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practices. in the world. did switch in portland no sooner had donald trump pressured to pull federal militia from the city now he says the more powerful national guards waiting in the wings to get stuck in if the race protests are brought under control. turning a tragedy into a force for change the story of a daughter who lost her dad to corona virus now using is a picture e to highlight of america's health policy failings and the devastating real cost of
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. a few days before she had been saying. i'm excited to come home on monday and that would have been $29.00. and he actually ended up passing away on june 30th . and french right wing leader marine le pen takes aim at the country's pandemic response publishing a searing summary accusing the government of serious failures and outright lauri's . friday morning for the 1st of july here in moscow good morning marty international's world news center kevin owen here with you for the next hour with the latest headlines and more details than started with this president trump is threatening to deploy the national guard if the unrest against racial injustice continues into the weekend in the city of portland in oregon the man had pleaded for a cease fire earlier this week which then saw the trumpet ministration agreed to withdraw
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federal militia from the city although it doesn't mean they're packing up just yet in fact keeping his options open. our people are staying there to see whether or not they could do it today and tomorrow and if they don't do it we will send in the national guard and we'll take care of a lot of very tough people and these are not people that just have to guard the courthouse and save it to the people that are allowed to go forward and do what they have to do these pictures very recently in from portland where black lives might the protest has been gathering again over the past few hours the city's protests a partly inflamed by the presence of federal militia and their increasing use of force president trump's been accused of abusing his power by selling them in the nationwide arrest in the wake of the death of george floyd is stretched into its 3rd month from out occasionally turning violent in minneapolis in seattle new york and other major cities we're back to portland here's how it looked 24 hours ago.
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today nationwide protest against police brutality and racial injustice rage on. just hours after organs governor announced a phased withdrawal of federal officers from portland this is a gradual withdrawal from portland dozens of officers filled city streets in the largest visible response by the federal government to downtown demonstrators. chaotic confrontations caught on camera department of homeland security and c.b.p. officers seen firing tear gas and rubber bullets at protesters gathered near the federal courthouse but still far away one demonstrator seen here bleeding from
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injuries in both of his legs and a shotgun. jeffrey goldberg racism exit. others facing off with demonstrators at several points throughout the night stand offs in the state unfolding every night since the death of george floyd in may unrest only intensified and since federal agents were deployed by the trumpet ministration to protect the downtown courthouse the president taking aim at the governor tweeting kate brown governor of oregon isn't doing her job she must clear out and in some cases arrest the an artists and agitators in portland if she can't do it the federal government will do it for her we will not be leaving until there is safety this while federal prosecutors in milwaukee work to dispel concerns that federal agents a part of president trumps operation legend are heading to their cities to disperse demonstrations as seen in portland in milwaukee no personnel from the department of homeland security will participate in operation lodge and meantime demonstrations
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in seattle are growing increasingly violent police declaring the protest a riot saying demonstrators are throwing bottles and explosives toward officers and in new york city outrage is mounting over a controversial arrest of a demonstrator a. video captures the moment plainclothes and y.p. officers grab an 18 year old transgendered woman now identified as nikki stone and forced her inside of an unmarked van some witnesses say that it looked like a kidnapping governor andrew cuomo criticizing the arrest saying i'm surprised that especially at this time the n.y.p.d. would take such an i'm not action it was wholly insensitive to everything that has gone on now the n.y.p.d. says that stone was initially wanted for damaging police cameras and spray painting property however she has since been released with a desk appearance ticket that means she has to appear before a new york criminal judge at a leader days meantime lawmakers are calling for an investigation into the incident saying that it mirrors the kind of arrests that are being made in portland by
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federal ages are warning of the work trinity jobbers are to. the new york this is what's been happening sky. between police not to resign wednesday officers were deployed near madison square park to try and block the protesters there heated scenes elsewhere in the us in springfield illinois it's reported at least 2 protesters the rest of the rally peace officers will see new security barriers at home for 2 to stop demonstrators move on city. from the protest of the pandemic kids lining up to be a turbulent presidential election of course in a few months over this all the donald trumps kicking up a storm by suggesting november's vote no should be delayed. reaction yesterday says the surging up occasions for mail in ballots will make it the most fraudulent election in history others disagree we've got more on it in a couple of minutes. before we brought you this story a daughter's tribute to her late father who died last month from covert a spurred
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a campaign for change in america's health system is a bit sharee she calls out politicians for a lack of leadership accusing them of jeopardizing lives especially among people of color who are more likely to die from the virus now she's gathering the stories of similarly affected families to try to push for pressure to reduce the deaths. but at work i woke at. 11th with cough and a fever and just wasn't feeling well he had really bad exhaustion i'm like you never had a 4 and my mom called me to tell me why it was going on and i told her mom i sounds like he has coronavirus at least the symptoms are so we worked to get him scheduled for a task the next day which he got that task but we never got those test results back because he had to be taken to the hospital system titian got worse before his test
