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the 1st ever atomic bomb to be used in war was dropped in the city if there is steam on the 6th of august 19th by well over 100000 citizens were killed those in the hype a sense of what instantly turned into dust while countless others died from the burns and high dose of radiation they received. over $50000.00 survivors. still live in the city each one of them has their own story to tell of the day the bomb fell and i was on my way to meet one. which is. not. sure if you. had any. chance to maggie i just moved through the floor and. i think she's saying this is
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what. i dream of. since noon that. sound. on nice and now i remember who. was just a 13 year old schoolgirl that day and as i was a ball to find out recalling those events hasn't become any easier even after 70 years. character or nothing and this shell that i arrived here i knew horoscope of course only this kayaker dude that was now closer race than me that will never catch air at the media circus called that that thingy. stayed up can any money dailies so we're all crass and when the mossad arson quadruped the gunmen jan you call that you. or iraqi coward you had the
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clear them on cow on the way you look with that the kid that's going to the moon or casa. corey del to dignitas then bill you go i guarantee it's a real you. know. i said. shit it's me could do it there now i know. how you nothing but the call me. which. if you should name your senate. the. so you know we must need. their lights to mature and then there are issues. to see me.
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i was happy to work we had been on a long war we had been attacked by the japanese the japanese people were not nice people when i was there. the policy of the united states government at that time was to subdue the nation of japan. and i was willing to do anything i could do to help that. it was presidents harry s. truman who made the decision to drop the atomic bomb he'd only been in office for a little under 4 months. a short time ago an american air play in route to run on hiroshima and destroyed its usefulness to the enemy where this we have added a new and revolutionary increase in destruction that has been done is the greatest
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achievement of organized science in history. here yet the grandson like of the president who decided to drop the bomb on hiroshima and nagasaki i think is going to see the legacy of. ronnie one thing to go into the ground us drop the bomb we still use the thousands of japanese people they build it up they see so who is coming out of your life because. of course i have to see how strong this decision is fit his personal life as i told you was the war the job of all please be enjoyed to this day because. to be you know your teacher sorry yeah my wife calling us from the. muses must be divine justice and. yeah you know it's the new way oh. i'm that is what it is. some of it is real it is managed.
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if you feel you have in your relationship with the grandfather. of the good ones i'm sorry if that you. you know and also you sociate sex i don't mean oh yeah no no no no no i know i understand completely when i was a kid yeah very annoying sometimes because you're a teenager and you're trying to figure out who you are you know and and what you turn out to be for a lot of people as an adjunct to somebody else so they you know your grandfather was wonderful and i remember your grandfather and yeah yeah yeah. you know thanks. as i've gotten older no it's you know there's a legacy yeah and. you do with it what you can as a legacy to kind of boy oh i could have. chose not to yeah i when i was in my late thirty's i kind of rediscovered my grandfather as a human being i mean i you know the history is always there.
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with a sense of victory in the dollars we're already looking forward to a post-war world by the polls done conference on the 18th of july $945.00. american relations have been fairly good under roosevelt truman was an unknown quantity to stalin and this meeting marks a turning point in relations between the allies. truman at potsdam did indicate to stalin that we had a new weapon he did not specify what it was and he believed that stallman did not know and stalin's response was nonchalant which was well i hope you used to go to. again study the enemy but we now know from a variety of sources including former soviet sources that stalin knew very well what truman was talking about through his own sources in style informal to stay with her and she did none of them one but it was to sit in the midst of them ridicule anybody thus they were not answering for months or so as can save is
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a distance from one of them story he's got them there won't be real so you will do that in the beginning there was the word because that is him or barnum swaim wish so you see what. was in the. business is to ensure that. it's all moment's notice and. you can take any. action. you care how can you cancel the account of one to 10 and stand there. every night. and you have to go. and snatch a syringe your guide. missionary. tony grucci was delivering mail when a 2nd plutonium bomb called 1st month fell on nagasaki kids from the blast melted
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the skin on his bike and left footage of his horrific injuries has become iconic assume its hero is now a living symbol of the suffering caused by the bombs. and the day that data may. get to. where i knew that. she. met him at the commission. you. are going to. have to i think. you know. this city was in the original targets for the 2nd bomb fights one was destined for
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the quarter but the weather was overcast a bit like today so the boxcar b. 29 changed course and headed to a secondary target some nagasaki. just 3 days after hiroshima on the 9th of august the 2nd atomic bomb exploded with a destructive force of 21 killer tons of t.n.t. and killed over 70000 of the city's residents. the comprehensive fire bombing campaign conducted before the a bombs had left japan in ruins the us already had the country blockaded and could soar from food and fuel. us to keep bombing survey that was done at the end of the work concluded that the japanese would have surrendered. even if the bomb had nothing used even if the invasion had not gone forward that they would have surrendered prior to november 1st which i think was the date for operational lympics the invasion of the home islands so why did the us drop the bombs that's
