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trigger street she sits in the movie the streets then we have to see. america. because you're going to be. around. hello there i'm manila chand you're watching in question broadcasting from r.t. america's national news headquarters in washington d.c. here are tonight's top stories 1st up there's confusion on the streets of portland oregon as federal agents are showing a stronger force despite orders to stand down details next in a full report and then a new pentagon training guide classifies journalists and protesters as adversaries we're going to discuss that and then it now says mars rover has blasted off into space and is now headed to the red planet straight ahead we're going to have more on this fact finding mission and the added hardware tagging along alright it's time
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to boost your news i q. starting today the trumpet ministration is pulling federal agents out of portland oregon after striking a deal with state officials on a plan to address violent protests the government there calling the move to deploy federal agents political theater by the trumpet ministration this as violent clashes between demonstrators and police continue nationwide and 1st a warning some of the video you're about to see may be disturbing here's artie's trinity chavez with the story. today nationwide protest against police brutality and racial injustice. just hours after oregon's dozen are announced a phased withdrawal of federal officers from portland this is a. gradual withdrawal from portland dozens of officers filled city streets in the
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largest visible response by the federal government to downtown demonstrators. chaotic confrontations caught on camera department of homeland security and c.b.p. officers seen firing tear gas and rubber bullets at protesters gathered near the federal courthouse still in my work one demonstrator seen here bleeding from injuries in both of his legs dr. jeffrey governor barbour is or make them others facing off with demonstrators at several points throughout the night standoff in the state unfolding every night since the death of george floyd in may unrest only intensified since federal agents were deployed by the trumpet ministration to protect the downtown courthouse the president taking aim at the governor tweeting kate brown governor of oregon isn't doing her job she must clear out and in some cases arrest the enter kiss and agitators in portland if she can't do it the federal government will do it for her we will not be leaving until there
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is safety this will federal prosecutors in milwaukee work to dispel concerns that federal agents a part of president trumps operation legend are heading to their cities to disperse demonstrations as seen in portland in milwaukee no personnel from the department of homeland security will participate in operation legend meantime demonstrations in seattle are growing increasingly violent police declaring the protest a riot saying demonstrators are throwing bottles and explosives toward officers and in new york city outrage is mounting over a controversial arrest of a demonstrator. video captures the moment plainclothes and y.p. officers grab an 18 year old transgendered woman now identified as nikki stone and forced her inside of an unmarked van some witnesses say that it looked like a kidnapping governor andrew cuomo criticizing the arrest saying i'm surprised that especially at this time the n.y.p.d. would take such. and i'm not just action it was wholly insensitive to everything
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that has gone on now the n.y.p.d. says that stone was initially wanted for damaging police cameras property however she has since been released with just appearance ticket that means she has to appear before a new york criminal judge at a later date meantime lawmakers are calling for an investigation into the incident saying that in years of congress that are being made in fort lee and my federally ages reporting of the work trinity shahbaz r.t. . and herman cain former republican presidential candidate tea party activist and businessman has died of complications from the corona virus the news of his sudden death comes as coded $900.00 numbers continue to rise across the country and wearing masks in public places has yet to really be fully enforced in each state and even congress. has more on the story. the announcement came from his website this morning by his editor saying that he died from complications as you mentioned from colbert 19 no as far as where can contract the virus they still do not know
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exactly how a contract it but many pointing out that cain did attend president trump's rally in tulsa oklahoma back on june 20th you can see here cain actually tweeted a photo of him and many other attendees now at that rally masks were provided wearing them was not mandatory now cain unfortunately was in that high risk group for coated not only because he was 74 but he also was a cancer survivor which made him very susceptible to complications however after he was hospitalized june 29th his editor wrote on his website that there were hopeful indicators including 5 days ago when doctors told us they thought he would recover yet he never quite seemed to get to the recovery phase now ok not only was famous for his 2012 presidential campaign he also had a long career as a prominent businessman having the titles of an executive at burger king chairman and c.e.o. of godfather's pizza and the president and c.e.o. of the national restaurant association cain was just getting ready to kick off his new show on newsmax t.v. it was really. i did about it but unfortunately was only able to tape one episode
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before being hospitalized and you know growing up and during the 12 election you can always had kind of a special place in my heart not because of his politics but he actually got his master's in computer science from purdue university which is where i'm also an alum so the boilermaker nation we're mourning the loss of a great guy one of your own yesterday we talked about the news of representative louie gohmert testing positive for code 19 he was supposed to be at trump's rally last night what's the latest with him yesterday we saw yesterday congress in a complete uproar after he did test positive because he was actually seen all over the halls of congress not wearing a mask especially with this video showing gomer walking with attorney general bill barr just before tuesday's hearing both not wearing masks now bar was tested and his results did come back negative but they say he will be tested every day for the next 2 to 3 weeks for safety measures now as we just saw that video of all those people walking around masculists we know nancy pelosi is now imposing a math mandate on her side of the hill but what about on the senate side and what's