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results were back and then when he was admitted into the hospitals when we officially learned that he was tested positive for current virus luckily when he 1st got. the hospital though you know he was responding. well to the treatment oxygen he had a couple of convalescent plasma treatments. early on and was on antibiotics you know he was in a normal room for about 10 days before he suddenly took a turn for the worse and had to be taken to the i.c.u. and put on it then later and shortly thereafter he passed away the doctors were you know completely shocked that he had just stick to reread it so quickly you know it was a shock obviously to me as well especially given my dad's attitude and not just a few days before he had been saying you know when i'm excited to come home on monday and that would have been 29 june and he actually ended up passing away on
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june 30th. so sort of kristen what we're talking to are the united states recorded 1465 new deaths that's the highest daily increase since late may in total coronaviruses claimed was the 150000 american lives that means the roughly every other minute another person dies from covert 19 in the united states as for the state of arizona let's focus in on christa the late father from on thursday recorded 172 new coronavirus deaths that's a single day record there the state governor though is convinced all that said that everything is heading in the right direction and that emergency rooms are seeing a downward trend in patients with covert symptoms because for chris to not focus on the statistics is part of the problem. the trumpet ministration has been downplaying the severity of the price crisis since day one they haven't been doing
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their jobs you have a quarter needed response to minimize risk while still preserving the economy they've been driving home this false narrative that you have to pick one or the other and that's simply not true it's you know morally you know not correct at all to. just you know forget that there are real people behind that number it's you know i was thinking about this yesterday as i was reflecting upon the numbers and today marks the one month anniversary of my father's passing in king about there's 149999 other people families out there that are feeling what i feel and we are currently in a situation where countless others are about to feel the way that i feel. french right leader marine le pen has written a searing indictment of the government's something of coronaviruses she sees it show lines what she says
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a president mccall and his government's failures and accuses them of deliberately lying to the public with mourinho paris correspondents morning charlotte dube and ski. emmanuel marc bolan adding the french government are again under pressure this time it's over the initial response to the code 19 crisis the backlash has already seen several more seats and even of all the men treating firey now the leader of the national rally marking the pen has waded in to the debate you might guess what i realize that the new government isn't promises of repeating more or less the same mistakes as the previous one even though dozens of other countries are seeing a substantial increase in coronavirus cases and that a new territory hospitals are putting in terms of kid missions for people coming over turning from abroad in this book the coronavirus book from fiasco to a place the party claims president back calling his government to misled the public
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during the pandemic many issues have been raised 1st there's the wearing of face marks it points out that when the look down was announced stocks of mosques were taken by the government with pharmacies but for the selling them to the general public now of course wearing a face mask is obligatory in enclosed public spaces. the tragedy of this crisis is that we're in a country with the highest taxation in the world with a fiscal bill is the highest in the plays and we're at the same time we've lacked fabric mix newsy many french people have not understood this so it is a question of where the money is going where the fringe people's money is going the book jumps on the european leaders for allowing free movement in the floor to keep seeing you just by the fact that they were moving signs the national rally also
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takes a swipe at issues such as those in suburban areas in france and he says the justice system here thinks she lacks because it released prisoners. during the crisis there are a whole series of statements made by the government ministers that. frankly were just nonsense and they were doing western governments so. just saying what suited the moment in order to get over a difficulty it is you know to. look around our politicians who criticize the government because their formants has been learned well they're not the only ones and if you look at british government and better the french actually i have to say from my observation internationally are probably people who are worse than anybody official data suggests that more than $30000.00 people who tested positive for 19 has so far died in total more than $185000.00 cases of the pirates have been red just did the french government has been battling against kopechne seeing it
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launched a strict lock down the last 8 needy 2 months constructed military hospitals to deal with patient overflow and did injected billions of euros into aiding businesses and those who found themselves out of work as a result of the pandemic but despite its efforts opinion polls have not been favorable there were even claims that frontline health workers were not given enough protective equipment we are very very angry because there's been a shortage of staff for years already and this pandemic has created an even bigger problem promises were made but in fact they haven't been capped we still have a lack of beds and not it's just getting worse i think that we want ready for this we haven't been protected enough we have a shortage of equipment and that's why we failed those who got infected nothing is clearly staking her claim to run in france's next presidential election in 2022
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however many of the accusations in the complaint in this book. do you reflect real concerns that felt by the french public so that people see not see this place and tell you take the time to watch as this friday morning was actually 50 minutes past the head on our teams of national then off the break another noisy 9 jerusalem is the new protest outside these ready p.m.'s home and we also look at this too we look at the provocative up work of the school complaining it's in seriously bad taste he says. join me every thursday on the alex simon short and i'll be speaking to us from the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then.
