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tv   News  RT  August 15, 2020 8:00am-8:31am EDT

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i think we're part of 1st for. the german states birth area apologizes after failing to warn 900 people that they tested positive for corona virus this is countries across europe registers spikes in infections. also to come in south thousands of u.k. tourists left furious having to race back home from france after london slaps the country on its quarantine list with only 24 hours warning sparking chaos for travelers. pay. the soonest. way there was no way to get any money back on the to impose sanctions on batteries so heavy police crackdown their response to
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the unrest after the country's disputed presidential election protests have entered a new phase in with demonstrates is giving hugs and kisses to troops he lowered. a good afternoon 3 o'clock here in moscow you without the international scandal over 19 testing as the german states of the area some 900 travelers returning to the region tested positive but they were left to bolivia's to that fact because the government failed to deliver the results or your correspondent paid for all of those more on the story. there's been a huge blunder in the states if the very you know we say 44000 corona test a backlog 900 of those still waiting for their results known to have tested positive . the man in charge of germany's largest state says he's sorry for the delay is due
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to example dot secure relight entire state government is sorry that these mistakes happened both the minister and also me personally that many people are now unsure as to what happened to their test results the reason it given is the sheer number of people coming into germany from holidays elsewhere and taking covert tests by the roadside and train stations in both areas this move was brought in very quickly by the state and the information had not been recorded digitally mistakes happen in such extraordinary times the officials say the bavarian health minister though had offered her resignation over the blunder. offered to resign twice and then asked whether she had the courage to continue to carry out these tasks with a she wanted to and could both cases she said yes markets has made a bit of a reputation for himself during the corona pandemic as
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a mr fix-it that internecine his name touted as a potential successor to chancellor merkel when she steps down ahead of next year's election opposition leaders have been quick to use the testing delays to twist the knife on claims he's all talk and no final product if a state is always presenting himself as a crisis manager and constantly patting himself on the back he also has to take responsibility of point suring that things were when announcing new coronavirus measures he doesn't miss a press conference but when something goes wrong he sends out the health minister i would have expected him to have the backbone to step up him self the advice for anyone who still waiting for test results is pretty simple just get another test done as germany and the rest of europe brace for a 2nd wave of covert 90 peter all over r.t. berlin. while countries across europe. now suffering from spikes in corona virus in
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france for example the daily infection rate there shot up from fewer than $300.00 in mid july to almost $3000.00 now and that has prompted the u.k. to include france among its latest urgent additions to its quarantine list for the french government said that unfortunately the virus been going the wrong way there's been a 66 percent increase in the number of test positive tests in the last week alone so unfortunately francis happened to be added to the quarantine list while london men gave people until 4 am on saturday to return to the u.k. if they wanted to avoid the quarantine france is hugely popular with british tourists and many flock there after the lockdown last month announced no did see thousands rushing back to beat the deadline creating queues and tailbacks at french transport hubs anyone who missed the deadline will now have to self isolate for 2 weeks when they return the rule so applies to to anybody coming from the
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netherlands british holidaymakers were given as we say only 24 hours notice about the changes and that has angered some travelers who note that the french regions they were actually coming from do have fewer cases in the regions that they were returning to in the u.k. france is the 2nd most popular travel destination for brits and some 160000 were there when the country got put on the quarantine list not all he wanted to return have been able to though we caught up with british travelers who are unhappy with how the u.k. has handled things. chapel was out. so when where was allowed before it was safe to go now or late so maybe. i think i made the wrong decision in the 1st oh yes we wouldn't get wind of the way we pay everything all the facilities needed both. as soon as the government. way
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there was no way we could get any money back but we were aware. that very difficult. for anything in place really that's going to stop the spread. i would very general blanket i mean it's faith that says that we've got a quarantine or. i think testing is a better option we've already been locked down for very very long time now with the general spiking trying to virus cases across the world russia's health ministry does say it has started to mass produce has recently approved facts seen the and drug was the 1st to be registered in the world of the countries are also working hard to develop their own some they are concerned that russia is rushing is faxing to market among them u.s. president the trump ya know much about it. we hope it works we do we hope it works they cut off certain try. and we just feel it's important to go
