rob manfred has an interesting thoughts on the scenario and we should listen. those. i don't put this in the nightmare category i mean obviously we don't
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want any player to get exposed. it's not a positive thing but i don't see it as a nightmare we built the protocols to allow us to continue to play that's why we have the expanded rosters that's why we have the pool of. players and we think we can keep people safe and continue to play think strong words you have those cool that this is you shouldn't be using them right. basic question but is there any way for major league baseball america's pastime with you know apple pie the whole bit to put a contingency plan in place in case the season does need to be canceled i think at this point you're hoping you know it's 60 games and $6060.00 that is not a lot of the if you run the risk now that the marlins are going to play until it's monday at the earliest so now you're running the risk of missing the give or take
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45 days where you're not having any games you have no room to make that up and we'll be at this point didn't think that hey we're going to operate like that just like they didn't think the trying to blue jays can play in canada and did not seem to have a backup plan for that either so you are hoping that the league is going to find a way to be like you know what we just quarantine a whole team and remove them where 2 teams in m.l.s. they did that they had to make the test in room selves in the tournament i don't we can't do that because you've already set the schedule you have already set these events in place and now i guess we'll just have to play patchwork and try to figure out what exactly is going to happen if you have this happen somewhere else examples of like texas where they have higher heard of us cases there regina in terms of some of the other sports you know we talk about college football in the n.f.l. could it be a telling sign since baseball was considered to be so at least be safe enough what does this mean now for the outbreak and possibly affecting some of these other sports that the key word is safe enough you're looking at the scene where you're a diamond you're pretty far spread out but you're still in a dugout. you're still in
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a locker room you're still in places where you can't always do you think feet apart cause trouble is they tackle sport you are touching other people college sports you are touching other people you are seeing the n.f.l. go back to training camp this week they have very strict protocols in place but that doesn't mean you're going to keep people safe and college football is a whole nother level of well we'll just figure it out because again they don't have a commissioner who can make league wide decisions every individual conference major conference has their own commissioner to make a decision so it's really going to be happening where it's going to go in the future it's sad too because whereas as you look at it you know i look at it and say look i understand i understand n.b.a. like oh we're almost done if we can keep people above all we can finish out the season and kind of have a crown a champion and do all that and then to me it's like why don't these other leagues just say you know what let's take the hit let's take the loss people are going to love us when we come back anyway let's just not do this for the rest of the year and start again next year when we know it's safe it's ridiculous i'm sure you've heard of the almighty dollar of course is a very big reason why these leagues aren't doing that and i think rob manfred is
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now seeing oh my goodness i maybe should have done this double yes it wasn't it's not going to be perfect you will still have that odd case but you want have to worry about a travel team having almost 60 percent of its team in quarantine and i mean i don't know i want to watch sports without an audience so you know i was able to come in as a guy like play audience but i guess thank you very much regina always a pleasure having you on even though you always bring bad news and i'm sure that we're going to make sure that our story of good news some time move forward all right and as we go to break remember that you can also start watching the hawks on demand through the brand new portable t.v. which is now available on all platforms so you have no excuse you did it coming up we cover a canadian court's recent declaration that the united states. is not a safe place for asylum seekers shocking right now with immigration attorney alan order he will break that down stay tuned to watch the whole.
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we go to work you straight home. the sudden end illegal takeover of the government by a small group. so rather than revolutionaries or soldiers who condemn small groups the corporations when you have a tiny group of people who have all the power you have to have some means to make sure the rest of us don't get together and take it back. these are sacrificed souls places that capitalism exploited and destroyed for profit and left behind
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misery poverty environmental devastation and so you see things like voter suppression building more prisons you seem gerrymandering all sorts of undemocratic practices were wealthy in that world for well over the world and there's no question that the. us president donald trump never stopped ratcheting up just when the policies for his most hated group immigrants and it's not just disgusting rhetoric like labeling immigrants as rapist murderers and folks coming to steal your jobs in elections no
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trump and his cronies have gone beyond. unemployment torrie and racist language to violate the rule of law in their treatment of immigrants just a couple of weeks ago trump's plans to send born students back to their home countries if colleges didn't have campus sessions was walked back you'd think after such a big blunder trump would move on and you'd be wrong he's a laser focused on dismantling dhaka the obama era program that allows 700000 immigrants to live and work in the u.s. legally since 2017 trump has worked to strip dr recipients of work permits and ultimately deport them. the president came under fire for adding a citizenship question to the 2020 census and even though the supreme court blocked it trump is dead set on finding a way to end it anyway and the trumpet ministrations and gilding discriminatory policies against immigrants haven't gone unnoticed by neighboring nations in fact a canadian court this week ended a longstanding deal of allowing the country to send asylum seekers back to the u.s.