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i know no. no shots. actually well to. know is to. switch your thirst for action. u.s. secretary of state mike is on a mission he claims the world must change china china will change just how should we interpret this the cold war to be waged to give speeches this is also implied force regime change china is certainly a major global competitor but he said now. again
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morning developments next of the group of 33 russians detained in belarus suspected there of being mercenaries who were planning terrorism as catsup speed on that because asians latest reactions between minsk and moscow the party doesn't hold kids across is. some pretty serious accusations flying around how the things stand today than it is quite a tangled story but a russian news agencies began to report on this on wednesday 1st reporting that the caves you'd be the better off in state security forces arrested 32 russian nationals out of some story about a hotel nia minsk another russian national was arrested slightly later on in the south of the country they apparently arrived in belarus on the 25th spent 2 days there before being detained on the 29th now of a are accused of being mercenaries allegedly for the so-called wagner group
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allegedly a private military company which sends the russian far. broad at the behest of the russian government now the police say they were acting suspiciously they had unexplained strange baggage they were wearing military style uniforms all very uncharacteristic of behavior that would be done by tourists in the country now the charges against them are also very serious but a russian security official say they're charged with trying to organize terrorist plots of be stabilizing the situation they also say they are looking for dozens of other mercenaries they say that a group of around $200.00 arrived in the country and they are looking for the rest so the situation does seem to be rather serious from the russian point of view and now the russian ambassador. has responded he said that there was nothing nefarious in the presence of the russian nationals in belarus he said they were in the
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country. to transit to a 3rd country he said that they had all the documentation with them and in order including travel documents as well unconfirmed reports also suggesting they had signed contracts to work for a company to defend energy assets abroad they had no intention of staying in belarus for any length of time this is what he had to say. the russians who arrived to the research this and taurine in minsk were forced to do this due to the fact that they missed their flight from the national airport to a group publics capital heading in transit to country now this comes of course at a time of political tension in belarus the presidential elections are just around the week or so away incumbent president alexander lukashenko faces one of his toughest election runs after his many years in power there have been opposition rallies across the country he's been very clear warning against any sort of provocations and certainly didn't mince his words when he criticized the russia for
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allegedly being caught red handed. down. so you need to address the russian mass media and also the not to say nonsense if you are guilty you need to get out of the situation with dignity not guilty good we have no goals to discredit the country close to us there's certainly been a war of words back and forth over the last few days between minsk moscow the russian side there has called for an end to groundless speculation in the media and they call for a joint investigation into this incident which is certainly so far resulted in quite a bit of different strain. start to correspond over hawkins if you get any more on this over kevin i was come back to us here briefers thanks for now. it doesn't take much for donald trump to fire up internet indignation a tweet normally does the job and on thursday indeed he floated the idea that the november presidential election should be delayed well he's worried about mail in
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voting which he claims without much evidence will lead to fraudulent results is for it except it's because the system actually means you lose well the president can't delay the election in practice the dates and strengthen the constitution and congress would have to have the final say. we must take president trump's attempt to undermine the faith in our republic seriously this is what authoritarians do if democrats lose the 2020 election trump will not allow a free and fair election again over the past 20 years there's been the point 00006 percent cases of fraud in old mail and ballots cast in presidential elections trump wants to delay the election because he knows he has a point 00006 percent chance of winning donald trump doesn't have the authority to do that but that doesn't make what he's doing any less dangerous it's clear he will stop at nothing to spread misinformation and so division to distract from the mass
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he's great in this is what we're up against. today no u.s. presidential election has ever been canceled or postponed even during the civil war the 2nd world war as for mail in voting which trump claims is flawed the coronavirus pandemics expected to see a record number of americans turned to voting by mail so they can hear the social distancing its proponents say it's no more susceptible to fraud than any other voting method the american journalist analyser told us the upcoming election is bound to say allegations of fraud from both sides of the political divide it. seems clear that he's trying to jeremiah's the elections and that's really important trumpet has already an age already said he will not commit to abide by the results and he regards the mail in ballots as fraudulent which could allow him to mount a challenge. actions are held with the vote count in stories so there 'd will
