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tv   Watching the Hawks  RT  August 14, 2020 9:30am-10:01am EDT

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greetings and salutation. as we stand in the afterglow of the democratic party's great vice president's election extravaganza warmed by the burning embers of a crumbling republic that now gives us voters the most exquisite of candidates to choose from this november either neo liberal pro wall street corporate yes folks like biden and harris. or the narcissistic be fuddled flag humping sexist racist want to be strong when that is why our great president donald trump it's important for us not to predict that ultimately it's the u.s. military industrial complex that calls most of the shots here in washington no matter who occupies the white house and this military empire built on u.s. taxpayer dollars is still wreaking havoc in the name of fighting the biting
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a terror over the world over particularly on the great continent of africa in fact according to a new investigation by south africa's mail and guardian in just 2019 alone u.s. special forces operations were deployed in 22 african countries countries like algeria botswana burkean a better day chad djibouti egypt ethiopia guyana kenya libya madagascar mali mara tanya niger nigeria senegal somalia tanzania and tunisia and that more than 14 percent of u.s. commandos deployed overseas in 2019 were sent to africa that's the largest percentage of any region in the world except for the greater middle east. all of this in the name of this supposed war on terror that was started almost 20 years ago 20 years and 3 presidents ago that has no clear end in sight. and it appears
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but u.s. africa command or africa for short hasn't exactly been the best of houseguests in these 22 africa major not only has violence spiked in africa since the u.s. military came to it shores and that's according to one of the pentagon's own actual studies but we can even treat the ceremonial podio what we've been treat the ceremonial poto out gifts we received from host nations with this respect as nick turse lays out military documents show that former africa chief general thomas wall houser regularly put gifts he received from african leaders into the trash. the tunisian peace tree a ceremonial sword from djibouti depends cheap a plaque from the tunisian army's chief of staff all thrown right into the gutter. seems the u.s. military is the cousin eddie of our national lampoon of a foreign policy in africa which means i think it's time to start watching the
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hawks. if you will what's going on in a city streets. that are so let's see this is this you always state see a. great city this least systemic deception is late show which. some things are just as. welcome aboard the watching dog so i am tired rover and. you know me so when we look at i think 22 countries out of the entire continent of africa we're seeing u.s. special forces deployed is that and is the war on terror really so great that we need to be in 22 countries of africa because in my mind i think that's 22 too many my swift answer is absolutely not i am searching for justification because that's almost 2 dozen countries and the reality here. is there honestly isn't
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a justification there isn't one that it's being given and other than just pilfering away resources and trying to take advantage of africa in the way that the us has always done it i don't see any other necessity for having that that much of a presence there it really does boggle the mind and i think the i think it all gets rooted back to the war on terror at the end of the day is that we have we have essentially sent our troops all over the world under the guise of fighting the war on terror or a war that like i said is about almost 20 years old and there is no how do you win terror and what do we have to show for it the biggest argument has always been that the war on terror was a farce to begin with but in addition to that we've been trying to fight in etiology militarily which we would never win and it's pressure rating because the more we go down this path and we've seen it administration after administration there is no end in sight no and this is like a left right problem because look i mean at the end of the day you know africa
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during the obama administration trump has shown no signs of slowing it down i mean we've heard some rumbling on the hill earlier this spring of like oh we need to draw back but then you had bipartisan senators come through your congressman come through and say no no no we need to prevent that and to me it's like yes it's a reflection of like when you really strip it away it's a reflection of china is there russia is there we've got to have a presence there but rather than coming in and building infrastructure and trying to you know help assist african nations it seems all we can do is drop bombs and cause violence militarizing the developing world has never been a great idea to what you what you mentioned a moment ago we know that there are severe structural issues and things that we could actually assist in through funding models through mechanisms that help to provide more education there's so many different things and even helping them to
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amass more of their by the. source is not meeting filtering them off and selling them and collecting the money ourselves but making sure that it actually goes back to the people who live in the region i think that there's so much that we could be doing that would actually benefit them and we're just not seeing that i want to bring in the member of the corded committee for the black alliance for peace mr not for freeman but a lot of time researching africa in in the in the continent of africa and he believes very strongly that we should be pulling out what is the real reason the united states military is so why are they so interested in africa why are you a sports special forces now operating in 22 different countries there as recently as 2019. but man are i will have a little technical difficulties thanks to the lovely world of covert. hopefully the mets will be back with us and we can continue this conversation one of the things i also want to get into not just with with nothing but due to this report that came