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mitch mcconnell think so in short he is saying no but it's not because he doesn't feel the need to enact it it's just because he doesn't believe that masks you know are not saying that it doesn't work or it doesn't work like that more the fact that many in the senate he says are already wearing them 24 seventh's again he doesn't feel he needs to enact it but you know manila the sad thing is you know we're seeing more and more mass becoming very politicized on the hill and you have many attacking herman cain about not wearing the mask because he supported trump but then on the other side you also have representative john lewis his funeral going on with many wearing masks what many saying that you know people aren't socially distant young so it's just really sad though because both of these men are dead and it kind of takes away from the incredible lives and the accomplishments that both of those men had so politicizing death is exactly not cool hearing from that thank you so much for that update. now to the latest code 19 numbers worldwide cases now more than 17000000 with about 669000. reported deaths the top 3 countries with the
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most confirmed cases the u.s. continuing to lead the way followed then by brazil and india right here stateside cases topping 4400000 now with over 151000 deaths. and the european commission has signed a $72000000.00 deal to secure thousands of doses does appear to treat code $1000.00 patients the commission bought enough of the licensed experimental drug from scientists to treat patients there in the e.u. in the u.k. now that move comes after the u.s. struck a huge deal to buy half a 1000000 doses just last month from does appear is one of only 2 drugs so far with a proven effect against the virus. newly leaked pentagon training course documents aimed at stopping leaks reveals that the government refers to protestors and journalists as adversaries now this coursework was actually designed to teach d.o.d. personnel how to protect sensitive information but yet here we are so joining us
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with his take on all of this host of news with rick sanchez rick sanchez so rick cursed even a journalist a very long time i want you to address this adversary's comment from the d.o.d. they refer to refer to protesters as adversaries. the road we are and we should be and this says a lot about us as journalists today and i'm not including. or rick sanchez but i am including all the people who are writing about this as if they are completely shocked that they are being referred to as the series one infer if any one of them had gone to journalism school which one of the biggest problems we have today is most journalists are not really journalists so they did not go to journalism school but let's suppose they did go to journalism school but maybe they just failed to. hey attention when they were there they would realize that our jobs
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in a democracy is to have an ad the serial relationship with our government my job is to be donald trump's adversary to be the police department's adversary to be the mayor of my city's adversary to be the d.o.d.'s adversary that's my job that's what i'm supposed to do that's what journalists are supposed to be so while it says something that d.o.b. would put out something saying that they considered protesters and by the way if you're a member of a police department and somebody is throwing a rock at you they kind of are your abs seri i'm sorry but i don't think that's the emphasis of all this reporting the reports that we've seen and i just went on google and i ran out of time then you started talking to me i couldn't count all but i was already up to about 300 stories about this thing because journalists are upset that the d.o.b. refers to them as abas and when in fact that's the role we're supposed to have yeah
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when you watch the local cable station or your you know your cable station does your fox menace and we see c.n.n. sure you watch a host surrounded by buddies. from the d.o.d. and the cia and all these other assays of their palin around and she never asked them or he never asked them any tough questions right that's not an adversarial role our job is not to promote the government our job is to question and challenge the government in an adversarial relationship and it's interesting that we're doing this story because the media has gone crazy with this when in fact they're wrong asked for didn't mean to be right but he's actually right. that last point that was really funny but the rest of that is so true i mean and back and back in the day you're taught in j. school you're supposed to be the thorn in the side no matter who's the not best whether it's president trump private. and obama president bush going back i mean
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you're so you're not supposed to be their friend you're supposed to be the thorn on their side the gum on their shoe but you know here we are i want to address another thing that i know a lot of people are up in arms about yesterday we talked about this story of the n.y.p.d. doing an undercover a rest and a trans teen an 18 year old trans girl nikki stone she was wanted for basically vandalism people are failing to address that this is an 18 year old teenager vandalising city hall vandalizing police cameras i mean i'm not i'm not saying kids should go out there and do that but it is not uncommon but here they are snatching up nikki stone what appears to be an abduction from you know many anybody standing on the street well why would they do that to somebody that's just wanted years of wrong mandell of them. but here's the problem and it doesn't matter that she's tran it doesn't matter it doesn't even matter how old she is and it
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doesn't even matter what she did all of those things are highly irrelevant if she committed a crime she should be arrested and she should go to jail and she should get her day in court. that supposing she committed a crime so look just leave that on the table here's the problem the problem is a police department with officers who are not identifying themselves who are not wearing uniforms who have no way for that citizen who is being arrested to know who the hell they are they could be mafiosos they could be drug dealers they could be anything show up in an unmarked car looks like a mini van or some store in this far as i can tell and then they grab your old young woman doesn't matter again what she did or who she is who cares the fact of the matter is she's not the story here they are the story and let me tell you why. if citizen of america cannot trust that the police department will duly do their