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probably probably be at the very least chaos on election day and for weeks after the democrats the republicans are going to try going to cry fraud and the democrats are going to blame russia if they lose and the republicans are. to blame the democrats. unfortunately voting so this is not going to be a normal election the american electoral process is falling apart. noisy protests against the israeli prime minister in the government resumed on thursday night outside his residence in jerusalem about thousands gathered demanding but even that knows resignation over the pandemic of his indictment for corruption supporters turned out nearby 28 were arrested after attacking 2 news photographers in a palestinian bus driver sleepless nights for not you know as neighbors as well they asked the supreme court to ban protests after 11 pm but their request was thrown out meantime the embattled prime minister has been immortalized in art in tel aviv but he was none too happy at the new take on one of the old masters as
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paul asli had discovered divin she's a last supper when a song masterpiece that's iconic revered and a symbol of tested loyalties and devotion but a 2020 interpretation here in tel aviv takes on a very different symbolism it depicts prime minister benjamin netanyahu alone at a table adorned by cigars champagne and cognac sculpted a tie is a lie that explains what's behind us with that we have the prime minister of israel benjamin netanyahu. he is the only one was eating the whole food and i was in the. middle of this king's 1st. and he's not beating the case grabbing center of the cake with his hands and ripping off the heart out. and he's like he's in the place of jesus. symbolizes the.
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special. place we have in israel society people that treat him seem is a king someone who is beyond everyone else is like the savior. but in the same time we have more than a 1000000 unemployed and employed people that. having difficulty bringing food to their kids while he's having these things 1st it's been a tough year for netanyahu of weighty israelis are increasingly furious over his handling of the comic $900.00 pandemic on top of that they are corruption charges regarding ford breach of trust and bribery and on yahoo he insists he's done nothing wrong but while there's an ebbing of public support this artwork has touched a raw nerve among people. think it too much show off and it's not necessary i'm for a freedom of speech saw anyone. show his feelings and
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express them in any way they want except the violence. i think it is an appropriate to do things like this it was not the last supper for b.b. it was not the last supper for us we will carry on and be as always it tastes time and everything will be fine they're not the only ones left with a sour taste netanyahu msoft says the statue is tantamount to a death threat there's no room for incitement and threats of murder a explicit and implicit against me in my family including the shameful threat of crucifixion today in tel aviv just statue since being dismantled but protests. against the prime minister continue apace 3rd of voting any notion netanyahu might have had of being israel's when a son's man policy r t tel aviv. muslims worldwide are celebrating one of the holiest events in the islamic calendar the hard pilgrimage is the focus but this year is either one
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there's also got eyes on is temple where the festival is being celebrated in the world renowned higher saffir which was reverted to being a mosque for the 1st time in over at their caves controversially the turkish president repurpose the unesco listed museum just earlier this month much to the consternation of christian orthodox nations such as greece there's also been a church in previous incarnation but was turned into a mosque during the rise of the ottoman empire in the mid 15th century. finally as they say the toy makers would tell of launched a new range of barbie dolls and she's getting political there's now an election candidate campaign manager a fundraiser and also a vote want to turn out in the hope it will inspire young girls to aim high. for kids who are just as body just as challenged. when the wind stops blowing
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that's the end of your electric lead scary i am right. darling is the wind blowing today i'd like to watch television darling i. understanding the role we play in empowering our downturn this is the 1st step by getting them excited today giving them the confidence to raise their voices and round for office tomorrow.
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he could put half of trump's supporters into what i call the basket of deplorable. aspirational figures and as the day progresses we've got you covered from various news teams are in because she does run the world who are not safer now the reporter from moscow this friday morning kevin oh insane have a great day. you
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cannot be both with us you like. the. attorney general bill barr testifies on capitol hill he claims he's impartial and independent from the president his critics say otherwise we'll get perspective from a former federal prosecutor on this addition to. the politicking on larry king our says he's independent impartial on a defender of the rule of law critics say he's behaving as a political actor serving trump's interests and not those of the people let's start
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there with former federal prosecutors scheme.


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