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out of the intercept by mr turbo this before. it blows my mind the we're throwing away these gifts you know that when you look at these 2 documents the papers that was probably their freedom information act of says you know gift after dipped after dip was ended up trash no they got a hold of the intercept of those articles published and said well no it's not just present kind of how but they didn't offer the intercept any proof to say what actually happened to these gifts is that just kind of the ultimate spit in the i mean you know we all know that like as the leaders are you know we're doing these kind of things and the gibson should treat them respectfully for the photo op and things like that but roman the trash when you get home it seems like there are so many other things you could do with this that i think that it is a slap in the face it's extremely disrespectful it's also one of those things where i question how how what is what is the value that you have when you receive the gift and then you get rid of it in that manner because there is a lot of hoopla after gifts are received oftentimes that like you said there's the photo op sometimes there's a relief there's
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a lot that comes along with that. the words they give to just magically disappear yeah i mean i remember when my father was governor you know he'd have to accept official gifts from what different groups of things are but i mean these are you know nation you know these are the times leaders meeting with our leaders saying hey here is token of our esteem thank you for bringing even if they didn't want to hear a secret isn't it also part of a diplomatic strategy that the whole point is that you've done something that they've been positive you guys are working together so now i'm going to give whatever this thing is to you that means something great to my nation what does it say when you are just willing to toss it away bad mojo bad mojo i haven't heard he threw away gifts from current u.s. senators including the u.s. flag. you can't even. get. us secretary of state might pump aoe is now floating the idea of imposing sanctions against us following the state's heavy handed response to opposition protest which authorities in by the troops now confirm has led to 2 deaths during an interview with radio free europe pump
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a list of the both sanctions and trade penalties were on the table as washington's response to the crackdown he also suggested the u.s. could halt oil shipments to the eastern european nation it's interesting because the last time the u.s. scaled back penalties was 2015 after bellers president alexander lukashenko freed a number of political prisoners there are to use donald courts here brings us the story. in belarus having the title go or daddy means you've got the most populist position in the entire post soviet sphere and for the recently reelected president alexander lukashenko he's held that position for decades. the lives that he fished out of russians have to hold on to the even in the most
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critical situation is that you. i'm going mad to catch a stroll that you just took my racing to be 90 percent tomorrow will be with you like we all know it is no not for you to decide for. themselves i envy myself but i am the last and only dictator in europe. i'm not going to hold this position for a lifetime this soon as the people refuse my services i'll take my bag under my arm and i'm gone. i was on board the populist train before it was cool before politicians like steve bannon and donald trump probably even knew the meaning of the word one of his most recent populist stunts involved the dismissal of bella russa's agricultural minister after the minister's cows failed to gain lucas shank those approval. why did you bring me here so why now tell the security service to put you in handcuffs if you person does not understand that this is auschwitz and
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you put him in charge of the holding who did not understand you were to. look at shank oh as a man of inspections meetings with bureaucrats and reprimands of government officials when the cameras are watching of course this puts a smile on the faces of ordinary people who struggle daily with bureaucratic red tape it's also the main reason why they call lucas shank obama for many baka is also a strong man who created an enclave of the soviet union within europe it's been a popular stance for years but now look at those image is facing some big problems . sure look i shan't go claims he won the election it seems like the security forces are on his side and for a while he only faced small pockets of pro western opposition but based on the brutality used by the police to control the situation arrests made of journalists.
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and the death of a protester it seems like the entire country's view of the government is definitely turning sour. it's possible lucas sankoh is recent anti russia statements alyea needed his main base of support those who want closer cooperation with valorous his eastern neighbor we need to address the russian media and say you know incidents if you would you need to get into the situation with dignity see good we have new gold to discreate the country close to us arresting russian journalists didn't help the situation either. for the west he's always been europe's last dictator even look at shankar himself
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said he knew people would dispute the election results whatever the case the belorussian president will need to father more support if he wants to remain at the head of the table. all right and we're going to break remember that you can also start watching the hawks on demand through the brand new portable t.v. app which is available on all platforms all platforms you have no excuse not to go out and pick it up once again portable t v good stuff up and check it out all right coming up for the 1st time in history you missed so unicef is providing aid to us children and then my friends are to america sports producer regina ham has the latest on the n.c.a.a. vs cope with 19 and how that is actually also affecting the united states journalists who do not want to miss this so definitely my friends stay tuned.
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illustrations but it's hard to miss them not mr but the style of speech that. eat eat. food 1st your march quarter i'm going to pitch your slogan. for the. post but able to.