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jobs by getting the warrant which they're supposed to obtain identifying themselves as police officers describing to you why they're arresting you and for what crime and then duly taking that action in a vehicle that is marked police then what's to say any one of us will lose faith the next time we're walking down the street and somebody comes up and starts to grab us and throw us in a car how do we know they're cops yeah how do we know they're not cops we're going to fight them yeah we're going to find a place where you are we have to defend ourselves and then they're going to charge us with have struck should have and then the wall or something of this is that you're going to church is there a real resistance in iran bridge this is your right this is a bridge too for it's one we really have to question they have some explaining to do they seriously do and because this is how this is not what democracy is about this is fascism that's fascism what we just saw let me tell you found but i didn't
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finish this loops right back to our 1st conversation about the d.o.d. calling journalists and protesters adversaries because it comes from the top down you start viewing everybody as an adversary you start treating them as such and things like that happen and like you said that becomes a very dangerous situation for both parties rick sanchez we're going to leave it right there my friend thank you so much for weighing in. and nasa is rover a blasted into space today is now headed towards the red planet the journey to mars expected to take about 7 months we'll get all the details straight ahead and then over at sports regina hamm shares icon back post sport over at the cape and remember to keep up with all the latest news and anything you might have missed make sure you download our brand new preamp portable t.v. you can catch there 247 don't go anywhere.
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it's called the feeling of freedom. everyone in the world should experience pfleger and you can get it on the old the old. the old according to gesture. welcome to my world come along for the rock. sing the horrors that arise the money in the evil. corporate criminals who spread countless lives to add just one more dollar to their millions. they threaten they bribe they'll do anything to keep their crimes in the door when the people they've heard are demanding justice their stories need to be told on america's lawyer. oh yeah oh.
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take a bite. we go to work so you can stay home for. the corporate parasites in power today might think they're just a troll continue forever whether they're right or wrong we have to keep fighting
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question. nasa has just launched the mars 2020 perseverance mission from cape canaveral florida this morning as the race to mars is in full swing artie's roselle rageous explains why this mission is paving the way for human exploration. this isn't the 1st time nasa sent over to the red planet remember this high definition image of mars this was taken by the previous mars rover curiosity almost a year ago but what sets this new rover name perseverance apart is that it's loaded with new scientific instruments and systems making it the largest and most sophisticated vehicle nasa has ever sent to mars and ignition 2. 1 of the new technology experiments that will set foot on the red planet is called
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moxy a mechanical tree similar to how a regular tree functions scientists hope that moxie will be able to supply future mars explorers oxygen to breathe and also for another reason the main thing you need oxygen for is for the rocket that's going to take them back up from the surface to come back to earth for that rocket to breathe because rockets rocket fuel needs oxygen to burn as well and use a lot of them instead of taking everything explorers will need from earth they can just see these resources on mars but how exactly will moxy work the process that moxie is going to use is called solid oxide electrolysis electrolysis just means splitting apart using electricity carbon dioxide makes up 95 percent of mars is out of a sphere so it's a great natural resource what we want to do is split that molecule that carbon dioxide molecule apart so we can release the oxygen another cool tech hitching
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a ride on perseverance is the mars helicopter. its goal is to test the 1st powered flight in the thin martian near the helicopter can only fly a couple of minutes before it needs to land and recharge and this means that we have to be very careful how we design each flight so we'll start off with very simple things such as rising up above the ground and hovering and then landing successfully and then we'll do increasingly complex patterns that will demonstrate the capability of the helicopter to both fly and navigate successfully on mars. bringing innovative techniques perseverance also has a challenging mission which includes searching for signs of past microbial life and collecting important data about the planet's geology and climate the rover said to explore a site home to a lake billions of years ago hoping to answer the question are there any signs that life once existed on mars perseverance will make its landing february 2021 and will stay on the red planet for at least one mars here which is about $687.00 earth day
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with so much left to explore on the red planet nasa hopes to send the 1st humans to mars in the mid 2030 s reporting for r.t. . for more on this historic mission we are being joined by a space visionary rick tumlinson he's the cofounder of deep space industries space frontier foundation and a number of others thank you for joining us today rick. so the percy rover as they're calling it for short is expected to touch down on the red planet late february of 2021 its mission is to seek signs of ancient life on mars so what sort of life do they think was once present and what led them to believe that mars may have once been hospitable to any form of life. well on the shows on i'm sure it will be i don't think they're going to be looking you know for sure.