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out of fear that the united states would detain them and deport them a clear violation of the rules of asylum here to break down the crisis facing dhaka recipients and asylum seekers as immigration attorney eleanor welcome alan. well alan trump has tried multiple times to dismantle datta piece by piece. so you don't usually wait for element come back gone because you know what skype and we've got to do you know we've got to do we can. it's amazing to me seeing how trump over and over again and now with doc is essentially saying whatever supreme court says i would do it anyway and no one ever really stops them absolutely it's it's compounding to me because every time he gets stopped president trump finds another way to basically the law and try again and it's something that i think keeps immigration attorneys immigration reform as well as dr recipients and those
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who are seeking you know seeking asylum in their toes because it seems like this administration is dead set on not following the rule of law dead set on trying to punish as many immigration and asylum seekers as they can and to dismantle all things that obama put in place but specifically doc and finally here to come break it down for us is once again alan or is back to write little title difficulties aside we're back where it was i'm glad to have you. thank you so to make sure michael moore was moving bass the last few hours champus tried multiple times to dismantle daca piece by piece what is different about this latest round of attempts and why is a conservative leaning supreme court seemingly pushing against. so i think the major issue here is that the supreme court already decided that he had the power to end dr but he didn't do it the right way and not doing that a lump ago they said that you had to go back to the original rule which meant new people could apply and people could renew their application and what you find is
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all monday of this week the trump ministration can back and said ok we'll do renewal but instead of doing them for 2 years we'll do them for one year and we won't take any new application so that is in direct conflict of the supreme court's order so this is a constitutional problem that is beyond just saying the trumpet ministration is against aka the judgment ministration it is against the rule of law because they went to court and it was settled and now they're not living by the rule that it should have been settled by actually today there was a hearing where congressperson europol basically asked the director of the ins are you allowed to go against the rules of the supreme court and the answer was no. and that's basically the result of the hate and fear and also one day in the white house garden the president said i am for these dhaka folks and the people who supported the case then why are you rolling back this level of protection for them at this time. a 1000000 dollar question dr recipients are are in limbo and have
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been for several years now i mean they must renew their status every 2 years and have no real way of knowing when the world one in the world comes when the world they've come to know might be ripped out from underneath them what will it take for congress to pass actual conference of immigration reform and what key elements are necessary to protect the rights of immigrants asylum seekers and these doctor recipients. well senator durbin on monday introduced a bill this is really for the dreamers the doctor classifications so that both house and could potentially move it move forward because as we all know almost 90 percent of americans are behind protection for these individuals who came in as minor but it basically is going to take the same thing it takes for congress to do anything to basically get off of the gavel and start moving forward and get back to la making a little sizing every conversation in the media you are correct or the last an administration is managed you know when it sort of address for now is to basically
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address the issues clear of all the other issues aside a budget issues and what have you they need to be paid. the point and alan i'm sure that you probably agree on this one president trump technically doesn't disparage all immigrants just those from certain countries african nations for instance mexico central and latin america he famously said we should have more people from places like move away and he's tried to cloud his racism with saying that those with special skills and education would be top priority but even with that only seeks to allow in white immigrants at what point in this nation's history that the immigration debate gets so racialized is this a trump care issue or is it something that. proceeded. well this is the definitely chuck berry issue i mean isn't there a cult or even a stratification and it would start out to 6 and then when $155.00 it sort of earth japanese nationals and indian nationals but the sort of races undertones of this administration the threat of people coming in and it was really unnerving right
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because now everybody who believes in christianity and the right of individuals and helping individuals is against asylum which is a legal form of entering the country they're actually asking today in that same hearing conservatives are asking think in the asylum applicants actually pay for their own application called $100.00 or even $50.00 for people who are fleeing for their life through this is something that is and president in this country that you've never seen before and specifically over this black and brown people the people you see in detention center are black and brown people well the undocumented population of this country represents every nation right there always concerned with asylum seeker at the southern port of entry not of phylum thinkers that fly over from china or from other countries as a matter of fact i know right now as the largest number of individuals who've actually applied for asylum so you are dead on when you think about these things in addition to that they have a laser focus group with the public start to rule that was put it a day in the supreme court so they could go into action and then just a few hours ago a new york district court put it back at bay and saying that now you cannot enforce