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be pushed to much needed some comments about islam or some. one else child's seemed wrong why don't we all just don't know all. the world yet to shape our disdain comes to advocate and indeed from an equal betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. the sudden and illegal takeover of a government by a small group. rather than revolutionaries or soldiers small group
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be cool for. when you have a tiny group of people who have all the power you have to have some means to make sure the rest of us don't get together and take a back leg police are sacrificing. places that capitalism exploited and destroyed for profit and left behind misery poverty environmental devastation and so you see things like voter suppression building more prisons you seem gerrymandering all sorts of undemocratic practices. in the world focused world.
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lead. thank. you thank you. extreme poverty anywhere is a threat to human security everywhere famous words uttered by gaiman diplomat former secretary general of the united nations and nobel peace prize winner. his powerful words continue to resonate across the globe the united nations children's fund for unicef is a special program of the u.n. devoted to aiding national efforts to improve health nutrition education and the
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general welfare of our children a huge undertaking especially in a world where the child poverty rates continue to explode and the coronavirus pandemic is only making things worse but when most people think of unicef and child poverty they picture underdeveloped nations in south and central america or even africa if you look to the developed world but in dimmick child poverty also exists in the richest nation on earth according to a report by the national center for children in poverty 15000000 children in the us live in families with incomes below the poverty line and that's why unicef is launching its 1st ever aid program for u.s. children the agency will be investing 1000000 dollars this year one of the mission is to help u.s. cities become more child friendly cities like houston minneapolis and san francisco were the 1st to commit to the program maryland's prince george's county is said to
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be the next in line and if you're still wondering why unicef is investing in america look no further than us that usa is president and c.e.o. michael minas for your answer. quote children in our country don't fare as well as children in other wealthy countries around the world so we have a lot of work to do then you magnify the reality of that with the covert crisis and the issues of racial injustice and you say something's wrong. well a lot of something is wrong $40000000.00 american families receive food stamps and if it assistance just to provide a basic meal for their kids for america to even come close to the exceptionalism our leaders spouse state local and federal governments need to do more to support the nation's most vital resource its children who are couldn't agree with you more blows my mind that i would live long enough to see you having to come to the u.s. and feed children here and i mean that really shows what we've been seeing over the
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last few years which are worse since covert start and what a lot of us have been kind of yelling from the whole tops for a long time was there are serious problems with poverty in this country that nobody seems to want to really tackle for decades report after report i don't honestly know how much our nation's leaders as well as state and local leaders need to see before they recognize the child poverty isn't just an informational that we see of children in india or children in the middle east it's happening right here and many ringback of those children are in our nation's public schools my hometown of chicago for instance chicago public schools has over 60 percent of its young people living below the poverty line these are students who qualify for free or reduced lunch these are students who had to have a meal since of them after you know covert hit and they were no longer in the classroom because there was no food in their homes so when we talk about this we often also have to take into consideration what's happening in the united states because our child poverty rate isn't getting any smaller despite a lot of the argument we've heard from president trump prior to 1000 about how great our economy is and to be honest a lot of the
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a lot of information that america and american media happens to project towards other nations that our country is so rich that our country is doing so well and if you come from minority background you live in an underprivileged community you're an immigrant you know that that story is not the story that you your family or those neighborhood actually live at all and even those coming from rural communities i mean there's major food business out there you know is you know some . i'm actually going to help i mean it is a $1000000.00 seems like a low number to me it doesn't i think it's extraordinarily low i'm also interested in why the city's got to lose and they didn't and what that what their framework was but i do think we have to start somewhere because from what i've been researching what unicef is trying to do is to help to bolster state and local governments to actually not only pay attention to these issues but to also recognize that what poverty actually means for young people it's not just about families not being able to pay their bills though that's extremely important what it also means is that students young people they lack the social skills they end up
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not being able to be a part of certain groups in many cases they're disadvantaged at levels in their education they don't have the early childhood education experiences that other students do they lose out when it comes to health outcomes a lot of them will have shorter lifespans than people who didn't grow up in poverty and that creates that kind of cyclical nature of what poverty constantly creating more poverty because of as you laid out if you're if you're facing that just trying to get out of being a child you know just trying to go from childhood to adult you're never going to do that it just creates a never ending cycle for them spreads like a disease like tragically like a disease because we don't have the infrastructure we don't have the money going into those poor communities and investment real investment going into those areas to build wealth and you're right because it is something that you hit on earlier it's not just urban areas and people think about your detroit your chicago's this and things like that it's also happening in a lot of rule country areas around the country so you have the black gap the white gap and we're talking about rule areas you also have it with latino as the immigrant community i grew up in poverty had
