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tv   Redacted Tonight  RT  August 8, 2020 10:00pm-10:31pm EDT

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it's worded that there is no answer because yes the records resource most vulnerable are abandoned on the streets to become the invisible cliques. protesters a storm several government buildings in beirut calling for justice and accountability after tuesday's devastating explosion security forces used tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse huge crowds gathered in the center of the lebanese capital. letters prime minister hassan says corruption was to blame for the tragedy and calls for early elections and rescue teams continue the search for survivors in the ruins of the beirut port area we hear from a nurse who saved 3 newborn minutes after the blast. that killed i'm sure he needs the intensive care units the probably the rubble as well and started pulling we are inside the unit i was sorry i was i thought the babies might be crushed from
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the rubble. or broadcasting live from our studios in moscow this is our g international i'm sean thomas glad to have you with us. all right there has been an intense standoff in the lebanese capital where there is an outpouring of grief and anger over tuesday's deadly explosion security forces used rubber bullets and tear gas to break up crowds calling for justice. was. 6 not. on saturday protesters stormed several government buildings in beirut security
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forces have driven out protesters who earlier stormed the foreign ministry they took over the building and declared it a headquarters for revolution. that we are coming back to the property of our people is building belongs to the people of lebanon. we went to martyr square to set up gallows for those who did this to our country today will hang news's and we won't lead a single government ministers. the police started firing tear gas at us on monster square and the rice is also attacked us and we fled. which is igor john of his in beirut with the latest. well the smoke still hasn't cleared from the streets of
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beirut and everything that you can see around me well it hasn't been caused by the blast but rather by today's protests we are in an area which has seen some of the heaviest clashes between the police the army and well the riotous it is in fact not far from the port where the blast had happened but this was not caused by the blast this was caused by all the protests and by people being unhappy lots of dumpsters just overturned set on fire i mean by the time we got here there was much more smoke much more fires going on let's just see just have a look here this is not again this is not damage excuse me this is not damage from the blogs this is a from today's protests and what people are unhappy about lebanon has been battered in the past in the past year firstly and foremost leave the country is in economic
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in an economic turmoil its economy plunged then covert 19 heads and it didn't help the economy at all but on top of that what added was the well was the strain on the health care system and now this strain is worsened by what happened today because hospitals in some hospitals in beirut are destroyed the routes lebanon's in fact lebanon's oldest hospital no longer can take patients we were filming there today and the manager of the operational manager told me that he was born there and worked there for 35 years and he has no idea as to when that hospital is going to become operational again and with all of that and with the pandemic the figures are already in the hundreds well of those injured in today's protests so people are angry but we have to look there's a you can see they're very vocal they're very vocal and they i mean i'm absolutely
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sure. or that these actions will continue and it will do nothing good to the health care system and will add to the catastrophe that lebanon is facing right now in fact there's a small group of protesters. in another part of town and we had time to speak with them there just outside the foreign ministry which had previously been captured by the protesters and occupied briefly until the army moved in and cleared that building and i talked to my person who would like. volunteer leader of that small group and she was very vocal she was very passionate about how cool is angry very sad we lost the country we lost beirut we have people. we didn't find out we have family members we don't know anything about. we have the killers still. has the. president of lebanon
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he knew that we have such a thing at ford beirut we should all do is hold our anger and such a thing with a peaceful protest in big numbers sometimes staying silent is more powerful than doing this people will daily go back to the streets they will daily ask for justice we need the justice they do doesn't deserve this and we would if you use what happened to us people are fed up it seems like this blast became the final the straw that broke the camel's back if i may say so because throughout these past days that we have been here in beirut and outside of being ruled in favor of course people have lost their homes and with the economic crisis that they have no simply no money to put their windows back back in to restore the roofs over their over their houses over their homes some people are ready to leave they're just ready to go and. others. less fortunate because they simply have nowhere else to go there