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most likely it's going to be something like. 17 year old it's going to be. bacteriological you know very tiny at the most maybe something like that the reason they're waiting where they are is because there is evidence that there was actually water flowing. enough to secure area you know and so there's anywhere on the planet where here there might be. in the remnants of what was a large that's probably where it was but. gone away. and let's talk more broadly about space wreck one of your companies is credited with really making commercial space travel a thing do you for say mars being a travel destination one day and and why do you think humans seem to have always been interested in leaving earth. humans are always leaving wherever they are and you know i mean you've got the folks out right now ok fair enough. some point
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we're going to leave the cradle. are there it's just a matter of who doesn't know how to do it and are we going to be able to survive there. and yes i was very likely to sign up for example the private space traveler and we were going to fly him on the russian mir ended up flying him on the space station and i did what what we're what we're seeing there is. you know people are going to head out to 2 various places some people are going to maybe go to the moon some are going to go to mars some are actually going to build what i call cities in space. you know that's the kind of thing that's happening now and travel destination perhaps but more likely it's going to be a place where people go to settle maybe try and start a new civilization that's why you know one musk is all about now speaking to me wanting last space x. has been extremely successful in developing new tack and rocket that is garnering a lot of attention in recent years have kind of taken all the oxygen out of the
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room no pun intended but his take that has come after more than half a century of nasa science behind it in the field so should we count nasa out from the next 50 years. now no i think no it's not be a transformation of the lol of nasa and the government space agencies anywhere. you know they were you know to originally for strategic reasons the cold war all of these other things what we're seeing now in a way is a transition from the government doing everything to acknowledging the fact that they've done a great job of sort of laying the foundation and a lot of what space x. and we were just basically says group many of the private companies out there called new space are doing is built on legacy technology from nasa i did what. they're going to be doing now is more like what you're seeing with this rover we need to have scads of. robotic space missions to places like your rope.
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asteroids places like that once let's let the government go do that and the private sector can come in and build buildings and build communities you know want to stablish on human outposts in some they haven't built the gadgets that sounds good and lastly the pentagon has recently confirmed that maybe footage of u.f.o.'s they've kind of played it off as you know just an identified aerial phenomenon what's your take on those navy fighter pilot videos. you know fascinating to say the least these are going to be used and we're going to like that says hey we get that that's something to look at look in the fifty's there was a big craze about us and frankly to happen to be the same time where a lot of new air force dollars you were going to go up into your force was kind of fine with people thinking that it was because it kind of kept them from working too closely what i see out there in these videos that are shown right now are
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definitely on identify but keep in mind. we're talking right now we're ever going to be flying drones so it is potentially a drone or it could be an american drone or russian drone or chinese drone who knows or. but this is not what makes life fun you know this is all about her and understanding by the way it's not about what you believe in u.f.o.'s it's not what you believe in the science and the message of who i was to find out what. that is definitely something we have to look into and wait and see i guess rick tumlinson bake you so much for being with us today. all right we're going to hand over the sports h.q. with a close game over at k.b. oh what's up k.v.'s had a lot of fun there in the middle of their season with their welcome in thing back in the stands but if you're a fan of the tucson bears their latest game against a q. and heroes was always something you get too excited about top of the 1st runner on 2nd year old right fielder these young who r.b.i.
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single ground bought a center field that'll bring in kim and heroes with an early one nothing leave next at bat so get your parked on the wall with a 2 run home run to deep left field fans still battling for the ball back there and q. with a 3 nothing lead top of the 3rd with one out former major leaguer star as in russell up next came home with a smooth feel 2nd base and it looks even better on the replay that sets him up to score easily on this russell double to left center field extending the hero's lead for to nothing it's a 3rd r.b.i. on the season for us all since joining the k b o bottom of the 3rd and we're going to get the bears off of action on the to run home run courtesy of 1st baseman bozell miguel fernandez they're still trailing heroes $42.00 top of the 4th though it's going to be an r.b.i. double for center fielder part to take to left center field that i like him he so more around the diamond and give him a $5.00 to $6.00 runners though are going to be on 1st and 2nd for the bears and
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this is a really great fly there is where the. there's really rally here on home run from 2nd base and trade you want to do son comes at the end to $75.00 a key woman add another on top of a night to earn the win manila we love our rights thank you for that regina all right that doesn't for me i'm going to chance to treat check out portable t.v. appear here soon.
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every crisis in america has been packaged as a bond and sold into the junk bond market with a longer maturity at a slightly lower. and they've been doing this now for 40 years to the point where america's indebtedness says. they engineered to the point of an extinction event as have many countries as the global. u.s. secretary of state is on a mission claims the world must change china trying to change. this. business also implying force regime change china is certainly
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a major global competitor but he said. it's. something. if you want to. call me restrictions. hello and welcome to redacted tonight vi pretty early camp today i talked with one of my favorite journalists kevin just dolla who writes force.


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