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a very high aces it's the score it's the adverse childhood experience of schools do it across the country and they basically mark your child. to make sure you know they are on the right track based on the types of environments they grew up in and if you are a student who is low income and you are a student a single parent household someone who has an incarcerated parent things like that your scores tend to grow go up because they predict whether or not you're going to potentially have a harder time. as you reach adulthood i. definitely got to get on that because the last thing i want to see right now is a tory video what do you know. if it. is changing business as we know it with over $30000000.00 americans unemployed and no end in sight are understandably hot in few industries seem to be insulated from the blows and america's favorite respite sports looks taking the heat from stadiums without being to scheduling interruptions and seasons of false starts the pain just
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keeps coming and if you're an m.b.a. sideline reporter or have a coveted sports news contract with n.b.c. or one of your locals your job is that stake in b.c. sports regionals are signaling a move away from sideline reporters as layoffs mount and the athletic a popular subscription based sports news website is also making cuts here to tell us more is our teeth producer regina hamm talk of atlanta hello. these cuts the dismembering mentioning that all goes right back to this whole issue with college football and these players are kind of standing up for themselves and we might have seasons we might not have seasons and this is and you know we don't know what's happening with pro sports so we best kind of playing you know the. look i have to ask. is it surprising that this college football season is feeling the effects of covert 19 and i know a lot of players want to play but they're also saying we need safe conditions what
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do you think the repercussions of all this is going to be so the big 10 announced tuesday they've decided we're not going to play ball sports apparel father that followed later in the day they did say including their phosphors that also means basketball so that's a whole nother beast for another day but you're looking at these big power 5 concerts they have massive t.v. deals they have thousands of fans even the student athletes this affect them significantly there's always questions about what will my eligibility be what's going to happen in. dollar ship legitimate questions when you're an athlete being told hey we're not play the other power 5 constancy s.e.c. big 12 in a sea of decide you know we're still going to forge ahead the seed met today to discuss some of these ideas they've all been relying on medical experts but it's interesting the medical experts the big 10 and the 12 have relied on the z c the f.c.c. the big 12 they have their own obviously why are they not coming to the same consensus and wisconsin head coach paul crist on tuesday after his announcement had some really interesting thing things to say so let's take a listen to that. i think every one of us knew that this was one of
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the possibilities. you know just this morning we didn't know you know guys we just just want to know you know and that's true i think. we don't. see a lot of coach speak there but he's right they just want to know what travel are from clemson he did highlight the hash tag we want to play with a list of demands that hopefully will see in the future. regina with college football and college sports in general being affected one thing that has not been as much in the headlines is these other sports jobs and how they're going to be affected by kobe 19 is this going to change the media landscape for sports journalists absolutely we're concerned about that before all of this one sports town in march that locker room is already reliving the access to their team reporters so not your be reporters for locals or regionals just people that already work for the team that cover this material so now you're seeing with n.b.c. sports you had n.b.c. sports boston n.b.c.
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sports philadelphia dozens of people laid off from their jobs that have been there for 1617 years and you're seeing that change because now you're still seeing you don't need as many people because hey what's around what's there to see and when it comes to silent quarters you look at that affecting women because really here is i reporters you get men there usually in the booth but a lot of reporters are women so you're going to see less opportunities for women in sports to advance with the lack of these job. that and they had to work hard to get those jobs to regina thank you so i mean i had to climb a mountain just to get on the side where it's not out yet. thank you so much hopefully good news will be coming soon from you when we go to the course always a pleasure having you on all right everybody about us are sober today remember everyone in this world we are not told that we're loved enough so i tell you all i love you. and i'm and keep on watching all those talks out there and have a great day and night everybody.
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in the early ninety's. a psychologist mixologist proposed to the west senator social experiment wanted to let paedophiles and neglected boys experiment was afraid. if. it's all. going to go on the. girls to believe that sex with older men would help with the boy's socialization over 30 years many children were paedophiles to raise. the dogs in. the midst of all good someone to go through.
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i don't think. those roles even some of my school jane dishes if you're maybe. going by each. moment. in. our life. you know in a month in which we have the 2 party conventions. for the democrats the damage. even more. usual so joining us is. many books including the latest.
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poll. begins releasing some of those detained during. last weekend's election. widespread police brutality. her experience. the women were in line on the floor and the men were in the next hour they were constantly so badly. peace deal between the united arab emirates is not to be trial you could buy the u.s. . and. but not abandon intention spike in the mediterranean says it will bolster its military presence there. to.


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