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through the process we have numerous different vaccines that we think are going to work but we want to go through a system of. the magazine was created by rush's gemmell a instituted to the money around 5 months of work and critics to say it can't have passed all the necessary trials to ensure it is actually safe and we talked to the head of the gamma institute alexander ginsburg about this he explains now how they managed to get a vaccine so i quickly. proper but this vaccine was created strictly in accordance with russian law this allows a vaccine to be developed more rapidly during an emergency and the coronavirus pandemic is definitely an emergency we haven't reduced the number of tests required to prove that the vaccine is safe rather we are running tests in parallel when the pandemic started we were working on a vaccine against mers which is also
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a type of corona virus and is more lethal than covert 19 this research had almost completed the 2nd phase of tests so we had all the methodology in place. for over 3500 people have tried this vaccine without suffering any serious side effects just some minor ones that one gets with any type of vaccine for example a slight temperature which can be relieved with a dose of paracetamol and this will be made clear in the instructions for use. of our. vaccine research is conducted in many countries across the world but the russian and soviet school of vaccine creation is a very serious one and our institute for example we have 4 generations of scientists working together so the knowledge we transmit is not just via papers and electronic devices but directly from one person to another when young researcher comes to me i always know which of our scientists can give them appropriate advice
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someone that's worked in the field for many many years. absolutely you know both of course absolutely not the only feeling was to defend myself my relatives and our population and just to complete the task we had been given namely to find a vaccine and there was also this feeling that many in our profession have many micro punters they meet to catch and liquidate it. thousands of people have again gathered in the center of minsk the capital of bell arranged they are laying flowers there for a protester he was killed in the unrest that followed last sunday's to speak presidential election here you can see the place where he died earlier this week his family have asked people who want to commemorate to gather here instead of coming to his funeral all correspondence and this report from the said is that your spirits are not really as you can see many people have come today to push can scale
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metra station where a man from minsk alexander terry koskie was killed in the unrest it's difficult to count how many people are here they stand on both sides here they've completely filled the space near the entrance to the metro they're queuing to lay flowers or cars or honking as you can see for yourself despite you know the start of the street i thought you were saying i. like i well let's return to events here in moscow where a line of solidarity has been formed to outside the better russian embassy our correspondent is out on course that every joins us good afternoon oh man i know there have been demonstrations there throughout the week what's the mood like there today. full of peaceful rallies have been held here at the near the embassy of belarus in moscow since monday every single day we saw hundreds of people boys in their support for protestors in belarus now this saturday has seen probably the
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largest number off but it's things easy as. a lot of people extended throughout an entire block here outside of the bella russian embassy now it is mostly women with flowers holding a white white ribbon student to voice their solidarity to express their solidarity rather with the protesters in their roost meanwhile earlier on saturday at kremlin confirmed a telephone conversation between president slattery putin and his bill russian counterpart alexander lukashenko both leaders expressed confidence that all problems and delivers will be settled soon other leaders also said that the main goal is a not so that said the external forces take advantage of the problems in. a fellow bruce and sam is the cold peroration between a russia and moscow and minsk while pushing the question go also agree to keep in
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touch regularly and to strengthen the russia bill reduced relations meanwhile the european union will not will put forward a proposal of pretty soon for bill roos for even supports in a stab the shing dialogue between the political authorities and the opposition. ministers of the e.u. they also agreed on sanctions against those responsible for violence and it will be cool to think asian election results. ok frank said amanda my costs that are there for assad to buy the russian embassy in moscow where we have asada guess whether the proposed to use sanctions to constitute a big enough stick to get better is to change his ways. there are discussion with the european union because they are in
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a difficult situation because on one side. they would like of course some political changes in their lives between the same time they don't want to. serve. and western countries and especially i think germany wants to have some negotiation was told a moment the sanctions they are talking about are mostly symbolic and not really profound we will see how the situation will change but in the present with the european commission said. really with. the way the chicks vote now good work we spoke to said she was very concerned about the election result she says it was happening is unacceptable from the european union point of view get it very very very delicate situation they don't want to. do. they don't want to call for the elimination the removal pretty much. instead of
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saying who would take his place. this saturday afternoon still to come to transform a lawyer michael cohen promises things the president doesn't want you to read in his new book fanfiction by the white house we'll take a look just off the press. as . you know in a month in which we were meant to have the 2 party conventions officially about. joe biden for the democrats the demick the election and even more than usual so joining us greg palast journalist. author of many books including is the latest out now skyrocketing all the bestseller lists it's called.