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are 300000 people displaced by the bluffs and that was the last straw that's why people have been coming out sporadically throughout the week but today's demonstration has beat them as speed to all the previous ones when it comes to when it comes to scale i mean it's been hours since everything has been over but i mean there's still there's still smoke in the air and it seems like all the all the work that the volunteers had previously done yesterday the day before yesterday holds like classes and students schoolchildren are just good samaritans going around giving out water to people and people just taking to the streets with brooms to clear out to clear out of the debris with shovels to clear out the rubble the same shovels were used today to attack the government so all of that progress of clearing out beirut streets of dealing with the damage it has been undone by
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today's action and from by judging from what i've heard from the protesters they are not going to stop. there have been brutal scenes in the lebanese capital demonstrators the rocks and projectiles at police officers who responded with tear gas security forces fired live ammunition into the air to force people back. the. demonstrators also put up market gallows in a location where people were hanged more than 100 years ago under the ottoman empire protestors raised cardboard cut outs with ropes around their necks depicting
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lebanon's prime minister and hezbollah's leader as well as other officials in response or to the surge in civil unrest prime minister called for some hours ago actually an early election he stated the corruption was to blame for tuesday's tragedy. but we are in a state of emergency and not only because of this catastrophe and the need to deal with it in these circumstances i'd like all political parties to agree on what happens next we don't have much time i'm prepared to bear this responsibility for 2 months until they can come to an agreement what is needed is for the not to stand in the way of structural reforms in order to save the country on monday at the cabinet meets in i will propose a bill seeking a night election at burnham for the ballot journalist all tough was in the midst of saturday's chaotic scenes in beirut.
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these demonstrators were flocking to marchers square also to the lebanese parliament to express their dismay over the poor over what they say is poor handling of the lebanese government of the aftermath of tuesday's that explosion was targeted the beirut sport. all. the demonstrators are have to or have taken a very violent turn we are also hearing a lot of shots being fired in the air in addition to that there gas and now these protesters admit it doesn't seem that they're planning to leave as martyrs square
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and it's time soon many of them have already set up tents they say they are going to stay here until their demands are met and that was. also at the same time we know that in the district of a sheffield east of beirut protesters have managed to storm into the foreign ministry. that i have a lebanese army generals there are talks that the government officials will try to sit down with this retired army generals to a try and reach some sort of discussion or negotiations with a maybe to calm the situation down. we have lost everything we have lost our homes our lives have been torn apart everything is happening at once and 28 and what future do i have our currency has lost most of its wealth is a disgrace to shit i want to say to him oh no it is ready for you.
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political analyst to move on and international relations professor jamal wakim give us their thoughts on in the demonstrations there are some pretty high expectations for young people from think he's not from columns from the space walk to school steps or so su needs right here how do you agree most houses ask me again really just before a show of the nation he has to change. the japanese politics he couldn't have fallen in the solution there are too many of these are for the i'll go to school and do that is genuine i'm going by the people. disappointed by the whole system by the become
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a cricket i said that's it the country almost a year ago we need to really talk this because the fact that there are other parties that are trying to capitalize on the people's i'm good at this point to where the bottom of the form of government and partially responsible for the economy. social policy that's less of a crisis in addition they are also prompted by the united states to escalate the situation in lebanon a lot of. campaign to isolate blood. going to do so but as a base an american base especially after the united states has lost ground and studio much on the ground in syria now just a quick reminder of what happened in beirut an explosion went off in the port area on tuesday. it was one of the biggest nuclear detonations in human history the explosion along with
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a follow up blast and a massive fire leveled several districts and it claimed the lives of at least $154.00 people with thousands more injured the search and rescue operation is still ongoing for days on with dozens of people still missing. these are before and after images of the blast zone officials have revealed that almost 3000 tons of ammonium nitrate were being illegally stored in the port area of beirut it is a volatile compound used as a fertilizer and also as a mining explosive and that stockpile had been sitting in a warehouse in a densely populated area for more than 6 years with the anger and grief there has also been a glimmer of hope for those who are still looking for their loved ones under the rubble in beirut after 24 hours of digging a 12 year old girl was found alive. i'm not sure how much but i do not mention the number of human. rights and. i know