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what historians are debating and i think that truman was hoping for a dual strategy one was to try to drop the bombs and hope that japan would surround there before the russians got in so the russians would not get all those concessions that we had promised them number one the number 2 and equally if not more important the americans were trying to send a message to the soviet union. with each country looking to carve all the spheres of influence after the war relations between east and west were rapidly declining to a very curvy allies the new cliff poet equalled political poet on the world stage and documents from as early as $945.00 suggest the allies would turning against each other. in the planning actually in october of 1945 and had chosen 20 targets in russia moscow and leningrad were also included in the target list early
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on and as i understand it just from talking to some of the more planets designate a ground 0 was to be either the kremlin itself or it was a power plant that was very close to the kremlin as the bombs got larger they would move the designated ground 0 to a point so that it would destroy more targets just with one weapon so it took a. different and committee does to present the look it was good it was so i'm sure you know we are political fanatic and so just in there could be more of that about the switch with them if you could the cops that it was the news from it that i looked. at it on the. condition. and you didn't really tryna come from thought simply to screw. him so some cinema stopped america where the choice new college for good and it's that cinema to producing school so it was a. point forward in the foreseeable future
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a wall between the united states and russia will be the result of a miscalculation by russian leaders of the capabilities uncontentious united states and they were going to mop all the different industries senses in bush or us wrong targets. the. same wrong all rolled just don't call. me that he's yet to shape out of disdain he comes to educate and engage from an equal betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart when she still looks for common ground.
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as the u.s. economy was booming gaining numbers of people were made homeless. you can work 40 hours 'd in a week and still not have enough to get housing everybody believes america still is the only ended up with the reality of the we're not financially quality and the lack of affordable housing for a living minimum wage give many people new choice you know that's been a problem with the city knows turn drivetrain call me stay away almost. it's worth it if there is no answer because yes that requires resources the most vulnerable are abandoned on the streets to become the invisible comes.
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to nothing must be made. and some know each is an 82 year old niggas sucky bomb survivor both he and his daughter travel around schools talking to children about the war. so now uses cartoons to help him share with a younger audience his experience of the day the bomb fell with. their. salute to. all and not only much of a. salute to keith swamiji kunle coach but a lot more doc doesn't need to feel sad at the game but what they do and. so little can. be. kelly. for the
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get it you got there must. but i do mate i would i let it go. back before that i started how. they need us and this of the. 2 of them on narcotic mother would looked at the kid in the muck local good morning again. we hit it still yeah i must. slow local you know we're just on well. you know much you words emits a smug sort of you so he did he any more though. this kid always study the worst tuned or one or negated by so and not. enough i really must be this. or need to guy night more i get to meet on this board bachrach or get a cold war you must him all punch in the when you move up was allowed to move goods
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since you. do what you must i will kill meanwhile want to. get back when it's in the way it did in this no was good us to meet up with the need. wheel on the day to day are they more put up the walk on. going all on says or steeple studied this for more she will but there is i will watch let the i source must go is to do what i say no. more than bull she did very well you know what it's. still to let us get it right in march. i think that the bombs were believed at the time to be necessary as general marshall who was head of the u.s. military during the war said after the war. we didn't want to have to invade japan we knew we would kill many japanese and many americans would die as well.
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that was truman's just a fixation to save half a 1000000 american lives that would otherwise have been lost if that invaded the mainland. what i don't understand is how people who have presumably studied the same documents of. different conclusions about the bombings i don't understand it either to me it's such a clear cut issue if you look at what the us intelligence was saying if you look at the comments of american leaders at the time in fact 6 of america's 75 star admiral generals who got their 5th star during the war on record as saying that the bomb was either militarily unnecessary morally reprehensible or both you can't come to any other conclusion and that the bomb was not necessary that the soviet invasion was going to end the war that the u.s. invasion was not going to begin till november 1st so we dropped the bomb that
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august 6th and august 9th and invasion is not going to take place for 3 more months why do we do it why you have to conclude that we wanted to do it. agreed to show me around the hiroshima peace memorial museum for brings back mixed emotions terrible memories of the bomb but also happy ones from her wedding which was held in the grounds. the hiroshima city governments to suggest that removing some of the exhibits over concerns that children find them frightening. but yoko doesn't think they're realistic enough. stone rules. korean or. you want to comment on the. study.