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stole 2020. i don't. know shots. well it's true no. point your thirst for. him back now the u.n. security council has rejected a u.s.
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sponsored resolution to extend the embargo on iran washington only true support from the dominican republic while russia and china voted against the draft and other members abstained and the 10 year embargoed does expire in october under the joint a comprehensive plan of action the 2 for controlling iran's nuclear program. as more. well the resolution put forward by the united states would have extended the arms embargo against iran now france germany and other countries have been very vocal about the fact that they oppose the united states' decision to unilaterally withdraw from the iran nuclear agreement and furthermore they oppose putting new sanctions on iran now in the lead up to the vote at the u.n. security council u.s. diplomats were very adamant that they felt this arms embargo must be extended here's some of what we heard i call upon all security council members to wake up to
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the real world implications of allowing this arms embargo to lapse family or to extend the arms embargo would make a mockery of that sacred responsibility and which the united nations with crédit now prior to the vote in which this resolution failed mike taylor said the united states feels that if this arms embargo is not extended as it was not that the united states will impose the snap back mechanism in the iran nuclear deal and snap back the sanctions on iran this is mike papantonio the u.s. secretary of state i want to as i said i want to be 2 kids who are deeply aware of this that pac is an option that's available to them that it sticks and we're going to do everything within america's power to ensure that that arms embargo is extended and i'm confident that we will be successful now the snap back mechanism in the iran nuclear agreement was essentially put in place so that if iran were to violate the j.c. pos a they would then face the penalty of an immediate snap back of the sanctions of this
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will in some of the next confrontation which is about the united states seeking to impose so-called snapback inspections that are you know part of the joint comprehensive program of action which are to be implemented if iran is found to be in noncompliance iran of course is not in noncompliance and the united states is no longer a party to this agreement. but the united states is going to seek to take advantage of bad writing of the agreement to impose its will which will soon be a crisis in the security council this vote is a meaningless vote it's really so you know the larger confrontation now currently mike pompei o. is in vienna talking with officials from the international atomic energy agency they say that iran has fully complied with the nuclear deal and not violated my fiance oh says however it doesn't really seem to be a doubt the nuclear deal anymore this isn't about the j.c.b. away this is about whether the world is going to permit iran to buy and sell
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weapons systems again it's that clear it's that simple so it seems that the trumpet ministrations policy of imposing maximum pressure on iran and ripping up the iran nuclear deal was essentially put to a folks at the body that meets the united nations and it seems that this policy of the trump white house seeking to escalate tension with iran was overwhelmingly rejected the united states as you know has a maximum pressure campaign on iran they want the iranian government at least the way they put it to change its behavior radically in the region this is part of a much larger u.s. policy to help its friends saudi arabia israel and to her next enemies and to keep america paramount in the persian gulf the source of so much of the world's oil 50 percent of the world's oil supplies there is about control of the international energy supply. the creative the popular online gang fortnights is suing
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apple and the gang mr crap and then. at the king's the tech giants have to control markets and if anti-competitive practices and to make this point a video game might say release this whole wedding in video. apple has blocked fortnight from the app store removing everyone's ability to install and update the game on i os devices keeping prices high so they can collect 30 percent of your payments and this blocking fortnight in order to prevent epic from passing on the savings apple has become what it once railed against a behemoth seeking to control markets block competition and stifle innovation well i'm a latest game update fortnight developers allowed in game purchases to be made directly
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from games at a lower cost this did violate the terms of service of both apple and google they were receiving 30 percent from each transaction the update led both tech giants to ban the game from their respective stores the fact that their business interests now lead them to push for a special arrangement does not change the fact that these guidelines create a level playing field for all developers and make the store safe for all users for game developers who choose to use the play store we have consistent policy is that fair to developers and keep the store safe for users or for not remains a variable on android we can no longer made it available on play because it violates our policy is. ok let's get the thoughts now of our political analyst ok to larry thanks for coming on the cota this afternoon i suppose that fortnight players will be up in arms over this what are the chances that epic games could actually win this legal battle do you think. i think this is the 1st time in