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the georgia rule with the state department or with you and basically that's all the struggle with allowing this country to say if you're poor or if i think you're ever going to be or you're not allowed to come into this country so it's very something influential that sort of hurt people who are right here in our region all those caribbean countries and all those people from latin and south america apparently while living in new york all the years of the president and many members of his cabinet member actually took the time to visit the statue of liberty and we would have a can of them made an interesting decision to protect asylum seekers by keeping them in canada instead of sending them to the u.s. as i mentioned earlier what message decisions. not only should signal the citizens here in the united states but also to the rest of the world. it signals something this administration is also done moving away from a global participate in the right from the fundamental human right that we've always discussed canada basically said listen we understand that the united states is our partner we've had
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a great relationship with them but looking in our constitution based on these immigrants come to our country and the way they were treating the u.s. we can not say that the. country anymore and that's the reality so therefore they have moved all it takes looking at the reality of an immigrant who was mistreated in the united states very simple to understand as we move away from the u.n. and move away from humanitarian right we still have families that are separating california who should have been reunited last under court order who are still separated families of the basis of what we think is american and what everything from juggling go to as a family around them working at the white house this is a fundamental they are still separated why are we still having this conversation. yes why are we still having this conversation ma'am thank you so much for coming on today educating our audience i always love having you on alan thank you always. and you are having. and finally today while well none of us none of us want to see anyone flying the flags of the confederate south anymore 1st because you know it's
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racist and represents slavery 2nd because well it's racist and represents slavery and 3rd because honestly give it up the confederacy lost back in 865 it is now 2020 get over it but the blags away but again while no one wants to see these symbols of slavery and oppression flying anymore it is also important to make sure that they can better one is fighting to take down from public display is. actually a confederate flag because that is what happened to poor kirsten and greg often back or owners of the nordic pineapple in st john's michigan the often bikers are owners of a civil war era mansion turned bed and breakfast in st john's and since 2018 in celebration of kirsten's norwegian heritage have flown the flag of norway proudly outside their front door alongside the stars and stripes until now after their besieged by complaints from folks who thought they were flying the confederate flag yes people actually confuse the country of norway's flag. for the southern cross
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flag of the confederacy wow i may have to take the o.l. they don't have any of them live to each other except they are made of the same color it's like i get the instinct hey if you see the can better know take that down file a complaint and you as well you should but make sure do your homework make sure that's what you're actually starting your own all right everybody desires over there to remember everyone in this world we are not told that we love them up so i tell you all with all sincerity i love you i rolled winter up and i'm a music rock keep on watching all those hawks out there and have a great day and night everybody. join me every thursday on the alex simon chill and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then.
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u.s. secretary of state mike ok oh yes on a mission he claims the world must change china are trying to change us so should we interpret this the cold war to be waged against nation this is also implying force regime change china is certainly a major global competitor but is it now. it's so many people because a cop beat him he's so good that even such a bad cop be sending. i'm not me but he didn't kill the find the next guy.
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to feed the dog she learned. the deflection move for the c.e.o. saying he has the deflection board it's time for you to say. that is a good bet that i got off the miniature. 11. times and there's. a lot about born a local am. i going to go that's a. long long while the name. on the bottom there's a play in the street you live in control cannot hold. on to a new person and a journey of $100.00 gandhi the new normal and going to. the seas. to go to you mark you didn't even join you.
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hello there i'm an old man you're watching in question broadcasting from our to america's national news headquarters in washington d.c. here's today's top story 1st up former republican presidential candidate herman cain has died after his month long battle with cold at night team meanwhile a number of other politicians are contracting the virus as well so will this prompt any change plus the family of fort hood soldier and then asked again is here in the nation's capital to meet with the president try and push for a bill that could change the.


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