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i'm going to go but we don't. know. when the explosion retallack across the city destroying the port gutting buildings and leaving $300000.00 people homeless the blast is estimated to have caused $10.00 to $15000000000.00 worth of damage the ruined port served as a lifeline for lebanon handling 60 percent of the country's food imports the u.n. is now warning of the country's faces a dire humanitarian crisis and has called on the international community to send help at least 20 countries have pledged assistance including russia the u.s. even member states and gulf countries as well. the world health organization is warning that beirut's health care system has also been badly compromised it was already under severe pressure from the coded $1000.00 pandemic and on top of that
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the explosion on tuesday put 3 hospitals out of action medics are working around the clock to save the lives of those seriously injured in the tragedy here is one heroic nurses story. when the explosion went off the ground shook beneath us the blast held me into another room i opened my eyes and found myself covered with rubble i found my colleagues and friends line here on the ground covered in blood. and the neonatal intensive care units were covered in rubble as well i started pulling new going south of the units i was terrified because i thought the babies might be crushed under the rubble but thank god they were ok then i took them for
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this corridor and down 4 flights of stairs. i carried the babies and i was determined to take them to another hospital the only way less than 2 kilograms they had nothing on them except died people on the street give me the t. shirts and clothes so i could read in you simply continue the conservation i hear on t.v. . that i was holding the 3 babies and i didn't know if i was going to be able to rescue them nor hold the times counting the heads on my chest to make sure they were still there. coming up after a short break u.s. intelligence officials are warning that foreign powers are trying to influence the november election we will look at those claims just remember stay with us this is
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our tradition. the world is driven by a dream shaped by the curse of those great. new dares thinks. we dare to ask. is you'll be via reflection of reality.
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in a world transformed. what will make you feel safe. tyson nation for community. are you going the right way or are you being led. direct. what is truth what is faith. in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the depths. or a maybe in the shallows. seemed wrong all right all quotes just don't call. me. yet to shape out these days to come to advocate and engagement because betrayal.
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when so many find themselves worlds apart when you choose to look for common ground . welcome back to our t.v. international of u.s. counter intelligence chief is claiming that russia china and iran are all trying to meddle in november's presidential election the agency's director says that there are several foreign powers that quote have a preference over the election results china apparently views trump as unpredictable and doesn't want him to win as for russia it is using a range of measures against joe biden and iran could undermine american democracy donald trump well he has his own views on the matter and i think that the last person russia wants to see in office is donald trump because nobody has been tougher on russia than i have ever the last thing that russia wants and china wants
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and iran wants would be for donald trump to when we heard from journalist and author daniel czar he thinks both democrats and republicans are already looking for someone to blame in the event of losing the election. the us is filled with corporate media pumping out our propaganda at top volume around the clock. that the russians chinese and iranians can barely get a word net what point is that they're they're able to pull these charges out of their hat they have no evidence because there is no evidence there's no indication of any kind of major russian interference and u.s. electoral processes the republicans who are accusing the democrats of cheating trump is already doing that but through the misuse of mail in ballots and the democrats are apparently to blame a trump victory on russia so our so both sides are now at down out building up
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their excuses and case they lose to blame it on the other person it's a recipe for disaster this wide that could very easily be some kind of political meltdown in november. going underground to talk to 2 american philosopher and political activist cornel west about the upcoming election and also the rise of the black lives matter movement. i've got to say angela davis on this show endorsed endorsed joe biden in the member no in chomsky is endorsed joe biden do you think that joe biden will save us from another nuclear conflagration as we commemorate the dead of hiroshima but i had a choice between a deal liberal disaster leo asked yes i would go to a little disaster that so but it is a city. it's a spiteful impact it's a most unpleasant number one of what it would be on the inside we've got some