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scott found not skinny on the back. everything. is. cool you can't decide what. question in there finish college so. do i regret the atomic pression i regret we had to do it but i think we had to do it nordic and the war with a minimum loss of life if the same situation existed again. exactly as there as it had back in 1945 yes i would go on it i would
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volunteer for about some other fact i don't want to go to war. yeah a memoir with. it is it's a personal it's sort of the change from i you know i like most americans born in that time and growing up after the war the bombs were a great thing they ended the war they say hundreds of thousands of lives on both sides and that's what my grandfather always said was his reason for the decision to end the war and save american lives primarily that would otherwise likely be lost in an invasion of the main islands so i went from not giving it much thought at all to. being confronted one day with with the reality that people lost their lives and in horrible ways.
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japan is still counting the cost of the a bombs the government's makes monthly health care payments to the survivors to help with treatment not just for the physical effects of radiation exposure but also the psychological impacts. many of them come to this clinic set up especially for the hit in hiroshima. clone that i knew some know impacts i know qatada to stay out of massive. one day and nothing in the law or as i said move. to stand on water if you look no quarter throw so here kyra i want to go below i thought as i've gotten to come in the next you know down got to the can i say since course of course or southern afghanistan there's kid on the corner if. you are.
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wrong it only has to go there. and the floor deal not. given that you did something nice you know. and those who. would have sang with you. yet but i'm just you know. since in 2006 kids are more to buying your p.t.s.d. this kingdom or the american or 13 the more needles on the dock now your now. are the minority in this day through. this kind of sort of school your new. stuff.
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after the war the japanese constitution was changed by the americans and it's remained in place ever since including 9 which prohibits japan from having its own military. well the country can still protect itself with its self defense forces including its fleets which is poly base hit the american naval base in your corsica . nowhere is the american incursion more evident brita streets all the haunch as it's known by the sailors is just a stone's throw from the naval base. any time baby i have no idea about things. is the place to go if you want a native or to go shopping at the army surplus store.
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and rock city seems to be particularly popular among your cusa because foreign guests. start the american citizen making the most of the downtime here 8. however the u.s. base in okinawa is probably the most controversial and i suppose so. is home to 21000 service personnel more the morning 3 of all american soldiers based in the asia pacific region and the locals want them gone. to their group and of others and there are many kind of bins of these men. is that something i'm going to have and what doesn't isn't that oh it's a death of a hiking off and on they have got to get there and one of the lot that honestly i
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get there how. are they going to stop. this one of them with all of us has been you know that's if get up on all accounts. i mean you just i think you have all the hey i can pull it back if i must and i. i didn't assume that on its own how much. i mean. it and i know that it will have an extra next that i thought what am i going to do this since it was that i guess is the. despite the atomic bombings in japan and the united states have an amicable and close relationship today however no incumbent u.s. president has visited hiroshima or nagasaki and americas yet to receive an apology for the surprise attack on pearl harbor. truman lived until he was 88 and stood by his decision to drop the atomic bombs to the day he died. so you don't think there
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will be this or no i don't think there will be i don't you know there's no harm in talking about it and i don't know that will ever be an apology maybe the 2 countries can find language that that that brings them together to say you know we acknowledge that serious hurt is done on both sides and we we own that and we are going forward it doesn't feel at this point that it will ever be a flat out apology from the u.s. to japan or the other way around i don't know that the united states has ever asked japan for an apology for pearl harbor or that they offered it so what do you think about america no no no you got the demo the innocent i guess you call the. turning you were in a corner in a circle crap and made you cry let me. dealing yell numerous small although i sound like that go to the.
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summit with the one you know 2nd we are throwing them all. now. i can ask. for. following the atomic bombing of 2 cities over $300000.00 japanese lost their lives is plans to attack the us assad actually being carried out in which 20 cities were targeted including population centers like moscow leningrad. the number of lives lost would have been in the millions. fortunately that never happened but it did mark the start of a new era the cold war. how
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can you explain love i've been to 82 countries i did in 12 but i came here and on those 3 days i just filled with hope. and. sick show. i made my decision to come here because i felt i knew i could build a new life you. know companies and. god decided that this money is no good to be free.
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my one dream is that all my children 'd find the same kind of happiness i do. i love my home i love cold weather i like the culture or like the history i like everything about it. and i know that. i am. russian fama. l. look forward to talking to you all that technology should work for people. i really must obey the orders given to a human beings except where such orders to conflict with the 1st law. for should be very careful about official intelligence and the point is to create trust in shia. areas with artificial intelligence will summon the demon.
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must protect its own existence or existence. will. renewed clashes in beirut and sells public bills in the. deadly explosion our correspondent is in the midst of all the rest. at one of the checkpoints if you look over there you can see the standing that they're preventing any protest is from getting old so far they have failed they're doing it right now in fact look if you see wearing gloves this is what they are doing.


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