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a very long time that we've seen actual a movement behind. antitrust issues you know i think it took something like this a game like fortnight which has meant hundreds of millions of players all across the world which generates billions of dollars in revenue. you know it took something as public as this which is almost an all out war as exhibited by the video shown. it really took a lot of this and now we have certain members of the united states congress saying that perhaps they should look into the monopolistic nature of apple and this also isn't the 1st time that people have tried to call attention to apple share of the market but this is the 1st senate it's been publicized since the 1st time that it's really being. shown as a genuine threat to the way that things have been carried out to do you think it's fair to say that google have been exploited to fair because
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a 30 percent cut as i understand is pretty common across the industry is it unfair to say that they're trying to profit unfairly from this. well i think 30 i think a 30 percent. undercutting is you know they say that they try to keep a level level playing field for small developers and large helpers alike but can a large developer and small developer both provide at the same way a 30 percent cut of their profits probably not you know and you've also seen you know apple given perfection per french ill treatment to certain companies such as amazon you know one of the most wealthiest. one of the most well he has companies in the entire world which is now expected they'd have to pay you half of that $30.00 they only pay 15 percent. and the chairman of the united states congress is antitrust committee david sicilia and has actually called the 30 percent highway
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robbery and saying that apple is using this in order to bully smaller developers and to falling in line so what the president could this set then if they win their case would apple be forced us to lower the amount it takes from from game developers who use their platform. well i think that's a possibility but i think more than anything else perhaps they'd be forced to relinquish some sort of control of the market i mean if you look at fortnight which has hundreds of not as i said hundreds of millions of players worldwide analysts amounts of money merchandising all these different things. there's plenty of people who want to play it there's plenty of people who want to buy it. but because apple and google to a lesser extent have such a pervasive and monopolistic hold on the market even something as huge as foreign aid is having to wage this battle one can only imagine how hard it is
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for smaller developers to innovate and to then get a hold in this market we always know that you know in the computer industry it's a field that's very innovative is the alternative if you are a gamer for example or you're a company that has millions of plays is there no alternative to using google or apple at this time probably not and i think that's why you see these different companies use big games with. waging this battle because there is such a monopolistic grip on the market i mean if you ask you know gamers there's really no other alternative for mobile gaming as far as i know as far as many are concerned. and you know this is something that's been kind of an issue for a very long time the monopolistic nature of apple through the app store and google's with the google play store. you know they hold such between those 2 it's a vast majority of the market you know there's no there's nothing around that
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perhaps it's possible that something different could be. innovated in the future but you know i think it really just speaks volumes that this huge company that is epic games is having to use all these resources to to do this and you know many people are saying that they are bullied out of actually joining this play on the side of the big games and have been forced to kind of fall in line. is there an outside chance this could all backfire against fortnight and it's make his. of course you know this is something that they believe they can win or else they wouldn't have done it because again taking on apple i mean taking on apple no matter who you are almost is a very much near david and goliath site you know apple's a huge company which is established itself for so many years and innovated in a way that has made it basically untouchable at this point. you know whether that's
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through you know the greatness of their products and services or through monopolistic bullying you know that's up to each person's it aside but there's a very big chance that apple with its silicon valley influence and what's its you know undercutting could reestablish itself as the sole player in this market and caused this to really blow up in the face of epic games fascinating to go to reynosa totally this afternoon i was a silly political analyst thank you thank you. and all times former attorney has released the forward of the new book about his boss a year ago michael cohen was found guilty of fraud and perjury and was sentenced to 3 years in jail he was released and is on the highest arrest but he still does promise to dish the dirt on trump's own wrongdoings in this new book something that the white house has already dismissed as fan fiction.
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i am the ultimate member of the book of the month club 1st i have lowlife dummy john bolton a war mongering fool violating the law next up as mary trump the seldom seen nice who knows little about me says untruthful things about my wonderful parents who
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couldn't stand and me and violated her and. donald trump is a walking. legend it's become this this day and this psychodrama s. this is absolutely insatiable what new things came news say about him he is responsible for everything for colvin for racism or sexism for dandruff the common cold venereal disease hate bad movies boiled forward
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everything is attributable to donald trump and average oversight of it are you watching i think the national they forget always plenty of stories too and a website about iraq. when i was told seemed wrong. but old rules just don't go all. the way to get to shape out these days you can't get educated and engaged with equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground.


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