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movement on the inside we've got a magnificent courageous and visionary citizen on the inside but we are losing. we are losing we're resisting but we're still losing the greed the hatred wall street pentagon is they are in control of the empire and they are taking it on what is different about these uprisings since what's in los angeles in 165 and before and after the beautiful thing is that you have problems of. coming together and making the connection between not just police power and police murder but between police power lease murder wall street power wall street crimes and pentagon power and pentagon crimes once you make those connections and connect to the most you can't make them up the mix may develop it could make the family look rabbi abraham joshua yet as able to make. the greatest intellectual alone with known
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chomsky and been making for most of his intellectual life will once every day people begin to make those connections then we're on to something those komisar be may more now than they were before. here's an interesting one for you a 9 year old girl in germany has been punished by her teachers for speaking her native turkish language in the playground her parents are now planning to sue the school our europe correspondent peter oliver has the story. there's a row brewing in southwest germany over the languages spoken in school it's after a 9 year old girl was given this punishment essay to write to speak turkish the children speak german school in germany a definition language is german you want us to speak german the schools are german if we speak turkish the children won't understand us we're not allowed to speak our mother 10 so we can speak german that's all i know the local school authority told
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r.t. that the german only policy is in place so that everyone students and teachers all speak a common language 43 percent of children are from migrant backgrounds so it's important for everyone to speak the same language so the school can fulfill its educational mission the rule we all speak german is also part of the class rules a school which drawn up jointly by all pupils and explained at parents' evenings it was agreed that in the event of a violation of this rule an essay on the topic why we speak german at school must be written that's not good enough for the family all their lawyer he says that this rule targets the turkish language in particular it was didn't we. the school break this talking for example who would english or who learn french or chinese who have lived in i cannot believe that teacher would say oh this is what we've been. don't do this every teacher would say and show this person
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as an example or. the family or want to know if there was an on equal to. their child and you cannot forbid you to talk in your mother tongue you know and those of course affects all your purse no or your identity and also use. human rights of you. in the constitution there was not such a general rule to talk only in german language in the school building and also this issue which happened was. one by one situation between 2 students were the issue origin and in such a situation i named it was not lawful through or give a sanction like this school and also told the 1st
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representatives on to them not replying our appeal or this. would be the next logical step if they don't. respond to our letters that we would have to go to court the legal action underlying this situation leaves everything in a very messy place stuck between a german schools insistence on german being spoken and respect for the languages of the many different groups that make up modern day germany peter all of our r.t. . 32 and a half minutes that's when i'll be back with another look at you news this is r t international. summer solution that's right where we come up with solutions to all the problems
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they cover on the other shows we do anyway today we've got a go to the moon edition of with a special guest mark malloch of incremental. welcome
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to redact and tonight i'm naming caravan me and i'll be filling in for a leak cam tonight ranting somewhere in the woods radicalizing the wildlife you know want that would explain the forest fires a few days ago federal agents withdrew from the streets of portland where they were aggressively policing protests. well i'm sure everyone will remember the good times we had with the shock troops won't we that time they picked a protester off the street and through him and into an unmarked car and blindfolded him without telling him who they were or what he was charged with it's really inspired people like the n.y.p.d. who also kidnapped protesters now who could it be who could it be that has their fingerprints on such artistry of crowd control and state repression why it was none other than the department of homeland security the only federal agency more opaque
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and less accountable then the u.s. military but you know the department still in its teens was created in 2002 to fight terrorism and all threats from abroad like you know high resists but the th us has always been more concerned with monitoring peaceful activists at home than focusing on serious threats you can see that clearly in an internal memo published this week homeland security worries kogan 1000 masks are breaking facial recognition this definitely shows their priories but to be fair i wouldn't expect any teen year old with a cold to carry clean x. it is sure to please everyone got so mad that these g.i. john doe's were ignoring civilians rights and treating peaceful protests like a counterinsurgency operation that they pay is not some people's mothers op but a whole wall of moms came out to protest.


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